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So today, I turn 34 years "young". Truth be told I had forgotten my age and needed my wife's assistance to recall it. I guess my mad cow is definitely getting worst as I get older. In any event, in honor of the day that brought me into this world, I want to give you guys a gift. Now ain't that a switch?

God has blessed me many times over in my life and I feel it's my duty to always give back to others regardless if I know you or not. Maybe that makes me a "socialist" or a follower of "Obama-ism". However I like to think of it as "good home training" and just being a human being that cares for his fellow man. Seems crazy that's a bad thing nowadays but I digress.

So with that in mind I'm NOT going to make you jump through hoops to enter this contest. It's pretty simple.

How To Enter:

1. Post a comment in the form field below this post about how has either helped you find a job, make money online or avoid a scam. The more details you can provide, the better. So if you've found a job or made money because of an opportunity on this site, detail what you do, how much you've made, who you may work for, etc. If you've avoided a scam describe what scam you avoided and how we helped you avoid it. Was it because of our scam video, an article you read here, comment, etc. ?

2. You'll need a valid paypal account so I can pay you.
(Unfortunately, If your country isn't one of Paypal's approved locations I can't pay you.)

3. You need to be a an active subscriber of this blog.

The Prize:

3 people will receive $120 each.

Why $120? Well since I'm 34, 3×4 = 12. But $12 wouldn't be much of a prize and I suck at math, so I've added a 0 to the 12. But why ask why? lol

Improve Your Chances of Winning!

You can get more entries by linking back to the contest, my blog or any articles you want via your blog, website, message boards, forums, article directories, etc. As long as it's an active link that I can verify then it counts towards your entry. Just be sure to include the urls (Website addresses) of where you have linked to us in your comments below along with how we've helped you make money or avoid scams. Remember they have to be active links on your sites and I have to be able to verify this.

By the way, please do me a favor and avoid misspelling my name. It's not Eddie, its spelled EDDY! You all know how sensitive I am about that. It's on the site enough that people should be able to spell it. If you do mess it up, you're disqualified from my contest. Just kidding. But seriously don't misspell my name, it's annoying. lol

For those of you that don't have a website but would like to increase your chance of winning. Click here to Watch the following video on Blogger and how you can create a free website in a few minutes without having to be a tech geek like yours truly. Then click here to learn how to add a link back to us on your new blog. If you need any other help with your new blog you can click here. This will give you good practice anyway. Maybe you'll end up creating some blogs on different interest you have or help you with your budding affiliate marketing career.

The End

The contest will end 11.17.09. The winner will be announced that day along with the money being paid out. So as long as you're a subscriber, you'll be one of the first to know. That's all folks. Enjoy my birthday gift to you. Apparently my wonderful wife has some things planned for me today, so I may not get to all your comments right away. But rest assured I will get to them. Thanks for your continued support and entertaining an old man's poor grammar, spelling and constant babbling. Shout out to God for allowing me to inhabit this world another year. It may not be perfect but I appreciate the fact I wake up every day. You should too regardless of what may be going on. Take care all.

110 thoughts on “Work At Home No Scams $120 Birthday Giveaway!”

  1. Happy Birthday my friend. I see no one has returned to wish you a happy birthday this year. I felt I would do so. Once again, Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh gosh, I shouldn’t have clicked that “notify me of comments via e-mail” button, lol, and I really wanted to be done posting on here but had to reply to that! I don’t see feminism as strength, just because it means to me that only one way is the right way, and choosing something else is weaker. A strong woman to me is one who cherishes her role as mother and wife and knows that’s important and also knows she can branch out in so many other areas and contribute in so many ways; like a career. Your wife is an example of that as I am sure many ladies on here who take advantage of this website, and even myself. A strong woman to me is ALSO one who isn’t a wife or mother and nurtures herself and embraces independence because she knows that having a family certainly doesn’t make her a woman! But also that both scenarios allows us the ability to realize we can be successful in other areas of our lives and aren’t confined to only one aspect. A woman who has a husband can think of him as a king and shouldn’t forget she’s the queen! But gender doesn’t really matter. Working from home for instance, isn’t just for stay-at-home moms but for men, or strong-minded career women, or college students, or musicians….etc. etc. As people, men or women, we are all so capable of being and doing an array of amazing things and not one thing defines us but the entirety of them all. πŸ™‚

  3. Amen Jeannette on all counts.
    In terms of being an anti-feminist for your feelings towards men, I don’t think that’s the case. Too often there is this perception that being a strong independent woman means hating on men or not catering to them. That’s a bunch of BS. My wife is very strong minded woman, with her own career but she also takes great pride in being a stay at home mom (now) and a loving catering wife. She doesn’t see any shame in being that way and doesn’t take away from her strength. So applaud you for being confident in your strength as a woman.

    In any event, my birthday was quiet just the way I wanted it. The only special thing I requested was to have a day of fun with my nephew, godson, niece and daughter. We played laser tag, eat homemade tacos, and played DJ Hero (which was a gift from my lovely wife.) So it was great! Thanks for asking!

    You’re welcome. Thanks for continuously sharing my site with your family and friends. Hopefully it will help them and eventually help you find a job. Thanks again.

  4. Thank you so much for your website. I have not yet found a job through your site, but I have been reading and doing a lot of background studying more about working from home and avoiding scams, I have been applying for jobs through your site, but I have also been referring many of my friends and family that do not understand what working from home is about and whether or not their are legitimate jobs out there.

    It has helped me as a wonderful resource and a wonderful way to explain that working from home is possible and I am glad for your help and I am glad that you are there for EVERYONE. I have so many people that are visiting your site everyday because I have referred them, forwarded your emails to them, so that they can get to know more about you, working from home, and how to avoid scams.

    You are awesome and have provided so many resources for so many people everywhere.

    Thank you.

  5. I feel you on that. I’m the same way (as you can see). I think response is important! I don’t know if I have to respond to all communication I get because I am respectful, or if it’s my bratty redheadedness that moves me to always have the last word….either way….if I recieve an email, I respond; if I get a voicemail, yep…I call ya back.

    Perhaps that is why this website is so successful. You aren’t merely a ghost that started the site and disappeared but an active participate!

    And umm, maybe I’m just super anti-feminist in this regard, but I think all men should feel like a king! Well, you’re right, though. I mean, a king certainly wouldn’t do so much for others and even give away money on HIS birthday. Maybe I threw that noun out to readily….so in order to balance things out here, I’ll just call you the “master” of this website. That’s fitting isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

    Anyhow, the purpose of this message is to ask you HOW WAS THE BIRTHDAY??? What did your wife have planned for you? I’m guessing a gondola ride? Mexican food? Shark diving!!!?!?What, what? —-> I hope you’ll have time to fill us all in on your special day.

    And thanks for everything: the website, the emails, the constant encouragement. I know we all appreciate it and most certainly depend on it. Bravo.

  6. Jeannette,
    You better ease up on the usage of King. My wife will hate you because I’ll run around the house demanding that she refers to me as “your highness”. lol No but seriously I think its only right to try to respond back to as many of you as possible. It just seems like common courtesy. Don’t give me too much credit though, I’m not always as consistent. It’s good to hear that even though you’re wearing many hats, you have enough time to play with your kids. It’s very important that we all have down time and share it with the ones we love. Because all work and no play is pointless.

    No worries. Thanks for the additional mentions. I appreciate it.

    You’re welcome! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I appreciate them.

    Thanks so much!

    Thanks for the article attempt. Looks like it was removed. But I appreciate the effort anyway. Glad that your past winnings went to good use. Take care.

  7. A little late, but best Birthday Wishes. Your sound, levelheaded advice is a real lifeline to those of us trying to make a go of it on the web. Thanks, Eddy.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Eddy, and thanks for providing some extra economic stimulus with your wonderful contest. You’re providing a great service by alerting us to legit work at home jobs as well as what to avoid. I haven’t yet snagged a job — will keep applying — but I’ve learned a lot from you about how to tell a scam so you can steer clear of it before it starts making unauthorized deductions from your checking account. All the best for the year ahead!

  9. Eddy,
    Apologies for the delay, due to how busy my work @ home job has kept me for the last few days! But I have finally made my blog entry introducing the series I plan to write about my experiences (in which you and your sites will figure prominently!) If you want to check it out:

    Complicated Woman blog:

    Today’s post including info about Eddy & his sites:

    Thanks again for doing what you do! It is priceless to all of us who pass through searching for something better in our lives!

    Liz Price

  10. What an amazing response. Thanks! How freaking awesome is it that our king of work at home has the time to respond to us?!

    I do feel like superwoman. These jobs keep me busy, but I do them at times I can sneak them in. I won’t let them interfere with me playing make believe with my twins, or dinosaurs with my boy, or doing crafts with my oldest girl.

    I’ve managed to hold down the fort, and keep a 4.0 GPA in school. But I’ll tell ya, a vacation is a great idea. My poor husband and I haven’t even been able to celebrate our anniversaries in the past few years.

    I dream of a cruise…..ahhh yes….ok, got to log in to work. Maybe I’ll sqeeze in a few more shifts to start that vacation fund. Thanks for the push! lol πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  11. Okay Eddy, I may not have time to increase my chances of winning by getting a website and linking yours to it, but I would like to report that the reason I don’t have time for this is because I have work at home jobs that keep me pretty busy.

    I have YOU to thank for this. I know you take so much time on this website to alert us of scams and tell us of real jobs. Well, I found my 3 on here, and I am happily making a steady income because of you.

    I’m a busy gal. I have been going to school online for 3 years to obtain my BA, all the while caring for my husband and four small children (two of which are identical twins). My life is sooo busy. This recession killed us. My husband was a truck driver, and lost his job. Even with his experience, he couldn’t find another.

    I had to work. I had to help him. Something had to be done. But I couldn’t give up the amazing ability to stay home with my kids until they get in school; I had to maintain this! We scraped and got enough money for a down payment on a truck so my husband can drive on his own.

    We’ve been doing really bad financially…barely making it. But we’re getting there. And working from home has helped us get there! And it’s kept me at home with my babies….the only place I would be. It would have broken my heart to have to go out in the world and work while my twinnies were in day care.

    Thank you for your website. You know, working from home is like that magical unicorn that sounds so fantastical and wonderful but you know doesn’t really exist. Then you find a website like this, and think “huh. There must be an underground society of REAL work at home folks”. And then you find the real, legit jobs, and they just keep rolling in! There’s more and more. You find one, try it, “eh, not for me” and go to the next.

    I remember going to my bank to have my identification and documents notarized to send in to my new work at home company, and the bank person begged me to reconsider. “Oh, this has got to be a scam, sweetie. Don’t send in a copy of your driver license and social security card!”. I just smiled and said, “believe me, these jobs are out there. I’ll be working in my bunny slippers in no time. Just sign the paper lady, and let me be on my way”. And then I wrote your website on a piece of paper for her just IN CASE she needed a little extra “umph” to add to her paycheck. Oh yeah, I did do that πŸ˜‰

    Thanks EDDY! You’re the ambassador of a new way of living and making a living. Bravo to you. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY of course!!

  12. Oh my gosh I forgot about the money I make on Amazon as a Mturk worker! I’ve made some where in the $70 range. I bought a needed textbook with no money out of my pocket a few weeks ago with my earnings on Amazons website with that, accessories for my Xbox and I still have money sitting there I leave rather than transfer into my account just in case I feel like shopping in the middle of the night. I’m sure there is more I’ve probably forgot about but I will come back if I remember. I plan on trying out cash for books too because I’ve got a lot of books.

  13. Happy Birthday Eddy!!!! Looks like Scorpio’s are rockin’ the house!

    Well lets see since finding your site I have definitely made more money. I’ve applied for several jobs from your postings with the examiner but didn’t get hired (that’s okay shed no tears, lol)
    but I’ve made over $60.00 with Associated content and that has been a blessing. The more I’m willing to write the more money I make so I am happy with that!

    I keep learning about virtual job offers with out searching and even though I may not be qualified for all of them the point is that there are here all in one place so I don’t have to search for them!

    Okay so I tweeted about you @

    I wrote a little blog post about you @

    and…okay there is no and yet I need a break already, LOL!

    but enjoy your whole birthday month and celebrate ’til the end.

  14. Hello Eddy,
    Congratulations and Happy Belated Birthday Greetings. I am sorry to be late but I am not able to get online everyday. I thank you for the opportunity to participate in your birthday contest. I enjoy your very straight forward site. It is very helpful. I look forward to trying many of your work at home programs. However, I do want to share with you and others my success with books4cash. I have used this program and it works better than I hoped. I have only done it once as a test but it worked as advertised. They sent me a FREE FEDEX shipping invoice that my local shipping store used to ship the books at NO COST to me. They deposited the proceeds to my Paypal account and it could not have been easier. I now have a plan for finding more books to send to them. I am going to try to link my blog to your site now so I will have a better chance of winning your contest. By the way, I enjoy the small insights to your family life. It makes you real. God bless you for the service you provide.

  15. Hey Eddy! Happy Birthday to you! I am going to be 31 on December 15…lol Remember how I asked you about the Data Entry Jobs last year….and I came across your website and I found your blog about Medical Transcription? That was the best thing I have ever done! My sister is now getting into it to….isn’t that great! I find your site very informative….I have referred all my friends to check this out before they make the JUMP into at work from home opps. My friend Chris says she loves your site….she visits it very often. She joined Clicksense and Fusion Cash for that little extra money that she needs.

    It is very good to have multiple streams of income coming in to….i do enjoy that! You have helped so much through your site. I just wanted to say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! (Ohh and I got paid from Cloud Crowd the other day….2 cents, but hey that 2 cents I didn’t have before!)

    Keep up the good work Eddy! I really appreciate all that you do!
    Enjoy the Holidays!

  16. Hello Eddy
    Happy Belated B-day! I to will be turning 34 this coming Feb 16th lords willing! I have been a subscriber to your site since 2008. Time is flying! Ive been a house wife since 2006 I worked at a plant in Michigan 7 days 12 hours so I do know whats its like to have a job and now be at home. All that changed when I hurt my back and couldnt work anymore. Im blessed to say I have a husband who does works in a production plant and yet we still live pay check to pay check things are going up and jobs are no longer there. I have 4 beautiful kids to look after but they give us the strength to move forward.
    So in 2008 I decided to go online and see if I could find a home based job to feel like I could help out and not put so much on my husband and besides Im not able to work so the work force is not for me right now and with 4 little ones its hard getting a babysister. One morning I was watching GMA and seen a lady by the name of Tory Johnson she was gving some advice on scams and work from home jobs. BUT her advice is NOTHING compared to your WEBSITE AND ADVICE!!!
    I found your site one night up late couldnt sleep and i was again looking for workathome jobs and BAM your site came up. I HAVE BEEN HOOKED EVER SINCE!! I feel that you are a ANGEL because sometimes GOD puts us in a situation like being laid off and it turns out to be a blessing because for one if you were never out of work how would you have time to help out thousands of people everyday like you do now!!!
    YOUR SITE has helped me find EXTRA INCOME that I didnt know existed! I have made money on,, (love the focus groups) to read but I had to many books) and I plan on joining the Wealthly Affiliate program after the hoildays because right now I cant afford to join and pay 40 dollars a month. I do believe that its worth it!
    The WORKATHOMENOMORESCAMS also helped me with a business just a week ago I got an email from and it took me to a site called MY DISH and I thought ok it sounds good but everything that looks good aint good! So of course i ran it by your site and yep it was a scam. THANKS AGAIN EDDY!

    I just want to tell everyone thats laid off or who is a stayathome mom or disabled like myself we are far from being a failure dont think because you cant find work you wont be able to help out with expences around your house. With EDDY’S HELP you can find something to do online it may not make you rich but you best believe every dime and dollar adds up! I actually look forward to getting an email from Eddy it either comes on a friday or monday he shares things about his family and he give us some NEW LEADS ON JOBS! Speaking of family I just love the pics of your daughter (so pretty) i too have a girl she is 2 going on 12 and the pic of you and your wifes vacations (brave women)!!! Again thanks Eddy for being so honest and up front with us about these jobs and I PRAY you and yours be blessed!!! P.S SORRY SO LONG had alot to say.

    • Lavisha,
      Well happy early Birthday because I know you will make it! Thanks for being such a long time supporter and the kind words about my family. I really appreciate you sharing your inspirational story with me. You’re another person that has turned a negative experience into something positive. Too often when bad things happen to people their mindset suffers as well which is totally understandable. But it goes to show if you stay positive and take action, you can get yourself out of negative situations. In any event, It’s great to hear you taking advantage of so many opportunities. I’m not sure if you’re aware of my work at home for the disabled section, but you might want to check it out:

      By the way Tory Johnson does great work. But I appreciate that you think my advice is nearly as good as hers. πŸ˜‰

      Have a happy early birthday to you as well! Hope your 30’s are treating you well. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the Birthday wishes and referring others to my site. It’s nice to hear when people are sharing the love. Great job on the Cloud Crowd opportunity. I have noticed that a number of folks are working and making money with it. So I plan to do a follow up post for people that may be on the fence about it. It all adds up and I’m glad you see it that way. Thanks again for chiming in!

      Thank you! Don’t worry about being late. Better late than never I always say. Great job on the books for cash opportunity. It’s definitely a unique opportunity that can make folks some decent money if you have a game plan and it sounds like you do. So congratulations to you and thanks for sharing your experience with me.

      Edrena (Big Sis!),
      Thanks for the birthday wishes and advice. I agree my daughter is ready to take over the business. She’s constantly trying to use my computer or laptop. She’s a very smart girl so it would be great if she shared the same passion for this stuff or technology like her daddy. But ultimately I just want her to find a path that makes her happy and not one that she’s forced into like so many of us have been. She’s the reason I work so hard. I want her to have options in life like I’m trying to give people on this blog. Because that’s what we all want. So thanks Edrena!

      Thanks for the birthday wishes and just chiming in even though you’ve won other contests on my site! I really appreciate you sharing the ways you’ve made money because of this site and the link love. I like how you spend your amazon turk money. That’s a good idea. Let me know how the cash for books thing works out for you. I think if you follow the advice in my article about it you can make even more money outside your own books. But definitely keep me posted and thanks for sharing with us. So how did you spend that $100 you won over the summer? lol

      You go girl! You are on your grind. Taking online, classes, working, raising kids, holding down the house financially and emotionally! What are you super woman? lol But seriously your story is also amazing. I totally agree with you about working at home being some fairy tale. I remember when I told people about my site and what you can do. The response was always the same. Aren’t all work at home opportunities scams? But who can blame them? Most of them are. But fortunately when you have the right resources you can find the ones that aren’t. Changing people’s minds about this industry is very difficult because so many people have been burnt. So I understand the skepticism. But that’s why I really appreciate folks like you that visit the website, actually READ it and are open minded enough to give these things a try despite your own negative experiences or what you have heard. Because like so many things in life, when you’re open minded there is a world of possibilities out there. Obviously you’re a testament to that as well as all of you that have chimed in or quietly sitting at home making money but too shy to say something. (I see you guys too. lol)

      Great job Jeannette! I wish you and your family more success. But promise me when you’re making enough money, that you’ll take a vacation. Considering all that you do, sounds like you deserve one. Maybe winning this contest may start a fund towards that. πŸ˜‰ lol

  17. Happy birthday Eddie. Thanks for all the help. I joined Amazon Mechanical Turk. I love what I do. I get to choose the tasks I want to do. I am my own boss and it’s all because of you and this site. You really know your research. I have avoided the Google scam because of your articles. Thanks again Eddie. You rock!

  18. Happy birthday Eddy! What a wonderful feeling to be appreciated on your birthday by so many people! Well Eddy, I stumbled across your site when I connected to twitter. You were all over the place :). The first time I visited your site, I love the way your content was laid out and found myself making repeated returns, although I have a similar site of my own. When I needed a job or advice about a job, I would come back to this site.

    Well there are a few sites I seeked your advice on.

    1. Wealthy Affiliate

    I had been hearing about this company soooo much. However I was afraid to take the leap to start. For me $40 a month was kind of steep so I wanted to do my research first. I came here and asked you personally and you gave me great advice on what the company was all about. Not only that you presented an article that was the most complete overview I have seen as of yet online.

    I went ahead and took advantage of the trial period and it was everything you said it would be! It was a great step as I needed this information to become a better affiliate marketer. Blogging is my passion and your advice help me to move forward in affiliate marketing.

    2. GDI

    This was a shaky subject with me and I had seen this around for a while and wondered if it was real or not. Your advice in your article explained that it would take a lot to get this program going.

    3. Mturk

    Before signing up for this program, I had to make sure it was legit and worth my time. After reading your article, I went ahead and signed up and was making money in less than an hour.

    4. Clixsense

    I took advantage of this program, after you gave a thorough video explaining how to use the money I made to buy ads and then using that money to sign up for wealthy affiliate.

    You’re probably thinking, why did I come here when I have my own website. Well I trust your thorough videos and ‘walk the talk’ approach to everything you review.

    Your videos help me to see what I am getting into without having to sign up…then I can make a sound decision on whether or not I want to sign up for the company or not.

    Great advice Eddy! Keep em’ coming!

    • Hey Shannon,
      You said it. I just didn’t really know how much love was out there. But I appreciate every little bit of it. Thanks for the wonderful break down of all the opportunities you have tried and succeeded with. And no I don’t wonder why you still come here. If you’re anything like me, you know there is always things to be learned from other people. I’ll never know it all so I like visiting other sites to learn more. That’s how you grow. So applaud you. Thanks again for sharing and the birthday wishes!

      Thanks. Isn’t it great to pick what you want to do instead of being forced to do something because of circumstances? πŸ˜‰

  19. Thanks for your reply Eddy. Now I can`t wait to know what that project will be. Please keep me in mind for the translation, I can always find time for new work opportunities. Will you post about the project in the newsletter or on the site?

    Thanks again,

  20. Happy B-Day Eddy! Your site has helped me avoid numerous scams. I have been doing freelance translation for about 10 years, but since I moved to Arizona in the spring, I have not been getting much work. There seems to be more spanish than french around here…So I have been looking since then for a work at home job. I applied for numerous jobs posted on your site and in the emails, and I have read most of the content on your site. I love that you tried a lot of the things you talk about, and are honest and candid about the experiences, saving us the mistake of applying for them, or giving us the knowledge to apply for them. Thank you for a great, and very helpful website. Happy BDay again, hope its a great one

    • Renee,
      Thanks. French definitely isn’t really as popular as Spanish in this country. But nonetheless keep trying. The new project I’m working on in terms of jobs will have many translation jobs for you to choose from. I’m hoping to have it ready to launch by the end of the month. In any event, I know in time you’ll find something. I’ll continue to do my best to walk the walk before introducing you folks to various opportunities. I definitely think it makes a world of difference rather than someone just telling you go and try something when it’s just clear the motivation is purely self serving. Thanks for your continued support and the birthday wishes.

      Thank you!

  21. Happy Birthday Eddy! I am an unemployed teacher (and a single mom!) who is trying to get back into the working world after taking years off to raise my family. Your website helped me get a job with Pearson Educational Services as an essay scorer. I was able to work out of my house while also be able to substitute teach during the day. I did not make a lot of money, but I was able to add another job reference to my resume! I am still going to work for thm (Pearson) this year too! Thanks for your help!!

    • Hi Diane,
      Thanks. I really appreciate hearing what type of jobs people ended up acquiring because of this site. Sometimes you look at job leads and you think does this really appeal to my audience. Then you learn you never know so you might as well list it. So thanks for sharing this with me.

  22. Happy Birthday Eddie! Thank you for turning me on to this work at home website. You helped me avoid a scam and have my money returned to me. I visited a website called Ultimate Online which originated from Data Direct You pay $34.00 and you then have access to hundreds and hundreds of jobs of all kinds. I mailed out 10 resumes and they all came back with a “No known address” stamped on them. I applied to 5 jobs and all of the links were not valid. The one job I got a response from was from Hiring Manager

    This group is a mystery shop company. The shop was to take the $2300.00 check they mail, CASH IT!( i used to work at a bank so I knew right there that was crap) and buy something at Walmart. Then take the remaining money, do a money gram to the next name on the list of people doing the mystery shop. When I recieved the check there were about 3 things mispelled on the check, including my name. I called the telephone number that was on the envelope and the men that answered didn’t even speak english! If I hadn’t had banking experience i would have been had like so many people I have seen it happen too. This sight is legitimate and I thank you for opening up my possibilites with all of the leads you have sent my way. Your are soooo right when you say if the sight asks for money, theres a good chance its not legitimate. God Bless You for the honest person you are.

  23. Happy Birthday Eddy,


    Truly, God has bless you with the knowledge and has allow you to live you life with purposed.
    You website has help so many people it. Hey Your birthday only comes once a year so enjoy it to the fullest……

    Best Regards
    Julie R

    • Julie,
      Thanks! It was a great day and I enjoyed myself tremendously.

      Thanks. Sounds like the typical check cashing check crap I’ve covered on my scam page: It really annoys me when these scam artist soil legitimate opportunities like mystery shopping. Because now some poor soul is going to think mystery shopping is really a scam instead of understanding that a scam artist used it to trick them into this scam. In any event, I’m glad you were able to avoid it. Feel free to share this scam and your story on our scam page where it will help a lot of folks who visit that page to avoid scams. Thanks again for sharing.

  24. Happy birthday eddy.
    Your integrity has influenced me never to post a spam.
    You give true information and you expose scam.When
    I started looking for work at home,I could not find true information
    but when I found your website I FOUND true work at home and many
    were free.
    Your site has helped me to get international JOBS for people like me
    who are from AFRICA.
    You are always there for us receiving our comments and answering our questions.
    I now have a website
    THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. very very happy returns of the day …………….. i really appreciate your effort in providing the best sites. i have really benefitted from it.. thanks again.

    • Franswa,
      Thanks! I’m glad to see that you’ve found some work at home jobs and have started your own site. Keep it up. At the end of the day we’re all human so I’m happy to help people all over the world. So thanks for sharing.

      You’re welcome. Thanks for chiming in.

  26. I’m not sure if you will remember me but I emailed you once just to let you know how much I appreciated your site. I was injured in a car accident and it left me paralyzed and I got pretty depressed because I thought I would never be able to work again. Your site gave me hope that I could earn money, be productive and feel like a real person again. I now work at two of the companies that were listed on your site; Lionbridge and VIP. They both pay good money and most of all, I now have a reason to get up in the morning. You gave me that… Never doubt the work you do and the effect you may have on others. You are truly a godsend. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    • Nicole,
      I do remember your story very well. I have your email saved. You sent it on October 1, 2009 at 11:17 pm. (You thought I was joking, didn’t you? lol) It moved me so much that I cried…. I mean got teary eyed. πŸ˜‰ I showed it to my wife and told her, that no matter how much money I make, nothing will ever beat knowing the positive impact I making in people’s lives. So yes I remember you very well Nikki. I think it was shortly after your email, I promised myself to ignore emails or comments where people were just being negative. I realized after reading your email that it was clear that more people knew I was doing right by them. So why get down and waste energy on folks that just don’t get it.
      So thank you for sharing this with the rest of the world. Like many of the comments listed here I think it will serve as an inspiration or just might save someone from going over the edge. Because you’re a testament that if you hang on, good things can happen. God bless you Nicole.

  27. Hey Eddy,

    I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! I want to thank you for having this website and letting me know about all the SCAMS out there. It has been a tremendous help. Also, thanks to your website, I found the job I just got hired at yesterday. It has been such a blessing to me and my family since my husband lost his job in May and just recently started working part time and we were in danger of losing our home. Thanks to your website, I am going to be working full time at home so I can take care of my son, make money and keep my house. Thanks again Eddy and Happy Birthday!

    • Vicki,
      You go girl! Congrats on your new job! I’m so happy to hear this will help your family and that you’ll be able to keep your home. With all the news of gloom and doom, its always great to hear from others that have been able to beat it. It gives us all hope that we may be blessed with some favor instead of negativity. So thanks for sharing this. Congrats again!

  28. I just also wanted to share, since I saw the post about how Mr. Eddie is celebrating his B-day, that when I found out he wanted to give something away for his B-day I wasn’t surprised. Why? Because the social cultural norm that is so common is to be selfish with the one’s B-day. Why? what did we do this day that we should be honored by everyone who hears it’s our B-day? I came up with the idea ( just to share) to celebrate my parents contribution to my existence by honoring them on that day. It is also the tradition of a prophet named Muhammad to fast for God on the day of his B-day (peace and blessings be upon him, and yes I am muslim!). This is the example given to me that has caused me to reflect on the social cultural norms acquired over the course I my life.

    So in conclusion, I assumed that Mr. Eddie wanted to give of himself on his B-day because that is a reflection of his character, and I noticed that it seems to be a theme on this website that is so pleasant.There seems to be very personal, caring and helpful atmosphere that is present even in the emails. I feel compelled to help others find work at home just because I received so much guidance and encouragement. I am thankful for this site and others like it that help people to become independent working people who can do for themselves.

    • Mary Newman,

      Happy Belated Birthday fellow Scorpio! πŸ˜‰ You have a great attitude and eventually you’ll find something like the other folks have.

      Glad you like pinecone research. It’s definitely one of my top rated survey companies.

      James Mason,
      I did have a wonderful birthday. I hope the upcoming years are even better. I really hope that you’ll be able to find something. Don’t worry you have many more years on this earth so we have plenty of time to help you find something. I would love to be able to say I’ve helped someone make enough money online that they could support themselves and pet squirrel. That will be a first. πŸ˜€ In any event thanks for the shout out, i appreciate it.

      Rajan & Editha,
      Thanks for the blessing and well wishes. I think you’re confusing sponsored ads with real jobs. Jobs won’t ask you for fees. So just be sure you don’t confuse sponsors which are clearly labeled as ads or sponsors with jobs. You might be missing a lot of opportunities because of this confusion. Visit the following page: Hope this helps.

      You’re quite welcome. Aren’t you the busy bee? lol It’s great to say you taking advantage of so many of the non-traditional make money opportunities I’ve recommended. You’re on the right track. Just keep up the effort. But you’re off to a great start. By the way, I think you really grasp my thoughts about my birthday and how I think. I love the idea of honoring your parents on your birthday. It just makes sense and I think its a wonderful way to celebrate one’s birthday because after all we wouldn’t be here without them. Although I doubt it would catch on in most circles. lol But I think I’ll be doing that from now on. So thanks for a wonderful idea and “getting me”. Because you provided such profound thoughts in your comment I’ll forgive you misspelled my name. lol

      But seriously thanks for chiming in. That was a great comment. It’s also really great to know that I have so many different types of people of different, races, creeds, backgrounds and locations that visit this site. The fact that we can converse, disagree and still get a long says a lot. If only the rest of the world was like this. Oh well, at least we have this little refuge here on this blog. Thanks for the continued support.

  29. I just wanted to thank you for giving good guidance, along with complete and accurate information on work from home opportunities. I definitely benefited from your website because now I have a realistic perception of what I can do from home and what direction I would like to follow.

    I am a stay at home mom and I am really interested in medical transcription work, mostly because I like words and medical terminology (I am currently not certified but working towards certification). I am also a member of fusion cash and currently up to $10.50 just in my spare time a few days out of the week. I am also checking out cloud crowd it is pretty impressive that they deposited my earnings into my pay pal account so quickly. However, my status is that of a newbie so I am limited in the work that I receive. I really look forward to doing more work for them in the immediate future. Lastly, I hope to see how well project payday works out. I am getting a free membership soon and will evaluate the programs claims to see if it is a good fit for me. thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience for us all to learn from.

  30. Hi Eddy! Good day and happy birthday .I wish uou should get many more birthdays to come with good health and more blessings so that you can help many more people finding a job especially those who likes to work at home. But unfortunately I was not able to get a job through this website because some of them wants first to become a paid member before I can start. Bur I am looking for an opening where I can only use my experience and skills as capital, I am sure that I may get a chance to get such opportunity since the service you provide is more useful and I should be lucky to get some chance. Hope you will continue your support for the years to come. God bless you to bless people like me who are still trying. Regds
    Rajan Babu

  31. Hi Eddy! Good day and happy birthday may you many more birthdays to come with good health and more blessings so that you can help many more people finding a job especially those who likes to work at home. But unfortunately i was not yet finding a job through this website because some of them wants first to order something before i can start but i’m for a job that i can only use my talent and skills as capital, maybe there will come a time that i can find it in your website, Hope that you will not stop helping other people through this website. thank you and God bless.

  32. Hey Eddy,
    Hope ya had a Great Birthday, I remember my 30’s, and my 40’s…and my next birthday I’ll have ya by 20 years.
    I’ve been employed part time the past couple years doing installations of machinery across the country. Been really slow this year, one reason I signed up to your valuable site back around the first of the year…I think…
    I can’t give ya a sucess story…yet..but every time I get an email from ya at least I know I’ll have some more jobs to check on. I’m getting to a point physically in my life to where i can’t do what I used to do, so I really hope to find something online to do that will keep me and BH in food and a roof over our head for how ever long we have left in this world.
    BH? she’s the fuzzbutt buddy (short for squirrel) I care for.
    Anyways..just want to say Thanks for the opportunities you help provide, and once I do get that job, I’ll post another comment just shoutin it up!
    Have a Blessed Night!

  33. Happy Birthday! My birthday was this past friday. Thanks for your website. It is very informative. I use this for reference for jobs and checking on scams. I haven’t found a job yet. I plan to keep on looking. Keep up the good work.

  34. Hi Eddy, Happy Birthday
    I have only signed up to the surveys and have made some money from them. I keep going back looking through the different catagories to try to find something else to do at home but nothing else has really jumped at me to try. But from reading your how to spot scams has saved me lots of money that I really don’t have to lose. I also get disability which isn’t much but I will keep looking until I find the job for me. Thanks so much for shifting through all the jobs out there and sending us the best ones. God Bless you and many more birthday’s

  35. Happy Birthday. My birthday was yesterday to. I am a subscriber to this pg. I have not had any luck finding a job yet. Hoping to have one soon. I do like that you have tried to include us here in Canada. Thanks. I have not qualified for a lot of them because I have satellite internet. Hope you had a good birthday. I did.

  36. The site was the answer to my prayers. After over ten years of looking for work I could do from home I crossed upon the workathome careers site and within a month found a job. This was October 2008. I am still with the company and am loving it and plan to stay with them as along as they will have me. I tell everyone I know who is looking for work to check out the site. The ad was under data entry, and being of medical background and data entry dealing with pharmacutical companies seemed to be the perfect match. I work for Steeprock, Inc and perform data entry and review data. Thanks so much!! and Happy Birthday!

  37. Happy birthday, Eddy πŸ˜€

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been helped much by this website, but I love reading up on it πŸ™‚

    What I don’t understand is, it’s YOUR birthday, so why are YOU giving money for people being on your website? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Aren’t you supposed to get gifts on your birthday?

    Well, it’s your birthday, so I guess it is your choice, so enjoy giving money away to some lucky people. πŸ˜€

    Good luck with whatever you do, and once again, Happy Birthday πŸ˜€

    • James,
      Thanks for the birthday wishes. I appreciate it. In terms of not being helped yet with this site, give it time. Landing a work at home job is almost like winning the lotto. But as you have read from the other folks here, it can happen. You just have to keep at it. Or give the non traditional make money opportunities a shot: while you try to land that elusive work at home job. But you do have options here. Keep at it and you’ll achieve success as well.

      That being said, I’m glad you enjoy reading my site. So why am I giving a gift on my birthday? Well it’s because I’ve already been blessed with the gift of being home with my family and watching my daughter grow up. It’s one of the greatest gifts I can ask for. So why not share a little love to some other folks. I think now more than ever, people need that with all the doom gloom stuff going on. We need more people thinking about each other as a community rather than individuals. We’d all benefit from it if we did. So that’s my story. You guys support me so it’s only right to give back. So don’t ask why, just enjoy it. πŸ˜‰

      Deb B,
      Wow, 10 years of searching is amazing. But I can’t say I’m surprised. What’s really amazing is that you kept on the good fight and never gave up. And because of this you were rewarded for it. So applaud you! I think anyone that is reading this should feel inspired. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take 10 years for everyone else. lol In any event, I’m glad you’ve found a work at home job you love. Thanks for sharing and for the birthday wishes.

      Happy belated birthday to you! Scorpios in the house. lol Keep in mind the advice I gave to James as it applies to you as well. It’s just a matter of time. I wish I could do more for my international folks but we’re constantly adding new sites to the international work at home page: so I’m sure it will eventually lead you to something. My goal is to help as many people find a way to work at home as possible. I don’t really care where you’re from. If I can help, that’s what I’ll do. So we’ll continue our efforts on this end and you just hang in there and stay positive. It will happen in time.

  38. Happy Birthday! πŸ™‚ I actually just recently found your site but it’s already helping me. Right now I’ve been unemployed, after being laid off, for nearly year. I haven’t had much luck finding a job so I figured it’s time to look into at home jobs. Thanks your site I found out about kgb, the first online type of job I’ve tried for. Seeing that it wasn’t a scam, I applied and I got accepted! I should start in the next couple of days. We’ll see how it goes. Either way, I’m definitely going to be checking this site often for new ideas!

    • HI Cayt,

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you regarding this position. Thanks for the continued support. It’s great to hear how so many people are finding work at home options because of our efforts. Keep them coming folks.

  39. Hello Ed,

    Happy belated birthday! Ahhhh….to be that young again. πŸ˜‰ Have been following the site for a lil’ bit, but still yet to dig into the right fit. However, much appreciated is the effort that you put in for potential opportunities…….

    All the best,

  40. Wow, Eddy! You are truly selfless! I have been working away on articles and am just now reading that today is your birthday which means you went out of your way to help me and answer my emails on your birthday!? Truly one-of-a-kind…just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and Happy Everyday. You deserve it πŸ™‚ I’m trying to give you some WAU gold but the thing is jammed. Well, it will be after-birthday-gold then πŸ™‚

  41. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDY!!!! I did it. Someday I will continue to get it right. Both my boys are November babies. I do do the Hits4pay, its not much, but it is fun. I am currently doing home care with a very sweet lady, so this just breaks up the night until my husband comes home from work. To find a good home job, reading and keep reading your posts has kept out of trouble. And if you are truly wanting to work from home, it does take a little time, but like the saying goes, good things happen to those who wait. Oh along with some heart felt prayers. Thanks again and keep up the good work. You are pretty special to help people find legit work, and with this, I pray God will bless you and your family daily. Debra Wheeler

  42. Happy birthday Eddy – show me the money (I need it. πŸ™‚

    Great job on the site and this contest in particular.

    This is a great way to give back to the (online) community and receive traction in return.

  43. I’m sorry, I must have bumped a button or something and it ended my last message before I was done.I was almost done but I wanted to read over it and correct any mistakes, which (reading over it now) I see that somehow somethings got added in like the number 7 some /’s and plus and minus signs. Any way, I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful site, newsletters, etc and for being a great role model (even though you’re younger than me…lol)

    Thanks again and Happy Birthday!


    • Marie P,
      Thanks! I don’t know about being a role model. But I appreciate that I can inspire people to demand more for themselves. Because you deserve it.

      Thanks! Don’t worry man we’ll get your blog to the point you’ll be having contests like this and giving back to your online community as well.
      It’s just a matter of time.

      LOL, Thanks. You must have some great kids if they’re November babies. Scorpios rule. lol Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate the prayers.

      LOL. Glad I could help. Birthday or not I still have to do my job which is to help you folks. lol But thanks for the Birthday wishes!

      Miss Money Hunter,
      Thank you! Better late than never. lol

  44. Happy New Year Eddy. I really appreciate your help before I was going around in circles and somewhere along the way in my circle I found Now I am making multiple streams of income from this site. Gave me an idea to start my own website to help other people find real work at home jobs that you don’t have to pay a fee. I really enjoyed Amazon Mechanical Turk, eHow, oDesk and and real typing at home jobs. I really got hooked on Amazon. I have avoided some scams just by reading this website.

    • Debra,
      Thanks for the birthday wish. That was a new way of wishing someone happy birthday. lol Glad to hear you’re making money with multiple streams of income. Amazon Turk seems to be a winner for a lot of folks. Thanks again.

  45. Wow,

    You folks have been going to town while I was out celebrating my birthday with my lovely wife. But as promised, I’m going to get to all your comments. So let’s go. lol

    Thanks for chiming in. The top 10 reasons to avoid a work at home job seemed to resonate with a lot of people. I was sort of shocked because I know most people want a job. But it’s great to see that folks are open minded enough to explore all options.

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I’m really happy to hear about your experience with Fusion Cash. It’s one of those companies you either love or hate. I’m extremely happy you read my review with an open mind and that my tips help you make money with the company. It’s easy to do so if they’re followed properly. So congrats on your efforts. Its great to hear!

    LMAO. Trust me you don’t want me coming to your home cleaning up after you. As it is my wife complains that she feels like she’s living in a musuem because I keep tidying up after her and my princess. lol I’m not very big on the lived in look. lol

    How can I mind long comments when I’m notorious for babbling on not to imply that you did. lol Thanks again for the kind words and birthday wishes. I really appreciate it. Again your story was very compelling and should serve as an inspiration to all.

    It’s always great to hear from a long time supporter and former winner. You’re still a winner in my heart though. lol I’m happy to hear your website is doing well. Thanks for the continued love you show my site. In terms of my age, I still act as if I were 12. So in spirit I feel young. lol I would never imagine to guess your age. That type of action can get you hurt with women. So I don’t ever entertain it. lol

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with this site. I’m happy to hear you’ve avoided a lot of scams because of it. Hope you win too. Remember I’ve provided you a way above to increase it. So feel free to use it. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    I can’t believe you’ve been with my site for a year. Talk about loyalty!! Thanks for the support. I really appreciate it. So you’re another Turk’er. Folks really seem to love that site and are doing well with it. You have a great attitude about your earnings. Consider yourself one of the elite because many people try to make money online but most don’t. So you’re in a great circle. If you keep the right attitude and continue to work hard, you’ll achieve your goals. Like you said if a regular guy like me can make it, anyone can do it.

    Congrats on your success with mystery shopping. It’s another nice way to make money if you don’t mind leaving your house for an hour or so. I feel fortunate to be in a place where I can give my loyal users a gift on my birthday. After all without your support, I wouldn’t be here. I never forget that so its only right to give back whether it was my birthday or not.

    But you’re right about birthdays and I never lose sight of that. Like I always say everyday I wake up is a good day. So I definitely appreciate making another year here on this earth. Thanks for the kind words.

    Thanks for the kind words. I can’t believe you still misspelled my name. Shame on you. lol Just kidding.

    Thanks. I really do hope its my best year yet and it is for many of my loyal subscribers.

    You hit it on the head. Great words of wisdom that everyone should heed. In any event, I’m glad that this site has helped you make some money. Like you said it’s a start and can lead to bigger and better things. But you already seem to know that. You seem to be a person full of wisdom with the right mindset. So I’m sure you’re destined to succeed. Take care.

    Sue F.,
    WOW, Thanks for all the link love. You really ran with this way before the contest. Great job! Very impressive and thanks again. Aside from that it’s just great to see you running with the ball in terms of this affiliate marketing thing and your site. You truly maximized on all the information I’ve provided and made it your own. You really understand the concept of multiple streams of income and taking full advantage of it. So applaud you and your efforts. Hopefully it will inspire others. It should.

    I hope you get hired for the job you found here. Keep us posted. But it looks like you’re doing pretty darn well already. lol

    In terms of your question, just take the disclaimer I’m using and adjust accordingly.
    With the privacy page, Just make it an older post and link to it in the navigation area of your site so its easy to find. Hope this helps.

    Thanks for that passage. I really do appreciate it. Everyday I start off my day with a little bible passage that Joel Osteen emails me. I love it because it gets my day started right. With your comment today I received a double dose, so thanks! Wow, I didn’t know i had supporters in the heartland. Nice!

    Angela Johnson,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. But I think Procard actually makes that clear on their site in their faq section. But maybe they should make that more clear. In either case, I appreciate you chiming in.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I never realized that about my conception. Truth be told I never really want to think about my moms in that situation. So thanks for that visual. NOT! Just kidding. lol But that is an interesting fact. In any event, I hope that one day soon we’ll be able to help you find the right fit for you. I’m sure in time you will. So don’t give up.

    As always you know the right things to say. LOL Callie has been a shining example of taking action. It’s why I had to make her my VA and right hand. As you can see, she’s doing her thing. Like so many of you that have chimed in, she’s living proof of what can happen if you step out your comfort zone and give everything a shot. Eventually something you enjoy sticks and then it can grow into a world of possibility. But you need to be able to give things a shot. Fortunately Callie was and you all see where she is now. So if she can do it, you all can.

    Callie I know in time you’ll be able to achieve your goal even if it means me nagging you about certain things so you get the point. lol I see great potential in you. There are no limitations for your success if you don’t allow them. So keep it up.

    Marie P,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes and the support for so many years!! I’m really happy that the site has helped you make some money but more importantly avoided scams. Hopefully in time and with your updated resume, you’ll land the perfect work at home job. Thanks again!

  46. First I’d like to wish you a very Happy Birthday, Eddy! Next I’d like to thank you for your wonderful site. It has helped me very much in my search to work at home. I’ve been 7subscribed to your site for a while now. I’m not sure exactly how long but its at least a couple years. About 5 or so years ago I became unable to work. I have a child and needed to find a way to support him so I turned to the internet but ended up spending what little money I had on worthless information and scams. I had almost given up and thought I was stuck. Then I came across your site and I am so thankful I did. It has helped me avoid m/any scams and steer me in the right direction. I’m not making the big money (yet) or \
    ;ol4nywhere near it but at least I’ve started to make a little and I’m not loosing money to scams. Like you’ve said before a little is better than nothing at all. Through your site I’ve signed up with survey sites, pay per click sites and some contest and sweepstakes sites all of which I’ve been able to make a little money from. I have recently started updating my resume so I can apply to some of the other work at home job sites you have listed. `/*-+

  47. Well, well, well … looks whose celebrating a bday. lol

    Happy Birthday Eddy!

    Hmmm … let’s see. For starters, I dove right into the survey taker scene. Something about “getting paid to give my opinions” just grabbed hold of me, and I was like, “I know I can do this!” So, being the “mouth” that I am (let my handsome hubby tell it, lol) I had no problem giving my opinions.

    So, when I quickly began making money by starting off with Eddy’s “Top 5 Paid Online Survey Websites” … I literally hit the ground running!

    Having earned the nickie, “The Survey Queen” I am now maintaining success as a Paid Market Research Panelist taking surveys and participating in focus groups. Some of my faves are PineCone Research, MySurvey, Opinion Outpost, LightSpeed, and Synovate just to name a few.

    Then, via Eddy’s convincing reviews of reading emails for pay programs Hits4Pay, ClixSense, and YouData, (can’t omit SendEarnings & InboxDollars!), I just had to join them all! Am sure glad I did because I’ve been raking in some cash from these programs ever since. I absolutely love it!

    And there’s more! lol

    Dabbling in a bit of affiliate marketing (on my way to Super Affiliate status, no doubt πŸ˜‰ ), I also took immediate action on Eddy’s well outlined article: “Free Affiliate Marketing (PTC) Course” and began making money using ClixSense’s oh so easy affiliate marketing program to write short, eye-catching ads promoting my survey programs.

    I could certainly go on because there’s even more, lol. But I’ll end my mini novel on this great note …

    In addition to income from all the above multiple streams, I also find time to stay on my daily VA grind, which is a Virtual Assistant job that I was blessed with via … Eddy’s sister site that is also tops in my book!

    So, most definitely, both of Eddy’s phenomenal sites have allowed me to consistently maintain several hundred dollars per month income … all working from the comfort of my home on a part-time basis.

    Eddy, my goal is to reach at least a 5 figure a month income from home! With all of your genuine care & support, I know I’m well on my way to reaching (then surpassing!) my goal! and are both such blessings to me and my family. I continue to tell my hubby that one day (soon!) due to my income from home, I will be able to retire him from his factory job!

    Forever thanks Eddy! You are loved and appreciated much πŸ™‚

  48. Happy Birthday Eddy! (- You know you’re a Valentine’s Day Baby, right? Do the math and ask your mom!) At any rate, I hope it is filled with great things and I wish you many more to come. I haven’t been a subscriber long but am constantly checking out the leads you send – I know I’ll come across the right fit when it’s time. Thank you for all you do.


  49. Work at Home No Scams helped me avoid a scam. I signed up for Procard International a few days ago and I didn’t realize that I needed to pay to set up a personalized business website in order to become an active associate. When I first read about it, it said that it was free. So after I registered, I found out it wasn’t free. You have to pay $14.95 for the first month, $19.95 for a one-time setup fee, and $14.95 a month every month. So I have decided not to continue with Procard International because I feel like they lied to me and misled me. So I am so glad to get advice from Work at Home No Scams, thank you!!!!!!!!

  50. Happy birthday Eddy,
    I pray that “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” ( 3John: 2 ) A little wordy but more eloquently put that I can express my thanks for all the good advice you make available to us all for free. I hope you and all yours walk in the Lord’s blessings. Best wishes from the heartland.

  51. PPS Oh my gosh because I came here today i found the perfect job opportunity on the right panes for free lance articles. I am a Platinum level Author in Ezine so I can only hope I will get hired!
    So now my success on here includes clicking on Ads, paid surveys, Wealthy Affiliate training, using forums to build a following AND I can tell you exactly that : People pay you to work, you do not pay people to give you work is the number one rule for weeding out scams! Cross your fingers I get the Article writing job!

  52. I would not be where I am today without Eddy and this website. This is not an exaggeration but true fact. I started out last May trying to find out about ways to separate the legitimate Internet make money online offers from the scams. This site helped not only with that but by providing the opportunity to learn a little bit at a time about the business. It took me about 6 weeks of reading, thinking about it, asking questions, reading some more, trying out some of his ideas until I got to the point I was ready to sign up for an affiliate marketing training course, Wealthy Affiliate. Even after signing up Eddy gave me tips and advice and answered my more technical questions. I have tried to model my blog site (and the website I am in the middle of constructing for Retirees looking for extra retirement income) using his low key style and soft sell techniques. I will never stop referring people to Eddy, even though it might mean the loss of an affiliate income opportunity. His video on how to tell is something is a scam will be a staple references.
    My blog My 401k Tanked, I Need Extra Retirement Income has a link to workathomenoscams as a permanent link on the side panel
    In addition it is referenced in the following posts:
    and in the following ezine articles:—Why-a-Retired-Teacher-Chose-to-Learn-Internet-Marketing&id=2763134—The-Heartbreak-of-a-Bad-Decision&id=2849045
    and in this Squidoo lens that I admit need some love

    I would have done more but Eddy cautioned me to promote MY things and not send all my customers away, not that he doesn’t appreciate the business, but…lol

    I am in the process of building a website it is not live yet, but will be by the deadline for this contest. It will have a separate page with a review of Eddy’s work at home no scams sites. today is Nov 10th It will be up and running by the 13th. there is a learning curve with making websites. thanks to Eddy getting me hooked into Wealthy Affiliate, this is free– they give you three hosting sites as part of your membership!

    Eddy–when you read this where can I find a disclaimer form like the one you have here for my blog? Ok I know I can copy yours and adjust it to my stuff, I just do not know the legality of that. I also read a blog using adsense needs a privacy policy which I do have a link to get, I just on’t know where to put it on the blog–as a separate entry?

  53. Happy Birthday Eddy,

    You are young. I hope your day is filled with happy memories.

    From this site I have only found one job so far that has worked for me. That’s a paided email site. But it’s a start.
    But I have learned alot, it has changed the immage of working at home for me. The biggest difference in working at home, is that you are home, and that is a huge difference, the most important one.
    The rest of it, is alot like going out there and trying to find someone who will hire you.
    It’s the same process to make enough money to equal the same money that someone hiring you out there takes.
    You have to do the same things, apply, fill the required need and get your applications in on time, as well as be able to be responsible and dependable.
    A persons ablity to retain a job is now dependant on their ablity to be able to keep their word without having to go into an office.
    In someways that makes working at home tougher. In many ways working at home is a proving ground of the intergity a person actually employs in their life in all things.
    Working at home is still work.


  54. Hi Eddy,
    When you wrote in reference to Mystery Shopping, that it is better to look for local companies, I took your advice and found several. I made $30.00 last month with no sign up fees. It’s great that you chose to share your birthday with us. Birthdays are vey important because they begin a new cycle in life every year. Wishing you many years of continued success. I knew you were a God believing man.
    Happy Birthday!! And Thank You for everything!!

  55. Happy Birthday Eddy!!!!

    I stumbled upon your site over a year ago now and it has really helped me! You introduced me to Amazon Turks where I have made $44 so far. It’s not breaking the bank but when I have a few spare minutes I complete a HIT or 2 and earn a little money. It adds up! You also introduced me to affiliate marketing. I still haven’t made any money with that but I’m still working on it.
    You also inspire me by knowing that I actually can make decent money working from home. People like you have been successful so I have a shot at it! Thank you!

    Have a great birthday!!!

  56. Hi Eddy,
    Your site as been a blessing to me. I would have been scammed by many sites if it had not been here. I have also learned about affiliate marketing thru your site. And the little money making sites. I jioned my veiw, my lot, you But I have really learnrd alot from yor site and affiliate sites. I hope I win the contest I need the money. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  57. Happy Birthday Eddy!

    Your work has helped me in more ways than I can list. My website is doing really well and the numbers are climbing. I don’t expect to win your birthday contest since I was the first winner of the money contest way back when. I promote your site randomly, many times anyway. As for your age, you are still a young pup! You wouldn’t believe how old I am and I ain’t saying!! Enjoy your day and many more.

  58. @Eddy Salomon:

    Well, then can you come by & pick up after me a bit? I’m a terrible housekeeper! I’m relieved to hear you didn’t mind the looooooong entry – I edited & cut and the edited & cut some more… told you I’m wordy!

    Seriously though, thank you for doing what you do! You are a great resource for all of us out here!

    Have a wonderful birthday!


  59. Happy Birthday! I always get new tidbits of advice everytime I read a post. I would like to say Thank you for your review of Fusion Cash. I was skeptical at first until I read it. I joined in June and am just about to receive my 2nd 25 dollar check. Not much, but it does add up.

  60. I enjoy all your posts but the one on top 10 reasons to avoid a work at home job was really insightful. I guess I haven’t had the resolution to do so as yet. But I haven’t given up the idea and your posts are a great help! I’m an active subscriber. Thanks!

  61. Happy Birthday Eddy,

    I just wanted to say thank you for all you do! In my search for legitmate work at home opportunities I came across your site and now I continue to check in daily!!! I have already joined Hits4Pay, FusionCash, and Mechanical Turk. I have reached a point in my life that I am tired of the day to day grind and office politics. YOU GIVE ME HOPE that my choice to work differently in the future is a viable option.

    Keep up the good work. You are making a difference. Enjoy your day!!!

    Peace. Lisa

  62. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDY! I get annoyed too when people misspell your name, but then that’s my OCD showing! I got a big kick out of your post today, love the pic… you appear to have aged well. LOL

    I am thrilled that you are doing this contest. It will get me off my duff and motivate me to do what I have been intending to do for a while now: give you the KUDOS you deserve! I am a wordy gal (kinda like you! Well, not the “gal” part!); I’ll try to be brief here, but will go into more detail in my blog entry. Everyone can find it later today at Complicated Woman

    So, to the point here, Eddy, your site, advice, expertise, and links have been invaluable in the search for my place in the online working world. During my husband’s treatment for Lymphoma last year, I had to leave my regular job to care for him. We are grateful that he is in remission for about 4 months now. I then decided that work at home (WAH) was the place for me rather than returning to traditional employment.

    My first exposure to your sites was researching a late-night infomercial scam. Your information on how to research scams is something I have continued to use since I first found you. I returned to your sites time after time to check out possible scams, business opportunities, and work at home jobs. I cannot overstate it – you and your sites have been my anchor and rudder in creating the professional life I want and steering me away from the scams and time-wasters!

    The results have come slow and steady – and your advice to be realistic about this not being a “get-rich-quick” process is the best advice I’ve ever gotten about WAH. I am building several streams of income through my own Virtual Assistant business site, surveys, ad-clicking, affiliate marketing, and blogging. Slow and methodical. Building the foundation. That’s the main thing I’ve learned from you.

    And the grand finale: I found a job through you! Through your link job listings & links, I sent my resume in on numerous opportunities. Voila! In mid-October I got a phone call asking me if I wanted to work for an answering service. I trained for a couple of weeks and now I’ve got a good, solid income base to provide for my family and support me while I build my other income streams!

    As you advise, it’s not a get-rich-quick situation at all. Instead it is steady and provides what I need while I learn and build.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH EDDY! I would never have made it this far without you.

    Liz Price – Virtual Assistant Services – Complicated Woman, my life: personal and professional – LizzieBlue: A blog about politics from a progressive, feminist perspective

    • All I can say is Wow Liz! Your story is amazing and I’m sure it will be an inspiration to a lot of folks. That was another motive of this contest and you just hit it out the park. I’m so happy to hear your husband is doing better. That’s great news. I really appreciate you posting this detailed comment. You’ve really just ran with the information and have done some great things with it. It just goes to show if you’re willing to put in the time, research, effort and give something a shot, you can succeed! So applaud you!

      P.S. In addition to my mad cow, I have a touch of the OCD as well. lol My wife can attest to the fact I will literally walk around the house picking up after her and my daughter and putting everything back in it’s place. lol I hate being in a messy house. It just makes me feel uncomfortable. lol

  63. Happy birthday, Eddy! You’re so right about 30+ being perceived as old fart territory, but that’s just wrong. I’m the fittest and incidentally the happiest I’ve ever been and I’ll be 31. The 20s are such and insecure and uncertain time period. I don’t miss ’em at all.

    Anyhoo, this contest is awesome, as has come to be to be expected from you. Your site has done a lot for me. Mainly it allowed me to take working from home very seriously. Through your leads I managed to learn about opportunities for real earning potential plus I’ve been able to share my own experiences through comments and hopefully help someone else out along the way. took away my fears and allowed me to set out and explore the world of at-home employment. So many people have a preconceived notion about non-traditional work and your site is eye-opening for them. You also break the mold and prove that we’re not all stay at home moms!

    I now work for two wonderful companies from my home office and I’m always receptive to new places popping up. I enjoy trying out smaller opportunities in addition to my main sources of income because every little bit helps and it keeps things interesting.

    I wish you many successful years of working the way you want to work and helping people out along the way. There’s no greater happiness than doing what you want to do, and for some people that means working from home. Keep posting those leads, researching, and taking chances. A lot of us look up to you for it!

    • Aimee,

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. I don’t know, I loved my twenties. But I do agree my 30’s have been way better. I think you’re right about being more confident and happy. Folks past their twenties seem to have more of a swagger and a grown and sexy confidence about them. No disrespect to the young bucks, ya’ll do your thing too. lol In any event, you’ve posted a great comment here. You have definitely captured what I was looking for in this contest. (Hint: Take notice folks πŸ˜‰ )

      Something that stood out for me was that I broke your notion about non-traditional work at home opportunities and stay at homes. That’s big to me. It would always annoy me to hear that people couldn’t make money at home, but then when you would introduce them to some other options they were quick to shoot it down because it didn’t fit their ideal of what a “real” opportunity. So it was nice to see that so many of you were able to change your mindset and take action. As a result many of you are actually making some money now. So that’s great.

      In terms of the stay at home mom thing, when I first came to this industry i felt out of place. All these sites were run by my moms and it didn’t seem like dudes were welcomed. So I was determined to create a resource that was more inclusive so that even if you weren’t a mom, you would feel valued and welcomed. So I’m glad I achieved that. Thanks again for chiming in Aimee. You definitely captured the spirit of this contest.

  64. Happy Birthday Eddy! Enjoy your day πŸ™‚ I haven’t been a long time subscriber but I do follow your postings and am looking into some of your suggestions. Thanks for having this site – it’s really helpful.
    Have a great one!

  65. Happy Birthday Eddy,
    Hope you will enjoy your day and many more days to come.
    You have helped me in numerous ways. Helped me to recognize and avoid scams, many legit at home jobs that I can choose from, but most important, you helped me realize that joining with WA can be very beneficial. By seeing you with it assured me that was the way to go because I was going toward Profit Lance. Thanks Eddy. Did not actually start making money yet, still studying and still researching hoping I’m on the right path. I really need the extra cash but no time for nonsense.
    P.S. A sister can really use the cash lol ($120)

  66. Happy Birthday Eddy. Unfortunatly I have not been subscribed to this site for very long. I am starting my research on at home jobs and your site has been a great help. I do the surveys to make some extra money but its mainly sweepstakes and contests. I guess I just haven’t found the right one but I know that I will soon. Thanks alot for your help in knowing what to look for in a scam. Had I not found this site when I did I would be in a world filled with scams. So enough of that, have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your day!

    • Nicole,

      You’re welcome. It’s good to hear you’ve been able to avoid scams and that you’re making some money with the surveys. I know it’s not much but glad you’re able to see some money is better than none when it comes to making money online. In any event, thanks for the birthday wishes. It’s started off very nicely. So thanks again.


      Thanks for the birthday wishes and sharing how this site has helped you. I look forward to hearing when you’ve started making money with WA or any of the other opportunities you may try. I’m sure you and a lot of folks can use that $120. lol So now that you posted your comment, you’ll have a shot at winning. Good luck.

  67. Thanks Joan.
    I wouldn’t say i’m so young. Seems like if you’re no longer in your twenties you’re considered an old fart. But I wear that title proudly. Glad to hear you’re loving WA. Better late than never I always say. Trust me i’ve flushed thousands of dollars in other programs as well. But I’ve been very happy with my investment with WA.

    Thanks for chiming in.

  68. Hi Eddy,

    Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Birthday! Can’t believe you’re so young.

    Just want to use this opportunity to thank you for your very positive attitude and generous nature. By the way, I joined WA and am LOVING IT!!! What a dynamic community! Wish I did it before investing thousands in other programs. This is the one, and “One Week Marketing” is great too.

    I hope you do something nice for yourself on your birthday, and that your family takes you out to dinner.

    Cheers, Joan

  69. Happy Birthday Eddie….

    oops EDDY (lol).

    Birthdays are special so enjoy this one. I don’t have the time to enter your contest (although I can use $120) but I did want to wish you joy on your special day.

    Your site is very useful to me. Keep up the good work.

  70. Thanks for turning me on to Amazon Mechanical Turk. It’s not a lot of money, but if I choose tasks I enjoy, I consider it free money. Every penny counts these days, so I appreciate it.


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