Work At Home Recap 8/12/2011

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Hey Guys,

How was your week? If you live here in the U.S. it was probably a crazy one for you. Apparently our country has "poor" credit. Not really, but we've taken a little slip. lol Speaking of slips, Nicki Minaj and Kelly Rowland can't keep their "girls" inside their tops and the stock market is schizophrenic! And people wonder why I don't watch the news.

You would think the sky is falling watching all this crap on TV. Look, I can appreciate being in the know. But I don't think it's necessary to emerse yourself in it. What value does it add to your immediate life? There are certain things that are just beyond your control so why focus your energy on it?

Wouldn't you be better served spending your energy on things that you can control like spending quality time with your loved ones, getting your own finances in order, finding ways to add to your income, finding proper fitting tops, etc. lol.

Here's a quote that I posted on my facebook fanpage that sums up my philosophy about all this crazy stuff happening around us this week and in general.

"You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair."

– Chinese Proverb

Let that marinate in your mind if you find yourself going crazy over the stuff you hear on the news or that politicians feed you. Sometimes I just feel that these folks like to fan the flame of fear which causes us to act irrational. Don't fall for it. You're better and smarter than that. Well, that's my little rant for the week. I haven't had one of those in a while. I hope you don't mind.

By the way, this week I was selected to be the fan of the month from one of my favorite new easy ways to make money online, It's a website that pays you to watch online video commercials. In any event, for being the fan of the month they awarded me 10,000 points which is basically $10 bucks! I love free money! I just wanted to share this with you because you never know you may be selected the fan of the month and win some free money too. But even if you don't you probably watch silly videos or commercials every day, you might as well get paid for it.

In any event, enjoy the job leads below.

Monday 8/08/2011

General Transcriptionist

Virtual Sales Assistants

Blog Writer

Trust & Estate Paralegal

Javascript Expert Needed

Copy Writer

Secretary/Legal Assistant

Tuesday 8/09/2011

IT Support Position

Writers & Activists Wanted


Thai Interpreters Needed

Senior Level Copywriter


Bookkeeper w/ QuickBooks Experience

News Article Translation – English to French

Software Salesperson Needed


Wednesday 8/10/2011

Chinese Translator

Cookbook and Children's Book Editors Needed

News Rewriter


Web Administrator/FB Administrator

Web-Savvy Gamer Wanted for Curating How-To Videos

Real Estate Marketing Copywriter/Editor

French Translator

Managing Editor

Thursday 8/11/2011


Quickbooks/Tax Help

ESL Tutor – Chinese and English


English/Spanish Translator

Agriculture Writer

Tax Preparer Needed

Tech Support and Customer Service

Resume Writer

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4 thoughts on “Work At Home Recap 8/12/2011”

  1. Hello Sir E,
    Battling the Knights of P.! LOL I absolutely love BEEZAG! It is fun and quick and some of the Ads
    are very cool. Thank you so much. I have at least one human, muggle which has signed up
    under me Yay! Dragons still kicking it! Sometimes these things are kicking back.
    So need to mount a serious- Our God is greater attack!

  2. I loved your rant!   🙂 Couldn’t agree more!   I knew about the credit rating slip, but all the other “slips” were news to me, even the stock market, so thanks for the news!

    I just stopped in here, taking a break from doing surveys at opinion outpost. $$   THANKS EDDY!!   Love your site!


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