Work At Home Sites Busted By FTC!

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Is it just me? But doesn't it seem like scam artists never get caught? After all, if you and I break the law you better believe you'll be getting a visit from your local boys in blue. But work at home scam artist seem to be as untouchable as corporate executives. What the f? It just doesn't seem fair!

Well apparently the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has taken notice and said "Enough"! Recently they went after two guys who were scamming people with their government grants, mystery shopping, online surveys and data entry products. You may be familiar with these dudes and their sites: Eric G. Louie, doing business as, and and Calvin G. Louie, doing business as,, and

We've been warning you guys about these type of scams for months in our scam section. We've covered many of these including rebate processing, mystery shopping, paid online surveys, cash gifting and many more. It's nice to see our advice being validated by a government body like the FTC.

Now keep in mind that some of these opportunities in themselves are legitimate. You can get paid for taking surveys, focus groups and to do mystery shopping. But you DON'T have to pay a fee to get the listing and you certainly aren't going to make thousands of dollars per week like these idiots will lead you believe. It's the reason why I'm always encouraging you to do many of them at once to make decent money. I know by themselves they don't make a lot of money but multiples of them can.

In any event, considering our recent financial crisis, I just wanted to let you know that scam artists are getting what they deserve. Too often it seems like we the average people are on the losing end of these battles but sometimes we do win. This is clearly an example of this. If you want more details about what happened to these scam artists and how they operated, you may want to click here to read the article for more details.

It was really enlightening. You wouldn't believe how much money these bastards were making. They were driving around in Lamborghinis and Ferraris that they purchased from the money made by misleading good folks like you. And here you are giving up your hard earned money for pipe dreams. It's a damn shame. What do you folks think?

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