Work At Home Update: Wealthy Affiliate University

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Wealthy Affiliate University Trial

Hey guys,

It's been a while since I've done an update on a company I've previously reviewed. As some of you know in this industry companies can change daily like your underwear (Hopefully that is the case for all of you). In any event sometimes these changes are for the good but a lot of times it's for the worst and screws us over. A company that was once legitimate can all of sudden become the enemy. Fortunately today that's not the case with Wealthy Affiliate University. There is some good stuff happening over there that I want you to be able to take advantage of it. So listen up if you've been on the fence for a while about stepping up your online money making game.

However before we get into that, If you don't know what Wealthy Affiliate University is, please be sure to read my review listed here for more detailed information about the company and why you may want to consider it.

– But basically in a nutshell, if you want to learn how I earn 5 figures per month helping people find what they've asked for, then WA is where you need to be since that's where I learned my craft.

– If you want to learn how to create a website in literally 10 minutes then again WA is for you.

– Or if you're like countless people that have started your own website and wondering why haven't people magically come to your site or why you haven't earned a dime, then WA is definitely something you need in your life.

What's New

If you've read my Wealthy Affiliate review and compared it to some of the other folks promoting it, you know I'm probably one of the only folks that keeps it really REAL about where Wealthy Affiliate sucks. Don't get me wrong it's still a great site and why i'm still a member. But yes there are still some areas that need work which I've detailed in my review and I'm not afraid to point them out even at the risk of losing commissions. That's just how I roll. I don't care if I love you or not, if you have an area for improvement I'm going to speak on it. (My wife and two year old know this very well for better or worst. lol) It's not out of malicious intent. My hope is that it spawns a change for the better. With that said one of my biggest complaints about Wealthy Affiliate University was the lack of training videos. Everything was so text based. In this day and age that's just inexcusable. Yea, yeah it's a pain in the ass to keep videos up to date and producing them. But hey if you have a paid membership site, allocate some of that money to have someone create the videos for you regularly.

Apparently that's exactly what Kyle and Carson have done! Finally! lol


Wealthy Affiliate has been launching weekly "WAbinar"/Videos where big Jay has covered a lot different topics which include internet marketing, basic technical fundamentals, building a business, local marketing, building backlinks, SEO and much more. Look I've been in this business for years now and even I'm constantly learning new things from these videos. So imagine what a newbie must feel.

Wealthy Affiliate was always great at providing you with tons of material to read. But let's face it, a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes you can read something a hundred times and makes as much sense as them young boys wearing belts but have their pants barely hanging around their thighs. (It doesn't make sense!) But then if you can actually watch someone literally show you a concept in the real world then it's like turning on your windshield wipers on a rainy day. Well that's what the videos have been to Wealthy Affiliate over the last couple of weeks. It's filled a huge void that you could literally drive a truck through in the past.

Having up to date weekly videos on various topics is priceless in this business. There are companies that will literally charge you thousands of dollars for videos they recorded months ago that probably aren't even valid anymore. Wealthy Affiliate has gone about it the right way by providing new weekly video content. So unlike a lot of video based training the stuff at WA will stay relevant as things change in this industry which is a given. What I also love is that if you attend the live WABinar you can actually send questions to the host and he'll answer them during the "WABinar". Or if you can't attend you can still watch the videos online when it's convenient for you and ask questions in the forum specially set up for that particular video. That's another huge advantage you don't see with other internet marketing web based video courses. So I've been very impressed with this part of WA and feels it really helps newbies get a lot more out of all the text based stuff. So if you've avoided WA or left because of the lack of video, you may want to reconsider now.

Sneak Peak

Speaking of WABinars, would you like to attend one even without being a WA member? if so, Big Jay has one going on March 1 at 9 PM EST. You can register for it by clicking here! Best of all it's totally free! This WABinar will be a walk through of the Wealthy Affiliate University so you can get a feel of what's actually on the other side without spending a dime. It's basically like visiting a college campus before actually deciding whether to attend! So definitely register for this FREE WABinar if you've ever been interested in taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate but couldn't afford to or justify the cost.

$1 & Dream

Looking is great but touching is better. (Wow, that sounded dirty. lol) Let's face it, there are certain purchases none of us will make unless we can actually touch and feel a given product. For instance my wife and I recently bought one of those expensive ass Sleep by Number beds. It's a king size bed that is basically two TWIN XL beds joined as one on the frame. This way I can adjust my side of the bed to sit up and work on my laptop while my wife can keep her side flat and stay asleep. It also allows us to change our firmness setting which is nice since I tend to have lower back problems. Sounds all good in theory right? But here's the kicker. We're having problems finding sheets for this fancy ass bed. Most of the regular stores don't seem to carry TWIN XL fitted sheets in various thread counts and colors. My wife has found them online but sheets are definitely something you need to touch especially if they're expensive. Otherwise you can end up with some sheets that will make you itchy. Look I already have ashy skin and lotion can only do so much. If you couple that with some crappy sheets, then it's just a bad look.

Well Wealthy Affiliate is sort of the same thing for some of you. It's a pricey investment that provides no guarantees of success (although less likely to leave you itchy). But most people understand that you can't guarantee anyone success in business because it falls on individual work ethic and ability to apply what's been taught. But even if you understand this concept you may still have justified fears of making such an investment in yourself and your business. Fortunately Kyle & Carson understand this. So to help you get through that fear starting March 1st at Noon EST they're providing you with complete 7 day access to Wealthy Affiliate for only $1. This isn't a watered down version of WA either, you'll get the same access I do. You read that right, a full week's access for only a buck. Most of the time we waste a dollar on nonsense. One thing that comes to mind is lottery tickets. Here's an interesting fact, you have a better chance of creating a successful business than you do winning a major jackpot. So in this case a dollar and a dream literally makes a lot more "cents" if you're investing it in a business.

So if you have a dollar and would like to take a crack at starting a business but want the proper guidance and tools to make it successful click here March 1st at 12PM EST and get full access to WA for a week. This means the trial will end March 8th, 12PM EST. To make the pot even sweeter, they're also throwing in "Success in 30 Days WA Club" when you join through the trial.

Once the trial is over you'll be charged $47 which is recurring every month. Obviously you CAN cancel before the 7 days to avoid this. They make it simple to do and aren't trying to force you to stay if you don't find value in their community. Just keep in mind that you probably aren't going to build a successful business in 7 days. If that was the case no one would be slaving away for THE MAN. This trial is basically about helping you ease your fears and to determine if Wealthy Affiliate University is the right place long term to help you build a successful business. The fact of the matter is that it isn't meant for everyone. Some people join, run with the ball and end up doing pretty well. Others get overwhelmed and quit. Which group you end up in is totally up to you. There is no judgement either way. But at the very least you're giving yourself the opportunity to test the waters with little risk.

Just keep in mind that although the price has changed for 7 days, the hard work, dedication and persistence needed to succeed hasn't changed. Rome wasn't built in one day and neither will a successful business. How long it takes to succeed is still on you! None of us can tell you how and when you'll apply what you're taught properly to earn money.

In any event, that's my little update on Wealthy Affiliate. They've actually added a lot more bells and whistles. But what's really wowed me are the videos. Hopefully you guys will take advantage of the Free Sneak Peak WABinar or the 7 day Full Access $1 Wealthy Affiliate University trial. Take care & good luck.

25 thoughts on “Work At Home Update: Wealthy Affiliate University”

  1. Jay,
    The whole purpose of joining WA is to learn affiliate marketing and SEO.
    However if you’re already struggling and the $47 would hurt you then you definitely shouldn’t do this. Starting any new business is a risk. If it were guaranteed and easy then everyone would do it. My suggestion is to focus on a work at home job like the ones we list daily here: or some easy non-traditional opportunities like the ones in my recommendations page: It will help you earn some money. Then if you feel like trying your hand at a business is worth the risk then invest some of the money you earn from that other stuff into learning this business. Hope this helps.

  2. Is the risk worth the reward? I make dirt as it is and I’m not sure I could drop $47 on WA. Plus I don’t know how to do SEO or affiliate marketing.

  3. Hey Ryann,

    Sorry to hear you were recently laid off. I hear this too often nowadays. It’s great to hear that you want to give a new business a shot. But I’m not sure this is the right time to do it considering your new financial constraints. I would encourage you to read the following article: so you have a better insight as to why this may not be the time.


  4. Hey Ryann,

    Sorry to hear you were recently laid off. I hear this too often nowadays. It’s great to hear that you want to give a new business a shot. But I’m not sure this is the right time to do it considering your new financial constraints. I would encourage you to read the following article: so you have a better insight as to why this may not be the time.


  5. Jeff, I can’t believe it’s been a year man. Look how far you’ve come! I wish all the people that have joined WA under me had the same attitude and worth ethic you do. You mentioned my name a lot in your comment but the real person at fault here is yourself. You have an uncompromising work ethic and are highly motivated even in the face of the many obstacles I’ve seen you go through. I think that’s why you have been able to see some success where others haven’t.

    You’ve actually taken the time to go through the material at WA, uses the resources (forum & other members) there and then wisely use me when you needed voids filled or extra help with a given subject matter.

    I think that’s why you’ve done so well. Furthermore you’ve pretty much have set in your mind that working for the man is not a long term option for you so you’ll be grinding until you make that a reality. That’s the same attitude I had which is why I was always able to push through a lot of the failures and obstacles I faced and still face to this day.

    When you have a goal like you do and continue to focus on it, success has to be the outcome. So thanks for chiming in. Hopefully you serve as an inspiration to others. I know you do for me. It’s great to know someone that is grinder like you and won’t accept failure as an option.

  6. Eddy,
    I was recently laid off and I am now looking to work from home and spend time with my two kids. I have been reading over everything in your website and others that you have said are legit. I KNOW that I can do this, I’m just overwhelmed with all of the information and where to start. Of course with being laid off I am concerned with paying a fee for WA, but I do believe it is worth it. I want to completely supplement my income and I know it won’t happen right away but I want to know, had you originally had access to WA how long do you think it would have taken to make around 70K a year? My kids are in school and I have approx 4-5 hours of possible non stop work time.

  7. I had to weigh in here. I started reading this blog in March, 2010 and joined WA a month later because Eddy *seemed* real. I say “seemed” because eventually these internet “gurus” blow up. Not in Eddy’s case…but keep reading 🙂

    Well, the only thing that has “blown up” in my association with WA and Eddy is my knowledge.

    Eddy is as REAL as they GET. WA University and what they bring to you for their monthly fees are as REAL as they get.

    I *thought* I knew what I was doing on the internet in March, 2010. After all, I had worked for an internet company for 10 years just prior to finding Eddy BUT let me tell you that my REAL EDUCATION started after finding Eddy and WA.

    Thanks to WA and Eddy I have the skill set and tools to put up SEO friendly sites and sell affiliate products quickly and easily.

    The possibilities are now endless for me with my knowledge.

    Also, Eddy celebrates your victories with you. How many times have you bought something from someone online and then that’s it. They’ve got your money and ran off.

    Not Eddy. I just put up a full SEO Friendly site complete with affiliate links and everything WA recommends you do and guess who left a comment on my site soon after launch? Eddy!

    A year later. A year in which I went from not even knowing how to write a proper keyword focused article to putting up a full site that was commented on by Eddy. Oh, in my early days, Eddy would comment on my work….just not anything that I’d want to publish…lol. Not that he said anything bad…its just I needed a lot of training.

    Your association with Eddy and WA is REAL and the opportunities they both present are REAL. I can’t say anything more than that. Its ultimately your call as to whether or not you believe that Eddy and WA represent a real opportunity for you but I say to you that if you’re willing to work and learn, you can definitely progress.

    High Speed Internet Connection: $40/month
    WA Membership: $39/month
    Association with Eddy: PRICELESS

    NOTE ON WA…….
    (when I joined last year, it was $39 and I locked that in—their prices DO rise so lock in your $47 or whatever it is Eddy said above NOW because you can lock in a lower price but there is so much continuous value added there, that they do have price increases—-listen, when Eddy tells you to join now and get your price, DO IT. I have watched the price increase with amusement knowing I was smart enough to lock in my 39. Do you know what ONE of the things I can do with that 39 is? Put up as many FREE Web sites with FREE hosting as I want. All I have to do is register the names for 2-15 bucks. Yeah……that alone is worth it but then you get Webinars, Forums where people actually give a crap about you, training and so much more…I’ve only scratched the surface and I’ve been there nearly a year! Oh, had to tell you about a forum post and this is common——I was having trouble with getting the email to work on one of my sites and a random guy actually saw my post and gave me a 3 minute video walking me through it——–I didn’t know this guy from Adam but that is how WA rolls……you really are part of a community that cares about your success)

  8. Eddy,
    I have been following your site for 2 years, always get your newsletter in my email and did the swagbucks thing and youdata and its pretty cool and fun, but just needed the push to take the fun and add not only the fun but the will and the way to make money with it all. The first thing is that you have great info on your sites to help people start making a little money, such as clicksense,youdata,and the sweepstakes stuff like and swagbucks,( I also failed to mention, I do that one too) but all these things I found here, watched your vidoes and if anyone will read, read, read, read like I have that you can make money. Like you have said in page after page and time after time and I will agree that it hasnt made me rich but I have made money. I belive you’re and honest person because if anyone reads and uses any of the information in here they will make money and you have said it…you wont be able to make a living doing it but your most famous phrase”multiple streams of income……” nothing but true and no one can say that its a lie, not true or you’re dishonest because if you follow what you give it can be done!!! I have made a little gas money and a little for this and that, if I hadn’t done any of these things I wouldn’t have had it at all. I did this in my spare time with nothing to do, watching tv, laying in bed at night before I would go to sleep. I kept reading and reading everything I could find in here about everything to soak up everything that I could. Your talk about working for the man and how much you are nothing to your boss is growing true more and more everyday in the real world and its sad that pepole hire someone and they give their time,life and worse the time away from their family putting in overtime for these people and they treat you like s#*t, garbage and dont care about you or your family no matter how much you do for them and their company. I worked 11 years for someone like that and was told from the janitor and the owner that I was their top preformer and they needed me so much, but I was the least paid, was the only one there after 5 untill wee hours of the morning sometimes not even going home. I had four times the overtime that anyone had but the “manager” told me that was my job and that I was married to the company not my family and while everyone else left to go home, kids ball games etc. I was left to cover the and carry the load for all those people and the company. I went to work everyday, sick or well, never took a vacation and I found I was married to the company!!! I was a fool I felt, and they are the ones that made me into that, the workhorse of “THEIR” company and it was my fault for feeling thats what a man does for his family. I could tell that the age of 37 it was even affecting my health and for a smoker….making me smoke more that “THEIR” company was going to work me to death one way or another. My wife and I had bought our dream home like you had Eddy in the country of our small Texas town, its our dream!!! I did and still needs so much work, but how do you work or remodel anything when you’re killing yourself at your job working for someone else that doesn’t care if you do die as long as you were working for them when you did and give at least a 3 week notice of your death to them so they could get more work out of you before you go!! July 2010 I lost it….flipped out, I couldn’t take it anymore….all the guilt of lost time to my family and how much they had lost by me not being there for them, and problems that it created at home in so many ways hit my in the face like a runaway train!! I walked in and told the owner to shove it where there wasn’t any sun and that I was outta there. He asked me what was up and why was I going to walk out on them??? I talked to him for two hours about everything and how I felt I was treated so unfair but done all the work and at the end all I got for my 11 years was well hope things work out for you…… kicked in the face I felt once again, but for the last time!!!! I walked out never to return!!! So now Eddy, here we are….TODAY im paying for my membership at WA and going to take everything I give to those a#$%@!es and put into myself and WA buddy and Im gonna make something with it no matter how small at first….then a little more and more and its going to be my new life and living for my family because I will not fail, I can not fail because I will do it myself for myself and no on else but my family!!! WOW look how long this turned out to be!!!! Sorry its so long but its what I HAD to say it was in my heart and thats what it takes at everything a person does! Im wasting time though….I gotta head to WA and sign up, and sign in and get my a#@ to work buddy!!!And buddys I hope you and I will be cause your the reason I’m doing it not only from what you have givin me to learn from in here, but as inspiration that you have proven it can be done therfore it can be done again if you have the motivation and inspiration and most of all the HEART to get it done!! So see ya soon Eddy…inside WA!!! whoop whoop….here we go!!!!!!!!

    • Big Ron,

      This is probably one of the most inspiring comments I’ve ever read on my blog. I had to stop myself from getting weepy eyed over here. What can I really say man? I obviously totally relate to your experience and realizations. It’s what always motivated me and why I was eventually able to break free.

      I applaud anyone that has the balls to go after their dreams. You sound like a man on fire that is ready to take on the world. With that type of determination how can you fail? You’re definitely going to run into obstacles but ultimately I think you’re destined for success because you’ve pretty much told yourself there is no other option. That’s pretty much how I went about this stuff. My thought process was I’ll either make it or die trying. But I would never give up finding my path.

      So judging by what I’ve read, I’m sure I’ll be hearing from you in a couple of months about your successful journey. It’s going to be hard but in my opinion it’s not harder than working to make someone else rich the rest of your life.

      Thanks again for chiming in. I literally want to print your comment!

  9. Hey Cherie,
    It’s definitely a scary thing to try a campaign and it fails. Lord knows I’ve been there. I’m assuming you focused on PPC. It’s not something I recommend for newbies. You’re better off focusing on SEO or Article Marketing because you don’t really have to invest money with that. It’s really just your time. So whatever program you join, make sure they can teach you the free methods and focus on those.

    In terms of your questions, honestly I don’t know this Holly Mann person or their product. But as always just follow the steps in my scam video to do the research:

    Whatever course you join you have to be sure that you’re ready to deal with the ups and downs of this business. You’re going to run into road blocks and fail a couple of times. But that’s part of the learning process. No one has achieved great success without great failures numerous times. So you need to be sure you’re over the fear of failing or better equipped to dealing with.

    I recommend WA because I feel it’s definitely one of the best out there. But as I always say it doesn’t do the work for you. It can’t help you fight your own demons when it comes to fear and failure. You can only control that. All they can do is provide you with the tools.

    So the real question is are you really ready to deal with the ups and downs that come with this business. If you are then go for it. You already know what WA offers. If you didn’t find value in it, then definitely explore some other legitimate options. Just be sure to do your research.

    But go in this with the attitude that this will be a learning experience and it’s okay to stumble along the way provided I pick myself right back up and keep pushing forward until I succeed. That’s the only way to make any of these courses work for you. Hope this makes sense.

  10. Hello Eddy,
    I was a member of Wealthy Affiliate more than a year ago. I tried to post an ad which I lost money with it. I was just plain scared. I have overcome the fear of this and many things and am ready to take the plunge. My question is do you consider Wealthy Affiliate or Honest Riches by Holly Mann to be better for a Beginner ready to take off. 🙂


    • That’s pretty much why you need training. I didn’t know how to do anything I know how to do now such as walking, talking, etc until someone taught me. We’re all perfect examples that we can learn to do anything if you have to. I’m sure you weren’t born knowing how to do your current or past jobs but you eventually learned because someone taught you. It’s the same concept. People just seem to make this more daunting but there are many examples in your life that show you can learn the toughest of things. So keep that in mind.

  11. Dustin, feel free to share them brother. It just speaks volumes that even though you haven’t made a dime with this business yet, that you still find the value in what you’re learning from WA. It also goes to show you know what it takes to succeed in business which is persistence in the face of adversity. Most people tend to give up in your situation. But here you trucking along! Reminds me of myself when I was first coming up and didn’t see a lot of results. The only thing I saw was a lot of hater family members and friends telling me why I was wasting my time. But we all see what my stubborn persistence led to. So I applaud you man!

    • Thanks a ton Eddy, you don’t know how much those words mean to me (Well maybe you do lol) Anyways my one and only con that really gets me is that they haven’t gone through and deleted some of the out of date training material (I am happy to say though that when I did bring it up in the forum, it was responded to within a day by Kyle, which is freaking awesome) eg. The training that’s on the webhosting page itself needs to be updated due to them upgrading plesk and changing the way that the system works. The training IS updated in the getting started guide and other resources however. I just think they need to get rid of some of the few outdated resources so as not to confuse people. That’s actually really my only con. I’ve learned so much from WA, to the point that when my time constraints of my other jobs are lifted that I can hit the ground at full speed (Hint-I quit one of my day jobs last week and will be done by the end of next week, ground+running here I come, and I’m so excited it’s crazy, lol)

    • You’re welcome man!
      I agree with your con. It was actually discussed during the Las Vegas conference. They’re planning on purging some of the old stuff and actually upgrading the whole training area so it’s more linear and take away areas that overwhelm or distract folks. I’m looking forward to that streamlining. But I agree with you. Thanks for sharing that. I can’t wait to see what you do with all that you’ve learned when you have the time to put it into action.

      It should be very interesting to say the least. I know you’re going to be success. You remind me of my buddy Jeff who’s literally become a beast with this IM stuff since joining WA and a little filling in from me. So when you are ready, be sure to email me. It’s much easier for me to help people that have actually gone through the training and understand the basics already. Here’s to 2011 being the start of your successful IM career.

  12. I will be on the Webinar tonite to try and get a better understanding of it all. I will probably do the 7 day trial for $1 too!

  13. Eddy,

    I have a question on WA that I didn’t see covered on their site, but can’t get the “Contact Us” link there to work. I hope it’s alright to ask here.

    There are two different membership prices mentioned, $47.00 and $97.00. I haven’t gotten enough “multiple streams” going yet to afford either of those. But what’s the difference between the two levels? It confused me to see the $97.00, since the WA site says that when you pay (presumably the $47.00 on the order form) everything is included. What’s up with that?

    Thanks so much for providing this site, too. I’ve been reading and putting into action a lot of what you have written here. As a result, I’ve made a little money online (happily in a completely legitimate way). Mostly, I’ve been earning from being a worker at Mturk and a little bit of freebie trading. ( Could you make a new article on that aspect of earning money online? 😀 ) But I want to make more eventually. LOL


    • Hi Becca,

      The $47 price point gives you access to all the important areas of WA. You’re not losing out on the training or forums which is the heart of the site. They’re just a few more bells and whistles at the higher price point. But I always tell people go with the lower price point. But if you want to know the minor differences you can read them here:

      Either way you’re gaining value that will help you create a successful business you’re not at any real disadvantage at the lower price point. So don’t be concerned you’re being jerked or something. That’s not how they do business other wise I wouldn’t still be a member.

      In any event, it’s great to hear you’ve been taking action. See how it leads to some money when you do? Too often just read this stuff or are quick to criticize and wonder why they haven’t been able to make a dime. But it only happens when you put in the action. Fortunately we’ve made the hard part easy by finding the legitimate options. So I’m happy to see you’ve been running with them. Keep at your current activities and be sure to move on to ones that make you even more money.

      By the way, I’ve never heard of Freebie trading or maybe I have but not phrased in that way. But I’m glad you’re doing well with it.

  14. I will be joining WA soon Eddy. I might miss the trail but when I join I’ll be 100% focused. I want to make sure I’m there first!

    In the meantime I think WA needs to start a new ad campaign:

    “Wealthy Affiliate University – We’re Less Itchy”

    Too funny.

    • Awesome Phil, I’d personally love to see ya hanging around 😀 Here’s my update to WA. I love it even more than I did when I started…I do have my own cons that really chap my ass but I wont bring em up here unless Eddy asks, all I can say is that the cons are not even close to being bad enough for me to want to cancel my membership after a year. The value of WA way surpasses the cons and thats coming from someone who hasn’t made any money with IM yet due to time constraints 😀

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