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Wealthy Affiliate University Trial

Hey guys,

It's been a while since I've done an update on a company I've previously reviewed. As some of you know in this industry companies can change daily like your underwear (Hopefully that is the case for all of you). In any event sometimes these changes are for the good but a lot of times it's for the worst and screws us over. A company that was once legitimate can all of sudden become the enemy. Fortunately today that's not the case with Wealthy Affiliate University. There is some good stuff happening over there that I want you to be able to take advantage of it. So listen up if you've been on the fence for a while about stepping up your online money making game.

However before we get into that, If you don't know what Wealthy Affiliate University is, please be sure to read my review listed here for more detailed information about the company and why you may want to consider it.

– But basically in a nutshell, if you want to learn how I earn 5 figures per month helping people find what they've asked for, then WA is where you need to be since that's where I learned my craft.

– If you want to learn how to create a website in literally 10 minutes then again WA is for you.

– Or if you're like countless people that have started your own website and wondering why haven't people magically come to your site or why you haven't earned a dime, then WA is definitely something you need in your life.

What's New

If you've read my Wealthy Affiliate review and compared it to some of the other folks promoting it, you know I'm probably one of the only folks that keeps it really REAL about where Wealthy Affiliate sucks. Don't get me wrong it's still a great site and why i'm still a member. But yes there are still some areas that need work which I've detailed in my review and I'm not afraid to point them out even at the risk of losing commissions. That's just how I roll. I don't care if I love you or not, if you have an area for improvement I'm going to speak on it. (My wife and two year old know this very well for better or worst. lol) It's not out of malicious intent. My hope is that it spawns a change for the better. With that said one of my biggest complaints about Wealthy Affiliate University was the lack of training videos. Everything was so text based. In this day and age that's just inexcusable. Yea, yeah it's a pain in the ass to keep videos up to date and producing them. But hey if you have a paid membership site, allocate some of that money to have someone create the videos for you regularly.

Apparently that's exactly what Kyle and Carson have done! Finally! lol


Wealthy Affiliate has been launching weekly "WAbinar"/Videos where big Jay has covered a lot different topics which include internet marketing, basic technical fundamentals, building a business, local marketing, building backlinks, SEO and much more. Look I've been in this business for years now and even I'm constantly learning new things from these videos. So imagine what a newbie must feel.

Wealthy Affiliate was always great at providing you with tons of material to read. But let's face it, a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes you can read something a hundred times and makes as much sense as them young boys wearing belts but have their pants barely hanging around their thighs. (It doesn't make sense!) But then if you can actually watch someone literally show you a concept in the real world then it's like turning on your windshield wipers on a rainy day. Well that's what the videos have been to Wealthy Affiliate over the last couple of weeks. It's filled a huge void that you could literally drive a truck through in the past.

Having up to date weekly videos on various topics is priceless in this business. There are companies that will literally charge you thousands of dollars for videos they recorded months ago that probably aren't even valid anymore. Wealthy Affiliate has gone about it the right way by providing new weekly video content. So unlike a lot of video based training the stuff at WA will stay relevant as things change in this industry which is a given. What I also love is that if you attend the live WABinar you can actually send questions to the host and he'll answer them during the "WABinar". Or if you can't attend you can still watch the videos online when it's convenient for you and ask questions in the forum specially set up for that particular video. That's another huge advantage you don't see with other internet marketing web based video courses. So I've been very impressed with this part of WA and feels it really helps newbies get a lot more out of all the text based stuff. So if you've avoided WA or left because of the lack of video, you may want to reconsider now.

Sneak Peak

Speaking of WABinars, would you like to attend one even without being a WA member? if so, Big Jay has one going on March 1 at 9 PM EST. You can register for it by clicking here! Best of all it's totally free! This WABinar will be a walk through of the Wealthy Affiliate University so you can get a feel of what's actually on the other side without spending a dime. It's basically like visiting a college campus before actually deciding whether to attend! So definitely register for this FREE WABinar if you've ever been interested in taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate but couldn't afford to or justify the cost.

$1 & Dream

Looking is great but touching is better. (Wow, that sounded dirty. lol) Let's face it, there are certain purchases none of us will make unless we can actually touch and feel a given product. For instance my wife and I recently bought one of those expensive ass Sleep by Number beds. It's a king size bed that is basically two TWIN XL beds joined as one on the frame. This way I can adjust my side of the bed to sit up and work on my laptop while my wife can keep her side flat and stay asleep. It also allows us to change our firmness setting which is nice since I tend to have lower back problems. Sounds all good in theory right? But here's the kicker. We're having problems finding sheets for this fancy ass bed. Most of the regular stores don't seem to carry TWIN XL fitted sheets in various thread counts and colors. My wife has found them online but sheets are definitely something you need to touch especially if they're expensive. Otherwise you can end up with some sheets that will make you itchy. Look I already have ashy skin and lotion can only do so much. If you couple that with some crappy sheets, then it's just a bad look.

Well Wealthy Affiliate is sort of the same thing for some of you. It's a pricey investment that provides no guarantees of success (although less likely to leave you itchy). But most people understand that you can't guarantee anyone success in business because it falls on individual work ethic and ability to apply what's been taught. But even if you understand this concept you may still have justified fears of making such an investment in yourself and your business. Fortunately Kyle & Carson understand this. So to help you get through that fear starting March 1st at Noon EST they're providing you with complete 7 day access to Wealthy Affiliate for only $1. This isn't a watered down version of WA either, you'll get the same access I do. You read that right, a full week's access for only a buck. Most of the time we waste a dollar on nonsense. One thing that comes to mind is lottery tickets. Here's an interesting fact, you have a better chance of creating a successful business than you do winning a major jackpot. So in this case a dollar and a dream literally makes a lot more "cents" if you're investing it in a business.

So if you have a dollar and would like to take a crack at starting a business but want the proper guidance and tools to make it successful click here March 1st at 12PM EST and get full access to WA for a week. This means the trial will end March 8th, 12PM EST. To make the pot even sweeter, they're also throwing in "Success in 30 Days WA Club" when you join through the trial.

Once the trial is over you'll be charged $47 which is recurring every month. Obviously you CAN cancel before the 7 days to avoid this. They make it simple to do and aren't trying to force you to stay if you don't find value in their community. Just keep in mind that you probably aren't going to build a successful business in 7 days. If that was the case no one would be slaving away for THE MAN. This trial is basically about helping you ease your fears and to determine if Wealthy Affiliate University is the right place long term to help you build a successful business. The fact of the matter is that it isn't meant for everyone. Some people join, run with the ball and end up doing pretty well. Others get overwhelmed and quit. Which group you end up in is totally up to you. There is no judgement either way. But at the very least you're giving yourself the opportunity to test the waters with little risk.

Just keep in mind that although the price has changed for 7 days, the hard work, dedication and persistence needed to succeed hasn't changed. Rome wasn't built in one day and neither will a successful business. How long it takes to succeed is still on you! None of us can tell you how and when you'll apply what you're taught properly to earn money.

In any event, that's my little update on Wealthy Affiliate. They've actually added a lot more bells and whistles. But what's really wowed me are the videos. Hopefully you guys will take advantage of the Free Sneak Peak WABinar or the 7 day Full Access $1 Wealthy Affiliate University trial. Take care & good luck.

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