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Work At Home With Sign Up! Google is pretty much known as the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to search and a number of other services. Like many of you, I love their search engine because it usually gives me exactly what I'm looking for. However did you know that Google also provides people various ways to work at home? By now, many of my loyal subscribers know that I work at home full-time as an affiliate for Google and many other companies. If you've read my article about this wonderful career you're aware that it's one of the most available work at home careers because nearly every company has an affiliate program that you can join for free.

Well my friends, Google is no exception. Google has an affiliate program known as Adsense where they pay bloggers like myself to display ads on our sites related to the helpful content that we write. Every time someone happens to click on one of these ads, we get paid a set amount. Now for the most part I have a great relationship with Google. I literally earn thousands of dollars per month as an affiliate for them and a number of other companies. With that said, I don't always like the ads that Google displays on my sites. It's one of the reasons why I'm so vigilant about encouraging you to do your research on our scam page for anything that requires a fee. The techniques described there usually help many of you avoid the bad ads that may slip past Google's watchful eye, which brings me to the Google work from home opportunity that you're desperately seeking.

So How Can You Work At Home For Google?

Ads! No I'm not talking about becoming an Adsense affiliate and running your own site. I know for most of you that's already out of the question. But did you know that some of the ads that go through Google are are actually reviewed by a real person? Well yes they are and you can get paid to become one of those reviewers. There are actually known as Ad Quality Raters.

What is A Google Ad Quality Rater?

Well here's the work at home job description straight from Google's mouth:

"As an Ads Quality Rater, you will be responsible for reporting and tracking the visual quality and content accuracy of Google advertisements. Ads Quality Raters use an online tool to examine advertising-related data of different kinds and provide feedback and analysis to Google. Projects worked on may involve examining and analyzing text, web pages, images, and other kinds of information. You will need an in depth and up-to-date familiarity with English- speaking web culture and media. Additionally, you will apply this knowledge to a broad range of interests and topics. Ads Quality Raters possess excellent written communication skills and web analytic capabilities. You will be required to work 10-20 hours a week on a self-directed schedule.


  • Evaluate the accuracy of Google search engine results.
  • Communicate effectiveness of web layouts and information via the online tool.


  • BA/BS degree or equivalent experience.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Extensive familiarity with U.S. culture and media.
  • Excellent web research and analytical capabilities.
  • A high speed internet connection.
  • Valid U.S. work authorization.

How To Get Started?

For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of your resume to [email protected]
Important: The subject field of your email must include Ads Quality Rater – English – Temporary.

This opportunity's availability often changes. So although it may not be open now it may be later and it's still a good idea to give it shot. So that's a legitimate and no fees way to work at home with Google.

Warning About Google Work At Home Products, Systems, etc….

Let me do you a favor by telling you to avoid any Google Work At Home product, system, DVD or ebook you may come across. Unless it's making it clear from jump, that it will be teaching you about affiliate marketing or using Adwords. At the end of the day most of these so called Google work at home opportunities are misrepresenting Google and the affiliate marketing industry to get your money. They'll lure you in by telling you that you'll get paid just for typing ads and filling out forms for thousands of companies. That's B.S. It's not that simple and involves a lot more than they're leading on. The problem is when they get your money that's when they reveal the truth if at all. You end up being a victim that thinks that Google is endorsing these companies, when they're not. If you want to learn about affiliate marketing and how that ties into Google's search engine, I would highly recommend you read my affiliate marketing article by clicking here.

I'll say this again, Google will never charge you to work for them. You should be skeptical of company charging you for any so called Google work at home product, system, etc. I don't care what the company's name or URL is. It's pretty much all the same. You can see a clear example of this with my Google Money Tree scam article.

In any event, i hope I've provided you a clearer picture of the real opportunities available from Google. They actual have a job section you can visit by clicking here. Just use the search box in the upper right.

By the way another great mega company to work at home for is You can check out their work at home opportunity by clicking here. If you're looking for a conventional jobs, you can visit our work at home jobs page by clicking here. Or if you want to avoid ads you can try our trusted partner Good luck either way.

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