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Work At Home With Sign Up! Google is pretty much known as the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to search and a number of other services. Like many of you, I love their search engine because it usually gives me exactly what I'm looking for. However did you know that Google also provides people various ways to work at home? By now, many of my loyal subscribers know that I work at home full-time as an affiliate for Google and many other companies. If you've read my article about this wonderful career you're aware that it's one of the most available work at home careers because nearly every company has an affiliate program that you can join for free.

Well my friends, Google is no exception. Google has an affiliate program known as Adsense where they pay bloggers like myself to display ads on our sites related to the helpful content that we write. Every time someone happens to click on one of these ads, we get paid a set amount. Now for the most part I have a great relationship with Google. I literally earn thousands of dollars per month as an affiliate for them and a number of other companies. With that said, I don't always like the ads that Google displays on my sites. It's one of the reasons why I'm so vigilant about encouraging you to do your research on our scam page for anything that requires a fee. The techniques described there usually help many of you avoid the bad ads that may slip past Google's watchful eye, which brings me to the Google work from home opportunity that you're desperately seeking.

So How Can You Work At Home For Google?

Ads! No I'm not talking about becoming an Adsense affiliate and running your own site. I know for most of you that's already out of the question. But did you know that some of the ads that go through Google are are actually reviewed by a real person? Well yes they are and you can get paid to become one of those reviewers. There are actually known as Ad Quality Raters.

What is A Google Ad Quality Rater?

Well here's the work at home job description straight from Google's mouth:

"As an Ads Quality Rater, you will be responsible for reporting and tracking the visual quality and content accuracy of Google advertisements. Ads Quality Raters use an online tool to examine advertising-related data of different kinds and provide feedback and analysis to Google. Projects worked on may involve examining and analyzing text, web pages, images, and other kinds of information. You will need an in depth and up-to-date familiarity with English- speaking web culture and media. Additionally, you will apply this knowledge to a broad range of interests and topics. Ads Quality Raters possess excellent written communication skills and web analytic capabilities. You will be required to work 10-20 hours a week on a self-directed schedule.


  • Evaluate the accuracy of Google search engine results.
  • Communicate effectiveness of web layouts and information via the online tool.


  • BA/BS degree or equivalent experience.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Extensive familiarity with U.S. culture and media.
  • Excellent web research and analytical capabilities.
  • A high speed internet connection.
  • Valid U.S. work authorization.

How To Get Started?

For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of your resume to
Important: The subject field of your email must include Ads Quality Rater – English – Temporary.

This opportunity's availability often changes. So although it may not be open now it may be later and it's still a good idea to give it shot. So that's a legitimate and no fees way to work at home with Google.

Warning About Google Work At Home Products, Systems, etc….

Let me do you a favor by telling you to avoid any Google Work At Home product, system, DVD or ebook you may come across. Unless it's making it clear from jump, that it will be teaching you about affiliate marketing or using Adwords. At the end of the day most of these so called Google work at home opportunities are misrepresenting Google and the affiliate marketing industry to get your money. They'll lure you in by telling you that you'll get paid just for typing ads and filling out forms for thousands of companies. That's B.S. It's not that simple and involves a lot more than they're leading on. The problem is when they get your money that's when they reveal the truth if at all. You end up being a victim that thinks that Google is endorsing these companies, when they're not. If you want to learn about affiliate marketing and how that ties into Google's search engine, I would highly recommend you read my affiliate marketing article by clicking here.

I'll say this again, Google will never charge you to work for them. You should be skeptical of company charging you for any so called Google work at home product, system, etc. I don't care what the company's name or URL is. It's pretty much all the same. You can see a clear example of this with my Google Money Tree scam article.

In any event, i hope I've provided you a clearer picture of the real opportunities available from Google. They actual have a job section you can visit by clicking here. Just use the search box in the upper right.

By the way another great mega company to work at home for is You can check out their work at home opportunity by clicking here. If you're looking for a conventional jobs, you can visit our work at home jobs page by clicking here. Or if you want to avoid ads you can try our trusted partner Good luck either way.

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  1. hello my name is sharon totten-48 years old had a tramatic vechile accident 5/23/89, then i was 23 years old, the accident had made me 100% disabled- but to survive i must work for myself and you really need to, eerything is quite expensive-i am not able to work for the public for i had injuried my brain-i have constant .headaches and my ribs were brok front/back,collapsed right lung,along with legs,arms,face were injured and broke most of those bones. Had massive reconstructive surgery from a picture my mother had given them. i want to prove everyone wrong about me ever to become right, i believe i can become even a better person=just need somrthing like work for someone to help me get into another/different career=i believe i can do somethin” like making calls confirmations=do not really how to attempt or suceed to do this-so i ask for your help for i am 100% disabled. please contact me to help me succeed without have to pay for work=i have heard and read amazing great things about YOU.

  2. JACQUELYN WILSON 09/25/11

    I agreed with each of you, too much hustlers in the field trying to  out play everyone including themselves.  greed!  

    • Agreed! But knowledge is power. It’s hard to get played when you know what these guys are up to. Most of them are lazy and repeat the same type of nonsense over and over again.

  3. You’re welcome. They are a very creative bunch. If only they used their creativity for good. I’m sure they could still make tons of money without victimizing people. Either way, it doesn’t matter. As long as you always do your research, you’ll avoid most of this stuff.

  4. thanks pal for this path of safety and security in your mind-blowing revelations on the so-called “making fortunes working at home”.Scammers indeed have a multi-faceted approaches.God save us all from them.

  5. Hi,
    I got a question about work at home.
    I’m an international student, in my visa dont permit me work outside of campus. so i wonder can i join to work in the internet or not?
    and if i can work , can you pay me through my debit account ?

  6. I read everyone opinion about working at home job, sound really good, but I want to know if anyone knows some working at home job for spanish speaking person. My wife would love to do this job but she feels that her english is not good enough. Thank you for you help and time.

  7. Tammy, I think I can help you.

    Vasilissis Freiderikis, 33
    1st floor
    P.C. Nicosia, Cyprus

    Costumer Service (888) 541-0915

    As you can see, this company is at the other side of the world. In Cyprus island.
    It’s supposted to be no fees, but they charge you every month, when you don’t even make a dime yet.
    Do a research, and give them a call.
    Be careful and good luck, you will need it.

  8. I am very interested in working for google but you donot have any contact information, besides what you have.would you send me somemore infromation example: address,city state,zip,phone please!

  9. Eddy, you have a link on your site to another site called Project Payday. It invites you to sign up for an offer that includes in the fine print how you are agreeing to sign up for an additional service that will be charging you a monthly fee beginning after the 14 day trial. However, if you don’t want to sign up for the offer, you can pay the monthly membership fee of $34.95 to get the info right away. Isn’t this a sign of a possible scam? You shouldn’t have to pay if you’re going to make money for the company right?

  10. Hi Eddy,

    After much research, I must say – I’m glad I finally fell onto your page. I am close to the end of my ropes and almost – yes ‘almost’ spent the money required to become a Google affiliate.
    I’ve known my whole life that any legit company won’t take your money before hiring you or charge you a fee to work for them (besides the Laborers Union), yet, I almost got sucked in…

    Now I know you don’t know me or owe me – but since the top of this page has a 2008 date stamp, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind taking the time to provide me with accurate & updated info towards where I might direct & position myself so as to secure a (or a few) prosperous journey that (with my effort) will lead to a lucrative income.

    I’m not looking for ‘get rich quick’ – but I am looking for something that can (on its own) start paying the bills in 2 months…

    Any ideas?

    Me ~ recently unemployed, married, father if a 13 month old – tired of ‘corporate America’ and even though I’d be doing work for said name entity – at least I’ll be doing it on my schedule and standards – failure is purely mine, just as ‘success’ shall be measured as well…

    If you have help or ideas – I’d appreciate your efforts…


    • Welcome Brother Dan. lol I say brother because I did a 7 year bid in corporate America and escaped a year ago:

      So I feel your pain! In terms of your question, visit my work at home guide listed here:

      Most of the dates on the material you’re reading is irrelevant especially when it comes to the tips on avoiding scams and finding legit work at home jobs. So keep that in mind as you read the material. I think the guide will give you a great crash course if you take the time to go through it all. Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee that any of the opportunities or jobs will make you money within two months. Landing a traditional work at home job can take up to a year or more. Competition is fierce especially now because good folk like yourself are getting laid off like nobody’s business.

      An affiliate career might be a great fit for you considering the fact you want to control your financial destiny and are disgusted with the man’s antics. But as I just recently covered in this article:

      It’s not an over night type of opportunity or even a two month one. It makes you money when you can achieve it. And for most new people it’s not that quick. So the best thing to do is start with the guide, it may give you some ideas to work with. I hope it helps.

      Take care.

  11. Hey, I was trying to sign up but everytime I click on the link it says currently unavailable or connection error, I’m connected so I know its not that… If there is another link let me know, cause I’m interested, Thanks.

  12. Is this for real? I keep seeing ads for this google money tree. I am a college student struggling to find work, i have very little money left to spend. I would like to spend on something that will make me money. I am very skeptical about this , but i am at that point of trying everything and anything for the almighty dollar. Pleae e-mail me back with some hopefully re assuring details on what really goes on with this google money tree.

  13. I hear all the good comments, but I have had a bad experience with google. I ordered the kit in November, I didn’t receive it yet I was charged and never received it. now I am out $34.00, and no contact information to get the charges removed. I would not recommend Google

    • Deborah,

      You’re confusing the shady merchants that infringe on google’s trade name and sell products that misrepresent the facts with Google the actual company.
      Google doesn’t sell any kits. Period! They have one money making opportunity and that’s adsense which is totally free. So don’t let these merchants confuse you.
      It won’t surprise me if Google starts going after these companies for using their name in these shady products. Because you’re a perfect example
      of how people have become confused.

      Take care.


  14. Everybody talks about this barely, and nobody talks what are they doing with this program.
    So, my question is: Before I order google software, can somebody explain to me, what you guys are doing to get paid with google ???????????????

    • First and foremost, I don’t know what software or work at home program you’re planning to buy, but you better do your research using our scam
      video to avoid a lot of hurt:

      Most sites like ours, cnn, aol, etc make money with Google’s adsense program. Which basically just pays the websites money for having ads on their site.
      If you want more details about this program visit google’s site:

      It’s only available to you if you have a site which Google makes convenient with their site program which is totally free. This is just a high level overview of all this. But there is a lot more to making money with adsense then what I’ve described. Like anything worth making money, some more advanced training is needed. I’ve invested in such training in the past and its helped me tremendously. But I always get my training from legitimate sources and not people that misrepresent themselves like rebate processing, etc.

      Good luck..

  15. Hi again,

    Ok this is interesting I have an acct. with Blogger so like you said I am on my way hahaha!!
    Cool wish me luck 😀

    Veronica N.

  16. Hi morning Eddy,

    Thanks again for your help it is very much appreicated you have no idea. I will look over the links that you have provided if I have any other questions I will surely let you know.

    Best regards,
    Veronica N. 🙂

  17. Hi Eddy,

    I don’t know if you remember me….I was the one that I told you that I was unemployed but, willing to continue helping myself and my family…..Just want to say when I ran into your videos to MySurvey I was shocked cause I have been with them for quite sometime and believe or not I wasn’t sure if they were legit or not. I was skeptical but went ahead and followed my heart. I have received my first check & was thrilled about it. It wasn’t much but something is better than nothing I always say. But, there is 1 thing that I still don’t follow which is the Affiliate Program. What do they mean about having your own website? Do you really need a website or url to be in the Affiliate Program? This might be a silly question but I still don’t quite understand. Please explain thanks.

    Veronica N.

    • Hi Again Veronica,

      Congrats on your first check from MySurvey. Glad you went through with it. Sometimes people assume every work at home opportunity is a scam even when it’s legit so I understand. In terms of an affiliate program and how it works you may want to read the following page from top to bottom: so you have a better understanding of affiliate programs and how they work.

      With that said some companies do require that you have your own website before joining their program. The reason is that they want affiliates that already have a base of people they can reach right away. Personally I think it’s not fair because when I first started being an affiliate I didn’t have my own website but learned to be successful nonetheless. But I think MySurvey has recently required this. So you may not be able to join. But you can easily create a free website at or then try applying to be an affiliate for mysurvey.

      So that might be an option. In any event, I hope this helps. Be sure to read the article I mentioned above. It will help you understand a career as an affiliate better.

      Take care and congrats again. You may want to check out our other recommendations listed here: You might find another way to make money there as well.

  18. Hi, I have worked for companies like Alpine access, marriot international and Liveops.
    Each of these companies hire people to work from home as a customer service agents.

    But in Marriots case, I worked as a reservation agent. I made reservations for people all over the world, where marriot hotels were accessible. Awesome company. Hourly pay was $12 pr hr. and they give you a computer and headset to get you started. The best perk was that you got a major discount on their hotels…MAJOR…anywhere in the world you could stay at their hotels virtually for $45-$55 per night. They are an excellent company for people who are honest and hardworking and who are looking for longevity.
    The reason that I mentioned tht was because, so many people are losing there jobs and need money…now.

    This isn’t a pay per click gig, it’s an actual hourly employment job. In fact, I have worked for a couple of companies that have contract with Time warner cable, pizza hut, Sprint (for tech support) and they paid me anywhere from $10-15 pr hr. Liveops, however, pays by the minute…which adds up to, about $9-11 pr hour, because the calls come in so quickly.

    Also, there is a company called Brighten Communications that pays people $12-15/hr to setup appointments for there clients, which is an excellent opp for an out of work salesman. All of these companies, and there is plenty more, pay you hourly and in some cases even benefits: like Marriot and alpine acess. Liveops, doesnt employ you, you would considered a contract worker, which is a benefit for those who only wanna work, when they wanna work. They (Liveops) allow you to make and set your own hours.
    The company that I’m with now, pays me a base pay per hour, plus an additional $1.50 for each hour that i am actually logged in to take calls.

    Anyhow, I totally like this site. It’s completely informative and helpful for those who are just opening there eyes to the whole “E-economy”.
    In fact, I find that the virtual E-economy has more job openings than ever. There’s is a wealth of oppportunities out there for those looking for an hourly position.

    • Hi KJ,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with these companies.
      I think we’ve actually listed many of them on the following pages:

      Feel free to post some of the website addresses of the companies you’ve mentioned, in particular links to their career pages.
      What I’ve found and seen is that most of those companies tend have a very long waiting list. But I guess it’s better to be on the list then not at all. lol

      I have read that companies are starting to be more open to the idea of offering work at home jobs as a way to cut cost. Hopefully its a trend that catches on
      and stays that way long term. Have others found it’s been a lot easier to find hourly positions in the last couple of months?

  19. I would love to find work at home position,I was laid off in Nov and can not find decent employment and decided to find something that will allow me to work from home and spend more time with my family. If someone can please email me some links and info I would greatly appreciate it.

  20. Hey @Ed,
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have updated the article to reflect your findings.
    It looks like the opportunity is no longer available. But if you go back to the article and refresh it, I’ve added a paragraph of other options you can try. Hope it helps.


    P.S. Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

  21. I read your article about making money with google using there adsense product. But the link for “User Experience Research” program is not there. I get a page not there error. The link you provide is, which does not exist. Where is this in google. I would like to try it.

    Ed Cohen

  22. Hi Angela,

    Have you looked in our jobs section: ?

    And let me say this about “Real work at home jobs”,
    be sure you go after jobs that are actual available and not what you think is available. The real work at home jobs that are actually available in great numbers are careers like medical transcription ( ), programming, graphic design, translation, tutoring, writing and sales.

    There aren’t a boat load of available “real work at home jobs” outside of these areas. So know what’s actually available so you don’t waste months or years trying to find jobs that don’t really exist.

    I think this misconception is why some people fail to appreciate non-traditional work at home opportunities like the one listed above. I think if you’ve searched for “real work at home jobs” long enough especially if you’ve been focusing on jobs that aren’t really available, you totally understand why we provide a lot of smaller ways to make money.

    It actually provides many of you some income instead of none by searching for certain type of “real work at home jobs” that aren’t available (i.e. typing and data entry).

    So I hope this is kept in mind when we introduce these type of opportunities. We know you can’t support a family on these type of opportunities but it does provide you with a bit of cash. Hopefully its cash that could be used to get yourself some training on careers that are actually available to work at home seekers.

    Take care,


  23. Hi,

    My name is Angela.

    I have been reading the above comments, and would like to find a real work at home job. I have been on home TPN< which is a fancy word for I.V. and am expected to be on it for a long time probably a couple of years. my mind and energy is still very active and i would love to feel accomplished again.
    Any real information would be greatly appreciated.My e-mail agaion is

    Thank you,

  24. Hi Sagar,

    Thanks for posting your comments.
    I think getting the traffic to one’s site is really the hard part. Making money with adsense is the easy part. lol But even getting traffic becomes easier when you have the right training.

    But I agree with you there are only a few good survey companies. That’s why I don’t run around recommending every one that comes out.

    Thanks again and good luck with your own blog.


  25. Well, Nice article. Ya, Its easy to get into Google Adsense. But you will need a lots of hard work to make good money from it. I have a blog too, and I am sharing some helpful article about work from home opportunities, specially, ONLINE PAID SURVEYS. There are lots of paid surveys out there. But the good ones are few in numbers. I tried to find out the good ones.

    Anyways, nice job. Keep it up.

  26. Hi Kevin,

    I don’t think they send a confirmation email.
    I know when I signed up, I basically saw a confirmation note saying thank you for signing up. Then I was asked for additional optional info that I filled out.

    Most surveys or focus groups will email you when they actually feel we fit a profile that they want. So I’m sure that once one of us fits a profile we’ll hear from Google.

    In the mean time you can try joining focus groups and other survey companies we’ve listed as recommendations in our articles section:


  27. Hmmmmm i signed up a couple days ago. and still no reply or email. I know everyones been kinda having the same problem. But did anyone here ever get going with this program? just curious

  28. Hi Eleanor,

    I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve heard that from a few of you already. So I’m happy that you have shared that with the rest of us. I know sometimes people think because I’m an affiliate, I’m just pushing things for the sake of it. But you and others are my proof that I only personally recommend opportunities of value. I’m looking forward to hearing the success stories of all you new affiliate marketers.

    In any event, I’m glad you can also appreciate the Google opportunity above. Seems to me the math makes perfect “cents”. lol

    I finally signed up myself and I’m looking forward to getting an invite.

    And yes I’m totally for the law of abundancy or multiples as I like to call it. Working from home is easily attainable if folks are willing to step outside the box and pursue many non traditional work at home opportunities. I personally feel it’s better spending hours per day doing legitimate paid surveys, focus groups, get paid offers, affiliate marketing, etc than it is searching job boards and applying to work at home jobs that are nearly impossible to land. At least this way you’re definitely making money and not hoping for it.

    But alas not everyone is able to see this logic. But I’m glad you are and you’ll continue to experience success for it. So you go!



  29. Hey Eddy,

    I am loving Wealthy Affiliate, week #2 and learning so much. Thank you so much and yes I signed up for this one to. $75 an hour + the half $37.50 that is $112.50 most people don’t make that in 8 hours…

    So It’s FREE what more could you ask for?

    You definitely understand the Law of Abundancy.

  30. Hey Eddy,

    Yes indeed, I will surely keep my updates a comin’. I believe they are helpful. I’ll accept that queen status … lol

    To chime in with additional info for Monique: There was not a confirmation email sent to me after I signed up, but I did receive a “Thank You” message immediately after submitting my sign-up questionnaire. I believe the message also said something along the lines of contacting me when my participation would be needed, or something similar. For me, that was satisfactory.

  31. Hi Callie,

    You don’t play when it comes to these non-traditional work at home opportunities. LOL
    I’m also happy you’re sharing with others. After all sharing is caring. lol

    I’m sure you’ll keep me posted on this one too. You’re becoming like the online survey queen!


  32. Hi Monique,

    I haven’t had a chance to sign up yet. But check your spam or unknown folder. There might be a confirmation email there. But as long as you saw a confirmation screen after filling everything out, you should be in.

    In terms of traffic, you need to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Article Marketing or PPC. Most of that stuff you can learn from Wealthy Affiliate: because they teach many of those methods and many more to help affiliates get traffic to their affiliate sites. So you may want to invest in the training. Trust me when I say it pays for itself over and over again.

    The other thing is you need to make sure you’re placing your adsense ads in the right place and not just slapping them anywhere. That’s where people mess up and end up not making money. Don’t use wacky colors either. Just use white background and blue links. That’s what people are accustomed to seeing. And finally write good and helpful content. No one wants to be at a site that is just purely designed for adsense and not adding value. If you’re not adding value, people won’t stay at your site which means they won’t click on your adsense ads. I hope that gives you some insight. I’ve consulted some companies on this stuff so you just got some free info and that’s pretty much all I’m at liberty to provide at this juncture. LOL

    I look forward to hearing how you and others do with Google. I need to put aside a few minutes to sign up.


  33. Lol … as soon as I received notification of this post, I read it and signed up! My daughter and I were IM’ing at the time, so I sent her the article link and she signed up too! 🙂

    I believe I set a record for how quickly I accomplished that, lol.

    Thanks Eddy for yet another valuable article.

  34. Hey, I just signed up and I was wondering, dod you get any kind of confirmations email from them stating you joined? Also I use google adsense on my google but don’t get much traffic do you have any advice on how or where to get traffic?



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