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Get Paid To View Ads with YouData.comI know what you're thinking isn't that so 2000 and “played out”. Yes it was really big back in the days. Sites like were the originators of getting paid to view ads. It was great while it lasted and I made some good money with it. But eventually like the dinosaurs that business model became extinct and so was easy money on the web. But apparently it's been reincarnated with a new company,

How Works? collect the demographic information you provide and then connects you with advertisers that want to pay you to see their ads. It's pretty much that simple. Right now you're probably viewing ads you have no interest in and you're definitely not getting paid for it! So basically solves this disconnect between advertisers and folks likes you.

How To Get Started

– You go to

– You set up a free account.

– You fill in your MeFile with demographic info about you like your education, marital status etc. It's all optional . But the more information you provide about yourself, the more targeted your ads will be. This will also better your chances of making more money. Anyone that has taken surveys is already accustomed to this process.

– You'll need a PayPal account to collect your funds each payday (which is every Friday at the time of this article. It may change).

– YouData then locates advertisers willing to hook you up with some loot for your attention span. You get up to five offers worth about 20 cents a piece. (Trust me, it adds up.)

– Come back every couple of days to get more paid ads to view.

– Sit back and collect your money.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Watch the following video where I walk you through this easy opportunity:

Is A Scam?

Nope. I've been paid and I know others have been as well. Are there any fees? Not never! Will you be able to support your family with this? Not quite. But if you've been on this blog long enough, you know we're a big proponent of multiple streams of little income. Why? Because they can add up to decent income. And besides, are you getting paid for searching for work at home jobs and the ads you're currently viewing? Probably not. So why not change that? If you couple this opportunity with some of the other recommended work at home opportunities and continue to apply for traditional work at home jobs, you will have all your bases covered.

So I definitely suggest joining this company. It's an easy way of making money and actually viewing ads that will be of interest to you. Lord knows how long this great opportunity will last. So why are you still here reading this article? Go join now. If you have questions, just head to and check out their question section.

By the way, like nearly every company I cover, there is also a referral/affiliate program. So you can make money by sharing the love of this opportunity with others as I'm doing here. Isn't it funny how affiliate marketing is always a staple in many of these opportunities. I keep telling you there is money to be made in “them there hills” if you have the right mindset, work ethic and training. Stop leaving money on the table folks. It's yours for the taking if you're willing to work for it.

Other Recommended Get Paid To View Ads Sites

I didn't anticipate that there would be such a huge response for getting paid to click on ads. Many of you have asked for more sites like YouData or alternatives to it. Well I've been on my grind doing the research and have come up with a short list of alternatives. Don't worry I've personally joined these sites and I'm making money with them. Please note that individual reviews will follow for these sites in the future. But I didn't want to keep you guys waiting and missing out on some easy money in the mean time. In any event enough of my teasing, here is the list of get paid to view ads websites that you should sign up for right away. Of course they're all free. But i would recommend upgrading your membership if you want to view more ads & make more money.

143 thoughts on “Get Paid To View Ads (”

  1. I joined Hits4Pay, keeping my expectations low, very low.
    But guess what? Even that was too high. To sign up process was tedious, and you’re hooked on to God knows how many spams signups before you get to sign in, but wait, you still require approval before becoming a member.
    They took your PayPal ID during sign up, but in the account page they mention payment is by check. On top of that, there is a casual link, which if you follow required a tax declaration to be made before any payment will be made to you.
    The promised $10 signup bonus is only applicable once you reach $25 in earnings. Goodness.

    And if that’s not all, this is contained in the user agreement, in small prinit which you must acknowledged before proceeding further:

    (i) “Any advertisement which reaches the limit that the advertiser has paid for will not be credited to members. In order to get credited for all ads posted or sent out, we recommend that Hits4Pay members read their emails within 2 days of receiving it. ”
    A great way to deny payments to members, imo, as there are no mechanism to ascertain when such limit has been reached

    (ii) “Hits4Pay makes subscriber commission payments based of current and future advertising revenue. Commissions are directly related to the advertising revenue generated by Hits4Pay and its partners.”
    Our earnings amount is based entirely on their goodwill

    Hits4Pay reserves the right to place any payment request on hold, for any reason, until the requested information has been provided by the User. Ample notice will be given to the User to provide this information. If the User does not provide this information before their payment is scheduled to be processed, their Account will be suspended until they do so. All decisions by Hits4Pay regarding fraud or suspected fraud are binding and final.”



    And finally, the best bit
    “Where receiving paid emails are concerned, we don’t warrant that typical results will include any amount of ‘paid ads’ to read or view. In fact, it’s entirely possible you may not receive any ‘paid emails’ to read.
    Members using our website more often than not do not report receiving paid email from us. Successful results from our satisfied subscribers should be considered the exception rather than the rule. Members utilizing our services can generally expect Zero to five emails per day. It is entirely possible you will not receive any ‘paid emails’ at all as a result of joining”

    I wasted an hour of my life with this inane mail harvesting and subscriber sign up scam, an hour that I will never get back.

    For the love of God fellas, take that link of your site and save many more of your readers the heartache


    • I’m not sure why this was even posted on an article about YouData. That being said, sorry you didn’t find value in I get paid form them every month and never had any issues with spam or anything like that. The sign up process took me a few minutes. It didn’t seem any more labor intensive then any other online opportunity I’ve signed up for. At the end of the day maybe you’re just the type of person that needs to focus on a traditional work at home job like the ones we list daily here:

      That’s fine. We’ve made it very clear in many of our reviews that these type of opportunities aren’t for everyone. That’s life. With that said folks like me and the thousands of others that have joined sites like Hits4pay will continue to make money for something most people do unpaid which is reading email. If you can’t see the value in making money for something you already do unpaid, then so be it.

      Best of luck to you in your endeavors either way.

  2. okk soo this is the sorriest thing ever giving people 1 and 2 cents you could atleast spare a freaking dollar id rather have a real job

    • You know what’s sorry? The fact you’ve probably been clicking ads on the web for a long time and made $0 for it. As I said a hundred times before, this isn’t meant to be something to live off. It’s the reason I said it’s meant to be supplemented with a real job to earn a living. But during your down time you can earn some money for something you already do for free.

  3. Hi everyone!

    Is anyone enjoying the video ads as much as I am? lol
    I’m not sure how long YouData has had them, but I viewed a nice $.80 worth of them earlier today. I think the vids are great! Would love to hear your thoughts or comments 🙂

  4. The first week, I made $3.00 on youdata. The second week, I made $1.10. The last couple of months…..nothing. I sign in everyday and check, but nada!

  5. Signing up now through your link! Every site I’ve learned about and joined from Work At Home No Scams, I joined through your referral links. I guess it’s my way of saying thank you. And hey, if someone can get referral money as I make money, I shouldn’t let that opportunity go to waste for them! ^^ Thanks again, Eddy!

    • Thanks Danny. I really appreciate that. I wish more people thought like you. Lol
      A simple thanks goes a long way!

  6. Yup, I have to agree that getting a dollar or two wont pay the bills but I’ve found that this site has kept me occupied and continuing to think “out of the box”. I have to admit it’s a slow start up because I require money earned online to spend on line. With eddies help I can get rid of all sites I don’t have fun in. Soon I will be scarring myself to death learning Wealthy Affiliate and opening a new website. Ewww!!!!!! But at least this site helped me “cut to the chase”.

  7. I only made $1.60 before they said wait for more ads. I would think I would get as many ads as a most people as I was into a lot of the stuff they asked about in the “mefile”(it took me like 40 minutes to fill out the “Mefile” and I didn’t get paid for that). I wonder how long it takes before they send you more ads? I’m not happy with getting paid a couple bucks for an hour of my time, and I filled out the forms pretty quick…

    Thanks Eddy for your help with finding work at home jobs though. I think it may be good to add that most people don’t make more than $4 at that site before having to wait for more advertisers to join Youdata…

    • Hey Luke,

      That’s one of the weaknesses of this particular opportunity. They’re not consistent with new ads. I just think they haven’t really been able to secure the number of advertisers they initially thought. Some people have said if you log in at various times a day you’re able to better your chances at getting more ads. At the end of the day as I described above, this is just one of many non-traditional make money opportunities to have in your arsenal of multiple streams of income. It’s not something that you can consistently make money with and as I said above, it’s definitely not going to be a lot of money either. So you have to go into with the right mindset which this is just extra money to make during some down time I may have during the day.

      Most of your real energy should definitely be focused on opportunities that will pay you more like a work at home job or a home based business. So don’t let the little pay of this opportunity upset you to much. After all you still made money for viewing ads you have been viewing for years for free. So at least you’ve finally got paid for it. It’s all a matter of perspective. Hope that makes some “cents” literally. lol

      In any event, you’re welcome.

  8. My first payment of over $3.00 from YouData took only a few minutes to earn. However, over a month later, I’ve only gotten $.10. I know that the ads selected are based on my profile information. Anyway, I hope that more people will test out YouData so advertisers will be begging to join in so that we all can benefit.

    Thanks for listing a few other sites that are similar to YouData.

    • Hi Larua,

      Congrats on earning some easy money. Unfortunately from what I heard YouData is on the way down when it comes to getting new advertisers. So we’ll see how long this last. Fortunately that’s why we provide so many other legitimate ways to make money. Multiple streams of income is the best income. So continue to take advantage of the opportunities.

  9. I just want to say thank you so much for this entire site. As a college student, this is a great resource for me. Also helping to give me a bit of extra cash to help my family. Thank you so much for making this website! I appreciate it and God bless!

  10. Hi Eddy just wanted to say i visit your site often and use it before i throw myself into any money making venture so thanks for making this information available.i just started at youdata about ten minutes ago and i made 1.24.Its the easiest thing ive done yet.Thanks Eddie

  11. When I go to view ads, it tells me to log-in at the add-player on the left, but I don’t see any “add player”. It also gives me the option to install something on my desktop but I don’t want to yet. I tried with Firefox with addblock disabled, and also in Internet Explorer, and I’m still getting a blank on that page. Do I reallly have to install something on my desktop?

    • Caroline,

      I didn’t have to. I just used the web version. Honestly YouData isn’t displaying that many ads anymore anyway. So I would focus on Clixsense instead at this juncture.

  12. Hello i just want to thank you again i have received my step 2 and i am now trying the swag bucks and that really works as well to you were the only person that was real since i been searching this internet i have been running to everyone who wants to take my little penny’s but with your advise i have been able to gain some LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Just had to chip in on this. I’m a new reader of your site, Eddy. I’ve started doing a few of the things you have outlined, and seen a bit of results. Haven’t started pulling in referrals yet as I wanted to see for myself that the companies were legit (not that I don’t trust you, but I’m a bit bull-headed that way).

    Just got my first payout from youdata today, wasn’t enough to let me shut down my handyman business, but any little bit helps in these times, right?

    Thanks for all the great info you’ve posted.

    • Jim,

      I totally hear you buddy. I’m just happy that you saw some value in this stuff and taking action. Just remember this stuff is just a start. But if you build on to it, it can lead to greater things like yours truly. Keep taking action! Good luck.

  14. I’ve been paid 3 times in the last two months. I’ve made about $2.30 in the last 2 months. I got $2 in the very beginning. I do not expect much money from this site compared with other PTCs unless there is a huge change in the number of adds they give me!

  15. Well Eddy, this is my first and only big concern I’ve run into since researching your site. It has nothing to do with your site but an update on YouData. I signed up for that site in May. It gave me a bunch of adds initially, getting me excited. Then nothing. Nothing to the point I forgot about it. Then after one of your new comments came through I was reminded and checked, 3 adds on June 23rd. They need to tell people up front they have a supply and demand problem. I when into their forum and this is the case with many people. Just a heads up.

    • Cathy,

      Don’t worry you’ll run into plenty more concerns when reading my site. lol It comes with the territory as some opportunities will always stir up different emotions and experiences depending on the person.
      In any event, You Data’s lack of consistent ads is definitely a known issue. But this is also why Eddy preaches multiple streams of income. If one company isn’t producing enough income following my advice you have several more to chose from to pick up the slack. Youdata isn’t something you can look to for consistent money. When the ads are there it’s easy money but when they’re not you just have to keep it moving. Check back periodically. That’s what I do. In the mean time Clixsense tends to be more consistent and you have so many other opts in my recommendations page. So don’t stress the youdata thing to much.

      At the end of the day I hear what you’re saying but ultimately when the ads are available the money is very easy. Someone once commented that they check several times a day and have had better success in finding ads that way rather than checking once a day. So that might be an option. Either way you have plenty of other choices on this site. Thanks.

  16. I was wondering why it is that I can only see up to April 29th of 2010? Eddy I am hopeing that your site will do for me what you say it will. I am not looking to get rich quick in fact I am looking at doing several work at home jobs so that maybe at some point I can with what I bring in with these places and my husbands job, I can quit my full time job so that I may stay at home with my 4 kids and not worry about getting laid off again. In Januaray I was called back after a 13 month layoff and working in the automotive world that could happen at any time. So I will be watching this site very close for new opportunities, and any post you may put up about them.

    • Hi Cherrie,

      I don’t know what you mean about seeing only up to April 2010. I’ve written more articles after that. So I’m not sure why you’re having problems navigating the site. The archives are on the lower right hand side of the page where you can find all of my posts. In any event, my site definitely does what it claims. But it only works for people that do two important things. READ my content and the comments like crazy and then TAKE ACTION. The folks that fail to make any money online who have visited this site have done so because they didn’t follow those two rules. So if you want to achieve your goals like so many of the rest of us, all the information and resources you need are already here. Now it’s up to you to read and take action on them. If you keep an open mind you’ll be making money right away.

      Here are some places to start:

      1. Take action on the article above.

      2. Visit the following pages and read them carefully from top to bottom:

      Good luck.

  17. 🙂 I’d never do anything to hurt your feelings 🙂

    I’m sure your little girl is NOT a terror! She’s totally precious & she’s a little princess 🙂

    That’s what I thought about posting ref links. I don’t even know why I asked lol!

    Okay, I will send you an email w/the new sites I’ve come across. And I’ve been paid by most of them so I’ll just send you the info on the sites that I have been paid from. Every time I receive a payment – usually thru PayPal – I take a screen shot & put it on PhotoBucket so I’m ready to go w/the proof:)

    Um…I think I still have your email…is it the aol one w/the numbers 4980 in it?

    • LOL, I know.
      Oh she’s a terror alright. But fortunately for her I love her to death. lol
      The email address is the same. Or just use the contact me link on the left of the page.

  18. LOL Eddy!
    Yep I’m still a subscriber:) I just have been so freaking busy lately w/2 new sites. I mean like, obsessed! LOL!

    My personal site is still a total mess. I haven’t really done much to it since you last saw it. That’s terrible isn’t it? I’m just a tad lazy…and well, a procrastinator! I’ll admit it!

    SHUT UP! Your little girl is 2. No. No way. Well, I suppose she is! I still have that pic of her sitting in that little chair – she looks like a doll! I’d love to see what she looks like now!

    Just wondering, are we allowed to post ref links anywhere here? 🙂

    I’d love to share the 2 new sites I’ve come across! – wait it’s actually…4. LOL!

    • LMAO, Oh my feelings were about to get hurt.
      I totally understand about being busy and procrastinating. I find that’s the same for me. Fortunately I’m blessed to have some great assistants now.
      But I have tons of little projects I want to finish but I find myself dragging my feet. lol

      Yes my little princess is 2 and she’s a terror. lol You’ll when you read the article I posted in the comment.
      Referral links are still a no otherwise this blog would go to hell. As always links are limited to the url field when you post a comment.
      That being said, just email me the information. I’ll look it over. However don’t send me anything that you don’t have any personal proof has worked.
      Meaning if you’ve never actually been paid by this company, I’m not interested. I get so many emails from people saying, hey join and promote this. Then when I ask have you personally made money, all you hear is crickets. lol So just keep that in mind. 😉

  19. HELLO! OMG it has been forever since I’ve posted anything here!

    EDDY! How the heck are you? How is your adorable baby girl? How old is she now?

    I’m still w/YouData & have been paid several times. 🙂

  20. If you really wanted to sign on to Youdata and texting is not an option you could 1) Start up a Virgin Mobile pay as you go cell phone temporarily or 2) If you have an emergency cell phone only, call your carrier and ask if you can get text for a month. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  21. Wow, I just started using YouData, and I’m already impressed. I like their mindset, and I believe they’re going to become a big success with what I view to be a legitimate method to please both parties (consumers & producers). Thanks so much for sharing this place with us, Eddy 🙂

    • Hi again Chrissy,

      See a few cents aren’t that bad are they? 😉
      Youdata’s model isn’t anything new as you probably know. It’s just another version of a PTC site that’s better dressed and pays more. lol Either way, I’m glad you like it. If you liked this one, you’re going to enjoy many of the other recommendations.

  22. Hey Eddy!! Jason here again…I just got an email from PayPal telling me that YouData deposited $$ into my account!! You can’t go wrong with this company because it’s super easy to make some extra money and every week they deposit! What I really wanted to say was thank you Eddy.

    • Pretty cool huh Jason?
      You’re welcome Buddy. Trust me you’re going to see many more of those paypal notifications from You Data and a lot of the other recommendations I’ve provided.

  23. Yes, it is a easy minute or two out of my day to check view and earn a little bit. Even with having few ads I make considerably more on Youdata than many of the ptc sites that offer more ads, so no complaining at all!

  24. More positive feedback for Youdata! I received two payments from them since signing up! The payments go straight to my paypal account, no fees, no hassle, they just send what you have earned every week! I wish they had more offers as I go there many times and there are no ads, but very easy to use!

  25. I signed up and earned a $1 within 5 mins., I love that they automatically pay every friday, but they don’t have many offers posted.

  26. Thank you Eddy! I love your site, and I signed up to youdata with your link. I just got paid for about 30 seconds of my time!

  27. thanks a lot eddy…this site is very helpful..and i almost being scammed because i dont know that richptc is a scam site.
    but eventually i found this site. thank you for sharing such information..i hope i’ll get update from you..

  28. I haven’t clicked any ads in about a week. I try to log on once a day but sometimes I forget:) I do earn money from my referrals though! Over 50 now! Thanks again Eddy for informing me of YouData!

    • Hi Christina,

      Nope it’s not just you. They just don’t have enough advertisers to meet the demand. What I have found is that if you continuously check their site at different hours, then ads do appear. But they tend to disappear quickly. You Data isn’t something that is consistent money. It’s just more of a starting point.

  29. Hey Eddy. Thanks so much for your site. I’ve been on the prowl for work at home/extra cash type gigs. I just signed up with youdata like 5 minutes ago and made $.93. Yay!!! lol I signed up for, hits4pay, and dealsncash a few days ago. I am receiving TONS of junk mail however before signing up with these sites I created a yahoo account specifically for these. that way I don’t get tons of junk mail in my personal email. Thanks again.

    • Hi Josie,

      You’re quite welcome! Congrats on earning some money. You’re in an elite club because there are many more people who haven’t earned a dime with their efforts. But because you were willing to try something out the box you’ve been rewarded for it even if it’s a small amount which is better than nothing.

      You were smart to set up a “work email” for this stuff. Keep up the good work and pushing forward. The sky is the limit if you keep an open mind and continue to explore all the legitimate options available to you.

  30. Christina,

    Clixsense is great – and they DO pay! I received my first check a couple of weeks ago. The check arrived w/in a couple of weeks after I made the payout.

    SendEarnings IS totally legit. I’ve been a member for about 8 months and I’m a Gold Member – meaning I’ve already received a check from them. I pretty much just read/click the paid emails. I think I might have completed a couple of free offers or taken a survey, but I really don’t put much time into it. I’ve got one referral w/SendEarnings:)

    InboxDollars is a site almost identical to SendEarnings. I’m a Gold Member w/them as well. If you care to check it out, here’s the link:

  31. I’m trying clixsense right now! So far I love it. The only thing I don’t like is the payment option and how they only mail checks. Other than that, I think it’s great! Thanks a bunch. 🙂

    By the way, do you know if SendEarnings is legitimate? I’ve been using the site for months now (was my first work at home website) and I just want to be reassured that I’m not wasting my time. If you’ve had experience with using SendEarnings, let me know!

  32. Hi everyone! I just wanted to let ya know that YouData is really great! I’ve been a member for a couple of months now (thanks to Eddy!) and I’ve made a bit of extra $, not just from my own ad viewing, but from my referrals. I’ve got about 20 referrals so far & the $ does add up. It’s not much, but it’s totally free and takes almost no time!

    So, thanks again Eddy!:)

    • Hi Jamie!

      You go girl! Isn’t that great to make money when you’re sleeping and not doing anything? lol You’re getting paid to help people. What’s better than that? That’s why I love affiliate marketing and why I wrote that article to help others experience what you’re going through. Hopefully others will read this and run with it like you did! I love reading folks taking action instead of complaining about how you can’t make money from home.

      It’s obvious you can if you step out traditional options. Thanks for sharing Jamie! I really appreciate it. Feel free to let folks know about this on affiliate marketing article . I’m sure it will give others inspiration.

  33. Wow, this sounds like a great opportunity. I love so far and appreciate everything you’ve been doing Eddy. I’m going to subscribe so I don’t miss out on any other posts. I’ll try and see how it goes. Thanks again!

  34. Hi, Eddy,

    I signed up for youdata under you as a referral and so far it seems like a cool site. However, how long do you have to browse an ad to collect the payment? I don’t suppose you can just wait for the page to finish loading and then close it?

    • Hi S?

      There isn’t a minimal time to be on the site. This isn’t like the get paid to read email or click sites you may have visited. Hope this helps. You can also email them directly too if you have any other questions.

  35. Hello Eddy,

    Great website! very informative. I signed up for youdata and made almost $3 in no time. I’d like to try hits4pay as well. However, I’m curious as to whether i’ll start getting alot of junk mail sent to my home if i do?


    • Congrats Bill.
      With programs like hits4pay the advertisers don’t have access to your email account. It’s only hits4pay that has your email information. And when they have a new advertiser that would like to you pay for viewing your ad, hits4pay sends you an email letting you know that you have an ad, come log in to see it. So there is no possibility of spamming by the advertisers. I’ve been doing it for months with no problems. You can read my review and see the video here:

      I hope this helps.


  36. Just was wondering if anyone knows what the minimum payout is before we start receiving payments on Fridays? Anyway, I am happy with the site. You can click to go to the page without having to fill out any forms on those pages, and you just get paid for going to the page. I think this is the best paid to click with the best compensation. I hope I can get may referrals of my own!

    • Hi Mary,

      There isn’t a limit that I know of. If you watched my video you saw my pay was like $.85 so I doubt there is one unless that’s changed recently. Glad you’re enjoying You data though.

  37. Hi Eddy,
    I stumbled upon your website a few days ago and have spent the afternoon signing up for the programs. So far no big money has been earned, but I wasn’t expecting it in 4 hours. Thanks for all the work you’ve done collecting safe websites. As a techie person aware of the tricks the scam pages use, I’ve never been caught, but thanks for helping other people be safe. You’ve also made it a whole lot easier for people like myself to find the good programs. So far, I think is my favorite. It’s quick and interesting. I actually found something in one of the ads I may purchase down the road!

  38. Thanks Eddy;
    Reading through your postings has beeen a good guide and I have made it a habit to check with the BBB. I also do the company scams search on Google as advised which has saved me a lot of wasted time and money.It’s a lot of info to process. Again I must credit you for all the work and time you’ve spent on putting all this info together. I do have a college degree and I’m not sure I could accomplished it. I’m still recovering from a nervous breakdown and mental illness so your help is very valueable. I hope you have a blessed summer with your family.

    • Hey Bruce,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your condition. I’ll be praying for your full recovery.

      Again, You’re too kind. Don’t give me so much credit regarding this stuff. Anyone can do what I’m doing here. It’s just a matter of having a positive mindset, working hard and acquiring the technical skills to succeed. We’re all capable. After all none of us were born knowing our jobs. We all learned them. So any of this stuff can be learned. Have a great weekend & keep in touch. Here’s to your speedy recovery!

  39. Dear Eddy;
    I am new to the web world and trying to catch up.I thank you for your advice and all the work you must have done to put out all this information. I’m afraid the Fusion Cash is not a good work at home opportunity.Every time I try to register for credit it is like trying to find my way through a maze of endless surveys and offers and I can’t finish to get credit.I also think the online chat support person is automated.My time was wasted. Enjoy your summer with your family.Bruce

    • Hi Bruce,

      Welcome to internet. Hopefully we can help you navigate through it since it can be a scary place. You’re welcome for the advice. In terms of Fusion Cash, it’s definitely not for everyone. But there are many examples of this. I’ve had some negative experiences with Jetblue. But it doesn’t mean it’s not a good airline.

      Now with that said I understand where you’re getting confused with some of the offers on FC. The free ones can seem to go on for ever depending on the company. I tended to avoid them for that reason and focused on trial offers. Here’s a tip before doing the offer, Read the exact requirement that FC includes under each offer and only do that. Nothing more or less So for instance I know one of the offers is MySurvey and The Requirements are as follows:
      Register and confirm your email address. Then, complete the “First Chance” survey. FC is very clear as the steps you need to take to get credit. Even if the company has all these other additional steps or distractions just do what FC has required and you should be fine. At the end of the day I’ve made money with FC and so have my own family members and friends. They also have a pretty good rating with the BBB (which you can take with a grain of salt. LOL) Succeeding with get paid offers is just a matter of reading & learning how to maneuver around them so you always earn money instead of losing it. However I have to agree with you, they can be a pitfall without the right guidance.That’s why I wrote an article to address this. There are some tips that may help you:

      Ultimately if you just don’t feel this opportunity is a right fit, there are many more to choose from:

      Or just try to focus on traditional jobs:

      Either way you have options. Everyone is different and there is nothing wrong with that. But just because something doesn’t work for you or you don’t like it doesn’t automatically make it a scam or bad company. I’ve heard of tons of people that can’t make affiliate marketing work for them all the time. But it’s not a scam otherwise companies like Google or ebay wouldn’t have affiliate programs. So just keep this in mind as you go through the process of working at home. Some of the real bad guys are found on the following page:

      Please be sure to check out our work at home guide:
      I am sure it will help you too. Thanks again for sharing. Hopefully this post will help you in one way or another. I really appreciate you taking the time to chime in and give your feedback.

  40. hey i just signed up for youdata and was looking for some other sites. I am a stay at home mom and need a little extra money so i can continue to stay at home with my little one. any sugguestion?

  41. WOAH Nelly, I just signed up a little while ago and already have over $2.00 in my account. This is cool. I was wondering if a sight like this would ever come around. I’m so glad it did. I love it, and I looooove the sound of that beautiful bell.

  42. Yes, I have made some money using as well. I made $4.30. Thank you so much. I am still looking for ways I can make more money too. I enjoy this type of work, since I’m a stay at home mom. Thank-you!!!!

    • You’re welcome. Glad to help. We have a lot of different ways to make money at home that’s out of the norm. So just keep browsing and you’ll find some
      good stuff.

  43. You have helped me get started and I sincerely appreciate your site. You have made it possible for an out of work ( layed off ) worker to make some money .I\’ll keep coming back for your Vids. and Comments in the future . Your site has saved me alot of Headaches and Money .
    Thank you .


    • Hi Scott,

      I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy the site. It always good to hear from people that appreciate making some type of money at home. Hopefully as you browse through the site you’ll find something that will replace the income you’ve lost by the lay off. I’m sure eventually you’ll find something.

  44. Just wanted to let everyone know I received payment as well! Definitely THE easiest $4 I’ve made….in a while…:)

    Also, Eddy, I figured that monitor was way bigger than 20″! I guess it just looks bigger because of the camera angle or something! So technically you have 40″….


  45. lol Letitia that was funny indeed…I also just got paid this past friday . Waits on more ads.

    Enjoy your week everyone!!! 😀

    • Wasn’t it? lol There is two things I love to hear on this blog. That’s when I’ve helped people avoid a scam and when folks are making money instead of hoping for it! You go girl!

  46. Okay,
    I signed up to youdata today. I confimed my identity by email and cell phone. Once that was done, everythiing else was rather simple. I answered a few questions in a survey (you don’t have to answer certain questions if you are not comfortable) and almost immediately I got a few ads to look at. I check out the ads and made $2.00. I told Eddy and I will tell you guys I haven’t been this impressed with $2.00 since I was a little kid and my granddaddy gave me money to spend at the store!

    • LMAO, Thanks for taking the time to come by and post the message Letitia. I thought your little kid comment was hilarious so that’s why I wanted you to share it with the rest of the folks that visit this blog. Thanks again. I was just paid this past Friday. I’m looking forward to seeing more ads.

  47. Thank you Eddy,
    The information was great. I will definatley sign up with this one. Have a super day and please keep these wonderful opportunities coming. Thanks.

  48. Um…Eddy,…how big is that monitor in the pic you have posted – the clip of “In The News”? Good lord…it’s huge! 🙂 Do you have just the one or more? 🙂 Sorry…I’m a dork! 🙂

    • A gal after my own heart. lol It’s a 20 inch iMac. I’ve upgraded and have two them now. So I have the whole matrix thing going on. I even have the cool green code matrix screensaver. Yes I’m a huge geek too. The other mac has windows loaded on it. Unfortunately there are still certain programs that only run on windows that I need access too. But it’s like night and day. My mac runs like a dream. There are never any freezes or crazy Egyptian hieroglyphs messages. Windows Vista
      runs faster on this second mac but I still get those crazy error messages, I have to reboot it sometimes. It’s just sad. lol

      But I’m a huge gadget lover. You name the latest gadget and I probably have it or had it and donated to my family members or friends because I upgraded. lol Thank God I have my affiliate marketing career to support this dirty habit of mine. lol

  49. Oh this is pretty good! I JUST signed up and I have $3.63:) I’ve gotta get busy getting referrals!

    Thanks again Eddy!

    • Sounds good Kelly! My iphone has pretty much become my laptop. I approve comments from it, twitter, check my stats, email, log into my computer, read books. If it could feed me I would make it do that too. lol My wife is officially hooked. How could you not love a phone that continues to grow and meet all your needs? lol

      By the way, Kelly is good friend and runs one of my top picked work at home website: be sure to check it out. Lots of great information, leads and more over there.

  50. Hello Eddy,
    Hope you are having a great day. FYI. For those that do not have Texting on their Cell Phone Contract cannot join I just emailed their support since I do not have it in my contract. And they said basically, “Sorry.” Perhaps the next time when some other method is setup, you cannot join us.”
    That is the essence of what they said.
    Oh well, I tried. However, I feel that this would be a good way of making some extra $$$.

  51. Hey Eddy,

    Wow! Within 5 minutes of signing up I already had $1 in my account. Lol … gotta love that one!

    Every little bit does help. I believe that appreciating all of the “little” financial blessings will open up opportunities for receiving bigger ones. 🙂

    Thanks Eddy for sharing yet another scam-free, income generating “egg” to put into my basket!

    • You’re welcome Callie. Thanks for coming by and sharing with everyone. I’ve already noticed that many people are signing up and already making money like you. So this seems to be a hit among everyone.

  52. Hi Eddy,

    Long time no chat lol…anyway thanks for sharing this information with us. I will take a look for sure.

    On another note I have been searching information on a company called and And I would like to know if these two companies are connected to each other?
    I have also tried to deeply to dig on to this other company called

    lol not trying to be lazy or anything maybe you would have better chance to get to the very bottom and source to these 3 companies that I have mentioned. I guess what I am trying to say if you would do me the honors to please let me know if they are legit or not.

    very much appreciated.

    Veronica N. 🙂

  53. Sure will….but I don’t know about the others ’cause everytime I submit my info comes the “sad message” not available, but I will keep trying.
    Thank you such much

    • No problem Maria. I hope something works out for you. I hate not being able to have legit work at home leads for people outside the U.S. It’s frustrating for me as well.

  54. Hi!, My comment is not related to this work at home option, but I will take advantage of the moment, if I may!
    I am puertorican and reside in my country, through this site I have been trying for the past hour to set me a work at home option that works for me based on my availablility and preferences and I hadn’t been sucessful at it. All the sites (forums, fill out forms, etc.) are not available in Puerto Rico….so were do you come in?.
    Would it be to much to ask if you know of any site that I can ascess and initiated myself in this fascinating opportunity of legit work at home…. I will greatly appreciated, it’s being a great learning experience visit your “world”….Thank you

    • Hi Maria,

      This opportunity may be available to you. Since they pay with and I think Puerto Rico is covered since it’s a territory of the U.S. You can email YouData directly to find out for sure. Or contact paypal. If paypal works in PR then a lot of the opportunities we’ve covered on this site are available to you. You can also try our international work at home page:

      I hope this helps.

  55. I also saw this before, but was a little reluctant to join… The main reason why my “Scam-dar” was going off was that they required you to verify your account by cell phone. (Yes, you need to have a cell phone in order to join.) Although they had a privacy policy regarding the use of the cell phone only for this purpose, I was skeptical that this wasn’t just a way to build a telemarketing list. They claim that it was one of the few ways they could think of to verify that a person only signed up for one account, but it seems that there should be a better way than using a cell phone. Have you noticed whether you’ve received any (additional) telemarketing calls since joining or does the site appear to be true to their word?

    • Hey Larry,

      That was my concern as well. But you know I do my due diligence if I’m personally recommending something. I acted as the guinea pig weeks before writing this review to ensure I got paid and didn’t receive any telemarketing calls or spam. As a result of my own personal experience, I felt confident recommending it. So its been all good far. Furthermore, my buddies at are hard asses for stuff like that and they’ve also given this opportunity a thumbs up. Now with that said, any of these opportunities can fall under bad management like any company and if it does we’ll be sure to update our review accordingly. But as for now I’ve had no problems for weeks. Hope this helps.

  56. Hey Eddy, Thnx for the great find on this site, the money sure does add up quickly, Do you know of any other sites like this one?? I’ve been a member of your site for 1yr now / I really enjoy all the info your site puts out. Thnx again Lynn

    • Hi Lynn,

      You’re quite welcome. When I do find another site like it, I’ll definitely post it on this blog. So as long as you’re still a loyal subscriber, you’ll be the first to know. 😉
      I’m very happy you’ve been such a long time subscriber of the site. Thanks for the continued support.

  57. The registration process requires a cellular phone, which I don’t have, to confirm the account. That’s a shame because I can’t sign up. I wish these places would call any phone line and leave a pin for confirmation like the old days.

    • Hi Aimee,

      I hear ya. But I guess the logic is that most people have cell phones now. In fact a lot of people are replacing their land lines for cell phones. So that’s probably why they use that method to confirm. Sending a text is also cheaper than calling and easier to manage via a software. The good old days have long gone. LOL But I’m sure others have complained about it and they’ll work on another alternative if there is a great demand for it. Why not head to the site and email them? The worst they can say is no.

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