Is Opinion Outpost ( Another Paid Survey Scam?

Like is not a scam! Yes I know it's hard to believe, but the fact of the matter is there are legitimate work at home survey companies despite what you may have been led to believe because of all those clickbank ebooks. Recently paid surveys are getting a bad name because there are so many clickbank merchants who compile a list of real survey companies that pay work at home seekers but they make you pay for this list. But it's totally unnecessary as sites like this provide you a complete list of these companies for free.


Now that this out of the way, let's discuss Opinion Outpost. When you first visit the website you may be a little turned off by the whole western motif. I know I was but I didn't want that to affect my judgment so I joined anyway. To my surprise is very similar to in terms of the set up and how they reward their users.

Users are paid by points. But don't let this dissuade you or jump to any conclusions. The points are equal to real hard cash. 10 points is equal to $1. But you're probably wondering how many points are usually awarded for doing a survey. In my experience the surveys I've received range from 20-50 points. I know it's not a lot but makes up for this by providing you with a lot more surveys then most companies out there. I get a survey almost every 2-4 days which adds up fast by the end of the month. By the way when there is a new survey to take they will email you so you don't have to worry about missing out on some possible money.

The other great thing about is that the surveys tend to be quick which I love since I try to do surveys from multiple survey companies to increase my total income as a survey taker. (You should too.)

Cashing out your points is painless, you just log into your account, request the money you want based on your point balance and a check is sent within a week or two in my experience. It doesn't get an easier than that people.

So do I recommend

Damn skippy I do. Opinion Outpost is the real deal. They're not a fraud or some type of rip off. I haven't heard much in the way of complaints either. So for this review of I'm giving them 2 thumbs up! Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

Update: As of 12.30.09 I wouldn't really waste my time with this company. Recently there have been too many reports of long pre-qualification surveys where no compensation is being provided. At least with a company like you're always provided some compensation even if it's a screener question. 

Unlike many of the folks that have complained, I actually reached out to the company via email to hear their side of the story. My hope was that they would fix the issues reported or at the very least address the concerns. That was several weeks ago and I haven't heard jack from them. So that tells me a lot about a company. That being said, I would skip them based on the fact that you may end up taking a long screener survey that you don't get paid for. I find this unnacceptable when you have other companies that will provide some compensation for this. So why bother with these guys?

Hopefully they'll make some changes in the near future but right now I would keep it moving. Some folks are still making money taking their surveys. But there is a risk that you may take a long as screener survey and not get paid for it. If you're fine with that risk then feel free to proceed. Good luck either way. 

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  1. Lily says

    Opinion Outpost is definitely not worth your time, they will give countless reasons why they cannot pay you after you invest time in their surveys.

  2. Dejanedia says

     I have made a little over 400 dollars there but true, I am now having a bit of trouble redeeming the points I have, get an error report but usually they have been good at resolving issues for me in the past and I will continue with them as long as they get this fixed soon

  3. says

    They suck-took quite a few surveys , went to cash out through paypal , got an error message was told to try again then the a_holes froze my account. This is do to them being taken over by SurveySampling
    and are now a philippines company, had cashed out with paypal about 6 times before this but since oct2011, the surveys have gotten cheaper and you end up getting “frozen” and can’t get your money

  4. Ladyslim24kt says

    I used them last year and I received about $ 5 worth of points but I stopped completing surveys there because I was completing them up to 98% and was disqualified for something or another…. & their surveys are 25 minutes or better… SCAM…SCAM….SCAM!!!!!

  5. says

    The not qualifiing for a survey is a common problem. It’s all depends on demographics. Unfortunately some demographics are just more popular than others. So you know getting a survey because of that doesn’t make it a scam. It’s called supply and demand. That being said the not getting any type of credit after going through a long ass screening process of questions is shady. So I agree with you there.

  6. Shannon says

    I personally think they are a huge SCAM.  they send me all these survery – about 30-40 in the last month.  I only qualified for 1 survey out of all of them and then when I got all the way through the survery I got a message saying I would not receive credit for it becasue they felt the survery was done too quickly ot that the computer I was using was not in the counrty that I registered in (WTF is that??)

  7. Elatedcanadian says

    I have found that Opinion Outpost is not only the easiest one to qualify for surveys for, but the rewards are the best out there.  I qualify for at least 3-4 surveys a week, and my checks arrive in less than 2 weeks.  Just cashed my third one!  Its all demographics, if you fit the demographics of the company or brand that they’re surveying for, you’ll qualify.  If not, then you wont. 

    • says

      Glad to hear you’ve been having some good experiences with them. I use to personally stand by them. But their lack of communication has changed that for me. I know all to well that surveys and focus groups are based on demographics. I tell people all the time about this when they’re bitching they don’t get surveys.

      But I take issue with a company is unresponsive to their members. Either way glad to hear you’re doing well with them.

  8. Dummiedog says

    I’m glad to see others are not getting qualified for these surveys,I thought it was just me that no one wanted to ear from. Is there anything you can say to make yourself more attractive to some of these surveys. honesty might be the best policy but it didn’t seem to do me much good.
       Great site BTW     Pete

  9. Tastycles says

    Funny, every time I complete a server there’s some kind of error or I don’t qualify anymore. This is now a scam. Avoid it.

  10. Andrew says

    I assume that the monies that you are paid is counted as ordinary income and must be reported to the IRS. Is this correct?

  11. John says

    Here we are, October 27th, 2010, and opinion outpost is still sending the same garbage…long, pre-qualifying surveys that you don’t get paid for. The worst part is, I just filled out the EXACT same automotive survey that I have done on other sites (and been paid for); but here I was told that I didn’t qualify.

    I see several opinions here about company policy…considering that this issue has been present for a couple of years now, I think that it is fair to say that this company is a scam company…I have attempted contact several times, with no success (and yes, my contact involves polite questions, unlike what you may see me write here at times :D)

    The main point is, this company has had a considerable amount of time to fix this issue, but has chosen not to…the mark of a scam company.

    • says


      I have to agree with you which is why review of them was updated a few months ago. A lack of response to our concerns is just unacceptable. It’s a shame when companies go this route.

  12. Karen says


    Thanks for the advice. No, I am not expecting an “income” per sey. Just some extra money to add to my Christmas fund, Birthday fund or whatever. I will definately try the sites you listed. Thanks so much for providing this site to help others. Thanks, too, for helping me! Will stay in touch to let you know how it goes! Have a great day!


    • says

      You’re welcome Karen. I think surveys can definitely help you with your goal of putting aside a little extra money for holidays and stuff. Coupled with some of the other opportunities I’ve recommended, don’t be surprised when you see you’re making some decent money like many of my loyal subscribers. Keep me posted and you’re welcome! Thanks for your continued support.

  13. Karen says

    Hello. I just found your site today. I am exploring the options of being paid to take surveys. My husband and I both work full time. However, sometimes we need to supplement our income. I’ve been selling Avon but with the investments for the brochures, etc., it costs more to sell it than I make from it. LOL! So I am exploring the option to get paid for surveys. Any words of wisdom for a beginner?

    • says

      Hi Karen,

      Well it’s always good to explore multiple streams of income. I never like keeping all my eggs in one basket. That being said, paid surveys aren’t consistent money. Keep in mind surveys are totally dependent on a given company and the demographic profile they want. If you happen to be in a demographic profile that is highly sought after then you’ll get a lot of surveys. But if you’re not, then chances are you won’t see a lot of money. So it’s good to sign up for a few of the legitimate ones but don’t expect it to be consistent money or even a lot of money for that matter.

      Keep adding to your arsenal of multiple streams of income with other opportunities. We’ve listed a few of my favorites on the following page: As long as you have a diversified portfolio of legitimate opportunities you should be able to make some decent money. Hope this helps.

  14. Paul says

    i love opinion outpost i was skeptical at first but i made $10 with them already and i had encashed the check. they send it within 4 days although they say it might take them 6-8 weeks. the good thing is they dont charge you anything and they pay u for the efforts youve done im happy so far

  15. Camira says

    I just wanted to say that I love Opinion Outpost. I’ve been a member for over a year and never had any problems I with them. Just today I made 10 dollars with them!

  16. says

    I would like to no if there is any more survey site like opinion outpost. I only trust this site opinions and i have a pinecone barely any surveys, mysurvey taks a ong time and mindfeild just does not work. ‘
    So is there another survey site with check/cash redemtion and like 2-5$ for a survey?

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