Authority Hacker Review: Does The Site System Really Work?

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When it comes to making money online, there are so many internet marketing programs out there it can make your head spin. You just don’t know which business to trust or if they are worth your time. Authority Hacker is yet another marketing site that claims to help people build a successful online business. So you’re probably wondering whether they’re full of crap, and that’s why you’re going through several Authority Hacker reviews

Well you’re right to be skeptical! So with that in mind we pulled back the curtains in this Authority Hacker review to reveal some of the shocking complaints you may not know about.

Don’t you dare buy the Authority Site System until you’ve gone through this full review. You’ve been warned.

What Is The Authority Site System?

Authority Hacker has a product known as the authority site system. It is a video and text-based internet marketing training program created by Affiliate Marketing experts Gael Breton and Mark Webster in 2014 to teach people how to build authority websites that make you passive income. 

Mark and Gael basically build and run a portfolio of authority sites, many of which they reveal publicly. Gael creates and curates content for both the blog and training courses while Mark Webster handles the science and tech aspect of the system. 

Through their site, they share all they’ve learned since they started making money online. They basically remove the fluff by creating useful, actionable strategies, tools and training to educate users on how to create successful online marketing & affiliate marketing authority websites. 

How Does The Authority Site System Work?

Basically Gael and Webster are teaching you how to build a website that is an authority on a certain topic. Where most websites may cover various topics like amazon and make money selling things directly. Following the Authority Site System you’ll be learning to create a authority site around a specific passion or problem. Then you’re taught to monetize this authority site in various ways including:

  • Selling ads
  • Promoting other people’s products using affiliate marketing.
  • Selling your own product or service.

The founders used their background, knowledge and experience to create a complete, step-by-step authority site system to help people create and grow a profitable business online using an authority site. 

Best of all you don’t need prior experience and if you do you will still learn new things.

The Authority Site System Features

At the time of writing, here are the most outstanding features of the Authority Site System

120+ Video Lessons – The Authority site system includes hundreds of easy-to-follow video lessons that explain the different aspects of developing your authority site and making money with it. The videos will assist you bypass common roadblocks with their in-depth, over the shoulder tutorials and demonstrations. They continuously update the videos, so you’re never out of the loop or have out of date information.

Real Life Case Study – If you’re finding it hard to take their word for it, they literally walk you through an authority site they build up from the ground up so you can see the training in action and not just theory. You can go here and check out the current case study website. 

Copy/Paste-Ready Templates – These templates are designed to help you speed up the learning curve and applying the course. They assist you come up with content for your website that drives traffic and makes you money. They’re in line with best white-hat SEO marketing practices that should help your website content rank well on the search engine. 

Site Building To-Do List – There’s a lot to get done while building a business website and usually this can be overwhelming for people. Fortunately, the authority hacker site system provides you a whole to do list project management system so you can organize all your website building activities, set realistic goals and eventually make it easier to follow through on your tasks. 

Active Facebook Community – The authority hacker site system is backed by an active user community on Facebook, that’s always buzzing with activity. This makes it easier to get help, brainstorm and consult with other members instead of relying on Authority Hacker’s customer service alone. 

Q&A Forums – The Q&A forum is designed to help new people with quick fire questions and immediate answers. These forums are ongoing as we speak and add to the “community based” aspect of Affiliate Hacker. 

What Is Inside The Authority Site System Members Area?

If you’re like me, you want to know what’s actually in the members' area of a training area before you join to determine if it will cover everything you think it will. Well, here’s the breakdown of what you can expect to find inside the authority site system members area:

Authority Hacker Members' Area

Introduction: The Authority Site System Model

The Authority Site System spreads across six stages of creating an online business. One of the founders, Gael, brushes through the steps involved in setting up your authority site, highlights on how to make money with it and of course the challenges you may run into while getting started. 

Niche Selection

This 17 lesson module takes you through how to select a successful niche, making up the longest and most involved class in the course for good reason. If you fail to pick the right topic aka niche you won’t get traffic or make money. 

Clearly this is why Gael puts so much time in this section. By the end of this module, you’ll know how to select the right niche for you and eventually make the site’s skeleton. Your site should be ready to go live at this point. 

Site Setup 

This section covers the technical aspects of your website such as buying a domain name, setting up WordPress, adding plugins, setting up pages, adding analytics, etc. Don’t worry if some of these terms don’t make sense to you yet. The training will walk you through it step by step. 

Content Creation

This is one of the most important aspects of the training since the content you write will drive the traffic and money you make. First it starts with keyword research. Building content without doing keyword research is like building a house without a foundation. So keyword research is covered. So now what do you do with that keyword research? Well, fortunately you don't have to guess because they provide you content templates that you can easily fill out to come up with content quickly. And if you really hate the idea of writing content they will even show you how to outsource the content writing. But you're still expected to do the keyword research though. Furthermore, this is the section where you learn how to make your business website profitable with affiliate marketing.

Link Building

The more sites that link to your website, the more popular Google thinks you are. So link building can help you rank faster and higher in Google. So in this link building module, they teach you how to do link building effectively and in a way that won’t get you banned by Google. Trust me I've done link building incorrectly and my site tanked. So this section would have been a big help to me back in the days.

How Much Does The Authority Site System Cost?

At the time of writing, the Authority Hacker Site System will cost you a one-off fee of $997. The best part is, you can try the program 100% RISK-FREE. That means you get a front-row seat to the whole course for 30 days. If you don’t like what you see, they’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked

Are There Any Authority Hacker Up-Sells?

The answer is yes and no. Unlike many warrior plus based internet marketing products, you don't get immediately bombarded with up-sells by Authority Hacker when you join. They do have other courses that compliment the site system. But you don't hear about them until months later which by the point you had hopefully built up your business.

And now you're looking to scale up. So the up-sells that are made available later are more advanced courses designed for people that have reached a ceiling in their affiliate marketing business and want to increase their site income. Think of it the following way; the Authority Site System is like your high school education. Then Authority Hacker Pro is like going to college. And the Authority Hacker Pro Platinum is like going to graduate school. Each Authority Site System up-sell is designed to work off each other. You can join one or all of them and still be successful!

The Authority Hacker Site System Coupons & Promo Codes

If you don't want to pay full price for the authority site system, you don't have to. You can go through their free webinar and get a discount after watching it. Watching the webinar brings down the price to $599. 

Authority Site System Refund Policy

Although Gael and Mark don't have a free trial like a Wealthy Affiliate. They do have a 30-day “no questions asked” money-back policy. So you eliminate any risk if you decide this business is not right for you.

How Much Can I Make With The Authority Hacker Site System?

There’s absolutely no way of telling how much money you can make applying what the Authority Site System teaches you. The founders Gael & Mark and have made well over $1.5 million at this time, and you can either make more or less depending on how you apply the training that you will get. 

Some members have made nothing others have made well over seven figures based on the testimonials we came across.  

Of course, we have no way of verifying that it is indeed what they make, but based on what I know, these claims seem realistically achievable. But keep in mind that Authority Hacker is a training system, so how much you stand to make is highly subjective, as there’s no cap to the monetary potential of your website.

Case in point – Robert Botha went from being an English teacher to a six figure annual payday.

The Authority Site System Testimonial Screenshot


Then you have Jiangpeng Zhang, a former 9-5er who is making well over $400,000 a year from his authority site. 

Authority Hacker Testimonial

What We Like About The Authority Hacker Site System

Satisfaction Guarantee – It may cost close to a grand at first, but if you don’t like the system you can simply email them and you’ll get your money back in no time. That means zero risks on your end and you only pay if you’re convinced that the program is worth the money. 

Simple To Follow Modules – The modules may have 60+ steps and may probably be more by the time you sign up. But they are really simple to follow. Gael Breton and Mark Webster do a remarkable job at explaining the steps and procedures, besides the benefits you get from watching the visual demonstrations. You also get a text summary of the contents of the video below each video. 

Useful Features – They provide a case study of a real site they built using the very same system to get over 500,000 daily users. This way you can see the system working in practice and not just theory. They also have an active online community, recommendations for some of the best research tools in the industry and content creation templates. All of this pretty much makes it easier for you to achieve success.

Free Webinar – Although they may not have a trial period, they do provide a free very in depth webinar that walks you through the overall concept of the business you will learn. 

Profitable Affiliate Program – Gael and Mark teach affiliate marketing as a way to make your business website profitable. And not surprisingly they have an affiliate marketing program you can join. You can join their affiliate program and promote their Authority Hacker courses to people who may want to join and create their own business.

Authority Hacker Complaints

In this review, if I told you that this program is flawless I would be lying, as no company is perfect. So let’s dive into some of these complaints. You can then decide for yourself if they are deal breakers or not. 

High Ticket Price Point

Although It's still cheaper than starting an offline business, the initial one time investment of $997 for the authority site system may be out of the reach of some people. But because you are reading this review, you can get a discount if you watch their Free Training Webinar here which will give you this training for $599. But it's still pretty expensive for some people even if it's worth every penny. 

Other Sites and Investments Required

Unlike sites like Wealthy Affiliate where you can build your authority site and get a domain right from WA, with the authority site system you will need to use other sites and services to build your site and business. Fortunately Authority Hacker recommends services that are quality products and affordable. And they walk you through with video and text how to use these other services. So it's easy. But regardless it's an additional expense outside of your authority site system investment. 

Patience is Required

Because you're building an authority site that can earn you up to a full-time income passively, you will need to invest a lot of time upfront to make it happen. Fortunately, the Authority System lays out exactly what you should be doing and when. So you have total control over when you do this. But this business isn't for someone looking to making income next month. It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to see results. But the time you invest now would later pay you way more than what you may make with survey sites and other little work at home opportunities.

Authority Hacker Site System Alternatives

Some of these complaints may bother you and that’s totally understandable. So to make this review complete, let’s compare Authority Hacker with other marketing course. As always, we’ll leave the final decision to you. 

Authority Hacker vs Wealthy Affiliate

While you have to pay a membership fee to get started with the Authority Hacker’s system, with Wealthy Affiliate you can get started for FREE and later decide whether you would want to join the paid premium plan of their marketing course. 

Another huge difference between the two marketing course is that Wealthy Affiliate costs $49 a month to join. This could be even cheaper if you go in for the entire year which costs $359. The only other expense is the $13 domain you should get for your website. But the $359 per year covers your hosting, website building tools, keyword research tools, live 24/7 help and ongoing new training classes that occur every week. 

Authority Hacker Site System will still require you to invest a significant amount of money in other tools to get your authority site started after you join. But to be fair some of those tools you can cancel later. So in the long-run, the Authority Hacker site system might be cheaper. Because the sign-up fee is one-off versus WA’s recurring membership fee. You can read our complete Wealthy Affiliate review here

Authority Hacker also places a big emphasis on link building. I've personally had positive and negative experiences with link building. And I have found link building isn't necessary to create a successful authority site. But many would argue link building is still a prominent factor in ranking authority sites. So the Authority Hacker site system covers aspects of link building that Wealthy Affiliate will ignore.

Ultimately both programs are high quality. They will teach you how to build a high quality authority websites and get started with affiliate marketing & internet marketing. They both have video lessons. They just go about building an authority site in different ways. People that are more technically savvy may feel limited by Wealthy Affiliate's simple in-house approach to building and managing your website. They take away a lot of the technical aspects from building and marketing your business. Whereas Authority Hacker focuses on the use of tools that may be a little more intimidating to newbies. But they have such great step by step instructions most newbies should be able to manage.

Authority Hacker vs Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer tends to focus on teaching online marketing and various ways to make money online not primarily affiliate marketing like Authority hacker. Furthermore, Legendary Marketer places more emphasis on teaching its members paid traffic methods using landing pages and not blogging as Authority Hacker does. Paid traffic marketing techniques can get you results faster. But you could lose a lot of money while you learn the marketing ins and outs. So if you're on a budget this is probably not the best way to start a new internet business.

The two companies also differ greatly in terms of their affiliate program, Legendary Marketer provides various high ticket product options that you can promote and earn very high commissions on. Whereas Authority Hacker only has a few products and the commission rates aren’t as high as Legendary Marketer. 

Legendary marketer does offer lower price point products that people can try before upgrading to higher priced training. Whereas Authority Hacker provides a free webinar that is informative but only provides high level information on building an authority site. 

Authority Hacker gives to an all-access ticket to all their resources. But Legendary Marketer lets you buy what you need after you pay the initial recurring membership fee. 

That’s some of the major differences between Legendary Marketer vs The Authority Hacker Site System. You can read the full Legendary Marketer Review here

Authority Hacker FAQS

Hopefully in this review we have answered most of your questions about the Authority Hacker site training system. Mark Webster and Gael Breton have definitely made it easy to get started with creating authority sites that can be monetized with affiliate marketing. But just in case we failed to answer your Authority Hacker questions, we've listed some down below.

What is Authority Hacker Pro?

Mark Webster and Gael Breton have also created Authority Hacker pro. This training is really designed for people that already have successful authority sites that make money but want to build up your income. Whereas the Authority Hacker Site System is designed to help newbies to get started building authority sites. That said, Authority Hacker Pro also comes with free access to The Authority Hacker Site System as well. 

What is an Authority Site?

According to Gael & Mark Authority Hacker podcast, An authority site is content-driven website that is a respected and trusted source of information. It is a larger website that delivers real value through its excellent editorial standards. This makes people trust the advice and recommendations from this authority site. An authority site can be monetized in different ways such as affiliate marketing or ad revenue.

How do you build an authority Site?

The Authority Hacker system obviously helps you get started with building an authority site. However if you like the idea of building your business on your own, here are the steps to get your authority site online. First you need to build a website using a website builder like WordPress. Then you need to buy a domain for your authority site. The next thing you need to do is write quality content that will help people to visit your authority website. Then you need to use SEO to drive people to your business website. The way to make your website profitable is to add affiliate marketing links to your authority site.

Who is The Authority Site System NOT for?

Gael & Mark have built one of the most amazing online business and marketing courses I've seen on the internet. But the reality is that the Authority Hacker Site system is not for everyone. Some people have the notion that making money online should be fast and easy. If you're one of those people then you should avoid this system and other courses like this. It takes a lot of time to get your business profitable.

So I wouldn't recommend the authority hacker site system to people that need be profitable right away. It takes time to build a successful internet marketing business. And you need to be patient enough to learn all the internet marketing and business principles taught by Gael & Mark.

What is the best affiliate marketing course?

Honestly this is totally subjective and it's based on your needs and price point. Some would argue that the Authority Site System is the best affiliate marketing course. Others might say that Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing course. I would say that none of these assertions would be wrong. I like both of them. If you're less technically sounds then Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing course for you. But if you're comfortable with technology and want more control over it with your online business than the Authority Site System may be the best course for you.

Does The Authority Hacker Site System Work?

The Authority Hacker System does work for various people, and Gael and Mark have documented proof of a working, profit-yielding authority site they built from scratch. I also know the authority hacker system works because I use many of the same principles on my authority site. So I'm basing this review on some real world experience. The fact you’re here reading this review is not by accident. It’s because I apply the same principles they teach here in this review. 

Ultimately the authority hacker course is fairly easy to follow, and the demo videos are precise and straight to the point. Gael and Mark are not selling air, they’re teaching real skills that will work in time to help you build a successful authority site of your own. 

The initial price of the Authority Hacker system may turn some people off. But when you factor the cost of an offline business vs an online business this is significantly cheaper. It’s definitely cheaper than a brick and mortar based business. Furthermore, you can get a discount on the Authority Hacker system if you watch their Free Training Webinar here which will give you this training for $599. Either way I think the price that Gael and Mark are charging is totally fair given what you learn and how much you can make.

It also worth noting you can grow your business to the next level by later investing in the authority hacker pro optional course. Unfortunately authority hacker pros is not always available. But eventually you will reach a point in your authority site where you have taken it as far as you can. The authority hacker pro course can then take you to the next level. So although it's not a requirement, I would recommend investing the authority hacker pro course option later if you can afford it.

Well, that’s my Authority Hacker Site System Review. Hopefully you found value in it and will invest in the authority hacker course. It’s definitely been one of the best courses I’ve used. It will definitely help you make money online in time. And it fills in the gaps I’ve seen in other programs. So I can totally understand why it may cost more. 

So, how good is Authority Hacker system compared to other online marketing & affiliate marketing courses you know of? Would you join? Let us know in the comments section below. If you have more questions about the program, feel free to sign up for their free webinar and ask your questions there. 

Until next time

Eddy “With a Y”


38 thoughts on “Authority Hacker Review: Does The Site System Really Work?”

  1. Thanks Eddy for your review. While searching for an alternative and how authentic Authority Hacker are, i came across your post. I was at WA for two months, but i guess it was not really for me or should i say i went in doubting? i will never know really. Much as AH is good, the price is crazy high for me. In my currency, that would be like 3million yet there are other costs or resources to consider. I have followed there podcasts and their seem knowledgeable especially for a beginner like myself. Also if AH had all the systems and resources in house, the cost would be 50/50 fair price. That’s my thought.

    Lemme go on searching, hopefully i can find something to put bread on my table for now that wont get me selling off my kidney.

  2. Hi Eddy with a Y,

    Thanks so very much for a well written, detailed article.

    It is the first time that I hear of both Authority Hacker and the Authority Site System. But you built up my knowledge from scratch to a point where I could clearly understand your recommendations at the end of the article. I really wish I had seen this review before starting out in online entrepreneurship. Who knows what direction I would have taken then?

    The cost of Authority Hacker is indeed steep. But if one can manage to save to purchase the course, there is an advantage of a once off payment, as you can subsequently concentrate on learning and building your business, rather than on where your next monthly contribution is going to come from.

    Do you personally think that starting off with Free WA Membership to get the hang of things, and then, when one has learnt the tricks of the trade of Affiliate Marketing, take up Authority Hacker Membership, would be a good combination?

    • Hey Teboho, thanks for your insight. I never thought of using WA as an appetizer before jumping into Authority Hacker. I guess that’s one way to do it. But I would probably more inclined to suggesting that someone starts with one and sticks with it. Because they do share similarities but not exactly the same. So it would probably cause more confusion. 

  3. Hey

    I love your review of Authority Hacker. You have been very through with this system and this is not something I find in many reviews. I especially like the fact that you have compared it with WA and Legendary Marketer.

    I have a doubt. I hope you can solve it for me. Many of the ‘more’ popular money making programs/courses I found online are starting from $997. Why is this? Is this one of the signs that they work or some unwritten rule that everyone follows?
    After reading your review, I’m am really starting to consider using Authority Hacker as my money-making opportunity, though since there is a big price tag on it, I’ll still need to consider it for some time.
    Thanks for posting such a thorough review.

    With regards,


    • Hey Faiz, 

      I think a lot of marketers gravitate to certain price points at different times. I’m not sure why that is. There have been products that costs thousands of dollars that were garbage and you find some that are less than $100 that are good as well. Price doesn’t really determine how good something is. That all said I think authority hacker is worth every penny they’re charging. 

  4. Hello and thank you very much for sharing this article.I also looking to start with affiliate marketing and am looking a lot for some affiliate courses and marketing, SEO and building websites and tips to make passive income, Authority Hacker Site looks interesting to read about and i enjoined reading it, i might look into joining to get some more information and make my dream come true! Keep up the good work!

  5. Authority Hacker looks like a great course, just a pity that it is so expensive, especially at the moment when a lot of people worldwide are on lockdown. It would be a great course to do now while people have the extra time on hand, but very few people have an extra grand to layout at the moment in these uncertain times.

    I am however a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and they are awesome with their training. Luckily it is more affordable, but it is a monthly or yearly fee, whereas the other course you pay once off for life.

  6. Hey man, I just had someone try sell this to me through email and I thought it was going to be a big fat scam. Luckily it’s actually legit because I’m going to give it a try. I want to create an authority site that gets rankings and traffic. I’m happy that it has a 30-day risk free trial which is the ONLY reason why I’m giving it a try. Cheers, I learnt a lot.

  7. I’ve read a lot of positive Authority Hacker reviews and what keeps me away from them is their price, as you have mentioned also.  It’s a stretch to raise that amount of money for the training, and too bad if you still have to fork more on tools. Wealthy Affiliate has spoilt me a lot by setting a standard I’m not willing to ignore or let go when checking out online courses: 1. A course with a free trial – it helps me manage my expectations before committing to the training. 2. Resources in one location – managing multiple accounts in various locations can be very annoying. 3. No upsells – I personally dislike Surprise costs.

    I once tested Legendary marketer and did their 15 days challenge. Although I learned a lot about affiliate marketing blueprint and creating a sales funnel, their method promotes upsells which I’m not a fan of. And if implemented incorrectly, can backfire badly. In a nutshell, it’s not for everyone. But their training is also good.

    Thanks Eddy, for putting together such an informative post. 

    • Thanks for the insightful comment. So authority hacker doesn’t hit you with surprise up-sells. The authority hacker pro up-sell is totally optional. And you only hear them mention it months later when it makes sense for your business. In terms of the price, compared to starting an offline business the price is actually very reasonable. But there are cheaper options like WA. And yes having everything in one place where you don’t have to bounce around is very convenient. Either way, I think you’re in good hands. There are some people that may find WA as having too many distractions and not covering certain elements that Authority Hacker does. So it’s really a matter of personal preference when looking at both programs. They both teach similar principles that work. 

  8. Hello Eddy
    Thanks for sharing this valuable of my friend told me about authority hacker and I must say am interested by the platform.its authentic and I learnt so much from them.I have been following authority hackers for a long time. Everything they provide with good value.very good platform to use any body who have zero experience.i love to recommend to say others take action. thanks again and again

  9. Hello thanks for sharing this valuable of my friend told me about authority hacker and I must say am very interested by the platform.its authentic and I learnt so much from them.I have been following authority hackers for a long time. the platform provide everything step  by’s a good platform to use any body who have zero experience.i love to  recommend it for others.

  10. Hi Eddy, thanks for sharing this helpful review of Authority Hacker online business course. Sincerely speaking, I am totally amazed at how structured and packaged Authority Hacker is. With the little knowledge I have about building an online business, I can for sure agree with you that this course is dope and worth every penny spent. I am almost done with setting up my website and if I am ever privileged to afford Authority Hacker, I would go for it considering all I have learnt about it and the creators too.

  11. Hello Eddy, it’s nice to be here and love what I have read here about authority hacker. There have been so my going around about what you get from this site and although I haven’t been there, some friends have said a lot about it’ and I am willing to give it a try myself. However, I like the fact that there are no upsells and the coupon code available to it’s the user is really nice. 

  12. I’m just curious, have you used the training in Authority Site System?  I get that will any kind of training it can take years to get the kind of income that successful affiliate marketers get.  The problem I see with a lot of training there are so many distractions thrown at you by the trainers themselves.  Is this the same with Gael and Mark?  Or, do they take you by the hand through every step so that you don’t have to go outside their training to get proficient?  You also mentioned that backlinking is fraught with problems and that your website tanked when you did that but you have 135 backlinks to your website, was that built through Authority Site System?  Sorry to ask you so many questions, but I am intrigued by your post.  Thanks, Michael.

    • Hey Michael, Great questions. Yes I did actually try it. Most of the principles are very similar to WA. But there were certain things I learned that weren’t taught at WA that I tried which were very helpful. Mark and Gael do a great job of keeping you very focused. The one thing I appreciate about their platform is there aren’t any other distractions where WA you may have many between the live chats, wa member blog posts, etc. So that’s a fair point you bring up and a big difference between Authority Hacker and WA as well. 

      The Authority Hacker training is very well organized and step by step. So no you wouldn’t need to be going outside their training for the training. You will have to go outside to use the tools they recommend. Whereas with WA everything is right on their platform. 

      I’m not saying backlinks are bad. The way I did them back in the days wasn’t the way Google preferred. Any site will have backlinks over time. And of course my site does as well. But I didn’t actively seek them. And that’s where Authority Hacker and I differ. I don’t think you need to actively seek them. They will naturally come. But going after them definitely speeds up the process of you ranking. I’m just wary of doing anything that may cause Google to penalize me even if everyone is doing link building in one capacity or another. 

      Thanks for your detailed comment and questions! Good stuff!

  13. Hi Eddy with a Y. Thank you for a very detailed product review. there is so much out there. the reality is that you really don’t know how good anything is, or if it works for you, until you get it home and you start pressing buttons.
    We all have different skills and each package teaches it slightly differently which ends up suiting different skill sets.
    I have tried several packages and have now been with Wealthy Affiliate for 3 months now. It works for me. Thank you for the comparison. It helps reinforce that WA works.
    Thank you very much. As I said earlier and excellent product review.

    • Agreed. Everyone has different learning styles and needs. And you really don’t know which is actually a perfect fit for you until you dive in. WA does make this a little easier because they have the free trial aspect. But Authority Hacker has that money back guarantee as well. So either way I think you’re safe to try either to determine what’s best for you.

  14. There certainly are so many programs out there offering the “best” this or that, that it requires some in-depth research to figure this stuff out. That’s why I appreciate your review so much as it saves me valuable time and effort. I actually have heard of the program before but never took the time to investigate. An authority site system is actually a good idea and from what you have revealed it is worthwhile compared to the cost of other programs and private coaching. Thanks for this information as I will save your page and consider it after I have completed my current projects over the next few months. All the Best.

  15. I am often asked by my followers how much money is needed in starting a money-making website and since I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, my usual reply or advice is below $100. It comes as a surprise to me that there are programs like Authority Hacker requiring almost a thousand dollars just to get started. In times like this, with most people are losing jobs due to the pandemic and people tight on cash, I don’t think people would easily but into. So, no matter how good the lessons Authority Hacker have, my opinion is, people would instead gravitated to programs like Wealthy Affiliate where the monthly cost is just $49 and the annual cost is just $359. 

    • I think price is purely subjective. People will pay what they think something is worth. Obviously dire situation like a pandemic will definitely make people pause on something like Authority Hacker. But others would also take into consideration the cost of starting an offline business and will see Authority Hacker or Wealthy Affiliate as the discount that it is. Anytime you’re investing in a business the goal is to make more money than you pay out. And I think both programs can easily help you make those investments back many times over. It’s really more about preference and budgets. 

  16. The current state of things where we’re to work from home has made me begin to search for platforms on the internet I can invest in to earn but so far, I haven’t found a convincing one. This post has been very helpful in bringing Authority Hacker my way as I had no prior knowledge of the platform. I’ll check out their affiliate marketing services and see how I can make the most of it. 

  17. Hi,Eddy with a Y – Good to be here as I am hoping to make a decision soon on which way to go with my new business venture online.

    Authority Hacker, I had not heard of until I saw this post and it looks great especially if the only fee is $599. 

    Do you have to buy your own domain name, hosting etc? I didn’t see this mentioned but I may have missed it.

    I do know with Wealthy Affiliate, you pay a monthly fee of $49 or a yearly fee and as you say it does cover loads of what I am looking for even though Authority Hacker seems pretty good too.

    I might watch their webinar to make a decision but I am leaning strongly towards Wealthy Affiliate as I have only heard really awesome things about this place and being able to start for free and take a look around.

    Eddy with a Y, I have bookmarked your site as you offer such good honest reviews. Thank you

    • Hey Vicki, yeah as I mentioned above things like hosting and domains will need to be purchased via third party sites which Authority Hacker walks you through. Whereas In WA you can do all that stuff within their platform. I think you would do well with either platform. It’s just a matter of picking which one is more appealing to you and your needs. 

  18. I stumbled upon your article while looking for reviews on Authority Hacker.  Thanks for that in-depth review of them.  I know they say they do have a 30-day “no questions asked” money-back policy but were you able to verify that?  I think it is very expensive to join and then you have the upsell.  I will pass on this opportunity and sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, it is a no brainer! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah authority hacker’s legitimacy isn’t really up for question. They are legit and they do honor their refund policy. The upsell is totally optional and not required to join so that’s not even an issue to worry about. Now the price point may be too expensive for some. And then that’s where an alternative like WA might be a better option if your budget doesn’t allow of authority hacker. You’re in good hands either way. 

  19. Hello there Eddy
    I`m one of your very faithful readers but always on the background, but this time I felt it`d be unjust to just read and not let you know how helpful this has been.
    I know you have many readers, but none has been following your reviews and tips as I have (10 years really, I remember the first time I saw your website( I don`t even know how I got here, but I know you were talking about my lot and link grand? (not even sure of the name anymore).
    Now to your review, last week, I got an email promoting authority hacker but I knew right away there is no way I`m paying so much for any program to learn online marketing.
    After reading your review, it sounds this is an in-depth course and a “should join” for those still struggling to make money online or for those who want to up their game, still, I must admit they are on the higher ticket product.
    Investing so much will still not make anyone a successful online marketer, there is “taking action” to succeed.
    Now even with a discount,$599 is still some serious cash.
    Having said that, one will still need hosting, images, and…… so the cost adds up so fast.

    I really appreciate you sharing this Eddy, you`ve explained things so well and leave no question unanswered.I just wish they had priced their product more achievable but having said that just because $997 is high to me does not mean there are not many out there who can not afford it.

    Having said that,$997 for a hight quality course beats paying $100 here and then there and always getting low-quality products that looks like they have been created by a beginner.I know I have spent  $100s on different products just to find them to be a lower quality than what I could have done (lol).

    Thanks Eddy

    • Hey Roamy,

      First and foremost I appreciate you being a supporter for so long!!!. Damn you brought it back with the mylot and link grand reference. I loved mylot for being able to earn for socializing. They were ahead of their time. lol But I digress. I can see how the authority hacker price point may scare some people off. If it wasn’t for the fact that I know an authority site can eventually make you that amount many times over, I would pause on the price as well.

      But given the value I’ve seen in the course, I think it’s definitely worth every penny assuming you’re comfortable with the other business expenses you’ll be responsible for. I think that’s the biggest benefit of WA is that everything is all within the WA system. You don’t need to bounce around and the robust community is amazing as well.  

      However at the end of the day, I don’t think you could go wrong either way. Authority Hacker really goes into all the facets of the online business you need to succeed. And they even cover certain things that WA stays away from. So I think it’s worth the investment for the right person. Thanks again for the great insight! 

  20. Hello thanks for sharing this wonderful cousin told me about authority hacker and I must say am overwhelmed by the platform.its authentic and I learnt so much from them.I have been following authority hackers for a long time. I have also seen their camping site case study and it was really helpful and I will also recommend it.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with authority hacker. I enjoy their content as well. 

  21. I first heard of this authority website from a friend and I have to tell you, it was really nice to learn what I learnt about it but I needed something more authentic that’s why I came here. I have to say this platform really has some good stuff in store for those that join. The amount of training they give is quite overwhelming. All in all, it seems the price is worth the service they’ll be rendering. I’d like to give it a shot.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yeah Authority hacker is legit and has a lot of great training. Anything new can be overwhelming. But they do a great job of trying to keep things simple and easy to follow. 

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