Wealthy Affiliate Review: A Bunch of Scammy Hype or It Actually Works!

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Before landing on Wealthy Affiliate, you've probably run into tons of work at home opportunities that make ridiculous claims that they have some magical lucky charm system that is going to make you hundreds of dollars seconds after buying their nonsense. If you believe that, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you. Or maybe you've been pitched some MLM from someone you considered a friend, but are now acting like a cult member. They continuously harass you to become part of their “life changing” business opportunity. No thanks. None of that nonsense appealed to me, but I was still struggling to find a way to make money online that was substantial, legitimate and realistic. That changed in 2007. That's when I started seeing a lot of Wealthy Affiliate Reviews.

I expected to visit their website and see the typical fake ass yachts, expensive cars, half naked women and stacks of money on their page. But to my pleasant surprise there was none of that and the website was really understated. However, being from the Bronx I was still skeptical, even though it was recommended to me by someone I respected and trusted. So I decided to dig in to see for myself what this was all about rather. There were many other Wealthy Affiliate Reviews but I always read stuff like that with a grain of salt. So what had I really discovered about WA?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About?

When I first heard the name WealthyAffiliate.com, I'll be the first to admit I was a little turned off. It sounded a little cheesy to me. But then I thought about the name of my own website which apparently turns off some people. So I realized I was unfairly judging them. LOL


In any event Wealthy Affiliate (aka WA) is basically a training site community that teaches you how to build a realistic income online by working with major companies such as Amazon, Ebay, Google and many more.

Most home based business require a start up fee and promoting a product you may not really love or care about. You usually have to chase people down to buy these products in order to make money.

Whereas Wealthy Affiliate is FREE and about creating an online business around any type of interest or passion you have. People come to you looking for your recommendation and feedback. And you get paid to provide these people helpful information and companies that will solve their problems. These companies pay you for referring folks to them.

It's not a:

But it's FREE to join & get started which is very different than most of the work at home opportunities you find out there!

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

So let me break the process in a little more detail. Once you've signed up for a FREE membership it's basically a 4 step process that anyone can do. The only requirement is that you're able to read, watch videos, ask for help and take action. Wealthy Affiliate will take care of everything else which includes the training, live 24/7 support and tools.

Ok, so now let's get into the 4 steps. If you like pretty pictures like me, I've included that as well. Lol

1. Choose your interest:

Unlike some MLMs, your business can be about anything you want. What topics are you passionate about? What do you spend most of your time doing for fun? Do you have years of experience in any field? Have an idea for a website? Depending on your answer you can build an online income around any of these things. Even if you don't have any ideas WA provides some for you. My passion was looking for ways to make extra income online which is why this blog came about.

2. Create a website:

Don't freak out! If you know how to click on some buttons and watch a video that's all you need to build a website. It's literally a 4 step process that takes 30 seconds, maybe a minute if you're a slow reader like myself. LOL With WA, you don't need any technical experience in making websites. The sites are pre-built so anyone can create one. You basically just pick a name for your website & how you want it to look. Then boom you have a website. Actually WA gives you 2 free websites to their Free members. If my simple Simon self can create a website you can too! But see for yourself by watching this quick video below:

3. Get visitors:

Your website is like a car, without gas it isn't going anywhere. The fuel is visitors. So to make money online, your website needs to get traffic (visitors/people). Fortunately, you don't have to harass your family and friends. People come to you from all over the world via search engines like Google for FREE. These folks actually want what you have on your site! So WA's training, will teach you how to get visitors to your website 24/7 so you'll eventually make money around the clock. There is no need to host parties or harass your friends and family members on social media or at family functions. LOL

4. Make money:

Having a website is just part of the equation. But you don't need to have or create your own product to make money! That's a big misconception out there. I bet you didn't know that companies like Amazon, Google and many more have Free programs where they allow you to put their products and services on your site. Then you get paid whenever someone clicks, buys or request free information as a result of these links on your site which are tracked back to you. This is referred to as an affiliate program.

How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate?

Keep in mind that you're not necessarily working for Wealthy Affiliate. They do have an affiliate program as well, but you're not required to promote WA to make money. For most people you'll be joining other affiliate programs. How much you earn per company or action will vary depending on the company you're affiliated with. It can be a percentage of a sale or flat rate. But you'll always know beforehand. You're paid by check, direct deposit or PayPal by these companies directly. Most companies pay monthly.

That's It!

So that's pretty much the process simplified. Wealthy Affiliate obviously goes into way more detail with their training and support. Ultimately the sky is the limit because your site can be about any topic and there are literally millions of people looking online for information and products to help them solve an issue.

Having a website with that information on it, you can leverage this need and earn money in the process. It's the reason why websites like Google exist and you get to be part of that process. Best of all, you don't need to have prior experience with this stuff because of the WA training. Hopefully you're seeing that when the internet is your audience the money you can make is limitless. Obviously it takes time, but the possibility is there!

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Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Fortunately WA is really open to anyone looking to make some real money online. If you're patient, willing to work hard and can follow directions Wealthy Affiliate is for you. You don't need any previous experience because you will be trained. But to be more specific WA is geared towards:

  • Stay At Home Parents
  • Parents
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • People looking to make extra income
  • Folks with anxiety or social disorders
  • People looking to replace their income
  • Existing business owners looking to expand their business
  • International People
  • Experienced Marketers
  • Newbies

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What do I get when I join Wealthy Affiliate?

Okay, now that you understand who WA is for and what you'll do, you might want to know what's really inside. Well, let me highlight what you receive when you become a member so you are able to successfully make money online:

1. Training:

Obviously, most people coming to this are new or some might have a bit of experience. It doesn't matter because WA provides training for every experience level. The training includes:

  • Live Weekly Training Classes
  • Question and Answer Periods
  • Organized Classrooms (on specific topics)
  • Video Training, Tutorial, Training
  • Step by step Courses

You just need to be able to read, watch videos, ask questions and take action. If you managed to get online and read this article, you can and will learn this business.

2. Support:

Everyone is intimidated by learning something new. There is nothing worse than be left out to dry when you have a question or problem. That doesn't happen in WA because you have the following:

  • Live, 24/7/365 Chat
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Live Question & Answer periods
  • Private 1-on-1 support with ME and the owners!
  • Private access to community experts

I'm one of the first people that welcomes you inside of WA. So you can personally reach out to me as well as all the other ways to receive great support I've listed above. One way or another one of us will help you.

3. Tools:

Too often I've seen programs where you join and next thing you know, you discover they don't provide you everything you need to succeed. You end up having to spend more money. WA provides all the tools you'll need and you're taught how to use them:

  • Keyword and Competition Research Tool
  • Site Rubix (4 click WordPress website builder)
  • Low Competition, Cherry Picked Keyword Lists
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting
  • Access to over 2,400 website templates/themes
  • Ability to add over 30,000 different “features” to your website

Don't worry if you don't understand what they all mean and why you need them. You will when you get inside and are trained.

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How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

This is probably where you're expecting me to hit you with some ridiculous fee because of all the value provided. But you can put away your “man bag” and purses away. Wealthy Affiliate has two membership price points that fits everyone's budget, including if you have none:

Starter Membership, FREE!

I know you've heard that nothing good is free anymore, but that is completely wrong when it comes to WA. When you join as a Starter member, you are provided with instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community. This includes access to live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 training classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, access to the keyword tool. There are some other things you get as well.

Most paid products out there don't even compare to Wealthy Affiliate's FREE Starter membership. It's a great way to get started with your new online business and determine if WA is for you. Yes, you can have some limited success just with the free starter membership. But if you find that you need more ongoing training, support and tools, then you may want to consider…

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OPTIONAL Premium Membership, $49 per month:

This provides you with all access to everything. This means more tools, training, live support and much more. Again, this is purely optional.

Ultimately, you can pick whatever option works for you. I will suggest you go to the FREE starter membership. This way you can see if this business is for you without anything to lose. Not many business opportunities are confident enough in their business to let you try it totally free. So I think that speaks volumes for WA. You don't like it, you lose nothing.

You're not required or pressured into becoming a premium member. WA understands not everyone is going to have, the less than $2 per day for a premium membership. So just pick whatever option works for you.

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What We Like About Wealthy Affiliate!

Free To Start –

As you probably know most work at home opportunities are not free to start. Fortunately WA understands how frustrating this can be and provides you a free starter option. You don't have to provide a credit card and you can still learn how to make money without spending a dime.

Live Chat –

Let's face it, sometimes we have questions, especially if you're learning a new way to make money. The great thing about wealthy affiliate is that there are thousands of members from all over the world that you can chat with live if you run into an issue. You never have to face it alone.

Longevity –

The internet giveth and the internet taketh away. I'm sure you have heard of fly by night work at home opportunities that come and go. Unfortunately, many good people like yourself are left high and dry. Well Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over a decade. Not many work at home companies can say that. You can feel comfortable knowing that they won't just pick up and leave you in the dust.

Wealthy Affiliate Negative Reviews & Complaints

Like any company that has been around for years you're going to find people that aren't happy for whatever reason. Some are valid concerns and others are just folks that are pain in the butts to be honest with you. When I first looked into WA I did find complaints as expected. But considering there are literally thousands of members and the number of complaints that I did find were less than a fraction of a percent, it didn't really concern me. But I'll list out some just to be transparent.

You Don't Need WA

So some people have argued that most of what WA teaches you, you can find on your own for free. Yes, this is true. If you don't mind bouncing around from website to website you can definitely find this information for free. But you better be organized and have the ability to filter out all the noise out there. The advantage of WA is everything is in one place. Furthermore, you have the support of other members who want to help you and don't make you feel stupid for asking questions. You also have all the tools to build your business in one place as well. You don't have to jump around from site to site piece mealing tools and information. So it all depends on how much you value your time.

Members Access Is Cut Off.

For the first 7 days Free members are given access to certain premium features such as the ability to communicate with other members via live chat, blogs, comments, etc. It's a way for you to get a feel of the community. Once the 7 days are up you'll still have access to the training and your free websites, but you'll lose the premium access feature to communicate with live chat which is reserved for premium members. That's done by design because it's a premium feature. But there have been other times where members communication access has been cut off because WA has a zero tolerance for certain behavior.

You're not allowed to spam, curse at other members, bully or engage in any negative behavior that you may find on other forums or blogs. This community is about helping each other not tearing folks down. But if someone is being disruptive or disrespectful they're put on a time out. In some rare cases, they're kicked out. I've been on forums that let anything fly and it's not helpful. So I'm not mad at WA for this policy. i have the same policy on this blog. I welcome intelligent conversation and disagreements. But if you start getting disrespectful, then bu bye for you!

Billing Issues

I'm not sure how this even happens. If you decide to become a premium member you're charged monthly or yearly. You control that and can cancel at anytime from your account profile or contacting the owners via private message or live chat. I think sometimes people forget they're on a yearly plan and then when they're charged they may not have expected this and that money was allocated for something else so they freak out. But even still WA will usually work with you. I've never known them to keep people hostage or not try to work with folks on any rare billing issue that may occur. So this isn't a widespread issue at all.

Wealthy Affiliate BBB Complaints

First and foremost, I always take Better Business Bureau ratings with a grain of salt. They're not a government agency They're in the business of making a profit by charging members varying prices depending on how much money they think your company makes. There have been numerous reports where a company has a great BBB rating but are actually horrible. So with that all said despite having thousands of members you can only find a few complaints, all of which were resolved.

Wealthy Affiliate Ripoff Reports

In terms of the rip off reports I've read many of them and quite frankly, some of the feedback sounds like they're coming from competing product owners or people that have a grudge. Ultimately, I've yet to find a company that has been around as long as wealthy affiliate that didn't have complaints. I think the important thing to keep in mind is the ratio of complaints to the number of members. If you see a massive number of complaints then that would ring off red flags in my mind. But that's not the case with WA.

At the end of the day the great thing about WA is that you can become a member totally risk free to experience their community for yourself and make your own determination. You never know what folk motives are when they're posting comments or feedback online. Some people are just miserable, others are competitors and there are some folks that sincerely may have an issue.

That said, it's not necessarily the only way you should evaluate a company, especially if you have nothing to lose from a financial standpoint. So despite these far and few complaints, I would encourage you to explore WA for yourself and make your own determination. Ultimately, that's the best way to find out if WA is right for you.

How To Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free?

  1. Click Here To Visit WealthyAffiliate.com To Get Your Free Starter Membership.
  2. Click the “Get Started Here” training button when you get inside. This is where you walk through the process step by step.
  3. Set-up Your Account Profile (add an image/ description of why you joined WA). This will lead to 4x more help with the community and I'll personally contact you as well if you do this!

Once you do this you'll be on the way to building a website that gets traffic from Google and makes you money in time. I'll check up on you periodically to make sure you're doing well. So what are you waiting for? Get Started For Free Now!

So Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

From my standpoint WealthyAffiliate.com is legitimate and totally worth it. I've been a member since 2007 and it's been my top recommendation because of a number of reasons.

1. It works if you're patient and willing to make it work for you! How did you get on my site today? Do you think it was by accident? No, it's because of the principles that WA taught me which brought you here. That alone speaks volumes.

2. It's legitimate. The fact that Google, Amazon and all these other billion dollar companies have affiliate programs for us to join obviously means this business model is legitimate! How many business opportunities have you run into that allow you to work with major players like this. If you don't trust the business model that Google or Amazon use successfully, then I don't know what to tell ya!

3. It's Free. I review a lot of business opportunities out there and so many of them want ridiculous amounts of money to start. People don't have money like that to waste on something that might be a scam or may not right for them. But at least with WA there is no risk. You're not going to lose any money so even if you have doubts you can try it for yourself risk free!

4. It's newbie friendly. I wasn't born knowing how to build a website or make money online. Just like you weren't born knowing how to get online. We all learned because someone taught us. WA makes it easy for anyone to learn this business if you can read, watch videos and can ask questions. The community is unmatched and totally welcoming to new people. You'll never feel like an idiot or stupid for asking questions at WA.

That's All Folks!

Well, I hope you find my Wealthy Affiliate review helpful. Ultimately, I can't sit here and tell you that you are guaranteed to make money or know when you'll do it. This is a business so there is an inherit risk otherwise everyone would be a business owner. If you're not comfortable with the idea of being your own boss and determining how much money you make, and the hours you work then you're better off with a job. Feel free to spend the rest of your life grinding away to make someone else rich. Employers will be more than happy to dictate that for you and your family. I'm not knocking you because we all gotta do what we gotta do to pay bills. However, working to support someone else's dream the rest of my life in exchange for what they think I'm worth is not appealing to me. I think we all deserve more.

So if you want a shot at something greater and long for more freedom than I can guarantee that WA will teach you the skills to help you build a real business online. You will have the support and training you need to get you closer to success. It's a long journey but it's totally worth it in the end.

Get Started For Free Now

Run anyway from anyone else promising you quick cash for joining their make money program. There are no short cuts my friend. It's an expensive lesson that you'll quickly learn if you decide to ignore me. Thanks for reading!

As always I welcome your feedback and comments. So post them below!
Until next time,

Eddy with a y

552 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review: A Bunch of Scammy Hype or It Actually Works!”

  1. Hi Eddy!
    Great article. I found you by searching for reviews on Project 24.
    I already have a blog set up, but still need to improve upon it. Is WA something that’s worth while if you already have a site up and running?
    Thanks so much for your time!

    • Glad you liked it Shauna. WA can still help you with an existing site in terms of showing you to get more traffic and monetize it further. So it may be worth a look even if you just start with the free starter membership.

  2. That’s an awful lot of dancing with no facts. How does Wealthy Affiliate make money? How do I make money with a web page? What is it that I know that people are breathlessly waiting to buy from me? You know, where does the money come from.

    • I’m literally not going to repeat what I listed above that breaks down how this works. If you can’t take the time to read the review which already answered your question, you definitely can’t join WA follow the training which will require to read things carefully.

  3. Thanks, EddY, for sharing your reviews. I was searching specifically for reviews of AWOL Academy first, and after reading your review, I went on to read your views on Wealthy Affiliate. I took a flyer on AWOL for $99 and appreciated and enjoyed much of the material in the multiple hours of presentation, UNTIL the last segment where Keale takes the bulk of the time to sell, sell, and hard sell. That turned me off. I am still going to have my coaching session, notwithstanding that I expect to be the subject of their upselling process. Before I make any further commitments, I’m going to look into Wealthy Affiliate which from your description sounds more like my pace. I appreciate your reasoned and balanced approach just from my first visit to your blog and will bookmark it for future reference. Thanks.

    • Hey Jessica,

      Yes, it would because as you go through the training, you’ll learn the proper way to build a website, optimize it for traffic, and making money.
      I know many members that came in with existing sites and after going through the training realized everything they were doing wrong. So I definitely think it will help you.

  4. Hi EddY, I’ve been interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate but was scared to fall into a scam kind program.
    Now, reading your review I’m sure I can join and start my online business without fear.
    Will you recommend to start with the free membership or directly with the paid one?

    • Well, you have to start as a free member anyway. So just do that and feel free to upgrade if you see the value as I have.

  5. Hey there Eddy (with a “y” of course). It’s companies like these that are good for the masses. As far as newbies go there really isn’t much else out there that they can use as a resource besides googling stuff like “how to make money online” only to end up landing on places like BHSEO or warrior forum. I’m so glad I found this post. Cheers.


    • Yes WA does make it easier by having everything in one place and has a supportive community. So it all depends on what your comfort level and needs are. Some people don’t mind spending a lot of time trying to figure this out all on their own. More power to them, it was an idiot move I made that I would never make again. But that’s me.  

  6. Eddy,
    Great review of laying out how WA works. I think you’ve given enough detail to certainly wet the appetite of people looking for an online business. I liked your initial honest opinion of being skeptical but lay out in great detail why WA is a good choice. You’ve done a great Job!!!


  7. Wow! So glad I ran across your website.
    You explain so much about Wealthy Affiliate and in such a way that even a computer stupid guy like myself.
    Honestly, I have been involved with other online business that promises you the world until you get started then they spend most of their time promoting their own business, trying to get more money from you. They promised training but instead was given a lecture on why I should spend more money with them.
    You did not do that, you were honest and explained it all to me in a fashion I could understand.
    I also want to do this as my full-time job but I do know it will take time and effort to get things going. Does WA have new training available on a daily or weekly basis to keep their clients up on the latest technology and issues? I am sure you had times when you wanted to quit. How did WA help you get through those tough times? I have an idea of building more than one website. Should I try building both at one time or concentrate on just one?
    Again, thanks for all the great information, I will check back to see your answers and I cannot wait to get started and begin making money online.

    • Yes WA provides new training and weekly videos that cover many marketing topics. The thing about WA is that it’s a community so it’s not just training videos. You’re actually chatting and interacting with marketers from around the world. As such, they all share their ups and downs with each other. And this is what helps you push through. Because you can ask for support or inspiration and there are literally thousands of people there that are willing to help you.

      If you’re new at this business, I say try mastering one site first. There are a lot important lessons you’ll learn that you can apply to later sites. And you need to be able to produce content regularly for your site. So having multiple sites might spread this too thin.  

      The making money will come in time. But you have to view this like a marathon, not a sprint.

  8. When I read your review, I thought of myself as a newbie (which I am) looking for a genuine opportunity to make money online.

    I applied the idea of risk versus reward. What I’m saying is – anybody will buy a product if the risk is very small and the potential reward is very great. That is why people buy lottery tickets.

    The review gives the impression that the risk is minimal because it’s free to join WA. The only risk that I see here is the investment of time.

    The potential reward is great indeed if the opportunity can replace my salary. What the review didn’t cover was the timeframe that this can be achieved. I’m talking about the typical timeframe because it varies from person to person.

    I like the complaints section, which included BBB complaints and ripoff reports.

    • I purposely didn’t mention a time frame because of exactly what you said. It will vary on how someone applies the training, their niche and a number of other factors no one can predict. You have to go into this business like a marathon. Think of it for the long term. People spend millions of dollars on college education  every year with knowing for sure when they’ll get a job or if they will get a job. It’s an inherit risk and I liken this business in the same process. The big exception is that you won’t be in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt with this investment and risk.  

  9. Thank you for this review. I have seen ads for Wealthy Affiliate everywhere, but could not understand how it worked. This article explains almost everything I need to know.

    Do you think going Premium is worth it though? Its great you can start for free, but do you get a lot of valuable info for the cost of Premium?


    • You’re welcome. And yes, I’ve been a premium member since 2007. So I think that tells you a lot. It’s totally worth it given all that you’re provided with the tools, training and support.

  10. Great review for wealthy affiliate.

    I have been with WA for just about 2 months now as a premium member and cant say enough good things! Their training platform and layout is amazing being super informative and easy to navigate. Not to mention the community, everyone is there for the same reason and always willing to lend a helping hand.

    If you are willing to put in time and effort I truly believe the options are endless.


    • That was a yearly figure. Some years are greater or less. At the end of the day it doesn’t represent what you may do. You may make more or less at different time frame. We all learn and apply this business differently. And our results will vary from person to person. So don’t be too fixated on what I achieved or others.

    • It doesn’t really matter how much I’m at. It doesn’t have an impact on what you’ll make or can potentially make. I explain this here and how it impacts you if you decide to join WA here. So read that.

  11. Interesting. It’s comforting to know that Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 10 years.

    I came across Wealthy Affiliate because I was looking at a couple of other Affiliate Marketing programs / courses. Wealthy Affiliate to me provides the best value, especially from a ‘start-up’ perspective. Of course, I’m referring to the premium membership here.

    It’s not a whole lot and it includes your web hosting. Of course, it won’t included your domain, because that’s something you have to choose on your own, but Wealthy Affilate can help you purchase your domain and connect it with your website and web hosting for you. That’s another plus!

    The other thing I find great about it is that it’s free to try. So you can get a feel of what it is about first, before having to spend a single cent. Other Affiliate Marketing programs don’t offer that. Some of them just offer some free ‘unusable’ ebook.

    Gluck with what you’re doing. All the best to you.

    • Hey Marco,

      I totally agree with you. WA continues to evolve over the years to offer more without trying to over charge their members. Although they would be totally justified to charge more if they wanted to.  

  12. I am interested in this opportunity, but have a concern about software. Do any of the search organizations (Bing, Google, etc) force you to download their software? I ask because in the past, I had Google Chrome forced on me, and it was a problem to get it removed. I found the solution on a forum full of disgruntled Googlers who were frustrated with Google dumping something on their computers without permission. For that reason, I don’t particularly wish to deal with them. In light of these comments, do you forsee my having a problem with WA?

    • Hi Michael,
      Uh I don’t know about being forced to download any software. We do use Google to drive traffic to our website and we do need to track coming to our website so we install certain software on our site that helps that. But none of this is malicious or harmful stuff. I know Google will often recommend downloading their browser if you’re using another competitor’s browser. But they don’t force you to do it. So that seems weird. Either way you can join WA and look around yourself to see if it meets any of your needs. You have nothing to lose either way.

  13. Eddy with a “y”

    I enjoyed your review. It was very informative. I know this may sound crass, but in order to give me some perspective on what I could potentially earn, how much have you made on average annually since you joined WA?

    • Hey Ken,
      I’m glad you enjoyed it. Honestly what I make will have no impact on you. You may end up making more or less depending on how you apply what you learn. And when that can happen is anyone’s guess. Unlike a job there aren’t any guarantee results when you’re running your own business. Like any business your income potential is unlimited but no one can really estimate what you’ll make. You only have the assurance with a job which this isn’t. I hope that makes sense.

    • The review was updated this year so it’s up to date. Keep in mind you can try WA for free and determine for yourself if it’s right for you without losing anything. This way you can make a decision based on your own opinion rather than reading the feedback of others.

  14. Hi Eddy 🙂

    I came across your blog looking for a way to remove some software from my device that was supposed to help me earn some extra cash during my down time. When I came across your article about WA, I thought I’d try to sign up. The problem I’m having now, is I’m unable to for some reason. It says my login credentials at sign up already exist. I’ve never signed up for this site before though. I tried password recovery just in case someone else did but, the site says there’s no record of my login credentials. I am doing this through the browser on my iPhone. Is there another way?

  15. I just landed at your site while searching reviews on my-data-team. In fact i got registered with my-data-team in 2014 and tried its different programs but without success.
    I am from Pakistan. Unfortunately, PayPal is not available in Pakistan. Can you tell me if for payment credit, there would be other options (similar to PayPal) available to me, before I join WA. Also i would inform as advised by my-data-team support, I had opened an account in Skrill who offer services alike PayPal in Pakistan. Regards

  16. I see you’re a champion for Wealthy Affiliate – a good program that’s gotten a whole lot better over the years. You did a nice job of explaining WA Eddy!

    Keep up the great posts!

    • Hi Eddy,

      Great review, This is far and away one of the best ways to create a helpful, popular post, so builds your trust, and also increases your confidence in yourself as a blogger.
      WA is best to start building business online from scratch.

      Good luck to you.

    • Thanks Rob.
      I’ve been a member of WA since 2007 and I agree with you. They are definitely the best place to go to learn how to build a sustainable business for many years to come. I also feel confident recommending WA because I’ve met the owners several times and I know they are guys with integrity. They share the same goal of wanting to help everyone succeed online. So it’s great to work with and promote a company like this. Thanks for chiming in.

  17. This is an entirely new concept to me…I don’t understand. What exactly do you do? Do you work for WA? How do you earn money?

    • Stephen, what I make per year has nothing to do with what you’ll make per year with this business. But I’ve been earning 6 figures for over 5 years with this business.

  18. Eddy, excellent article on WA. I just joined a few days ago and am currently at the beginning of building my website. I’m extremely excited about it but also quite a bit disheartened by Jeff’s having been at it for a year and still not making a dime from the website that you build and learn to operate in the “freebie” stage. I’m like alot of the folks here and every dime coming in to our house hold goes toward the “Survival Fund” known as the Budget. I’m not sure that I can sustain the membership fees for a year before even coming close to making some cash at what I’ve been studying. Anyway, absolutely excellent article, Jeff, good look partner; I’ll be over there at WA in a few moments and see if I can find ya! Thanks again!!!

    • Thanks! Unfortunately that is the nature of business sometimes. It’s not uncommon for a business to be in the red for nearly two years before seeing a profit. But then there are some people that get lucky and make it happen right away. It all depends on the person and niche. If everyone could be guaranteed to make money right away or a set time frame when they start a business then more people would be business owners than employees. Obviously that’s not the case. So it’s definitely a scary reality you have to be honest with yourself about.

      Fortunately WA now has a free option, so you can work that as long as you want. =)

  19. hey eddy, wanted to let you know how much progress i have made. I created two trainings on wealthy affiliate on the way to making money. its not much but its something.

    • Duh, It says all over my site I’m an affiliate marketer. Way to go stating the obvious. Fortunately people that take the time to read my blog know I am an honest affiliate that makes money by helping them make informed decisions that benefit them by providing both the pros and cons of any company I’m affiliated with. But you would actually have to read my body of work to see this.

  20. Just so everyone is clear, the time period Eddie refers to as two months (04.01.2008 until 06.30.2008) is actually three months.

  21. I’m very  skeptical about ‘get rich quick’ programs and sites that show nice cars and houses to entice people into  committing themselves to bogus programs.  I  instinctively know when to not get involved with something when I get this euphoric feeling at the pit of my stomach; it is then that I know that what I’m responding to is the idea of wealth and happiness and not a  legitimate working progress towards my goals.  Wealthy Affiliate may encompass what I need which is an opportunity to make things move in the right direction with dedication and good work ethics.  I presently don’t have the funds to get started, but when I do I will.  

  22. I try to educate and amuse when writing. I don’t enjoy reading dry material so I try to keep it amusing even if I’m sharing information or giving you tough love. Glad you appreciate it.

  23. I want this so bad!! I’m determined tht when i finally find a job, I cn afford the monthly pymnts of becoming a member of WAU. Not expensive, but without any extra income right now, not feasible. I’m so excited to change my outlook on life now!!! Thnx again Eddy!!

    • You’re welcome. A quick way to help you get towards that goal is working with Amazon via mechanical turk and many of the other non-traditional opportunities we list on our recommendations page:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/recommendations many of the opportunities listed there can be started right away while you try to land a traditional job. So head there now and start taking action. If you do, you should make money by today. Good luck.

  24. Very inspiring and to the point!!! Well said!! I hv to admit, you made me laugh on some of the straight forward things you said……but it’s so true!!! Thanks!!!

  25. Thanks for all yr info Eddy, I have been looking into this for a couple of months now and have just signed up to WA thru you. Cheers

  26. I have been looking for internet marketing opportunity for the past two years. I will now join Wealthy Affiliate with your recommendation. The ease in which I get employment has made it difficult for me to start a home based business. I am now very resolved to start a home based internet business.
    Victor, Pensacola FL

  27. Hi Anna,

    Our contact me link is on the right of every page in the menu section. So I’m not sure how you missed it. =)

    In any event, it’s great to hear you’ve been taking action and now considering affiliate marketing as another option. Considering your health condition the work at home industry definitely seems like the way to go for your needs.

    Just keep in mind that affiliate marketing isn’t your only path. As you’ve probably discovered reading my site there are many legitimate ways to make money at home. So you have a lot of options to consider and try while you wait to start this business.

    Ultimately you have the right attitude and the support of your fiancé, couple that with action and you have the recipe for success! So continue to do what you have been doing and I know you’ll find success one way or another. Don’t limit yourself. Go with whatever makes sense for your needs.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful comment with me. I really appreciate it!

    P.S. No need to keep your fingers crossed. If you read and take action on the various recommendations you will succeed like many others have on this site.

  28. Well I was hoping to reach you by email but I guess I’ll just have to tough it out and post publicly, can’t seem to find your email here probably for good reasons though I understand 🙂 .. lol .. So I just wanted to say, I have been to your site quite often lately, especially within the past 3 weeks and I have been to some others recommended as well, I have grown fond of the smaller inflows of cash and have bookmarked the ones that really appeal to me and use them daily as I can.  I have been racking my brain over affiliate marketing for the past 2-3 weeks since I came here and like many I’m sure, it is a constant (if you haven’t made a decision yet) up and down rollercoaster of .. I’m gonna do this! .. Oh I can’t .. YES I CAN!! .. awe crap there’s no way I suck .. or that might just be me .. I hope not lol ..

     I really find what you write to be inspiring as many other readers and I’d like to tell you why.  I have been battling panic disorder (similar to social anxiety) for about 6 years now and it has really messed a lot of things up for me, I am 23 and should be well on my way to a career or at LEAST a part time job of something.  But the biggest reason I am at a loss is because of this annoying disorder, it’s not just a matter of getting over your fear (boy do I wish that was the case cause I would surely beat myself all the way to the finish lol) it literally inhibits me from doing the most common things, driving, going to the movies, shopping, going to my JOB.  And so here I was at a loss.  I really like this article and the benefits that I have read about WA but like some others, I will have to wait to afford it (yet another reason I’m not even in college .. yes yes I know fafsa .. little more complicated on my part lol).  I just want to express to you the gratitude I have for you taking the time to write these articles and I hope that I can find a way to succeed using these methods as I can’t have a traditional offline job at this point in my life =.  

    I don’t feel that this was a coincidence that I ended up on this site, quick short story (if I can manage it).  My fiance told me about 4 weeks ago, “I think you should just bypass all the job BS and just start your own business”.  I looked at him like he was mad! I mean honestly, what the heck am I gonna make a business out of? I immediately started thinking of traditional offline businesses and was so overwhelmed I looked at him and said, “There is no way I could do that, I have never once even thought of owning my own business nor had the desire .. you are off your rocker!”  He then laughed at me and replied with, “Don’t stress yourself out thinking of it now, I think it will come to you in time.”  So ya I was really thinking .. Oh lord he’s nuts.  It wasn’t until about a week ago that it hit me and it was just a light bulb .. Why not take it online?  And the heavens opened up and the angels started singing.. lol .. not really but I have an overactive imagination :P.  I do apologize for posting my own article I really preferred to put it in an email .. panic disorder and all you know .. but I really just wanted to share that with you.

     No questions here, just thanks.  I hope for the other young adults out there in the world who are just as lost as me (cause of course school doesn’t teach you ANYTHING that really applies to surviving today’s world lol) with all of the OVERWHELMING amounts of data out there, that they can find something that sparks their interest and really makes them motivated.  

    Sorry again for the long post ! I just couldn’t help it!  

    Thanks again for the inspiration and motivation, if I somehow succeed I shall return to share the news 🙂 *fingers crossed*

  29. I noticed while reading through the comments that WA has offered promotional pricing on their membership fees from time to time. Are there any promotions available now or are any coming up in the near future? I’ve just about decided to pull the trigger and join (under you, of course) but if I can get a deal you know I want one! lol Thanks for all the help you offer, I’ve learned a lot on your blog.

  30. Hi Eddy, I am at a phase where I’m going through what you have personally experienced….frustrated that I can’t spend as much time at home with my kids and not getting paid what I’m worth and based on the amount of time I put at work….remuneration just doesnt seem to commensurate. So, I’m intending to go part time next year. I have switched from one job to another within the last one year so I guess I will have to stick to this one for quite awhile before I can quit next year.

    While I’m doing Full time now, I thought of trying out wealthy affiliate to get some things moving so that hopefully by next year, I could be earning some amount from this business and perhaps I really don’t have to go out to earn that miserable pay as a part timer elsewhere.

    I am indeed very inspired by what you have written and I am so convinced…but I am also a little apprehensive. Just a question….since you say that this is a affiliate marketing is a business, besides the membership fees I need to pay WA monthly, what other stuff will I expect to pay for as a ‘start up capital’?

    • I applaud you for taking control of the situation and deciding to take action to help you get to your goal. Too often people complain about things but don’t do anything different to change it. So you’re already on the right path.

      In terms of your question, chances are you’ll want to purchase a domain name (.com) although it’s not required. You may decide that you want to buy advertising rather than using the free techniques WA teaches you. Other than that I don’t anticipate any more cost. WA provides you with hosting for you site that is included in your membership. So you won’t have to pay elsewhere for that unless you chose to. Most of the things you learn can be done without having to spend additional money or a lot of it.

      I hope this helps.

  31. I think you meant, After taking the training from WA has anyone be successful earning money with Affiliate Marketing?

    Because you don’t join WA to make money with WA, you join it to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing via your own sites, article marketing, etc.

    Good question though. So hopefully folks will chime in.

  32. Nice place, lot’s of nice words and comments. 2-3 years. But I don’t see if anybody reports about results. Is anyone here, in this forum,  started make money with WA (Except Eddy)?

  33. Hi Rozanne,
    You’re welcome. It all depends on the person hiring. It can be anywhere from $5 to $20 per article. But remember the goal here is to learn this business so you decide how much you make with your own articles via your marketing efforts. The amounts I have made from my own articles on my blog would never be the same as what someone would pay me for them. So keep that in mind.

  34. Glad you enjoyed. Just keep in mind there aren’t any short cuts with this business. It’s going to take time (meaning longer than a month) to see any major results. You have to be in it for the long run for this to work.

  35. The video make a big difference in understanding a little bit more. Before seeing the videos, I was on the fence, about to join, but taking my time. After the videos I see that I need to take a chance to see if this will work for me today. I spent money on many books, downloads and other instructions. I am hoping this will be a shortcut to a r-e-a-l BLUEPRINT!!! The worst thing that can happen is that I spend a couple of hundred bucks for an education. My local community college charges $109 for non-credit courses on things like this. If I took two courses I may be out of pocket about the same amount of money. I am a rookie jumping in with my eyes are wide open. I need a mentor and I am looking forward to others sharing and helping me along. Hey. To all the Rookies in the house. How well did you do in your first month? Any stories?

  36. Greets Eddy,

    Thank you for all the information & insight. I am an avid writer & feel that upon joining, Wealthy Affiliate University,  I could add value to those that need help with article writing. Plus it would provide me an opportunity  to ‘earn & learn’ as well. You mentioned for example, an ad requesting 28 articles to be written. What would the aprroximate charge per article be; not just in that case but over all. A range would be much appreciated.


  37. Thanks for all the insight on WAU. I am truly a rookie in this arena. Very limited knowledge but have become very interested in online opportunities. Where do I start to learn the very basics?   HELP!
    Thanks, Tony

  38. Hi Eddy,

    Just like to say thank you for all the help and advice which you have offered me.   Also, thank you for your previous emails. I don’t remember replying to them because I usually get stuck into applying for work at home.   However, I am extremely grateful for your support and please continue!   It’s great to know that I am not on my own, pulling my hair out!


  39. Eddie,

    Thank you for your candid review of WA.     My wife and I are going to look into it
    further.   I appreciate your passion for
    sharing opportunities as well as sharing it in a truthful manner.   I have just one little comment regarding your
    first video, where you share your commission earnings via Quickbank, Rexdirect
    and Commissionjunction.   In all three
    cases you showed your earnings from 4/1/11 to 6/30/11 and said it was for the “last
    two months”, actually this period of time encompasses a total of three
    months.   It is an exceptional amount of
    money, none-the-less.    Thanks
    again.   Jim

  40. Hey Donna,

    Thanks for the kind words about my site and my little princess. I really appreciate it! I totally hear the need for supplemental income. I think it’s something we can all use no matter what the situation. As you read my site, you’ll see I like to keep it very real with this stuff. Like you said there is too much stuff out there fluffing people. I encourage you to read the following page:
    http://www.workathomenoscams.com/recommendations to see the various options you have available to you.
    And if you like what you’re reading be sure to subscribe so we can keep in contact with you: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/subscribe

    In any event, thanks again for taking the time to write this comment!

    P.S. It’s Eddy not eddie. 😉

  41. Eddie,  I appreciated your article!  As a 46 yr old  full time RN, I’m looking for a supplemental income or a  way to cut back on hours on my feet.  I does look like work, but I am grateful for your honesty. I have been hit up by E Marketing Solutions and other “pie in the sky” online companies.  Thank you very much for your directness and forthrightness in showing pros and cons.  PS your daughter is darling!  

  42. Lisa, you made my day. I’m so happy you get so much value of my little site. I really appreciate that you take the time to read through all my articles. A lot of times folks don’t and miss a lot. So thank you! I’m happy I have gained your trust and appreciate that you want to sign up under me for anything I recommend that fits your needs. Thanks for your continued support and just taking the time out your day to express this. I really do appreciate it!

  43. Dear Eddy,
    You are such a big help. I have enjoyed your website and have learned much.   Your personality comes through in your writing, making it a joy to read. Thank you very much for the info on WA University. I feel I can trust your opinion and that means a lot. I’m glad I read the entire article and now know that if I do sign up I should go through you. Thanks, Eddy.

  44. Thanks Cisi! I’m glad you can appreciate my style. I try to keep it very honest to the point it should scare certain people away. So I’m glad that isn’t the case for you. You’ll be in a better position to succeed! Thanks for chiming in!

  45. Hi Eddy,

    I have been looking for something like this for awhile. I am so gald I came across you website.  I have never heard/read anyone put it down like that. You kept it really real!  I  will be joining WA under you. Thanks!!

  46. Hi Jeff,
    Glad you like the information. Please keep in mind this is NOT A JOB! This is a business. You’re not guaranteed a set salary based on the hours you put in. If that’s what you’re looking for be sure to check out our jobs page:
    http://www.workathomenoscams.com/jobs or some of our other recommendations here:

    I just don’t want you going into this with the wrong mindset because it will lead to frustration and failure.

    With that all out the way, internet marketing can be applied to any existing website or one that you can easily create at WA. They have a website tool that makes that pretty easy. You can read more about that on their site.

    I hope this helps.

  47. Hi Eddy,

    Good stuff, I am new to all this and have been wanting to build a home internet job for awhile but never trusted any online work at home products but this seames for real. The one question I have for you is do you have to have an existing website or do they help you with one.

  48. Hi! Your page was a lot of help and reassuring. I recently joined an affiliate program and am excited about it. However, if I hadn’t read this page I probably would have gotten frustrated and impatient- thinking that I was wasting my time trying to do something that i know nothing about- in the very near future. I haven’t been with them long – about a week and a half now. I realize now that this will take time and probably some trial and error, but I know now not to give up if I don’t see results right away. Thanks so much!

    • Hi,

      I’m happy you stumbled upon this article then. Too often people think running a business is like a job. But it’s not. So at least now you understand the difference and will be more patient until you can build your business.

      I just hope you have the proper training because just joining an affiliate program is the easy part. Getting people to trust you and visit your page and links is the hard part and why we recommend a company like WA to help you succeed with any affiliate program you join.

      So keep that in mind.

      Good luck!

  49. I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing in one capacity for many moons. So yes I was always employed while I was mastering this business. I’m a firm believer that you should have some other consistent income coming in so you can relax and enjoy the processing of learning this business. Otherwise people try to rush through the learning and miss a lot of important things because they’re desperate to pay bills. Learning like that doesn’t work!

    So definitely have some other income in place which is why we gave you many other easy recommendations here:

    and we list jobs daily here:

    This way hopefully you’re earning money with other things as you try to build this affiliate marketing business which can take a lot of time and is daunting.

    So having another job and making other ways is how I paid for training I would get from places like WA. I always invested a portion of any money I made from a job or other money making opportunities in to better myself or business. It’s an investment that has paid for itself many times over and why I’m home in my PJs answering your comment and earning more money than I ever did at my full time job.

    I hope that makes “cents”.

  50. Hi Eddy, I’m wondering did you continue working at your old job where you tried to convince the boss to give you a 15 cent raise while you started doing this business? If not how did you pay the fees for WA? It sounds like a good plan BUT I’ve been burned before.

  51. Wow, it sounds like you’ve had a great change of philosophy and point of view recently. I applaud you for it. All too often the biggest reasons people aren’t succeeding at their dreams is because they are already mentally defeated and sadly don’t even realize it. They blame everyone else but themselves. So I really commend your self awareness and new path.

    You sound like you’re ready for the task at hand. Just email me when you join and I’ll send you my little guide that will give you some great tips about writing. Writing has always terrified me as well. But as you can tell by articles my grammar and spelling suck and I write like I’m having a conversation with a person. Guess what 99.9% of people that visit my site still love my crappy writing. Know why? It’s because I’m providing value to them by helping them solve a problem which is avoiding scams and making money legitimately. I’m also entertaining folks in the process. People are very forgiving of imperfect writing when you can help them solve their issues. Sure I get a few english majors, perfectionist and teachers that will chime in about my crappy writing. It’s annoying and sucks. But those folks usually only account for a half a percent of the people that visit the site. Everyone else tends to be happy.

    So my point is don’t worry about your writing to much. If you can write an email and a comment which you did, you’ll be able to write articles just fine. The other key is to actually pick a topic(niche) you’re passionate about or have experience in. When you do writing about it is no different than talking to someone about it. So that’s another secret.

    See I already gave you tons of advice already! lol

    By the way since I’m an affiliate a lot of the content you’re reading I do make money with and I’m very upfront about it. But as you can see just because I’m making money with something that I recommend it doesn’t mean I’m not providing value and still helping people make the decisions that are best for them. There is this awful misconception that because folks like myself get paid for this stuff we can’t be trusted. However folks that actually take the time to read this blog and take action soon realize how misguided this perception is. Most folks realize that we all win when good information and recommendations are provided. In fact a lot of people that do read my information and have made money because of it are happy that I made money from them because they feel one hand should wash another.

    So my helping folks like you is my job as an affiliate so yes I have to do it! Because it pays the bills. lol But the way I do it is what sets me apart from a lot of people because I sincerely want you guys to go into things with a full picture of both bad and good. I have found when you do it this way, you still make a boat load of money and people are happy with you even if they know you’re getting paid for it. Hope that makes “Cents”.

    Thanks for your support my friend. Keep me posted and feel free to email me directly. The contact me link is on the left hand menu on this page.

  52. Hey Eddy,
    I just wanted to say, if I had been in any other place in my life I wouldn’t have given this affiliate stuff a second look, but from the bottom of my heart I thank God for everything in my life that i’ve gone through because it definately made me stronger. Im determined now more than ever to make my dreams a reality. Im joining WA, and I will be successful. The cost and the learning material doesnt scare me I look forward to the learning experience. My only fear is writing, any tips on free writing tools? Thanks for the time you took in putting this info out there, surely you make enough just being an affiliate you didnt have to do this too, I really appreciate you.

  53. Hey,

    I’m glad you found the review helpful. I think we all can relate to your experience with other learning products. Many of them are more about squeezing more money out of you on upgrades then it is about teaching you how to be successful.

    I’m confident if you’re willing to work hard and make full use of all the resources at WA you’ll be in way better place than you were with some of these other programs. Like any other business no one can guarantee you success. That’s up to you but having the right resources and support should better your chances at it!

  54. Hi Eddie, you WA review is great. Basically you answer all my questions about the program without having to ask you anything. I have a better understanding of this program and this is what I was looking for when I started looking for online courses. I too joined a few programs that were trying  to sell me little by little different things like the program first then tools for this and tools for that and tools to make a website and at the end you still didn’t understand how to incorporate everything,  not to mention no customer  service or any kind of help to your questions.

    Thanks a lot and I will join WA tomorrow and give the bestwill let you know about my progress  in the future.

  55. Hi Eddy, you have a great article. please give me advice, my name Decharis from Bali, I Have 2 kids. my job allow me to use internet more than 8 hours. n what i do is just wasting that 8 hours because i don’t know how to gain money from that 8 hours. can u tell me the first easy step to gain money from my internet??
    Thank you so much, God Bless You

    • Did you pay to go to college?
      Have you run a business before?

      Anyone that has went to college has paid to earn money. Anyone that has purchased a newspaper or internet connection to do a job search is paying to earn money.

      I don’t know if you actually read the review, but you’re not paying for a job. You’re paying for training like anyone does for college, medical school, law school or any professional skill set one wants to learn.

      Furthermore this isn’t a job. It’s a business you’re learning. Can you start a Mc Donald’s without start up money? Well you can’t really start most businesses without some type of investment.

      Don’t confuse a job with a business. They’re totally different things that should be approached as such. Sounds like you’re looking for a job, in which case you should visit our jobs page which is free:

      Good luck.

  56. OK Eddy, you are the man. I’m sure you’ve been told that a few times, but you gots to take your props along with the rest of the stuff. Thanks man, I joined clickbank a few months bac, joined goodle affiliate program and a few others, but i can tell b y joining wealth affiliate and listineing to the likes of you I’ll be able to fulfill my desire to work at home. thanks man.

    • Thanks Dok!
      I really appreciate the kind words. I’m just happy to hear you’re reading our stuff and taking action. That’s definitely how you will succeed! Keep up the good work man.

  57. You’re welcome! I’m glad to hear you’ve been taking action and succeeding and now you’re ready to step up your game! The sky is the limit my friend. It just requires a lot of hard work, focus and dedication.

  58. Hi Eddy,
    I’ve been lurking on your site for a couple of months and it is refreshing to see what you are doing to show us that it is indeed possible to make money online. I have sold a few books and I also earn on Amazon Turk. I especially enjoyed your article on Wealthy Affiliates and took the plunge and joined them during their current promotion at their 2005 price. The site is chock full of information and training for everything! Yet I will stay focused as you suggested in your article and not get distracted. Thanks Eddy!

    • Yes, I’m still with them and will be for many years to come. They’re actually having a great promotion right now where you can get in at the 2005 prices. So definitely read the review above and if it something that calls out to you be sure to visit their site.

  59. Hi Eddy,

    Thanks for the review. I plan on joining WA, but have questions regarding the affiliate tax laws.
    What’s your take on this and how will it affect the industry and newbies like myself?

    Thanks, Dean

    • You’re welcome. Honestly I’m not too concerned about. Taxes are part of life and we’ll all work through them. I also have a great professional that helps me with all my tax related business issues. So I depend on her expertise for that and I just focus on running my business.

  60. Thanks AJ. I totally feel you on the fake reviews. I don’t hide that I’m an affiliate on my site. I make it quite clear that I get paid for certain things I cover. But I’ve never found that providing real feedback including cons has hurt my career or affiliate sales. In fact it has just the opposite effect. People appreciate being provided the real deal so that they can make an informed decision about whether a company is right for them or not. This is a win win for everyone.

    So thanks for appreciating my little effort in that respect. I’ve built a nice career doing it this way and i can sleep at night knowing I’m not tricking people into joining stuff i personally recommend just for the sake of earning more money.

  61. Thanks Sam!
    It’s always great to hear when people actually take the time to read my articles and take ACTION! You’re a perfect example of what happens when they do. You sound as determined as me when I was your age. So I’m confident you can achieve your goals!

    Keep at it my friend. Every little step you take is one closer to making bigger things happen. That seems to be lost on many people but apparently not you! So I applaud you.

  62. Hey Eddy,
    It’s extremely refreshing to see such an in-depth and well-written review (that covers cons too!), with so many fake reviews which exist for the sole purpose of generating affiliate sales.
    Keep on stickin’ it to the man!

  63. I’m a college student so you know my pockets are slim, but I’ve been coming to this website so much lately that it automatically comes up in my history lol Since coming here I been able to put a lil more change in my pocket cause the information gathered here is extremely useful. With doing the proper research and capitalizing on Eddy’s info I been able to find legitimate websites that pay me money. Now I’m determined to become a student of wealthy affiliate university and put even more money in my pocket; so by the time I finish school I won’t be worried about how I’m going to pay back the US gov.

    Thanks Eddy for all your hard work and not wasting our time with B.S. You’re the real deal.

  64. Hey Lilly,
    I’m glad you landed on this site. I totally agree with you about your experience with the work at home crap stuff out there. You may be a smart cookie but the reason they put crap out there like that because a lot folks fall for it. I have and that’s the only reason I got in this industry to help people avoid it.

    But as you’re seeing for yourself, there are some good people and opportunities out there. It’s just a matter of filtering through all the crap first which is what this site is about. You’ll discover that as you read more of it:

    In any event, continue to read. I really appreciate the fact that you said you needed to do that before asking me more questions. Too often people land on this site and browse through information that was designed to help them and already answers most of the questions they have. I can’t really help folks that aren’t willing to help themselves. But you’re definitely not one of those people. So I look forward to your questions and you reading more of this blog.

    I agree with you about my dog. I get the weirdest looks when I walk him. I always tell people it’s my wife’s dog. lol Thanks for the kind words about my daughter.

    Good luck and welcome to the site.

  65. Hi Eddy,
    A friend of mine sent me links for work at home jobs and i landed on your page.I never finish reading “work at home” pages coz i always feel they sound like they think ive got an IQ of a rat, which i presume is stupid, but i dont really know.I dont know if your WA works, your presentation of it though is intelligent, and is speaking TO ppl not AT them.I love that im not being promised riches, im going to go through all your material first and check you and WA out , but i like the sounds of hard work, coz im not interested in “cash in while you sleep”, which usually means” we( scammers) want to cash in while you sleep”.I still have a few questions but i prefer to read everything before i ask questions thank you for this good work youve done and IF i do join, I hope youll be available to help me out.
    by the way, thats a strange looking dog for a big guy like you( no offence)…good thing you have that beautiful little girl, she makes the picture perfact.
    thnx again
    from France

  66. Hey Eddy!

    Thanks for taking the time and showing all of this to us!   Just a quick question because I see the date in the video was 08… do you still do this for a living? and if so, are you getting the same results?   Thank you so much!


    • Yes I still work at home full time doing this. And yes I’m still getting the same results.
      If you google work at home or work from home you’ll see my sites listed http://www.workathomenoscams.com and workathomecareers.com So yes this stuff works and can make someone a great living if they’re willing to invest in themselves and work really hard until they succeed. It’s not easy and most people will give up.

  67. No worries. It always bugs me out when someone asks that question. I just assume when folks actually read the articles and comments they can tell real people are interacting. But I guess that’s not always the case. lol
    In any event, I’m glad you are READing the site and learning a lot! Take action and you’ll be well on the way to earning money legitimately online.

  68. sorry but test to see if real LOL um of course made me laugh…. An I am so glad I stumbled on your site Eddy this has been the best resources I found for affliate programs. I an hoping this is the right decision for me since I can not work due to chronic back pain an nerve damage. Thank you very much Eddie for all your hard work you have done . I have learned a great deal on this site an continue to come back for answers!!

  69. Eddy,
    I am a single mom, just seeing if your blogs and comments are real…
    Interesting website, best I have found so far if it is real…for real…
    Mom of 1

  70. Eddy,  

    Thanks for your detailed review! It’s helped me to focus my attention. I’m going to use your work at home guide and see how things go. When I’m ready, I’ll definitely purchase WA through you. Thanks again for a very informative and  helpful website!

  71. That’s the problem with any business and why most people don’t become business owners. I don’t know if you actually ready the article above, but I’ve already discussed this is exactly why one needs to learn internet marketing. You’re not on this site by accident it’s because I applied the internet marketing techniques I learned to get you here.

  72. Eddy,
    The problem I have always had with internet businesses I have tried is always the same.   Getting people to come to my site.   Plain and simple…I have never found a way to do that that didn’t cost me a small fortune and basically forced me out of business.   I have even paid other companies to send me people.   Boy that was a bad move!   Anyway, how do I resolve this issue?

  73. Hi eddy i just watched your videos and read but im am so lost lol so much info i really need someone to help me step by step dont i need a website to place those links in to make money ? HELP so lost i need a private tutor

  74. Hey Eddy. Thanks for the article and information you shared. It was very educational! I just have a quick question about WA. I know that they give you the option to build websites and get free hosting through them but what if I already have a website. Can that website be ran on WA and hosted as well?

    • Hey John,
      You’re welcome. When I came to WA I already had my sites too. I didn’t use any of their hosting and stuff. I prefer to keep that separate. So there is no real need to move it over especially if it’s too much of a hassle. What I basically did was just learn marketing techniques from them to apply to my existing site. I hope this answers your question.

  75. You can find affiliate companies easily online. That’s the easy part. Just do a search for affiliate networks and you’ll find a gang of them out there. Making money is the hard part.
    Some of the companies I’m an affiliate of are Fusion cash:



    and Wealthy Affiliate. So a lot of the ones I obviously review on this site I’m an affiliate of.

  76. Eddy, I think this infornation was outstanding.   I have been looking for so long for something i could do that would allow me to work for me.   I think i own it to myself to give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

  77.  Eddy, Thank you for the extensive discussion of Wealthy Affiliate University. I am going to join and work for myself rather than someone else. I expect to visit your site often for pep talks and to update you on my progress. Thank you again.Lance

    • You’re welcome Lance! I’m glad you’ve decided to take a risk on yourself. It’s a long and tough journey but it’s worth it when you finally succeed!

  78. Joe,
    I’m not going to lie to you. As I said in the review above and my multiple comments to folks below, this isn’t an easy business. The concepts are easy enough to grasp. Bug actually putting it together so you can actually succeed isn’t a walk in the park and why most people prefer to be employees than the boss.

    But for the folks that are willing to work hard and make this work for them it can happen.
    Your education is irrelvent to business. There are a lot of millionaires that have successful businesses that didn’t go to college. They had the right work ethic and drive. So unlike the job market, college education isn’t a requirement. As long as you have the right training, work ethic and provide value you can succeed.

    But it’s not easy. So if that scares you, this isnt really for you. I hope that helps.

  79. hi Eddy, i am thinking about joining wa, however i have a basic hs edu. i’m talkin this boy passed hs by the skin of his teeth as the phrase goes, is it easy to understand and to get stated for simpleton like myself, ok thanx, and have great day w/MOMS today…

  80. Wow, TJ you’re really taking action and doing fairly well!
    I’m extremely proud of you. Thanks for sharing that with me! In terms of your question, WA is basically like any hosting company where you can move your website files to another hosting company if you decide to leave WA. It’s especially easy to do since WA sites are built on the wordpress platform. If you need technical details on how to do that you would just need to contact the new hosting company you planned to move your site too and they could help do this for you. I’ve done it with other hosting companies and it’s pretty easy. But feel free to email WA directly for more information on how they handle this. I hope this helps.

    • Thanks that perfectly answers my question! I am hoping to join WA (under you, of course) here shortly. As you always say; ‘see you on the other side!’

  81. Hey Eddy, I have been reading through your website for the past few weeks and it has been a true blessing. I have made almost $100 already using your ideas on Amazonturk, MySurvey, InboxDollars, FushionCash, ClixSense, etc!

    I am strongly leaning towards joining Wealthy Affiliate, but I had one question (I have read through the majority of the comments on your blogs *what a task!* and haven’t seen this question asked, so hopefully I won’t make you answer it again); I am not too familiar with making my own website/web hosting. I see on WA that they offer web hosting. So, let’s just say that I make a few websites and WA is my host, what happens if down the road I choose to leave WA and take flight on my own? Can I just switch web hosting? How does that work?

    Thanks in advance for your help and all of your great advice you so lovingly give to us IM newbies!


  82. Hi Dr. NJ,

    Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate them. I applaud you for actually taking the time to really read the blog. Too often people just skim through it and miss a lot of the value we’re trying to provide. So I applaud your dedication.

    Sounds like you have the right mindset and work ethic to give this business a go.

    There are pictures of my little princess on my facebook fanpage:

    Trust me I treasure the time I spend with here even when she’s being annoying. I’ve been fortunate to see every moment of her life and it definitely feels like it’s speeding by. It also means I’m getting older. lol But thanks for the words of wisdom and support. I appreciate it.

  83. Caleb, You’re quite welcome. I think you’re pretty brave to try to start a business while being in medical school. Considering how demanding that it is, I don’t know if it’s the right time for you take this on. Especially if you’re looking to see results in a month. Keep in mind this is building a business and you’re basically learning a new skill. I’m sure it’s safe to say that after your first month in medical school you can’t go out and get a job as a doctor. Well the same goes for this business so keep that in mind. It may take months before you see the fruit of your labor. If that’s something that scares you, you might want to opt out of enrolling in WA and starting this business. I just want to be honest with you so you don’t go in this with unrealistic expectations. Hope this helps.

    • My name is Royceka Hanna, and I found your article on Wealthy Affiliate University to be very informative. I happened to stumble across the website and really wanted to know if it was okay to join. I don’t have any knowledge opening or running an online business. However, I do have an entreprenuer type attitude and I know I would dedicate myself once I can get started.

    • Glad you found it to be informative. If you do have the right attitude, work ethic, training and patience, you can succeed at any business including this one. As long as you understand that running a business isn’t like working a job, you’re on the right track.

  84. Thanks for your review about WA. I have been researching about it for sometime and was wondering if it is a scam. I am willing to try it out, even though the starting fee is quite expensive {$47(Gold) or $97(Platinum)}. I can be able to pay for the first month but my worry is the subsequent months, am not assured of a stable flow of income unless I make some cash in WA during my training. Well I am willing to put invest my time and hard work, despite my busy schedule as a medical student. I know I may not get rich instantly, but am willing to try it out. It gives me hope after going through the ocean of programs on the internet that promise heaven but can’t deliver.

  85. I must confess the first time I signed on to Wealthy Affiliate I felt really intimidated. The world it was introducing me to was so foreign to me I bailed in the first four weeks. Luckly I saved at least part of what what was sent to me that first month. Now that I’ve had yet another year of hunting and poking around the internet and trying out some stuff, I went through my book marks and there it was. These guys are the real deal. They gave me so many ideas and tips that first few weeks I am convinced it is more than worth the money I paid. I went back through what I saved from them and can’t wait to justify spending a few more dollars to get a few more tips and ideas.

    • Cathy, thanks for sharing your honest experience. It’s definitely very intimidating at first like anything new you learn. But if you stick with it, it gets better as you’ve seen.

  86. Hey Eddy,
    I am a newby to internet marketing I have 5 sites up and running, I enjoy writing the blogs, finding info and building sites, I have had my sites going for 2 months now but have only made not even ten dollars, I get a little frustrated but after reading your info I have found hope again. Thanks.

    • Glad you found some inspiration after reading my blog. Building a business takes time. 2 months is a drop in the bucket. So keep that in mind. It’s not like a job. You’re going to experience many unpaid hours before you reach a breakthrough. That’s just part of the process we all go through. You just need to keep pushing forward and remind yourself why you’ve decided to run your own business and use that as fuel. Hopefully you are trained in internet marketing because without it, the road is a lot more difficult. In any event, good luck to you. If you stick it through, you should see some results eventually.

    • Debbiemoy
      Just got done reading Eddy’s info and came across your question to Eddy a tht you posted to him a year ago. Where do you stand as of tody?

  87. Hi Eddy,
    I’m totally new in internet marketing and I have read from many websites and articles that teaches about the internet marketing, but I find it very hard to follow or understand what they teach because it sounded just so very technical! In fact, we are even taught by them to write articles in easy to understand language. Will the teachings and programs by Wealthy Affiliate be comfortably easy to understand?

    • Hey Eric,
      Honestly if you’ve read a lot of websites and taken a lot of courses and still not understanding this stuff. I don’t know if joining WA will be any better for you. As I said in my review above, they over deliver on information which can be overwhelming. So I don’t know how you would really do with it. Like anything sometimes it’s hard to understand a concept. Lord knows I’ve had my problems understanding certain concepts. But I always appreciated that I could go to the forum and ask a question. Or I could private message one of the owners or other members for clarification. But that’s me. I take initiative if I don’t understand something. Most of the stuff I thought was easy to understand but everyone is different. Maybe you should try to work with the stuff you already have access too and then take it from there.

    • Hey Eric,
      Honestly if you’ve read a lot of websites and taken a lot of courses and still not understanding this stuff. I don’t know if joining WA will be any better for you. As I said in my review above, they over deliver on information which can be overwhelming. So I don’t know how you would really do with it. Like anything sometimes it’s hard to understand a concept. Lord knows I’ve had my problems understanding certain concepts. But I always appreciated that I could go to the forum and ask a question. Or I could private message one of the owners or other members for clarification. But that’s me. I take initiative if I don’t understand something. Most of the stuff I thought was easy to understand but everyone is different. Maybe you should try to work with the stuff you already have access too and then take it from there.

  88. Eddy,
    Just wanted to give you a quick update. I joined WA this past weekend and am on Training Day 3 (sounds like a movie sequel, thankfully Denzel is not my trainer!). Without your help I couldn’t have made enough money from your recommendations, Mechanical Turk, etc., to pay for my first two months of membership. Thank you so much for your guidance! I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

    Thanks again,
    Viki (Trinity at WA)

    • Hey Viki,
      I’m so proud of you. I always tell people to reinvest the money they make with the smaller opportunities into training or things that will compound their money and you definitely did that! Great job. You’re a testament on taking action.

      I promise you no one is going to make you smoke LCD or will you end up in a bath tub about to be chopped up. lol But you may run into obstacles and hurdles. But if you’ve read my site long enough, you prepared for those challenges.

      Keep up the good work. As you’re studying at WA, continue to work those other opportunities that made you money. Because it’s probably going to take a bit of time before you see results with this new business. Keep me posted.

  89. This is one of the most helpful websites i have ever come across!! Thanks eddy this article was wonderfully explained, one of my buddies told me to join S.B.I.(have you ever heard of them?) but i feel more comfortable with WA, i will be doing some of your recommendations to help me pay that monthly fee!lol

    • Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate that compliment. I’ve heard good things about SBI in the past. Not sure how it is now. As always it’s a great idea to follow the steps in my scam video to do your research on any company:

      In any event, I totally encourage you to try my other smaller income recommendations first. I think it helps build people’s confidence to see money coming in from other opportunities first before venturing into starting their own business. So definitely go for it. WA isn’t going anywhere. It will be there when you’re ready.

  90. Jeff,

    You’ve pretty much summed up what is necessary to succeed at this business: “GRIND!”
    Thanks for sharing your experience and success. I think it’s always good to hear from others that are using the training and succeeding because of it. So thanks for sharing.

  91. This is my 2nd time commenting and I’ll probably comment many times more. Is wealthy affiliate a scam? NO!

    Does Wealthy Affiliate hand you a million dollars in 30 days if you just work a 1/2 hour a day? NO!

    What Eddy is representing here is a REAL BUSINESS TRAINING OPPORTUNITY but if you’re not serious about running your own internet marketing business, complete with the sacrifices and time it takes to run a business, then don’t bother with this program.

    Wealthy Affiliate has a ton of information and what I love best is that they’re always adding more features and benefits for members. I’ve been a member for nearly a year and will never surrender my membership because of all the training, tools and information.

    It’s fair to say that without Eddy and Wealthy Affiliate, there is no way I would be an internet marketer right now. I plan on making this a full time venture and with the training I’ve received and the tools at my disposal, I know I can do it.

    So far, I’ve generated a passive income of about $100/month via 100 Ezine articles I’ve written online and now I’m branching into making niche sites (which is SO EASY thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Express site creator).

    The sky is really the limit and after about a year, I feel like I’m really ready to take the next step and move into some serious money.

    But..let me emphasize, THIS IS A BUSINESS. A lot of times I get up 3 hours before my day job to work and work 2-3 hours afterwards. I’m putting about 30 hours a week into my internet marketing business and I keep learning and challenging myself.

    What you get with Eddy and Wealthy Affiliate is REAL. There are NO oversized checks showing you how you can make $10,000,000 in 3 days, nor is there pictures of 10 mansions you can own here. I learned this word from Eddy:


    You have to be willing to grind and learn at this business. Now, don’t get me wrong, grinding doesn’t mean drudgery. I’m having a lot of fun! I can’t wait to work on my blogs, sites, articles, etc. Know why? They’re MINE.

    As I’m sure is true for all of us, in the past I’ve done what I considered to be a “great job” at work, but when its time for recognition or monetary rewards, well, let’s just say that sometimes neither materialized as I would have wanted them too. Sometimes they did, to be fair, but often there is not a rhyme or reason to how you get compensated when you work for someone else.

    That’s why I’m so excited about MY internet marketing because I determine how to reward me for a job well done.

    That is exciting and that is the opportunity that Eddy and Wealthy Affiliate can provide you as long as you’re willing to:


  92. Hello Eddy, I also have seen your site mentioned on AARP and also some newscast article about WAH.
    If I remember I will send the info to you…Next time I see it. I am trying so hard to figure out how to make even part time income working ft online. I was working for A shop network and lost my job because my ISP. I have become a fan of yours…thank you so much for your truths and wisdom. It’s really REFRESHING to hear honest opinions today! There is so much Bull and hype. I don’t have the funds to join WA but will continue to read your posts and eventually will come upon my fate. I’m concidering labella…and I will let you know-how it goe$…..thanks Robby

    • Hey Robby,

      Please send me this article. You’re the second person that has told me this and I can’t find it anywhere online. lol It’s nice to know that the AARP sees value in what we’re doing here.

      In any event, thanks for the kind words. I try to keep it as real as possible. I don’t want people going into opportunities without knowing what to expect whether it’s good or bad. It helps people make informed decisions that is right for them. Fortunately for me people seem to appreciate that.

      I’m happy to hear you’re exploring all of your work at home options. You should. Just because I’m in affiliate marketing doesn’t mean it’s your path which is why I try to give you guys a lot of choices so you can find your way. So I’m happy you’re exploring LaBella. Be sure to post a comment on that article once you’ve started with it.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

  93. Mr. Salomon, I too have spent at least several hundred dollars on trying to make money online. So far I have seen a whopping return on my investment to the tune of 0 for every dollar spent! This being my third year trying has been quite discouraging! But after stumbling across your site from the AARP Home site and reading your very informative and enlightening review of WAU in its entirety I feel inspired to keep trying! Thank You very much for investing your time in being so thorough!…Hopefully this will be the start of a long relationship, and a short list of dollars spent, thanks to you!!! May you become even more successful in your endeavors, as I hope I will in mine!…May God or THE FORCE whichever you believe in be with you!!! …THANX AGAIN! Kevin Lowe.

    • Hey Kevin,

      You can just call me Eddy. Mr Salomon makes me feel like an old man or uptight. lol
      I didn’t know the AARP knew I existed. lol I would love to see the article where they included us.

      In any event thanks for sharing your experience with me. If it makes you feel better your past experience is one that many would be business owners have also faced before finally hitting a break through. Failure comes with the territory. The only difference between people that finally succeed is that they don’t give up and they learn rom their failures. So don’t be discouraged. Learn from those past experiences and get better.

      I’ve traveled that road many times. Sometimes it’s user error or sometimes it’s poor training. Sometimes it’s a combination of both. Either way be sure to determine what the cause has been with you. Because at the end of the day WA isn’t a cure all. It will provide you the information to succeed but ultimately it still falls on your shoulders to apply it and make it work until you succeed. So keep that in mind.

      I would encourage you to give some of our free recommendations a shot:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/recommendations. Most people that take action on them make money relatively quickly. I think this is important for you because you haven’t earned a dime yet online and I know you will with many of these free recommendations. Then it becomes like a snow ball effect that gives you a boost of confidence with other online opportunities. So I say give that a shot first and then work your way up to WA. Because building a successful business can take a very long time even with the best of training and I want you to see some money while you learn. Hope that makes sense.

      Thanks for the well wishes. God & the force are basically the same stuff to me. It’s just different names. lol So thanks!

  94. You need an editor or a refresher course on punctuation; also, read up on the differences in “their” and “there.” Otherwise, this was an enjoyable read…

    • You might be right but it won’t happen. However I appreciate that you’re trying to help and enjoyed the article nonetheless.

      The great thing about being an affiliate/internet marketer is I don’t need to have perfect grammar or spelling. When you do a great job of helping people accomplish their goals (which in this case is avoiding scams or making money), they’re able to look pass such minor mistakes. And I assure you, you’ll find many more of those on my blog. But it hasn’t stopped my earnings. Sure I may lose some professionalism points but I’m not really here trying to portray myself as such.

      At the end of the day as long as you get value from the information and we’re all still making money and avoiding scams then I’ve done my job. I like my imperfections being on display because it shows that you don’t need to be perfect and polished to do pretty well.

      P.S. Excuse the numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes in my comments above. I’m confident there are many. lol

  95. thanks! you’ve got a natural appeal that makes people want to read & join and still provide balance to the see-saw question of “should i or shouldn’t i join WA?” and in the spirit of balance, i’d like to suggest that you – feel the fear & do it anyway – click the “spell & grammer check” icon! albeit, i don’t think it nets usage or… words that sound the same, but have different spellings & meanings! OR hire me to proof, because i’ll probably join WA because of you & could use the work. lol

    • You’re welcome. As you continue to read my site, you’ll see that spelling and grammar errors are my running joke. lol I purposely leave a lot of the errors I later find to prove a point. You don’t need to be a perfect writer to get your point across and do well in this industry. I’m living proof of this. But I appreciate your concern. Either way I wish you luck if you decide to join WA.

      P.S. I apologize for the numerous spelling and grammar errors you find in my response back to you. lol

  96. Eddy, thanks for the article. I’ve been considering a WA membership for a while now. I’ve read a number of reviews as well as WA’s affiliate crash course. However, your article sold me on the idea. The earn while you learn aspect of a WA membership was it. That incite is very comforting. I thank you for your time, effort, and honesty you put into this article. Providing the world with an incite into WA wasn’t a must for you…THANKS!

  97. Eddy! do you really take the time to write back to everyone’s comments??? thats pretty amazing..i heard about internet marketing and have been doing research literally all day..i ame across the website for WA and was scared it was a scam but then i found this website..im still a little scared because nowadays everything on the internet is a scam lol but youve made me a little more confident that it is not and i really am interested in trying it!!! im very motivated to get to where you are at..do you have any other advice for someone starting out who’s a little scared to pay 97$ a month to a random website..?

    • Jennifer,
      I try my best. But I don’t get everyone. But I probably answer more than most bloggers in my position do. lol

      In any event, I think you have a healthy fear of the make money world. Let’s face it, it’s filled with scams and nonsense at every turn. That being said don’t let your fear get the best of you. Imagine if everyone decided after 9/11 no one would fly. It’s good to be cautious and safe but not to the point where you’re paralyzed. The good thing about most online scams is that the word spreads pretty fast. This is why I’m always preaching that people do their own research which is easy to do if you follow the steps in my scam video:

      Then you’re less likely to lose money or end up in a bad situation. So that’s my advice to you, do your research and make decisions based on that rather than fear. The fact of the matter is WA isn’t perfect. But none of the home based business opportunities are. What you want to figure out is which company is more likely to help you succeed. Figuring out their legitimacy is the easy part if you’ve done the research. The writing is on the wall when it comes to WA. It’s not a scam. Is everyone that joins going to make money? Probably not. But thats’ the odds for any business you’ll start. Less people will be successful at running a business than at working at job. It’s the reality of the situation. It’s also why you don’t see a lot of people even considering this as an option.

      The real question here is are you willing to take a risk on yourself with this business or any business that you find to be legitimate? Are you willing to deal with the possibility of failure and not seeing money the first couple of months? Once you’ve asked yourself those questions and responded honestly, then it’s really a matter of applying your research and taking a lead of faith. You’re unlikely to get scammed when you do your research. But with that said just keep in mind that even if you’re with a legitimate company it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed success. So as long as you understand that you’re in a good place.

      P.S. You don’t have to go the full $97 per month option with WA. Pick the lower option and you’ll still do just fine.

      Good luck on your venture either way. Just keep in mind what I said about letting fear be an obstacle and doing your research.

  98. hahahaaa! Know what? I began reading from the comment side and found almost everyone commenting on WA. I found the meaning in your article. Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you very much please for all the guidance you provide for folks. Please I need your help if you cn permit me to send you an email.


    • I wonder why people some people read from the comments then up. Either way, glad you’re reading the article. You’re quite welcome.
      In terms of help, try reading some of articles first since they tend to cover a lot of the help people are looking for. My suggestion is to start with our work at home guide: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/workathomeguide It tends to cover everything one needs to know about working at home. If after reading the material you still have questions, feel free to use the contact me link on the left of the site.

    • Adam,
      Try actually reading the whole article above. That’s what everyone else did to learn what WA is. That pretty much goes for all the articles on this website too.
      This blog is filled with information that can help you make money and avoid scams. But it only helps you if you actually take the time to read it.
      I guarantee if you do you’ll be better off in this industry than if you never did. Good luck.

    • You’re welcome. I spend most of my time here on my own sites. But I do pop up on occasion over at WA. So you’ll definitely be able to find me there. Unlike most people that recommend certain sites or opportunities, I’m actually a member of the places I personally recommend. lol

  99. Hi Eddy,

    I am planning to join WA but wanted to start out at the gold package for now. I am a complete newbie to any of this but an advanced user of researching (degree in psychology!). In your opinion, do you think someone like me could manage? I do plan on upgrading to the platinum down the road.

    • Hi again Michelle,
      Starting with the gold is fine. I doubt you’ll even need to move up to the platinum. There is more than enough information in the lower package to run with. I think the fact you’re already good at researching and reading will probably help you a lot. Most people don’t enjoy reading so they get bored or easily over whelmed with the amount of information thrown at them in WA. I think you or anyone can manage provided you’re focused and want to make this work. The advantage that most people have that actually take the time to read this review, the comments and watching the video listed here is that they go into WA with a more realistic expectation of what to expect. I’ve seen what happens when other people sugar coat the cons that WA has. Then when they get there they just give up because they weren’t coached about some of the pitfalls and how to work through them. So provided you have read this review carefully from top to bottom and you’re ready to work hard until yo do succeed, you’ll do great. I can’t tell you exactly when you’ll see results or how much money you’ll make. But I can tell you from experience that if you follow through with this stuff and apply it consistently you can do well.

      WA isn’t a cure all. They can provide you with the information you need, but ultimately the success will rest on your shoulders like any business you may venture into. Anyone telling you differently is just feeding you lies to get your money. I hope this helps.

  100. Wealthy Affiliate is a unique Internet marketing university which affords anyone the opportunity to be a success. Also, Wealth Affiliate offers superior tools which are second to none.

    • Nevil,
      It’s been around for years and still is around and isn’t going any where any time soon. A lot of the sites that you see that come and go aren’t built on a real business model. They’re just designed to squeeze money out of you and go. WA is an educational resource. As long as people want to learn how to be successful being an internet marketer and they can deliver the information, they’ll be here.

  101. I do apologize for misspelling your name, Eddy! But I do understand what you have explained. True success comes from within each individual and how we measure it. I can only hope that I can be patient and stick to my guns on achieving financial freedom so that I can be with my loved ones and my two babies. I am a full time union employee that provides health services to the people but am burned out since it is a highly stressful environment and everyday I fantasize on making my exit. Obviously I can’t just up and leave because I have obligations. I came across your blog months ago and always put WA on my to do list but felt uncomfortable that I am letting precious time pass. I would like to give this a shot also because I hate waking up with the feeling that I did not give it my all knowing that I can. I am an Aries, and if you know a bit of astrology, we are great initiators, warriors, loves challenges, but we don’t see things through till the end. We or at least I, can start a project but never finish it. We get bored in the process! (Me).. Anyways, not to ramble but my point is just that.. I want to start this because it can be beneficial for my life and everyone in it and I don’t want to be one of those people that says, “What if”…. Thanks for reading and I applaud your growing success… Maybe I will have the same blessing… Doors are always knocking, but we must open them, step inside and embrace what the future awaits!!!

    • Maria,

      No worries.
      I totally agree with your observations about how success is achieved and what it takes.
      I definitely agree that you should work towards an exit strategy from your current employment. But do what I did for years. I used my employment as motivation and a means to escape. I took whatever I had left over from bills to re-invest in myself via learning or building my business. I did this for years until I was finally able to scape. I find it’s much easier to deal with the day to day bs of work when you know that you’re working towards you exit strategy. Anytime some thing shady or annoying happened, I would laugh to myself. Because I knew that my end wasn’t at this company. I knew like a prisoner in jail I was plotting my escape and would be gone soon enough if I was patient and worked hard. So I encourage you to do the same.

      That being said, you have to be really honest with yourself which you have been. If you know you’re not the type to see things through or get bored easily, you’re going to need to figure out what’s going to motivate you to stay focused. Otherwise you’re wasting your time and money. My motivator before I had my wife and daughter was that I hated the idea that people that I knew weren’t really smarter than me were making more money than me and calling the shots. It also burned me that I would have to work the rest of my life making someone else rich. That just didn’t make any “cents” to me. I coupled that stuff with the daily annoying nonsense I dealt with at work and it was like jet fuel that I would ingest to get me going. You need to figure out what your motivation will be and focus on it. Because during the course of building a business a lot of it is unpaid and waiting to get off the ground. It’s very easy to get discouraged and give up. Some people even end up blaming others for their lack of success. So be mindful of losing focus and motivation. Otherwise you’re doomed to fall into the same path of many of have failed and given up at this.

      I’m not knocking them because as I’ve said, this isn’t for everyone. Sometimes one door closes so another one opens. But I just want to give you some pointers to give you the best chance to succeed at this or any business for that matter. In any event, it sounds like you have the right attitude. Just be sure you have a plan in place to deal with the boredom or lack of focus you might fall into.

      I go through it sometimes as well. I usually walk way from this stuff for a few days or weeks. Then I come back reinvigorated. So that’s how I’ve learned to cope with those dead zones. So if you find you’re in a slump you may want to try that as well. Hope this all helps.

  102. I would like to give WA a shot Eddie. What can I expect when starting out like you? How long did it take you to be succesful when you started being as you pushed yourself? I am one that wants to work smarter, not harder. I saw your blog in WA.

    • Hi Maria,
      I’m not sure how much of the review you actually read above but I’ve pretty much highlighted what you can expect up there, which is a lot of hard work. In terms of how long it took me to be this successful, I don’t know the exact years. Success is also subjective. Some people may have thought I was successful when I was earning a few thousand dollars per month. I felt I reached success when I was able to quit my job and my wife was too. That didn’t happen until the last 2-3 years. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter when I was successful. With all due respect, you’re not me. You might pick this all up faster than me and become as successful as I currently am within a few weeks whereas it took me years. Or like most people it will probably take you a few months maybe even a year or more just to make a few bucks. I nor anyone can predict how well you’ll apply what you learn from WA or any training course. You have to go into this understanding that it is a business. Your results may vary from the next person and that’s fine.

      There is no sense trying to compare yourself to anyone else. I’m also not a big fan of time frames to achieve one’s dreams. Most people have relented to the idea of working the rest of their lives to make someone else rich. But when it comes to achieving their own dreams, they want to put deadlines on it. Personally I think that’s just crazy but to each their own.

      In any event, I admire that you want to work smarter not harder for yourself. That being said, expect to work! Getting a business off the ground is going to require more effort and patience than you’ve ever had to use for a job. Because the fact of the matter is that the hours you initially put in aren’t necessarily going to translate into dollars. Not everyone can deal with that. So you have to be honest with yourself. WA can provide you the material to learn this business. But you’re still going to be expected to put in your part in terms of applying what you learn and making the most out of the resources and people there.

      Not everyone that joins WA gets value out of it or succeeds. Like anything in life you’re taking a risk and you have to be ready for the consequences whatever they may be.
      So keep this all in mind when considering joining WA or any training program or business. It’s a tough road but Lord are the rewards sweet for those of us that aren’t willing to allow failure to be our ultimate reality. Hope this gives you something to think about.

      By the way, my name is spelled Eddy not eddie. 😉

      Thanks for chiming in.

  103. Okay, that is good info. I guess the real problem I have with WA is that most of what I learned from there came from people such as yourself. In other words I had to pay them to find the other programs that I paid in addition to.

    It just seems that for two Internet gurus making a lot of money could afford to hire a small staff that would be able to give the personal one on one attention that they promise in their ads. Instead I had to post questions and wait for reply from people who may or may not be further along than me, which I can do for free on the net.

    However, we can go around in circles about all of this. At the end of the day, what you said in the last reply is good advise.
    Obviously they know what they are doing or they wouldn’t be around.
    I can see that you are a sharp guy and you care about your readers so I guess since you learned from there it can’t be so bad…

  104. I hate to be the only one saying negative about Wa. But here’s my experience there.
    The owners Kyle and Carson have some articles about Affiliate/Internet marketing that they make you wait 8 weeks to get through cause they are time released.

    Meanwhile, while waiting for your next lesson to be released, you browse through all the info there written by other members there that are supposedly trying to help you but they also are hoping to get you to buy their stuff too.

    So basically it’s a place where you can learn but have to watch out for the experienced sharks that hang out there trying to take advantage of the newbie.
    And as far as one on one help… forget about it. In fact, I don’t even think the owners Kyle and Carson are even on there anymore. I never saw them interacting with anyone after 2008 0r 2009..

    • Steve,
      Don’t worry you’re not the only one that has made a negative comment about WA and you won’t be the last. Obviously I’ve pointed out my fair share of cons in the review above.
      Here’s the thing about the time released articles. It was really designed to address newbies who just rush through the material and don’t follow steps and then later complain they are confused. So that was the reason it was done. Some people need more structure than others. That being said you don’t neccessarily need to follow the 8 week path. As I showed in my walk through video you could just focus on one aspect of the marketing lessons such as SEO or article marketing. I don’t believe those lessons are on that 8 week drip path. At the end of the day some people appreciate linear guidance that is forced and some don’t. It’s a matter of personal perfernce.
      It’s not a ploy to keep you there because you can cancel at any time.

      In terms of the other members selling you their own courses. It’s funny I have had some people email me saying that the other members courses helped make more sense of WA. That being said, I have found the self promotion of the other members in WA annoying as well. So no argument here. But it’s also a factor I addressed in the review above when I stated that people should ignore folk’s signature in the forums (which tend to lead to additional material they want you to buy.) and just go there to ask your questions and that’s it. It’s that noise that I referenced that people should avoid to stay focused. But again there are some people that have found the additional material that other WA members sell very complimentary to their course. At the end of the day it’s not requirement or even necessary to buy these members courses. There is enough provided by WA and the spaces area which are already included. Like I said in the review above, there is a lot of information on WA and folks just need to stay focused on one area like SEO or article marketing. If one ventures into other things then that’s their choice but it’s not a requirement which should be made clear.

      You’re always going to find people that will try to make an extra buck. It’s the American way and you’ll find it in any forum. It’s not unique to WA. I visit forums all the time and I just ignore that stuff and people can too. I go to get the information I need and then I leave. So again this is just a matter of staying focused.

      In terms of Kyle & Carson not being active, I’m not sure what dates you’re looking at. But here’s a screenshot of the most recent posts that Carson has made which were all this month of this year:

      And here is a screenshot of Kyle’s post:

      So I’m not sure what you’re talking about because they are there helping people that ask for it and are very specific about their questions. They have thousands of users so they may not always be as speedy as we all want. I’ll give you that and have mentioned that as one of my cons above. But that’s also the reason why other members chime in as well. Private messaging with specific clear questions also helps.

      In either case, I appreciate you expressing your feedback. No company is going to have all positive feedbacks. It’s impossible. Every company has cons which is what I have always been up front about in my review and comments here. There will be plenty more negative comments about WA and any company. At the end of the day they are providing a legitimate educational resource that is based on proven methods that many of us successful internet marketers still use including me. How they present the information may not be perfect but if one is focused enough and asks for help, they can do well using what is taught. Big Jeff, Sue, Luke and others are a clear example of this. The reality is not everyone that signs up with WA will get value out of it. It’s really all dependent on the individual and how they apply what’s taught if at all. I’ve had a lot of teachers that weren’t the greatest educators but because I had to pass a given class so I can graduate and make money, I pushed through it because failure wasn’t an option. Sometimes its all about how you view this. Are you going to let some obstacles get in the way of your dreams. Or are you going to find a way to fight through the pain to make it happen. That’s a personal choice we all have to make. Sometimes we just need to re-route to reach our goals. So I definitely encourage you to do that as well. Even if your experience with WA hasn’t been the best, don’t let it stop you from doing what you need to do to succeed. Adjust accordingly the best way you see fit and push forward.

      Thanks again for sharing your honest feedback. It’s definitely appreciated and ties into a lot of the cons I have already described above.

  105. Hi Eddy,
    Bless you for the response!
    I am aware that there is a lot of reading, research and everything else that pertains to starting a business. I am truly mentally, physically and spiritually prepared for all of this as this is something which I know that I can do and eventually be successful with:)
    Once I am ready to join up with WA, I will make sure that I use your referral link.
    You are a true blessing. God Bless you and your family.

  106. Excellent write up and review Eddy… I thoroughly enjoyed reading it – in fact, I read every single word of it, which is a first for me as I usually scan articles:)
    As I finished reading this review, I looked at the date. Funny enough (or eerily enough! lol), it was written exactly a year ago today. And yes, I have decided to join the WA and become a member, because it makes perfect sense to me. I am looking for a long term solution, not a short term resolution, so it makes sense for me to become a student and really learn the tools of WA.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work!
    BTW, I have subscribed to your blog (a new thing for me as well), as I find your writing full of common sense!

    • Tai,

      I really appreciate that you actually took the time to READ the material. I know a lot of people are guilty of scanning. It’s a bad habit we all have and can lead to scams and missing great opportunities in this industry. In any event, I’m happy you saw value in what you read and you weren’t scared away by the hard work ahead of you or some of the cons I’ve pointed out. It shows me you’re up to the task at hand. So I applaud you. It won’t be easy or quick but it’s very rewarding for the right type of people.
      Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I appreciate the support!

  107. I had to come back and respond to what Eddy wrote. I am grateful and humbled that he would write that amount about me and my (beginning) success.

    The best way I can think to thank Eddy is to tell you that the WA opportunity that you are reading about on this page is a REAL opportunity afforded to you by a REAL guy that REALLY cares about you and opening up your eyes to what is actually going on in the world of work and careers.

    This is NO get rich quick scheme. This is learning, working, grinding, bumping your nose, having YOUR own business type of opportunity.

    There are no shortcuts and there is more than one way to accomplish your goals. I focused on article marketing because I can write but there are other opportunities for you.

    If you are SICK and TIRED of the slick sales pages that promise to make you a multi-millionaire in 4.5 days after just investing $39, then stick with this blog.

    Stick with Eddy.

    He will NOT steer you wrong but ultimately your results will be on you.

    I’m still a work in progress but thanks to Eddy I am actually “in progress”

    Thank you Eddy!!!

  108. I’m a HUGE Robert Kiyosaki fan and if you’re not familiar with him, he is an author and successful businessman that teaches people that they need to INVEST in things that will pay them while they’re sleeping. Trading hours/labor for money is ultimately self-defeating in building wealth. Problem for me is, most of the things Robert suggested were bad for me personally. Start a business (I don’t do well with employees), invest in stocks (I’m no math whiz), buy real estate (no good with fixing toilets).

    I figured that while Kiyosaki had great ideas, it wasn’t going to work for me.

    Until I met Eddy Salomon.

    I had never heard of affiliate marketing to any great degree nor wealthy affiliate but something about the way Eddy communicated got me. Here was a REAL guy with REAL advice.

    And lo and behold, affiliate marketing can pay you while you’re sleeping (if you do it right).

    I asked Eddy some questions about WA before joining, which he happily and PROMPTLY responded to (as I’ve come to find out, that wasn’t Eddy trying to make a sale. Eddy really cares about you. I have an email folder in my outlook named “Eddy” because of all the emails he’s answered. Yes, Eddy is the REAL DEAL in wanting to help you).

    So, I joined WA and you talk about information! It is everything Eddy says it is and more. Dynamic forums. Great articles. Tremendous tools. Lots of learning. A ton of information.

    Let me emphasize: YOU CANNOT GO WRONG BY JOINING WA!

    I joined back in April and by using the methods I learned, I’ve been able to put myself on a path that I’m making money at. In fact, I made about $300 of sales this month.

    If that doesn’t sound exciting to you then let me re-phrase that.

    I’ve made about $300 of sales this month without physically being there to make them! They happened while I was working out, sleeping, tipping adult beverages, etc.

    And there is no reason they won’t keep happening.

    I’ve truly been able to start myself on my path to the “Kiyosaki Way” with NO employees, NO stocks and NO busted toilets.

    Is it easy?

    NO WAY.

    This is A BUSINESS. I’ve invested money, time and a ton of energy.

    I get up every morning 2-3 hours before work and “get on my grind” as I like to kid with Eddy. I do article marketing so I write from anywhere from 2-4 articles per day, I continually study people I’ve found on WA (yes, even bought a few programs from people that I would have never have known about without WA but those programs have expanded my knowledge) and I do a ton of keyword research.

    I have an excel spreadsheet with over 25 tabs (and growing) of different URL’s and passwords I need to make this happen. I have a word document with all sorts of different templates I use for the various article sites I’m on.

    Right now, I have over 100 articles online and they’ve generated over 4,000 views and they’ve gotten about a 4% click rate, which Eddy tells me is great.

    I am continually working, reinvesting in my business and learning. I’ve made a ton of mistakes but I’m growing every day.

    If you aren’t willing to work, don’t join WA. I went 3 months without seeing one sale and was starting to doubt myself but Eddy would always encourage me and tell me that it would just take time.

    He was right.

    Do join WA if you are looking for REAL opportunity and you are willing to put in the time, effort and willing to reinvest in your business and treat it as a business.

    It’s not easy but when you realize that you are getting revenue that you don’t have to be present for, it is all WORTH IT.

    Hope this helps you.

    • Jeff,

      Thanks for coming back and sharing your success story with us. It’s always important for other work at home seekers to hear this type of stuff directly from their counterparts. Because it just illustrates the point that I’m not some myth or any more special than they are. Obviously I’m totally over joyed with your success. I know it’s just the start for you. If you continue to grind as hard as you do you’ll continue to see much more success. The sky is literally the limit with this.

      I do want to point out some things I’ve noticed about students like you that have actually succeeded with WA and affiliate marketing. Here’s what many of you have in common
      which others tend to lack and why they don’t succeed.

      1. You actually stayed focus on one technique. In this case it was article marketing. You took my advice to heart above when I said stay focused and ignore the noise. Too often people are jumping around. They don’t specialize in one technique and wonder why they don’t see success. They are jack of all trades but a master of none.

      2. You selected a niche you actually knew about and liked. A lot of people that join WA end up trying to be a little mini me’s (which I’m flattered about.) or picking niches that they have been told are popular and make money. That is recipe for disaster because most of those people can’t really write from the heart in these niches because they really aren’t experts on it and don’t have the same love. It’s basically like a mechanic writing an article about accounting vs car repairs. The article about car repairs will always be better than accounting because this person really knows about cars because of their profession and passion. So I know a big part of your success was because of this. You actually had a lot of experience with your niche because of your job.

      3. You READ the specific lesson regarding the technique you wanted to learn. Then you came back to me and other members in WA with specific questions about the technique. You never came back to me with generic questions. You even sent me some of your articles to read which allowed me to help you. Because now I could provide you very specific advice on how to improve them so that people would actually take action.

      4. You always took action. Too often people are reading stuff but aren’t acting on it. You also didn’t take half ass action like writing 1-2 articles in a week and waited to see what happened. You set yourself with a schedule and kept churning out articles because you took my advice about marketing just being a numbers game. The more stuff you have out there, the more eyeballs you will reach that will eventually take action on what you recommend (provided you write useful articles that add value). I’m sure people are floored with the number of articles you wrote given your short time with WA. But it’s that type of action that leads to result.

      5. You re-invested in additional training. As I’ve pointed out in my review above WA has some gaps and cons. But the members in there tend to fill them with their own supplement courses that are free or paid. You realized this and took some of these people up on their offers because you knew it would just build on the lesson you learned from WA. A lot of people won’t do this. They won’t even seek out the help of these more experienced members.

      6. You celebrated your little victories. I can remember when you got your first article published how excited you were. Or when you started getting clicks on them, you were so hyped up. That was refreshing to see because even though you hadn’t seen a dime yet. You could see the technique you learned was working. Now it was just a matter of ramping up your efforts to see more results. It’s very much like when I got super excited to make a penny reading email. Because of my mindset I knew it was just a matter of replicating my efforts on a larger level to earn more and we saw where that lead me. I think this type of mindset propelled you to keep pushing forward where others would give up.

      7. You were stubborn like an ass. You like me were convinced that you could make this work no mater what and you were not trying to give up. You knew that it was just a matter of time and that this was a numbers game. The more articles you kept adding, the closer you knew you were to seeing the first dollar even when it didn’t look that way. Sure you needed a little push along the way. But when you did need that push you would email me.

      A lot of the these things are common traits you possess and many of the other people that have joined WA who have succeeded have. I appreciate that you have shared this with us all. Hopefully shedding light on some these traits will cause people to look in the mirror and see what they can do to be more successful if they haven’t already. Because at the end of the day this is a business and has to be treated as such. It’s hard as hell but for people like you that put in work and refuse to call it quits after a month or so, you eventually see the promise land. The fact of the matter is this is just the start for you Jeff! Keep at it and keep inspiring the rest of us!


  109. Hello Eddy and to everyone else thats commented on this page.

    I’ve just been on here reading about all the information or the blogs posted by members of the WA program. I have not joined yet, I’m just reading and so far I can say that I do appreciated the fact that Eddy’s availability seems to be consistent with words. Usually in my research of work-at-home anything, most if not everything about the contacts, the site or the information is either not consistent or just an out-and-out lie.

    I am a very critical person and I tend to take my time before I get into anything and I’m still taking my time, but so far I have found consisitency with you Eddy. My opinion of what I’ve read from you and your answers to the other members is that if this wasn’t working YOU wouldn’t be here. I realize that putting yourself up to answer the questions about WA is being available for the “coming under fire” position as well as receiving the positive feed back from the public or members of the affliation.

    Eddy, I noticed that from reading your replies and other comments, that you seem to care about directing people to the truth in all this and that is the 1st thing that I looked for. I actually listed in my search engine, information on legitimate work at home sites” , and that’s how I came to be here.

    I want, like you Eddy and so many others to work from home and be able to maintain a very decent standard of living with out sacrificing being able to actually live and enjoy some things out of life.

    Thank you for you hard work and your continued effort to bring the best out of all this to help people like me.

    • Amelia,

      Thanks for the kind words. Obviously you are a person that really gives a lot of thought to what you do and say. So I appreciate your feedback even more. I’m not perfect but I definitely try to keep it real with people and give them options. The fact that I am accessible definitely leaves me open to some of the negativity out there. But it comes with the territory. Fortunately most of the people that visit here tend to be reasonable and open minded. So even when we can’t agree we can disagree respectfully. For the folks that can’t be mature and professional you never see their comments here anyway because I delete them. I’m trying to create a certain environment here for folks so we can grow together. But there are some people that just want to stay negative and not work hard at being successful. But that’s life.

      In any event, it’s always great to interact with like minded people like yourself that are actively building towards their goals. Stay critical especially in this industry since there are so many scams out there. But always take action once you’ve done your due diligence. Because ultimately without action there is no chance of ever achieving your goals. So definitely balance this out as you continue to search for the right options for you.

      Thanks for chiming in.

  110. I’m glad I found your site, Eddy. I’ve been looking around for legit work at home opportunities, and they are tough to find. I appreciate the objectiveness of the article you wrote on weathy affiliate, and I’m thinking of trying them out myself. Regarding some of the people who previously responded about wealthy affiliate: nothing good is going to be a walk in the park. If it was, then everyone would be doing it!!! This nonsense about the program or any other being “too advanced” for you shouldn’t hold you back. Every thing you do in life that has a measure of worth is going to cost you a great deal of effort. I think this is why the scams out there are so prolific; they promise wealth without much hard work. They are so effective in fact that I’ve wondered if it wouldn’t just be easier to make a website promising quick and easy riches by buying my “secret” formula, but my conscience gets in the way of doing such a thing.

    • Michael,

      Thanks for chiming in. I really appreciate the kind words and the realness of your comment. Man I couldn’t have expressed it any better. You really hit it on the head. I totally agree that a lot of the scams are so successful because they promise an easy way out. Certain people lap that up and it’s the reason why con artists target them. That being said there are a lot of hard working people that just fall victim because of other reason. So I don’t want to say all people that have become victims of online scams did so because they were lazy and looking for quick money. Because obviously that’s not the case. But there is definitely an element of the population that this represents.

      In either case, you obviously understand that success requires being uncomfortable and working harder than most people are willing to. As a result. I have no doubt in my mind you will become successful at this and other areas in your life. You already have most of the requirements down which is mindset. In any event, I’m happy you didn’t go the route of scamming people. lol

      Keep at it Mike. You’re bound to succeed.

  111. @ Jessica

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know you are on the path. Four months ago I began this journey with no money and no knowledge of how to start a at home business. Now I am doing PPC, article marketing and making money at it. I made two cb sales yesterday and I am exited to see what I make today. There is something noble about what Eddie does, almost blows the smoke away from your eyes so you can breath easy. I used all of his recommendation sites to start my carreer and now I am close to breaking the 500 dollar month. Heck I am already having 100 dollar days! But this is something you may not want to hear, its not a walk in the park working full time at home. Theres ups and downs, frustration, getting confused and the list goes on. Patience and persistence is the key, because when everyone else gives up, that’s when you shine!

    Good luck and I hope you find whatever you are looking for in the biz!
    P.S. This Hurricane Alex better back up off my kool aid

    • Luke,

      Thanks for chiming in brother. I think it’s inspiring to get words of wisdom from other people who have taken action on my advice rather than hearing it from me all the time. Sometimes it resonates more. So thanks for taking out your busy day as a newly successful affiliate market to give back to people here. Your advice is sound and means a lot. You followed the path I laid out for you and then ran with the ball. You took baby steps via the free recommendations than worked your way up to affiliate marketing and look at you now. Hopefully hearing from you will inspire Jessica and others. Thanks again.

      P.S. Don’t get me started about this oil spill and hurricane. I was venting about it on my facebook fanpage. Lord have mercy.

  112. This all sounds so great it is just hard to believe. I have been looking for a way to work at home with no investment. I am in college so i have absolutley no money to invest. This would be an answer to my prayer if it is all true. I am so excited to get started earning money for a change. I have struggled my whole life and am looking forward to being able to paying all my bills on time.

    • Hey Jessica,

      I totally understand your excitement. I’m happy you found this site. The great thing is I’ve provided you with a world of possibilities that don’t involve a dime via my job leads:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/jobs and my personal recommendations: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/recommendations So fortunately for you there are other options aside from this business
      that can help you get started without spending a dime. Then once you are making money, you can always consider getting into this business. But for now definitely focus on the options that are right for
      your situation. Being on this site is the right step in that direction.

  113. Greetings Eddie,
    I have been reading, and re-reading, your intro, about WA, Affiliate/Internet Marketing.. one part terrified fear..LOL and 3 parts exicitement! Have also, been viewing your videos. Tried your AMZ suggestion, and, was rather annoyed, that, I made only a few
    pennies, and having something, you put effort into being rejected (earning no pennies!) was not easy mind…. until,… I came, across your article about ,celebrating any success, or accomlishment, no matter how small..Yea 🙂 Go Dragons go! 🙂 and in my, particular case, that is very important, since, I must manage things on my own, no family left. And it is literally, a matter of sink or swim. Thank you for that, very important reminder, for when things, are at a bit of a difficult patch.

    Considering, I have never done anything, remotely close to this before..then, I should be, and, am humbly proud! Particularly after, seeing the, “Hi, would you like to be a slave at home for us?” offers from the Survey, etc. I wanted to understand where you were, trying to help, beings to go, to raise their consciousness, as well as their earning potential… You know, the little voice in the back of your mind.. the one you obviously heard and trusted..LOL.

    I want to ask, if being a bit new to computers, is an issue on any level?? Not a technophobe! Haven been teaching myself, from the Dummie Books, and a great family, “Maran Illustrated” they really are a family, by the way! Have stayed up all night , to, many a sunrise, teaching myself! And finally, beginning to be friends, with this creature, the computer and the internet.LOL What I know up to now, but, I wondered, if you have any suggestions, or recommendations, in that area, which, would be more useful for learning about , Affiliate/Internet Marketing?

    Going to go, to the WAU site, and peruse it, estimate getting the funds (Save up!or have, some miracle blessing pop through! Because, I am programming, my Subconcious Mind, day and night; to show me the way to do this! Positive Self-Talk) together, and comtemplate, the Dive. LOL But, one major contributing factor is, you, being kind enough, to share your know- how, trials and tribulation, and do the, ” Oh so important, Godly give back thing!” Which is Brillant! And, makes you very cool. Thanks ever so much for that!

    You also know, that I have gone to Swagbucks, and Instant Cash Sweepstake, more for fun, and stress relief, than anything else,so, you could get some return . LOL I really liked the bit, you added, about, not having to be a salesbeing, because I should
    prefer, to avoid having to do that! But, am looking forward, to the training, you said, they give, about article writing, as that,
    holds great interest for me! would really love, to learn how to get the bits and bobs, of how to do that down.

    Then (have the mad skills) to be able to work, on the member site, and other areas! I like words and love reading. Loved your osmosis joke, but, truthfully Eddie, I believe, you are (or were) already, very God gifted, with, or without some hu- mans directions. that this was meatn to be your purpose, helping to elevate othes potential! You are Focused. and Driven because, of your tremendous, positive love, for your family, and having their support, makes you a force to be reckoned with! IMHO. Both your Wife, and your Mum, must really be something.

    You have probably guessed, from my manner of writing, that, I am a Brit Ex-Pat. LOL Thank you again for taking your time, to brigten the roadway and show us all that bright light of hope… I really need this, as do many. God grant you, and your family, (Which, is really, wicked cool, to hear you speak of them, in such a loving way, and with much pride!) Many blessings, much favor and May the Foce be with you!
    Kind regards, and awed respect. DragonFlight

    • Thanks for such kind words DragonFlight.
      You’ve pretty much left me speechless. So I’ll just say thank you again!
      You’ve made the start of my week a very good one.

  114. Eddy,

    I am a present member of Wealthy Affiliate and you have just assisted me in a decision that I might have regretted later in the future. Sometime I get distracted by the signatures in some of the other members post, but your video has help me so much.. You are actually right. We must remain focus to succeed at WA. It is truly a great resource and I love it.


    • Andrew,

      I’m glad that video helped you buddy. It’s nice to see when folks actually read my content thoroughly because when they do it can lead to some great things. I think you’re a great example of that.
      So thanks for chiming in. Just stay focused and avoid the distractions and you’ll eventually succeed. As long as you remember this is a marathon and not a race which requires long term endurance you’ll plow through. Thanks again.

  115. Hi Eddy,

    I just stumbled across this site while doing some research on other programs. Actually, my wife is the one doing the research but she’s not in the room so I’ll take the credit. I just want to say thanks for your honesty,help and humor. My wife and I are very new at Affiliate Marketing. So new that we both became overwhelmed and were ready to give up, until we read your blog. Thanks so much for all your information, we both have become inspired once again and are ready to give it our all. You do a wonderful job of expaining Affiliate Marketing in laymens terms.

    • Mike,
      I’m happy you and your wife have discovered my little site and appreciate my corny humor and help. I’m happy that I have been able to inspire you guys to take action. Attaining the ideal work at home situation isn’t easy but oh how rewarding it is when you do. It’s just a matter of fighting the good fight and keep trying until you reach your goals. The road is often bumpy and you may have to take a few detours along the way. But just keep pushing forward and find what’s right for you two. In any event, thanks for chiming in. I’m sure as you continue to read the site you’ll see there are a lot more options out there than you thought.

  116. I tried out the affiliate thing for the first time in 2007 after I was somewhat scammed by a Data Entry offer. (I luckily only lost about $30 to it.) Like you’ve said in your article on the data entry scam, they described the work as just literally typing words into forms, when in actuality it was recruitment for affiliate marketing. I say I was only “somewhat” scammed because, had it not been me taking a random chance on “data entry”, I don’t think I would have become acquainted with affiliate marketing at all. I was pissed off at having been tricked, but also hopeful and really intrigued by this new discovery!

    The more I researched it the fewer doubts I had about its validity as a legitimate and HONEST form of income. To anyone reading this with serious doubts, please believe me when I say you can’t get into trouble doing affiliate work. There’s nothing illegal or ethically dishonest about it (always one of my major concerns). Also, be assured that it has absolutely nothing to do with those laughable and highly illogical “cash string” sites, where they try to convince you that you’re a legit affiliate. (Yeah…an affiliate that sells only the site ITSELF so that more people can lose their precious money to it.)

    I work part-time as a sales associate at a popular nation-wide retail store. The customer base is largely made up of women. It’s my job to greet her and make her aware of everything the store has to offer. I try to engage her and get to know her needs. Once I know a little about her I can suggest a particular product that she will find helpful, and try to ultimately sell her on that product before she walks out of the shop. Affiliate marketing is essentially doing the same, only you have already picked a particular item/service to advertise, and thus a built-in audience. You can sell whatever YOU want to sell!

    For these last three years I’ve been doing lots of experimenting and reading books on the subject of affiliate marketing. I’m not a big success at it as yet, but I do know it can work because I have made a little money! It’s my sincerest hope that I can someday turn this into a real career.

    Eddy, thanks for this page & this entire web site! You give me hope when I’m down about the whole online job possibility. There are so few you can depend on when it comes to this stuff. Thanks again! (P.S. Your daughter is adorable!)

    • Renee,

      Thanks for the encouraging words. It’s always good for my readers to hear from other people. So I appreciate your feedback.
      I’ll let my little princess know you think she’s adorable, she’s a ham for that stuff. lol But thank you. lol

  117. @Eddy Salomon:
    Hi Eddy,

    Yes, I agree that I might feel more confident about joining WA if I ahd a little mastery of even one technique/language/terminology etc before I joined….I am a little afraid of being overwhelmed by all the information. That said, it is the only thing I am worried about….I have learned a lot from this page, and as for your ten points…I can tick nine of them so that can’t be bad! I do believe the new price for WA will be offputting for many people, not just me, though…..its a big commitment for somebody without money to make, especially as it will take some time to make some income (quite rightly – I hate even the sound of “get-rich” schemes). At least NB is a one-off payment, which I can afford right now, and f I can learn that technique effectively then I might even make the WA fee! I am in it for the long haul, its just a quiestion of working out my sequence of actions. Talk soon, Miriam

    • Miriam,

      I totally hear you on all the points you mentioned.
      At this point WA has become too expensive for a lot of my audience even if I think it’s worth every dime. So I think the strategy of starting with NB mastering that, making money and then re-investing that in more learning is sound. The one thing I’ve learned about this career is that you can always learn more even after you’ve mastered something and already making money. It’s why I continue to invest in various affiliate marketing courses even though I’m still a member of WA. At the end of the day I’m about learning the skills that pay the bills. lol

  118. I got this far(learning about Affiliate Marketing and finding out that you can make money online), I’ve been through bumps in the road before, I can certainly go through it again. I’m a college student and after seeing all these stories about people making money off the internet only feeds my desire to learn more and use AM on the side while I’m in school.

    • Well Cory, Sounds like you have the right attitude to give this or any other online opportunity a go. The fact that you’re ready to deal with the bumps in the road is huge.
      Too often people looking to make money online expect it to be easy and not deal with adversity so they end up giving up or calling everything a scam. But it doesn’t sound like you’ll have this problem. Push forward in whatever you decide to do.

  119. Eddy,

    Could you say in a few words here what NB is about? You say its a good one for newbies…maybe I will give it a try before trying WA, because that one is difficult to afford right now at the new price But if I already had a handle on at least one marketing technique, then maybe I would feel more confident about shelling out for WA.

    Do you think if I followed the technique/s in NB I could make some money? I’m not looking for a fortune straight away….just want to see if it can be done, and to feel confident that I can do it. Thats all.

    Hope you had a great time in Aruba, by the way.

    • Hi again Miriam,

      As said to Cory. I think it’s a good program and focuses on one aspect of affiliate marketing. Any technique you can master will make you money with affiliate marketing whether it’s from WA or NB. It’s just a matter of applying what it is learned properly in either case. If you do you’ll eventually make money. The problem is most people just don’t have the patience to wait it out. So just keep this in mind and my top 10 reasons to avoid affiliate marketing I wrote about a while ago:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/top10 because they will apply no matter what training you take.

      I’ll say this sometimes people take other training courses and then when they do end up on WA they do better because they have mastered some basics and can really hit the ground running without being overwhelmed. I hope this helps.

  120. I tend to see WA compared to a program called Niche Blitzkrieg a lot. If you know about NB, what are your views on it compared to WA?

    • Cory NB is a great program and why I have it recommended in my recommended section on the left of this page:
      https://www.workathomenoscams.com/nicheblitz I still have to do a formal review. But I’ve purchased their product
      and it’s good. NB stays very focused on one technique which may be ideal for newbies. I also like the fact that its accompanied
      by videos so in addition to reading the tutorials you see how it’s played out in real life and that’s always important. So I think it’s step
      by step simplicity and the videos make it very different than WA. Sometimes people don’t need all the bells and whistles that WA have. Hope this helps.

  121. @thesue:
    Hi, I found your point inspirational. I am already a diehard fan of Eddies, but it is good to have the input of somebody else who is achieving success (slowly, but surely). You sound like a normal person just like the rest of us, with the same doubts and worries, and I like the fact that you paint a realistic picture, rather than saying you are rich etc. This makes it seem more attainable to me, ie if you can do it, so can I! I was planning to join up llast week before the price went up, but unfortunately Paypal messed up my payment (don’t even ask…somebody should do something about those people) and it didn’t go through on time….so now I can’t afford to join for the moment. But I will, as soon as I get the money together, and in the meantime I will keep reading this blog. There is also another good WA person who has blogs and videos online, called Cian McCarthy. There is actually a lot of help out there! Well done to you, and continued success.

  122. Hi Eddy, this is a very warm and informative article – thank you!
    I have already done an IM course here in Cork, Southern Ireland. I am interested in WAU.
    If there are 3 types of marketers online, Guru, Follower & Reporter then as I have developed my own products ( guru) will the course with WA suit my learning needs?
    Looking forward to your advice.
    Best wishes,

    • Sue,

      Thanks for coming back and reporting on your amazing success with affiliate marketing and how WAU played a part in that. I’ve come to realize there are a lot more folks like you out there that I have referred. But because they are so busy doing their own thing they forget to come back and share their success with others. I know I’m guilty of it. So I’m happy you found me at WA and we got a chance to chat about what you’ve been up to. It’s always great to hear from a newbie who made it as it will inspire others. I think you gave a real sense of what it takes to make it. Obviously not everyone has had your success but it goes to show that it can happen and even if it may be a certain percentage of people that succeed, the question that one should ask themselves is why can’t I be in that percentage that does?

      I’m not even mad at ya about getting rid of the smaller opportunities. LOL Now that you’re making some decent money with affiliate marketing, it only make sense to expand that effort since it gives you more your energy. But it’s good that you still have a few of the smaller things in the mix like the surveys. I earn 5 figures per month and I still make time for things like swagbucks etc. But like you I can’t lie and say I have consistently stuck with the smaller opts. In any event, thanks for sharing. Hopefully more of the successful folks like you will chime in as well. But if they’re anything like us, they’re probably to busy with their new career to remember to chime in. lol


      You’re quite welcome.
      Here’s what I can tell you about WAU and just internet marketing courses in general. I’m probably know as an expert because of my level of knowledge in this industry. But I’ve been a member for over 3 years and will continue to be for many years to come. Furthermore every year I spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on new courses. Why? Because I’m always learning something new to apply to my business from these courses. None of them are perfect. They all have flaws. So where one is weak, another may be strong and vice versa. So when I combine them all together it’s like having the complete package. So if I’m still learning new things from WAU, I know you will. They have a bit of something from everyone. But like I said in my review above the vast amount of information presented there is WAU’s pros and cons. Provided you take that into consideration and apply the tips I’ve listed above, you’ll get a lot of value from WAU as Sue obviously have. Some people won’t and that’s just a reality. I hope this makes sense. Good luck.

  123. One year ago this very day, June 16 20210, I was one of the people who stumbled upon Eddy and this site and was in the process of devouring every word, every article, every idea. At this point, I has been here for about three weeks, and I was still pretty overwhelmed by it all, but if I recall I was at this point starting to absorb it all. Two weeks later, my head was ready, things made sense, and I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I would never have joined, without first having built up that trust thing Eddy likes to talk about!
    I cannot begin to tell you the difference this training has made in my life. I will NOT tell you I am rich, and NOT tell you I am making the stream of income I would like, but I HAVE made money, made back my investment and enough for next year, with some left over. I have taken ACTION and put together a four or five campaigns, one of which has been surprisingly profitable. I am now at that turning point, I KNOW I have all the information I need, and WA has all the tools I need to put them into action, and I can totally see the next six months producing those multiple streams of income Eddy likes to tell us about.
    At WA I found several buddies who have given me hours of their time answering my questions, I have more training videos and pdf files than I could ask for on any topic. This lets me come BACK, and after I tried something and look at it again. These folks are the real deal.
    For the person who truly wants to become successful in Internet Marketing and is willing to put the time in to learn what they offer, you will get everything you need to go out and start your own online business. There are so many ways to use what you learn, it amazes me.
    So that was the long way of saying, Yes this is legit, no scams, and a salute to Eddy here for what he does for people.
    PS Sorry to say, I think I will be getting rid of some those click on ad things I started out with! They were perfect to begin with, but now, they take up too much time– I need to write articles and manage my online stuff. I still am doing about five survey sites, I keep those building until November and then can cash in, like with Outpost, and get Amazon credit! Yeah, Holiday spending money!!

  124. That was an excellent review. I’m looking into getting into Internet Marketing to help put a few extra dollars in pocket while in college. I just recently heard about WA, but out of curiosity, what was your first month like for WA?

    • Glad you like it. Honestly I don’t remember my first month since it was years ago. The one thing I do remember was being a bit overwhelmed which is why I didn’t do anything right away. I had to let it all hit me first. Then I just narrowed down the areas I wanted to focus on. But it’s gotten a bit better with their action plan. But follow the advice and video I provided above about focus to help avoid the initial overwhelming feeling I did. At the end of the day, let’s make believe I made a zillion dollars my first month. It wouldn’t matter to you. Because results will vary from person to person. Some people are quick studies and others are slow as a snail. Remember this is a long term business. Don’t go into it with an employee mentality because it’s going to set you up for failure. Hope this helps.

  125. @Eddy Salomon:
    Hi Eddy,

    Thanks for that. Enjoy your time in Aruba…..well deserved. Am joining up under you in the next day or so, will let you know. Thanks again for all the great info and advice!

    • No problem Miriam. I appreciate that you felt that I did a good enough job that you plan to join.
      In any event, I’m definitely having a nice time here in Aruba. I wish I had a few more days here. =(

  126. @Miriam:
    Hi Miriam,
    I actualy used there tactics and came up with some of my own along the way. I also took the article marketing accredation course that is provided in WA. I am glad you are taking the step of a life time, I am sure you will find succes if you try hard. It is no cake walk, but I am sure you already know that.

    P.S. Have fun in Aruba Eddo!

    • Great advice Luke!

      I often just take things I learn and add my own flavor. That’s the great thing about this business. You’re not limited.
      By the way, I’m having a great time at Aruba. My iPad has been a life saver. Lol

  127. Eddy, just spend the last hour reading through these comments. I have looked at WA affilliate before but not bought. I have since bought into some other work at home opportunities including some which were affilliate marketing and how to get more traffic…blah, blah. Anyway, the biggest problem I have encountered is getting overwhelmed being a newbie and then I bolt. LOL! I am sure this is common but I get so lost when they tell you its soo easy. I am older and want to work at home after getting laid off a year ago and need to get out of the industry I was in… don’t let your mind run away with that. I worked in a bar… one of the top restaraunts. I am looking to change my life…who isn’t so I think I will give WA a try and not let fear derail me. After reading this I know its legit. Soo thanks and hope to see you on the other side…I am sure you will be getting some questions from me. thanks

    • Hi Kim,

      First let me applaud you for actually reading through all these comments. There are over 200 of them. lol That shows me that you’ll actually put in the time to read the information that WA will present you when you join. I hate when people say this stuff is easy. Because the fact of the matter is, that its’ not easy. That’s why I purposely try to scare the bejesus out of people that are considering this business. I know the work it involves and the bumpy road you’ll face. So I prefer to set the bar high so you know what you’re getting into. That being said with patience, and persistent it does become easier. I can do this stuff in my sleep now. But that’s like any job. I’m sure when you first worked at the bar, you weren’t a naturally. You learned to be better at your job. This stuff is no different. If you’re motivated enough you can learn anything.

      But people put up these walls to stop themselves. Part of that is also society’s fault because you’ve been told from day 1 you can’t be the boss. Obviously it’s bull. If you learned how to be a great employee, you can learn how to be a better boss of yourself. So that’s my take on that. Is it going to be easy? Nope but neither is putting up with the crap we all do as employees but we all do it just fine. So I’m glad you’ve decided to check your fear and give this a shot. You deserve it.
      I’ll be here when you have questions and so will the rest of the WA community. Just keep in mind the advice I wrote above about getting the most out of WA.

      I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

  128. @Luke:
    Hi Luke,

    Congratulations, you must be so happy. I’m sure you have worked hard and deserve your success. Would you mind if I asked you which approach you took to the work? Did you follow the 8-week plan, did you stick to one thing at a time, or what? I am about to join and am very nervous. It would be nice to hear your opinion. I wouldn’t be joining except for Eddy’s blog…but it would be nice to hear from another newbie!

  129. @Eddy Salomon:

    Hi Eddy!

    I hope you are going well…I have made the decision to join (finally) and am just waiting for money to transfer to my Paypal account so I can pay …..before the price goes up lol! Thank you again for all the advice, I will try my best to follow it. Like the other lady above, I would like your guide and I think it will help me. My email is mshenry@eircom.net – thank you and kind regards, Miriam

    • Hi Miriam,

      I am. I’m currently in Aruba. See how rewarding this can be if you’re willing to work hard. lol
      In any event, congrats on making a decision. I’m happy the information you’ve read here has helped you move forward. Obviously you’re ready for the challenge. So I applaud you!

      Just email when you do join and I’ll let you know how to get my little guide. I might be a bit delayed with my response because I’m on vacation. But either way when I do get on, I’ll send it to you. So be patient.

      In any event, congrats again.

  130. @rufinus:
    Hi Rufus, only saw your post now….yes, I also plan to join – this week, as the price is going up and I really couldn’t afford the higher one. Thanks to Eddy’s blog I feel a bit more confident…..he doesn’t promise the sun moon and stars, but he does say that with hard work and not too high expectations we should be abe to succeed. I hope so anyway…and good luck to you Rufus

  131. Hi Eddy,
    I just signed up earlier this evening with WA using this website. Thank you so much for all the info because that is what made me decide to join. Would please send me that guide that you mentioned to send if we go through you? I do want to thank you again for all the hard work you do on all of your sites. I am planning to join some more that you have in recommendations but my first priority is WA! God Bless and I just love Joel Osteen too and have all his books.
    Thanks Eddy

    • Hi Mary,

      You’re welcome! Congrats on making the decision to join. I already got your other email regarding the guide and will get back to you today. I’m glad to hear you’ll give the other recommendations a shot. Trust me it will help you to be pulling in some money with these other opportunities as you learn this new business.

      I agree with you regarding Joel. He definitely helped change my life.

      Take care and I’ll get back to you shortly.

  132. @Eddy Salomon:
    Thanks Eddy, I am glad to be a part of something bigger them myself. But it all really comes down to how I started out, which that is all because of you. If haven’t looked at your site, I would still be a lost sheep trying to eek out a meager existence in a tough market. I will make it now, its all a matter of time before I take this bull by the horns and sling it to the ground. Three months ago I didn’t know my left from my right when it came to affiliate marketing. Now I am a making sales regularly and focusing on investing in something that will make me better as a person and a better marketer.

    I will say it once, I will say It again

    Thanks Ed

  133. Its official, my WA account has paid for itself and then some. I will never leave these guys,not even if they tried to run me off! I have to say the road is bumpy, but every day it just seems to get better. Thank you Wealthy Affiliate for the opportunity that has been given. Not only that, people here have guided me when I have made stupid mistakes. I would have been a hard headed fool not to pay attention to the ones who have came before me ( Jay, Joan, Eddy and any one who has helped me). This sale is for you guys, and I will see you in Vegas!



    • Luke,

      No thank you for actually making use of all the resources at WA and working through any cons or distractions that would make others give up. You came in very focused and I know you’ll continue to rise to the top. Hopefully you serve as an example to those who are reading this.

      Thanks again.


  134. Hey Eddy. I can\’t believe I ran across you and all this info. I am so very exhausted from looking for legitimate help in learning how to generate real income from home on the internet. I am the wife of an active duty military member and the mother and homeschooler of three children. Times are tight and we have had to pull our kids out of many of their beloved activities because we don\’t have the money. I have absolutely no experience and very little computer skills but I am determined to make a way for my family to live more comfortably. Thank you so much for your discernment oni Wealthy Affiliate. I was cautiously skeptical but now feel much more confident in joining.

    • Hi Christy,

      Well I’m happy you found us. I know the information is overwhelming but it will ultimately help you if you take the time to go through it. I purposely give you a lot of options to work with. With that said, please understand that an affiliate marketing business takes a long time and hard work to build. So I wouldn’t join WA if you’re looking for relatively quick results to help your family’s situation. If you’re looking to do this for a long term solution then it makes sense.

      In the mean time to get some immediate money coming in, I would encourage you to visit my recommendations page where I’ve listed a few great opportunities that can get you some money relatively quickly: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/recommendations Folks seem to be doing very well with Amazon and Swagbucks. So definitely explore that page.

      As always we also list traditional work at home jobs here:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/jobs so you have a lot of options at your disposal.

      Good luck.

  135. dear eddy i am a young woman from croatia.. and reading a lot about everything in the affiliate bussiness.. still its only early days and i cant really visialize all of it.. my interests are cooking and love mma.. am pretty updated on those subjects.. so will be the best way to start now make two or websites about those subjects and find out wich products related to them are available on for excample those 3 sites (clickbank ..etc)?.. or is it better to look for something big or new to happen.. open a blog .. or squido lens and then link them with products, to make same small money and get a bit handier in the whole operation.. have full intention to go on and put lots of work in it and hopefully in some stage it will pay some off.. regards Iva

  136. Yeah definitely know some things are not/won’t work, but you never know until you try right? Try and learn, try and learn. I know I can succeed because I’m hard headed and once I get focused on something I don’t give up…it’s just not in me to (sometimes my wife hates that lol). I’m currently a middle school teacher, but have always been looking for a way to make some extra money so my wife can stay home with my lil 11 month old girl. I’ve just been looking for guidance, I guess you could say, in the past year on the affiliate marketing about where to begin without getting too frustrated. And I’m hoping Wealthy can offer some of that and some nice people to talk to to learn off one another or maybe to even work with. So that’s my main question I guess Eddy. Is this your most preferred program you have found to help you along the way and get the info you need for a good fair start? If you know of anywhere else that is better I’d be glad to sign up under you there also.

    • Hi Aaron,

      I agree you never unless you try. Being hard headed or “determined” as I like to tell my wife is a gift and curse. It was great in terms of this business but not so good when getting into arguments with the wife. lol

      In any event, in regards to your question WA definitely has a great community of people willing to share information with you. Reading the forums and pm’ing some of the members that appeal to you is a great way to learn because it’s like buddying up. Some of these members have their own sub products but most of them just give away a lot of great information. So I definitely think you’ll find value in the community if that’s what you’re looking for. Just keep in mind some of the advice I gave in the article above about getting the most out of other members in terms of how you ask questions. In terms of if I think WA is my preferred program, I think that abundantly clear that I do.
      That being said it may not be for all people. Folks that have read the details above tend to know if WA is for them or not because I’m very upfront about the cons. So if there is something that you may have read in the article or comments above that rattles you, just go with your gut. I find this works best. As I’ve said many times above, you know yourself better than I do. I hope this helps.

      First and foremost before you can even think about creating a site you should actually know how to get traffic to it. I see this mistake too often. Folks create a site with little content of value and slap some affiliate links on it. That won’t make you a successful affiliate or website owner. You need to learn how to get traffic and then keep people on that site when they get there. Otherwise you won’t make any money whether big or small. So make sure you get that training before you jump into this. Otherwise you’re just going to have a site no one ever knows about. I’ve been there and done it like that, it’s not fun. Other than that its good to build a site about a passion or love you have. So you’re right about that part of the business.

      Hope this helps.

  137. Just wanna say. I’m glad you are REAL. And I say that b/c you never know what is real hardly anymore when reading things on the internet about affiliate marketing. (scams etc.) I’ve been reading about affiliate marketing for over a year now and just been doing research after research on it all. Then read about wealthy affiliate and was also skeptical about it also until I found some REAL people talking about it. So I’m thinking about giving it a shot real soon. ( Want to make sure I’m ready and have time set aside because I want to give it all I have and not fail) And I will definitely do it through you Eddy. So in your opinion this is the way to go/way to start? If not give me some ideas please. Thanks for the info.

    • Hey Aaron,
      I’m glad you can appreciate my style buddy. I totally understand your skepticism. Obviously there is a lot of garbage and misleading information out there online and offline.
      I’m glad you’ve actually been researching this career for over a year. I think you’ll probably stick with it more than someone that does this on a whim. Obviously I love this career because of what it’s allowed me to do for my family and the people like you that visit my blog looking for advice. But as you probably read many times in the comments above, I’m not saying it’s for everyone. It’s a business and it takes a lot of hard work to make it work. A lot of the time the hard work may be unpaid for a while. Not a lot of folks can deal with that. It takes a different type of person to be the boss. Because being the boss means the buck stops with you. It’s not like a job where you can slack off or blame everyone else. Ultimately if you don’t do well in a business usually it’s because of something you did. You have to be fine with that. I’m a serial failure but the difference between me and most people is I have no problem getting right back up and coming for more. You know yourself better than I do. So you already know is this is the way to go for you or not. I’ve already laid out what you can expect in terms of the pros and cons about this industry and the wealthy affiliate university. They ain’t going to do all the work for you. They’ll give you the tools and information to succeed. Then it’s on you to make it happen. At least you have a honest view of the weaknesses of WA going in so there aren’t any surprises. But ultimately the success of this business falls on your shoulders.

      By the way, it’s okay to fail. I probably fail at new stuff I try every week. But I just don’t give up. I learn from those experiences and make adjustments. Then I try again. So don’t think failure is a dirty word. It’s not. A lot of the most successful people have failed many times. It’s part of the learning process. What you should focus on is not giving up on your dreams whatever that might be. If affiliate marketing doesn’t bring you closer to them, then you just adjust and find something that does. As long as you don’t give up, you can never fail. Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance if you do decide to join under me. But if you decide this isn’t for you, that’s cool too. Do what’s right for you. At the end of the day I’m here to provide you guys with various options, and you just pick what’s best for you.

      Take care.

  138. @Miriam:
    we’re on da same boat..as a’ve made everything ready, & only waiting to JOIN,*(maybe this wk or nxt wk) only clearing some few things with my bank, then join. its good we begin this journey and hope to see us succeed in the long run,,,

    I overheard a rumour, that WA, is planning to increase the monthly membership from 39$ to something like 100$!! (not very sure) So, i think its good we join maybe before june clocks, coz those changes may take effect from then….

    • Hey Rufinus,
      I’m actually going to discuss the price increase this week’s post. But the short of it is yes it’s coming. How much it may be is still up in the air. The last time they did this it was only about $10 and that was two years ago. But this time it’s significant for new people. People that join before the price hike in June will be grandfathered in. I’m not a big fan of price hikes at all but there are so many competing courses out there that provide less in the way of tools, support, etc that charge way more than WA that it sends the wrong message to prospects. This should also get rid of a lot of folks that are just tire kickers that join WA and aren’t in the business for the long run. So that is a big part of the raise. Either way I’ll get more into the details of it this week. This isn’t a scarcity tactic either but joining in the next few weeks if this is something you’re seriously planning to work hard at is the right move.

  139. Good evening Eddy…
    Thank you for your previous and prompt reply. Very much appreciated. I did have a few more questions I was hoping I could ask you….
    First, once you join WA, is it difficult to discontinue should one chose to terminate thier membership? I’ve heard about nightmare stories where people get subscriptions to these type of things and can’t ever find a way to sever the ties.

    I was also curious how many web pages someone has to post…I know this probably varies greatly, but i didn’t know if it was along the lines of a dozen or so…or hundreds? I’m assuming you have much more than just this website and blog?

    Finally, how do comissions make it to you? Are they directly deposited into a bank account, or are checks sent?

    OK…I think that’s all for now. Thank you again for all the information and entertaining my elementry questions!

    • Todd,

      You’re welcome.
      1. No WA doesn’t make you jump through hoops to do this. Just click on the My WA link in the upper left hand corner when you’re logged in. Then My profile, and you can cancel from there. You can also email them too. Trust me they don’t need to force people to stay. They have enough new members that are happily joining and staying on their own. Folks that force you to stay do this because they know they have a crappy product and want to try to keep you as long as possible to squeeze more money out of you because it may be harder to do it to the next “sucker”.

      2. You’ve already answered your own question. I have no idea. I don’t believe in the create a billion site method and make at least $1 dollar approach. Sure it may work but what real value can you provide by doing that? I have built only two successful websites that are based solely on getting traffic via SEO and then making sure I provide something of value when folks get to those sites (While monetizing the content of course.) This way folks want to come back or tell their friends. So that’s pretty much how I’ve done it. I didn’t do the whole create a whole bunch of niche site stuff. I think if you focus on an industry you love and build a flag ship website you can make just as much money or more as creating a whole bunch of half ass niche sites you know nothing about. Ultimately it’s up to you what approach you take. Some people may have a lot of interest so it makes sense to create a whole bunch of different sites. But personally I just don’t do it.

      3. Every company you work with is different. Some pay by check, paypal or direct deposit. All the details of your relationship with the parent company will always be spelled out to you before you even join. I don’t like waiting for checks or the whole hassle of depositing them. So whenever the option is provided I always go with paypal or direct deposit. If they’re not available I ask the vendor if they can make an exception for me. Since I tend to produce big results, they usually work it out. But if a company can’t just move on to another one. There are tons of affiliate networks that you can always work with. Some will bend over backwards for you while others will be upty. Either way you have choices which is another great thing about this industry. I don’t have to deal with any companies I don’t want to.

      In any event, Hope this helps.

      Good luck either way.

  140. You’re still ok in my book! You obviously put in such a lot of effort and you care about how people do….that’s what counts. As I said, will join up under you next week. Regards, Miriam

  141. Eddy, I’m not sure you truly realise the value of your blog!!!! You do it for nothing, I can’t believe the time you spend on it, and we all learn and benefit from it. So why would I want to sign up under anyone else???? Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and thank you so much. I will give it a go for a few months and see how I get on. Kind regards, Miriam

    • Woa, woa Miriam!
      I don’t do it for nothing. lol I have a family to support. I do get paid for writing my blog via sponsored links, some of my recommendations in the reviews, etc. Obviously I’m very transparent regarding this. I know some folks are surprised that I don’t have a membership model where you have to pay for some of the advice and things I discuss. But I feel the way I have it set up now is a win win for both parties. So as much as I do love helping & inspiring people, I’m still in the business of making money but I do it by helping you all make money. So we all win! I love my job! lol

    • Way to go Eddy, honesty ~ always the best policy:-)
      Thank you as well for all your information, you have “been there and done that” and your “to the point” information is what I am after. You know how long it takes to find a site that will not scam you out of your hard earned money and we all appreciate you for your honesty and wonderful insight.
      Can’t wait to join WA, a great place to start this new venture, after literally months of studying the internet for a work from home job, I found Eddy. WAHOO:-)
      Have fun with Brianna (sp), your daughter is a lucky little girl. They grow up very quickly, in a blink of an eye:-) Do take the time to go, do, and be with her for she will be on her own journey before you know it. But then of course she will take you with her:-) lol!
      I have to also say, I have been reading your great information for three days now and I am almost done. And I consider myself a fast reader ~ I have my doctorate no less:-) It is almost 8:00am – I stayed up all night I couldn’t stop reading. These blogs are time consuming but fun to read.
      Bless you Eddy and your wonderful family. It would be fun to see a picture of Brianna (sp):-) If not I understand.
      Thank you again very much.
      From the Desk of
      Dr. NJ

  142. Thanks Eddy….I have thought about it for a day or two and I think I will join WA – next week when I have the money. I want to join under you so you get the benefit….I presume I just clink on your links at the top of the blog? Kind regards, Miriam

    • Wow, Miriam.
      That was some quick thinking. lol But I think you’re going into this with some realistic expectations and understand the tough road ahead of you. In any event, yes you can click on any of the links in the article or the banner. Or you can sign up under anyone else you think provided value to you regarding this career. But I thank you any way for wanting to sign up under me.
      Keep me posted.

  143. @Eddy Salomon:

    Hey Eddy thanks for the honest/quick response! PPC is only affective for me on Facebook because of the outstanding demographical information and that people are on it all day long, even on their phones. For anyone reading this, if you don’t know article marketing and SEO you are missing out. There are so many ways to make money with it from SEO consulting, article writing for freelance work and creating your own revenue from niche blogs. I suggest you join the WA if you do not know all you could already about it.

    • You’re welcome Denise. I agree regarding Facebook ads. It’s been pretty effective. Google better watch out. Facebook is coming for their spot in the tech world. lol
      I also agree about article marketing and seo skills. There are so many ways to apply it if you have your own business, affiliate marketing, offline business, consulting etc.
      But often times folks are short sighted about the possibility. Obviously you aren’t. Continued success to you!

  144. Hey Eddy,

    I’m an experience Internet Marketer and I came across this website with information about the Wealthy Affiliate University. I’ve heard about this website several times and nothing but good came from members. My only concern is this: How resourceful is it if you are already knowledgeable of most of the interner marketing world? I have been doing this in full time employment for 3 years and consulting for 3, but never had time to really put it together myself. However, I see many niche websites selling product from Clickbank (which I am a member of), and I know for sure it works. I can’t see how a lead capturing system that focuses on consumer psychology (power of persuasion, repeated value, risk free “email marketing courses”, fear of loss) couldn’t be beneficial for the promoter. But back to the reason for my post:

    I know a great deal about article marketing, a little about pay per click advertising (which I hate doing, I always waste money), and search engine optimization. Are there resources in the WA that will still benefit me being an advanced user, or would I be wasting my money? I’d like your true, honest opinion on this – not the lead capturing opinion lol. I’m in school now for a specialization in Internet Marketing and have gone to school for Business/Marketing previously…so if it’s not more than they have taught me I’d like to not waste the time/money.

    Thank you – awaiting your response.

    • Denise,

      To be honest sounds like you already know everything I know and have learned from WA. So I don’t really see the benefit for you. I mean I like their keyword tools and I also love their WA spaces where other members post tutorials which in itself can be full courses. I tend to learn a lot of new things in the spaces area. But it’s just an added benefit.
      Ultimately my bread and butter is SEO and article marketing. If you already know that stuff and have been successful with it, it’s just a matter of scaling that effort. That’s pretty much it. That’s all I’m doing at this point.

      By the way I hate PPC too. lol Although ironically they’ve made it more like SEO now but it’s still too much of a moving target for my liking. In either case, I think you’re good with what you already know. Just scale it up. Even though I’m a master at SEO, I’m not complacent. I’m still always looking at other ways to get more traffic and make more money. So I still invest in courses or read the new material in the WA spaces. Because you never know what break through you may stumble upon. So I encourage you to continue to learn. If you do, you’ll continue to find success as I have.

      Hope this helps. Good luck either way!

  145. Hi Eddy,

    I’m a 50+ guy with 30 years of sales experience who wants to get away from the traditional sales gig. I don’t want to do calls anymore and I don’t want to sit in the store waiting for customers to show up. My wife and I are in Michigan but are hoping to relocate to Arizona once she’s secured the benefits her retirement plan provides which should be only a couple more years.

    I was thinking that an online business would afford us a nice income opportunity without having to be in a specific place. I’m not very computer savvy but I like to think I’m a pretty good salesman. Do you think that I could build a business using the WA system that would replace a fairly decent (at least for Michigan) income in 2 years?

    • Jeff,
      Honestly I think your sales background is an asset. Chances are because of your experience you’ve mastered your craft and know how to sell without being a pushy sales man.
      Too often the new folks that get into this industry do just the opposite and end up turning off their prospects which basically leads to no conversions. So I think in that respect you’ll be ahead of the learning curve. Now in terms of that technology that may be a whole other animal. Folks of all ages seems to be terrified of technology even though they all learned how to read, walk, talk, etc which was totally a foreign concept to them until someone taught them how to do it and was forced to learn. So my feeling is if you learned how to do you various jobs over the course of your life or learned any new skills during your life time, you can learn to be computer savvy. When I came into this industry all I knew how to do was sign on to AOL. But because I was motivated to make money online, I forced myself to learn some of the other technology that would help me achieve that.

      I wasn’t a computer savvy guy, I learned to be one out of necessity. But I’m very focused in that respect. A lot of folks aren’t and you just need to be honest enough with yourself to make that call. WA can lead you to the water, but they can’t force you to drink it. Ultimately that’s on you. As I said in the article above, I have no way to predict how much income you’ll make and when. Again you’re learning a new skill and how long it takes you to apply it effectively is what will determine how well you do and when.
      I refuse to sit here and give you some magical time frame that I pull out the air. I know a lot of folks are looking for that and certain marketers are happy to feed into this. But that’s usually because all they care about is making their sales. I’m concerned about getting the right people in this business. Hopefully you respect that.

      In any event, I hope that I’ve answered your question. Good luck either way.

  146. Hello Eddy – thank you for such a great answer! It relfected much the way I had been thinking myself. By the way, it wasn’t anything YOU said that put me off….it was a couple of contributors to your blog. I read the one you talked about and it seemed he just wanted an easy ride. This is not so in my case, I understand that I will have to put a lot into it and I don’t mind that. I also know it may not be for me and I am aware I might fail. I will look at your other suggestions before making my final decision. Again, I would like to thank you for your advice and for this wonderful blog – its a learning tool in itself for anyone who is lucky enough to come across it. Miriam

    • Miriam,
      You’re welcome! I agree there were some folks that had some unrealistic expectations even though I did my best to lower that. But some people just choose to ignore information. In any event, I’m happy I gave you something to think about and you’ll take your time with your decision. In the mean time definitely explore some of the other options. They are a nice way to get your feet wet and can be started right away. Good luck and thanks for the support!

  147. Hi Eddy, I have been thinking of joining WA, and have been reading your wonderful blog…thanks. However, while trawling back over your posts the last year, I came across a person called Bankad who has made me feel really frightened because he was so negative. Like him, I too have very little money, and am wary of spending it. I do not expect a get rich quick scheme, in fact I am very wary of those. But I would like to feel that I can learn enough to make a steady income, with hard work. I can assure you I am very used to that! But when I read over Bankad’s posts I found my confidence ebbing away and feeling I could never learn from WA if everything was so disorganised and difficult to follow! What do you advise? I am prepared to take it slow and steady, and give it a year…I don’t expect to get rich overnight, but would like to replace my current low-paid, physically exhausting work. I look foreword to your advice and thank you so much for all the time you put into this wonderful blog. Kind regards, Miriam in Ireland

    • Hey Miriam,
      Thanks for the kind words about the blog.
      Honestly you really have to go with your gut. Some people that have joined WA are able to maneuver through some of the overwhelming information by following the advice I’ve provided in this review. They stay focused on type of technique and avoid getting distracted by some of the other information that may be presented by various members. I know some who have seen results right away. Some of my referrals have found that focusing on some of the other member’s guides, they have been able to get more out of WA. Some folks buddy up with someone in the community and supplement the learning material with the advice of a buddy on the forums. Then there are some who are just totally lost and fail to make use of the forum, or other members. And finally there are folks that give it the good fight and just don’t succeed.

      You can fall into anyone of those buckets. I can’t really predict what’s going to happen in your case just as a college can’t predict if you’ll land a job and guaranteed a certain salary. I could lie to you and say hey joining WA will solve all your problems and you’re going to make a lot of money. But I know that’s not the case. The fact of the matter is some of you will do very well and some won’t. It’s a calculated risk you’re taking just like waking up in the morning and walking outside. You never know when your time may come but you push forward anyway because you have to try to live your life. You basically have to ask yourself are you comfortable with the risk of joining WA and failing. Because that’s the question any business owner faces. I’ve gone in to many businesses knowing very well that I may fail. I’m comfortable with that because I make sure the risk is managed. I never invest more time or money than I’m comfortable losing. It’s like gambling or investing. Never invest what you don’t feel comfortable losing. The same applies to this business. If losing the money and time you invested would be a problem, just avoid this all together.

      Focus on jobs: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/jobs or some of the other non-traditional work at home opportunities I’ve discussed in my recommendations page:

      There are other ways to make money from home. This one just happen to be the one that set me free and I did very well with. It doesn’t mean it has to be your path. I know folks usually want me to push them into this by giving them some sweet comforting words. But I know the reality of this business and my job is to present that to you so you can make an informed decision. So if anything I’ve said or you’ve read scares the bejesus out of you to the point of paralysis, Then go with your gut. You probably know yourself better than I do. It was like a few weeks back when I specifically told someone else not to give this a shot because I could just tell it wasn’t a right fit. But they ignored my advice. Later as I predicted they didn’t find value in WA and really half assed the effort. But then they wanted to get mad at me and WA. The writing was already on the wall that this wasn’t for them but they ignored their instincts and my advice and had a bad experience because of it. I don’t want that to happen to you. So my advice is to do what you feel is best. I’m not going to coerce you either way. The information has been presented to give you a true view of what to expect and the comments do so as well. It’s just a matter of processing the vast information you have and make a decision based on that and your own feelings. Hope this helps. Either way, just know you have options.

  148. Eddy,
    Thank you for the thorough and balanced article. I still have not decided whether this is the right track for me, but at least I’ll be making an informed decision either way.

    Also, just curious (in regard to creating web pages) if a program like Dreamweaver could be utilized with internet marketing? Thank you again for all the information.

    • Todd,

      You’re quite welcome. It is very important to me that folks enter any opportunity I discuss well informed so there aren’t any surprises. This way you have a better idea of what you’re getting into. In terms of creating a webpage, you can use whatever you want. I personally use wordpress. As I said in the article above, the great thing about this opportunity is that you have a lot more flexibility than you would with a job. You pick and choose what you want to use or don’t. So if you want to use dreamweaver to create your site then you can. Hope this helps.

      Good luck with whatever decision you make. Either way you have a lot of options out here even besides affiliate marketing.

    • Thanks, Eddy, this article gave me a lot of basic info about how affiliate marketing works. I have experimntally embarked on a similar journey with a different company. I am “test flying” their promises and trying to investigate the legitimacy of the company. don’t expect to “get rich quick”, but would like a serious return on my investment of time and training as months unfold;-) Even with the drawbacks honestly laid out, your review has made me hopeful that I might be onto something life changing. -Joy

    • Hi Wil,

      Neither am I. What I am good at is providing solutions and helping people. I’m good at educating folks while keeping them amused. I don’t convince anyone to do anything. I just provide them with the information and let them make informed decisions for themselves. That’s what a good affiliate does. A greasy car sales man has to convince people to do something. There are a lot of affiliates that try to convince people to do things. They don’t do as well as the affiliates that try to provide value and help people solve their problems. That’s a lot of the reasons would be affiliates fail. They’re trying to convince people and sell. Yes selling is the fundamental part of this business but selling doesn’t mean beating people over the head to buy. It’s about helping people get what they want. When you view it that way your marketing is very different and you see a result of it.
      So that’s something to keep in mind.

  149. Eddy,
    Well, I have been monitoring this site for a while and have wanted to tell my experience in dealing with Wealthy Affiliate University. First, no it is not a scam. But, I was not successful. So here is my story.
    My wife and I joined WA and started to go over courses provided. At first it did not make sense, but we kept at it. Well, a lot of the introductory courses were very good. They introduced one to the concept of internet marketing and such. It still was confusing and worse a lot of the advice I considered vague. It does not help to tell me that, “In order to get an idea of what people are buying, use your brain.” Oh, come on!! I did like the idea of browsing through magazines and such. That made sense to me. Still the steps we were shown seemed to be very vague indeed.
    At some point, I found a site, run by a WA graduate that gave a step by step guide on article marketing. Wow, this is for us!! So off we went. We devoured each lesson eagerly. Then we ran into EZine Articles. I am sure they know what they are doing, but I found their rules way too anal for my taste. My wife did much better than I and got here platinum status very quickly. We decided to pick the diet industry as our market. Well, we both wrote and wrote and wrote article after article. This went on for 3 months. We continued to go through WA’s courses and the other site’s lessons too.
    Bottom line, we did not make one dime. The tools presented (Google and SEO Book) were very confusing. Trying to get a key phrase that targeted less than 5K hits was hard. We either got millions of hits or no hits at all. The tools did not make much sense to us and the tutorials did not do a good job in explaining them.
    My take on Internet Marketing is, “This is for those who already know how to market products/services in other media.” It is not for amateurs!! Next, make sure you have a real passion for whatever you are marketing. Remember, you are trying to connect potential human beings with wants and needs to a product or service that are looking for. Or, you are trying to get these same human beings to buy something that they were not originally looking for. It is a very hard job indeed! My advice, before you sign up at WA, go to your local college and take some real business marketing courses! They have real professors and course work that real business people are using to market their companies’ products. Go to the professionals first!! Invest yourself in some solid, proven marketing courses at the college level. Don’t skimp on the training!
    Another observation is that I feel IM is already a saturated business. Everyone is trying to do IM. All you need to do is go to Google, type in a phrase and look at the number of hits returned. It may be in the millions!! That says to me that that market is way too competitive for me to even try to break into. But, you may say, “Hey you have to find that niche market, right?” Correct, frankly I never could figure out what niche market to get into. I am not a marketing person – period. Oh, I hate it when insiders use lingo, such as, “Well, you have to niche it down, niche it down, and niche it down.” Right – sure. How about saying that in plain English! Please, skip the lingo, OK?
    I am technician and software developer at heart. Marketing and business is not my thing. Just wanted to let you all know. Thanks.

    Ed Cohen

    • Hey Ed,

      Thanks for coming back and sharing your honest opinion. I really appreciate it buddy. I think it’s good for people to read this. Honestl, I think your experience just lends credibility to some of my observations that this isn’t for everyone and it’s not easy.

      That being said I want to address some points you made.

      I don’t think you need to go to college to take some business or marketing courses to be successful at internet marketing. However in the same breath, I don’t think it would hurt you. I studied sociology and minored in psychology. On face value it doesn’t seem like it would help a person succeed in business or marketing. But I have found that it made me understand people better and thus allowed me to be a better business man and marketer because I didn’t view folks as numbers or sales. So my approach tended to be different than folks that may have and thus it helped separate me from the pack.

      In hindsight if I could do college all over again I would have actually taken more computer courses and yes probably a few business courses. But for a person that didn’t do any of that, I still managed to learn this stuff. But a lot of that was a function of my resolve. I knew that there was money in this industry and I wanted my share and would work to no end to achieve it, which obviously I have. So it goes to show that those courses aren’t a requirement to achieve success with this industry. Will it help, It might? But I think a better requirement is having the resolve to succeed. Some of the smartest and successful professionals never went to college. So I don’t neccessarily think that because you didn’t go to college you’re not sharp or a professional. Because there are a lot of folks that graduate college that may be book smart but not really business smart or successful. So we have to keep all of this in mind. At the end of the day I agree with the fact that it’s always great to invest in more training because it usually means more money. But there are various ways to get training and it’s not limited to college. I’m living proof of this.

      In terms of this business being saturated, it probably is. But so are many other business and people can still make a decent living. Yes it’s about carving out your niche. My niche was make money or work at home. It’s one of the most saturated and competitive niches in the online world. I was no body in this niche and to many folks I still am. But it goes back to what you and have suggested. I was very passionate about this niche. I lived and breathed it. So to me it made sense to be here because I was already always researching new opportunities and scams for my own personal development. Creating a website about it was just an extension of something I already loved doing. At the time I didn’t know how competitive this industry was. I just knew I liked it. I was just happy getting a few visitors to my site applying some of the basic techniques. I was making a bit of money with the little visitors I had. Then I just did the simple math and deduced I just need more visitors to make more money. So I learned new ways of doing that. Eventually l learned SEO and now you’ll see my sites are in the top 10 or 5 in Google for work at home and various other competitive keywords. Maybe ignorance was bliss. Because early in my career, I knew nothing about competition or niche. I just knew that this is the subject matter I liked and I was going to work on it. Everything else in terms of research and traffic I learned a long the way. And even when I discovered it was competitive it didn’t deter me because I really liked my subject matter. Furthermore I felt I had real value that I can provide.

      There are literally millions of sites about my very industry. Many of them look better than mine, have cooler technology, etc. Some may even have some better content than me. But here’s what they don’t have, me. They don’t have my unique personality or perspective about this industry. That’s basically my USP (Unique Selling Proposition). No one can clone me and my personality. A big part of marketing aside from the technical aspect has to deal with the personality behind the marketing effort. Apple is really the company it is because of Steve Jobs personality. Yes they have some other great people and technical competencies but I think it really has more to do with his personality. The same applies to this business. You’re always going to have competition and lots of it depending on the niche. But that’s life and why this industry isn’t easy. But if you focus on an industry you love, you’ll continue to plug away because you were doing it for fun or the love before doing it for profit. The money is now just an added benefit. So you’re more inclined to stick with it until you succeed.

      The problem is too many people come into this industry and start promoting nonsense or niches they really don’t love. They do it for a few months and decide to give up. At that point it’s a function of poor decisions by that individual not the industry as whole. And I’m not saying you did this Ed. I’m sure you gave it your all.
      But I find that folks are more inclined to give up when they don’t focus on passions or niches they love.

      Yes many niches are going to be competitive but there is always enough of the pie to carve out for yourself because the internet reaches billions of people. You’re telling me that if you don’t work hard enough and stick with this you can’t reach a tiny portion of them. Even before my sites made it into the top 10 for these competitive keywords, I was still earning some decent money because I was still able to find ways to get some visibility to my site via classifieds, forums, flyers etc. So ultimately I think this all boils down to a few things:

      1. Focus on an industry, passion or expertise you have. It should be something you would probably be doing even if you didn’t make a dime. You won’t be so inclined to give up with something like this.

      2. Pick products, services, etc that you actually feel provide value and that you would actually use. If you wouldn’t use the stuff you promote why would anyone else would. It doesn’t matter how much they pay you because you want make a dime.

      3. Diversify. Don’t just promote pay per sale products, they’re often very difficult to convert. Try CPA or pay per lead companies as I described in my article above. Diversify in how you promote as well. Ezine Articles is being a pain in the ass, move on to another article directory, or try something different like forum posting and promoting via your signature. Or visit blogs related to your industry and post useful comments and folks may click on your name which becomes a link to any site you enter in the url field. The point is keep trying different things to see what gets you the best results. I still do this now. Sure I’m great at SEO. But I still do other things to give me more visibility. Something doesn’t work, its on to the next one. Something does work I tweak it and scale it up.

      4. Resolve. If you really think this industry is for you, you work at it until you make it work. Even when I wasn’t making a lot of money with this, I didn’t stop because I knew there was money to be made. But I had bills to pay so I worked on this while still holding a full-time job. I also still engaged in other online opportunities that made me money. This way I would still have money coming in while I mastered this craft. It’s hard to stick through with something when you don’t see immediate results. But that’s also the reason a lot of folks are employees rather than business owners. A business owner often sees little or no profit when they’re first building their business. But like a patient farmer they know that by planting the seed, a bountiful harvest is on the horizon even if the dirt looks barren. Delayed gratification is huge with this business.

      5. Training. I don’t care where you get it from. But it’s just something necessary to succeed at this type of business or any type of high level career. If it were something easy than training wouldn’t be necessary.

      In any event, that’s just my take. However I’m happy you chimed in because I think you did a fair assessment of your experience with internet marketing. I’m confident that you actually worked hard at it instead of hoping that others would do all the work for you. At the end of the day we’re all going to have different experience. Mine was success after a lot of hard work and patience. For others they may never see a dime. But that’s reality of any business. However at least you can say you gave it your best effort and it wasn’t for you. Now it’s just a matter of finding what is.

      But I do appreciate you sharing you story. It’s a great confirmation of what I’ve been saying about how difficult this business can be and it’s not the answer for everyone.
      Thanks again for the balanced feedback Ed! I really appreciate it!

      P.S. I agree about the annoying lingo that these marketers use. But I think every business does this. In corporate america I remember being in meetings and they would spit out these fancy terms to explain a situation or product. It may take them an hour to do this. Then I would jump in at the end say, so you’re basically saying X.

      Then they would look at me and say yes. I could tell they were annoyed. But my feeling was, well you annoyed me by taking 2 hours of my life spitting out convoluted jargon regarding something that could have been explained in English in two minutes. I think it’s a way to make people feel important or so that normal people like myself feels stupid. It’s life. You just have to be able to read between the lines.

  150. Is this really worth it and I am a housewife that use to be in management and want to know how long does it take to start to make money and if this is something that I start this year and really start to make money next year? I know it is not an overnight thing but does it take years instead of months to make the kind of money that if my husband gets laid off we can still live with three kids?

    • Hi Gabby,
      Like anything in life it’s what you make of it. If you’re willing to work hard, not give up, apply what you learn then it can be very rewarding. Obviously I’m living proof of this since I work at home full time and my wife no longer needs to work outside the home. So that’s not really the question here. The question is are you willing to put in the time to make this business successful and have the delayed gratification to see it through. If not, it’s not for you and you should just focus on a job:

      In terms of time, I’ve already addressed this in the article above. So I won’t repeat what’s already been stated. I gather you’re looking for some immediate income so I think you should avoid this since it’s a business not a job. Considering your need for some immediate income, I would encourage you to visit my recommendations page:

      Good luck.

  151. @Shannon:
    Hi Shannon;
    Just curious. I’ve been checking for some time now, one legit home based businesses. Could you give me some examples of business that you have researched. I too, am very interested in WA and would like to join—maybe I will.

  152. Like I said on a recent comment I left on here, I am seriously considering Wealthy Affiliates. This is the only website I actually come to read and learn about work at home opportunities and affiliate marketing, etc. When I sign up it will for sure be under you. Honestly, if I would not have came across your website a few months back then I wouldn’t even know that affiliate marketing and making money online is something that can be achieved. But after making a couple hundred dollars this month on gpt and ptc sites and an additional amount on ChaCha and watching my website take off a bit and being active in working on it and learning, I actually have proof that it can be done, no matter how small the profit may seem, it all adds up! I keep myself very busy online working on my website, making money online, I’ve gotten some referrals and it is really encouraging. I am still excited over my who two referral I have on Clixsense! LOL, I see you on the leaderboard daily there with your referrals! (I think I may have signed up under you there and a couple other places). Your words really encourage me. I am the type of person that likes to do my own thing, I pretty much am always online and have been spending most of my waking hours trying to get things up and going! I am rambling now, but I am going to look into Wealthy Affiliates some more and see when I can get the money together to get started with it!

  153. Much thanks to Eddy for this info about Wealthy Affiliate. I learnt about the site last year July, after some research about Affiliate Marketing. I conducted research online to see if the site is a Scam or not, before considering joining; till I came to this informative Site by Eddy Solomon, giving an in-depth about Wealth Affiliate.
    Actually Eddy has given a balanced opinion about it, not being Biased, giving pros and cons of it, as he too has benefited from it. I have made up my mind, and am yet to join, but I have to wait till my 1st collage semesters are over, and get much time to try it myself.
    I can admit that WA is not a scam, and is not a get rich quickly scheme and l really like the way Eddy is describing it: WA IS NOT a job, where one may join and start getting income each end month. But in general, Affiliate marketing or any kind of Internet Marketing requires your efforts to see income coming into your account.
    But for me I have never done any sort of internet marketing, coz I think am not informed enough about internet Biz. But I believe WA is up to what it promises, as I am yet to join and maybe expect my first Cent from internet Marketing.
    Thanks ya’ll.

  154. Eddy,

    Just wanted to let you know that you have a great review here. I have been involved in Internet Marketing for a while now, but get asked all the time by those starting out where they should start. I’m always on the lookout for programs, courses and ebooks that I think the beginner will actually benefit from. As you know, you have to sift through a lot of junk in order to find the gems.

    I joined WA 2 months ago, because I would never recommend something without first trying it myself. After 2 months I am impressed. Although, I have seen much of the information on other sites, it is well organized in the WA members area and that makes it much easy for a beginner to find and follow. The true gem of WA is the community. I have never seen so many helpful people in one forum. It’s almost as if people are fighting each other so they can be the first to answer your question. It’s really nice to see.

    Anyways, this is my first time on your site and I plan to read over some more of your stuff. Best of luck to you!

    • Hey Eric,

      Thanks for the kind words and sharing your opinion about WA. I agree with you, the community is the heart of WA. The only way you’ll fail to get anything out of WA is if you fail to truly take advantage of the community. So I’m totally there with you. Speaking of which, I accepted you as a buddy in WA. Take care and thanks again.

  155. Hey, a very informative site indeed..
    I have some questions regarding WA, as I am yet to join, NOW, can U host wordpress blog{s}
    on the free hosting offered by WA? i am planning to built wordpress sites, and i dont want to buy a separate hosting package if WA has them.

    • Hi Rufnus,

      Use the FAQ link and email them directly regarding this question. I believe the answer is yes though. But it’s better to know for sure. Hope this helps.

  156. This is a very detailed review. I am fairly new to affiliate marketing and am trying to put together my first site, but keep getting caught up with the small details (like finding the right wordpress theme). It seems like wealthy affiliate might be the place to learn how to get things done properly. Again, thank you for the details and helping people to come to their own decisions. One thing though…maybe it’s just me or my browser, but not all the videos are loading properly.

    • Israel,
      Thanks for chiming in with your feelings regarding WA!

      Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. In fact, I find a lot of newbies get caught up in minor details like this. It’s one of those things where you need to remind yourself that these little details aren’t going to get you any closer to making money. With a wordpress theme, just pick one that comes close to what you want. You can always come back and upload a new one or even hire someone to change one that comes close to what you want. At the end of the day, it’s your content that is going to make you the money. Just find a theme that is basic. Google has probably one of the simplest designs on earth and makes billions of dollars. So why re-invent the wheel. Keep your design simple and focus on your content. If it works for one of the biggest companies on the earth, it will work for you. So don’t let things like design and other small nuisances get in the way of taking action and getting out there.

      WA can’t do that for you. They’re just going to teach you how to get in front of folks and make money. But ultimately pulling the trigger and being disciplined enough to ignore minor details comes from you. Hope this helps.

  157. Hi Eddy,
    It is about to be one o’clock and I am going to began another couple hours of long research for content to write about in my articles. I would really like to thank you Eddy for being a mentor and guiding individuals as myself with all this helpful and formal information about this business of online marketing. It has been about two months since I joined wealthy affiliate. Wealth affiliate for some people that don’t know or for some reason did not read your post about WA University; is an online community of Internet Marketers founded by two individuals by the name of Carson & Kyle. If anybody is serious about educating themselves and pursing a carrier in this line of work, this web site is highly recommended. I found about this online community through http://www.workathomenoscams.com. After reading your article about WA University, I followed through and researched the web site for myself. I could not be any happier with the results of my research. Yes the information presented is OVERWHELMING!!! For beginners, it can almost intimate you. Like Eddy said, for starters, stick with the eight week training guide for beginners. This alone, has enough information and tasks which WA assigns to you, to get your feet wet. Some helpful advice for beginners, do not stray off to the many links and information provided by the many members of WA. Use the forum to ask questions. When you ask a question, make sure you ask a question which has meaning and substantive quality to it. Introduce yourself to the community, do not be a hermit. Familiarize yourself with the website in the materials that are pertaining to your education at the current moment. If you are a little lost, once again, just ask questions. WA University also has a buddy system. Members of this community are willing to help you with no questions asked. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY; I cannot implement that enough. For the first couple of months, you will be researching and learning online marketing techniques that will only enhance your knowledge to perceiver and advance in this business. Another thing I recommend, once you start to learn the different methods of internet marketing, specialize in ONE. Wealth Affiliates offers accreditation courses in many topics of internet marketing. An example, I love to research, learn and write. I choose Article Marketing in these accreditation courses. I promise the education provided in these courses is worth it. Like Eddy has mentioned in his article about WA, you do have to pay either a monthly membership, or you can pay for the entire year. I wish I could afford to pay for the year, you save about 108 dollars. The monthly membership is not a hefty fee. I believe it is about 39.00 dollars a month. Hell it is worth the sacrifice. With hard work and God’s blessing and your commitment along with this education, you can ACCOMPLISH having a successful online business. Thank you for letting me express my opinion and God Bless everyone.

  158. Wow Eddy, you always know exactly what to say. You are definetely right, with affiliate marketing you wont get rich overnight but with consistency and commitment you will start to see some changes that will ultimately grow into success. With my work from home blog, I am starting to see it pick up pretty quickly. It will still be some time before I get it where I want it to be. But the thing about affiliate marketing is that there are so many options to explore, a blog is just one of many options and that is what wealthy affiliate can/will teach you. I signed up last year but I had a whole lot on my plate…I just could not dedicate all my attention to WA…too much juggling. When I was there i did start to see how I could make a whole lot more money in ways I never imagined or thought of. I know that WA can help me with my desire to become successful at internet marketing and I will eventually go back once I am ready.

    Best Regards,

    • Shannon,

      If only that was true. I would probably get in less trouble with my wife. lol In any event, I obviously agree with your points. Initially it starts off slow but once you get a rhythm going, it eventually snowballs. The problem is most of us lack delayed gratification or we’re in situations where we need results right away because of financial strains. When these situations are apparent to me then I always try to steer people away because I know that this isn’t right for them at the moment. But for others it can definitely be rewarding if they’re willing to be patient and work really hard.

      I’m so happy you’ve been seeing results with your blog because I know you’ve been hard at work with it. But can you imagine what would have happened if you gave up early on because of some bumps in the road or that you weren’t seeing results fast enough? So applaud you! Obviously in time you’ll get to the point where you want to be. I also think it says volumes that even after leaving WA (because of time constraints) that you’re looking forward to joining again. So thanks for chiming in and sharing some inspiration with us.

  159. Hi Eddy, Thanks for being straight forward. Your article about WA really motivated me and encourage me to join. The only thing is, is that I don’t trust anybody but you. So therefore I would love to join under you and get the guide and support that I need. Eddy, only if you knew how many times I have fail with working online. But like the saying go “A successful person is the person who has fail.” And honestly I am sick of failing. . Again Thanks. LET THE FUN BEGIN.

    • You’re welcome Kristi.
      Please keep in mind that there are a lot of trustworthy people out there. I’m definitely not the exception. It just takes a little more digging to find them in the sea of all the BS out there. lol In terms of failure, I’ve failed with tons of business. But the reason I finally succeeded was I never gave up on my self. I knew what my dream was and I was going to make it happen one way or another. We’ve been taught that failure is a bad thing. But it’s not. It’s part of the learning process. Failing a lot just means you’re in good company because some of the most successful people were serial failures. But unlike most people who are embarrassed or ashamed to fail, they kept pushing forward. If one path isn’t working for you, you can switch to something else provided you’ve given the previous thing a good effort. However the key is to give something a shot instead of sitting on the sidelines and wishing you could. So I applaud that you still want to give this affiliate marketing thing a go considering your other road blocks. I’ll say it again it’s not easy and WA isn’t perfect and magically do all the work for you. You’ll have to work hard at this to make it work for you. But if it doesn’t work out, don’t get down on yourself. It just means you’re that much closer to finding what is right for you.

      You have the right attitude as long as you match it with the proper effort, you’ll find success one way or another. In any event, if you decide to join, feel free to email me offline and I’ll send you my little guide. Good luck.

      Serial Failure/Successful Internet Marketer

  160. Hi Eddy. I’ am serious in joining WA. There is just one think I need to (know keeping on the real). HOW much money do it really take to be successful?

    • Hey Kristi,

      Thanks for your question. (By the way, I’m always real. lol) It all depends on what avenue of affiliate marketing you end up in. PPC takes money but as you may have saw in my focus video listed above, I totally recommend against this for newbies. Because you’ll lose your shirt. But a lot of the other effective marketing efforts are “free” in terms of money such as article marketing, SEO, etc. But it does requires your time and effort. Later you might invest in domain name and hosting (.com) when you’ve figured out what type of niche you want to be in. But that’s less than $100 for both and it’s purely optional because WA does provide you with hosting. So initially I don’t think you need to invest more than your WA membership.

      But as you become more successful, you may find that you want a designer, programmer, domain, hosting, outsourcing etc. All that stuff I invested late in my career when I was making money and was sure of what niche I wanted to pursue. But there are a lot of folks that are successful using nothing but free resources. So it’s different for everyone. Hope this helps.

  161. not taking shots at you. i just wanted to express to you what i am going through at WA. i wanted to a reply from you and i thank you for it.

    • If you say so, LEB. Like I said I’ll be happy to put you out your “misery” and refund your money. So just email me if you want that. There is definitely not a reason to stay on board if you feel you’re getting no value out of it. Thanks.

  162. Hey Eddy (and I mean Eddy not some person trying to butt in),
    I joined WA and I must tell, i am extremely disappointed. the action step by step plan is a joke. first, they want you to go out and promote their program so that people buy into it when they haven’t taught me a thing or convinced me that their product works. there is no help, no guidance, no assistance. my main goal in joining after all the false hype was to learn how to build a website with the goal of earning commissions as an affiliate marketer… NO WHERE on their site do they concentrate on this, unlike what they advertise before one pays for their membership. HOWEVER, WHAT THEY DO ADVERTISE IS HOW TO BECOME THEIR AFFILIATE TO PROMOTE THEIR WEBSITE, PRODUCT SO THAT THEY CAN MAKE MONEY… now of course, supposedly they pay you commission… but why in the world would i want to waste my time promoting their product, ESPECIALLY WHEN I HAVEN’T BEEN TAUGHT ANYTHING!!! the bottom line, i was duped into thinking by your website and theirs and all the other google.com websites that their members promote, that i was going to have support, one on one guidance, all that BS so that i could eventually build my website and earn money in commissions by becoming an affiliate of other companies. very disconcerting… WA is not upfront, they are misleading… also, why would they say EVERYTHING is included in their membership just to charge for certain tutorials??? this is false and misleading advertising. there are many unhappy members that have tried to work at it, have tried to dealt with it, have tried to get help (me included) withe the most honest intentions, just to go round round in circles with no support. i am so upset that i need to stop writing as it only makes me more upset.

    • Hey LEB,

      I see you have summoned me so let me try to address your feedback here.
      I can’t say I’m surprised by your comments. The fact that you struggled with the free affiliate guide I provided here:
      https://www.workathomenoscams.com/2009/08/03/free-affiliate-marketing-ptc-course/#comment-11192 had already made me decide that this career wasn’t for you.

      I even argued this in the following post:

      But you chose to ignore my advice and here you are trying to take shots at me.
      Go figure. With that said let me address some of your points as professionally as I humanly can at this moment.

      One, I don’t even know how you’re able to claim you’ve made an ernest attempt at this industry if you’ve only been a member for about 1 week or so. How much information could you have absorbed and action could you have taken if at all.

      Next, I’ve made it very clear in my article above that you can always deviate from the plan and courses via my “Do You” paragraph. There is nothing set in stone in terms of this stuff that has to be followed exactly.

      As I said in my article above, I pick and choose different areas of the training that works for me and I clearly suggested that others do the same. So no one is putting a gun to your head to join their affiliate program. I was a member for a full year before I even mentioned them on my sites because I wanted to ensure that I got value from the company before I attached my name to it.

      I agree it doesn’t make sense to promote something you haven’t had any success with yet. It’s a mantra I’ve preached many times in my comments on this blog. I do think it is in poor taste for them to include that at the start of the course. So no argument there. But like I said in the article above, you’re a grown ass adult and can choose to ignore certain things or skip over them. It’s flexible enough for that.

      In terms of building a website, have you even accessed the site rubix tool and tried to use it. Have you actually posted a message on the forum asking for help on building a website? Did you follow the earlier advice I provided you about creating a site with blogger:

      Seems to me there were a lot of options to help you with that very issue but you failed to use them.

      The other thing that bothers me is that how can you even think about building a website when you haven’t even gone through the basics of the marketing course. That’s like trying to drive a car when you never learned how to crawl. Look, I’m sorry if you want to speed up everything, but I made it very clear above that this takes time and it’s a process. The fact that you’re able to make a judgement call based on about a week’s time there without actually taking advantage of all the training courses and forum or even taking action isn’t reasonable.

      About the accreditation courses, again those are things that are purely optional. The default material that is included in your membership covers the same topics. So again no one is putting a gun to your head to take those courses. It’s not forced on to you.

      And finally people that want help do get it if they truly seek it out and follow the advice I’ve laid out in the article above. If you’re looking for someone to do everything for you, it’s not going to happen. If I don’t understand a concept, I post it on the forums or I make buddies with the other members and pm them personally and they’re more than happy to help. I’ve had other folks that I have referred personally email me and I’ve helped them. In fact I just got a pm from Luke Wootton at WA and helped him with an issue he was having. So I really don’t know why you’re having problems getting help. I’ve never had a problem getting answers because I will actively seek them out one way or another.

      Un happy members.
      At end of the day, there are always going to be members that aren’t happy with a company. That’s life. I dare you to name a company that doesn’t have some unhappy customers or members. It’s not feasible. Sometimes it is because the company sucks. Other times it’s because the customer does.

      In this case, I just feel that this has more to do with you not really giving this a fair shot and actually using the resources at WA. With that said, I’ve also made it clear that WA wasn’t perfect. Everyone that has read my review tends to go in there already knows the cons and are prepared to deal with them.

      I personally told you to focus on the other free opportunities and you chose to ignore that advice. So if you want to blame me and WA because of this, by all means do whatever makes you feel better about the situation.

      But I stand by my recommendation which has been very candid about the cons and limitations of WA. If folks choose to ignore this information and join anyway then that’s something that they need to take responsibility for instead of pinning the blame on others. At the end of the day, I’m always giving people options to choose.

      I didn’t jeidi mind trick you into WA. I knew you weren’t right for this career or their training and flat out told you that. But if you want to blame me for it, then cool. I’ll be happy to refund the money you spent. If you want that, you know where to contact me. Hopefully you can calm down now. I’m not here to make people upset or mislead them. Take care.

      P.S. Since I’m actually the owner of this blog & not LEB, I give all of you the right to “butt in”. lol

  163. I have gathered a lot of good information about the Wealthy Affiliate over the last couple of weeks and I think I am closing in on my decision to join within this week. I learned about Wealthy Affiliate in 2007, while looking for a good, reliable, and “NO SCAM” internet marketing opportunity. At the time, I was not able to invest in the Wealthy Affiliate Program due to financial strain. However, I, now am able to invest the 39.00 to get started. I must say that, even what I have gathered, to date, from researching the Wealthy Affiliate and the Wealthy Affiliate University, I see no reason that I should not be able to succeed at affiliate marketing with the techniques and strategies even within the first couple of weeks.
    Also, I wanted to add that I think it is very encouraging to know that you, too, reside in the US and are a part of the Wealthy Affiliate family. In my research, I did not find very many Wealthy Affiliate members who are residing in the US!! Thanks for the wealth of information that you freely give everyday and I am looking forward to becoming a Wealthy Affiliate!!

    • Hi Kontina,

      You’re quite welcome. It’s good that you were so patient and detailed with your research and now feel confident in joining WA. As long as you prepared for the hard work and are in this long term, you can succeed. So good luck to you. Hope to see you on the other side.

  164. Hi Eddy

    Well my question is has wealthy affiliate removed the jobs tab from their website. Because in the above video you show where people can apply for jobs, and actually make money while learning the marketing technique. Because I’m looking at the website and I just do not see it anywhere. So have they changed their website? Also have they removed the gold that they give out each month as well? Thanks for any help


    • Andy,
      You’re welcome Man. I just didn’t want to see you jumping into this with unrealistic expectations. Keep me posted.

      Hey Chad,

      It’s been moved to the My WA menu. In the future, be sure you try to use their search feature on the WA site to find stuff like this. This type of question would have also been perfect to ask in the forum. So be sure to use those two resources first because they can probably help answer other simple questions like this and others you have in the future. If that fails, definitely hit me up via email or here. Hope this helps.

  165. Eddy Thanks for the reply,
    i will look into the sites you have suggested, and it is what i wanted to hear and i thankyou for being honest with your reply, like i said above i will look into the other options for now, and when i am ready to join WA i would join it from your site, it’s good to know that there is someone out here who will help and not try to sell me into something that is just no good.
    Thankyou Eddy, i will keep in touch and let you know how things go.

  166. Hi Eddy,
    My name is Andy and i have been wanting to join WA for a while now, at this moment in time
    i am out of work and live in the USA, my wife is the only one working right now and she makes reasonable money as a nurse, but we are in a hole with bills and house payments, and i would like to know that if i paid the $40 to start up would i be able to make that back within that month so i could pay for the next month? i know it takes time to make the bigger money but i am a hard worker and will put everything into it, i just want to be able to make some kind of paycheck to give to my wife and show her that i will do whatever i can for her (even when no jobs seem to be around yet)
    i have other questions but i will let you answer this one for me for now.

    • Hey Andy,

      As a grown ass man, I feel your pain brother. But as I said in the article above, affiliate marketing is a business. It’s not a job where you’re guaranteed to make certain type of money within a specific time frame. A job works like that. This is why I always tell folks if that’s what you’re looking for then visit the pages I have created to help you find that:

      To me it just sounds like you need to get some of these bills paid relatively quickly and want to help your wife out until you get back on your feet. So with that in mind I would suggest visiting my recommendations page:

      there are few options that may help you with that and they’re free. The amazon turk program listed there seems to be a consistent easy money maker for most people. I also have a top 10 list of quick ways to make money on my recommendations page as well. So my suggestion given your situation is to explore all these other options first. As I’ve said in my top 10 reasons not to become an affiliate marketer: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/top10 , financial hardship is a bad motivator. It will cause you to rush through things and make poor mistakes. Or you can end up losing more money that you don’t have. So until your situation stabilizes, avoid investing in something like WA or any type of money making opportunities that are claiming to have some magical solution. Because trust me there aren’t any.

      Everything that is going to make you decent money is going to require work. Don’t let desperation ever cloud this truth. Take it from a brother that has been down and out and made stupid mistakes because of it. I hope this helps you out. It may not be what you want to hear. But it’s real talk that you need to heed. Good luck brother and keep me posted if you try my other suggestions.

  167. Eddy m’man! I’m still struggling along in my developmental stage. I have big plans for my niche, and I’m convinced that informing, with pros/cons is the best method to use in affiliate marketing. I disagree that it makes you lose sales however. I believe if you build a solid reputation, by providing information based on accurate research data, you will make up for those lost sales when people you refer recommend your site for all of its great, honest (though not perfect), and reliable information on a particular industry.

    And, in my view, you would tend to think this would lead to more sales and building a brand that web visitors trust. When I found your site and scanned through the info, It was like a light bulb lit up in my brain. This is the perfect structure for an affiliate marketing business my mind said to myself lol You can apply it to just about any industry. Although I am money motivated, it is also important to keep in mind that our referrals are people just like you and I, and they deserve the best resources possible, and they will thank you for your service by visiting the merchants you recommend. This is what makes your website so unique, and you a dashing success.

    “It’s more like being a customer service rep except without being yelled at and blamed all the time. ;)”

    LOL This is what attracted me to affiliate marketing in the first place. I owned an online drop-shipping retail shop and the customer service aspect alone can cost you alot of time, energy, and frustration. Not to mention dealing with your distributors, merchant service providers, accounting, and taxes.

    • I totally agree with you C.S. but for some reason there are a lot of affiliates that think the opposite of how we do and continue to flood the web with pushy and misleading sales tactics and information.
      At the end of the day the tides may be turning. The FTC has sort of forced affiliates to do the right thing now. In any event, I’m looking forward to your progress and success. I know how passionate you are about your niche and that you will add a lot of value which is going to lead a lot of money for you. So keep doing your thing!

  168. Eddy, it’s C.S., the next Mr. Madagascar body building champ! This is an excellent post. Very realistic overview of the program. What makes your site unique is that you cover the pros and the cons of these opportunities. Rather than just giving a sales pitch, you dig deep into the nitty gritty details and let the potential prospect decide for themselves. Personally, I like Wealthy Affiliate. Sure there are the drawbacks you described but overall, it’s worth it when compared to the total tuitions for Internet Marketing BA’s. You pay less here to learn just about as much.

    • What Up C.S.!
      Thanks for the kind words man. I’m glad you could appreciate the realness I was trying to bring across regarding WA. I think that is the problem with too many affiliates. They’re trying to sell instead of inform and provide options. People are grown ass adults, you treat them as such and they make the right decisions for themselves. This usually ends up being paid back to the affiliates that have taken the time to educate.
      In any event, I’m glad you can see the value of WA. I totally agree with your about the price being a steal compared to what you would pay for such knowledge in college and other comparable courses.
      Thanks for hitting me up here as promised. lol Keep us posted on how you’re doing with WA.

  169. You were right, you are active on your own sites…that was a very quick response! I can understand that after all the learning and building up your own business, you would want to focus on participating on your own site. I agree that you can get caught up in forums, and I don’t participate in forums in general as much as I used to.

    You seem to be doing a lot better than I am, and you have a great thing going here, so good luck with it. Just saying that we could use a few more active experts inside WA to help people out. 😉 Btw, were you in Vegas for the conference? Take care.

    • LOL, It’s my business. I have to be. But thanks for understanding where I’m coming from. There are a lot of good experts already participating on the forums. Trust me I lurk and read their stuff. Even I learn some new things from them. So I don’t know how much more value my two cents would add. lol My advice is pretty basic and consistent. Build an authority site based on a passion, love or expertise you have. Provide a lot of value via your free content before ever asking for anything. Make good recommendations on companies that you are affiliated with and aren’t. Drive targeted traffic to your authority site (My preference is obviously SEO.) Wash rinse and repeat the add value and making good recommendations part regularly and you’re pretty much doing what I’m doing. Ain’t really much more to it from a game plan point of view. So that’s pretty much all I would be adding to the forums at WA. lol

      By the way, I did qualify for the Vegas Conference but I had a conflict because I was away in the Dominican Republic for some relaxation. The day I was returning would be the day I would have to hop back on a flight to Vegas and my body couldn’t deal with that back to back flying. So I told Kyle I couldn’t do it. I spoke to one of the participants and he said he learned a lot. So God willing, I’ll be there next year. I thought I might get an honorable mention on their vegas conference page but apparently not. lol

  170. Hi Eddy, I’m a member at WA too and have been there a little over 1.5 years. It’s been a while since I checked what was ranking for “wealthy affiliate” in google and just now discovered your site. You seem to be doing very well. Your site has a ton of information (and your other sites too), and this is by far the most in-depth review I’ve seen about WA.

    My question is…where are you in WA? You seem to have become very successful after only a couple years, and there are lots of people inside of WA that would love to get your help. Looks like your last post in the forum is over a year old. We would love to hear from you more often.

    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks for the kind words. I do a little “sumething sumething”. lol Great question about where I am. Well you’ve found me. lol I spend most of my time here on my own sites responding to questions here. I’m still a member of WA and I do lurk a lot in the forums and read the daily blog posts. But it’s easy to get caught up in there for better or worst as described in my review. Quite frankly I want to spend as much of time managing my own sites and helping my people here. After all I’ve spent over a decade trying to build these sites to the level they are. So I feel my time is better spent adding more energy and value here since they are my business and livelihood. The folks that I have referred to WA I speak to via email. So if they need me, they know I’m always an email away or right here on this blog.

      That being said, I hear what you’re saying and I’ll see what I can do to be a bit more active over at WA. Ironically I’ve been talking to Kyle & Carson behind the scenes regarding this and they have some ideas of their own on how to do this. lol In any event, it’s always great to hear from a fellow WA member. But if you need me, now you know where to find me.

  171. I just wanted to say thank you for you website. I’ve recently lost my job as Human Resources Manager and am very tired of the corporate world politics and BS, working 55-60+/week and then having someone say, “It’s not enough!” I’ve been married longer than you are old probably and this seems to be the 1st time I can see me being able to say to my wife, “Honey let’s go buy that motor home you’ve always wanted!” Thank you , sir!

    • Don,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve lost your job. I hear this every day and it always has the same effect on me. It disgust me and pisses me off at the same time because I’m sure there are probably some high level managers or executives that are getting paid more than their worth and getting bonuses right now as we speak. You’re absolutely right what you do will never be enough for them or appreciated in the way it should be. With that all said I’m happy I’ve given you some options to think about. How nice will it be when you are able to tell you wife that! Trust me it’s the best feeling in the world. The day I sat my wife down and said, “Baby you don’t have to go back to work!” was one of the best day of my lives. The other was when I told my step father, give me all your credit card bills. I’m paying them all. The sky’s the limit Don. I’m living proof of it. So you do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. Thanks for sharing your story with me! I’m looking forward to hearing your happy ending.

  172. Thanks Eddy, I’ve just subscribed through your link for a month to test the waters as it were, and sent you an email requesting the Help Guide you kindly provide!

    Really appreciate what you do!

    Best wishes,


  173. Hi Eddy,

    Thanks for the reply!

    I was on the point of joining up via your link until I’ve read the T & C’s and see that there is no course for a refund once you’ve paid– I appreciate an annual subscription is quite a bit cheaper but the monthly subscriptions are on a rolling basis unless I cancel through some Checkout process if I pay by VISA? What does that mean?

    I was hoping to look at it for a month first and then see where we go from there…

    If you prefer to use my website email address you have instead of uploading this on your Blog, feel free to email me Eddy; when I read the T & C’s alarm bells started to ring after nearly being caught out before and after having to get refunds from two other USA based Internet related companies for badly failing to deliver what they promised in their blurb on their sites & blog, and in one of those cases it was bordering on fraud.

    Best wishes and Thanks again,


    • Hi Clive,

      You’re welcome! No there are no refunds. But you can cancel at any time. You can try it for a month and cancel at any time if you don’t like it. If you do like it then you can switch over to the yearly payment program to save some money if you want. But if the refund policy is an issue, I totally understand. If you have more administrative questions, just use the faq link above and contact WA directly and they can answer more of that stuff.

      At the end of the day, I know you’ve been burned by other companies but don’t let that experience make you assume that everyone is out to get you. Otherwise you go into situations with a jaded eye and looking for problems. Because you’re in that mindset you WILL find these issues which in most circumstances would be considered minor in the grand scheme of things. But because you’re already looking to pounce, it’s magnified to mythical proportions. So this is just something to keep in mind as you look into various opportunities on the web.

      I hope this makes sense.

  174. Hi Eddy,

    I wanted to say a HUGE ‘Thanks!’ for the detailed, down to earth & real honest coverage of the pros & cons of Wealthy Affiliate University both in the content of your main article, and with the Blog responses. I found the Video links really helpful too!

    I started running a brand-new website as from mid November 09 which I have put hours & hours of unpaid work into, a real labour of love, and there have been several sales in the UK already which is really pleasing; however I do know I need more info on SEO and Article Writing for my own site which I see that WAU supplies judging by your earlier reply to a poster on 25th Oct 09.

    Whilst searching for additional work to do from home in conjunction with my own site I’ve nearly been stung by scams; Google searches have avoided them so far, but I like the look of what I’ve seen so far here very much, and I will seriously think about what to do over the coming next few days.

    What has really been a ‘No No’ in the past when I’ve seen stuff on Affiliate Marketing is because I’m British and a bit more ‘reserved’, when I read some of the techniques which some Affiliate websites use, it really ‘turns me off” as being way OTT; is there a way discussed somewhere in the WAU topics, no matter how further down the line it is covered, that can be an alternative to the guy with a six pack with a bikini-clad sexy model draped over a Lamborghini, palm trees swaying in the background style site?? (Not that there’s anything wrong with the bikini clad model!! lol! Unfortunately I don’t have a 6 pack either!) But seriously, it is something I’ve wondered about, as honesty is very important to me and I wouldnt want to get involved with anything that is misrepresenting the truth, which is why I admire & respect the ring of honesty in this Blog…

    It also gets me annoyed to have Internet Directories constantly bombarding me sometimes 2 or 3 times a day with spam emails on Affiliates-as an example-: (Clive, Discover the Affiliate Millionaire now!) and other related emails-again I wouldn’t like to do that to other people if I dont like it myself; are there other options taught by WAU which are ‘less invasive’ but nevertheless effective?

    Thanks again for all the mega hard work & honest detail you have put into this site, and hope to hear from you whenever you get a rare spare minute!

    Best Regards to you, your wife & your little girl,


    • Hi Clive,

      You’re quite welcome! Glad you found the review to be so useful and honest. That was the goal. lol
      I can totally relate to your feelings about the pushy, greasy cars sales man approach that some affiliate marketers take and teach.

      Just keep in mind what I said in the review above. “Do you!” Just because a technique may suggest doing something you don’t feel comfortable with, doesn’t mean you need to follow exactly how the other guy is doing it. I learn a lot from various resources and what I always try to do is adapt the things I learn so they fit my style and personality. There is no rule that says you need to be sleazy to be a great affiliate marketer.

      Take my review above as an example. Instead of writing the fake reviews that so many affiliate marketers use to promote companies,I took a real approach at the risk of losing sales. Why? Because I don’t like when people sell me pipe dreams! So why should I do it to others? I know this industry is hard and that’s why I try my best to scare the bejesus out of people in my review so it weeds out the folks that aren’t meant for it. To my surprise being honest has actually proven to attract more people to this particular company and industry. Maybe folks are Sado-masochist. lol But I bet it has more to due with the fact that people have a better idea of what to expect and can appreciate that I didn’t make this all sound so sweet like so many of the other reviews and sites they may have read before this one.

      So in this situation I took the technique of “writing reviews” mixed with some SEO and my true honesty and it’s lead to a lot of folks wanting to give WA a shot even though I’ve made very clear this is going to be hard. So I’m a perfect example of applying techniques that can be misused but using them for good. Here’s a good analogy that sums this all up. Fertilizer can be used as a bomb by a nut bag to blew up a building. But in the hand of farmers it can be used to grow crops that feed millions. I liken myself to the farmer using this stuff for the good of people. You can too! Hope this makes sense and answers your question.

      And by the way, WA doesn’t teach you to be sleazy. They teach you sound internet marketing principles not gimmicks.

  175. Hi Eddy,
    I’M B-B-A-A-C-C-K-K-K!

    OOPS…Long day and wrong key!!! LOL Just was gonna tell you, thanks for getting back to me so quickly…wow…I’ll be alright I think…NOT SO SURE but I think. Thank you for the referral sites and now that things have slowed down for me at work and I can finally destress I am seriously going to look at the websites you put on your reply to me, but not only mine but to the others also.
    One more thing…you are a “spring chicken” compared to this “OLD mother hen”…LOL (remember I’m older than dirt!).
    Take care and thanks, I am gonna read some serious stuff now.

    • LOL,

      Hey Bonnie!
      You’re welcome. I’m sure the pages I listed will help you.
      In any event, I won’t argue about the age. Being older than dirt is hard to argue against. lol
      Take care.

  176. Hi Eddie, I’m very very new to this work at home venture, but I’m also not naive to the fact that there are scam artist out there ready to take advantage of eager enthusiast like myself. I’m not about to pay to get a job, that’s crazy! I’ve done that with casting companies but no more! I’m very glad I found your newsletter yesterday and it’s been really helpful just educating myself about the business and training myself in the skill of Med Trans which is what I want to do since it’s a lucrative job. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the hard work you do. Thanks you very much!

  177. Hello Mr. Eddy(got it right) lol

    I just turned my friend on to your site and told her how down the earth and honest you are. She found some great information on your site for the work at home stuff. Anyhow, how long was it before you started seeing some good results from you doing your affiliate stuff? I know it depends on how much work you put into it and all. My friend does web design and has her own company and she told me about affiliate marketing long ago and the money to be made. So, she tells me that you just have to put the time and effort to make it happen. But from your experience, how long did it take for you? It could be as little as an extra 500 or 1000.00 a month would work for me. I work at home full time as a consultant for HP anyhow, but i am looking for some additional income for other things. Thanks

    • LOL, Thanks for getting my name right this time. 🙂

      Thanks for referring your friend to my site and I’m happy she found the information useful.

      1. I don’t remember exactly when I saw good results. I just remember the first day I earned a few cents referring someone to get paid to read email program. I was super excited and it confirmed to me that I could really make money with this industry. Then after that I just went on a mission to improve my results and find other programs to promote. I guess for most people they want to know when I was able to do this full time and that was in the last 2-3 years. If I lived outside of NY and moves some place where the cost of living was cheaper, I could have probably been doing this full time 5 years ago. At the end of the day what you considered good results and what I considered good results are subjective. Like I said I got excited seeing a few cents. Most of you would laugh at that. I didn’t and we all know where that ended up. lol

      2. At least now you know I’m not bs’ing that this stuff takes work and commitment. Your friend confirmed it for you. It took me nearly 10 years to achieve this level of success. But it was because I was a dumb ass and never really invested in learning in this stuff completely until the last 3 years which incidentally when I was finally able to make the jump of firing the man. If I would have invested in myself from the early 90’s when I started this, I would be a billionaire right now. But better late than never I say. lol

      Judging by your line of questioning you’re viewing this sort of like a job. And if you read my review above completely you already know that’s a no no and this probably isn’t the opportunity for you. Some people pick this up very fast and others are like me and it takes them years. It really all depends on the individual, their dedication, mindset, work ethic and how they apply what they’re being taught. There isn’t a cookie cutter answer for when you’ll see success with this. I know folks want that from me, but you ain’t going to get it because I really don’t know. I don’t like pulling stuff out of thin air just to give folks a false sense of security or time frame. If you want to make a certain amount of money with this business, then it’s just a matter of working at it until you do. If you’re concerned with time frames for given amount of hours and effort, then a job is a better bet.

      Building a business takes as long as it going to take. Like I said if it were easy everyone would be bosses instead of employees. So just keep this in mind. If you’re just looking for some extra money on the side, you may want to consider a job instead:

      or possibly trying something like amazon’s mturk program:

      Because it may take a very long while before you see $500 – $1000 doing affiliate marketing or it make take a few short weeks. I just can’t say because I can’t predict what you’ll do with the training. Hope that makes sense.

  178. Hello Eddy, Thanks for all of the information on this site. I’m one step closer to making a decision pertaining to Wealthy Affiliates asked for the guide and will be reading it today. Still on the fence about this one because of all the other failures that I have endured over the past. My time now is limited and unfortunately I am at a point where I no longer wish to dedicate long hours of trying to follow a program or guideline and end up with nothing to show for the effort. I am doing my research..”due diligence” $39.00 is like a $100.00 right now but I don’t have a problem with it as long as I can recoup it back in the long run. Again, that is on me not you!!! The Amazon MTurk, is a blast and due to your information I have also upgraded on ClixSense and Hits4Pay. This site is a Treasure Chest and I am sure with more research I will find my “Pearl” within these pages. I’m down but not out and I getting back up so life is not all bad. Thank you for being a Candlelight beacon in the dark.

    • Hi TSilverCoin,

      You’re welcome! You have a great attitude. Past failures just mean you’re that much closer to success. Don’t view it so much as a bad thing. Some of the most successful people are “serial failures”. The only difference between them and other people is that they don’t give up. It sounds like you already have some things in common with these folks. It’s good that you’re taking action on some of the other opportunities. I think it’s a better path to start off with. It builds your confidence while building your income. I find that most people are more inclined to give bigger opportunities a shot after having some initial success with the smaller ones. So I think you’re on the right course of action. WA isn’t going anywhere. If you decide it’s the right choice for you then it will be here. But in the mean time, definitely just run with the wealth of information on this blog and all the other great opportunities. There is plenty of other options out there. Just keep pushing forward as you have been doing. Set backs are temporary, how you view and react to them will determine your life. But it sounds like you already know that! Continued success to you!

  179. Good Morning Eddy,
    I am an “infant” to your website (just ran across it yesterday and came back to it today). I was looking for work at home opportunities, but like many, have been scammed before…ain’t lookin’ to go there again! With all the cutbacks in companies and as you so nicely put it “BS” that goes on, I am looking to the future and hopefully something I can do at home (you know…”JUST IN CASE” and besides I am ready to stay at home…I’m “older than dirt”! LOL and tired of the ripping and roaring all day long), but I don’t want to wait, I want to have something established just in case a “pink slip” comes my way.
    I found your website very helpful and I subscribed to get future e-mails and I DO plan on being a regular here! I think your info on WA was quite enlightning and I am very interested in that. I like your honesty and the way you listed the pros and cons of WA. I also read comments from your readers too, other’s perspective on a subject is a good thing. I have a lot of basic knowledge of the “puter” and a lot of what I have learned has been trial and error (kinda like “work at home opportunities”) but I’m a little hesitant on “taking the plunge” (as many have put it) if I don’t possess all the skills to do the job. Is this something an “older than dirt” person such as myself able to do with limited knowledge and skills? I might be selling myself short but I am an analyzer type person and don’t want to invest money in something if my knowledge and skills are not sufficient enough in succeeding in this type venture. My other question is are there other work at home opportunities that you recommend over others (at least to get “off the ground” in working at home)?
    Thank you Eddy for your valuable information and input to my questions.


    • Hey Bonnie,

      You had me cracking up over here. I’m glad to hear that you’re exploring your various options even though you have a job. You can never be too safe in this economy. In regards to your question your age has little to do with learning something new. Age may cause you to take a little more time but that’s not guaranteed. I was a young spring chicken when I started this and it took me years to master what I do now. But it was because I didn’t seek out help from courses, ebooks and other people. When you have a goal and are motivated you can learn anything. You weren’t born knowing how to walk or talk. Nor were your born knowing your current job. Necessity forced you to learn these new skills. If this business (it’s a business by the way, not a job.) is what you really want than you will do what it takes to learn it like you’ve done countless times in your years of life.

      You’re the only one that truly can answer the question if this is something you can learn. Obviously I feel that anyone can do it if they put their mind to it and really want this. And I’m just basing this on my personal experience and humble background. But I don’t know you from a hole in the wall. But you do. So you know what you’re capable of and that’s what you have to base your decision on. I’m the first person to say this isn’t for everyone which is why I wrote the following article:

      It’s also why I give my visitors so many options to make money at home like jobs:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/jobs or other non-traditional work at home opportunities: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/recommendation

      My guess is between all these options one is always bound to find something that fits their needs. In any event, I hope this answers your question. At the end of the day you have choices on this site which I’ve mentioned above. Just pick the ones that are best for you. Take care and good luck!

  180. Hey Eddy,

    After much research on WA, I read your review and finally decided to try it out, thanks to you. I used your link and am now a member. Hope it is what I am looking for. I’ll let you know in a while what I think.

    Thanks: Chris

    • Congrats Chris!
      I’m confident it will provide you with a great wealth of information to help you succeed. But ultimately how you apply that information and put it to practice will determine your outcome. If you’re ready to work and don’t accept failure as a reality you’ll make it. Keep me posted.

  181. Hey Eddie,

    Great information on WA. I have been looking at this site for several months and just wanted to do one more last research before i took the plunge and decide to learn about Wealthy Affiliates. You articles and videos have been wonderful. Keep up the good work and very happy to hear that you can now do this full time to support your child and wife. I did sign up for your email feeds and look forward to speaking to you soon. I will keep you posted with the WA stuff and let you know my initial thoughts as well. take care Yolanda W.

    • Hi Yolanda!

      It’s Eddy by the way. lol
      Glad you enjoyed the information on WA and the other material on my blog. I like the fact that you’ve really taken your time to research various options before finally making a decision. I think that’s definitely the best way to approach a given work at home career or business. This way you can really feel out if it’s the right decision for you and not necessarily what someone is trying to push down your throat. In any event, I look forward to your progress. You have a lot of good information listed in the review above and the comments here. Considering you’ve been researching this for a few months, I’m confident that you’re going into this with the right attitude and realistic expectations.

      Good luck and keep me posted.

  182. Hello Ed,

    I found your sight by accident because I was searching for a great way to make money online, however I am very overwhelmed. I lost my job about six months ago thru downsizing. I have a quick question; can a person put up more than one sight with this program? Is the more sights you put up the better chance you have making money?

    • Hey Ernest,

      Glad you stumbled on the site. I hope you find it even more useful as you read through it. In terms of affiliate marketing you can start as many sites as you want. It still doesn’t guarantee you’ll make more money.

      Usually people that create a lot of unrelated sites don’t have a clear focus and their content reflects this. They’re just slapping up sites that have little value. People visit those sites and won’t take any action because they can see you have no real knowledge of what you just slapped up on the web. With that said I’m not saying you can’t make money with this strategy. Some people throw up 100 throw away sites and may earn $1 per month with each site and hey that’s $100 per month.

      But I wouldn’t do it. I think it’s better to focus on something you know a lot about and have a passion for. Build an authority site around this. Assuming you’ve employed internet marketing techniques to get people to your site, they’ll be more inclined to take action on your affiliate recommendations because you will come off as a trusted resource because you are. That effort will eventually translate to a lot of money. I’m a perfect example of this. But to each their own. You can do whatever you think will help you succeed.

      Either way don’t go into affiliate marketing thinking it’s going to happen over night or immediately. It takes time to build this business. If you’re not in a position to be patient to make this work, seek out a work at home job: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/jobs As I said above, it’s better for folks to get into this industry if they’re willing to make this work no matter what. So be honest with yourself. I don’t know how much of the article you read, but I would encourage you to go back and read it, including the comments listed here. I think if you do, you’ll have a better idea of this is even an option for you. Good luck.

  183. Eddy,

    First time visitor to your Page, but not the first time of searching for a legitimate ”Work at home Opportunity.

    It is so hard to believe, there is really someone out there, that is willing to give some real information.

    I haven’t yet researched the sites you have listed, but I am planning to do so , in the very near future. I am not procrastinating, I am at work and it is late and I really did’nt expect to find something that I would be so interested in.

    I have so much I want to comment on ,but it is going to have to be at a later time.

    I just wanted to make my initial comment, and I know ,many more to come.

    I hope and pray you continued success…I also hope and pray the best for each and everyone that visits your site and realize that you are REAL…AND YOU CARE ABOUT OTHERS AND THEIR SUCCESS.

    It may appear to some that you are not offering opportunities that are Get Rich Over Night, but I hope they will also recognize that you are not putting a price tag on this opportunity. Some of us share that in common ,those of us that are trying to find the right work at home opportunity ,we all faced a” price tag” that did’nt warrant what was received, in the past , I’m willing to bet.

    I look forward to sharing with you ….my success story in the very near future.

    I am really looking forward to continuing to learn from you.



    • Hi Livvy,

      Your words are overwhelming and very much appreciated! I too look forward to hearing your success in whatever work at home opportunity you end up with. I’m just happy to be in a position to provide folks like yourself various options to help them live out their dreams. Take care and good luck with your upcoming ventures.

  184. Ok Eddy. I have spent over one hour reading all of your emails last night and boy did I learn a lot! First of all let me introduce myself: My first name is Malcolm and yes most people do call me Brother Malcolm, I have wanted to get into affiliate marketing since I bought my first computer in 2000. I am completely self taught on the computer, so I find that although I may be deficient in many elementary skills I have learned enough to get what I need, from my MAC. Now about Affiliate marketing. Back in 2000 I googled “business opportunities” and started to receive over 500 emails a day from people wanting me to join their “program”. This was way over my head at the time and I was working full time so I put it on the back burner. I have since retired and have plenty of time to learn new things. Your emails provided me with more than enough information. So much that I had to write it down. I want to share with you some of what I have amassed in no particular order.
    Learn to Earn.com
    I’ve Tried That.com
    Cha Cha
    Ad Webber
    Commission Junction
    and about 10 addresses that begin with http://www.workathome
    I will examine these sites after I join under you today so expect to get another email with the date of sign up and an email receipt.
    Thanks Eddy, for all you do!

    • Hi Malcolm,

      Glad to hear you’ve learned a bit. But I would definitely encourage you to read through the site some more over the next couple of days and start taking action on some of the opportunities that may interest you. Like you I’m self taught using a computer and a great deal of my initial internet marketing skills were learned that way as well. But I personally think it’s a good idea to take baby steps first and then jump into the pool of internet marketing. Determine if you like some of the other ways I’ve listed of making money first:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/recommendations After doing that for a while and getting your feet wet then you might want to consider affiliate marketing. But be sure you read the following article first: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/top10

      I hope this helps.

  185. Eddy,

    I’ve been looking through the review of Wealthy Affiliate the last few days. It has really peaked my interest and I’m giving some serious thought of joining. I really appreciate the information you’ve shared and the honesty of your write up.

    Thank you.

  186. Hi Eddy,

    First up I have to say I appreciate your honest appraisal of the WA program and you’ve given me much food for thought with regard to what it may offer me in my internet marketing ventures.

    What I’d like to ask you while I’m weighing things up with regard to joining, (if you consider it an appropriate question) is what can the WA program offer me that can’t be had (for example) with using Clickbank’s free affiliate resources that details how to set up ads and promote it’s goods?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Tracey,
      I’m glad you found my review useful.
      In terms of your question, there are tons of free resources out there regarding affiliate marketing and I’m not arguing they’re not good. But in my humble experience I feel that WA provides a lot more value because everything is centralized and included. A lot of time when using some of the free resources, they lack things lack tools which may really help you in this career. Or you may need to end up having to find yet another resource to learn some other aspect of this business whereas WA includes everything. I also think the fact that you can earn some money while you’re learning via the WA Gold and jobs area is another great and unique feature. And finally I appreciate learning from other experienced marketers who are constantly testing new techniques and are willing to share them in the WA spaces area. Some of the other free resources aren’t very welcoming of newbies and willing to share information.

      At the end of the day there isn’t one resource that is perfect. I’m a big believer you can always pick up something from any good and legitimate resource. So I definitely encourage you to use anything else out there that you may find useful. I know a lot of members who have used other resources for better or worst and have still decided to join WA. They tend to have a better appreciation for the information because they’ve been out there already. Feel free to compare what you may be getting from other resources to the features that WA provides by clicking here. I think it will give you a better idea of the value of WA.

      Hope this helps. Good luck.

  187. @Eddy Salomon:
    Thanks Eddy for your quick response. In the interim, I’m going to complete the couse I purchased in December, but I do want to invest in the WA program as well. I’m blessed in that my husband is very supportive of whatever I need to do to give this an honest try….even if it means investing more money!!! LOL! If I read correctly the WA program has lessons that are in chronological order…correct? How many lessons are there in all?
    I trust that once I get started with the program you will be more than happy to help me if I get STUCK!!!…yes that means I will be signing through your website when I get to that point. I take that as a “Yes”! Ok, now that that has been established and virtually documented……on a serious note, residual income is a no brainer, and I’m committed to working hard so I can too be a successful internet marketer. I know this will not happen over night, but Failure is Not an Option!!!! Family and financial freedom is so important to me, and I know it is God’s will for us to propsper and be in health, but that doesn’t mean just sit back and wait for blessings to fall out of the sky….I have to do my part. I’ve never been the average person, I’ve always been above average…Average is the enemy!!! I do know that God’s favour is upon my life, and I trust Him to allow the manifestations of his favour as I pursue this opportunity to change our financial situation. Thanks again, and I’ll be sure to let you know when I get started. Blessings ~DD

    • DD,

      You’re welcome. It’s great that you have a husband that will support your endeavors. Trust me when I say success comes a lot easier when you have a great mate that encourages you. I’m very fortunate to have that with my wife. So even when I fail, she’s there to tell me to dust my shoulders off and keep coming back for more because she knows I can achieve whatever I set my mind on. So God bless you and your husband for having a similar relationship.

      In terms of the chronological steps, WA had that in the past. But has since moved more to a technique format where you can pick and choose which type of topic/technique to learn. I’m not sure if you read the review above and watched all the videos, but I would encourage you to go back and do so. I walked through this above. It will give you a better idea of what you’ll go through.

      That being said they do have the 8 week plan thing but you just need to do a search for it and you can use that as well.

      In terms of being there to help you, I definitely will be assuming that you’ve actually exhausted all the resources and people at WA first! Since you’re paying for the course, I expect all students to make use of all those resources before contacting me first. I’m really here as a last resort or to help clarify concepts if you can’t get the help you need there. So although I know you were being funny, please keep that in mind.

      In any event, I really appreciate your attitude about this opportunity and your faith in God and yourself. It’s that type of mindset that is needed to succeed at running a business and just achieving greatness. So you have one of the biggest qualities necessary to do this. Now you just need to couple that with hard work, persistence and the right training. Good luck either way.

  188. Hello Eddy,

    Nice to virtually meet you. I’ve been reading your blogs since yesterday, and you are funny to me!!! I must admit, I sooooooo appreciate your honesty and how straight to the point you are!….sounds like me! NEWho, after trying several MLMs with no success might I add, I’m considering affiliate marketing. I like totally didn’t have a clue as to how this works, so in mid December, before I came across your website, I ordered the SCI 6-hour on line video course. Well, I’m still trying to figure it out, and I’m only skeptical because I don’t want to get involved AGAIN with something else and not have a clue as to what I’m doing. I have to do something NOW, because I had a mental health business that dissolved the first week of January. At present, I’ve been looking for some work at home jobs because I have 4 children and my youngest will have to be put in a before/afterschool program if I have to work outside the home. In my reading, I’ve learned that the WA website has been revised to be more user friendly…not to mention I’ve already spent $250 on the course in December. I guess my questions are 1) can someone like me who has NO expereince other than opening my e-mails and doing some on-line research on topics of interest really do this….and 2) since I need income like last week, are the job opportunities posted in WA pretty decent. Again, thanks for the honest information, and I look forward to your response.

    • Hi DD,

      It’s nice to virtually meet you as well. (That’s a first for me. lol) I’m glad you can appreciate my corny humor and my style of sharing information.
      I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can.

      1. Yes anyone can learn to be an internet marketer. I’m not sure if you’ve read my story. But I had no marketing background when I got into this. I just had the desire to make money at home. After a lot of reading, taking action, patience and a huge dose of blessings I was able to master this industry. So yes anyone can do it, if you’re willing to work at it. That being said it doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone which is why I wrote that article Top 10 Reasons Not To Become An Affiliate Marketer: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/top10

      2. I don’t know what you mean by decent. Yes there are jobs in the WA jobs section and the pay varies just like any job board. But as I said in the article above, most people are joining WA to build a successful business not to find a job although that is one of the perks there. Considering your situation and the need for a job, it’s just better that you focus on the free work at home job resources I provide you on the following pages:

      Ultimately my advice to you is not to join WA if you’re looking to resolve some financial issue relatively quickly. The focus of the site is to help you build your affiliate marketing business and although the job board is a nice feature, it just doesn’t make sense to really join for that purpose especially when I have resources already designed to do that for free.

      Since you’ve already spent money on some other program, see if you can try to get some use out of it even if it may suck. I can’t tell you how many internet marketing courses I’ve bought in the past that end up being duds. But I always make it a point to try to get something out of it because I’ve already paid for it. It may not be a lot but I always learn something new. So I would encourage you to do the same.

      Hopefully after you’ve landing some work at home job or making money with some non-traditional opportunity, you can then consider WA if that’s something you really have an interest in. But for now take advantage of the free resources provided here already.

      I would encourage you to check out my recommendations page as well:

      I hope this helps.

  189. Hi Eddy. I came across this review while searching for “Wealthy Affiliate University reviews” on Google. I must admit that I’m impressed by your candid and honest review of WAU and if I do really decide to join this program I will gladly do so through your affiliate link.

    You know, $39 is a lot of money for me, coming from a poor country (Philippines). I don’t have a full-time job right now after I quit my low-paying job with the government. I think it’s a waste of my time and effort to spend 8 hours a day in front of the computer to be paid the equivalent of $60 a month. Imagine that! I figured out that I can make my dreams come true with Internet marketing but the amount of information on the Web is too overwhelming! After a week of downloading free ebooks and wading through torrents and illegal stuff I finally decided that enough is enough, I need something or somebody that can teach me the ins and outs of Internet marketing the right way.

    I’m happy that I came across your honest (and funny!) review as it cleared a lot of doubts and misconceptions I have about Internet marketing. In fact, I was about to order the “Honest Riches” ebook but held back at the last moment. I have read a lot of ebooks and it did me no good. Guess it was information overload or maybe I was just plain lazy LOL. I’m quite short on cash right now and my bank account balance is just enough to pay for a monthly membership for WAU (well, I’m still waiting for the Paypal money to arrive on my ATM hehe) but I think it’s worth it. We have to take risks sometimes, even if it means scrimping on dates. LOL

    Thanks Eddy. I hope you can reply to this comment and give me some words of wisdom about my decision to join Wealthy Affiliate University.

    • Hi Luis,

      I’m glad you found the review helpful and amusing. Your experience with internet marketing sounds very similar to many others that have tried it on their own.
      I know first hand because I made the same mistake initially. I think WA is great if you know what to expect and are willing to put in the work to make it work. If not it’s totally useless. Considering your financial situation, I wouldn’t put my last dimes in WA because you probably won’t recoup your investment right away. What I always tell people is that it’s better to have some other income coming in before joining something like WA. This way you’re able to move at a steady pace learning the material and putting it to action.
      Otherwise folks tend to rush through the learning process because they’re desperate to make money right away and it’s not going to happen. So that’s my advice to you. It’s better to have some income coming in even if it’s not what you think you’re worth. I did it in Corporate America for 7 years. But I always knew that one day I would get my business in position where I would get the money I deserve so my job was something temporary I had to endure to pay bills. So please keep that in mind. WA isn’t going anywhere. It’s not like so much of the stuff out there that claims the doors are closing in 10 hours get in now. WA will be here when you’re ready. There is no need to rush into it. Hope this helps.

  190. @Eddy Salomon:
    Hi, Eddy I thank you so much for replying back to my message..And I’m going through the website now that you gave me and I will get back to you about them. Take it easy and thanks again.


  191. Hi Eddy,
    I like your articles based on WA and i do see myself being a affiliate and do see myself evolving in this business. Being a newbie at this what do you suggest?
    P.S. I haven’t bought the membership yet but will soon, the financial stable is not too good right now. But I’m going to purchase it really soon.

  192. I just reviewed your comments about WA. I really appreciate your research and willing to share the information with us. I look forward to working with you in the future. Blessings, Lindsay

  193. Hi Eddy,

    Happy Friday!! I just had to pass by and send out my hello’s. I was viewing your Affiliate Program Videos and to let you know that I am very familiar with Commission Junction….wow! I have done well with my research and I haven’t been posting on here for a while nor came for a visit. Thanks Eddy for these awesome videos keep up the great work. And like you said in your video if you can do it so can I with lots of effort.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Veronica N.

    • Hey Veronica,
      It’s so good to hear from you again. I’m happy to hear that you’ve been too busy to come here because you’re putting in the effort with your own activities.
      Hopefully you’re starting to see some results. Thanks for stopping by and making a quick visit. It’s always good to have you back.

  194. Hey Eddy,

    Thanks a bunch for writing this article, I was looking online all over the place for the past week looking for work at home opportunities, signing up for offers that looked too good to be true, etc. Finally I stumbled upon your blog and after reading your review of WA and taking a time to look at their site I decided to sign up and now I’m pretty excited to get started and hoping that I can make a career out of this one day just like you did.

    I’m thinking about getting started in PPC because I’m not a good article writer at all and all that email marketing seems way over my head at the moment. My budget at the moment is probably somewhere between 100-$150, do you think I could pull this off? If you have any tips or suggestions please let me know.

    Oh and funny both our names are Eddy. Did you ever get a lot of questions in your childhood why your name wasn’t spelled Eddie? I get that all the time lol

    • Hello there fellow Eddy,

      Nice to meet another one out there. lol
      Yes I did get those questions. Some other questions that were asked was why isn’t your real name Edward? Sometimes teachers would insist that my name is Edward and couldn’t be Eddy. Of course I would correct them. Other times they would insist on calling me Edward during roll call and I wouldn’t respond. They would look up at me and say why didn’t I respond. And I would reply in defiance, you didn’t call my name. It was a small victory for me as a youngster. Can you tell I’ve always had problems with people in authority over me? lol

      In terms of your question, as a beginner I would stay far away from PPC. PPC has so many variables that are constantly changing. It’s a moving target and if you’re just learning to shoot, you never start with such a target.

      So my advice is to get over your fear of writing and start with that first. I don’t want to see you flushing money down the toilet with PPC campaigns. I’ve had success with PPC and I’ve still moved away from it. My focus is article writing and SEO. It has a lot less moving parts to worry about breaking.

      Just consider this, I’m not a great article writer either. All you have to do is read some of my articles and this becomes evident. None of my articles will ever be featured in a magazine or newspaper nor where they designed to do so. I write to get my point across to the average user. The goal is to provide them with value and solutions not wow them with perfect grammar and spelling. The point of affiliate marketing is to provide folks with relevant solutions to their problems. If you do this, most people are forgiving about imperfect writing. I’m a shinning example of this. Granted I have lost a few people because of my “writing transgressions”. But they were a very small portion of my audience. So don’t be afraid to jump into the pool. Your writing will get better. If worst comes to worst you can also have a family member or friend look over your articles for additional help.

      I think if you write a coherent email, you can write a basic article. It may not win a Pulitzer prize but it may make you some money and help some folks out. Good luck.

  195. You know I think the hardest part about all of it is getting your website up, indexed and start to see traffic. A few weeks ago i didnt even know how to build a website, let alone understand keywords and spiders on the net looking at your website!!! I didnt understand the whole web hosting thing, like how to get your site on the net… Its starting to come together, I’m understanding how things work. I think people are looking to jump right in and start making money when you need to learn the basics and master them or your just a captain without a boat to sail on… I admit, i am one of those people, but i can see there is a lot of stuff i need to learn first. I have sooooooo many niches i’ve already started researching about and writing stuff down but still learning how I’m going to market them… I can see this leading to a full time work at home once i get it down. WA is great and the learning center they have is good too but honestly i learned more in the forums when searching about how to build a web page and getting indexed. Its kinda wierd seeing so many people in WA offering help by demonstrating on videos or offering quick ways to earn a buck or ways that keep them successful. Maybe its the spirit of the holidays to see so many people giving inside secrets and showing step by step in videos on how they do it, or maybe I’m wrong and there are really good people out there that want others to succeed too. I dont know its just mind blowing!!!! thanks again eddy, I do have some questions on best ways to get index but i need to do a little research first.

    • Hi Brent,

      Getting traffic is definitely one of the hardest parts and getting folks to take action to make you money is the second hardest part. Folks seem to think it’s getting the website up that is the issue and that can probably take an hour or less with the right tools. And truth be told even getting the traffic gets easier, it’s just a matter of patience with the search engines. Or you can jump start your traffic by participating in forums and blogs related to your niche. A forum or message board usually allows a signature which can bring folks back to your site provided your active and provide useful feedback. And blogs such as as this allows you to enter your url which makes your name a link. Again if you participate in a productive manner on a popular blog related to your niche, you’re bound to get some traffic back to you site. Couple this with the SEO and article marketing stuff you’re learning on WA and you cover a few bases. So keep that in mind.

      I agree folks jump in trying to fast forwarding to the money making part. But that’s like trying to drive a Lamborghini and the only transportation you’ve ever used and mastered was a tricycle. It’s just not going to happen. What really gets my goat in that situation is those folks will be the first to complain that a Lamborghini is a scam or bad car. lol But that’s why I kept on reinforcing the importance of taking your time with this career because it needs that to work. It’s also the reason I created that top 10 reasons to avoid affiliate marketing article to dissuade those type of folks from getting into this because quite frankly they’ll be wasting time and money if you’re not in it for the long run.

      I’m glad the forum is helping you. It is one of the strengths of WA and not its because of the holidays that folks are helpful. WA breeds that type of attitude there. I would also argue the incentive program (WA gold) helps too where folks do earn some money for helping you assuming you’ve been hooking them up with some gold. (You should if you’ve found them to be as helpful as you claim. ) Furthermore as I said in the review above and my guide, if you’ve actually demonstrated you’ve read some of the material and provide specific questions, folks will help you. But if you go in there with stuff like “I’m totally lost.” You’re going to hear crickets. Folks there want to help you but they want to see that you’ve made the effort to help yourself first by using the resources you’ve paid for. I’m sort of the same way here. Sometimes there are certain questions I won’t respond to. Because I’ve already addressed them such as where to find a work at home job or if something is a scam. I have prominent links to these things in my navigation, post footers and start of the articles. But as someone that has put in tons of hours providing this stuff and making it easily available, I just don’t feel the motivation to help those who aren’t even willing to help themselves which is nothing more than reading stuff right in front of you. lol It’s obvious you’ve taken my advice to heart and you’re asking specific questions and have actually read the material before doing so. So you’ll continue to get the help you need in the forum because of this.

      At the end of the day, there are good people out there Brent. Don’t let what you see on the news or past experience make you doubt that. Not everyone is all about themselves. Some folks do want to see you succeed. The fact that is questioned saddens me. But I guess that is the reality some folks face regularly. In an event, keep up the good work. I’ll be here if you can’t get any answers to your questions. But seems like you’re doing fine. Keep it up!

  196. Hey eddy,
    I got your guide and already started doing what you recommended. I’m getting there, its information overload thats for sure!!! So many ways to go with WA. I just got my website up but still in the mix of getting it all together. Still doesnt look the way i want it too yet but still in that learning curve. Notice that I’m going to need a privacy, disclaimer, etc. They dont tell you that, but my research shows that the FTC is coming down hard on affiliate marketing if you dont have all the new things now!!! Hopefully in 6 month to a year i can work comfortably from home.

    • Hey Brent,

      Great to hear you’re already taking action and following the advice of my guide. Now aren’t you happy you read this review where I was upfront about the information overload instead of tricking you into it. I think people that go into this already knowing what to expect are able to deal with the information overload better than the folks that weren’t warned. Especially because I gave some tips on how to keep this in check with the article above and the stay focus video.

      So you’re probably already in a better place than others. In terms of the site, you’ll find that you’ll continue to adjust it. I’m always tweaking things about my site. It’s like a habit you can’t shake. But eventually you’ll get to a point where it’s 95% acceptable to you. lol In terms of the FTC thing, don’t panic too much. The gist of all these guidelines is to put shady affiliates on notice. They want affiliates to be transparent and stop tricking people into things. So for the most part as long as you make it clear you’re an affiliate that has a relationship with the companies you’re recommending, they’re not going to smack you down. From what I understand they will give you a warning before taking action. But having a privacy policy or disclaimer is a good idea. On this blog it’s very clear I’m an affiliate because I say so on the right of this page under my picture and within my content. But I took it an extra step and included a disclaimer at the bottom of my site just in case. After actually listening to a member of the FTC i have a better idea of what they want. It’s real simple, don’t be a shady person misleading folks. It’s the stuff your mom and dad taught you. Too many affiliates have thrown that out the window to make a fast buck. So they want that nonsense to stop.

      What’s ironic about all this is the more honest you are with your users, the more sales or conversions you make. This review is a perfect example of it. Instead of scaring people away, a lot of you are more inclined to give WA a try. So honesty is actually a profitable policy. lol

  197. Eddy,

    I’m glad I came across this review. Your objectivity and honesty is refreshing. I am looking forward to joining WA and will definitely send you an email for your guide once I do.


  198. Hi Eddy, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for this very thorough and informative review. I had been interested in getting started in Affiliate Marketing for a few months now but I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. Just before I almost purchased a relatively, reputable teacher’s newest training course, I came across this review, which convinced me, only half way through, that the “Wealthy Affiliate” is the perfect starting point. Yes the amount of information is overwhelming, but with patience you can navigate your way through it in a sensible manner. So thank you for saving me $160 on my initial start-up costs, as there is more than enough learning to be done at WA to get a profitable campaign up and running. P.S. My wife will also benefit from your site, as she is considering a ‘work-at-home’ job.

    • Damian,

      You’re quite welcome buddy. I’m glad I was able to give you another option and save you a little money. At the end of the day, you’re more likely to succeed with this opportunity because you’re going in it with a realistic expectation. You know the pitfalls and all the work it require. Since that didn’t scare you away, it means you’re ready for the challenge and will push through until you reach your goals. So good luck to you.

      I hope my site will also help your wife. Thanks for feeling confident enough to recommend it to her. I really appreciate it.

      I’m happy you came across my review as well. I tried my best to be as “real” as possible. I know how that really can help one make the right decision and know what to expect. So I’m happy it helped you make a decision. I’ll definitely look forward to your email if you decide to join. Thanks.

  199. It says that no one would expect to go to college and say I’ll pay you after I get a Job or succesful career, it just simply isn’t how it works. Actually, I went to college, and they do just that. It’s call a deferment. Very common actually.

    • Michael,

      I went to college as well. Although it may not be evident with my awful grammar and spelling. lol That being said, I still had to pay the college first out of my own pocket with cash or a student loan. Then I was given the option of delaying the first re-payment of my loan for 6 months after my graduation. Once that time frame was up, I had to pay or request another deferment. But the fact of the matter is the money had to be paid FIRST one way or another before I started classes. I couldn’t just pop up to class and tell the professor, “Hey I’ll pay you back when I get a job.” So there is a difference and I think you know that very well. The point of the statement was that education requires an investment. Fortunately 99.9% of the folks that read this article got the message. lol


      Thanks. I’m glad you found us as well. Hope this article helps you.

  200. Hi Ed, I came across your website and have a question. When I clicked on wealthy affiliates it doesn’t display a website. Also, do you have any other legit home businesses that you can offer than what you don’t have on your website? Just curious. The ones you have didn’t spark my interest. Again, just curious and thank you.

  201. Hi Eddy,
    I’m thinking I want to Join WA, I have a marketing degree/communications and I think I understand the basics (hopefully i didnt sleep through all those classes) How do I join under you so that if i need some help i can send an email? I understand internet affiliate marketing, so many people are buying online these days and what a great resource to tap into. I know not to get overwhelm and to focus on the steps first. I figure its been awhile since I’ve used any of my marketing techniques i learned in school and probably outdated as well. thanks and hopefully i hear from you.

    • Hi Brent,

      I think your degree will definitely give you an advantage in terms of grasping the concept behind internet marketing. WA should just take that knowledge a bit further and help you apply it to an online medium. In terms of your question, you can sign up just using any of the links in the article above. As I said to some of the other folks here, I’m an email away, assuming you’ve made use of the resources you’re already paying for at WA such as Kyle, Caron and the member forum. However I’m not a personal mentor. But I will be here if you just need another set of eyes. But you should be joining WA because you plan to make full use of their resources. That being said, if you want my little guide, feel free to email me privately if you decide to join with your emailed receipt from WA.

      I wish you luck with WA. It should be interesting to see how your education couples with the stuff you’ll learn at WA.

  202. Haha, thanks for the long ass comment and thanks for the mental shampoo..I’ll check out the links you mentioned and, what I feel is I have to jump in SOMETHING, that is a, progressive, starting point before I think about where I wanna be in the end, which is someone who owns a network or is in touch with a large community..anyway, thanks again!

  203. Hello Mr.Salomon,

    Hi good evening or good morning (when ever you read this).
    I stumbled on wealth affiliate. Thus after, looking for bad reviews or scam history I stumbled on your site! Pretty interesting I must say, really helpful with that neat focus video, and well elaborated info. Eddy.
    Like most on here, we have all been scammed, some have been scammed where it took them awhile to forgive themselves of the stupid past decision they have made, (me) of $1,000’s invested into of this false grant company. So, after doing my research and reviewing your un-biased review and the above comments, im close to off fence.

    Before I invest tonight, I am so damn confused on one thing. Like after reading on a news article that I got from Travis Sago, he mentioned that their is tooooooooo much traffic in the popular $$$ niche’s now. To be exact, he call’s it “too many fisher’s in the pond” with his video. Question is Eddy, does “WA give me advice on how the heck to overcome that dilema of where to put my metaphor> “fisherpole” out in a pond that is not too known like Google?”

    Because Travis furthered me to a kit to purchase on where to get the MOST traffic, with less competition. So I hope WA covers that. Don’t mind buying your kit Travis in the near future.
    * (nothing agains Travis Sago)
    Hope you understand my question, im sure you do, your very intelligent!

    Please answer my question/concern at your earliest conv. for I am looking forward to this longterm income stream, to bring my husband home and start a family.
    Also going on your team, after enrolling with WA, I send you my receipt and you will email me a special kit or something? I read above you said when someone enrolls under you.
    Thankyou sincerly, for your dedicated time and helpful heart in guiding and answering all of our questions/concerns/comments here. God bless you and your family Eddy. 🙂

    • Jerral,

      You’re welcome! I wish you the best of luck.

      Hi Sarah,
      Good evening to you. I love when folks have actually done their research, so applaud you. I’m glad you’re finding this review helpful. I’m partial to my focus video as well. I think it really does help prospects have a better experience at WA because I’ve already walked them through what they should avoid.

      In any event, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been scammed as well. You wear the battle scar that many of us successful full time telecommuters carry. So don’t feel bad about it. It’s a lesson learned that will make you better for it.

      In terms of your question, my answer is very simple. Focus on a niche you actually love or have a passion for. I never really bought into this low competitive niche thingy. The logic is sound but ultimately newbies tend to fail at that approach because you end up getting into a niche you can’t relate to. It would be like me starting a site about menopause just because the competition is low. My articles will suck because the passion isn’t there and I’m not a woman. How the heck can I relate to hot and cold flashes and convince you to buy a product that will stop it? As a newbie there is no way I can do that. A person will read one of my articles and think to themselves this idiot is full of it. I’m leaving this page right now and I’m not buying nada from them. That’s exactly what’s happening to a lot people that focus on niches purely based on low competition.

      Sure, as an experienced marketer I could probably get into any low competition niche and make money with it if I did enough research. But when you’re a baby in this industry, It’s better to get in a niche that you already know about. Because you can relate with your audience, you’ll be more confident writing articles and making affiliate product recommendations. Your audience won’t see you as some pushy affiliate trying to sell them any garbage that pays them the most. They’ll view you as someone that understands their frustration and should be trusted. Why? Because you are! It’s not some marketing gimmick.

      Ideally what you want to do is find a niche you have a passion for or knowledge of. Then within that niche find a sub-niche that may have less competition. For instance let’s say you know a lot about technology. You could write articles about a whole bunch of topics related to technology such as TVs, laptops, bluetooth headsets, desktops, dvrs, etc. Or if you take the low competition niche approach you could just focus on one area like Bluetooth headsets by sony. Then just focus on that sub-niche. Once you start making some money with that, then you can move on to the next one related to your field such as bluetooth headsets by Samsung. Then move on to another sub niche altogether like 20 inch samsung tvs. So that’s a way to take the whole low competition approach while still focusing on a niche you actually know about.

      Personally I never really focused too much on that. I actually didn’t know about that type of stuff until later in my career as I started investing in internet marketing training courses like WA. I took the approach that I love the money making industry. I like discovering various ways to make money. So my site is going to focus on that because I would have been doing it anyway even if I never thought about becoming an affiliate. I was immersed in it so it was easy to babble on about my experiences. Then it was just a matter of learning the skills (such as SEO, Article Marketing, etc) to get in front of others that wanted to hear my babbling and advice about this stuff. The final step was to then provide useful affiliate recommendations that actually helped my audience. Make them happy and I make money. Once that was done, it was just a matter of scaling the effort up, wash, rinse and repeat the process until I was making the money I wanted. Obviously I’m simplifying the process for the sake of time. There is a lot of marketing skills I acquired with proper training to get in front of a large enough audience to make the money I do. But that’s pretty much the blueprint I used and it made me money. So I hope that answers your question.

      Travis is a great guy. It’s because of him I joined WA. He has the same laid back, real dude approach I have. It’s not a marketing ploy, that’s really the person he is. So you can’t go wrong with him either. I got the same email about the traffic thingy. No disrespect to him but most of the time I delete a lot that stuff from all these marketers. I find that if you just apply some of the basic techniques such as SEO or article marketing, coupled with good content that is designed to really help people, you’ll make money and over come competition in time. What you’ll discover is that people will be attracted to your “voice” meaning your persona. If you’re a good person that is really seeking to help people and provide them the best solutions, you’ll make money. However if you’re clearly just pushing garbage and recommendations you wouldn’t try, then your results are going to reflect that.

      Even now I’m still competing with some big sites that get more love and attention then my little hole here. But I don’t let it phase me. I just keep doing me and I’m building a nice little following here that spreads the word for me. So my point is don’t worry so much about the competition, there are literally billions of people on the web. Even if you reach a fraction of them you can carve yourself a nice little piece of the pie that can sustain you and your family.

      If you decide to join WA under me, yes just email me privately with your receipt and I’ll hook you up with my little guide. It’s nothing as special as a “kit”. It’s just a little document I whipped up to help guide folks at WA. In any event, time to stop my babbling. Hope this sort of helped you or anyone else reading this.

      Take care.

  204. @Eddy Salomon: Well, what I meant to say was, what would be amongst your top recommendations for almost ‘guaranteed’ income..I’m in the stage of where I’m a little bit past the beginners stage, I have experience of being scammed out of not only my money, but also my time..I’ve been looking into Disciples Cross and WA..[at home assembly and affiliate marketing]..ironic to say I’m been somewhat scammed by Angel Pins[assembly] and Global Domains International-GDI..Angle Pins was an un-humanly frustrating task and GDI didn’t offer enough tools..other than those there’s a lot more…STILL, I believe there is a way to be who you want to be, and live the life you choose to live with the opportunity to receive extra income online or at home..So my question is..for a person who had scant [target] popularity to sell something, what would be some of the best ways I could achieve descent income perhapses without selling? What businesses are most successful WITHOUT having to have a network? ..And if I decide to join WA, is it good for the beginner? Do most beginners succeed money wise? In what amount of time could you see growth? AND..is the monthly payment ALL they expect me to pay? ..Bargains I like..you know of any fair bargains? Who doesn’t like bargains? ..Sometimes I could know what to expect though.

    • Hi Jerral,

      Sorry to hear about your poor experiences with these other companies. But think of it this way, you went through those experiences so now you’re clear on what you don’t want or need. Always try to see the silver lining in any negative experience because there is always one if you view it in the right way.

      In any event, based on some of your questions, It sounds like you want a job where you put in a set amount of hours and get a certain amount of pay. If that is the case you should be visiting the following pages:

      To be honest I don’t know of any business that doesn’t involve selling. Otherwise it wouldn’t really be a business, it would be called a charity. 😉 That being said you should probably focus on getting a job or trying some of the non-traditional work at home opportunities I’ve mentioned many times on this site:

      Stay away from WA or most home based businesses for that matter because it will involve some selling.

      Now with that said, I suspect you’re probably turned off by the idea of “selling” because you weren’t properly trained. I’m guessing the opportunities you got involved with pushed the hard sale angle. Meaning tell folks to “buy, buy, buy, my product that I don’t believe in” and make me tons of money. And after you do that go and Recruit your family and friends and turn them into drones too. Sadly a lot of home business opportunities push these type of tactics. But here’s the thing you’re the boss in those situations. Just because a company you’re working with is pushing tactics you don’t agree with, doesn’t mean you need to follow them. I hear about new marketing techniques all the time. But I don’t follow every one of them. I pick and choose the things I know are good and can be used properly and just ignore the other crap. Most people go into these home based business opportunities or training courses following everything to the letter of the law and that may work for some people. But it may not for others. The key is to “do you” which i discussed in the article above.

      For instance when I was in school I was the type that did more listening than writing a lot of notes. I found that I learned better that way because I was able to pick and differentiate what information was important to digest and what was fluff on the fly. But then there were students that literally wrote down everything the teacher said because they were better able to process information that way. At the end of the day, usually we would both get similar grades. Why? Because we used what worked best for us. By the way I thought it was totally idiotic to write down everything the teacher said. But I couldn’t knock folks that did this because they received good grades. My point is the same scenario applies to any business you may try or any skill you learn.

      You also have to change your mindset about it. I hated the idea of sales but I realized that I’ve been involved in sales from day 1. The first time I went on a job interview I was selling the best product I knew which was me. lol When I went out on a date with one of the hottest chicks I knew I was selling myself. (That’s my wife.) When I convince my little girl it’s better that she doesn’t kick the dog, I’m selling something. So we all sell. It’s just all how you view it. On this blog I don’t consider myself a sales man. I view myself as a regular dude that gets paid to provide solutions that people have requested. After all if you’re on this site it’s because you wanted to find some way to make money at home. This may mean a job, a home business or some other type of money making money opportunity. My job is to provide you with the best solutions I think may help you. Some of them will be things that make me money and some won’t. Either I’m fulfilling a need. Folks will appreciate that and most will take action on something that does make money or they’ll tell their family and friends about me. Then those folks might take action on something that makes me money and helps them.

      The goal is to put yourself in front of people that have a problem. Then provide them with solutions that help them first and foremost and preferably makes you money. When you do this everyone wins. You won’t feel like a greasy sales man pushing snake oil. And your visitors will love you for it. The hard part of this is reaching these people or network as you call it. But that’s a skill that can be learned with any good internet marketing course. The fact you’re reading this review on this site isn’t by chance. It’s a testament that learning this skill works.

      In any event, I’ve yammered long enough. I just wanted to address some of the things you mentioned. I think at this point in your life, you may feel a little burnt out by all these businesses. So you shouldn’t really be pursuing more of them until you’ve cleansed yourself of the after taste. Focus on jobs and non-traditional work at home opportunities for the time being. This way you start rolling in that guaranteed money you’re looking for. Because building a business isn’t guaranteed money for most. It’s only guaranteed if you keep working at it until it succeeds. Since most people have an employee mindset that is fixated on set hours, salaries, etc it’s hard to have the stomach and patience required to build a successful business. That’s why I always tell folks it’s better that you have some money coming in with a job before pursuing something like affiliate marketing or any home based business. Because chances are you ain’t seeing a dime right away. That won’t sit well with someone that comes into this like an employee. That type of stuff is what lead me to write the article “top 10 reasons to avoid affiliate marketing” which I mentioned in the article above as well. Based on some of your questions, I’m not sure how thoroughly you read my wa review, but it might be worth the read at a later date when you’re ready to jump back in the saddle.

      I hope you found this long ass comment somewhat useful.

      Good luck.

  205. Eddy. Thank you for your response. I understand what you are saying but I did not make the connection until you made it more clear. You must understand that for people like me who are new to this online stuff it is very confusing. When I was first looking at this business a few weeks ago and was searching around I came across WA and I got a pop up from Shay and found you at the same time. I think your blog is very important as a discussion board so people understand. You do this stuff all day long and are in your groove. For us newbies this is foreign territory. I notice a lot of people on this blog are afraid of getting scammed for the first time and others are afraid after being scammed numerous times. A lot of people look to you for honest feedback and I think you provide that. I apologize for my situation. I was looking for clarity and not meaning to be disrespectful. I clearly understand now. I have been in the insurance business for many years and have people shop me and then go somewhere else for the exact same thing thinking they are going to get something different or a better answer. I decided to write this big response so hopefully it does not come up again with another blogger and everyone understands. I am hangin in with you brother. Not to worry. When it is my time to get going and sign up, you are the man.

    • Hey Michael,

      No worries. I’m happy my example illustrated the situation more clearly. I felt as a sales person you could definitely understand my point of view here. No harm, no foul. Online discussion can be very helpful and sometimes things get lost in the translation and misconstrued. But fortunately we’re all adults that communicate effectively and things can easily be resolved. Like I said at the end of the day, I want you to go with whatever resource or person that you feel provides you the best value. I didn’t mean to imply it had to be me. But I appreciate that I’m in the running. 😉

  206. Eddy. Reading all of your feedback to the people on the blog is extremely helpful. I have taken your original advice and got a teaching job to help stabilize my income loss. I am working with the people I owe money too as well. I am saving all of these comments in a file for when I am ready to get started. I am getting a load of emails from home based business people. I requested some information about Shay Summers in my last blog but maybe this is not the place to ask that question. He claims to be a WA affiliate (coach). I have spoken to him on the phone and he seems to be a very nice person.

    • Hi Michael,

      Glad you’re finding the information useful. More importantly, I’m glad you found a job. This will definitely help you with your affiliate marketing career because you won’t rush through the learning process because you need to keep food on the table. In terms of your question regarding Shay. This definitely isn’t the place to ask considering I’m an affiliate of WA who has spent hours writing up this useful review, responding to comments. And then you’re asking information about another affiliate that you may want to join under. That’s like going to a local Lexus dealer and asking them what they feel about this other Lexus dealer down the street from them. It’s sort of disrespectful. LOL That being said you have to go with who you feel provides you the best value. At the end of the day I want you to succeed. Good luck.

  207. wow pretty impressive,
    as someone who has let himself be scammed, lied too, hoodwinked whatever you would like to call it, i have been looking into on-line business for the better part of the internet revolution. i would have to say that this is the most genuine, informative and honest web site i have ever been on. have been looking into WA ever since i have heard about it about three months ago.
    knowing it would work (everything i know will work, that’s how gulible i am) just seems to be somthing about this that has sure got me intrigued. congrats on your success and as for me, as soon as i get home tonight and tell my wife(again) that we are in the on-line business i will sign up under your page, thanks for what seems to be a whole lot of great info.

    • Jerral,

      I don’t think I get your question. I think I’ve made it clear what my strongest recommendation for making serious money is which is affiliate marketing. However there is no such thing as a one size fits all business. So even with my recommendation, it doesn’t mean affiliate marketing is right for you. Some people will suck at affiliate marketing otherwise may thrive with another business. In any event, I hope I answered your question. If not please be a bit clearer. Thanks.

      Bobby Bounds,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m happy you can appreciate the effort that has been forth here. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been scammed a few times as well. But it’s like a right passage that many of us go through before finding success online. Hopefully as you read through the site, you’ll find the right opportunity for you. If it’s WA that’s great, if not that’s fine too. We cover so many things here that you’re bound to find the right fit. Be sure you’re a subscriber so you don’t miss out on any information we may send out:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/subscribe Take care and thanks again.

  208. George,
    LOL, You have me laughing over here. Patience is definitely a virtue. I’ll be the first to admit I do lose it from time to time. It’s manifested in my snarky comments and sarcasm. Sometimes it’s rears its ugly head via the delete button.

    Then there are times I want to scream out: “Are you f’ing kidding me?”. But then I take a time out like my daughter come back in a few hours and respond to some of these “interesting” comments. At the end of the day this is the path I chose and I have to roll with the punches.

    I’ve come to realize because I do actually converse with people online regularly there is a level of comfort that is created. Most of the times it’s a great thing because we have some wonderful conversations. Then there are times where folks cross the line and start “talking a little greasy” because it’s easy to do online and there isn’t much of a chance of repercussion. That being said sometimes these folks are making some valid statements. So I don’t think they’re all absurd.

    But I appreciate the sentiment. It’s good to know I’m not the only one privately thinking these things. lol

    In any event, you already know what it is. I’ve vented to you enough times offline regarding some of these comments. I’m fortunate to have a great VA like you that lends me her ear so I can calm myself down. Otherwise I may have got real Bronx on some of these folks. lol

  209. @George:

    Two thumbs way up to you George for commending Eddy. I so agree.

    I’d say it’s quite ridiculous to make unvalidated attacks against someone who is so genuinely helpful. I could go on a bit, but I better stop because I don’t want to make Eddy blush. Oh, I just remembered, let him tell it he’s incapable of blushing. lol

  210. Eddy, I am not a WA member and will attempt to email you privately if I can figure out how to regarding an Internet marketing opportunity.

    However, I have to commend you on your infinite patience with some of these folks who attack you for absurd reasons which have absolutely no validity whatsoever.

    Congratulations; you are a better man than me for sure!

  211. Happy Thanksgiving to you Eddy and everyone on the blog. I was in communication with another WA person before I found Eddy. His name is Shay Summers and has one of those sites that promises a lot of success with his coaching. I was wondering about this guy and would appreciate any comments.

  212. Whoa…where’s the love?! 🙂 I just wanted to chime in with my 2 cents, not as a “groopie” but as a humble, innocent bystander. I joined WA with Eddy’s link about 6 weeks ago and I emailed him immediately to ask for his guide, which has been quite helpful. To be honest, I have posted here, as well as emailed Eddy, and I’ve always received a response. *However*, I can honestly say I have made a sincere effort of finding answers and tips elsewhere (mainly in WA tutorials and forum) and only emailed when I hit (what I naively considered to be) a dead end, at which time Eddy gave me some great advice. I was able to take that nugget Eddy gave me and keep working at it. I also made sure to be as specific as possible in my emails to Eddy, patiently await a response, and not ask questions that are already addressed on his website. I’m sure some emails slip between the cracks, though…it happens to all of us from time to time.

    I clearly understood from this blog that Eddy’s input was there to help me make a decision about signing up for WA, and since it was helpful, I used his link to sign up. I did not get the sense that he is now my own personal assigned WA representative….I wish! lol Soooo at risk of beating a dead horse and repeating what Eddy keeps saying…internet marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience is a virtue we all could use more of (myself included!!).

    Having said that, I haven’t earned any money YET but can I honestly say that I’ve been spreading myself in too many different directions…my own fault. WA is definitely a gold mine of information and training but ACTION is key. I plan to come back and post my success story ’cause I know how much it helps to see those (WA has a whole section of new success stories with tips and you can PM those people, also!)

    Whether you are frustrated with Eddy or not, I’m sure we can all agree that it’s nice to find someone who gives valuable, honest information and that is actually around to answer *most* of his posts/emails, sooner rather than later usually 🙂 It goes without saying that he gives a LOT more than he has to and his success is in no doubt a result of that. But it’s good to know he’s still human (I was beginning to wonder!) lol

    • HM,

      Amen! lol You’ve pretty much summed it all. Thanks for chiming in. It’s always good to have balanced points of view whether one is happy with me at the moment or not. Everyone benefits from it either way.

  213. HI Eddy,

    I too joined under you, can you send my your WA guide? It’s been a month for me and I’ve written a few articles, I have a blog and I am too a little confused on how to upload or publish the content I’ve copied and pasted to Site Rubix. It gives you 3 options for websites…not sure how that works when I only have one domain. No sales yet either but I have not dedicated as much time as I would like to WA…it is a bit overwhelming. My next step it to build a landing page…not sure if that is the same as a website…I have lots to learn still.

    I have faith just lacking time and creativity. I need to drive traffic to my articles and not too sure how to do it…I also need to supplement my income because my full time job is commission based and things are not looking good. All in all WA is a wealth of information feel like I’m in college again! Hahaha.

    • Hi MsLaura,

      Please email me privately with your emailed receipt from WA and I’ll send you my guide. In terms of the site rubix question, have you tried contacting Kyle, Carson, the members on the forum or using the help section?
      A landing page is basically just another word for a website. It’s just designed to sell not really provide value. I’m not a big fan of them but I know marketers use them successfully. Personally I prefer to build a quality website around a given
      niche and write informative articles. Then sprinkle some soft sales pitches. But I’m not really aggressive by nature. So the hard sale approach doesn’t really fit my style. You need to approach this like you’re writing to a family member or friend. You wouldn’t try to beat them over the head to sell them something. Instead you would provide some good advice and tips, then possibly recommend a product or service. That’s how articles should be written. Ask yourself would this help my husband or wife if they were looking for a given solution? Or would they be turned off by it. If you think like the people you’re trying to target you’ll have better results.

      In terms of driving traffic to your articles that’s just a matter of using SEO and the other things taught in WA such as the article marketing, etc, squiddo. It’s definitely clear you haven’t had a lot of time to review the material properly. But I understand how difficult that can be with a full time job especially one based on commission. But it’s like you said you need more time to put into this. Your college analogy is spot on. You need to have time to study and consistently practice what you’ve learned. As you do this you’ll get better which will eventually lead to the pot of gold. In any event, I hope this helps. I’ll be waiting for your email.

  214. Chris,

    That’s a great point! As someone that has run a successful business for several years I’ve discovered that people are more inclined to chime in to make complaints than they are to post testimonials, comments or even saying thank you.

    I know I’m guilty of this and most of us are. That’s why certain companies like car dealerships actively ask for feedback. For instance my car dealership will always call or email me after servicing my car. I’m asked to take a survey to describe my experience with their company. A few other companies I use do the same thing. This leads me to believe that folks won’t actively chime in unless they want to complain.

    I’ve even seen it here. I had no idea how many people were finding jobs or making money with my recommendations until my recent contest:

    So it wouldn’t surprise me if there are a lot of folks that have experienced some success. But like many of us, coming back here and chiming in on it isn’t a priority or even a thought process. Maybe I’ll need to have a contest or something to gather that feedback. In any event, that was a great question. Let’s hope some folks step up and share their success story no matter how little it may be.

  215. This has been an interesting forum but it’s missing the one thing I’m looking for, Testimonials of how much people are making using WA. I realize the testimonials advertised on most sites show the money, cars, etc. but I figured in your forum from your followers I would see some praise and thank you for all the new income coming in (yes, after hard work). I want some real success stories and people I can discuss their take on it from beginning to end.


  216. It’s good to be able to follow the conversations on this blog. I get a lot of value and insights into this whole process of internet marketing in general and into WA specifically. It’s helping me in my process of deciding whether or not to try my hand at it.

    • Hey Bill,

      Glad to hear it. I definitely think it’s important for this stuff to be out there because a lot of the reviews won’t be as frank as what you’re reading here. This makes for a better informed decision for everyone. This way people can make the decision that’s best for them and not for the affiliate that is just trying to get you to sign up to get their commission and not really to provide you the real deal.

  217. I will go ahead and add to this, because I too have my own work from home or home based business blog/website. This individual posted in despair and I find myself echoing that same despair:

    “The industry is difficult enough but learning is a lot easier when you have
    real people you can email that are experienced marketers or have been through
    what you’re going through.” And “As many of you know I do actually answer
    emails. So if you decide to Join Wealthy Affiliate under me or have done so in
    the past, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email privately and your boy will
    hook you up.”

    Eddy, I sent you a message stating I JOINED UNDER YOU and you still have not “hooked me up”(what ever that means) I can’t even found you as a wealthy affiliate on the forums. Now I may be over reacting after a month, even though I read everything, annotated then took action like getting and paying for a domain name, hosting , WAs hosting (which is limited to 3), sub domains, transferring content to Site Rubix (flawed), clouded links, started a squidoo account, numerous blogs, SEO and SO Much More…yet NO SALES!!! Because you have to pay for “clicks” on your KEYWORDS…Ladies and Gentlemen you have to pay for people to “click” on your Key Word if your landing page is clever enough they will click and buy what you are promoting and THUS YOU MAKE A SALE IF THEY BUY, that is.

    I am not against you Eddy, not at all, just frayed and jaggered. Your advice and direction seems too good to be true…I mean I joined under you Eddy, do you see my name under those that have joined under you? How are you going to keep me and all those I told about you…I said let me test it out, if it’s a go I will let you know.

    It’s been a WA for a month 2 days ago and you have not even thanked me for joining under you or offered any comprehensive advice. I am compelled to hear your thoughts on the matter. I have not given up on affiliate networking or Wealthy Affiliate for that fact,but you need to drive it home for me Eddy. Can you do that? Can you make sense of how things work?

    • I guess it’s going to be one of those weeks. lol Let me address all your points.

      1. I’m not saying you didn’t email me. Maybe you did. But I never received it. But I went ahead and emailed you privately before posting this. So hopefully you get it and I can get my little guide to you. Tech happens. Not sure why you just didn’t try posting here sooner. But whatever.

      2. As I said many times in my reviews and numerous times on the site, affiliate marketing is a long challenging process that is marathon not a race. That’s why I keep telling people to read the article I wrote about avoiding this industry. This way you understand the long road you have ahead. Some people will make a sale in a week, for others it may take a year or more. No one guaranteed that you would see results within in a month or any time frame. I’ve argued success will come for those who keep working at this until they are successful not based on some time frames.

      So although I understand your frustration, this comes with the territory. That’s why I didn’t sugar coat what to expect and tell folks its going to be easy as pie. That being said, I’ll be happy to look over some of your articles. I find that a lot newbie articles are more about the sale and less about providing some value and that tends to lead to no sales. But if you email me some links of your articles I’ll be happy to look at it.

      3. In terms of domain and site rubix, you’re not required to use it. You can use any website tool or hosting you want. I use wordpress and an another hosting company. But for newbies having site rubix and the included hosting is a good starting point and convenient. But if you need something more advanced with more features, just seek out another resource. However I wouldn’t invest in such things until you’ve mastered a free technique and niche that is making you money. None of this is set in stone, you’re at liberty to make adjustments with this stuff based on your needs. I expressed this in the review above as well as quoted here: “Nothing is set in stone when it comes to this stuff and don’t be afraid to adjust accordingly.”

      4. And in terms of the PPC stuff, again I clearly laid out in my focus video above that folks should pick one free technique and focus on that until they can master it. In fact I believe I said avoid the PPC stuff in that video. I know how complicated it can be and the cost involved. It’s definitely not meant for newbies to jump in. But it’s not my fault if one decides to ignore the advice.

      Since folks want to quote me this week. Let me get in on the action. I stated the following above: “Then select the technique you feel most comfortable with and just ride with that one until you’ve had some success with it. Then try another one. I wouldn’t run around doing all of them at once. I would also avoid the more complicated and paid techniques until you master the easy and free ones first. This will help you avoid a lot of headaches and get your feet wet. I feel this one tip is so important in getting the most out of your WA membership, I’ve gone ahead and created a video to help you with this. See it below:” I don’t know how much more clearer I need to be. So no you don’t have to pay for clicks like you said. That’s only the case if you choose to ignore my advice and focus on PPC instead of just riding with things like Article Marketing or SEO. Maybe out of frustration you decided that you would give PPC a try as well. But as you can see, it’s not easy and doesn’t speed up the money making process. This whole process involves a lot of trail and error until you get it to work. But it definitely doesn’t make “cents” to try paid techniques when you haven’t succeeded with the free stuff first. The exception is if you don’t mind losing money in the process of learning. But that’s a personal choice and again, it wasn’t something I suggested.

      5. I never claimed to actively participate on the WA forum. I tend to lurk and read certain threads. I’m too busy managing my own blog and sites to be actively responding to topics there. I go in to check out the new resources, check my stats, respond to a pm and then I keep it moving and head back here so I can respond to comments like this one. When you eventually build a successful business you’ll find that your time is very limited and you need to choose it wisely to keep your company running and family happy.

      6. In terms of people signing up under me, again that’s their choice and I definitely appreciate when they do. However folks should be signing up to WA because you’ve seen the value in internet marketing and feel that WA will help you succeed in it. It shouldn’t be because you’re expecting some personal acknowledgements from me.

      Even if I wanted to personally thank everyone that signed up under me, I couldn’t. Here’s why. I’m not provided the names of people that sign up under me. I’m just provided the date, time, number of sales made and some numeric gibberish that represents the person that signed up. (Annoying I know.) So I don’t have the person’s name or email address that signs up unless they personally email me to let me know they did. When folks do this, I do thank them. So don’t worry I didn’t lose my home training. lol But maybe now you understand why I stated: “So if you decide to Join Wealthy Affiliate under me or have done so in the past, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email privately and your boy will hook you up.” This way I’ll be able to know who signed up under me. Because I can then ask the person for the date of their sign up and to send me their emailed receipt to confirm their enrollment. In which case, I can then offer them my little WA Guide. (That’s what I mean by “hooking you” up. It’s slang and what I do here on occasion. lol) So hopefully that clears that up.

      In terms of driving it home for you, I would encourage you to watch that focus video I included in the review above. Because I get the feeling you missed it. The guide I’ll forward you should help you as well. Then if you have some specific questions that aren’t already addressed by the folks at WA or their resources feel free to email me keeping in mind the tip I mentioned in the review above. You need to be specific and clear about your questions. See the examples I listed above in the review which will help you get the help you need. This way I and the folks at WA can better assist you. “Can you make sense of how things work?” is an ambiguous question that would probably be ignored in the WA forum and me. I explain why in the review above so be sure you go back and read it completely.

      I’m definitely interested in seeing some of your articles. I’m hoping you didn’t just write 1 or 2 and expected to see sales rolling in because of them. I also hope you picked a niche you actually know about and have a passion for because that’s could be another issue. In any event, I hope this answers your questions and possibly helps anyone else that may be having the same feelings or thoughts. A month is nothing in this journey. You’re still learning at this point. That’s like going to medical school for a month and expecting to be able to perform surgery. It’s just not realistic. Keep plugging away but narrow your focus!

      Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  218. Hi Eddy,
    I didn’t mean to be disrespectful, I was just very frustrated, I am one that does my research and sometimes I can get a little pushy, but I get things done when I am pushy. Not a good trait of mine. I want to apologize for not being patient, and frustrating you, and also what I said about the money issue. In business I have the mentality of “Time is Money” I like to get things done right away, and move on to the next task. I can see where the confusion was, That wasn’t me on the post on the 21st. That was a different person that asked that question, which I thought was quite interesting, so that is why I left my last name so you could identify that I was a different person, guess that didn’t work. lol sorry I was hunting you down to get my question answered, even on face book, I noticed you had an account from your website, Thought I could get an answer that way. All I was asking really after all the ranting I was doing on how impressed I was on your website, was, “How can I sign in under you and if I did could I send you an e mail to get some advice if I needed the help once in a while?” Those were my questions. Sorry if I came across disrespectful. I can tell that you have put a lot of time and energy into what you have done. I have been on your site for days now and have learned lots! I would like to sign up with WA, so if you are accepting people to sign under you I would be very honored and appreciative to have your input when I would need it, if you would want to deal with me, after all this. lol If not, I will just go over to WA and sign in through them. I am ready to sign up. Either way will see ya on the inside of WA. 🙂
    Again please accept my apology, and Thank You for the response.
    Sorry to be a pain,guess I was kinda acting like a groopie! lol scarry!!! really I am very normal and harmless. 🙂
    Have a Great Night and a Happy Thanks Giving Day!
    Rhonda Jager

    • Hey Rhonda,

      Apology accepted. Stuff happens. The day I have groopies is the day my wife will take a safety pin to my head & pop it because I wouldn’t be able to walk into the house. lol You’re just persistent maybe to a fault in this situation. lol. Sometimes our greatest assets can also be our greatest weakness depending on the situation. The fact you recognize this says a lot about you.

      That being said, I’m a bit concerned with your patience. I’m not sure how much you’re going to like internet marketing because it’s going to take a boat load of patience. As I said in the article above, this career is a marathon not a sprint. The results aren’t always fast and instant gratification is damn near impossible. So you have to really be honest with yourself and question if you’ll have the patience it will take to succeed and learn this stuff. As good as WA is, there are going to be times where you may not get a response fast enough or at all. Although I think that can be avoided if one follows the advice I provided in the article above. Furthermore you’ll be able to email me assuming you can’t get a response from WA. But suppose you don’t get the answer? How will you deal with that? Will you freak out? Will you give up? That’s the type of stuff you need to assess.

      Based on my limited contact with you, you do seem like a go getter. So maybe you’ll be like me and refer to a help section or Google something if all else fails. I don’t know if that’s the case. But you know yourself better than I do. So I really want you to give that some thought. I don’t know if you read my top 10 reasons to avoid affiliate marketing, but you may want to give that a look just to ensure this is right for you:

      In terms of your question, about if I’m accepting people to sign up under me, I want you to understand this isn’t some formal mentoring by me. If you felt I did a good job of presenting the information to you, then it’s just a matter of clicking on any of the WA links in the article above and joining. Then I’ll get credit for it. If not, that’s fine too. If you do decide to use my link to sign up under me, I’ll be happy to email you my little WA guide. Just email me privately after you’ve signed up. Furthermore If you need help a long the way with WA I’ll be happy to provide you with assistance via email. But I ask that you actually try to make use of all the resources and people on WA first before emailing me since you’re paying for the site. It only makes “cents” to do this. lol I should only be emailed as a last resort or for clarification on something that may still be stumping you even after using the folks and resources at WA. If all that’s understood then I encourage you to join if you feel this career is right for you. Just keep in mind my earlier statements, the review above and the things I laid out in the top 10 reasons to avoid affiliate marketing. If it all still sounds appealing after considering all this information then you’re probably ready to venture into this. If some things don’t jive well with you, just fall back for the time being. Then consider exploring some of the other options I’ve discussed on the site first. Often times folks do that and then later feel more confident jumping into WA after they’ve made some money in other things and built their confidence. Either way you have options and the choice is yours.

      Hope this helps. Take care.

  219. Hi Eddy,
    I was searching for a way to make some money while on the computer, such as an internet affiliate marketer. I found WA and was researching to see if it was a scam or the real thing when I came upon your website. I have posted to you twice on here asking a couple of questions and was praising you on your information and how impressive it is. You seemed like a person from what I was reading that wanted to help people succeed. I have my doubts about you now. You have deleted my postings twice with no response, makes you not look so good after all. Banakd I think was right in her first impression saying that you were in it for the money, I feel that you just pick and choose who you want to answer and help, and you do have the right to do this, however you shouldn’t make statements like “The industry is difficult enough but learning is a lot easier when you have real people you can email that are experienced marketers or have been through what you’re going through.” And “As many of you know I do actually answer emails. So if you decide to Join Wealthy Affiliate under me or have done so in the past, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email privately and your boy will hook you up.” This was one question I had, how do I join under you? I even looked to e mail you privately and you deleted that email without answering me. So the only thought I have is that you are making so much money that you are being choosy on who you are responding too, and you do have the right to do this. But if I may make a suggestion, I would change your statements that you are picky and not everyone will get a response back from you. I will be surprised if you don’t delete this posting too. As frustrated as I am, I am honest and will have to say that I did find your information helpful, (and I want to add I read every word you had on your website) even though you have chosen not to be anymore helpful then what is on your website.


    • Alrighty then. I would have preferred to handle this privately. But it gives me the opportunity to address folks who may wonder why their comments are deleted or ignored.

      As you pointed out I do have the right to delete or ignore any comment I want. Most of the times when I delete or ignore comments it’s because the person asked something that has already been answered on the site such as “I want to work at home” or “where can I find work at home jobs?”. Quite frankly these questions are just annoying because it’s clear these people are being lazy & not reading anything on the site. So I can’t really take the time to help people that aren’t willing to help themselves or make use of the resources I spend hours on to provide folks that are willing to do the work. After all there are links to the job section at the top of every page and on the right of the page in the job listing section. So give me a break. lol I feel sort of the same way about the scam question because I have a scam scam link at the top of every page and a great video that teaches you how to figure this out. However there are times when folks have actually done the leg work but need a second opinion. Usually this is because there wasn’t enough information or a definitive answer about a company. In this case I’ll answer those questions. I would argue this is usually the most consistent reason I delete or ignore comments.

      The next reason is there are folks that are just spammers. I don’t think I need to say much more in that case.

      Another situation that may cause me to ignore a comment is that it may slip my radar. We all know I have mad cow and it makes me forgetful sometimes lol. So you’ll have to excuse me. Between juggling time with my daughter, wife, you folks and my sites something is going to slip through the cracks. I’m only human so you’ll have to excuse me for that one. lol

      And finally there are those people that repeat the same post several times. I’m assuming it’s because they’ve noticed I haven’t made it live yet.
      Some questions involve a lot more time to respond. So I prefer just keeping them in moderation until I have a chance to give them my full attention. This was the case with your comment which incidentally was finally approved here:
      https://www.workathomenoscams.com/2009/05/31/top-10-reasons-to-avoid-affiliate-marketing/#comment-9609 3 days ago. My response is right below it. You posted the same comment on several articles, via email and in facebook. Frankly it was becoming annoying. However I probably should have just sent you a quick note letting you know I would get to it. So my bad on that. But at that point I was just annoyed because your persistence was bordering spam. As you can see you posted your comment on the 21st and I responded a day later which is pretty rare. So you can imagine my frustration when being barraged with your multiple posting, your email and facebook message.

      In any event I figured all was cool because I had responded to your comment. But it’s obvious that you missed when I did approve your comment otherwise I wouldn’t be babbling on here. Maybe you’re juggling just as many things as I am too. lol

      However even if I did fail to respond to your comment. It’s my prerogative. If that makes me questionable or fake in someone’s eyes, they’re entitled to their opinion. But it doesn’t take away from all the work and effort I put into this site to give folks like you many opportunities that are totally free. To suggest I’m only in it for the money is very disrespectful to say the least considering all the free content and job leads I provide here. Even if I was, that would be acceptable because it’s my profession. Most people aren’t actually passionate about their jobs, they’re in it for the money. Fortunately I’m in a situation where I get paid for what I love to do.

      And finally most bloggers don’t even respond to their users. I’m probably one of the few that actually take the time to respond to 99% of the comments that are placed on this site. If I don’t it’s probably because the comments fall into the situations I mentioned earlier. In any event, I just wanted to clear the air. At the end of the day I’m bound to piss someone off because of an action I took or didn’t take or a misunderstanding. I’m not going to make everyone happy and that’s a reality we all deal with in life. I know that for the most part I’m helping people as demonstrated here: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/2009/11/10/work-at-home-no-scams-120-birthday-giveaway/and I’ll continue to do so. Hope this answers your question. That being said, Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I wish you the best in all your endeavors.

  220. hello eddy i must say i am estatic to have come across a website like this. I have been dabbling in the world of affiliate marketing since i was 18 having little or no success of course. But never have i given up i am determined to make a living online for my wife and I. Currently i am in Iraq serving out my 10 month deployment and when i get the time i try to get online and find ways to make money. I was thankful for finding your review on ameriplan which my wife is currently involved with and i was able to get her in touch with Bobbi Primm who has helped her get her business off the ground. As for WA i had no idea it existed until i visited your website so i did a little research and i ended up joining the website. I like to consider myself a risk taker in a sense because i take risks here and there with no guarantee of success. I’ve decided to forget everything i’ve learned about affiliate marketing and re-learn everything through WAU. Hopefully i can find some success this time because it gets tiresome failing again and again losing time and money i can’t count the thousands I have already lost. This time i will be smarter when making my decisions about going into ventures online. Although i am most definitely in a real war zone when it comesa to marketing online it can be a war zone as well when you are competing with hundreds and thousands of marketers. This time i will give it my all there is no holding me back i will focus and dedicate myself to this task. This deployment won’t last forever and before i know it i will be back in Brooklyn, NY. Needless to say i appreciate your review i found it to be very informative and very well written hopefully i wil be able to write as well as you do one day.I am definitely a fan now and i will keep visiting your site for more work at home opportunities.


    PFC Brian Thomas
    37th Finance Detachment

    • Hi Brian,

      First and foremost thanks for all that you and other soldiers like yourself do for us. It may not be expressed enough but we do really appreciate your courage!
      In terms of your experience with internet marketing, trust me you’re in good company in terms of your experience. A lot of the most successful people have “failed” numerous times before succeeding. I prefer calling them set backs rather than failures. Because you can never really fail if you don’t give up. Obviously you know this very well and I’m preaching to the choir in that respect.

      Its great to hear that your wife has started her business with Ameriplan. Bobbi is definitely a great person to work with. I’ve always been impressed by her responses which are balanced and honest. So you can’t go wrong with her. As long as you’re willing to put in the work and don’t mind being on the phone, I feel folks can thrive under her. So please keep us posted on your wife’s Ameriplan Journey. I’m sure the folks that read that article would love to hear about it.

      In regards to joining WA, I would say don’t neccessarily forget everything you’ve already learned about internet marketing. Depending on where you acquired your education, much of it may still apply. Sometimes you learn a concept better when you’ve read it again but it was stated in a different way. For instance I read tons of ebooks about PPC. So when I got to WA I already knew the basics but some things were still a bit grey to me. But then when I went through their PPC course many of the points were repeated but it was done in such a way that was a lot more clear and then all of sudden a light went off. I had an ah ha, matrix moment where everything became clear. I applied what I learned and it worked. So my point is sometimes you may need to hear things a few times in different ways to get it. So all the money you’ve spent may not go to waste. Maybe reading the tutorials in WA will bring it all together in a clearer way.

      My other suggestion is to stay focused on one technique. Try to master that first before even trying another one. You can briefly read them all over but then just pick one that seems to be the easiest for you. Take ownership of it and try to make it work. Once you’ve done that you can wash, rinse and repeat the same technique. Or you can move on to another one and see if you can experience the same success. I touched upon this in my video above about staying focused. Too often folks are biting off more than they can chew. So keep this in mind if you join WA.

      In terms of personality, you definitely seem to have what it takes to make this work. Your analogy is perfect because it is true that you are in a metaphoric war zone when it comes to internet marketing. Considering your current situation this will seem a lot easier and safer. 😉 But it’s still hard work but you’re no stranger to that. So as long as you really follow through with your determination to make this work, it will one way or another. Sure you’ll run into obstacles yet again. But at least now you should have the support you need to work through them.

      So get back to Brooklyn safely! (P.S. That’s where I was born and spent some of my early childhood. It’s a place that shapes you forever. )

      In any event, I’m glad you appreciated the review. I’m happy to hear I’ve won over a new supporter. If you’re not already subscribed, I would encourage you to do so here:

      Keep me posted on everything. Again get back home safely! God bless you and your family!

  221. Hello Eddy!

    I’m a newbie trying to break into marketing I see so many programs and sites its hard to figure out whats real and whats not. I really want to know where to start first. That is my biggest problem its hard to find where you need to start. I am interested in WA site but have been burned alot by scams and schemes. I see your site is very helpful can you help me?

    • Hi Ro,

      I just did with the article above and the links I provided you in them such as the top 10 reasons to avoid affiliate marketing. I’m not sure if you actually read the article. But that would be the first start.
      In terms of scams, there very easy to avoid if you know how to do your research, watch the video on my scam page:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/scams and scams will be the last thing you have to worry about.

  222. Hi Eddy,

    I’m very new with affiliate marketing. Currently I’m working full-time and involved in two other work at home business opportunities. I am looking to supplement my income and perhaps promote my businesses even more. If I join WA, could you provide recommendations on how and where I should focus my time for the greatest return.

    In other words I would initially commit 2-3 hours per day. From the comments the website layout can be somewhat overwhelming? Is there a certain program you would recommend to get me started while I explore and learn.

    • Hi Rhonda,

      In terms of focus, I’ve already walked through that in the focus video above. Please be sure to watch it if you haven’t already. In general I always tell people to focus on one technique like article marketing or SEO since it doesn’t cost you anything but time. Good luck.

  223. Hello Eddy, I was looking for a thoughtful review of WA and came across yours. Very helpful, thank you. I also found the discussion useful and was impressed by the integrity with which you addressed the other posters’ questions. Thank you again.

  224. Eddy,
    I havel lost over 50% of my income from my insurance business in the last few months and I am close to losing my home. Our situation is looking pretty bad financially, however because of our faith we are trusting God to get us through. A client of mine suggested my wife and I start doing e-commerce and she is trying to help us for free but her methods seem a little sketchy. She is doing ebay and website selling brand name items made in China. She uses stealth marketing programs and is very successful. Her and her husband are making a lot of money. I have been online for the last few days and I have come across a lot of scams. I cannot tell who is legit or not. When you type in WA scams I get guys like you or these other coaches that want me to go through them for WA. You seem like a nice person and legitimate but how would I really know. I need help and don’t know where to turn.

    • Michael,
      I’m sorry to hear what has happened to your family. However I think your faith in God will definitely help you through some of the tough times. But that being said my advice to you is try landing an offline job first if possible. Building an online business doesn’t happen over night. It takes just as much effort as it did to build your insurance business if not more because of the learning curve. It definitely won’t solve your problems relatively quickly. That’s actually one the points I discuss in my article for the top 10 reasons to avoid affiliate marketing:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/top10 (You may want to read it, if you haven’t already.)

      You may also want to explore traditional work at home jobs. We’ve listed legitimate companies on the following page:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/companies and every Friday we provide new leads here: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/category/work-from-home-job-leads/
      So you do have options besides WA or building an ecommerce business. You just need to explore the best course of action for your family that will stop the bleeding. I can assure you that starting an online business won’t make it happen fast enough.

      In terms of scams, just continue to do what you’re doing in terms of your research. Not sure if you read the following page and watched the video:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/scams if not, please do so as it will help you. This industry is filled with scams and you are going to find a lot of affiliate marketers that will promote products or services they never use or even believe in. You just have to use the same common sense you would if you were meeting someone on the street. If your instincts are telling you something is off about a person chances are you would avoid them. The same goes for folks online. Personally I’m skeptical of people that are too one sided either way about a given company. Every company has flaws so if someone fails to provide this information to me, I’m less inclined to trust their opinion because their intent is probably purely self serving.

      In terms of knowing if I’m legitimate or not, you can’t know. But I think the fact that I’ve actually taken the time to respond to you and provide you other options besides WA should speak volumes. As you may have read in the review above, my intent is to make sure that the right people sign up for WA. Otherwise my review would read like so many of the other ones you’ve read where I would tell you WA is perfect and offer you all types of inflated bonuses to get you to sign up. That’s obviously not the case otherwise I wouldn’t include an article about why you should avoid affiliate marketing in the review.

      But in any event, I’m not here to convince you of my legitimacy. Hopefully the information I have provided will give you some other options. I’m sure as you read through this blog you’ll get a better feel as to what I’m trying to achieve here which is to give people various options on how to make some money at home. Judging by some of the comments in my recent posts, the mission is being achieved:

      So if these folks can do it, I’m sure you will too. It’s just a matter of having an open mind, the willingness to explore various opportunities and the ability to take action on the resources provided on this site. I hope this comment helps either way. God bless you and your family. I’m praying that you’ll have better times ahead.

  225. Hello Eddy,

    I was very impressed to find this page only because I have recently been looking for some kind of LEGIT work from home program. I just so happened to stumble upon wealthyaffiliate.com and when ever I come across these kind of websites I google them just to see what kind of scam reports that people have posted about them and to my pleasant surprise I thankfully found this page. This honestly sounds like something I would like to do but the only thing that I’m worried about is that I don’t have ANY experience in internet marketing. Now I know you said that they help you with step by step directions and even have a forum just in case you get lost, feel frustrated, or if you just want to introduce yourself but what I really want to ask eddy is how much internet marketing knowledge did you have before you started to do something like this? As long as you take the time to read and understand and utilize the tools they give you eventually will you be successful even though you have zero knowledge about internet marketing? I want to ask because I’m not going to lie, I went to college for a year and a half and had to drop out because I couldn’t afford it, went from job to job, then I got tired of that and ended up getting in trouble with the law for computer crimes, and now I’m 23 (just turned 23 this past friday) and I’m looking for an honest legit living because finding a job in a recession with a background…..let me now even get started but I’m sure you see my point. I’m tired of struggling with money and I want to fix my financial situation with an honest living and this is the first actual work from home website that I feel confident about joining I would just like some input from someone who has been a loyal veteran member. Look forward to hearing from you Eddy.

    Thanks for your time,

    • Hi Angel,

      It’s great to see you actually do your research. We preach that constantly here and why I have a page teaching folks how to do this:

      In regards to your question, I encourage you to read the following article:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/aff it gives you a little history of how I got started in this industry. But the short of it is that I didn’t have an previous internet marketing experience. I barely knew how to use a computer when I first started. But I did know how to read and had the discipline to take action and never give up. That’s ultimately why I succeeded. If you’re willing to read and take action you can learn anything. When you landing your first job you probably didn’t have any experience either. You just learned your skills and gained the experience. This is no different.

      The other thing I find interesting is that folks fail to realize you’re marketing all the time. When you convince someone to do something they didn’t want to do (i.e. your husband, wife, kid, boss) that’s marketing. But in most cases you’re not getting paid for it. So we’ve all been marketing from day one. The only difference with internet marketing is that you’re using a different medium and adding some more skills to the mix. The key to success is your willingness to do what it takes to learn and succeed. If you’re the type that gets frazzled by failure or obstacles, stay away from this opportunity. If you have an employee mindset, you should also stay away from this opportunity. This opportunity is meant for folks that are in it for the long term, willing to do the hard work and unwavering in their path. That’s why I linked to the top 10 reasons to avoid affiliate marketing: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/top10 The items listed there will really help you determine if you’re right for this. Having internet marketing experience isn’t a requirement. Will it make it easier, of course it would. But again it’s not required. You’ll gain the experience in time as you take action. Lack of experience in this industry is only to your detriment if you plan to go it alone, aren’t willing to read and not willing to action. Ultimately you know your work ethic. Judging by your past experience it just seems like you weren’t passionate about school or these jobs. Fortunately with this opportunity you can actually focus on an industry you have a passion for so that might be the difference here and why you may succeed.

      However nothing is guaranteed. It still all falls on your shoulders.

      I hope this helps. It may not be what you want to hear but it is the truth based on my experience. Good luck.

  226. Hi Eddy,

    Thanks for this website, I came across a Weathy Affiliate advertisement and decided to do my research first to discover if it is a scam or not. Ive found most of the reviews support Wealthy Affiliate so im still a bit skeptic,yet after reading your honest review (pro’s + cons). I feel far more comfortable about trying it. I just hope that after reading, applying it and working hard it all works out!!! I will let you know when it does..

    • Hi Ryllara,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the review. It’s not surprising that most of the reviews you read were positive. Obviously they’re written by other affiliates like myself. But it’s also because WA is a quality resource. Because if it wasn’t, trust me bad news travels fast on the internet. That being said, I felt it was extremely important not sugar coat what to expect with WA. It’s better that people go in there with all the good, bad and ugly so there are no surprises. When you know what to expect you’ll have a better chance of success. Either way, I think the video walk through I provided will really help keep you focused. You can always email me for the guide as well if you join.
      Take care and thanks for your comment.

    • Hi Erica,

      I’m glad you could appreciate the review. Marketing isn’t an easy task although we all do it every day without realizing it. But it’s something that can be very profitable and rewarding when you have the right skill set.

  227. Hey Eddy, just wanted to share my experience so far with WAU. It definitely has a lot of value (specifically in the training tutorials and forum). I am pretty new at internet marketing so I’ve been bouncing all over the net learning new systems and tips but in the end, I find myself back at WAU using their keyword research and writing tools! I’ve also been all over the forum just trying to pick up tips from people that have achieved the success I want (like YOU!). Your video guide (on this site) to getting through the initial tutorials without clicking on other links and resources helped me BIG TIME! To be honest, I’ve signed up for a couple of other programs that offer free trials and end up cancelling…WAU is the only one that’s worth paying at this point.

    It’s definitely not a scam, since they aren’t selling you anything at all. Sure, there’s things you can buy but you have to go out of your way to find them! LOL For the most part, it’s a lot of good information, a lot of good tools, a good starting point but as I keep reading on the forum…”It’s up to YOU to put it into action!” Like everything else in life worth obtaining 🙂 Eddy, thanks for your honesty, your guidance on this site, and your support!

  228. Eddy

    Thank you for you advice. Like you said I would always do the opposite and it feels “forced” when trying to write a product review. Thanks again..

    • You’re welcome BM. Most new affiliate marketers are guilty of this. I think we all get stuck on following the letter of a given affiliate marketing course instead of applying some of our own common sense. But when you apply the techniques being taught by a company like WA with some of your own flavor and know how, it goes a long way.

      You’re always welcome. lol You of all people have access to me all the time, you should have just emailed me that question. lol

  229. BM,

    Thank you so much for asking an almost identical question that I’d had in mind, but been too busy to get over here and ask. lol


    Thank you for providing such a helpful answer that completely covered the question I’d had roaming around in my head. 😉

  230. Hi Eddy

    I just read your post I have a question on product recommendation. Say I pick a niche Im passionate about. Then I go to an affiliate program pick out a product. How do I write that recommendation if I never even used that product or never even seen/heard of the product before?

    • BM,

      Well the answer is you shouldn’t. That’s how I feel but many affiliates do just the opposite all the time. It’s not a route I recommend but to each their own. What I do suggest is the following:
      Contact the owner of the product and let them know you’re an affiliate that plans to promote their product. That being said you were hoping they could provide you with an evaluation version so you’re better able to write about their product and promote it. Some companies will say yes, others might say no. You can also just try following the steps in my scam video to do research on a given product to determine if it’s worth promoting: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/scams
      Or you bite the bullet and buy the product yourself. I only recommend doing that after you’ve tried the other steps first. So you have options either way. P.S. You’re welcome for the advice. 😉

  231. Hi Eddy

    I have read your review on Wealthy Affiliate. I am thinking about re-joining. Yes I had joined a few years back when the e-book who loves money just came out. I have kept at it but I have only made 2 sales. I’m doing article marketing. The thing that is keeping me on the fence is if I re-join I already know what route Im going to take. I know about keywords (low competition with high search volume) The thing that I’m missing is knowing the “why” meaning knowing what my audience wants before looking up keywords ect..The thing is if I do article marketing with WA and I don’t make any sales I’d just be wasting money. That is what I’m thinking. Right now Im in a pretty competitive niche so I’d thought of re-joining and have the form or kyle and Carson help me with the “why” part of marketing. This is the part I’m trying to figure out. So Im still on the fence. Thanks..

    • Hi BM,

      Thanks for posting your question and comment. I’m glad that you found my review helpful enough that you would think of re-joining WA. But sounds to me you’ve already have one of the techniques down and you just need some guidance. That being said, I don’t think it’s really necessary for you to rejoin. I’ll give you the guidance here. So take notes. lol

      Consider switching your niche. If you’re fairly new at this, I would never encourage anyone to go into a competitive niche because you’ll be slaughtered by veteran marketers. The exception is unless you’re bringing something very unique to the i