Myspace will pays users. Sike! But Does!

Well we all know how popular Myspace can be. It's the poster child for the whole Web 2.0 movement. It's been a great place to socialize, goof off, and network. Myspace has also been used for some bad things such as cyber bulling and a hang out spot for sex offenders. I guess nothing can be perfect. As an internet marketer we all view myspace has a huge potential source of income. But obviously social networking sites like Myspace really frown on marketing or making money with their network. Isn't the whole purpose of Web 2.0 is that sharing is caring? So damn it, share by allowing us to make money. lol

In any event as a marketer that's always peeved me. These guys are making millions if not billions of dollars in ad revenue and yet they stiffle the little guys that are trying to earn some money. I'm not totally cynical I understand there are people out there that would abuse the system as we've seen that done in other places. But I still don't think it justifies the no tolerance attitude towards monetizing social networks. But who cares what I think.

Well apparently does. How would you feel if I told you that a site like would pay you for doing things you already do on Myspace such as:

* Uploading Photos

* Uploading Videos

* Posting in your Blog

* Updating your profile.

If you're one of the billions of people living on this earth that needs cash to buy stuff you should feel very excited!

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Free Web Conferencing & Desktop Sharing – CrossLoop

There has been a few times where I've received emails from my web users where they expressed some issues with a given page they are viewing. They try their best to explain it to me but it's just not registering. I really just wish I could see their computer screens. Well there is software that does allow for this such as: WebEx & Remote PC

They're both pieces of software that are good and thankfully offer you a free trial. But then you have to pony up some minor monthly fees after the free ride is over.

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Envelope Stuffing Scams

It seems like every mail order publication has at least one ad in it promising hundreds of dollars a week, just for stuffing envelopes. Some even promise to pay $4 or $5 per envelope stuffed! So, many people send off their hard earned money for the "registration fees" so they can get started on this easy work. Then they are disappointed when they discover they've been duped. Here's why the envelope stuffing programs are nothing more than scams. First of all, the idea of paying someone to stuff envelopes is ridiculous…

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Work From Home Scams


Scams have come a long way since envelope stuffing and chain letters. Most people just assume that scams are anything that requires money to work …

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