Is a scam?

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cash_for_gold_scamSo you've probably seen many of the cash for gold commercials on T.V. If you haven't, let me break down how this money making opportunity works.

1. Visit (Or insert any of the money for gold websites here)
2. Request their free “Refiner's Pak” to be mailed to you. (Pre-paid envelope)
3. Drop in your unwanted gold, silver or platinum jewelry.
4. Head to a mailbox or post office and Mail the package – free of charge.
5. Earn easy big bucks! You'll get an estimate for the value of the melted items, and can have the cash deposited directly to your bank account or check sent to you.

Sounds easy enough right? Not quite grasshopper.

The Truth
Yes it's true that gold has gone up in value with the economy being the way it is. However most of these money for gold sites aren't really giving you the real market value of your gold or even close to it in most cases.

I've been reading countless horror stories on various sites where people sent in hundreds or thousands dollars worth of gold and received a fraction of that back. And this is assuming if they haven't allegedly lost your gold. Furthermore it's also been said that it can take weeks to hear back from these guys.

My Recommendation
Based on the countless complaints I've read about these Money for gold sites, I would avoid ALL of them like a nasty std. Sorry for the visual but I think its necessary to bring home the point.

How To Really Make Money With Gold
Try selling your unwanted gold on craigslist, ebay or a trusted jeweler in your area. You're guaranteed to get more than what these shady websites are claiming they will give you.

Warning About TV Money Opportunities
In general most of these so called easy money making opportunities on TV or Radio should be avoided. I've been in this industry for years and I know it takes way more work than these TV commercials will admit to make money at home. Just because something is on TV doesn't mean it's legitimate. So do your research!

You've been warned. We've covered money making infomercials in another article you may find interesting. Click here to read it. I also encourage you to visit our scam section by clicking here, where we've covered some other scams that you should avoid.

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Good luck. By the way if you've been a victim of these cash for gold opportunities, please feel free to share your experiences below.

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