CashCrate Review: Is it Legit or Scamming people?

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Is a scam or legitimate?One of my favorite legitimate companies to make some extra money is Fusioncash. It provides you with various ways to be rewarded for things you do online for free. However they're not the only kid on the block. If you like Fusion Cash then you may enjoy But let's dig into my review deeper and see if that's really the case or not.

What is CashCrate?

CashCrate is a company that pays online users to try various products and services and has been in business since 2006. Apparently they have over 2 million members worldwide.

How To Make Money With CashCrate?

The basic principle of is that advertisers pay them to have us try their products and services. Many of these products and services are free. Some are trial offers where you'll have to provide your credit card information or pay a small shipping fee. In most cases you're getting paid more for whatever your initial outlay may be if at all.

But there are other ways to earn with CashCrate that doesn't involve trying products and services and this includes:

  • Taking Surveys
  • Shopping Online

When do you get paid?

If you reached the minimum payout of $20 within a given month, you'll be paid by the 20th of the following month by check or direct deposit.

How To Sign Up?

You can sign up for free by clicking here.

CashCrate Hacks, Tips & Tricks

First and foremost don't fall for any video or site that will try to convince you they have a hack to get around the fraud protection that CashCrate has in place. They are scams and lying to you. Once those hacks are made public CashCrate shuts them down and you risk having your account and any money you made cancelled.

Here are some legitimate hacks and tips that won't get you in trouble.

Create a new email account

You will need a legitimate e-mail account to complete surveys, but since you won't want your real account being flooded with spam you must create a new one.

Clear your cookies

Some offers on CashCrate are hosted by the same company and sometimes if your computer has already filled out one of their offers, they won't credit you for others. You can google how to clear your cookies for your browser to learn how to do it. But my suggestion is to always clear your cookies before doing an offer, it's easy to do. And to be on the safe side do a free offer that doesn't pay much and wait to see if you're credited. If you are then chances are you will be for the bigger offers.

Refer your friends!

CashCrate has a pretty decent referral program where you can receive 20% of your referral's earnings and 10% of their referrals earnings. So the more people you can refer the more money you can make. Obviously your boy makes a great living doing this because of what my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation has shown me and it can show you so you can make more money with this or any other program you want to promote.

Keep track of offers

When you're taking offers that require a credit card, it's very important you keep track of the following:

  1. Contact information of the company so you can call and email them to cancel before your trial is up if you don't plan to keep the product or service. Otherwise you may lose out on money you made.
  2. The dates when your trial offers are set expire. Obviously the advertisers want you to really try their products with the hopes that many of you will keep them which is why they can afford to pay CashCrate and thus you. But if you find that the products aren't what you want then cancel a little before the trial is up. Don't do it too soon otherwise it will be viewed as fraud and you probably won't get credited. So it's a fine line. If your offer is 7 days. I may cancel on the 5th day. If it's 30 days, I may cancel the 25th. Either way have a calendar reminder with the contact information in it so you don't forget.

CashCrate Complaints

As always no company is perfect. Don't let folks that are members of any company tell you differently. Companies are like people they will have flaws and it's important to know what they are because you may not want to deal with them. Or you may determine the flaws are a non-issue for you. Either way, I want you to be informed so you can make that decision for yourself.

Low BBB Rating

At the time of this review doesn't have a very high rating with the Better Business Bureau. But as I've always said on this article, the BBB shouldn't be your only way to determine a company's legitimacy especially when you consider their business model and some of their practices. It should just be a starting point and factored in with other sources of information and CashCrate Reviews.

Tons of emails

As I said at the start of this review, CashCrate makes money because of advertisers. So obviously advertisers want to reach you with their offer and it's usually with a lot of email. That's pretty much the exchange for getting paid. Some folks view this as spam. The easy way to get around this is to use a separate valid and free email address that you only use for offers. You should still check these address as you will need to confirm things you sign up for. But at least your main personal address won't be bombarded with every offer from the advertisers and their partners.

The Offers

People tend to get the heebie jeebies with get paid to try offers and they have good reason. If you're not organized and don't have your computer in order, you can experience losing money or not being credited. Most offers that will pay you the most require your credit card. And if you don't gather up the information on how to contact a company to cancel before your trial is up, you'll probably be charged more than you made. So being very organized is the key to not losing money. You also need to make sure you clear your cookies on your computer before doing offers because not doing so may mean you won't get credited. Unfortunately a lot of folks aren't aware of these things and will end up losing money because of it which is a source of a lot of the complaints about the offers. But I'm sure there are people that still fall through the cracks and do have valid complaints. And let's face it some folks just don't like this business model. So my suggestion at the point is avoid doing the offers that require credit card info and stick to the free ones.

No Paypal Option Unless…

For some reason feels that giving more payment options like paypal is a special right you need to work up to. So unless you've achieved their Silver Status you can't get paid via paypal. I think this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. But that's one of their rules.

What Are CashCrate alternatives?

Just in case you're not feeling what you've read above about or you just want more options here are some alternatives to consider.

So Does Work?

Yes it does work and it definitely seems to be a legitimate company if you understand the business model and how to maneuver around it. They've been around for a very long time and have tons of payment proof from their members that are paid. I think most of the complaints tend to be from people that don't understand how get paid to try offers work and what the pitfalls can be. However I'm sure there are some people with valid arguments against the company.

That said I feel comfortable recommending it if you keep the tips I've listed above in mind. I don't know if I would view this as something to replace your income or pay major bills with consistently unless you're good at referring people.

So if you're looking for something that will make you “Real money” or full time income in the future, then you may want to consider My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation!

As always, I love to hear your experience with this company. I know getting paid to try offers is a very divisive topic where people either love it or hate it. So feel free to chime in down below with your two cents either way.

Thanks for reading,

Eddy with a y

7 thoughts on “CashCrate Review: Is it Legit or Scamming people?”

  1. Hi,
    Cash Crate doesn’t sound like one that i would be interested in and don’t like the hassle of maybe having to use credit card online.

  2. I don’t do any survey’s with any one that requires me to pay for the product “RIP OFF” only one I work with is PineCone Crest it is honest and you get your points right away and can redeem them as soon as you please or let it build up.. I was with “My Survey” for the longest before I reached enough points to get $10.00 and any little that was left i just left it was not worth my time.. I love those that wait till you get 1/2 way through a survey then tell you that you don’t qualify.. to me they are all ripoff and can be waste of time except the one I mention and I always get from them , they send me free products sometime to test, “NO CHARGE” another thing is I don’t like giving my credit card to any one when I run into those type of survey sites I unsubscribe now I am at more peace with myself than all those survey sites coming to my email.. Like Eddy says you need another email just for that only if you plan to do a lot of different surveys.. lots of promises but not pay enough to waste my time..

  3. I don’t believe in a company that wants you to try their products and then you will have to end up paying something out of pocket.

    I do fusion cash and like it very well. I have made money from them and I just cashed out another one from them. They are very good will there things that are on there. So I’m sticking with them.

    • Thanks for chiming in. I’m surprised you feel that way considering fusioncash does offer the same way to get paid. Again if you understand how to make it profitable, trying offers can make you some good money. But I think it’s a preference thing. But I’m glad you like Fusion Cash.

  4. Hi Eddy, you are right, again. The main problem I see with cash crate is the fact ‘that you have to be organized’ and keep track of all the orders you placed. It is always better to cancel several days before the expiration date and make copies (or screen shots), just in case. One will not get rich doing ‘cash crate’, but people with time on their hand can do more than one of these programs and make some extra cash to help out with their bills

    • Thanks John,

      Yeah with any get paid to offers, organization and having a different valid email account are key to make this work for you. Otherwise it can bite you in the ass. But I like your idea of making copies and taking screenshots. Good tip! This is definitely a good way to make some extra money if you understand how to work it. But I wouldn’t depend on it to pay any major bills since there aren’t always new offers that are worth it. Thanks for chiming in as always!

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