Is Legit or A Scam?

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Is a scam or legitimate?Remember back in the days when you use to actually meet people to talk face to face with them. For you younger folks, yes people did actually socialize without the need for websites or gadgets. Being that I'm anti-social I'm so happy those days are gone. LOL I enjoy being able to sit at my computer lurking in the shadows and occasionally jumping into a discussion or two on Facebook or Twitter. Yes I know it's creepy, but that's my pleasure. LOL

Don't sit there judging me! Some of you are too obsessed with social media & practically live there. In my opinion that can be a lot of wasted time unless you're running a business or can get paid for it. Well I think I found a way for you to get paid for babbling off about nothing on social media sites. LOL If you're interested, sit back and enjoy the following review.

What is

In a nutshell it's a FREE social media site that pays you for commenting on various online discussions. You can literally get paid for the following:

  • Leaving comments anywhere on the Topics section.
  • Replying to a comment anywhere on the Topics section.
  • Asking questions in the Q&A section.
  • Answering another members question in the Q&A section.
  • Replying to a news article in the News Section.

Best of all this is a free opportunity that can be started right now.

Watch the following video to see how it works.

How Much Money Can I Make With

Like so many of these extra make money opportunities they have their own currency which can easily be converted to gift cards such as Amazon or cold hard cash via So don't let their point system ruffle your feathers. It's cash!

If you're wondering how much you earn for some of the commenting activity listed above, here's the point break out per activity. (Please note this may change by the time you're reading this review.)

2 pts – Leave a comment anywhere on Topics
2 pts – Reply to a comment anywhere on Topics
2 pts – Ask a question (Q&A section)
2 pts – Answer another members question (Q&A section)
2 pts – Reply to a news article (News Section)

So if you're wondering what the value of the points are, read the next section.

How Do I Get Paid & When?

It all depends on what you use your points to cash out. For the money which is what most of you care about, you need about 500 points for a $5 paypal cash payment or Amazon gift card. But you can redeem your points for other prizes that only require 300 points but those prizes aren't money.

How Can I Earn More Money Faster and Quicker?

Honestly if you just switch from being on Facebook or any other social network you frequent for a couple of days, you could earn the minimum 500 points within a couple of days especially if you're a yapper or babbler. But there are some activities that can earn you more money within a couple of hours. Check out the bonus content below to see what they are.

Bonus Area – There area on ChatAbout has thousands of points added daily that you can earn for various easy activities:

You can earn additional rewards for the following activities.

  • Refer Friends – 20% of your friends points forever!
  • Write a review – 5 points
  • Write an article – 20 points
  • Daily Poll – 5 points

With these activities you should be able to cash out a lot quicker and make more money.

What I Don't Like About

Like any company there are going to be some complaints and cons and is no different.

1. Site seems slow.

The reason they are able to pay us for any commenting we do on the site is because it has numerous Google Adsense ads. When people click on the ads, gets paid and shares some of that income with us. That said, it seems that the number of ads slow down the site a bit. Or it could be a server issue. Either way, I notice a bit of a lag when commenting or browsing the site. It's not unbearable but it's noticeable to me.

2. The payment minimum could be lower.

One of the reasons I love is that I can easily cash out within 100 points or a $1. In my years of experience people need to see results relatively quickly with these opportunities so they stick around. At 500 points some may drop off like flies. But then again, you're literally getting paid to babble about anything. So getting to that should be pretty easy for most people when you consider how so many people are jibber jabbering on social networks like Facebook.

3. The site needs a facelift.

I think the site can be a little more intuitive. I was a bit confused at first in terms of what I needed to do. Certain menu items are buried in areas you don't expect. Ideally when you first login they show a quick one minute start up video to show you around the website. This would probably help more people dive in.

4. Don't expect to pay your rent with this.

This is definitely an extra money maker. I doubt folks can make hundreds or thousands of dollars with this site on their own. You'll probably need to get a lot of referrals so you can do that. That's pretty easy for me because I have this blog and Wealthy Affiliate trained me on how to create it and promote it. But for other people, getting referrals may be a problem. However I have discussed other ways of making money quicker in the bonus material early in the page so that could help you make more money. That said, I view this opportunity as one leg in a multiple streams of income approach which I'm a huge advocate for! Couple it with other opportunities and you can probably make some decent money.

5. You need a facebook account.

So this is probably a deal breaker for many of you. At the time of this interview you can only sign up using a facebook account. They won't just let you use an email address and a password you make up. I've been using it for a while now and nothing strange has happened in my facebook account. They haven't harassed my friends or posted crap on my wall. So it's been safe. But I know some folks are really into their privacy and don't want companies to see the inappropriate selfies or other crazy stuff you say and do on FB. LOL Just kidding. But I understand that you don't want a company having access to your personal stuff. Furthermore, not everyone is on FB. I don't like being forced into that option either way. But again I haven't experienced anything detrimental by doing it. I can always revoke access to this company if they do something I don't like. So that's my two cents.

So Should You Sign Up For

Update: It seems like has changed for the worst since writing this review. There have been numerous comments from users lately that have alleged that after receiving your first payment basically closes your account and wipes out any of your activities. Some people don't even get paid. So given these reports, I would highly recommend you avoid this company. Alternatives

Because they have gone to the dark side, I would recommend the following alternatives.

Yes I think it's totally worth it if you spend a lot of time online socializing on social media websites, blogs, forums, etc. This is a perfect opportunity for getting paid for what you already do. Furthermore I think this opportunity is better than some others I've covered (, in the past, because it's easier to understand and to make money with.

Although it's a relatively new website, the response online has been pretty positive. Folks are reporting that they are getting paid. So that's always a positive. With that all said, I definitely think you should Sign Up for this free extra money making opportunity. Combine it with some of my other recommendations and it can easily add up.

Now with that said, you should know that the business model is based on affiliate marketing which is what I use to make money with this blog. All they're doing is giving you a very small cut of the bigger pie they get from that business. But if you have the proper training you can create your own online website that makes you money from a similar model but you're cutting the middle man out and making way more! So if that does interest you, be sure you check out the my top recommendation by clicking here. You don't own and they can decide to close or kick you off at any time. But you can own and run your own website where you have control. So keep that in mind. It all depends on how ambitious you are and how much money you want to make and the control you want.

In any event, so what do you guys think? Are you ready to dump your other social media websites part time to make money with this company?

If you enjoyed what you've read and want more be sure to become a subscriber to my list by clicking here. You can also stalk me on other social networks such as Twitter , Facebook or Google+. But you won't get paid for it. LOL Thanks for reading ya'll!

Eddy with a Y!

(Get it right, I've spelled it out for you. LOL)

68 thoughts on “Is Legit or A Scam?”

  1. Well i do not know what to say about Chatabout. They just closed their doors and left and took all my points with them. Was saving for a rainy day. They could of at least said they were closing their doors or something.

  2. I have not been able to log in. I open the web site and it comes out blank. All that time i have spent chatting and all those points I have left:(

  3. I think Chatabout may be over. I am a member and could not access the site beginning yesterday. I get a blank white page.

    Have you heard anything about this?

  4. Hi,

    I have been a member of this site for only a few months now. But genuinely it is great! Quite a bit of your information is out of date but the site really is a great way to earn. You no longer need to have a facebook account to sign up either, you can sign up using facebook or email and it really does work. It not slow either, I’ve only ever seen one ad that is constantly in the corner but it doesn’t make it slow.

    • Hey Rebecca,

      You definitely sound like the minority. Unless the site has changed ownership and gone through a massive change, people definitely haven’t been happy with it.

  5. This site is a scam. They offer a gold membership package and a free account. I started a free account, stayed a free member for 4 month before upgrading, built up a good following, and earned a lot of points. I paid out of my own pocket even tho you could use your points to pay for a membership. 4 days after paying them for the Gold Membership, I can no longer log in! I emailed them 4 times in over 3 weeks. No response, Not one!
    Paypal redeemed me the money after opening a dispute! they even tried to contact them, to no avail. At least I was able to get my money back smile emoticon
    I can see that people are still writing on the site, and most of them are free members!

  6. I happen to follow the rules on whatever site I am on but recently joined this site- earned enough points to cash out- when the paypal did not arrive I sent and email to the fan page on Facebook. The reply I received is you have been banned for not following the rules and guidelines. (and they can tell me nothing else)
    -This happened after I spent 2 months earning the points and reaching the goal. I cannot log on by my email or my Facebook. My Ip has been banned.
    Not a total waste of my time though- lessoned learned 100 % . The site took it one step further than the other sites that didn’t pay me. They included an accusation towards me while they stole my time as icing on top. But hey I just sound like everyone else who is accused of cheating- I didn’t cheat!! Great way to take advantage of an autistic person! I agree that is the dark side at work.
    My recommendation- Use at your own risk . I have heard I am not the only one this has happened to

    • Hi Colleen,

      Sorry to hear about your experience but I’m not surprise anymore. We received so many comments over the last year or so and definitely don’t recommend this company. I’m still surprised they’re around considering how they are scamming people. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. It’s weird, I have been a member on Chatabout since March 2014, I have had no issues at all. I am very opinionated and yet haven’t been banned or anything. I am confused as to why so many people are having issues lately. I am earning points very slowly on it maybe that is why. I get about 10-15 points a day max because I rarely go on since the cash out increase. But I am also bagging on the site with most the comments that I make? Why have they not kicked me off when I have said nothing nice about the increase on there?

    • Ashley you must be the exception because this company has changed for the worst over the last couple of months. But I guess time will tell for you. Thanks for chiming in!

  8. I had been a member of the site for a few months and one day I went to log in and I couldn’t. I looked to see if my posts were still there and they weren’t so I knew I had been banned. I didn’t break any of the rules and they banned me and kept the money I had earned. I don’t recommend this site at all.They change their rules all the time to fit their own needs.

    • Hey Mary,

      I’m sorry to hear the same shady stuff has happened to you. This company has definitely fallen off. Fortunately there are other options out there. You may want to check out my top recommendation here.

  9. I made hundreds off this site, but in in July their cash out value went up Andi dared question why. I went to cash out for $10 and my account had been banned, it my IP address as well! I also tried fb them no response, I tried email o response. Now 6 months later I was able to sign up under a new email, no need for fb thank god because I don’t need two. Also right have to make a new PayPal account. Has anyone who gotten kicked off gone back? Did you need a new PayPal account? My old username was punkybrewster and its associated with my PayPal so I think I might need a new one or they might kick me off again

    • I have to agree with Eddy: Why go back? My experience with their Support team was terrible at best. The guy I spoke to was so rude when I refused to share my Facebook details. He literally said, “That’s our rule, deal with it.” Instead of being banned, I chose to leave and asked for my account to be deleted. That’s how much I hated the site, lol.

  10. I used to love this website! I told my friends and family about it. I worked hard to get myself up to 5,048 and once I redeemed it for the $50 Amazon gift card, they wiped me out completely from their website. My friend who has an account with them said as if I never joined! All my comments and everything I wrote is gone. I wrote to them about 6 times and I didn’t get 1 reply back from them. I am really upset and hurt by this. When I was with them the administration made it seem they were nice and helpful but they are fake!
    PLEASE DON’T JOIN!!! Save your time and efffort!

  11. I was a member from March 2014 , cashed out several times with no difficulty and then Nov 2014 came. I had 10.00 in my account went to cash out $5 and then the site went to 0 points. I should have had a another 600 and I never got my cash out . sent numerous emails and no response. the page wont went you sign in and I tried numerous computers so not a tech issue.. so I guess my time came to be banned even though I didn’t post anything bad or break any rules. One day it just ends when they want it too. I predict the site will not be around for much longer.

  12. I joined this site a few days ago, and I seemed to be doing well with a few comments and Encrave activities. I was over 150 points, when suddenly I was no longer able to log in and it said my email was not associated with any account.

    I posted a question to their FB page, and it was deleted a few hours later. Only “positive” comments are there. Mine was neither negative nor rude- so I think they are covering themselves. While they may have been legitimate at one point, I’m pretty sure they are closer to a scam these days. Fortunately it was only a couple of days on the site worth of loss, bur frustrating none the less.

    I would personally advise people to steer clear and stick to sites like Swagbucks and InstaGC. They actually pay.

  13. I was on the site for about two months and since I am disabled and pretty much bound to the house it was great for me, Then i found that on one of the threads about Obama there were what I called three bullies, No matter what you said they disagree with you..So today I decided to agree with them on everything and be super nice but then half way through the day I lost my account and everything I worked so hard on. I really feel like I was bullied and now unfortunately I have lost my other friends too. It is kind of a big blow to me because I was trying to go visit a close friend who is in a nursing home in another state. This was going to be spending money, I know it is stupid I cried, but I worked so hard to get so far. I guess some people on their just did not want to talk about anything without bullying

    • Eddy, your followers have mentioned that PostLoop isn’t ran well. I had recently looked at your review, then at the comments. One of your followers was very livid at how those who ran PostLoop refused to pay them. I’m guessing that person “made too much” at once, as is the case with many rewards sites. Others had talked about not liking how little they pay out. Based on how others talked about PostLoop, it’s only .5% better than ChatAbout

    • Amber,

      This idea that all these websites stop paying you because you made too much at once is utter nonsense. I’ve literally made thousands and hundreds of dollars with various of these sites and never had any of these so called issues. In my experience when people complain they haven’t been paid it’s usually because they unknowingly or knowingly violated terms and conditions that most of us fail to read. In which case the company won’t pay you. Other times it’s technical issue where someone has software or other things not enabled which messes up tracking so then the company can’t pay you either. And in rare cases, I can’t determine what the justification was for someone’s account being closed or not being paid. But that latter isn’t usually a norm because any company doing this on a large scale consistently would eventually have so many complaints it would raise a red flag and they would eventually get shut down.

      That said, I’ve been paid several times by postloop and if you follow their directions and don’t violate their rules, you will be paid as well. I don’t think it’s a fair comparison since postloop has a long history of paying people. Chatabout has gone down hills of recent so I don’t think they can be compared in the same light given their recent antics.

      But to each their own.

    • I was banned the other day after I tried to cash out for the second time. I never said anything offensive and always followed their rules. I have tried contacting them several different places and they haven’t responded to me. It makes me mad because I chatted with some cool people there. I wouldn’t recommend this website to anyone.

  14. I wouldn’t say it was a scam but they have overcompensated to keep out the comments that were only posted to earn the points. The one part that made me stop going is when the $5.00 rewards went to 1000 points. The points did get decreased dramatically and the freedom of speech aspect went down the drain. Oh well, I’ll stick to swagbucks and the other sites I use to earn point. It was fun while it lasted though. Good luck Chatabout!

    • Thanks for chiming in.
      I’ve heard the same complaint from many others recently. So it’s definitely gone downhill. But like you said, there are so many other legitimate ways to earn extra money. So it’s on to the next one! Thanks for chiming in!

    • @dmdvt:
      ChatAbout may as well be a scam, but I deem it as “undesirable.” I had some posts that were fully god-modded because I made a claim someone was posing as an admin. The Admins there have no markers to identify themselves. It’s turning into a dictatorship over there. If you seem to be earning too fast in one topic, they delete the entire thing and you loose your points. If you say something wrong, they delete your responses. I suggest trying GiftHulk and Quick Rewards as well. Some of GH’s payouts for games and smartphone apps are higher than SB. Same goes for QR, and you can cash out at $1.

  15. I used this site for a couple of months. I was always paid, however, I got fed up with all the changes that were being done to the site. After we started to chat a lot about topics like Swagbucks and other earning sites, they took down the most popular ones, claiming that we were somehow confusing other users about the site since we were chatting about a few topics so much. HUH? We were probably making a lot of money from those topics, which is the real reason why it was shut down.

    And then I noticed that freedom of speech was not exactly respected on that site. We were basically pressured to praise Chatabout to the skies…some of the daily Poll question answers were so biased (praising chatabout) that it made you feel like an idiot to chose the negative answer. For instance, a typical question would be something like this:

    Q: Do you use the “Bonus Offers” section on Chatabout?

    Possible answers:

    – Yes, I LOVE it.
    – No, I don’t like easy points.

    Some of the daily poll questions were so offensive to some people that they actually did not answer them and skipped the 5 easiest points they could have gotten all day.

    And again, we were expected to praise the site to the skies. With every gift card code, they would send a request that we post on Chatabout that we had received the reward. All nice and good, but if you ever posted even a POLITE critique of on that site, it would be deleted within 24 hours. I finally posted a couple of comments mentioning that I was tired of Chatabout’s agenda (in a civil way, of course), and I was banned. That is fine by me. That place was being to feel like a regime.

    Bottom line: Avoid and stick with Swagbucks and Bing Rewards. It is a lot of typing for a little money, and you never know when the administrators will tweak the rules yet again, without any prior notice. Don’t expect that you can be frank there if something displeases you with the site.

  16. I’m going to echo Sue H. This site is NOT worth it. Also, to echo Sue H. again, I had the problem with this Brent Bell. At first I wanted to say he was a tad rude, but now that I think back, he’s quite a douche with very poor grammar and no concept of Customer Support professionalism.


    I thought I’d update with my experience on ChatAbout. I currently do not suggest the site anymore. I highly disagree with the method they use to verify accounts. They impose upon you the necessity to confirm you are real by using a Facebook account.

    There are many issues I have with that. First of all, the site admins aren’t visually verified as admins. Second, not everyone has a Facebook account. Beyond that, anyone can fake the funk with Facebook. I’ve seen sites use things like emailing or texting a pin number. Sometimes there’s even having an automated phone call. Craig’s List forces you to have a landline in an age where most people use smart phones.

    One last thing that bugs me is that site admins do not have anything on their accounts that visually verify them as admins, moderators, or customer support. Also, I don’t find all of them very friendly. When I’d voiced my concern, I was treated fairly rudely. Apparently it’s annoying if someone tries to verify that the person is indeed customer support. Considering the 8+ years where I’ve been a chat or forum moderator, I’ve known people to pretend to be staff just to fish for personal details.

    I suppose the idea of ChatAbout is great, but they just don’t have a well-thought out system.

  17. Chatabout will delete your account if you ask too many questions or if they question if you are a real person after you try cashing out for the first time. So they only pay who they want to pay. That is discrimination. 🙁 After I spent almost two weeks on there to make $10.00 they deleted my account after I tried cashing out. One of their admins Brent Bell sent me a message saying he had to verify that I was a real person through facebook because I didn’t sign up through facebook but through my email address. So I did what he asked 3 times and he still didn’t send me my earnings. They questioned me because I used a nickname to chat on their site. I used my real info and stuff for the surveys and offers. It’s really none of their business because the companies pay for the surveys, NOT them. There are loads of better sites out there that really pay daily without bullying you or questioning you. This is the first site EVER to scam me. I am still mad after 4 days. lols Anyway you live and you learn right? Plus who wants to be forced to join their stupid community to talk about dump topics to earn points when you can make real money on other rewards sites with the exact same surveys and offers. Do not trust this site. I’m mad because I will never get those hours back spending time on that ridiculous site that scammed me.

    • Damn Sue. I’m sorry to hear about this. I’ve been hearing comments like this way too often. I’m so happy for users like you that share these updates! So thank you!

    • It sounds like you knew better before I did. I did cashout but never collected. I refused to message them via Facebook. Honestly, that’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard of! There are easier ways to verify, without a person feeling obligated to do something.

  18. It looks like they changed the points from 2 points per comment to 1 point per comment, however, if you write an article, it’s 20 points. I’ve yet to receive a reward, but I hope it’s smooth sailing. I’m a little nervous from the comments I’ve seen.

    • Thanks for the update Sorvea. There seems to be a lot of changes and not necessarily for the best given the comments I’m reading.
      Keep me posted on your activity with this site.

  19. Several people were complaining about this site, several offers weren’t going through. Even used the Contact us tab, I used this as well and never heard back. Then posted up on the actual site and they removed points and the questions I posted.
    Problem is no is that dense to not know, that these “offers” are making them money for every email they collected.
    Sadly, tho as soon as I cashed out the first time, almost every offer stopped going through, obviously a $5 dollar gift card compared to hundreds and hundreds of dollars they are making off those emails address the’re collecting, isn’t paying for those tortinos pizza rolls. ANYWAYS. LOL.
    Users and admins actually tried arguing with me when I refused to argue with them they suspended my account. Very mature site.

    • Thanks for chiming in JR. But what’s been your experience with the website? What’s happened to you?

      It’s sad this website fell off. It had a lot of potential.

    • Yes, the “admins” on the site (who by the way have no visual verification as mods or admins) totally God-Mod everything. At least, that’s the term we’ve used in circles I’ve been in. The site is a total waste of time. I’m better off with Crowd Source and Mechanical Turk. Payouts are fast and you get what you worked for!

  20. They deleted my account because I emailed them asking if they can fix some issues I had. I wasn’t receiving the points I earned and they deleted my account. RUDE!!

    • they just did the same to me this morning after I complained several times about not getting points….I contacted the “customer service” and never got a reply, ever! Companies like this one deserve to be ban from the internet. So please post negative reviews everywhere you can!

  21. Just a warning… 3 days in and I was loving the site! I loved answering questions to help people while I was also earning points that I could cash in. But, it all went downhill when they offered several opportunities to earn more points. I signed up for the offers and never received the points. I visited one of the forums and saw that many others weren’t getting their points either. So, I emailed them. First they told me I must have already received the offers from another site (which I did not). Then they deleted all the comments from people who didn’t receive their points and emailed me again telling me not to post again because it must be a problem with my computer and I should just avoid all those opportunities. I asked if that was their policy (to just delete people’s sincere questions and concerns to make and make it look like nobody is having problems at all) and without responding, my account was deleted. With so many great sites out there to earn prizes, I would definitely not recommend this one!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Casey. Doing offers can be tricky. I’ve seen this happen with other sites and usually the problem is a technical issue.

      Sometimes people have anti-malware, antivirus software or other browser extensions that mess up the tracking of offers.

      So the company can’t credit or pay you for them because the stats of the companies they work aren’t showing that you completed the offer. So that may have happened in this situation.

      That said, its weak that they would delete your account for asking a real question. But there are always two sides to every story. I’m not implying that you’re lying though.

      But it would be interesting to hear their side too. Either way, thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll continue to monitor the situation on my end.

    • You’re welcome. I couldn’t believe that they just deleted my account, but after seeing them delete every single post that was about not receiving credit, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. None of the comments that I saw that got deleted were vulgar, inappropriate, or slanderous at all. I even tried to see if it had to do with the browser. I posted that I use Chrome and simply asked what other people were using and if they got credit or not. The comment was instantly deleted and that’s when I was told not to post again. I know those offers sometimes cause trouble, but the fact that so many people were not receiving credit makes me think it’s more than the normal stuff. Usually sites like this will politely comment back giving suggestions (just as you did above). I know this is a newer site and there will be glitches and growing pains. And I’ve found that most people will be understanding and polite through the process. All they needed to do was comment on the posts, giving suggestions (and most places would apologize for the inconvenience) and people respect that. Instead they try to hide the fact that others were having problems (which is especially strange for a forum designed for having discussions).

    • I joined chatabout a couple of months ago. I answered questions, and posted many good questions myself. I did not break any rules. A couple of days ago, for the first time, I cashed out my points for Amazon cards. Next time, I tried to sign into Chatabout, I could not! They deleted my account and all my posts, and have not given me the Amazon cards I earned! I have written customer service several times, and they do not answer. This is not right.

  22. Hi Eddy, thanks for finding this site, it looks promising. So, I am
    just wondering if you think I can set up a separate FB account so I
    could just keep it for work from home jobs? I really don’t want to mix
    business with pleasure, only because some peeps I know don’t approve in
    working from home jobs. So I would rather just avoid the whole, ” oh
    what is she getting herself into now?” thing.

    • Hey Deb, you’re welcome. You can definitely use a different FB account. I use my personal account with a lot of these things but I never promote directly to my personal account. You control that.

      But you can create a separate FB account if you want. Hope this helps.

      Keep me posted on how you’re doing with it!

    • I have a separate facebook account attached to the alternate email I created for survey sites etc; I also have a separate twitter account. I don’t like mucking all my personal social stuff up with things like this…

  23. Hi Eddy,I am not an face to face person much either although after face to face working all these years think I would be use to it,guess cause you can make faces at the person on line and not at them LOL.That sounds like a great site,will have to check it out.If you say its good then that’s good enough for me,Great blog by the way.

    • LOL, I hear ya Criss! Glad you see the potential in this website and look forward to you trying it out. Let me know your thoughts once you start using it.

      Thanks for the continued support.

  24. Eddy-you are the only person online I would jump in and try a new web site out that you recommend! I’ve never met you and can only read what you write online. I don’t like wasting my time! So here I go, jumping into a website. I’ll just wait and see what happens, just like I did with Clixsense. It’s not a way to make it rich but a great way to take a break! I have the feeling chat about will be the same for me, a little at a time.

    • Thank you Catherine! That means a lot to me. I know how much crap is out there and the fact that folks like you put your trust in me and give my recommendations a shot is appreciated and humbles me!

      This is definitely a little extra money maker but I think it has more potential because it’s a lot easier to use this since it’s only involves what we all do online.

      That said, keep me posted on what you think. Thanks again for trusting in me and giving this a shot!

    • I managed to join the site without connecting it to my facebook account although I have ‘liked’ their page since. I got in using an email and password so perhaps they have changed it. The only thing I don;t like is the 50 point per day cap as I was really enjoying it before I got this message. I could easily do 50 comments a day which would earn me 100 points. I did read somewhere that they had lifted this but obviously not, unless it is just for newcomers.

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