Ibotta Review: Is This Smartphone App A Scam or Legit?

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Is ibotta a scam or legit?I don't know about you, but in my house grocery shopping is probably one of the top expenses after the mortgage. It's just one of those necessities of life that can't be avoided. That's probably why the ibotta app fascinates me. I've stumbled upon this cool little app that is going to make grocery shopping rewarding and a bit cheaper for you. The app is called Ibotta (pronounced: I bought a) and in this ibotta review I'm going to show you how your smartphone is going to actually help you make money instead of sucking it away from you every month. So let's jump into it!

What is Ibotta?

In an nutshell, Ibotta is a free mobile app for smartphones (Android and iPhone) that will help you earn cash every time you go shopping for groceries and now movie tickets. Did you know you can get paid for downloading smartphone apps like ibotta with Swagbucks.com? Now you do.

How To Get Paid For Grocery Shopping With Ibotta!

Once you've signed up for the free app here, you just follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Choose Products You Plan To Buy!
Before shopping, open the free ibotta app. You'll see various Ibotta Offers in their Product Gallery after selecting a store. Browse and pick through the available list of products you may want to buy. Then complete tasks relating to your favorite brands. This could be answering a poll, liking a facebook page, sharing the product you plan to buy with a friend, etc. The more tasks you complete, the more money you'll earn.

2. Get Your Shopping on!
After choosing offers by completing tasks, your offers will be added to your Pending list. Ibotta has over 50 retailers, grocery stores and restaurants nationwide. So chances are your favorite store is on the list. So you just head to one of those participating Ibotta stores and be sure to buy some of the products you picked in step 1 and any other product you may need.

3. Confirm your purchases!
Ibotta doesn't know you from a hole in the wall. So they need to confirm that you have actually bought the products to get paid. So all you need to do is take a picture of your receipt or link and use your loyalty card at preferred stores. This will help them track your purchases so you can get that money! It usually takes 24 hours to confirm and send your money into your ibotta account.

4. Make Your Money!
Once you're confirmed you can send your earnings to your PayPal account or select gift cards from iTunes, Redbox and Starbucks. Ta Da! You just got paid for grocery shopping! Did you know Swagbucks.com pays you for all types of shopping? Now you do!

If you'd like to see a video of how this works and what stores are available for your cash back, check out the bonus content below:

How Does Ibotta Work?

What stores work with the Ibotta app?

ibotta list of stores

Ready to get started? Sign up by clicking here now.

How Does Ibotta Pay Me?

Once you've earned a minimum of $10 you can cash out via paypal. Just select the “Withdraw Cash” from the main menu of the app, then select “Get My Cash” to link Ibotta to your PayPal account.

Want To Make Real Money With Ibotta?

Ibotta is obviously a great way to make money with something you would do anyway. But if want to want to make serious money with it like I do you need to…

You need to be able to get referrals which is actually very easy if you use my FREE technique to get referrals. You won't have to harass your family or friends. And the referrals come to you everyday. So be sure to check it out so you can maximize your income with Ibotta!

What I like about Ibotta!

Sharing is Caring… and Profitable!

Like any good online money making opportunity, they have a referral program that will pay you for sharing this wonderful opportunity. Last I checked everyone needs to eat and do grocery shopping! So it should be pretty easy to get sign ups especially since it's free. Obviously I love a good referral program because it helps me pay the bills and feed my little rug rats fed. I've actually made hundreds with Ibotta strictly on referrals. You can as well using this FREE method I've used for years. 😉

Getting paid for what you already do!

I love the idea of getting paid for things I already do because it usually doesn't involve more than a slight adjustment on how I usually do something. It's perfect for folks like myself that can be a bit lazy. Yes I admit I have a problem. If getting paid for what you already do appeals to you, then you'll love Swagbucks.com as well.

It's Free!

Look, I never mind investing in any legitimate opportunity that will make me money. After all, it usually takes money to make money. Or shall I say it usually takes money to make that “REAL” money many of you are always asking about. So considering that this opportunity is only going to make you extra money, it's great that it's free! There is no risk of losing your shirt.

Ibotta Pros

Good Rating with the Better Business Bureau ( BBB )

Personally I could give a damn about a BBB rating. (You can find out why by clicking here.) That said, I know many of you use that as a be and end all of determining a company's legitimacy. It's a very flawed way of doing your research but many of you live by it. That said, it does have a good BBB rating (of an A- ) at the time of this review. So that might make you feel or warm and fuzzy inside.

Great reviews and media coverage.

There are tons of blogs, websites and news publications that have covered this opportunity and have given it glowing reviews. People are actually making money as well. So that's definitely re-assuring. I tend to find that type of feedback a lot more trustworthy than just a BBB listing or lack of one. But that's just how I roll.

Ibotta Complaints!

So it's never all sweet with any opportunity and that's fine. Nothing is perfect. So here are some things that may rub you the wrong way. You need to be aware of them to avoid some unpleasant surprises. So here they are:

You can't live off this income

Although I'm huge proponent of multiple streams of extra income there are some folks that will probably avoid this opportunity because it's not something you can use consistently to support yourself or pay any major bills. So I get that. You're better served finding a work at home job here. But if you're smart you'll combine whatever income you make with a work at home job and the extra money you can earn for something you would do anyway. But that's just how I think.

You need a smartphone.

There are some of you that still use pigeons to communicate aka “dumb” flip phones. Hey, I ain't judging you. Maybe you don't care about apps, email or having the web at your finger tips. Or maybe you can't justify the cost of a data plan or the stupid long term contracts. Either way, I get it! That said, no money for you! This opportunity is only available if you live in modern times… I mean have a smart-phone. It sucks but that's just the way it is! But for those of you with “dumb phones” or no cellphones at all you should read my ShopKick Review and Checkout 51 Review for a get paid to grocery shop alternative. You should also check out SwagBucks

You only get paid for certain products.

Ideally this app would rule if I got paid for all the grocery shopping I do. But alas you only get paid for buying certain products within the app at your local grocery store. If you don't really use some of the brands during a given week, then you won't make money with this. For instance, instead of buying a pepsi this week, you may have to switch to Coke just so you can make that money! Some of us are brand “whores” and don't want to change. So this may prove problematic on a given week.

More Complaints

They only pay via paypal.

I love getting paid by paypal. But some of you don't have an account or can't get one. Without that account, this opportunity isn't a viable option for you. So having a check or direct deposit option would have been nice.

There is a $10 minimum payout requirement.

As you read earlier, you need to make at least $10 before you can cash out. That may not be easy to hit if you're NOT buying the products that pay you or if you don't do a lot of grocery shopping. It's far contrast from InstaGc.com which pays you instantly and only requires a $1 as a minimum. That said, I don't know if most people will have a hard time reaching that minimum considering how expensive groceries can be.

That's pretty much all the Ibotta complaints I have for the moment. You may have more and feel free to share them in the comment below.

So is Ibotta.com Real & Safe?

Yes I think Ibotta.com is legitimate. And if you're the person that does the grocery shopping in your home, I definitely think it's worth signing up for this free app and using it every week! Chances are you don't plan to stop eating or doing grocery shopping. So why not get paid for something you will be doing the rest of your life? If you like that idea, you may also want to read my Receipt Hog Review. Swagbucks.com is another great option to get paid for something you already do.

What's A Better Way To Make Real Money?

As much as I love ibotta, this type of opportunity isn't something you can live off or pay some major bills with. For that I would recommend My #1 Free Way To Work At Home! It doesn't require you to do any shopping to make money and it can actually provide you a full time income from home as it has done for me. It takes hard work and time but it does work and will pay you more than you can make with Ibotta. You may also want to look into my Work At Home Courses so you have multiple streams of income. Why limit yourself to one source of income when you can have many?

Let me know what you guys think of this opportunity down in the comment section below. Let me know if you have used this app or plan to use it in the future. Thanks for reading this review. Until next time ya'll.

Eddy with a y! (Get it right. LOL)

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