Ibotta Review: Is This Smartphone App A Scam or Legit?

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Is ibotta a scam or legit?I don't know about you, but in my house grocery shopping is probably one of the top expenses after the mortgage. It's just one of those necessities of life that can't be avoided. That's probably why the ibotta app fascinates me. I've stumbled upon this cool little app that is going to make grocery shopping rewarding and a bit cheaper for you. The app is called Ibotta (pronounced: I bought a) and in this ibotta review I'm going to show you how your smartphone is going to actually help you make money instead of sucking it away from you every month. So let's jump into it!

What is Ibotta?

In an nutshell, Ibotta is a free mobile app for smartphones (Android and iPhone) that will help you earn cash every time you go shopping for groceries and now movie tickets. Did you know you can get paid for downloading smartphone apps like ibotta with Swagbucks.com? Now you do.

How To Get Paid For Grocery Shopping With Ibotta!

Once you've signed up for the free app here, you just follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Choose Products You Plan To Buy!
Before shopping, open the free ibotta app. You'll see various Ibotta Offers in their Product Gallery after selecting a store. Browse and pick through the available list of products you may want to buy. Then complete tasks relating to your favorite brands. This could be answering a poll, liking a facebook page, sharing the product you plan to buy with a friend, etc. The more tasks you complete, the more money you'll earn.

2. Get Your Shopping on!
After choosing offers by completing tasks, your offers will be added to your Pending list. Ibotta has over 50 retailers, grocery stores and restaurants nationwide. So chances are your favorite store is on the list. So you just head to one of those participating Ibotta stores and be sure to buy some of the products you picked in step 1 and any other product you may need.

3. Confirm your purchases!
Ibotta doesn't know you from a hole in the wall. So they need to confirm that you have actually bought the products to get paid. So all you need to do is take a picture of your receipt or link and use your loyalty card at preferred stores. This will help them track your purchases so you can get that money! It usually takes 24 hours to confirm and send your money into your ibotta account.

4. Make Your Money!
Once you're confirmed you can send your earnings to your PayPal account or select gift cards from iTunes, Redbox and Starbucks. Ta Da! You just got paid for grocery shopping! Did you know Swagbucks.com pays you for all types of shopping? Now you do!

If you'd like to see a video of how this works and what stores are available for your cash back, check out the bonus content below:

How Does Ibotta Work?

What stores work with the Ibotta app?

ibotta list of stores

Ready to get started? Sign up by clicking here now.

How Does Ibotta Pay Me?

Once you've earned a minimum of $10 you can cash out via paypal. Just select the “Withdraw Cash” from the main menu of the app, then select “Get My Cash” to link Ibotta to your PayPal account.

Want To Make Real Money With Ibotta?

Ibotta is obviously a great way to make money with something you would do anyway. But if want to want to make serious money with it like I do you need to…

You need to be able to get referrals which is actually very easy if you use my FREE technique to get referrals. You won't have to harass your family or friends. And the referrals come to you everyday. So be sure to check it out so you can maximize your income with Ibotta!

What I like about Ibotta!

Sharing is Caring… and Profitable!

Like any good online money making opportunity, they have a referral program that will pay you for sharing this wonderful opportunity. Last I checked everyone needs to eat and do grocery shopping! So it should be pretty easy to get sign ups especially since it's free. Obviously I love a good referral program because it helps me pay the bills and feed my little rug rats fed. I've actually made hundreds with Ibotta strictly on referrals. You can as well using this FREE method I've used for years. πŸ˜‰

Getting paid for what you already do!

I love the idea of getting paid for things I already do because it usually doesn't involve more than a slight adjustment on how I usually do something. It's perfect for folks like myself that can be a bit lazy. Yes I admit I have a problem. If getting paid for what you already do appeals to you, then you'll love Swagbucks.com as well.

It's Free!

Look, I never mind investing in any legitimate opportunity that will make me money. After all, it usually takes money to make money. Or shall I say it usually takes money to make that “REAL” money many of you are always asking about. So considering that this opportunity is only going to make you extra money, it's great that it's free! There is no risk of losing your shirt.

Ibotta Pros

Good Rating with the Better Business Bureau ( BBB )

Personally I could give a damn about a BBB rating. (You can find out why by clicking here.) That said, I know many of you use that as a be and end all of determining a company's legitimacy. It's a very flawed way of doing your research but many of you live by it. That said, it does have a good BBB rating (of an A- ) at the time of this review. So that might make you feel or warm and fuzzy inside.

Great reviews and media coverage.

There are tons of blogs, websites and news publications that have covered this opportunity and have given it glowing reviews. People are actually making money as well. So that's definitely re-assuring. I tend to find that type of feedback a lot more trustworthy than just a BBB listing or lack of one. But that's just how I roll.

Ibotta Complaints!

So it's never all sweet with any opportunity and that's fine. Nothing is perfect. So here are some things that may rub you the wrong way. You need to be aware of them to avoid some unpleasant surprises. So here they are:

You can't live off this income

Although I'm huge proponent of multiple streams of extra income there are some folks that will probably avoid this opportunity because it's not something you can use consistently to support yourself or pay any major bills. So I get that. You're better served finding a work at home job here. But if you're smart you'll combine whatever income you make with a work at home job and the extra money you can earn for something you would do anyway. But that's just how I think.

You need a smartphone.

There are some of you that still use pigeons to communicate aka “dumb” flip phones. Hey, I ain't judging you. Maybe you don't care about apps, email or having the web at your finger tips. Or maybe you can't justify the cost of a data plan or the stupid long term contracts. Either way, I get it! That said, no money for you! This opportunity is only available if you live in modern times… I mean have a smart-phone. It sucks but that's just the way it is! But for those of you with “dumb phones” or no cellphones at all you should read my ShopKick Review and Checkout 51 Review for a get paid to grocery shop alternative. You should also check out SwagBucks

You only get paid for certain products.

Ideally this app would rule if I got paid for all the grocery shopping I do. But alas you only get paid for buying certain products within the app at your local grocery store. If you don't really use some of the brands during a given week, then you won't make money with this. For instance, instead of buying a pepsi this week, you may have to switch to Coke just so you can make that money! Some of us are brand “whores” and don't want to change. So this may prove problematic on a given week.

More Complaints

They only pay via paypal.

I love getting paid by paypal. But some of you don't have an account or can't get one. Without that account, this opportunity isn't a viable option for you. So having a check or direct deposit option would have been nice.

There is a $10 minimum payout requirement.

As you read earlier, you need to make at least $10 before you can cash out. That may not be easy to hit if you're NOT buying the products that pay you or if you don't do a lot of grocery shopping. It's far contrast from InstaGc.com which pays you instantly and only requires a $1 as a minimum. That said, I don't know if most people will have a hard time reaching that minimum considering how expensive groceries can be.

That's pretty much all the Ibotta complaints I have for the moment. You may have more and feel free to share them in the comment below.

So is Ibotta.com Real & Safe?

Yes I think Ibotta.com is legitimate. And if you're the person that does the grocery shopping in your home, I definitely think it's worth signing up for this free app and using it every week! Chances are you don't plan to stop eating or doing grocery shopping. So why not get paid for something you will be doing the rest of your life? If you like that idea, you may also want to read my Receipt Hog Review. Swagbucks.com is another great option to get paid for something you already do.

What's A Better Way To Make Real Money?

As much as I love ibotta, this type of opportunity isn't something you can live off or pay some major bills with. For that I would recommend My #1 Free Way To Work At Home! It doesn't require you to do any shopping to make money and it can actually provide you a full time income from home as it has done for me. It takes hard work and time but it does work and will pay you more than you can make with Ibotta. You may also want to look into my Work At Home Courses so you have multiple streams of income. Why limit yourself to one source of income when you can have many?

Let me know what you guys think of this opportunity down in the comment section below. Let me know if you have used this app or plan to use it in the future. Thanks for reading this review. Until next time ya'll.

Eddy with a y! (Get it right. LOL)

95 thoughts on “Ibotta Review: Is This Smartphone App A Scam or Legit?”

  1. I ignored my daughter’s prompting to use Ibotta. Finally tried it and now I’m using it all the time. My fourth check is about to be sent already! You should give it a try.

  2. I’ve been using Ibotta for a while now – since March 2017 – and so far my total savings are $224.66. Now this may not seem like alot, but I only shop for myself and my husband. For someone with a family/kids to shop for I’m sure they save alot more. I love taking my earnings and putting it towards whatever vacation is coming up. Right now is a good time to join because they added tons of store bonuses which is great for holiday shopping. It’s definitely not a scam, I’ve cashed out a couple of times now. You just need to makes sure you read the terms of the bonus/product. Scanning barcodes while in the store is a good idea.

  3. I find that a lot of the times, the rebates that are available to others aren’t available to me. I follow the Krazy Coupon lady and other couponing sites and they have certain rebates for items that I don’t have even if o buy at the exact same store and the exact same item? Has anyone else had this problem!

  4. Ibotta is far from perfect and I have to contact their customer support more often than I probably should. But, with that being said, they resolve the issue 99% of the time. I have been using it since last September and I have earned over $1000. I am not a Ibotta plugger, I have just had a lot of success with their offers matching what I need. I take advantage of many of their offers. Grocery and liquor stores are my biggest earnings…but using it for simple things like Ebay and Groupon really help in earning bonuses. Watch for specialty stores ($5 rebate at Hallmark with $10 purchase..hello Mother’s Day!) Just my 2 cents. (no pun intended) It takes a while to get the hang of it and I lost plenty of rebates because I didn’t read the rebate close enough. But, letting that money pile up until I am short in my checking account has sure been nice.

  5. I send them several emails but i haven’t got any reply from them and they also don’t have any contact number on which we can call to register our problem

  6. This application is total fraud

    I am trying to withdraw money from my account since last 2 years and every time they show a message that there is some problem with your account and we will get back to you soon

    By giving you your first payment they earn your trust and than they don’t pay you anything

    They even don’t have a contact number on which customer can contact for their problem also they don’t reply to any of your emails.

    They are a very very big FRAUD

    • Sorry to hear you’re having issues Ankin. I’ve been able to withdraw money from Ibotta with no issues for the past several years. Maybe you should try contacting them via social media. At the very least they should tell you what the issue is.

    • I have tried to withdraw my money from Ibotta repeatedly and I get a different excuse each time as to why it doesn’t work. I think it is a fraud.

  7. Useless!!! I purchased a $1700 and couldn’t get the 2%cash back. They recommended I return and repurchase re-using the QR code and I STILL get different reps asking for the same damn information. SCAM ! Reps even lie to tell me it went through, or it’s pending, or it’s a Best Buy issue- it’s not, I checked. I email with many different reps that all do the same thing – NOTHING. This has become nothing but a pain. Notice the cons are blurred that’s convenient. i WAS EXCITED, NOW IM LIVID. WASTE OF TIME.

    • Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience. This does not seem to be the norm from my experience and the comments I’ve seen here. And we allow both positive and negative comments including your own. So no one is hiding that ibotta isn’t perfect. So we appreciate that you shared your experience as well.

  8. I love ibotta but it suddenly flaked out on my iPhone. It won’t load. I have deleted the app and tried again several times. What is up?

    • That’s weird. You should try downloading it on another device to see if you still have issues. I would also recommend contacting them via their website.

  9. I heart about ibotta in the second week of January. In that month alone I earned $65 in rebates on grocery items. I primarily shop at Wal-Mart and I also got about $5 back from the Wal-Mart Savings Catcher too. If you don’t like PayPal, you can cash-out your rebates starting at $20 for e-gift cards. I pulled out $40 in Wal-Mart e-gift card — since I shop there anyway. And I pulled out $25 for an Amazon e-gift card. They both worked, not a scam. I’m not sure that the ibotta business model is sustainable, but I can sure take the rebates while they exists. Cheers. πŸ™‚

  10. i did like ibotta until i got my phone stolen and lost everything i have tried for the last 4 months to get help with changing my password and they seem to be giving me the run around and now i cant even access my ibotta account at all

  11. Hi Eddy,
    I recently started using this app, and so far I like it. I have only earned $1, not that big of a deal, I didn’t expect to earn alot. I do live in a low population area and was wondering how or if I could scan my recept from stores that are not on the list. Like IGA, or do it best hardware.

  12. Ibotta is a total scam. They come off as being a great way to make money buying items. Totally not true. They get you started and then they don’t follow through on their end. No full referral bonuses, and deactivated accounts for using the rebates more than they consider normal. The whole idea is to use it as much as you possibly can. They are a fraud.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. But I totally disagree with you. They’ve always credited me for my purchases and referrals. If you’re doing anything shady then they will deactivate your account and not credit you. But if you’re on the up and up, you shouldn’t have any issues.

  13. Hi Eddy – I am sorry to burst your bubble but Ibotta did the same to me as well. I tried to open an account for my almost 70 year old mother and ibotta claimed I had made two accounts – when I pointed out that there was two of us – completely different iphones, emails, names and etc. They deactivated her account and reopened mine for 24 hours – then ibotta closed my account again – claiming that my mother’s account was a duplicate AGAIN and now I am blocked from Facebook, Facebook messaging, regular emails and they have yet to reply to any of the 40 plus emails that I had asked for assistance on various rebates and etc. as I was having repeated issues with the app.

    Plus if you take a look at their Facebook page and their Twitter page – you can clearly see that the comments have been scrubbed to be almost all positive. There are maybe 3 negative comments and the rest are all “I love ibotta” comments or tweets. When you run a business you have to be willing to handle the good and the bad customer service issue – not put the customers who are having problems with the app on radio silent or block them on social media. The IRS knows that my mother and I are two different people BUT ibotta can’t figure that out!?!?! I mean seriously? what the heck?

    What kind of business blocks customers from emailing them? I would be more then happy to email you the print screen shots from my iphone of them blocking me on Facebook.

    • Hey Jami,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Clearly they realized the situation when they reinstated your account. So I don’t know why it all went to hell after that. The least they can do is allow a discussion with you. I’ve personally never had an issue with them so I’m speaking from my own experience. But that’s why this blog is open so everyone can chime in and share their positive and negative experiences. So thanks for doing that. Hopefully they’ll read this and reach out to you.

  14. All of my rebates which i earned $135+ are gone, they deactivated my account even they blocked me from facebook to send out messages .. That such a bad behavior ..who does that? Poor customer support and they shall at-least show little courteosy and give user another chance .. they just rip off whatever you have in your account.

    • Nicky,

      I’ve been with them for a few years now and I’ve never experienced what you’re saying. Usually if a company does something like this it’s because the user was violating some rules knowingly or unknowingly. Or the company is being shady and getting ready to go out of business. The fact that you said you would like another chance leads me to believe you were probably violating some rules. So I don’t think they’re a rip off. Either way it sucks that happened to you. But there are other programs you can try. Just be sure to follow the rules carefully the next time around.

  15. Hi! I started using Ibotta 4 days ago and have accumulated $20 already! So far the app has been super easy to use. I’ll update if I have any issues cashing out. I’ve been using in tandem with bevRAGE and mobisave. I didn’t realize you had to add your rebate before you purchase tho – so I lost $2 in rebates with Mobisave. Lame.

  16. Nice write up. I found it on a routine browse through the play store and it looked like it was worth a download. It’s one of those scan a receipt and get cash back apps. The kicker is that they actually send cash to your PayPal account. I was skeptical but I checked it out, pored through their FAQ and I couldn’t find ‘a catch’.

    Ultimately, I’ve played around with it for less than 24 hrs and have already made $20! I consider it free money since I didn’t pay anything for it (other than the goods I already purchased) and would have never received that cash back had I not discovered this app.

  17. In looking into a few of these types of “cash back” apps, I realize they are not for me. I rarely buy the brands or products that are on them, and if I do, it’s never enough to reach the minimum of 20.00 (just saw today it was 20.00 on their website.) you need to in order to receive your payout. It seems I would wind up spending more $$$ in the long run in attempting to get these “deals”. I’m sure it will work for lots of people, but I’m sorry to say, it won’t for me.

    • Hey Amy,

      Thanks for chiming in. That was my wife’s complaint initially when she tried the app. But ibotta has improved by adding generic products like, water, soda milk, eggs, etc. But I agree it’s app if you use the brands that they reward you for or if you’re willing to switch. But like any opportunity it’s not right for everyone which is why we cover so many on this site. So be sure to explore the others. Thanks again.

  18. I was just reading a article about information that can be gleaned from a receipt with transaction bar codes etc. on it yesterday. I am wondering what will be the security on these pictures you have to send them of your receipts in order to prove you bought products? Any thoughts??

  19. Excellent information about numerous complaints for this app is available on the Better Business Bureau website. That’s where I checked first for reviews and I will not join. Many of the reviews online seem to be written by ibotta people themselves. Proceed with caution.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Good reviews are either written by bots or management that works for Ibotta. Try complaining to Consumer affairs Yelp & others & see what happens. Soon they’ll be given a BAD reputation.


    • Hey Amanda,

      It would be so much easier to read what you said if it weren’t written in all CAPS. Clearly you didn’t have a positive experience with Ibotta and are upset given all the caps. I’ve never had a problem submitting receipts and getting paid. But I’ll try again soon to see if anything has changed for the worst. I’ve seen it happen to other companies. But I like to see myself because folks have the habit of complaining online because they may not like a policy or they messed up and were penalized. That said sometimes it is actually all the companies doing. But I’ll see myself.

  21. At the time of the article BBB might have had them at an A- but quickly dropped them to a D- after they started deactivating people’s accounts, only the people who earned decent money though and causing them to lose several hundred a pop. Scammy company that wants strange info like you call contacts on your phone and such.

    • I have been trying to “cash out” for 2 weeks and every minute of every day it says they are “working to improve the site” and can’t cash out. Strangely, the rest of the site serving ads and getting these false rebates works.

      It appears that they don’t have the money to cash out and so the only thing that works is what makes THEM money.

    • Eddy,
      Do you have a contact # or email for Ibotta? As of today the cash I had to “cash out” has been removed. I am happy this worked for you but I smell a total scam.

    • Ben, In the app there is help link which you can access by clicking on the 3 bars on the upper left hand corner when you open the app. Select help and you can contact them there. But after reading your comment, I just logged in and cashed out $10 which you can see here. so no it’s not a scam.

      I’m not sure why it was disabled for you but definitely contact them. I’ve used them for over a year and anytime I’ve had an issue, a simple email usually resolved it.

    • Terry,
      I owe you and apology. I have tried using the website which has had all the problems. I did as you asked on the App and sure enough it was there and transferred.
      It appears they have abandoned using the website for handling the cash out transaction.
      I am happy to report that it arrived in my account.

    • Hey Ben,

      It’s actually Eddy with a y not Terry. But either way I’m happy you got paid. This is why it’s important not to jump to conclusions and call everything a scam because you run into an issue. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Good review Eddy. The payout threshold is now $10. I was having a problem with my Ibotta/Facebook friends not showing up on my teamwork (a way to earn monthly bonuses) until I reached the right customer service person to tell me how to undo and reset my settings. Ibotta has a Facebook page and that is how I was able to reach the right customer service person; by posting a complaint on their page πŸ™‚ I also recommend Receipt Hog, Receipt Pal, Checkout 51, and Jingit Apps for additional savings and you can even use the same receipts that you used for Ibotta.
    Most apps are set up for Android or Apple iOS systems and found at the iTunes/APP store or on Google Play. For those who can’t find the app at the App Store, just change the device selection in the upper left hand corner of the app page. I use Ibotta on my iPad (no smartphone :P) but found the app under the iPhone device section. I hope this helps others find it. It’s a good one!

    • Thanks Cindy. Yeah I totally forgot they upped it which isn’t a good thing in my mind. Make it easier to cash out not more difficult. Sigh..

      I have also written reviews on some of the other companies you mentioned as well. So yes they’re pretty good too. Thanks for sharing your experience and tips!

  23. I have been using IBotta for about 3 months. I love this app. I have earned over $30 in the short time I have been using the app. Money back on things I would be buying anyway. [SELF PROMO REMOVED BY ADMIN]

  24. I have tried to search up Ibotta on my apps and to no avail can I find it, is it only available in specific countries?

  25. Eddy,

    Great article. It sounds like it would be a good value for someone with a smart phone and who does a lot of grocery shopping.
    I don’t own a cell phone, I have a land line, which is cheaper per month, than a cell phone now because it’s fallen out of favor due to the rise of the mobile phone. I go grocery shopping about once a month. A tip to help your lettuce go further, is when you cut it, wrap the unused portions in paper towel and then in aluminum foil and it will increase the self life. It’s going to save you money doing that.


    • Thanks Wendy.
      Even if you don’t do a lot of grocery shopping you’re still able to earn with it. So its one of my favorite apps. Thanks for the tips about the lettuce.

  26. I am a new user to Ibotta on my Android. I Love it! I was introduced to it by a friend and although I have not made the $5 yet, I am well on my way to it! I would like to say that what I have made so far was from a local grocery store and not one on the list from Ibotta. I took a picture of my receipt and scanned my UPC codes and within 24 hours they approved everything! Don’t be afraid to submit your receipts for the items they offer even if it is not from one of their stores listed!

    • Hey Lisa,

      Thanks for the tip. Hopefully they don’t reverse the approval. I’d be a little skeptical of doing that. But if it’s working for you then by all means. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  27. Thank you a bunch for the in-depth Ibotta review. It was very informative and well done.

    One of my favorite things about Ibotta is the $5 payout they give when people refer their friends and their friends get a rebate. It’s so easy to get friends involved because its a free app that does nothing but help people.

    • Thanks JT!

      I agree. I’ve made a couple hundred dollars this way. But it also helps I have a blog like this and know how to get people to visit it because of what my Top FREE Work At Home Recommendation has taught me. It feels great to be able to share programs like Ibotta with many people and get paid for it. We all win that way! Thanks for chiming in!

  28. Hey Eddy,
    Why can’t you scan two items of different flavors and get credit for both of them? For instance, I bought the 12 pack propel water in two different flavors (different UPCs) and only received for 1 item.

  29. Ibotta is good and bad. You can never know when they will deactivate your account for no reason, saying u did that and they, when you didn’t do any of that but only followed their rules, and you have balance piling up, one day you’ll just lose it. I think they do that so they won’t have to give you that extra money/bonuses. I wouldn’t suggest anyone to use it. It seems find for first few months and it’s a rip off/scam.

    • Hey Nina,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve been with them for nearly a year now and I haven’t had any problems. I just cashed out this week as you can see here. And I’ve cashed out many times with no issues and have a couple of hundred in my ibotta account. I also successfully redeemed two rebates for milk and bread this week. They were accepted within an hour or two of submitting my receipt and bar codes. So I haven’t experienced any of these issues and I’ve been with them for a while.

      And I don’t think my experience is unique. That said I know with every make money program there are people that experience some of the things you suggested. But in my experience there are always two sides to the story. Usually people may be violating rules purposely or unknowingly. Sometimes folks slip through the cracks for whatever reason. And there are times where a company is just a straight up scam. I don’t think the latter is where Ibotta falls from my experience with them over many months. But I guess that’s for everyone to determine on their own by trying the app out for themselves.

      You’re going to do grocery shopping anyway. So there isn’t much to lose in my mind. But thanks for sharing.

  30. Ibotta program has too many flaws to make it successful. Too many steps and then taking a pic of your receipt to “verify.” Why not join a person’s grocery card to your program and have it verified w/o enabling the user? I was asked by a friend to join this but I see no advantage. It took nearly 45 minutes to go thru your coupons, go thru that for my purchases, take several pictures of my receipt (to prove to you that i am trustworthy), only to find out 18 hours later that my picture was denied. All that for what was presumed $.50? My time is much more valuable than $.75/hr.

    Sorry but this program is too flawed to recommend it. They need to fix it and I’ll be back.

    • Hey Laura,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. But there appears to be thousands of users who are successfully making money with Ibotta and feel it is worth their time. So I guess it all depends on your needs. That said I’m sure there are instances where ibotta may reject some submissions. I’m sure they have their reasons and I would suggest contacting them about it. Their customer service as always been responsive to me. That all said this is a way to make some EXTRA money for what you’re already doing. You can’t liken it to a real job and the pay per hour you get there.

      In any event, I appreciate your feedback.

  31. Eddy, I’m one of those dummies you spoke of because of the fact that I don’t have any of the “Must-Haves” like an iPhone””and get this: Horror of horrors, neither do I have a Smartphone. To further shock you, I have a plan (with an “old-fashioned’ flip phone you also dissed); and to paralyze you even further, listen to this! I pay a mere 10.00 for 100 minutes of air time, more shockingly (hold onto your seat belt) or whatever is close enough to you to keep you from dropping to the floor: I have 120 days (FOUR MONTHS) time in which to use those few 100 minutes, and the jaw-dropper of all this is, at the end of those 120 days, I still haven’t used most of the 100 minutes I paid for, four months earlier.

    Now to try to make you smile and for the benefit of all the good folks whom are frequent, intelligent, hopefully humor-filled visitors to your wonderful website, let me say that I love a good laugh and even though everything I typed in this box about my cell phone type, minutes and how I use it are all true statements. It’s the truth.

    Eddy, I am confessing that this is your long lost “Lil Sister” from Florida just having a bit of fun. Please forgive me, Eddy, and all who read this, for the way I joked in my first paragraph. I hadn’t been on Eddy’s site in so long until I just saw an opportunity to “pull his leg” with my odd brand of humor. If I offended anyone, I apologize.

    God’s blessings to all. I’m going to check out the new “free” opportunity that Eddy has made possible of becoming affiliated with Wealthy Affiliates. I had a paid account with them in the past but this time I’m going to take advantage of the freeby and try to get a whole lot more knowledge under my belt this time, before I start a premium account with them.

    Bye for now, Y’all!

    Edrena (Lil Sis)

    • SIS!!!! Where have you been hiding! Not that I’m one to talk. You definitely gave me a smile with this comment. At first I was like awww damn. I hope people don’t think I’m calling them stupid for not using a smart phone. LOL

      But I should’ve known it was you. So glad to hear from you! You have to email so we can catch up. Or we can chat in WA when you join again. A lot has changed since you’ve been there. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it!

      So happy to hear from you Edrena! It’s been far too long. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, it is I. Only thing, I meant to sign it “Big” Sis instead of “Lil” Sis as I’m the OLDEST! LOL. I had you going for a few minutes didin’t I, acting like an offended non-Smartphone owner and user? Gotcha! Glad you didn’t mind my little “joke.” All in fun, as you’ve already ascertained. LOL! Your comment was too funny when you spoke of hoping people did think you were calling them stupid….Toooooooo funny!

      Yes, a lot HAS changed since my last time being here. I like your new look but it’s going to take me a tiny bit of time to learn how to get around here and navigate without having a car crash!. I love it though because it’s so modern and fresh looking””so bright with a sort of freshly-painted look what with all the nice pastel colors and the new format. Beautiful!

      I actually “stumbled” upon this site by accident a couple of days ago and when I “came to” myself and realized I’d actually landed on your place, I was shocked, WOW! I said, Look at me blundering onto Eddy’s site and not even knowing where I am. Thought I was on a tropical isle πŸ™‚

      Some Nigerians hacked into several of my e-mail accounts and deleted all my contacts so I didn’t have the email address any longer for sending messages like I did in the past but you have my new one. Send yours along at your convenience.

      Take care and I’ll stay in touch from now on and will sign up from your website so you’ll get credit as well as be aware of when I’m back in. Glad I placed a little humor into your soul today. Bye for now.

    • LOL,

      Yes you did! I was thinking oh here we go again. LOL It’s so funny how you ended up back here and didn’t even realize it was my site at first. I guess I still have the touch if I can get folks to the site. LOL

      I definitely made some changes to improve the site a while ago. And it seems to be a winner with most. Looks good on a smart phone too. πŸ˜‰ LOL

      I’ll email you so we can catch up. Great to hear from you Sis!


    • That’s weird. Usually being on Android or IOS (iphone) covers all the smart phones. So chances are if you don’t have an of these operating systems you won’t be able to take advantage of other apps.

      That said, I’m looking into other options that don’t require a smartphone and will write a review soon. So be sure you’re a subscriber to receive the update: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/subscribe


    • My phone has the Android Jelly Bean operating system. I was looking for similar apps to this one, but was only able to find different coupon apps, none that actually pay you for making the purchase. I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t searching correctly or if this is really the only app of this type!

    • I tried that. It allowed me to go through and create an account with them, but it the app says “your device isn’t compatible with this version”. So I guess I’ll have to see if the website will allow me to perform the same actions that the app would. It’s inconvenient, but if it will work it’s better than nothing πŸ™‚

    • It’s probably the version of the operating system you’re using. That’s one of the reasons i dislike androids. Too much fragmentation. Oh well. Keep me posted.

  32. Hi Eddy!

    I’ve had Ibotta for a few months at least. So far I haven’t cashed out on it mostly because I find the process of scanning grocery receipts to be tedious. Also I’m trying to eat healthier and the options aren’t always the best for me. I am impressed however at how the app updates based on my location. I’ve been able to find deals in random places and I can now save on pet food and other random things and they keep adding places to get deals! So far I like it and I think I’ll keep using it until I can cash out. Great article. Thanks!

    • Hey Erin,
      Thanks for sharing your experience and reaffirming that this is worth trying. The location thing is definitely another cool feature! I also forgot about the whole saving money aspect. So thanks for pointing out both added benefits. Keep us posted on your use and when you cash out. I would love to hear your experience with that too when you do it. Thanks again for chiming in.

  33. Hi Eddy,want you to know that I love your sense of humor,like me when I use to work.Like your blogs,was getting so tired of the scams out there and found your site,could just read what you say for entertainment all day lol.
    This sounds good but don’t have a smart phone,have a dumb one so that lets me out,will keep on looking at your blogs,since getting laid off work,can use your humor,gets me through,thanks.

    • Thanks Criss! I’m happy someone appreciates my corny sense of humor! LOL Sorry to hear that this opportunity isn’t right for you. Maybe in the future it will be. But I’ll continue to try to find other ways that can help you make money legitimately.

      Thanks for your support and laughing at my corny jokes. Hopefully something I cover will help replace some of the income lost by being laid off.

  34. Hi Eddy. I will try this one out. I don’t use my smartphone much so maybe this free app will make a believer out of me. Who knows, I may end up liking my smartphone if it can help me save money on my food bill. As always, thanks for your reviews. Keep them coming!!

    • Hey Deb, I’m happy to hear that you plan to try this app out. I don’t know if it’s going to create a better relationship between you and your smartphone. But it can’t hurt to try to make some money or save some. So let me know how it goes for you when you use it for shopping! Thanks again for the support and I’ll keep chugging away!

  35. Hi, Eddy. I too am an extreme couponer, but have I don’t see where the cost of the smartphone to gain the apps justifies savings from using these apps. I am a tight wad. I want the highest value for my money. And, I have not gained the interest in surfing the web from a phone. With that being said, at this point, I have trouble seeing where spending the money for a smart phone justifies what you can actually save. For people who are into smartphones, it can be a way to save some and make a little money. Hopefully these app programs will become better in the future to save a decent amount, or at least interact with store sales to become more valuable.

    • Hey Rebecca, Thanks for chiming in! I guess the saying to each their own applies here. Most of us buy smart phones for the functionality so that justifies the cost for me. I don’t think anyone is buying a smartphone with the hopes of making money with apps or to save money. But if you can make or save some money with something you already pay for and use, why not?

      So I guess it all depends on your perspective and needs. I appreciate your feedback either way!

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