My Home Job Search Review: Is It A Scam or A Job Seeker’s Dream?

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The internet has made the world smaller. It's also provided us with entertainment, information and if you're lucky a way to make money. One of the most common ways to earn money online is with a work at home job. But let's face it, trying to land a legitimate work at home job can be like trying to find a lost sock in the laundry. It's damn near impossible. My Home Job Search claims to make it easy. Of course it comes at a price. Discover below why it's not worth your time or money.

What is My Home Job Search?

My Home Job Search, located at, is a website that claims to find you real work-from-home jobs that are near your location. It was founded in 2016 by Michael Anderson. My Home Job Search is a job search engine that claims to differ itself from other work at home job sites by providing “approved” jobs. The so-called benefit of this is that you will not be contacted by any fake companies. In addition, My Home Job Search claims to only work with employers who have a proven track record of paying.

How Does My Home Job Search Work?

My Home Job Search works much like other job search engines. You begin by searching for jobs in your area by first entering your zip code. Then you are asked an array of questions regarding the amount of income you are hoping for and the number of hours you are able to work. You must become a member in order to access the job board, and once you have done so, you can login to your dashboard, where you will be able to locate prospective jobs, find additional resources, and get support from the My Home Job Search staff.

How much does My Home Job Search cost?

My Home Job Search has different pricing options which will dictate the level of access you have to the features on the site. Depending on which membership package you choose, you may not be able to access all of the My Home Job Search features. If you don't want to be limited by how much you can possibly access or make because of your membership level, you should check out and instead. Below is a list of the different membership options.

Basic Membership

  • The basic membership package is FREE of charge.
  • Allows you to search from certain categories, such as paid surveys and writing jobs.
  • Gives you access to additional resources for finding jobs.

Premium Membership

  • One time payment of $99, or $29 when it is on sale.
  • Access to all of the features that the site offers.
  • Allows you to look at companies and the job board.
  • Dedicated customer support for premium members.

My Home Job Search Complaints

Chances are you've been burned by other so called work at home job sites. I would love to say this is going to be different. But if you were already skeptical as you read the details above, you should be! Read the ugly truth below. Or if you've already figured out this is garbage, then look into, my Top Free Work at Home Recommendation, and instead.

The owner doesn't exist

When you sign up for the site, you are directed to a video where the supposed owner of My Home Job Search introduces himself as Michael Anderson. This Michael Anderson looks more like a high school student than the owner of a company. As it turns out this picture is a stock photo, and not the actual owner of My Home Job Search.

The available jobs are a programing trick

Technology can be used for good or evil. In this case, it's used to mislead you. No matter what zip code you enter during the sign up process, My Home Job Search will always tell you there are jobs in your area. But this is all just some simple programming that isn't really based on actual jobs. It's just to lure you in.

Fake testimonials

As if the other crap isn't enough, but the testimonials from real people are actually stock images that can be used as a site owner wants. Chances are the testimonials associated with these fake pictures aren't real either.

Falsified news claims

My Home Job Search has employed one last trick to deceive users. They use videos and logos of legitimate news outlets to imply association with these companies. However, on closer inspection of their own disclaimers, they admit that they have no affiliation with the companies stated. So why bother including them?

Is My Home Job Search Legitimate?

Given all the trickery I described in the complaints section above, I wouldn't recommend using My Home Job Search. It is very difficult to trust a company that uses so many shady techniques to lure you into their site.

At the end of the day landing a legitimate work at home job can be difficult. Keep in mind as an employee, you still don't have any security. A boss still dictates how much you make and if you make any money at all. So you're not really in control. That's why I eventually made the wise decision to work for myself.

If you would like an opportunity to make money for yourself, on your own time, check out,, my Top Free Work at Home Recommendation and Work at Home Courses. These provide you with an opportunity to make money from Multiple Streams of Income, which is an integral part of becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

Well, that's enough yip yapping from me. I'd love to hear your thoughts about My Home Job Search. So leave a comment down below.

Eddy with a y

12 thoughts on “My Home Job Search Review: Is It A Scam or A Job Seeker’s Dream?”

  1. Hi Eddy, Fabrizio here

    I follow all your emails giving advice about legit work at home.
    And yeah….I find them very useful.


  2. I wish I would have found your page sooner. I have been in such a desperate -WOULD do anything- state to get a job. Having 3 children and a husband who works full-time. I was trying to find an “easy way”. Guess that is where I messed up. I currently work as a server and for 11hours of the day, made less then minimum wage. So, at 4 in the morning I’m searching for something, anything to help. I sadly fell hard for this one. I figured with the guarantees and all it was a safe bet. Sadly, I spent the rest of my money for this disgusting scam.

    I’m honestly at a loss. I don’t know what direction to take. I would love to work from home and have no issues taking the time to learn “How to” but, I feel like every single path just has a giant hole or brick wall blocking it.

    Could you possibly point me in the right direction? I absolutely hate feeling that I’ve just put my family into a sinkhole while attempting to do better.

    Thank you for your time good sir.

  3. Hi, Eddy! You know it is a shame that sites such as the one you did in this article continue to exist online. Their only mission is to con people into forking over money believing that they would be better off – in this case being able to gain employment.

    As seen in your research the owner is not a real person and the testimonials are also bogus. The final despicable issue with this fraud site is the fact that they actually charge close to $100 as an upsell in convincing people to join at their “premium membership level”. Supposedly at that price, one would get the full benefits as he/she tries to find employment at this site. Yet, as you proved it is all a lie!

    We have here yet another scheme pulled off by some con artist who only wants to scam people, desperate to find work, out of the little money that they have. They would be better off going with your #1 recommendation. Sad that these types of rip-offs will continue to appear on the Internet as long as people fall for them.


    • I hear ya Jeff. It is sad that these things exist. But it preys on job seeker’s needs and desperation. But at least we’re out here letting people know about this nonsense and giving them other legitimate options to consider. Even if they don’t go with my recommendations, at least they avoided this nonsense. Thanks for chiming in.

  4. I know this is bullshit. Most of these things are that’s why I checked on this. You can’t trust anybody these days. You have to make sure when you go to these sites if they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It sucks that there’s so many fucking con artist taking people’s money. Pisses me off!

    • The BBB accreditation means nothing. People fail to realize that the BBB is pay to play. If you’re not willing to pay that can impact your score. So I would never just base my decisions on a BBB rating. You need to check multiple sources and sites. You’ll usually see a pattern that way. And don’t let the real scam artists make you jaded. Because there are a few legit opportunities out there.

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