Only Lazy People Try To Make Money At Home!

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Huh? Did I lose my mind? Am I smoking that “stuff”? Aren't I the one always telling you can make money at home if you're willing to try different thing. Yes, I'm that dude. But I have to come clean, I've been leading you astray with some of my advice. Please don't get angry with me. I sincerely thought I was being helpful. But in hindsight I was doing you a disservice. Please allow me to explain myself.

Any of my loyal subscribers know that I always encourage them to “try” various work at home opportunities and to not limit themselves to data entry or typing. In fact you might get the impression that data entry and typing were real people that robbed me or something, the way I talk badly about them. lol

With that said, I do still stand by part of my advice in which I encouraged you to diversify your sources of at home income. However, where I've failed you is that I always say you should “try'. Unfortunately, trying provides an option of not taking action. When someone says I'll try something, it means that there is a 50% chance that they will or will not do something. When it comes to working at home and being successful, I don't think the word “TRY” should be in your vocabulary because the fact of the matter is that when given the choice people won't try especially when it comes to work at home. They'll think of every reason in the book not to act on a perfectly legitimate work at home opportunity. But they'll also be the first to complain that they haven't been able to work at home.

Most of the people I know that are extremely successful didn't “try” anything, they were do'ers. An opportunity came their way and they didn't have the attitude “Well I'm going to give that a try when I start making money. Or I'll give that a try in a few months, or I'll give that a try when the moon aligns with the sun.” Trying is for people that aren't serious about making money. Successful people have the attitude I will do and there ain't no more to it!

Now look, we're all guilty of being “Triers” instead of “Do-ers”. For years, your fearless work at home leader was a full-time “Trier”. And for years I couldn't successfully work at home. I had a full time job that took me away from my loving family for 8+ hours per day. So I'm not sitting here in my ivory tower passing judgment on you. I'm saying this as a person that's been there and still sometimes visits that old “trying” neighborhood. In fact let me tell you a recent story of my visit to the old “trying” hood I grew up in.

How “Trying” Cost Me Thousands of Dollars!
As some of you may know, I make money at home doing affiliate marketing. It's the only real work at home opportunity I've ever done that has allowed me to support my family and make thousands of dollars per month. With that I've been struggling with an element of affiliate marketing known as pay per click advertising. PPC means pay per click. So for instance if I wanted to get visitors to my site looking for red shoes on, I would pay Google something like $.05 cents. So how PPC works is that I would only pay Google, if the visitors clicked on my ad when they searched for red shoes. Sounds easy enough right? But trust me it's a little more involved and has other factors to consider which I didn't really understand but became so easy after some training.

Needless to say it was a hurdle I've had for years. And like so many of you, I kept saying to myself, “I'm going to try it again as soon as I master this other marketing technique.” Then it was “I'll try it when I quit my job because I'll have more time.” Then it was “I'll try it after the baby arrives and I get settled in.” You can see where this was going. This might even sound familiar to you when it comes to work at home opportunities. In any event, something finally snapped in me. I thought to myself, for the most part anytime I've actually done something rather than trying it, I eventually succeed. Sure, sometimes it took years to succeed but nonetheless I tended to succeed. So I said screw it! I sat myself at my desk and decided to start my first ppc campaign since acquiring some additional knowledge about the subject matter. And yes, I practice what I preach. I continuously invest money in my education which fortunately can be done online, reading books and watching DVDs. So in any event I jumped in head first with the PPC stuff. To my surprise I did way better than expected. A lot of it had to do with the training I applied. Now I'll be honest even though I did better than I expected, I still managed to lose some money on my first PPC campaign. But not as much as I did a few years back.

So I had to remind myself that it was still a silver lining. I could have easily just said, damn I'm going to give up because I lost money. But no I kept at it because although I lost money overall, I was able to see that I could make money using PPC if I just fine tuned somethings. Fast forward to a week later and Eureka, I wasn't losing money anymore. I was actually making money. I actually made over $300 last week just with doing PPC stuff!

Now what peeves me and why I say trying lost me thousands of dollars is that I failed to act on this opportunity sooner. Instead I kept making excuses as to why I shouldn't act and let other things distract me. If I would have actually acted years ago, I am certain I would've have retired from my job sooner. I probably would have also been a millionaire by now. But there is no use in crying over spilled milk. Now that I have acquired and mastered this new way of making money, it will lead to many more opportunities for me to make money in the future.

But ultimately the point of this story is that I didn't try. I acted! And despite failing at first, with the right attitude I pressed on and now I have a new legitimate way to make money from home. By the way if you're interested in learning how to make money with PPC, I learned it with It's something I really recommend to everyone interested in making a LARGE income from home. But don't be like me! If you sign up, actually take the information you learn and act on it.

What You Should Do Now!
So that was my little story. But here's what I want you to do when it comes to conquering a “trying” mentality, the first step is acceptance. Accept the fact that you've been doing it wrong for all these years by “trying” things.

Once you've accepted responsibility for that, there is no need to harp on it. Dust your shoulders off, stand up straight and make a change. When you read something here on this blog or other sites that sounds legitimate and can make you money at home, make it a point to go and do those things. Don't try them! Go and do them! Obviously you should always do your research to ensure it won't be a

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