Qmee Review: Is Qmee A Scam or Actually Legit?

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Qmee Scam or Legit?As you know, I'm a huge proponent of multiple streams of extra income, especially while you're trying to land a work at home job or starting an online business. Little money making opportunities can often be started right away and it usually involves activities you already do such as reading emails, visiting websites or even searching the web. So that's why I decided to look into Qmee.

Because one of my favorite companies is Swagbucks.com which originally started as a site that just paid you for searching the web. But they evolved into many other ways to make money and ironically, it's become harder to earn money for just searching with them. But it's still worth looking at FusionCash.com which is another reward site I recommend as well. However, I wanted to look into other Swagbucks alternative and I think I found one. So if you've been looking for a way to make money searching the web, you'll enjoy this Qmee Review.

What Is Qmee?

Qmee is company that helps advertisers reach targeted users via a free application or extension that you install on your browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. It can be used on both, PC and Mac. Qmee has been around the net since 2012. It's only available to the US and UK at the time of this review.

So How Do You Make Money With Qmee?

If you're like me, you search for many things every single day online. Well with Qmee you can actually make money for these searches. After the FREE extension is installed on your computer, you will begin to get paid search results that display on your left sidebar. Then all you have to do to make money is click on these ads. The advertisers that are shown pay to be there and want you to visit their website. And since the ads are targeted they usually lead you to something you were probably interested in anyway. So, basically, it's a win-win for you and the advertiser.

Qmee works with a variety of popular search sites such as:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Amazon
  • eBay

Unfortunately, you won't be able to earn a full time income with Qmee, for that you need to check out My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation.

Want To See How It Works?

How do I Sign Up For Qmee?

You can sign up for FREE by clicking here.

How Much Money Can You Make With Qmee?

The money you make per search varies. It can range from $ .05 to $1 per click depending on the search or advertiser. However, you're not paid for every search! It seems to be based on the content of your search and if Qmee has a relationship with related advertisers.

That said, when you do start earning, you can request to be paid instantly via PayPal and you don't have any minimums to meet. You can literally cash out with just 10 cents or less. Nice, huh?! You can also choose to donate your earnings to a charity that's listed on the site if you like. If you like that then chances are you'd like being able to make money searching on Swagbucks.com and FusionCash.com as well.

Want To Make Real Money Qmee?

Look, I love making money for things I'll do anyway like searching. But you can't support your family or yourself with what Qmee pays randomly on searches. If you're looking to make “Real money” with Qmee, here's what you need to do…

You need to be able to get referrals, which is actually very easy if you use my FREE technique to get referrals. You won't have to harass your family or friends. And the referrals come to you everyday. So be sure to check it out so you can maximize your income with Qmee!

Best Qmee Search Words / Qmee Cheats

Usually when people see how easy it is to make money with Qmee, they want to figure out ways to make even more of it. Or let's keep it real, people are looking for Qmee cheats or codes. To my knowledge, there isn't a list of Qmee Searches that pay. And truth be told, they don't want you doing this. I wouldn't risk getting my account banned. But I know some of you will, so be careful.

Qmee Complaints

As much as I like this company there are some minor complaints and areas for improvement. This is the case for damn near every company I review. But it doesn't mean the company is bad or a scam. It's just things I want you to be aware of so you can go into this opportunity knowing what the minor problems may be. I don't like surprises when it comes to making money unless it means I'm making more of it. LOL I'm sure you feel the same way. So let's get into it!

[sociallocker]Low Income Opportunity

Because you don't get paid for every search and the pay is only a few cents when you do, don't expect to make a living with this opportunity. It's really just a way to make extra money for something you already do all year round. I like to use opportunities like this for holiday shopping or when I want to buy myself a new gadget. So I literally have to fight the urge to cash out for a few months. But trust me it feels great when you don't have to spend money on Christmas shopping because you've cashed out all these little opportunities that some people ignore or think isn't worth their time.

No Smartphone App

Since you need to install a browser extension Qmee does not work on your smartphone's mobile browsers because they don't support extensions. So it would be great if Qmee made a smartphone app so we can get paid on the go. Often time I do a lot of searching when I'm away from my computer. This would be a great opportunity for Qmee to sell ads to local vendors so their ads would pop up on the app based on your location. So it would be a smart business move on their part and make us more money too. But apparently a mobile version of Qmee is high in demand, and they may be working on it. I hope so because so many other opportunities like this have native smartphone apps.

Trust Issues

I think most people are accustomed to installing apps on their phone and browser extensions. But I can see how some folks will be hesitant, especially when there are some really annoying browser extensions out there that take over your surfing or slow down your browser. But I personally didn't experience any of these issues. They are actually very transparent about what they do and don't do with your information and they do so in English and not that legal language that you need a PHD to understand. Based on what I've read I'm totally comfortable with their software and why I've installed it and been paid.

Limited Referral Program

Apparently their referral program isn't automatically open to new users at the time of this review. I had to email them to open that option for me. That said, they have a pretty generous referral program where they pay you $1 for your referrals first PayPal cash out payment. And that cash out can be anything like a few cents and you still earn $1! But that's it. If your referral cash outs again, you won't earn anything. You would need to constantly get new referrals in, which isn't too difficult because of what My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation teaches you. I actually have a secret method that I use with great success here as well here. So although it shouldn't be hard to get sign ups, I like referral programs that continue to pay me long after I make the first introduction. So I think this can be improved greatly!

Limited Payment Options

I love the fact that I can get paid instantly via PayPal. But for people who don't have PayPal or don't like using it, this is a limitation. It would be nice to have another payment option for people to use.

Limited To Some Countries

Despite using PayPal for making payments Qmee is limited to only a few countries at the time of this review which is the UK and the US. But PayPal actually supports many more countries. I'm guessing they're limiting the countries for business reasons such as their existing advertising pool or other legal considerations. Either way it sucks if you don't live in these countries. But you can always check out our international work at home page for other options.[/sociallocker]

So Is Qmee Legit?

Based on my research and own personal experience, I think Qmee is a legitimate FREE way to make extra money for something you already do unpaid. So far, it's one of the easiest ways I've found online to make money. I've actually been paid and you can see my Qmee Payment Proof here.

Is this opportunity for everyone? Obviously it's not. There are always going to be people that turn their nose up at opportunities like this and claim it's a waste of their time and they need real money.

But I've argued why turn away free money for something you're already doing? So that's why Qmee, Swagbucks.com and FusionCash.com make “cents”. You can still work on building your own business which My Top Free Recommendation has helped me do. So you can still pursue the so-called “real” money. But make some of it in the process instead of being frustrated that you haven't made a dime yet!

Anyway, I've babbled enough in this Qmee Review. I would love to hear your thoughts! Are you going to give this a shot? Have you tried it or Swagbucks.com? Are there other companies like this? Let a brother know by chiming in with your comments below. 🙂

You can always catch me on Twitter, Facebook, and also Google+.

Until Next Time… 🙂

Eddy with a Y

56 thoughts on “Qmee Review: Is Qmee A Scam or Actually Legit?”

  1. Qmee is a scam Wii not pay keeps saying my account isn’t verified when it is and other times says it can’t connect everything works fine when I’m talking the stupid surveys bi when it’s time to get paid there’s a problem

    • Qmee is definitely not a scam. I have always been able to cash out with no issues. You may want to email them directly to find out why you’re having issues. But I’ve used them for years with no problems.

  2. for me ill stopp using it because i cant redeem my earnings, i dont have a bank account to verify my paypal.. ill stick with the others that i already redeemed multiple times amazon giftcards , the only thing they asked for confirmation is my home address or phone number

    • Hey Erwin, I don’t know where you’re from, but you can try a prepaid card like a Walmart prepaid card and use that as your bank account. When you sign up for one of those cards, you can get your account number and routing number to verify your PayPal account.

  3. Eddy,
    Have you tried the Qmee surveys yet? I have been using and cashing out from Qmee for quite awhile but now they are offering me surveys as well to make money. What is your take on this? Thanks for the info.

    • Hey Paul,

      I saw they started this a while ago. But I haven’t tried it yet. I’m not a big fan of surveys and it looks like its hosted outside of Qmee so I’m not sure what the experience will be like. I don’t want to end up jumping through hoops for nothing. Have you tried it?

  4. Qmee is totally legit. It’s a marketing tool where the online business or surveyor pays Qmee and consumer. I’ve been making pocket change continuously for the past year or so. Now, that they’ve included surveys, too, that each pay .50, on average, the earnings are accumulated faster. When on a tight budget every little bit of extra bucks helps. Use Qmee without worry.

  5. I for one do agree with making money in small bits. I have probably made around £300 in a few months just by using some of the stuff easily available to everyone.
    That little bit extra always helps!

    • Well I’m a big believer in multiple streams of income as well. So I agree that it all adds up. But some opportunities aren’t necessarily worth it for some people. It really boils down to the individual. Thanks for chiming in.

  6. Hi eddy, greetings, your post is good and encouragable. I had gone thru qmee reviews states that cash payoutis possible when one resides in US or UK, i am from india it is possible forme to cadhout, kindly guideme. Thanks

    • John,

      I’m not sure what this has to do with Qmee. But just google sell gift cards and you’ll find plenty of websites that specialize in this. Or sell it on craigslist.com locally in your area.

  7. I thought qmee would be good when I first saw it so I downloaded the add-on and read through the introduction. The first day I made 22c which I thought was pretty good. Now I know they monitor your searches and don’t pay for every click but it’s been a year know and i’m still on 22c. I get a qmee add appear every now and then on the side of my browser but none of them have ever had a payment attached. I click the add get taken to the affiliate site but never make another cent. I’m finding it hard to believe this is legitimate and will probably give up and delete it soon

    • Hey Milton,

      Sorry to hear you’re having issues. As I’ve said above it’s totally random when you get search results that pay. So it’s not something that happens every time. That said when you do get a search that does have value they do pay. I recently was paid out and I know my referrals do as well. So it is legitimate. It’s just not something you can depend on for consistent income just by searching alone. Like most of these reward sites it helps when you have referrals which I teach people how to get here. That’s the real money with programs like this.

  8. Hi,
    Would you suggest using Qmee over Bing Rewards? Bing Rewards sounds like it’ll be more consistent, in terms of earnings

    • Hey Jeff,

      I’m a big proponent of multiple streams of income so I say do both and quite frankly Qmee works with Bing so you can actually double up your money by using it with bing rewards. Now that said I’m not a big bing rewards fan because of what I laid out in this review here. But regardless it all adds up in my mind.

    • No it’s a totally free to join and will be. So feel free to join, it’s the easiest money you’ll ever make online. It’s not a lot but you’re already searching online anyway.

  9. hi i had a question actully

    can u suggest me a way to get gift cards amazon pay pal visa or virtual cards which no need bank payments and with using the code of it u can buy things from net ? because i dont want to register my bank peyment account on any of these and i also perfer to stay unknown and dont even waste 1 usd or euro for online games lol ! world of tanks i mean…

    • Really? I have screenshots here that beg to differ with you. Qmee Proof
      I literally cashed it out after reading your comment. So that said it’s either you may have mistakenly did something wrong, there is an issue with your paypal account, or some other issue. But we definitely don’t have the complete story. I’ve cashed out 3 times with no issues and I have the proof to back that up.

  10. I have been with Qmee for at least 6 months. I installed then read an article and uninstalled, then read another article and thought well I will try again, so I installed again and actually forgot they where on my computer. I search with bing ALOT and I mean 30 to 40 searches a day for my website and I have made .46 with Qmee. My main concern is that just this morning when I did my routine link checker for my website Qmee was on every page of my site, when I had never even mentioned them on my site. Now I have uninstalled them again from my computer and am hoping to find out where they are hijacking me because none of the links had anything to do with my referral code given to me by Qmee. Because they are on my computer they now have access to my whole world. If Qmee is that prevalent on my website you would think I would be making boocoo bucks. Am thinking twice and three times about this Qmee, for sure sounded great in the beginning.

    • Tracy,

      I’ve never experienced anything that you’re claiming about your site and computer being hijacked. Qmee has worked exactly as they described. It only shows up when I’m doing searches online. But I do agree, this is an extra money option. You can’t depend on it for consistent money because the earnings are random and dependent on the type of searches you do and the advertisers they have relationships with. So I think it’s less about how many searches you do per day and more about the type of searches which trigger Qmee.

      That all said, I suspect whatever hijacking of links going on with your site may be because of some other thing you downloaded. But thanks for sharing your experience.

  11. I HATE biased reviews, and obviously your affiliate link proves your review is biased. It is not worth it to use this product. You will earn 20 or 30 cents the first day, and then nothing. They selectively only give you very few ads, thus you cannot really make any money. Reviews like this one will not mention the undesirables. Many people who try to make money online do so by taking advantage of people. You read this review and think “oh that sounds good.” You go on there and make 30 cents before you decide it isn’t worth it, especially considering the software will allow Qmee to track everything you do, so while you earned 30 cents before quitting, the guy who wrote this blog is making money off of your effort, if you signup through the link on this page. And all for something that you never would have done had you heard the truth.

    • I deplore when people don’t actually read what I write or my body of work and then try to call me out.
      That said, let’s address your comment.

      1. If I were truly biased as you claim, why even discuss the complaints or bad points about Qmee. If I was only interested in getting you to sign up, I would just paint the picture that this opportunity is perfect and you’ll make money right away. So sign up now. But no I actually detailed the shortcomings of this opportunity in the complaints section of this review which clearly you ignored. I’m assuming you just skimmed through the article.

      2. I’ve already stated that the earnings are totally random. And you can’t make a living with this opportunity. It’s more of something you do passively and if you make money then great. If not, it’s not like you’re losing much anyway because you will be searching online anyway. So you’re basically repeating what I said in my review. Thanks for agreeing with me.

      3. Yes I make money on my blog! Oh no the secret is out. Let me go hide in shame. Not! Of course I make money with this site. This isn’t a charity. And furthermore I mention this numerous time all over my blog. Even in this review I discuss the referral program and how I had to request to be in it. Obviously that means I’m using my own referral link. Anyone coming to this website is looking to make money so because I own the site, I shouldn’t make money either? What “cents” does that make?

      Well thanks for chiming in. Hopefully in the future you’ll actually read my reviews before making comments. At the end of the day, anyone visiting this website is here to learn how to make money or avoid scams. And that’s exactly what they get when they actually READ my body of work. Although I make money with some of my reviews, I always provide the pros and cons regardless if I make money or not. This way people can make informed decisions. I’ve had a very successful career because of this and 99.9% of the folks that visit this blog and actually READ it will usually find the information helpful.

      So I’ll continue to serve those folks. Thanks again!

    • As far as it tracking you online everything does. In this case you get a small benefit for it. I don’t really see a problem I’m searching anyway and being tracked. Tracking only brings you ads you are likely to be interested in. It’s not like someone is going to hunt you down and shoot you as a result. If you want to be invisible stay off the internet.

    • LMAO Julie.
      Well said. It’s damn near impossible not to be tracked anymore. You’re being tracked on your cellphone, on the road, walking down the street. You would need to live off the grid to safeguard against that for now. But I hear ya Julie. LOL

  12. Hello,

    I want to thank you for all your reviews and advice. I recently have gotten into a situation where I need to pay back a debt and want to make some extra money, like $50 a day. Is there a money-making opportunity where I can make that much a day or maybe some different ones I can combine together to make $40 – $50 bucks a day

    • Hey,

      You’re very welcome. There are a lot of ways to earn $50 per day. But they will all take time to achieve.
      The first one would be My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation which you’ve probably seen me mention many times. It’s the way I’ve made hundreds of dollars per day. But it takes time, patience and hard work. But it pays very well.

      Then you can try some of the opportunities listed in my extra income section or replacement income section.

      So I hope this helps. Anything that makes you real money will take time. So as long as you understand that, you have many options already listed on this site.

  13. Hi Eddy with a y, So what I’m understanding here is that I need a paypal acct. first before I sign up for Qmee. Is this true?

  14. Eddy, thanks, I like Irazoo too even though it’s not as easy to make money on their searches as before. Also Topcashback is great for rebates, better than Shopathome. I just want to make sure that the browser extension does not take over. I just recently had to overhaul my computer because of this and I don’t even know how it happened.

    • Hey Thomas,

      I use to do irazoo as well. But they always seem to have technical issues or were to slow. I’ll have to look at your other recommendations.

      I was concerned about the extension taking over my browser too but it doesn’t fortunately. It’s not like those annoying add on browser extensions you get when you install some software or upgrade something. It’s very light and you won’t even notice it’s there until you start making some money with it. Keep me posted if you decide to use it.

  15. Thanks again for a thorough and concise review. I learn so many basics that I would not ordinarily think to consider before I read your reviews. I think most people feel one form of income on the Internet should be sufficient though you mention the opposite. Makes perfect sense, though at times the obvious is not so clear. Thanks, as always, to you for all that’s covered.

    • Thanks so much Nedra. That means a lot. I always try to look at things in various ways and it’s great that doing that cause people to think differently too. Hopefully you give this a shot. If you do, let me know what you think.

  16. Hi Eddy,

    Here’s to another money-making opportunity. 😊 The review was nicely written…and it’s something you can do while doing what we do all day anyway. I spend a lot of time on research with everything I do online. So, why not get paid at the same time!

    It makes ‘cents’ 😉 Thanks for another great post! =)


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