Survey Club Review: Is it Legit?

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If you've read my recent Panda Research Review, you'll know I'm not a big fan of paid online surveys for a number of reasons. They're not good for consistent income or large amounts money either. But if you're lucky enough to find the right companies they can help you make some extra money. So I'll admit that. Apparently, that's where comes in. But are the positive Survey Club Reviews you've read on the web valid? Discover the shocking truth in my 2019 Survey Club Review!

What is Survey Club?

It's basically a member only free survey directory that's been around since 2005. I believe at one point they were also known as Survey Club Research. In any event, they have a positive rating on the BBB if that means anything to you.

It doesn't for me because of this here. But apparently, they have over 16 million members that thought this was a big deal which is pretty impressive.

So how does Survey Club work to make you money?

  • You fill out a form to join survey club and pick a list of other survey sites you want to join such as,, &
  • Then you have to confirm your email to get started.
  • Once you've done that you need to fill out demographic profile information so the survey companies know who to contact for certain surveys.

Now you're allegedly ready to make money taking surveys.

How much money can you make?

Like any survey company, the amount you'll earn per survey will vary depending on how long they are. The longer the survey, the more money you'll make. But it's usually a few cents to a couple of dollars on the high end. 

You can cash out once you've reached the minimum payment of $10. You can redeem your money as an Amazon gift card or have it loaded on a Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard. So that's allegedly how it's supposed to work. But does it really? Spoiler, it doesn't. If you want to learn how to make $100 – $200 per day, watch the video below:


What are the Survey Club Complaints?

Like any company, folks have complaints against Now with that said, it doesn't mean that a company is a scam because you're bound to piss off some people for whatever reason. But let me list out my Survey Club Research and let you be the judge of the validity of these issues.

It's a middleman

All Survey Club is a middle man. Many of the surveys they list you can find on your own as well without becoming a member. For instance, you could join for free here,, and Now with that said I can appreciate having everything you need about surveys in one place. So that might be a justified reason until you realize the Free price is going to be paid by your email address. This brings me to the next complaint….

Sir Spam A lot

So apparently when you sign up for Survey Club you're also agreeing to sign up for their partner's emails and solicitations. You better hope you signed up with another throw away email because if not your email is going to be flooded with various opportunities. Most of them aren't even surveys, they're trial offers. Many of them are pretty sketchy too. So that's a huge complaint from people that didn't have the fortune of reading this Survey Club review before signing up. It's free to join but with this site, it comes at the price of your mailbox and possibly losing money doing shady trial offers! Fortunately, that's not the case with other programs.

Low paying surveys

As I said at the start surveys aren't a way to make a living online contrary to whatever you've seen about making hundreds and thousands of dollars with them. You have a chance to achieve that type of money with focus groups that can pay $100 – $200 per hour. The only time I have managed to make that type of money is by referring lots of people to some of my trusted ones because of what My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation has taught me. Most have referral programs and you get paid for sharing the love. But I've never made hundreds or thousands of dollars taking surveys only and it's definitely not something that happens regularly where you can depend on it. I think folks claiming they're making ridiculous money with Survey Club are doing trial offers and not surveys and there is a difference. It should be called “You only make lots of money doing product trials club”. But I guess that's not as catchy.

You can't make a consistent living

I know many of you visiting this website are looking to make “Real money” which means being able to pay major bills such as rent, mortgage, car notes, childcare, popping bottles with models, etc. Well, you “ain't” going to be able to do any of that, consistently with this site or most survey sites. So if that's your goal, you better keep it moving. You might want to consider My Top Free Recommendation instead, which can help you do all that in time. Or at the very least it can teach you to get referrals to these survey sites so then you can make some real money with them like I have in the past. lol

So is legitimate or a Scam?

Labeling something a scam online tends to be very subjective. Some people define a work at home opportunity a scam based on whether you lose money or not. If that's the case, then you may not view Survey Club as a scam. But given the complaints I've listed above, it's definitely not a website I would recommend because of the spam situation and lack of real survey opportunities available.

Honestly, there are only a few legitimate survey websites that I can personally recommend which are:

I can recommend them because I've actually made money with all of them taking surveys or polls. Some of them do offer other ways to make money as well. But they do offer real surveys consistently that you can make some extra money with.

Unfortunately, with most survey websites, if you don't fit the demographics or get disqualified you're not going to make money. And you definitely can't count on any survey site for consistent income. So where does that leave you?

What's your alternative to Survey Club?

Look, if you're aren't patient enough to take surveys or if you're looking to make real money online in time without worrying about being spammed or disqualified for a survey, then you might want to check out My #1 Recommended Free Work At Home Opportunity Wealthy Affiliate.
It's what helped me earn the real money many of you are looking for. But it's not something that happens overnight. You need to have patience, be open to learning new things and willing to work hard. If you're good with that then I encourage you to look into My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation. I'm confident you'll quickly see why I continually recommend it to anyone I know looking to make real money from home.

Well, that's all for me folks. As always I want to hear your thoughts about Survey Club or surveys in general. So please chime in below.

Speak to you soon.

Eddy with a y

24 thoughts on “Survey Club Review: Is it Legit?”

  1. Thanks for the review man,when I was doing online surveys to make money,I disappointed a lot,I have not received my payment,I sent lot of emails,but there is no response from that side.So I quit that job.Can you tell about about how to start wealthy affiliate,looking forward to learn about that.

  2. Hi there. I liked your style of writing. I’ve been doing surveys online for over a year and for the most part, you are right. They are not a consistent form of income. I was just looking for reviews about this site you were writing about…. THEN I get a pop up with some offer.

    No more BS, Pay us to make money!
    I like your page and style of writing.
    I am not paying you to make money. I’m sorry.

    • Thanks for agreeing with my review. You don’t have to pay me anything. I have optional courses that I sell but you’re not required or pressured to buy them. You can continue to read as many informative reviews as you want. They don’t cost you a dime and you’ll probably find them just as useful. And I have some other recommendations that are totally free as well. So don’t just ignore the site because I have an optional course. Like everyone that comes here looking to make money, I have bills to pay as well. And unfortunately I can’t live off of thank yous.

  3. Isn’t this website a product of Wealthy Affiliate – which is where you are directing people to go as it’s your “number one money making” place? And if they go there and sign up, then you get a commission?
    That doesn’t seem shady to you? How can you give a true review to other companies if this website is specifically designed to make you money…..from Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Big John,

      I don’t make it a secret that I’m promoting WA. I could actually promote anything given it’s my site. I could even make more money recommending crappy products that pay me huge commissions. But the reasons I push WA is because I am a member and they have taught me skill sets that have helped me earn a full time income helping people. And no it’s not just by promoting WA, I promote other legitimate work at home companies that I have personally tried and had success with.

      So I don’t think it’s shady at all to promote companies that I have actually used, researched or had success with. I’ve also written many reviews where I encourage people to try a different company if they have redeeming quality. But if the company is crap, I’m going to call it out and give people options I trust and make money with. I run a business not a charity. However it doesn’t stop me from being objective if a company is good. If you read my other reviews you’ll see that.

  4. I’m soooo glad I looked up reviews on Survey Club. I almost signed up then something told me to check the reviews. I thought this one was going to be different than the others. I’ve joined so many others and to be honest the most I’ve ever made was .30 and that took me about 3 days of surveys. I emailed the site and told them to shove it up their ( well you know ). I was so upset, and I’m still unsubscribing to ALL of the other things I had to agree to. That alone is work, it would be great if we could get paid to unsubscribe. I’m done with surveys, now is the time to simply use my brain for extra cash. Good luck to anyone who is still going down the survey route.

    • Hey Donna,
      I’m glad you found our review. In most cases surveys are a waste of time. You can earn some money but when you do the math it may not be worth the time you spent. If you are going to spend all the time, it would be better to invest it in something that can pay greater. I’ve longed moved away from surveys and have found much more success following what Wealthy Affiliate teaches. So it’s something you may want to check out.

    • I’ve actually reviewed those others. I’m glad you’re doing well with them. But again, I don’t think surveys are a great way to make real money regardless of what you put into them. It’s purely supply and demand. If your profile isn’t in demand you’re not getting a lot of surveys and even if you do you’ll be spending a lot of time with a very low payout rate. But you can make some money with them.

  5. Hi Eddy,

    No, no, no with the surveys. I have yet to meet the criteria for any survey…ever. Except for the ones I’ve done in shopping malls. Those you actually get something for participating in.

    Doing surveys does do one thing really good…and that’s flood your email with lots and lots and LOTS of fodder for the trash bin. At least no trees were sacrificed in making any paper for these things.

    In having a sense of humor I’ve considered writing to some of these survey companies and asking them if they want to take some of their own surveys.
    There are some that don’t ever end either. They take you to one page, then another, then another, and pretty soon your over an hour in trying to find the end of the dang thing!

    What they offer is so little in return for what they ask the people participating in to go through, it would seem pretty obvious that going the survey route is a long way to get around any mountain.

    Someone makes money out of this and that’s the companies who run the survey sites. The money they make from selling collected data to companies who produce products must be good money because these survey companies wouldn’t keep trying to get people to sign up to take surveys if they weren’t making money on it.


    • Hey Wendy,

      You’re on a roll today. lol I agree with you that many survey sites operate the way you have described. That’s pretty much why I’ve only narrowed my activity down to a few who I know don’t make me go through hoops. Because my time is to valuable to be wasting it on surveys that play with my emotions. lol But survey club doesn’t narrow it down to the good ones, they pretty much list every one that makes them money. So not all survey websites are bad. But there are far and few that are good. Its better to stick to those very few rather than take the shot gun approach because it doesn’t usually end well.

      Thanks for chiming in!

  6. Thanks again for your reviews. I will stay away from this one for sure! Thanks also for your 4 recommended survey sites. WA is definitely the best!

    • As always you’re welcome Lorna! I’m glad you’re enjoying WA. It’s definitely the best for the right people who are willing to work and build something for the long term.

    • Thanks for the review Eddy. As always, it’s appreciated to find someone who is unbiased and can give you the gritty details of every site on here. I think I’m going to put more time into WA because I feel it’s a great tool to help promote businesses.

    • Hey Jay!

      You’re very welcome my friend. I try to keep it as balanced as I can so you can make an informed decision. You should definitely take more advantage of WA. The reason I do well is because I apply what they teach. So it does work. It just takes some hard work, patience and delayed gratification. It’s not a quick fix but I’m living proof what they teach works. I always remind people of this when I ask them how do you think you ended up on my blog reading my article. 😉

  7. I tried thismome year’s ago and it stinks 🙁 !!
    Thankfully I figured out in a week or so and stoped using it ill stikk with mt fusion cash, ics, and such.

    thanks eddy

    • Hey Corissa,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I’m glad you didn’t end up spending too much time with this. I obviously agree there are better options like the ones you mentioned. Great to hear from you!!!

  8. I for one would not use this website. Because, for one I got caught up in this scam. Never again. They just rip people off. I was so stupid

  9. Hi Eddy,

    Thank you very much for your review, I really like the honesty expressed here .
    survey can not really scam but you will waste many time,If you want make money at home really you need join Wealthy Affiliate and get a lot of traffic to make sale.

    Have a good day

    Best regards

  10. You are right Eddy, like always. Surveys that pay a couple bucks for 30 minutes of answering questions are very rare. The other activities pay you a cent or two and it takes forever to accumulate 20 or 30 bucks.
    Only way to make more would be to spend money for stuff you may not even need. I’ll stay away from all of them

    • Thanks John. The check is in the mail for agreeing with me. lol
      No but seriously most surveys are very time consuming. And I just think with this one they’re an unnecessary middleman. The other complaints don’t make me feel warm and fuzzy too.

      Thanks for chiming in as always!

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