SwagBucks Review: Is SwagBucks A Scam or Legit?

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It's time for another review from your friendly neighborhood blogger. Today I'm going to help you get your swag on! (Ask your kids or someone that listens to hip hop if you don't get my little pun there. ) Don't worry we're staying on topic and this article will be about making money from home and not slang. In any event, if you use Google a lot for your web surfing and information gathering you may want to sit back and read this article. Because chances are you've probably never made a dime searching Google and today I'll teach how to change that instantly because of a little known site called SwagBucks.com.

So What is Swagbucks.com?

No it's not going to make you as cool as T.I. or Jay-Z. But it will help you make some easy money. If you're a loyal subscriber you know I don't say the words “easy money” at all. But this is definitely one of those rare opportunities. In a nutshell it's a search engine that pays you to use it. It's also a lot more but I'll get into that later. For now, let's just focus on the easiest way you can make money with it, which is to just use it for your web surfing habits. You can stop here if that's all you need to know and visit Swagbucks.com now to get started. The rest of you that need more information, please keep reading.

Google.com earns billions of dollars per year when good folks like you and I click on the sponsored ads listed in their search results. Now wouldn't it be nice if Google decided to hook up its users with some of the greenbacks they're earning from our efforts? Sadly they don't. But we can't really hate on them because they give us such great search results, a wonderful affiliate program and tons of other free services we all love and use. Fortunately Swagbucks.com has decided to pick up the slack and make this dream of getting paid to search a reality that benefits us all

How Does SwagBucks Work?

1. Search the web using www.SwagBucks.com and receive the search results you love from search engines like Google & Ask.com
2. Periodically you'll earn these things called “SwagBucks” as you search for whatever. (And I do mean whatever. I know how some of you roll. lol)
3. Redeem your SwagBucks for products, knick knacks, gift certificates or my personal favorite and yours, cold hard cash (via paypal).

That's pretty much how SwagBucks.com works in its simplest terms. That's probably how most of you will use it and do just fine. But there are other ways you can earn as well.

If for some reason my simple simon explanation wasn't clear enough, I've gone ahead and created a little video. I know some of you are just as visual as me. So watch it by clicking here! Be sure to come back here when you're done. Pretty cool stuff huh?

How Do I Sign Up For SwagBucks?

If you'd like to start earning with Swagbucks, you just need to follow 3 quick and simple simon steps listed below:

How To Earn More With SwagBucks?

So if making money searching the web isn't enough for you, Swagbucks.com provides the following options to increase your earnings at their site:
1. Trade in old cell phones, video games, and video consoles for swagbucks.
2. Submitting poll ideas!
3. Shopping in their swag mall which links to reputable sites you already use (Walmart.com, Buy.com, etc)
4. Finding Swag Codes hidden on various websites.
5. Send in a picture of you and your Swag Bucks prize & earn 1 Swag Buck.
6. Send a video of your swagbuck prize unboxing on YouTube & they'll send you 2 Swag bucks!
7. Refer friends, family or complete strangers & earn matching swag bucks for their online search wins!

SwagBucks Complaints

I hope you didn't think I would fail to point out the pitfalls of Swagbucks.com. Tsk, tsk. Okay here's my list of things that I find annoying with Swagbucks.com

– Swagbuck Referral Cap

There is a 1000 swagbuck limit on each referral you send to swagbuck.com. So why am I peeved? We we all know I'm an affiliate marketer by trade and getting referrals is what I do. Their policy cap intrinsically hurts hard working affiliates like myself. Let's say I refer Billy Bob. Billy Bob is an information junkie and uses swagbuck.com everyday like crazy to find pictures, videos (not the nudie ones. lol), news, etc. He does this regularly. Eventually Billy Bob wins over 2000 swagbucks within a week of using Swagbucks.com. Guess what? Swagbucks.com will only match and pay me the first 1000 swagbucks that Billy Bob made. Now ain't that about a B@#$h? In the long term I get hosed because chances are Billy Bob is going to be a swagbucks.com user for a very long time. He'll be making himself and swagbuck a lot of money for years to come. i don't know about you but it only seems fair that I get a cut of that as long as everyone else does. After all I'm the one that introduced the love birds. Now as a business man, I understand the logic behind it.Their capping policy forces me as an affiliate to find new people to refer so that I can keep earning money. But just because I understand it doesn't mean I have to like it. lol

– Fluid Swagbuck Value

Depending on how you plan to redeem your swagbucks, such as for cash, shopping, gift card, thingies, etc. the value varies. For instance at the time of this review, I needed 700 swagbucks to get a $5 cash pay out via paypal. However I only needed 450 swagbucks for a $5 amazon gift card. Either way I was still getting $5 dollars. I'm going to assume the discrepancy is based on their affiliate relationship with a given company and the fees associated to process certain prizes. As a result of this adjustments have to be made. That being said it's still a bit annoying. However if you have points associated with your credit card or debit card, you're already accustomed to this wacky set up. At the end of the day, I'm making money for something I would have done anyway. So you can't really moan and groan about that.

– Long Waits

I racked up my swagbucks pretty quickly with my referrals and my own personal surfing habits. My goal was to reach the minimum for the paypal payment so I can show and prove to you folks that this opportunity actually works. You know how I do. Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk. So when I did reach the required amount I requested my $5 paypal payment. Since this is basically just an electronic payment, I assumed it would arrive right away. But to my dismay there was a notice stating that it could take 10-15 days. This was a bit of a let down and one of the reasons this review was delayed. I had to wait to actually get paid before I felt comfortable sharing this opportunity with you and to create my social proof video you saw above. I understand the waiting period for physical prizes they may be sending me. I can also tolerate a waiting period if I earned swag bucks from shopping. Because with the shopping swagbucks.com is obviously an affiliate of the companies listed and must wait to get paid by them before paying us. So that I can deal with. But with the paypal payment I didn't see why it couldn't be instant. Maybe it's just a matter of staffing and bookkeeping. Either way that was a bit annoying.

-Inconsistent & Low Earning

The biggest thing that may turn off many of the 9-5 mentality types is that you're not earning swagbucks for every search you do on swagbucks.com. We've also discussed how your swagbucks value fluctuates depending on the prize you redeem. So some may moan that you can't make a living with this opportunity because it's not consistent. Hey, you have a point there. But you already know what my mantra is. If you don't, let me state it again. Any little stream of income coming in is better than NONE at all. If you can't see the logic in that, you shouldn't be on this site. Feel free to leave. We'll wait…..
For the rest of you open minded folks, obviously you should still try to find a regular job offline or online. Or you should still be working to build your business or going to school to get a skill. But in the mean time, it never hurts to bring in a little money from multiple streams of income. In this economy every little cent matters. Even if it wasn't in the dumps, if you've been online for months and haven't made a dime searching for work at home jobs, don't you owe it to yourself to get something for your efforts? You've probably spent countless hours using Google clicking on ads and didn't make a dime, you may have even lost a few because of it. Why not get on the winning side of that effort?
That's just my two cents, literally.
Well that pretty much sums up my SwagBucks.com complaints. Sure most of the stuff was minor. But I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't point it out. By the way, I may be missing some other cons. But the ones I've listed were the only ones that came to mind. Chances are someone is going to accuse of me of trying to pull a fast one over on them for failing to mention some others. ( You know who you are. lol ) So feel free to share your two cents if I missed any.

Swagbucks Tips, Hacks & Advice

Hopefully by now you're see the potential of this. If so I wanted to share a few tips that may help you make more money with swagbucks.com

1. Take advantage of the referral program.

I know I sound like a broken record & you may be tired of hearing me mention internet marketing, but yet again this another company with an affiliate program. The proof is in the pudding. 99.9% of companies have affiliate programs and that's not going to change. It's an industry that is recession proof if you know what you're doing. As I've said many times, it's not easy but that's more of a reason to succeed at it. Because most people won't and that's more money on the table for you to pick up if you're properly trained and have the right mindset. That being said, I think this program is a much easier “sell” for even newbies and aspiring affiliate marketers. Why? Well who doesn't use a search engine to find information online? Who wouldn't want to make a few bucks every month for something they're doing for free anyway? It's the same logic I argued for Clixsense which many of you have taken advantage of and made money with. Even if you just referred family and friends you could probably make some decent change with their activity and your own.

2. Use Swagbucks.com for ALL your online use.

For instance let's say you use yahoo for email. Just log into swagbucks.com, search for yahoo email. Then click on the search result for yahoo email that way. If you do you may earn some swagbucks. Repeat these steps every time you need to visit any site. It may improve your chances of winning swag bucks.

3. Get the right tools!

Swagbucks.com provides a toolbar that you can download which makes it a lot more convenient to use their site. Or if you're iffy about downloading a tool, you can just make swagbucks.com your homepage and every time you start your browser you'll be right there.

4. Offer to help others.

Since you can get paid to trade in old cell phones, video games and consoles, you may want to call some family members and offer to collect these old items from them. Or why not put flyers stating that you're looking for these items to be donated. You can also place ads on craigslist or
other free classifieds .
I think if you employ one or more of the suggestions above, you can make some consistent & serious money with SwagBucks.com


I am pretty sure you have some questions not already addressed here. So feel free to visit SwagBucks.com and click on the FAQ or how it works link at the bottom of the page. You'll learn everything you want to know there or can email the company directly there.

So Does SwagBucks Actually Work & Is It Legitimate?

So obviously I think Swagbucks.com is a great opportunity and highly recommended it. So no it's not a scam based on the numerous times I've been paid by them. Hopefully my review has helped you see the possibilities and you'll consider signing up with SwagBucks.com as well. With any luck you'll earn a lot of Swagbucks and I can piggy back off your efforts for sharing this cool opportunity with you. For that matter, feel free to sign up for Blingo.com as well if you really like the idea of getting paid to surf the web. At the end of the day, they're free opportunities. What do you have to lose? You've probably been surfing the web for years never making one cent, so wouldn't the possibility of making some money for something you already do make more “cents”?

With that said If this opportunity doesn't appeal to you at all, feel free to check out traditional work at home jobs here and here. Either way, you have options and that's what this site is about. You get to pick and choose what's best for you and not what I decide is best for me. Just take action either way because there are various ways to make money at home and you discovered a new one today.

In any event, let me know what you folks think about this opportunity below.

249 thoughts on “SwagBucks Review: Is SwagBucks A Scam or Legit?”

  1. The one major thing folks need to keep in mind when using something like swagbucks and thinking “hey, I’m just surfing the web and getting something for nothing” is that you’re really NOT.
    You’re being TRACKED.
    If you’re OK with that then OK.
    Personally I’m not really OK with that.
    So Y’all have fun with it.

    • You’re being tracked with damn near everything you do online or offline. If you want to avoid that you need to be off the grid and live in the forest. I’d rather be paid for that intrustion. But that’s me.

  2. Hi,

    I know this is an old thread but in case anyone was coming around thought I’d share my experience. I have been doing Swagbucks for 3 weeks now. It’s time consuming and it takes a bit of effort to build up your points. That being said I do it in my spare time while doing homework, or watching tv. In the three weeks I have been a member I have earned 90.43, of which I have already received $50.00 in the form of a Visa eGift Card. I have not problem with them. I won’t say its free money as your time is worth something, but I will say its easy money that can come in handy when you are in need. They have a large catalog of gift cards to choose from.

    Just wanted to share! have a great day

    • Thanks for sharing Elizabeth,

      Honestly I view things like this as FREE money because most of the activities you are being paid for are things you probably do unpaid anyway. Either way it’s a nice way to make some extra money. You should look into InstaGc as well. I tend to use it more than swaybacks nowadays.

  3. i used swagbucks.got 500 points bought a gift card,than it say have to wait 10 days, went to movie and came back and account cancelled.so i lose gift card as it goes to your account,not emailed. not going to use it again.

    • Sorry to hear that Charles. I’ve been with them for years and never had my account closed or had an issue redeeming any gift card. I wonder if you violated some rule intentionally or unintentionally which is usually when people’s accounts get cancelled on sites like this. So it’s hard to know unless we heard swagbucks side of the story because there are always two sides I’ve learned.

    • DO NOT USE SWAGBUCKS. IT’S A SCAM COMPANY. What they do is they get advertisers to pay them and promise the advertisers they will get seen and results. Then, they con you into thinking you will get gift cards if you watch those ads they are the middlemen for. They wait until you claim one or two gift cards, then they wait until you are near or ready to claim a $25 or $50 gift card….and then they deactivate your account, and send you an insulting and defamatory email accusing you of doing things that you have not done and have no means to do.

      The reason they do this is because they think they can get away with it and that most users will just move on after being scammed, so the scam continues. If you have not had this happen to you yet, then either you are on their list and they haven’t got around to you yet…or you haven’t earned enough for them to deactivate you yet for no valid reason other than to scam you.

      It doesn’t seem like a lot to rip you off for $25 like they did to me deactivating my account after a year with them (and yes, I was verified). But when they do this to a few hundred thousand of their users, guess what? That’s $250,000 they just stole from each of you that goes into their pocket, while the advertisers think that they paid you when they stole from you instead.

      So let that sink in a moment when you think the only reason swagbucks would deactivate someone is if they violated their TOS. There are millions of members who DO NOT violate their TOS at all – like me – I am 86 years old and I don’t even know HOW to do the things I have been accused of by some unknown person who is hiding behind the name of “Allison”. I read their blog thoroughly before signing up, but they make up reasons to deactivate you and insult you as they go hoping you will buy what they send so that they do not have to pay you.

      Swagbucks needs a class action lawsuit against them. Do not sign up with this horrible, cheating, deceitful company. You will regret it.

      Your friend,

    • Larry,

      I’m sorry to hear you had problems with Swaybacks. But I’ve never experienced this and have been with them for years. In fact I recently redeemed some paypal money from them with no issue at all. So what you experienced isn’t the norm. And I know when you’re on the crappy end of the stick people want to go on the web voice their frustration by making generalizations and claims. But if they were truly in the business of doing what happened to you regularly they wouldn’t have survived for as many years as they have and continue to thrive.

      That said when stuff like this happens it’s folks violating TOS willingly or un willingly. And in some cases you do have companies that engage in this shady behavior where they make their money and aren’t coughing up what they promise to their users. But those companies don’t last very long. And that’s not the case here. That said I don’t know the other side of the story and I know there are usually two. So I can’t say for sure what happened that led to your account being deactivated. Either way It sucks and it’s unfortunate. But it hasn’t been my experience and I’ve been with them for years and racked up thousands of swag bucks and have been able to cash them many times with no problems. So I can only speak of my years of experience with them. Thanks for sharing though. Don’t let this stop you from trying other companies.

  4. I just looked at Ayuage and can’t get past the sign up section. Do you know if we have to pay to earn money there?
    I am somewhat disappointed with SB because there are fewer and fewer things to do to earn. They are also taking longer.

  5. Hey Eddy…..just cashed out for the 5 buck Amazon card a few days ago on SB (450 SB)……no problem at all..arrived in a couple of days (email) and they did not ask for any verification. Have not really got into the meat of the site yet but points seem to come pretty easy compared to some others…not sure if I went thru your referral but just wanted to throw in my 2 cents…and yes those 2 cents do add up…have a good weekend and thanks for the education.Not making a million but I pay my internet bill watching TV and jumping around during commercials…

    • Today they raised the cost of the $5 Amazon card to 500 SB and took away the top two games after already removing the tournaments and adding games you have to pay to play on 3rd party sites. I’m not saying they are a scam as I have earned a decent amount of money from them and they always pay….and now are sending Amazon cards within a day or two as opposed to the several weeks it was taking. What I am saying is it is slowly but steadily becoming more difficult to earn there and the top reward that drew people there is no longer the bargain it once was. I’m still working there but it’s not my top priority anymore. I can earn way more on Ayuwage and now I will make SURE I get both pc and mobile points on Bing to make up for what I just lost on SB. I will be making sure I earn everything I can on Ayuwage first and SB second when it used to be the other way around.

      Oh, and I just now discovered that they have also taken away the ability to request more than two items per day. They had changed that to unlimited requests per day except for the discounted $5 Amazon card.

    • Hey Pam,

      Thanks for sharing the changes. I can’t say I’m surprised. It’s pretty much why I’ve pulled back from spending much time there or promoting them. I don’t think they’re a scam either but I haven’t been a huge fan of many of their changes over the last couple of years. The fact they’ve made it so difficult to earn just from searching stinks since that’s pretty much how they started. Granted they do provide so many more ways to make money with them though.

      I personally like InstaGc.com more nowadays. That said none of these companies help me earn the full time income that my Top Free Recommendation does. But either way, SB and Instagc are legit ways to make some extra bucks.

      Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have found that putting lines from songs in the search bar often results in search wins. Start with the first line and if that does not pay off, write in the second, third etc.

    • Swagbucks is a scam. They decide that you need to verify yourself after you earn enough swagbucks to order an actual reward. I ordered my postcard months ago to “verify” myself and still haven’t seen it. They claim you can verify by phone but once you type in your phone number it claims it is not recognized. They even wanted me to send in a scan of my drivers license do you believe that shht. They act like swagbuck is laid back place to search, survey, play games, and shop to earn but once they got to give you what your earned they put up a road block in front of you and your reward like you are somehow not worthy of it not so fast, like your a crook or a scammer trying to pull one over on them. I took mean for effin ever to earn those 500 swagbucks now I can’t even use them.

    • Hey,

      I get you’re mad and so as usual everyone wants to call a company a scam when they are. That said, I agree the verification hoops they make you go through is very annoying. It wasn’t always like that but it was probably a result of some idiots taking advantage of the system and screwing them over. So now they have these annoying safeguards in place.

      I have been able to verify with no issue. That said make sure you’re entering a real number like your home number or cell phone number. I think if you’re using something like google voice or some other throwaway service it won’t work. I don’t think I had do a scan of my license so that seems weird. I think I just had to do the phone verification. That said I would try using a different number and see if that works. I know for a fact they aren’t a scam and just cashed out last month as you can see from this screenshot.

      So don’t give up. I know this part of the process is a pain. But once you are verified, there shouldn’t be all this hoop jumping going in.

  7. Hey there! I read thru this article and i am hoping maybe you will do an update? Swagbucks has changed significantly since this article was written and i think you should revise this. SB’s has become a much better place to earn thru everything from searching to referrals. We now enjoy a 10% lifetime referral pay out for referrals on ALL earnings, not just search earnings. There are also many many more opportunities from surveys to shopping and all things in between. Videos, mobile apps, offers like the ones found on Peanut Labs and Trial Pay to name just a few. In August i earned 275.00 in Payapl orders, July 250.00…the site has taken on a life of its own. In any case… please do an update? i think you will be doing yourself a favor

    • I had a question about the featured offers. Like today there was one for making a Wen hair product purchase. Purchase the package for $39, you get 2,995 SB, but when I looked closer Wen will charge your account every month after that for another package, but SB says if you cancel you may not receive your SB. If I make the purchase and do not cancel the first order, but cancel the rest, will I still get my SB?

  8. I know this is relatively old post but I found it b/c it’s actually the first post that appears when I typed in “Is Swagbucks A Scam” into the Swagbucks search engine.

    My personal experiences with Swagbucks has frustrating and awful. My sister, on the other hand, has nothing but glowing things to say about them. So I DO think that the user experience varies. I wouldn’t be so quick to “pass the buck” onto the users when things go wrong. I absolutely understand that user error may account for SOME things such as not getting credited for completed offers or inadvertently violating the TOS and getting deactivated, but just a cursory search of the internet reveals an alarming number of people who all have the same story: They joined the site, they wracked up points, they went to redeem them and were then deactivated. The same thing, happening the same way, to a multitude of people, ALL of whom have pretty much the same accounting of events and the people aren’t connected to one another in any way or subtly pushing a competitor site? I’m sorry but even the look on the sunny side of the street optimist in me isn’t naive enough to find that a coincidence. (In fact, if you go to Swagbuck’s Facebook page right now they have a LTO on subscribing to an HGTV channel via your Youtube account that is SUPPOSED to pay out 50 Swagbucks. About half the people under the post are saying they did the offer and never received credit. I did the offer and did not receive credit, however to be fair my sister did the same offer and DID receive credit. Just by going through the comments it appears it’s crediting about half of the people who complete the offer. Could some of them have done something wrong and that’s why they aren’t being credited? Sure. Some, but not all. That’s just not very likely that with THAT many people with the SAME story, EVERYONE’S issue is a user error)

    I don’t think that Swagbucks is an out and out scam. They DO pay out and people have had positive experiences with them. I DO however think it’s a site that isn’t transparent about their practices and policies and has developed an unsettling practice of deactivating accounts to avoid paying out rewards.

    Based on my own experiences and research, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I use it but I keep my expectations at basement level and I won’t refer anyone to it. Having been burned myself and seeing how many other users have similar tales of woe, I simply don’t Swagbucks. I don’t think it’s a scam per se, I just don’t think it’s a trustworthy and honest company.

    • Hey Kendall,

      Thanks for sharing your experience and opinion. I agree with you user experience will vary with Swagbucks although I think lately more people have experienced some of the poor side of SB. Fortunately there are so many other legitimate ways to earn money online (most of which we cover here), you can always give the other companies a shot. Fortunately there not the only fish in the sea.

      I can only personal recommend it based on my experience. Every year I’m able to cash out my Swagbucks with no issues. My account has never been suspended so I’m just basing my feedback on that. That said there are definitely folks that have probably experienced what you said. It would be nice if these online companies were transparent and explained why they may boot certain people. But I think the argument would be by revealing that they may make it easier for other people to take advantage of ways they may track offenders that are purposely doing things wrong. And unfortunately that may lead to some collateral damage of innocent people. But when you join these sites you’re agreeing to the terms of conditions that most of us ignore. And those terms are always designed to protect the company. So it’s a calculated risk you’re taking with any online company you use including social networks like Facebook.

      It’s a gift and curse of these sites. Either way, thanks for chiming in and sharing your two cents! It’s greatly appreciated!

  9. I make 2 dollars a day on Swagbucks by mostly watching videos, you can earn $1.50 each day just watching videos, (I open a tab and minimize the page [ctrl -] to my fitting and do whatever I want while running the videos). You can also install the SBTV app and get 50cents a day by letting the vidoes autorun (US only). Other than that you could do much more thing but those will require concentration. Like tasks and Surveys.

  10. I have been using Swagbucks for almost 2 years and I will say you won’t get rich. I already pay for my internet so if I can make a few dollars why not . I have earned just over $800 dollars in amazon.ca gift cards and have purchased quite a bit of stuff from amazon as a result of Swagbucks . Like I say you won’t get rich but it does allow me to indulge on some pretty great items for myself and family and not feel guilty spending money that could go elsewhere. Thank you for your review 🙂

  11. Hi thanks for the review. I do have to say that there is indeed a downside. Recently, as of late last month, I had cashed out for a $25 paypal card and had 732 swb in account, only to discover that my account had been deactivated. So not only do I lose the $25 paypal I also lose the 732 swb, and the kicker is the email I had used for paypal on swagbucks, they won’t release it. I have had that email since 1995. They said searching irregularities, yet when I questioned further, didn’t go anywhere. Therefore, I Say READ the Terms and Policy Carefully. Yes its changed since I joined, which was this mid-past dec 2012.. also do more research on it, for there many offers that did not credit and you get screwed. I have to say I am liking irazoo.com which is a bit more private and not open to general public just ask them on their facebook page for more info. They are almost the same as swagbucks, just like zoombucks…what I like about zoombucks, is if I get dq out of a survey I do get some points.

  12. Swagbucks may be was good but not anymore. Surveys hardly ever credits and they just wash their hands of and asking us, users to deal with survey companies. Well you are the one brought those surveys and you should be dealing wit this. Because we don’t have any pressure to ask survey companies to correct this BS and credit us they don’t care. All they say is “we dont have records that you have completed the survey” I’m sending screen shot which they ask us to provide so that they will convince that we completed the survey. Even with the proofs(screen shots) they don’t credit. And this has been happening quite alot lately. Needless to say many of us left Swagbucks and now doing surveys for another site “clixsense” Until they screw up I will do survey for them then I guess it will be over or some other decent survey companies will show up(hopefully). What i can say from my experience is that Swagbucks is scam! So be aware!

  13. Because of my disability I use a few different software programs to help me use my laptop and navigate the internet. As soon as I earned points and requested the giftcard I wanted, Swagbucks accused me of cheating because of my software. I told them what it was and why I needed to use it. They didn’t reply to my email. The closed my account and refused to send the giftcard I earned.

    Swagbucks is a SCAM. Don’t waste your time with them. As soon as you earn a decent prize, they’ll kick you off.

    And more importantly, they discriminate against people with disabilities.

    • Kissa, I’m sorry to hear about this issue. That being said Swagbucks isn’t a scam and thousands of us use it regularly and have been paid numerous times. However they have definitely failed you in this situation. Ideally it would have been great if you had contacted them before starting to see if the software might be against their terms and conditions. But I’m sure it’s not something you would have even thought of. But they probably have something in their terms in conditions you didn’t read. Most of us don’t read those documents and then things like this happen and folks start calling a company a scam out of anger and frustration.

      At the end of the day I understand your feelings. I wish companies would have more of an open dialogue in situations like this. But they make the rules and when you sign up and agree to the terms and conditions, you’re pretty much at their whim for better or worst.

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Fortunately it’s not really the norm with this company but I know that doesn’t make you feel any better.

    • Eddy is right, Swagbucks is NOT a scam. I am disabled and have been a member for years now. I have earned tons of gift cards of my choice and have redeemed them with no problems. I did a great deal of last years Christmas shopping off of gift cards I had earned on Swagbucks. I also earned more off that, since I used their Shop & Earn while I was buying those presents with those gift cards, making my money earn me more money. If you have an issue, the Swagbucks help center or support is always very helpful. I am not saying you will always get what you want, but they usually are more than accommodating. I have had issues with partner offers before and soon as I contacted support, it usually was resolved within a day or so. Personally, I highly recommend Swagbucks for making a little money on the side. I hope you will give them another chance and as Eddy said, check to make sure your software is not against their rules first.

    • Eddy, people are very entitled to be angry and frustrated when companies fail miserably to do a simple job with customer service! They take people, especially naive people for granted!!! I am a member and I must say the company is completely pretty much full of scam activities! Surveys are terrible. They dont give the points as promised and what they really want you to do is to BUY from other companies. Yes , I made some little money here and thee….but for all the work and hours, it is not even a fair deal. So we are entitle to complain. These companies make plenty of money and they should reward us better and treat us with dignity and respect, especially when we complain because they fail to do a simple job! ! Simple as that!
      And yes many companies online, surveys and others are big time scams! Even when they pay little money…especially when you have to wait 2 or 3 weeks to get that money! Geez!

    • JR,

      I don’t know where you got the impression that I don’t think people are entitled to voice their frustration. That’s not the case at all which is why I have a blog and encourage comments like yours.

      But I’ve been in this business long enough to know that people throw around the word scam too loosely for situations folks make not like.

      Like every company Swagbucks definitely has room for improvement. But they don’t owe us anythin