Update: Bu-Bye! Beezag.com Shutting Down!

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The internet giveth and the internet taketh away. Sadly today it's the latter. For a year or so, many of us have been fortunate to be making some money watching videos at Beezag. But according to the following email:

Beezag Closed Email

You have until Nov 1, 2012 to cash out your points. Fortunately they're letting you cash out at a lower rate of 2000 points or $2. So if you haven't done so, you should do it now.

Much Respect…

I respect Beezag for giving it's users a heads up. That's the way changes should be handled when it comes to online make money opportunities. This is a stark contrast to how SuperPoints handled things a few month ago. They just flipped the script on us without giving us fair notice. So most of us didn't get the chance to cash out our points before they changed the rewards and membership options which are now more difficult. Yeah that may have been a cheap blow, but it was relevant to the article. LOL

Silver Lining…

Allegedly the folks at Beezag have some other projects up their sleeves that they will reveal to us in the future. When, is anyone's guess. Hopefully it will be another form of getting paid to watch videos.

Alternatives To Beezag.com

The great thing about the internet is that making money is like dating. There are always plenty of fish in the sea if you end up being dumped or rejected. Fortunately our trusted BBB Accredited buddies at Fusion Cash offer a get paid to watch video option as well. Like Beezag don't expect to earn a full time living with their videos. It's really not much. But when you consider all the TV you watch unpaid & the other videos you watch online like youtube, porn, etc. (LOL) earning anything is better than what you're making now is nothing. And it involves the same amount of time you probably spend on that stuff anyway. So with that in mind, check out the following video:

This text will be replaced

It's not much but it's something. Keep in mind you also get a $5 sign up bonus and they actually have many other ways to earn on their site besides the video opportunity that you can take advantage of.

How To Sign Up!

So if you want to give it a shot you can sign up for it by clicking here. You'll be sent an email with a link to click to confirm you want to be a member. Then you can login and start earning.

Other Great Options!

In addition to Fusion Cash, You can also get paid to watch videos at JingIt.com, InboxDollars.com & SwagBucks.com. Both are proven and legitimate companies that are listed with the BBB in good standing.

Feel Better?

Hopefully these other options make you feel a bit better about losing Beezag. I'll get into more details about some of the alternatives in the near future. But for now you can start with Fusion Cash. Either way, I really do hope that Beezag does come back.

What Do You Think?

Are you sad about Beezag shutting down? Do you think they'll be back with something similar or better? Let me know your thoughts either way.

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