VIP Voice Surveys Review: Is It Legit Or Not?

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VIP Voice Surveys ReviewUnfortunately opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has them. But let's face it, not everyone wants to hear your “two cents”. Fortunately there are many companies that do and would gladly pay you for it. So today in this VIP Voice Surveys Review we'll discuss if this particular company is worth your time because as we know not many paid online surveys are worth even exploring.

Who is VIP Voice?

VIP Voice was once known as The NPD Group. Apparently they rebranded recently. The original company has been around since 1967 doing market research way before the web existed. Ultimately they're a company that does market research and pays users like us to share our feedback about various topics. At the time of this review VIP Voice / The NPD Group has a positive A rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) if that means a lot to you. It doesn't to me and you should read why here.

How Does VIP Voice Work?

You sign up for FREE by clicking here and then confirm your email. You then login and fill in some demographic information about yourself which will help determine what surveys you will receive. The more information you provide usually results in more surveys but that's assuming you're in a demographic the companies care about. Later you'll be invited to take a survey online via email (assuming you fit a certain demographic profile). Depending on the length of the survey you are rewarded a certain number of VIP Voice Points or rewards.

How Do You Earn VIP Voice Points or Rewards?

So like most paid online survey companies you are paid by their own monetary system. VIP Voice works differently in that the points you earn can be used on entering sweepstakes or bidding on prizes. But you can't convert the points to money. You can read all about that here. Sigh… You could probably stop reading this VIP Voice review right about now and I wouldn't be mad at you!

Did you know that unlike VIP Voice you make actual cash taking surveys at sites like You can also make money doing what you already do online like reading emails, watching videos, visiting websites and more at, and But if you're looking for an opportunity to earn a living working part time or full time online, then check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

VIP Voice Survey Complaints

Like any company VIP Voice has it's weaknesses so we night as well get them out of the way. As always because a company has complaints or cons doesn't mean they're a flat out scam. It just means there are things you should be aware of since you may not want to deal with them. Speaking of which, let us explore my first major gripe.

  • Show Me The Money!

Look here, there are plenty of other great survey panels that get it right and will pay you for every survey you take. But VIP Voice must be smoking something if they think that giving users points that they can enter and HOPE will win them a sweepstakes or prize is appealing. It's not! There are too many other great options that value our time more and will pay us!

  • Stop Being Elusive, It's not Cute!

I've read that VIP Voice doesn't even tell you how many points you'll earn in their survey email invitations. Most companies will send an email that will detail how much you will earn and how long the survey will take so you can quickly determine if it's worth the effort or not. But given their reward system, I guess it really doesn't matter knowing how much you'll make anyway because it's not like you can cash it out later. Sigh..

  • Where's the international love?

Unfortunately for my brothers and sisters that live abroad VIP Voice currently only supports the U.S. & Canada. Don't take it personal though. It's usually just business reasons why these extra money opportunities don't operate in other countries. But you can check out my International Work From Home page for options that may work for you. See? Eddy loves you.

VIP Voice Alternatives

The great thing about the internet and making money online is it's like dating. There are plenty more hot prospects to choose from that are actually worth your time. You deserve more boo. So with that said here are some other great survey companies that may be worth your time and effort that will pay you real cash or points that can be used for cash!

If all that's going on at VIP Voice isn't something you would be keen on, don't worry. With sites like,, and you're sure you'll be working for actual money. But hey, that's just me!

So Is VIP Voice Legit

Everyone seems to have a different definition about what's considered a scam or not when it comes to making money online. I tend to be more simple simon about my definition. So with that in mind, yes you can earn rewards with VIP Voice. So technically no VIP Voice isn't a scam. Now would I personally recommend wasting… I mean spending your time with VIP Voice Surveys? Hell to the nah when you consider the alternatives I listed above.

For those of you that think paid surveys are a waste of energy regardless if they pay real money or not, I can appreciate your feelings. There are many of you that are looking for consistency of income and making “REAL” money online. For those folks, I would highly recommend checking out My #1 Free Way To Work From Home! Although I still dabble in surveys because I strongly believe in multiple streams of little income, My Top Free Recommendation is where I spend most of my energy because that makes me thousands of dollars per month. In time I know it can do the same for you. So check it out if you're looking for something more substantial like your boy makes.

In any event, I hope you found this VIP Voice Survey review helpful. Clearly there are some people that see the merit in this program and if that's you then feel free to join by clicking here. Well you've heard my feelings on this company, what are you thoughts? Please share them below in the comment section. I always love hearing from you so don't leave a brother longing and waiting to hear from you. LOL

Thanks for reading today!

Eddy “with a y”

(Yes, I'm that particular about my name. Don't judge me. LOL)

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