Is Wazzub A Scam?

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Is a scam?

Wazzup guys? Or in the case of this review, WAZZUB? Sorry I couldn't help myself. So here we go again with a new company that is trying to be the next Google. So far no one seems to be winning that battle. But bless Wazzub for giving it the old college try. Let's dig in and see if there is anything to it.

What exactly is WAZZUB?

The goal of WAZZUB is to become the perfect home page with a powerful search engine, personalized news section, the best deals on the Internet and entertainment features like videos and skill games and so forth. Isn't this the model that Yahoo and AOL have and last I check it wasn't doing all that well? Well what makes WAZZUB unique is they share a percentage of the profits they earn from I'm assuming are the ads that will be on their portal and search engine. Our buddies at actually do something like this already.

In any event, it is free to sign up with WAZZUB. And you are not selling anything to others, no ebooks, no newsletters etc. So that part is good, as you won't lose any money if it does not work.

Do we know anything about who is behind this?

Over at there is a thread on this and in that thread the admin team at WAZZUB answered questions directly. So here is their answer,

"Who is the owner of your company?

WAZZUB is owned by several investors. Right now they are building the team of directors and managers that will run our project after launch. There will be a page with all the important members of our team after the team is completed. Our Marketing Director Gee DaCosta is not one of the initiators; he is the team member that is most important now – during pre-launch…. But we needed the skills of an experienced online marketer and Gee is the perfect match – and WAZZUB is the perfect business for Gee. He is very happy that he has found his ‘final' business and we know that WAZZUB will change the life of many, many others who are still on the search for the perfect internet opportunity."

How much money can you make with WAZZUB?

Assuming they actually make money, they claim 50% of their profits goes to the shareholders and 50% goes to the members who sign-up pre launch. After launch if you sign up the plan is to earn points to buy stuff?

How will you get paid?

Amazing what the power of spin can do. On their training videos they spend several minutes and power point slides on this and it boils down to this: They don't quite know yet. Honest to God. They sneak in words like ‘plan,' ‘hope' or ‘in the works' for Pay Pal, checks in the mail and direct deposit. But here they are getting ready for their big beta launch in April and they can't tell you for sure how they will pay you. Need I say more? They do know that May 15th is the first pay day for what that is worth.

Do you know where the money will come from?

Their line is they earn the same way Google does, from the ads placed on the search engine and some other additional ideas of their own, that fall into that same pipe dream yet to be shared world as their payment plans. More word play here, they say they use the ‘same technology as Google' which means they'll basically be using Google publishers options such as adsense or google custom search.

I guess I have made it pretty obvious that I have serious reservations about this company, but let me spell out the major concerns here in my Cons for you nonetheless.


1. When you're making a claim that you're going to be like Google or bigger it would be nice to know who the actual owners of the company is and all these so called investors.

2. It's very suspect that their domain name expire the day of the launch (which may have changed by the time this review came out.).

3. 50% of nothing is nothing. No matter what they say, in order to give their members 50% of their profits they have to have profits. We just don't know. That 50% will be divided up among these millions of people worldwide who are jumping on the bandwagon. The more people in the mix, the less you share.

4. You can say, well it won't cost you anything to try it out, and $$wise that may be true, but what about the respect and trust of the people you get to sign up under you? If this thing turns out to be much to do about nothing, now you're basically caught with your pants down. And that's pretty embarrassing! People won't trust you when you recommend other programs that may actually be legitimate. And we all know how hard it is to get referral as it is without having your reputation tarnished.

5. What's up with the bootleg blog? At the time of this review they're using a free blogger account from google. Look, that's cool when you're first starting out or when you're doing a personal blog. It's like training wheels for begginners. But any ‘REAL' company that is truly serious about their business and image would have their own hosted blog running on something like wordpress. If you aren't willing to invest in something as small as that, then where else are you cutting corners?

There is also additional great information at

So the bottom line, is WAZZUB legitimate?

I don't know if it's an outright scam yet. But it sure smells fishy from where I'm sitting. Are you risking a lot by joining this company? Well that all depends on what you value. Most people feel as long as they don't lose any money then it's not a scam.

But I know better than that. Scams don't always ask for money. Check out my Repackaging Shipping Work At Home scam article and all the comments listed there if you don't believe me. Sometimes scams are a ploy to get your personal information which can be misused for identity theft, unwanted online and offline solicitations. That's just as bad as losing money to me. Hey, but maybe you feel differently. Either way that's on you!

Furthermore when it comes to beta and pre-launch programs, I always take the wait and see approach. It's never led me astray. If something is as good as all the hype during the pre-launch, it should be around for many years to come like some of my favorite recommendations. So with that said I'm not going to be the guinea pig and I don't want to see my people subjected to that either.

Where I stand I would just let this one pass me by until it's proven itself in terms of a viable business model where people are actually getting paid and the owners are transparent. In any event, that's my take on this. There isn't enough substance there yet for me to bite or recommend that any of you do. I would love to hear from people who have considered this company or those who are current members. Feel free to fill in any additional details or correct me where I'm wrong.

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