Is (NFO aka My Survey) A Scam?

I’ve been making money online since the late 90’s and was one of my first ventures into working at home. Back then paid surveys online didn’t have the dirty reputation they have now. But like any good thing there are always a few in the bunch that mess it up for everyone else. There are several companies out there that charge you for a list of survey companies. However the truth is you can find any of the survey company list for free on various websites. But there isn’t a law against charging for information you can find on your own for free. If there was many newspapers, books and magazines would be out of business.

The problem is that these paid survey list companies are making ridiculous claims about how much money you can earn and how soon you can start once you purchase their list. Once you’ve actually purchased the list, you soon realize that it’s not as simple and easy as the company has made it seem. Because of this misrepresentation or exaggerations paid surveys have received negative attention. So keep that in mind before jumping to conclusions about paid surveys. This review will give you a realistic view of what to expect. And best of all this recommendation is totally free.

As I stated earlier I’ve been a member of since the late 90’s. It’s now 2007 and I’m still an active member. This should pretty much tell you everything you need to know. is not a scam. In fact it’s one of the few survey companies that are listed with the Better Business Bureau under their parent company NFO.

Can you earn money with Yes you can but like any paid survey opportunity, this is all based on if you fit  a given profile for a survey. Surveys are only initiated when a company is looking to do research about a given topic or group of people. So If you don’t fit this group or topic, you won’t get picked. In my experience tends to have a lot more surveys than other companies I’ve worked with. So you’ll definitely have more opportunities to earn some money with this program.


This review wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t tell you the bad about this company. And quite frankly the only thing I can see people being turned off about this company is that you get rewarded by points and not cash! But hold on, the points can be converted to cash. Because I wasn’t aware of this I didn’t jump on this opportunity right away. But then I read somewhere the points could be changed to cash so then I give it another try and sure enough they were right. So if you take a survey and they’re paying you 150 points, that is equal to $1.50. It’s not much but it adds up fast because they do send you a lot of surveys. The points can also be used to get prizes. I’ve gotten ipods, TVs and other gadgets using the points I’ve earned with There is no greater joy when someone comes over and asks how much did you pay for that tv and you can say “It cost me nothing!” lol

Besides taking the surveys, another great way to really make some consistent money with My Survey is to refer others. You get 150 points for each referral. Trust me it’s very easy to refer people to this program because it is actually listed with the BBB and it’s legitimate way to make some cash on the side. Like any paid survey program, don’t expect that you’re going to make tons of money just taking surveys. The only way that can happen is you’re doing surveys for many companies at once and/or are referring others. The only time I’ve earned over $50 to do a survey was doing focus groups, which I can easily average several hundred dollars per month!

So the final word is that is for real and is totally legitimate!



MySurvey has made some great updates that makes it much easier and faster to redeem your points for cash and many other great things. Read about my Update by clicking here.

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