MySurvey Review: A Has Been Scam or Legitimate?

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MySurvey ReviewNowadays, the internet has given everyone a platform to share their damn opinions about everything. That could be a good and a bad thing, depending on where you sit. Personally, I find it annoying and I've been quick to block any nonsense I find offending. But apparently sites like actually wants to hear whatever your opinions happen to be and will pay you for it. Obviously, if you're here you're aware of this and may have even read some MySurvey Reviews online. If you're still unsure if this company is worth your two cents, well, we have everything you might want to know about the company, including the dirt they sweep under the rug. So, here goes!

What is MySurvey? is a survey websites that pays users to complete product opinion surveys. MySurvey was started by the National Family Opinion (NFO) organization in 2001 with the aim of digitizing product opinion research. NFO is one of the oldest opinion research companies in the United States. In fact, NFO used to conduct surveys via postal mail and telephone. It was not until 2010 that MySurvey was sold to Lightspeed Research, owned by WPP, a world renowned consumer services company. Lightspeed Research is currently headed by Principals Ms. Catherine Laraway and Ms. Erin Newton, headquartered in Warren, New Jersey.

How Does MySurvey Work?

Once you create an account, you can start filling out surveys. Some surveys require physical product testing, of which bears higher rewards. The test products will be delivered to your doorstep. Once you accumulate a certain amount of points you can redeem them for gift cards or cash.

How Do I Join MySurvey?

MySurvey is free to join; all they require from you is a working email address, a mailing address and answers to a series of profile questions, including age, household information and income. Note that MySurvey operates in select countries, mostly in North America, Europe and Oceania regions.

How Much Money Can I Make With MySurvey?

A survey, depending on the length can pay anywhere between $0.5 and $1.25. A dollar is worth 100 points, and you will need a minimum of 1000 points ($10) to redeem. How much you make depends on how many surveys are available, how many you qualify for and how many of them you can complete before they expire.

You can also earn through their referral program, where you get 150 points per referral, and you can have as many referrals as possible.

Did you know there are more ways to earn than just taking surveys at sites like and And if you're looking to earn a full time or part time income, you may want to check out & My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

How Does MySurvey Pay You?

You can redeem your points for cash through PayPal, Amazon gift cards and various other gift card options that may be available when you redeem. It takes 4 to 8 weeks for your payout to arrive depending on which option you chose.

How Does MySurvey Compare With Other Survey Websites?

Compared to other survey websites out there, MySurvey is way down there, for the following reasons.

  • Most survey websites like will not bombard you with annoying marketing emails, just legitimate surveys that you qualify for.
  • Other purely survey websites like Viewpoint Forum do have a reputation for faster points accumulation, and you can earn with others like Nicequest or QuickThoughts on the go through their mobile app.
  • You would be better off signing up for survey websites that offer more ways to earn than just surveys; like, and
  • For those of you who value the BBB rating of a website, you might want to consider going for websites that have an A+ rating, like

What We Like About MySurvey

Multiple Payout Options

You can redeem your hard earned points via PayPal or gift cards, of which is convenient if you ask me.

Free to join

You don't have to pay a dime to earn with MySurvey, as long as you qualify for membership.

MySurvey Complaints

MySurvey used to be one of my favorite survey websites, until they crapped all over it by selling it off to Lightspeed Research back in 2010. Lightspeed made a hell of a mess with MySurvey, and now this is what you can expect when you join.

Too many emailed survey invitations

If they put as much effort in paying people as they do dishing out hundreds of emailed surveys, I would be all for it. Wanna bet how many of these emails you will qualify for? I don't want to take your money. All in all, be ready for endless emails. You may be thinking, why not just unsubscribe from their mailing list? Well, that would mean shutting down your MySurvey account entirely, sorry.

You better be active and I'm not talking about working out!

Imagine waking up to find out that the endless surveys you answered meant nada, just because you did not login to your account for a while. No warning? Not even the slightest of wake up calls? Well, it all happens at MySurvey. They will quietly, close your account if you haven't been actively logging in.

Customer service doesn't exist…

If you have an issue with your account, don't call that number down at the contact us tab. My personal experience with them was that after they quietly shut down my account for inactivity, I literally had to hunt the customer service down. Thank heavens for social media.

Unknown BBB Rating

Their BBB status remains unknown. In fact, the only thing we could find with regard to them is a listing of Lightspeed Research, which is yet to be graded.

You're no longer invited.

As we mentioned earlier, there is a minimum of $10 that needs to be earned cash out. But apparently it gets harder to get surveys as you approach the $10 payout minimum. Is it coincidence, probably not. All of sudden you're no longer getting tons of survey invites which obviously makes it nearly impossible to cash out.

You will have to wait for nearly two months to receive your $10.

A lot can happen in 4-8 weeks, but one thing that will definitely not happen is receiving a payment from MySurvey. You might even have to wait for longer if you opted for merchandise.

You will rarely qualify for a damn survey

The most annoying thing about this is that it can take up to five minutes to know whether you qualify for that precious survey that you got ”invited to”. We know five minutes is a decade in internet time. I can't even wait for a page to load for more than five seconds, what makes them think I have five minutes?

So Is MySurvey A Scam or Not?

MySurvey has gone downhill and I would be hard pressed to recommend them. After they sold their soul to the devil, they hit rock bottom and kept on digging. It takes virtually forever to accumulate points for payout. As I mentioned before, it used to be one of the best survey websites around, until the damn takeover in 2010.

Don't sign up for this website if you don't plan on using it regularly. They will quietly shut down your account, no matter how many points you had raked up. Whereas other websites will send you a dominant account reminder through the mail. I would simply not recommend MySurvey for now. It just ain't worth the effort.

Some companies actually value their reputation and will not rip you off your points while you sleep. All in all, if you are serious about making residual income online, check out, and You can also check out My Top Work At Home Recommendation.

Well, that's as far as my opinion about MySurvey goes. I would love to hear yours in the comments section below!

Until next time,

Eddy with a y

206 thoughts on “MySurvey Review: A Has Been Scam or Legitimate?”

  1. This is absolutely correct, on all counts. It used to be better. I don’t even mind the slower payouts, but since the only way they list to contact them is to set up a request, and since they rarely, if ever respond, you’re up a creek. I did finally get a response when 600 points never showed up from a diary; they simply said apparently my responses hadn’t been recorded, and since I hadn’t given the survey number (there wasn’t one; it was only titled “MyPersonalRoutine”) they couldn’t do a thing about it.

  2. As a read through your review, I kept telling myself that I tried surveys before and none actually worked! I am glad I finally came to learn about Wealthy Affiliate where I can make my living at the comfort of my space. Thank you for your enlightening review, I know it will help a newbie somewhere.

  3. Eddy, your review was very helpful to me as someone who has never taken an online paid survey, but is interested in them. After reading your review of mysurvey, I can say I definitely won’t be taking that company into consideration. If I ever do decide to start taking some paid surveys I will definitely come back to your site and try out some of the sites you have recommended.

  4. Hi Eddy
    Are you telling me that MySurvey will close down your account if you are NOT active even if you have some money that you already had earned? That is unfair. I actually find it sort of a ‘bullying.’

    What really amazes me, is the fact that folks are still signing up to guys like MySurvey.

    You are doing an awesome job, of keeping us up to date of what is good and what is not in terms of online business deals.

    Thanks so much for saving me heaps of time from signing up with these crooks.

  5. A really informative read Eddy! You’ve saved me hours of research on MySurvey as a viable source of passive income for a home based business. Very easy to read and gets right to the point. I’m curious though, How does Swag Bucks and FusionCash compare to MySurvey? I’d love to know your thoughts.

    • You’re welcome. As I mentioned in my review SB and FC are great options that aren’t limited to just surveys.

  6. Thanks for your honest review. I have always heard about being “paid” to take surveys online but for some reason that never really grabbed my full attention. Your review reaffirmed the feeling I had that it just isn’t worth it. I also appreciate you pointing out that there are companies who have positive BBB ratings. How important are the BBB ratings for you when you make a recommendation on a program?

    • You’re welcome. I take BBB ratings with a grain of salt. The BBB is a for profit organization that makes money by selling memberships which isn’t a bad thing per se. But I have heard stories where businesses were treated unfairly if they refused to “pay to play”. So for me the BBB is one of many factors I check to determine the legitimacy of a company. But that’s me.

  7. Eddy with a “y”… you were way too nice with his post. I will go ahead and say that paid online surveys are definitely scams. The amount of time and effort you put into it only to reap such a small pay-out(if any), is just not lucrative enough for anyone to engage in them for very long. Great Article Ed. Keep exposing these scams!

    • That’s a matter of opinion Dan. The word scam is thrown around too easily online when we don’t like aspects about a company. I agree that most surveys aren’t worth  the time you put in them. But it all depends on your needs and the company. That said MySurvey definitely feels more like a scam of late because of some of the issues I laid out above.

  8. Hey Eddy, thanks for this unbiased review on Mysurvey – I agree with what you say exactly, it really did used to be one the best survey website income generators out there, but now you have to literally be on there 24/7 to even make it worth the time, and i have enough projects to work on as it is.

    Like you say its not a scam, it is legitimate but I wouldn’t recommend it and really for the effort there’s just no point. Thanks for helping people to making a common sense decision.

    Take care!

    • Hey Marley, thanks for chiming in and agreeing. It’s a shame because Mysurvey was a great site at one point. But it’s definitely garbage now and they don’t seem to care about this image.  

  9. I had joined this years ago. As I recall, I did not make a damn thing haha, like you said once you get towards cashing out, they make it harder to get surveys or ones you qualify for. Wasted a lot of time on surveys I did not even qualify for. I cannot believe that their BBB rating is unknown. I think that speaks volumes in regards to shadiness haha. Also way too many emails.

  10. Hello Eddy!
    As always I enjoyed reading your posts. I tried the survey route for awhile years ago and never really got anywhere with it. Too time consuming for little payback. Your information was great and I like the look of your site!
    Keep on giving us those great tips!

    • I hear ya Cristy. I definitely don’t think surveys are the best use of my time. But for some people they can be useful provided the company isn’t trying to shade you like MySurvey has been guilty of lately. Thanks for the kind words.

  11. I have tried mysurvey before and find it to be now what is represented. I am sure that maybe they do give out rewards, etc. BUT, I have put in hours and what I find is that 95% of the “work” I completed, whether it be a survey, or what not, I would get partly, sometimes all the way done, only to be told I did not “qualify” to complete it. I spent hours trying and did not make one dime, or get one reward.

    • Yeah it’s definitely gone downhill over the years. It sounds like you’ve experienced it as well.  

  12. I recently completed 2 purchase diaries. When I completed the first one, there was no way to submit it & I e-mailed them to ask what to do. Several weeks later I received a reply saying the survey had closed. When I completed the second one, there was a place to click & submit. I did so, but the survey keeps popping up & I never received credit. FOUR emails to the company later, there is still no response. I’m not wasting any more time doing these diaries & suggest that others who have problems do the same. has changed over the years & is now pretty bad. I frequently spend precious time answering personal question, only to find out that I’m not eligible for a particular survey.

    • Hey Elke,

      Can you share your actual experience and why you think their dishonest? Too often people run around the web calling companies scam and dishonest because they don’t agree with a policy.
      So I just want to understand your standpoint better. That said I don’t know any survey company where you’re going to make that type of money per day consistently just taking surveys. So if they are actually making that complain, that’s definitely misleading.

  13. I would not recommend this site to anyone.

    I used to belong. Then, some serious things needed my attention and then I got ill.

    After about 8 weeks, I was “inactive”. I cannot tell you how many times I tried to email them.

    I even tried to sign up again later. It says my email is in their system, send for the forgotten password. I send for it and they say that no one at that email (or the other one I tried) is a member.

    I don’t get it. I don’t trust them, and would not suggest anyone give it a go.

    Sounds like this stuff has been going on for a very long time. If I had known, would not have ever started up with them.

    Bah Humbug as far as MySurvey is concerned….for me anyway.

    • Hey Phyllis,

      Try contacting them via social media. I ran into a similar issue and eventually they did respond and reinstate my points. But it was a process to say the least. They’ve definitely changed from many moons ago before they were absorbed by some other company. You can still make money with them but It’s definitely like back in the day. Thanks for chiming in.

  14. I’ve been with for several years. Today I went to login and it said my account is inactive and there are 11,000 points in my account!

    Update! – Problem resolved. I talked to a very nice person at the company (thanks to Eddy who provided me with their details) who fixed the problem for me.

    • Hi Eddy,

      Thanks for the info. I talked to them and was told that for some reason emails to me were being ‘bounced back’ (never happened before) and for that reason, my account was deactivated. Now, everything seems to be working again.


    • hi.. eddy.., i have been using mysurvey recently , made few points and i credited the points as cash($5) to my paypal account. soon after i redeemed it , i got an email from (perksplus) saying that
      “Dear ananth,You just placed an order on the PerksPlus Rewards Zone. Your order is now complete!
      Thank you for your participation in the PerksPlus Consumer Panel.
      Your Order Number is W122814C79B1”

      a day after i got this email.., my mysurvey account was found to be inactive and i couldn’t login. lucky to say that i never had much points in my account but i need to know that.. even though they made my account inactive.. will i still get my $5 credited to my paypal account? , since i already got an email saying that my order is complete. if i’ll get the money.., how long will it take to get credited to my paypal account?

      please help!!.. hopping for a response from you EDDY.

    • Hey ananth,

      That’s a question for Mysurvey. I’m assuming if you got a confirmation then you should be good. But I don’t know for sure. The best thing to do is contact the source which is MySurvey. I don’t work for their company so I don’t know all their ins and outs. They can give you more insight on when you’ll get the payment to your paypal as well. I think it took 2-3 weeks last time I cashed out. But I could be wrong. Good luck.

  15. I’ve been with for 3 months and just traded my 2200 points for a cvs gift card. YAY I guess this really works, but it takes awhile.

  16. I registered with mysurvey and completed a few surveys over a week or so, and had around 800 points in my account. As with Caleb below they then deactivated my account and cancelled it and invalidated my points out of the blue. I checked with them about this and they said their fraud detection systems had detected something wrong with my account and told me it was closed and I had a life ban! How ridiculous. I can’t think of anything I could have done to cause that – They also wouldn’t tell me what their problem actually was so I could resolve it. So I wasted my time filling in those surveys and got nothing. Seems to me these guys are scam artists. Don’t waste your time.

    • Sorry to hear about this Dave.
      It’s unfortunate. They use to be a really great company before they merged with some other survey company. Now it’s hit or miss with them.

  17. iwas using mysurvey fro about a couple days then today when i had 650 points i tried to log in but when i did they said my account was inactivated do you know what they mean and can you please help me.

  18. What is going on with! I got an email last week that says I’m not getting any rewards because I haven’t downloaded a program. My rewards are up to date and I’ve never changed anything on the cpu I’ve had since Feb 2012, I never miss a survey they send. So I tried to do the download and see it gives then access to Chrome with no opting out of their ability to totally spy on my computer use. I CANNOT FIND A PHONE NUMBER FOR THEM and am really disgusted with this whole thing, ready to cash out and quit them.

  19. I was a. panelist for years with and one day they locked my account so I called them to find out what the problem was and they said they would get back with me. Well this was a year and 7 months ago and I still have NOT heard from them.

  20. I used Mysurvey for a while. I ended up cashing in all of my points for cash. That was pretty cool. Now when I try to log in, they say my email address is invalid. Not sure why they are doing this, but it is pretty lame.  

  21. I have been a member of Mysurvey for a few years and really liked it also until the following happened.   I have never spent any of my reward points until recently.   I’d been checking the rewards page for something that I truly wanted.   Then there it was . . an “E-Reader”.   I was very excited about the product and I spent over 12,000 points to order it.   Seemed like forever before it finally arrived.   I opened the box and was pleased with the product until I got to the manual.   Right on the front was printed “Digital Photo Album”.   I had received a digital photo album not an e-reader as the reward was called on the Mysurvey website. I was sooooo angry and upset I wasn’t quite sure what to do.   I would have NEVER spent 12,000 points if I had know what it truly was.   I read the manual and this product does have .txt reading capabilities but, nothing else.   It can’t read pdfs, epubs nor any other ebook formats.   To make a long story short I was told by a Customer Care Rep that I cannot return it since it wasn’t damaged or defective.   SO, I’m stuck with a digital photo album.   I’m out 12,000 points (and you know how long it takes to acquire that many points) and don’t have an e-reader.   So, needless to say I do not have anything good to say about Mysurvey and I have cancelled my membership.  

    •  Well, it looks like I should have waited another day before posting my comment. I received an email from Mysurvey requesting that I contact an individual by phone to discuss the problem I was having.   I have to take back my comment and let you know that they came through with a solution.   I wasn’t the only individual that had problems receiving a “Digital Photo Album” instead of an “E-Reader”.   Even though the vendor of the product wouldn’t cooperate and take the item back my account was credited the points that I used.   And I get to keep the reward to do with as I please.   Oh, and the product in question is no longer available for redemption.

    • Wow, That’s great. See that’s what companies should do when they drop the ball. Communicate with your users and make it right instead of ignoring our emails or giving us canned responses. Thanks for the update! I’m happy for you.

  22. i believe that of the number of sites that make promises of paying online after survey, this one is real and honest. i have registered in a dozen online survey sites, but with the impression i got here, i have come to realise that this site is for real.

  23. I’ve been a member of Mysurvey for a few years and really like it until recently. True enough the points do add up that quickly but never has had a problem with redeeming points to money into my PayPal account. Over the past few weeks though I have got to say that I’m not really happy with this site anymore…guess Lightspeed has really downgraded not only customer service but the site itself. I’m getting tired of “the survey was paused” when I didn’t access the survey. Also hey used to award 5 points even if you didn’t qualify for a survey, now you’re lucky is you get a sweepstakes entry which I could care less about. But the most bothersome thing, and people need to be aware of now is how many personal questions they ask before deciding if you qualify for a survey. One thing to ask age, sex and where you live…another to ask about income and other things. Tonight I took a survey about business which wanted to know what accounts and where my business accounts were and how much I make in my business. Another I took tonight I spent 10 minutes answering questions about cell phones, cell phones attributes, etc and guess what…didn’t qualify for any points. In my opinion this site is getting to be a waste of time that is taking advantage of members and not sure I will continue.

    • Agreed I think this merger with LightSpeed has really changed things for the worst. LightSpeed never had the best of reputations in the first place. I hoped that the merger would be a situation where MySurvey would have rubbed off on LightSpeed.

      But it’s been the other way around. I’m really hoping it gets better. But I don’t know. Thanks for sharing your experience and insightful comment.

  24. You can try it yourself and see if your experience is any better. At the end of the day surveys aren’t a consistent way to make money. So it’s not like you could depend on Mysurvey for consistent income. It’s just a one off way to make money.

    Right now my favorites are ICS and

    I’m still a little iffy about mysurvey after their merger.

  25. Hi eddy, so with the new merger and problems, do you still recommend that we join this company? you said the payment and surveys aren’t as good..?

  26. I agree I never heard really good things about Lightspeed either. But I was hoping the recent partnership with MySurvey would have a positive effect on that company. But it appears that it maybe pulling down a company that has always been very legitimate and timely. Now I’m noticing a lot more broken surveys, longer times to get paid, etc. So I don’t really know what to think at this point.

    I’ve never had any identity theft problems with My Survey or spam. So that’s not really a concern for me. At the end of the day you have to go with your gut. MySurvey isn’t the only survey company in town there are plenty more that can explore. Many of which we’ve listed on my recommendations page:

    I always tell people if you read something that doesn’t make you feel comfortable then go with your gut.

  27. I hear you. They are very slow when it comes to payment. But as long as your order is in the que and they are aware of it, you will get your money. I have just found that in the last couple of months their customer service has gone downhill and so has the speed of their prize delivery.

    I think their recent merger has been a bad thing for us. I’m hoping it gets better. Just keep on top of them. The same thing happened to me and eventually I got my payment. They just seem to drag their feet now for whatever reason.

  28. Thanks for the site Eddy. Nice Work.

    I’ve been using to look into some of these surveys sites before joining. When I looked into Lightspeed Research their rating is terrible and shows a history of user complaints including Indentity Theft / E-Mail Spam / Selling personal information.

    The bottom of the home page reads:

    “Copyright © 2011 Lightspeed Research Ltd. All rights reserved”

    What are yours thoughts / Do you have any info on this?



  29. I don’t know.   I requested a first-time payment via PayPal on Nov. 11 – this is Nov. 29 and my account status STILL says “approval pending.”   I do have a PayPal account that is current.   I have never received any confirmation from either   OR PayPal regarding the request, as the website states.   Three days ago I submitted a second inquiry into my reward and yesterday received yet another email from their customer service stating that their “system was backed up” and I should allow yet another 3-5 days.   Their website says it should take 10-13 days to receive a payment via PayPal and that immediately following my request for payment I should have received an email from, which I did not.   And then an email from PayPal regarding either setting up or confirming an existing account, which I also have not received.   I have an order number, and I’ve been told by two customer service reps that they have the record of the request, so I’m really beginning to wonder if I’ll ever actually get paid.

    • I run this website so of course I comment on this and every page. I’m also an affiliate of this company and many of the other ones listed on this site which isn’t made a secret. Everyone that reads my body of work knows I’m a proud affiliate that makes money recommending legitimate companies to them. Hope that’s clear now.

  30. Though I have seen more than enough positive reviews of this site, I have to say my experience with then has been awful! The main problem is the constant technical errors claiming that you can not complete the survey because you paused. First off, how can you pause if the survey never starts? Second, who really cares? This is a survey, not national security! Of the 17 surveys I attempted in the past 2 days, 16 have given the same error. The 17 was a ten minute survey on toilet paper that at the end said they had enough similar results and I did not get a dime for my time! They are a total fraud!

    • Not sure how it would make it easier. But no there isn’t an app. You just need to visit the site from your computer and take the surveys there. Think of this way, you put a little effort and you’re getting paid for something you never got paid for in the past. It’s worth the little effort it takes.

  31. MySurvey is currently not accepting new members. Is this something they commonly do? How soon until they start accepting new members again? I like the comments I’m seeing below, and am interested in trying out MySurvey. Thank you.

  32. I stop using the check option exactly for that reason. But they’ve added a lot of other great options to redeem your money such as amazon gift cards, paypal, etc.
    However that all being said, since their merger they seem to be less reliable of late.

  33. Its hard getting your money from them, it takes forever to recieve your check. besides having to pay 1.50 for the check, not to mention they probably are recieving their money on time. the contests they have is ridicuolus who wins????

  34. Joined my survey and am waiting on my first gift card. I have had no problems and think its great to give a few min a day and get something for free i can use.

  35. O.K, so how do you sign up for My survey? been to the website but had no idea how to   do this..and do I have to “Pay” for anything up front, Im a mom of 2 and this sounds like a great idea, I would love to be able to work from home.

  36. I registered with American Consumer to do surveys, but was immediately disqualified after responding to the first survey.  Now I am unable to re-register with this company.  Beware.

  37. I’m in the UK and have been a member for about 2 years.   I regularly do surveys and collect my points every time.   I recently converted all of these to Amazon vouchers and bought myself a Wi-Fi/3G Kindle and lighted cover with them.   They are definitely not a scame and I have never really had a problem.   OK so sometimes you do the initial part of the survey and then don’t qualify but hey – it’s only a few minutes you’ve “wasted” and if you don’t do it you don’t know if you’ll qualify.    I think they’re great.

    I’m also a member of YouGov and they may “real” money – but you have to collect 5000 points first to get a £50 cheque – it takes a while but it’s a nice reward when it comes.

  38. Fusion Cash pays cash for surveys, its very little and has a weird system, but if you know how to work the site it IS do-able, i made a 26$ check in a month, its no 4,000, but every little bit helps.

  39. I was not able to register on the company’s web site,   All I got was that the link had expired and to try again later   Has that happened to anyone?   If so what was the problem?   How can a person register if not by that link?
    Eddy, I do love your articles very much

  40. Eddy, I’m sorry but I believe this site is at best disingenuous, and at worst a scam. Having joined a fortnight ago, I completed a number of surveys for them, to the point where I had earned (yes, earned, by spending my time doing something for them) a £3 Paypal voucher. At that point, my account was set to ‘inactive’ by them, with no adequate explanation. I’m currently in a dispute with them to claim the voucher to which I am entitled.

    • Andy,
      Sorry to hear your experience. I can’t really blame you for feeling that way. Hopefully the situation can be resolved for you. I can only speak for my personal experience and also based on the feedback of some of my other trusted buddies and we’ve never had this happen to us. But it’s not to say your claim isn’t true. But based on my years of experience with this company it’s been legitimate. Either way thanks for sharing.

    • I have been doing mysurvey for months and the only thing they send you is everytime you get a new survey available they tell you, they respond to questions fast. I love it. Almost saved up to get an Ipod Nano. (:

  41. worst cust service and if they send you 5 surveys out which each survey after 2-5 min tells you u dont qualify – wastage of time secondly they have so may tech issues with surveys at the completion .. happened with me 4 times completed some 30 min surveys and at the end some tech issue so i wasnt awrded for them contacted cust service no reply ..
    there are so may better survey sites dont go for this one

  42. Katie,
    You’re quite welcome. The goal is definitely to make people a lot more knowledgeable about the industry so you can make an informed decision. So I’m glad that has been achieved.

  43. Well, first I want to say that this site has been a blessing! I am learning so much and feel like now I am more knowledge when it comes to deciding if this position is better than that one or if a company is really legitimate.

    I wanted to comment here on MySurvey and let everyone know that I have really enjoyed being a member.
    I don’t believe my “profile” gets a lot of surveys but just today, I was credit 10 points for just being a member who was honest. I thought to myself, wow not every company will do that for ya.

    Wanted to give my 2 cents! 🙂

    ~Katie Jones

  44. Can you elaborate why exactly they’re a scam to you? It’s always amusing how people through that term around when it comes to these companies. A lot of times it’s purely because folks don’t like a given policy of a company. So I would be interested in hearing what makes them a real scam to you now?

  45. Just joined after reading this blog. Thnx!!!…Do you have any other survey web sites that you can recomend? since I don’t have a job, I have a lot of free time right now. Points or cash it seem to be worth it.

  46. Hmmm … not sure what is going on with the redemption issues. Shortly after reading your post Eddy (and Lisa’s too), I requested a redemption of a $10 iTunes gift ecert (electronic gift certificate) from MySurvey. They didn’t disappoint me! The process went through practically instantly including my email confirmation of the completed redemption request.

    I totally agree with you Eddy about MySurvey’s legitimacy, consistency, and super fast redemption turnaround time, but like you guys I too am baffled at this. For those who may want to call to follow up on the issue, here is the toll free contact details: 1-800-537-4097. Support Staff is available to answer calls from 9 AM to 10 PM (Eastern Time) weekdays and 10 AM to 6 PM Saturday.

    I’ll be glad when this is all cleared up.

    • Callie,
      Thanks for chiming in and testing everything on your end. I guess I’m going to need to escalate this to a phone a call. This is so unlike them. I’ll follow up.

      Thanks again!

  47. Hi
    I just started with My last month.
    You are right the surveys arrive daily which is nice because I have lots of free time right now.
    Anyway here is my first complaint. I requested a $10.00 Pay Pal payment. I received confirmation that the request was being processed almost 2 weeks ago and have not received any updated information from My Survey or Pay Pal since.
    Naturally I questioned this by emailing the Help Desk. I have not received a reply and I noticed no more surveys since I questioned where my reward is?

    • Lisa,

      I’m experiencing the same issue with several itunes gift cards I requested nearly a month ago. Usually they are super fast but the last month or so something is amiss. Hopefully there having some temporary issues that they will QUICKLY resolve. I’ve emailed them about this as well and I have gotten a response about there being some back order issues of some sort. This so called back order makes no sense since these itune gift cards are electronic.

      That being said I’m being patient because I know they are a legitimate company and have always been consistent for the years I’ve been with them. But it does make me a bit concerned. So we’ll see. I may have to dig up their number and give them a call and speak to someone to see what’s going on.

    • Thank you for the update Eddy.

      I do hope this is the case.

      I have worked in the Customer Service/ Support field for over 20 years and I know how the work flow process can become overwhelmed .
      For all we know they could have one person doing everything and sitting with 1000 emails dated back to a month ago.
      I will be patient and hold back on doing any more surveys until I receive a response because I don’t want to waste my time if I am getting nothing out of it.

      On another note;
      The research and information that you have gathered and posted for others to read is so helpful!
      I had no idea that there are companies looking for Customer Service Reps that will work from home.

      Thank you again!

    • Hey Lisa,

      That may be the scenario. It’s unsettling either way. Let’s hope whatever the issue is they get it together. I’ve decided to stop taking surveys with them too until they do send me my gift cards. This is all very uncharacteristic of them.

      In any event, I’m happy you appreciate the site and the information listed here. Trust me there are so many ways to work at home that people aren’t aware of. So we try to give as many legitimate options as possible so that people can choose what ever works for them. So I’m happy you appreciate it.

    • Hello Eddy

      As of today I have received my paypal deposit, so I guess we are back in business.
      Hopefully you will receive your giftcards soon!

      Thanks again for your support.

      And thank you Callie for providing the phone number-appreciate it!

    • Lisa,
      Thanks for following up. I finally received my gift certificates yesterday as well. I was apparently stuck in some magical “pending” loop. But after many emails to different people and a few phone calls, they got their act together. Hopefully this will be the last time I experience this.

      I’m putting this one time glitch behind me since they’ve been consistent to me for years. But I have to admit I started having my thoughts. Shout out to my assistant Callie for help with this as well. That’s why I call her the Survey Queen. lol

      In any event, glad you got your money and you reported back to us! Here’s to more payments coming your way from this company and many more you’ll try.

    • Hi Edddy,

      I’ve been reading everyone’s blogs on this website, contemplating on joining MySurvey. You’ve been a great help to all  of us bloggers. Thank you!  My question to you is, you say there are so many ways to work at home. Are you referencing to just the business’s on this website or do you know of others?

      Thank You,

      Susan Porter  

  48. Have you ever had the points go on sale? I logged in after taking a survey thinking I had enough points for a $15.00 amazon e-certificate I was very excited. When I went to redeem instead of the 15$ being 1650 points the 25.00 one was 429 points so I was able to get 75.00 for the point value of the 15.00

  49. my survey is a scam since they have taken over from lightspeed they have just randomly deleted my account saying as im in england they are only taking usa and canada, so all the points ive gained have been lost, dont get conned into this scamming rubbish group

    • Sorry to hear that your account was deleted. But it’s definitely not a scam. You may not have appreciated what they did to you which I think anyone would feel the same way. But they regularly pay their participants and provide surveys.

      Sometimes good companies do bad things but it doesn’t necessarily make them a scam. People use that terms too loosely on the web anytime they don’t like something and it’s a shame.

  50. I DON’T THINK I CONTACTED THEM ABOUT THIS. I won’t be wasting my time on this any longer. SEE THEIR RESPONSE BELOW. They didn’t reply to my 2nd message.
    I understand your logic but then how would someone know if they have spent 20-25 minutes doing something for $1 or less, or maybe nothing? Would you do it? I honestly don’t think that this is going to work and whoever had this brainstorm idea should definitely re-think it. Bad enough there are many instances where you spend 5-10 minutes answering questions just to get kicked out. There are way too many other surveys sent to me every day and I definitely wouldn’t waste time doing any that don’t give time and payment/points information. Subject would be nice to have as well as sometimes you receive surveys that aren’t really something suitable for you to comment on. There may be some people that are not honest whether or not this information is provided so you cannot prevent what you are saying is happening but, anyway, I think that you will find that on the survey site review pages people will start complaining about this and you won’t get people answering your surveys at all (unless of course they have absolutely nothing better to do with their time).

    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Thu, Dec 9, 2010 5:01 pm
    Subject: Re: Survey Related Topics [TNS: 5259862]-

    Thanks for your email. We wanted to let you know of a few related changes
    with You will begin to see new emails that do not mention
    points or survey topic, we are currently removing points from the
    website(at the survey screen) and we are changing all survey topics/names
    to “Opinion Survey” on the website.

    The reason for these changes is simply to provide the best survey research
    possible and give all our members the same survey opportunities. We have
    found that including survey topics/names and point values may influence how
    our members answer certain surveys.

    Additionally, surveys with interesting topics or high point values are
    picked more frequently by members and therefore “close” sooner.

    Removing survey names/topics and point values gives all our members the
    same opportunities while continuing to provide quality survey research.
    Also note that at the beginning of all surveys members are told
    approximately how long the survey will take and approximately how many

    Please let me know of any other questions you may have.

    Thank you,
    Carol Adams
    Director, Member Services

    —– Original Message —–
    Why don’t I see how many points for the surveys any more? Am I missing
    It should say it somewhere when you are choosing to start a survey as well
    as the amount of time involved. Has this been removed.

    • This is definitely a bad policy they’ve implemented. I always liked knowing the topics and the points before hand so I knew if it was worth my time. What they should have done was taken a survey from their users asking their opinions about this instead of making this poor decision without our feedback. After all they have a mechanism in place to easily do this.

      Everyone should email and call their offices complaining about this. They’re a good company but its these type of policies that will make them lose favor in a lot of people’s eyes. At the end of the day they’re still paying. I just redeemed $600 worth of amazon gift cards. But regardless, this is just a sucky policy. I was wondering what was going on.

  51. MYSURVEY.COM is real and not a scam, i use to give my opinions on this site, but i lost contact due to the crush of my hard disk. But i can attest to the fact that, they are not scams like said by Eddy, their points are converted into money.

  52. As I said in a few previous replies, I still answer surveys when they come along but I don’t really concentrate on them now, preferring other “quick” penny-makers. It’s not because I think they’re scams but because I just don’t fit the profile for most surveys. I found it was taking too much of my time just answering “preliminary” questions and then not qualifying. Anyway, I wanted to ask you all …

    Anyone ever heard of a company called It’s a site listing home jobs but I do believe you have to pay them a one-time fee before you can apply for any of the jobs. I was real curious … Eddy?

    Hope everyone is having a great day.

    • Ana,
      I hear ya and can understand why you would move on to greener pastures. You have to go where the money is for your needs.

      I have heard of the company but why would you pay for a site that list home jobs when we do that for free every day here: It just doesn’t make “Cents” to me. I’m all for folks in investing money in themselves, training, business opportunities, etc.
      But paying for a resource that you already get for free seems odd. By the way we also list jobs on my sister site here:
      Now if you don’t want to deal with ads and you’re willing to pay a site to just list jobs without any ads then by all means seek those out. In any event as always do your research by following the steps in my scam video: when you have doubts about any company, opportunity or person. Hope this helps.

  53. I have mixed feelings about I have been a member with them for almost a year now. I have received small rewards, but nothing big. I also found that somehow, my email inbox was littered with junk mail after joining So much so, that I ended up deactivating my account for a while so I could get my inbox cleaned up. In my opinion, is not a scam, but you will waist more time and energy working with them than you will reaping benefits from them.

    • Jennifer,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. We appreciate it.
      I’ve been with them for years and never experienced the junk email issue you’re referring to. That being said, I have seen that happen with other survey companies and get paid offer sites.
      In terms of wasting time, most people are already doing it for free on Facebook and surfing the internet watching useless youtube videos. Considering people are always giving their opinions and usually never receiving a dime for it, I think making any money for doing so isn’t a waste of time. This isn’t an opportunity to live off. It’s just something you do during down times to earn a few bucks. If someone is looking to really earn money then you need a traditional job or a business. At the end of the day I earn thousands of dollars per month and I still find these surveys worth my while because they end up paying for things like my music, apps, gift certificates. So to me they’re still worth the occasional time I put in them. However I’m always about multiple streams of income. But to each their own. Thanks again for sharing.

  54. I was close to being able to cash out on Mysurvey. All of a sudden, when I try to log in I’m told that I need to be a US resident. Never been a resident of any other country. Emails go unanswered. A few minutes ago I sent one last email in hopes to remedy this situation before I report them to the BBB for fraud.

  55. Good news … MySurvey isn’t going down the tubes!

    Vernon, Cara, and Eddy, after reading your posts, I was concerned and thought I’d give MySurvey a call to ask a few questions. I spoke to one of MySurvey’s very nice support reps by the name of Amanda (who was very appreciative of my call). She provided me with nothing less than I expected: Prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable service. She also assured me that MySurvey has no intention of “closing down”. Naturally I was relieved.

    I’ve been with MySurvey for almost 3 years and absolutely love them! They are one of the best for sure.

    So I hope no one is about to give up on them. They are certainly worth a second chance. I realize it’s frustrating to experience errors, etc. with successfully completing surveys and actually receiving reward for our time. When it comes to surveys we want to participate and be compensated without any delays or problems. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple sometimes. MySurvey knows that, and that’s why I just want to encourage members that can to actually give MySurvey a call when certain problems occur (1-800-537-4097). They are more than willing to check into it and even credit points in certain instances. I speak from experience in saying that. 😉

    • Callie,

      That’s what I love about you. Instead of jumping to conclusions, you take action. Everything does seem to be just fine. I was able to cash out some of my points for Itunes gift certificates with no issues. So it seems like everything is fine.

  56. I’ve had big problems with MySurvey ‘losing’ 8000+ points of mine. They haven’t answered my emails properly – and closed the enquiry without actually investigating (they closed it down the day I first emailed them). There aren’t huge amounts of money involved, but I’ve been saving up my points for over a year and feel that I’ve been working for them for nothing.

    • Guys,
      This is unsettling. I’ll monitor the situation as well. I just tried to visit the site to log in to take a survey and cash out some points to see if everything is working okay for me. But apparently their site is down for maintenance. Man I hope they aren’t going down the tubes. They have been consistently good for years. It would be a shame if that changed all of sudden.

  57. I have been a member for 3 years. Recently; I took a survey that when it takes me to a page that asks what my year of birth is, I put my actual year in. However, it tells me that it was outside the valid range telling me to review my answer as I end up putting in a fake birth year to get through. I think I was forced to take a dive on that specific survey. Is it just me, or could have started to make some of their surveys illegally rigged?

  58. Mary Jane, I just wanted to second what Eddy already said about surveys. I came on because, being 56, single and childless — and until recently, living abroad — I just wasn’t qualifying for many surveys. I finally pretty much gave up on them but I still take any that I get in my inbox that I know are legit. as far as I know is legit but again I just never qualified for anything. The prime marketing age group is 18-49, married with children.

    Oh, and Eddy, I always wanted to ask something about the other “immediate” opportunities you list. I am leery of going for anything that requires you to complete offers or buy anything. Of the other “little” opportunities you list, how many of them do NOT require to you complete offers? It’s difficult to tell just looking at the list. Thanks so much. Being back in the country (for the time being), I’m taking advantage of anything I can at least until I find something permanent. Thanks again for being a gem.

    • Ana,

      Thanks for chiming in and confirming what I’ve stated. How are you doing by the way?
      In terms of my personal recommendations there is only one that requires you to do offers which is fusion cash. Everything else doesn’t require that at all.
      So you might want to put aside the time to review them each more carefully.

      I hope this helps.

  59. Good Day Eddie

    I am a middle aged unemployed female. I have been looking at survey companies for a while even before I lost my job. I have always done a google search to check their validity. I am happy to see this one is registered with the BBB, as well as your site. This gives me a vote of confidence. I rank that with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. I still am skeptical though, but open minded. Anyway my question/concern is: is lucrative for people my age? Do they provide ample surveys for us “boomers” out there? Have you had any other coorespondence from older job seekers and or feedback on how they are doing with or any other listing you have?

    • Hi Mary,

      Sorry to hear you are unemployed. That being said, please keep in mind Surveys are not a way to replace that income. It’s just something that will pay you a few bucks on occasion. It’s not a consistent check like ones that you’re accustomed to with a job. So if that’s what you’re looking for visit our jobs page which is updated daily:

      Surveys are totally random and based on the needs of a company that is hiring a marketing research firm. Some demographics are more desirable than others. So if you don’t fit that profile you’re not going to get many surveys. You won’t really know until you sign up for one. But again don’t look to live off this.

      Focus on getting a traditional work at home job or building a business like I have. I hope this helps. Good luck.
      By the way it’s Eddy not Eddie. 😉

    • Agreed. But my survey doesn’t spam users. I’ve been with them for years and never had that issue. But definitely use a different email address that you have access to if it makes you feel more secure.

  60. Thanks for compiling all of this information into one user-friendly source. I signed up at, and made money within the first five minutes.

  61. MySurvey has always been a fave of mine. For many reasons their program is exceptional. I used to look forward to receiving my rewards via postal check which arrived in good time. Now, because of their recently added PayPal reward option I’m slap happy to get my rewards even faster! Two thumbs way up for MySurvey. 🙂

  62. I love Have been a member for a couple of years and they have great surveys, and they do pay!!! How do I become an afflicate of this company?

  63. I have been with Mysurvey for several years now. It took me some time to rack up about 6,000 points, and I was so excited that I HAD to pick a reward. I thought it was all phony so I decided to order a nice toaster oven that I saw which was about 5000 points. About 2 weeks later to my surprise, I got a knock on the door with a package. Yep, I still use that toaster oven too….nice! I’m almost up to 6000 points again, but this time I’m going to let them build up more. I see that instead of them having 50 or so rewards, they literally have thousands now. Wow, they’re getting better and better…

  64. @lori voth:
    I have to disagree with this company not being a scam. Personally I think they sell your name to companies as potential customers from your survey answers. I’ve had my email for two years and never had junk /spam emails until I joined and filled out a couple of surveys, now my mailbox fills up with junk emails. Maybe you can make a dollar every now and then but it isn’t worth alll the time it takes to delete all the spam. STAY AWAY !

    • Diane,
      I’ve been with them for years and never experienced anything you’re claiming here. What tends to happen in situations like this is that folks forgot that they ended up signing on to other survey companies after initially joining MySurvey. But the problem is a lot of those so called survey companies aren’t as reputable as Mysurvey and are basically using your information to sign you up to other offers or companies which is where the spam kicks in. So my strong suspicion is that you’re confusing MySurvey with some other “survey” companies. That being said it easy to avoid spam. When I’m signing up for work at home companies, I just use another free email account that I have access to, this way my personal account isn’t filled with garbage. Spam can come from anywhere, I still get it no matter what. Sadly it’s part of life and you can try your best to minimize it. But I find the delete button works just fine. So I thank you for sharing your feedback. But speaking for the years I’ve been with MySurvey, I haven’t had any issues and I think most of the positive feedback listed above sort of backs this up.

  65. Taxes, yes, good topic. This clixsense is the first opportunity that I have pursued to earn extra income. I have already set up an account to were I put a certain percentage aside to cover taxes. Great info.

  66. I, too, have been a member of MySurvey for a little over a year now, and I have to say that this company is very legit. I have received tote bags, and even a clock radio for participating in surveys. Another legit site is Synovate (Global Opinion Panels). they offer many surveys, and even if you don’t qualify for that particular survey, you get one token to play their mini-games, where you can earn more points or prizes. They also enter you in their monthly sweepstakes for cash prizes. I have won $100.00! So, give them a try as well.

  67. i may be wrong but i think this is a rip off. have had too many of them in the past year so i do not trust any surveys on the net i have lost something like r1000 rsa being a pensioner i can not afford to loose any more money

    • Rose,
      Thanks for sharing your opinion about Mysurvey.

      I’m not discounting your experiences with other survey companies. Chances are you’re dealing with the middleman who charge you fees for the information you can find for free on site like ours. They also exaggerate how much money you can make and how fast. But the fact of the matter is there are legitimate survey companies that pay you and not the other way around. You won’t be able to live off the money but it’s better than nothing.

      I encourage you to read the following article for better clarification on surveys:

      Don’t let a few bad apples lead you to over-generalizations. Trust me when I say it just leads to missed opportunities and misinformation.

  68. Actually I was just thinking the same thing! I have just recently joined and I agree with you that I wish that they would provide Paypal as an option to receive payment instead of checks. But on the positive side it is a legitimate site and a lot people seem to be happy with this program.

  69. I would like to say that if you are 65 and have no children at home there just aren\’t surveys for you to take. I have signed up for so many of these and they just don\’t have a survey for me. Even at 65 you need extra money may be they should give an age limit. It gets depressing because you know it is your age.

  70. I think I have looked at every “work at home” site out there, and they all wnt a fee or want you to buy some kind of software. I was using Amazon MTURK but it takes forever to get paid. Out of 80 I am still waitng to be paid for for 30 “HITS” that I completed and they pay is minimal. I have looked every where for legitimate, no fee Data Entry or Typing jobs and they are no where to be found. I am unemployed and have sent out over 200 resumes with no responses, looks like online work isn’t any better.

  71. Hello. I too, have been a member of, but it didn’t take me long before I cancelled my membership with them. It seems as though I do not meet many of the criteria they need for me to participate. It was way too hard trying to earn money from them. Oh well, I’m still searching on ways to make just a little extra money to help me out during these hard times.

  72. I am a member of and I don’t fit into any profile. The only survey I’ve ever been offered is the introductory survey. Its no biggie, just would like to have a chance to earn more points.

    • Hi Gary,

      I hear you. But you have a good attitude about it. Fortunately you have a range of other legitimate non traditional work at home opportunities you can also join from our recommendations page:

      So you always have additional options. That’s why I make it habit of providing multiple streams of income so if one seems to be drying up, you have others. So just keep plugging away as you have other options. Thanks for sharing.

  73. I’ve been with mysurvey since about 2005 and what they say about the point system and everything else is true. Unfortunately I can’t judge much more than that, as I don’t recall qualifying for more than one survey for them in all that time. And in the past year, I only remember hearing from them once.

    BTW, for Jared who asked about the SS number, I can second that. In the U.S. once you’re over the $600 limit for any kind of freelance work, you’re subject to taxes. Any legitimate company will require this once you’ve reached that cutoff.

    NOT that we need to second Eddy’s comments, he’s always on the ball. 🙂 But when you’re all on your lonesome at the computer it’s kind of nice to hear a second opinion so I thought I’d give one.

    Back to surveys, I’ve decided to put them aside as I have only ever received one check from a survey company, called, and that was when they paid in direct cash. In all other instances, I was giving a lot of my valuable time just trying to qualify for a survey. I still try whenever I get one which is rare. At times they have you answering 20 minutes worth of questions, only to find you don’t qualify for the survey and won’t get paid.

    But that’s just me. I happen not to be in a heavily marketed group. Give some thought to where you are on the demographic spectrum because that, more than anything, will determine how successful you are in surveys.

    In my case now, even without the recent complication of being an American abroad, as a single childless woman over 50 with a modest income, in 5 years I’ve qualified for a bare handful of online surveys.

    We’re just not big enough a demographic for a target market. Remember, in marketing-speak the prime demographic is 18-35. Income, marital and parental status count, too. Think about your own demographic and the type of product being researched. Most of you probably fit a wider demo than I. Most definitely you should join as many survey companies as possible, including mysurvey, and let it add up.

    Meanwhile, I continue looking for other nontraditional avenues.

  74. I’m not registered on MySurvey yet, but i think i might be intrested. Does it send you actual cash straight to your house mailbox? Also, do you have to be a certain age to recieve pay for the surveys you take?

  75. Is a legit company? I’v done one assignment for them & got paid 10 bucks. I have just started on a 7 day free trial. Just starting my own research on them. Just wondering if you knew anything about them?

    • Hey Jared,

      Let me chime in here so you don’t make any assumptions and lose out on making money with nearly every possible legitimate work at home opportunity. 60,000 points is equal to $600 in the mysurvey world. As I explained in the article above points can be redeemed for cash. By law any company that you’re working for is required to report any earnings of $600 and up. You will be issued a 1099 that you’ll need to include in your tax return and will be submitted to the government by mysurvey. This is why nearly every companies will eventually ask you for your social security number or have you fill out a w9 that must be submitted to them. Uncle Sam wants their cut which is whatever is left after all your expenses such as internet access, ink, paper, or whatever else a wise an accountant can help you with 😉 So this isn’t a some slick con by MySurvey. I’ve had to submit a w9 to every work at home company I work with. What you’ll find out about this industry is you’re never an employee of these companies. You’re considered an independent contractor which means you’re responsible for your own taxes. That’s why they don’t take taxes out your pay. It wasn’t because they were doing you a favor.

      Hopefully this clears up any of the skepticism you may have. But you’re right to have such a healthy fear. This industry is riddled with scams and I know it makes us all paranoid that every company is out to get us. But that’s not the case. It’s extremely difficult to get scammed when you do your research. It’s the whole reason we have a scam section and a video that shows you how to research any company in a matter of seconds:

      Taking these actions makes it nearly impossible to get scammed by these punks. And just so you know, I’ve personally had to submit my tax information to Mysurvey so that I had to pay my share back to Uncle sam. Even if you don’t believe me just go and do your research and you’ll see that the overwhelming feedback is that this is a good company. It’s not perfect, but find one company that is and I guarantee I’ll find someone that has a criticism about it.

      Hope this was enlightening either way. You can also confirm this information with a tax professional if need be.

  76. Hey Eddy, I LOVE your site and all the information you provide. I recently joined and it’s pretty cool. My question is that with the affilate referral part…when I go to that section on their site, I’m not given a link like you have. Is this something they changed? It looks like I can only enter email addresses and they send emails. I’m not comfortable doing that. I would rather send the emails myself and post the link in forums that I visit regularly etc.

  77. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for chiming in.
    I tend to convert my points into gift cards that I use at and target. We’ve been using them to buy baby formula, diapers and pampers for our 6 month old. It’s definitely a great company to recommend. Granted you’re not going to be able to support your family with it but its been enough to buy groceries, gadgets and other stuff. =)


  78. I have also been a member for about 8 years! Not at all a scam and I love it when I recieve a check when I trade in my points. I have referred so many friends and family.

  79. Hi Tina,

    I think you’re confusing get paid to try offers with surveys. They definitely work and aren’t scams. But like with any company there are some bad ones in the bunch. I’ve been very fortunate to make money with get paid to try offers.
    However I approach them in a very strategic way so I don’t ever lose money. But they’re definitely not for everyone. So to each their own.

    In any event, I wish you luck with whatever company you do join. Maybe you should take the traditional work at home job route:

    It doesn’t seem like you’ve been happy with your experiences with non traditional work at home opportunities.


  80. Hi Eddy,
    Thanks for the feedback but, I was a member about one year ago. When I didn’t receive my money after 4 months of waiting, I decided to cancel my account. I do not like survey sites that require you to purchase from sponsor offers just to get paid, therefore, they are scams. I would like a survey site that pays just for your opinion and not require you to do sponsor offers. You have to purchase something just to get paid and you do not get paid anyway. Thanks anyhow, but survey sites are off my list.

  81. Hi Joe,

    It seems to be in real time. So the day the people sign up is usually when the referral appears. But don’t quote me on that.

    The best thing to do is email directly for a response. There should be a contact us or about us link on their site.

    I hope this helps.


  82. Hi Tina,

    First and foremost thanks for sharing your experience.
    I’m really sorry to hear about this!

    Obviously judging by all the comments above and my own numerous personal experience with MySurvey this action is not the norm.

    In fact I just redeemed my points today for an gift certificate and have been buying stuff around the house with it. =)

    Have you tried emailing Carol at:

    What I have noticed is that it can take a few weeks to redeem cash or prizes. I just received my amazon gift certificate today and it was ordered about 2 weeks ago. You should also check that your address on file was correct.

    I would email Carol though. Give her several days to response as they are a little slow sometimes.

    If you don’t hear back from her, let me know and I’ll email her as well to see if I can help in anyway.

    But this isn’t a scam. Their standing in the BBB and all these personal experiences are a testament to that. It’s like the example I always give. I missed a cruise to Alaska worth thousands of dollars because of a jetblue flight delay. Was I pissed? Of coure!
    Did Jetblue compensate me for this cruise? Hell no! Does it make them a scam? No. It just makes them like any company where they mess up sometimes. For the many years I’ve used them they’ve been great. So a few negative experiences when most are positive doesn’t make a company a scam.

    If that’s the case, every company is scam because they all have slip ups.

    So just wanted to throw that out there. It doesn’t diminish what you’ve gone through. But I make it a point to be fair on this blog which is the reason I even allowed this comment to go through.

    In any event, let’s hope emailing carol can help rectify this.

    Keep me posted either way.


  83. I was a member of but I am no longer a member. I referred 3 people and racked up points. I converted my points to cash but never recieved my money. I don’t care what everyone else says about mysurvey, I know they are a scam. They sold my email address to sites I’ve never heard of. Those of you who joined cancel now before they sell your email to sites you don’t want. I am sorry if I offended anyone who is happy with them, but they are truly a scam. I know from experience.

  84. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for chiming in. I’ve gone the gift card route as well. At the end of the day it’s the same thing as cash.

    I like the fact they work with that gift certificate company that has all those merchants. So I tend to redeem the points for since they have it all.

    So I just shop for the stuff I would usually buy with cash there.

    If you need the cash quicker you could also just sell the gift card to someone that you know. I think if you search Google their is also gift card trading sites where you can get money in return for your cards, etc.

    Honestly I wish they would just pay by paypal instead of this check nonsense or have direct deposit. Waiting and cashing checks is a pain in the ass. And it would probably save them on postage mailing checks.

    At the end of the day, I’m just being a baby. lol pays and they’re legitimate and that’s a miracle when searching for work at home. So we should be thankful that we have this company.

    But thanks for venting with me. I thought I was the only one that felt that way. lol

    Take care.


  85. I just wanted to say this was a very conscientious review of MySurvey. I too am a member & have been for a little over a year. I have chosen to get most of my payments through gift cards,as I have found it difficult to cash checks from this & other legitimate survey programs in the small town I live in. I guess due to the bad rep the internet has gotten because of scammers, most check cashing places here in Lynchburg, Va. will not cash checks, and by me not having a bank account I have to sign checks over and wait for them to clear, which takes up to a week. I guess i’m just saying great site, I just wished it were easier for me to get my checks cashed.

  86. I’ve been a member for just a month,
    and my points have been comming in rapidly,
    i actually found through a diffrent survey website,
    which i read about in seventeen magazine.
    I’m only 15 years old,
    and i needed an extra way to make money,
    since i’m great at computers,
    making money at home is just great,
    i recommend

  87. Hi Ivy,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Its good for others to hear about these experiences because everyone is under the assumption that surveys are scams and they’re not when you work for the right company.

    I agree it does take a while to rack points but you can do that easily by becoming an affiliate of MySurvey and helping other work at home with the company.

    I show an example of this in one of the videos of the following article:

    So you may want to give that a shot to earn even more money with MySurvey.

    And finally thank you for your kind words. We’re trying our best to provide people various solutions that can make them money now. So it’s good to see folks like you that are taking advantage of alternate work at home opportunities.

    Hope to hear from you again.

    Take care.


  88. Hi Eddy,

    I have been a member of My Survey for a year now. I like the different type of surveys that they offer however it does take time to rack-up the points. I am sticking with this company because they are legit and well established….Thank goodness there is a true company out there playing fair regarding surveys!

    Eddy, I appreciate all of the postive work that you are doing with this website Keep Up the GREAT Work!

    Thank You

  89. Hi Jane,

    Please watch the following video: I think you’re doing your self a HUGE disservice by not joining mysurvey and after watching the video you’ll see why.

    Don’t be like so many work at home seekers that ignore opportunities that can actually make you money. Mysurvey like so many of these surveys does pay cash, the points is just a stupid term they use. But you’ll see in the video how easy it is to request cash for the surveys you take.

    It’s definitely not a waste of time like joining something like rewards where the points you earn aren’t cash and they get you little more than stupid gift cards to limited number of stores.

    You’ll only be wasting your time if you just continue to ignore perfectly legitimate ways to make money.

    Trust me when I say it works as we have successful loyal subscribers: that have taken action and are now making money and you could be one of them if you change your attitude and perception about this stuff.

    I hope you’ll hear me out.

    In any event, some other of the paid survey websites I recommend are on the following pages:

    So I would encourage you to actually go through the pages above before jumping into any conclusions.

    You may be missing out on one the many legitimate ways to make money because of misconception you have like so many folks did until they were able to watch over my shoulder and see that yes you can make cold hard cash with these programs.

    Take care,


  90. i am a member of and it is legit im actually waiting to receive my second check. but it doe take quite a while to get the points, but yes it is legit

  91. I too have been a member since the 1990’s. This site is definitely legitimate. I have turned my points into $$ cards to use at Walmart. It is not a lot of money, and it does take time to build up points. I wish they would send me 100 surveys a day !! 🙂

  92. Have only been a membery of for a couple of months and have already made $50, with only 2 referrals. I’m not in this for the money. I just love giving my opinion AND getting paid for it. 🙂 I have done several surveys where I received 500 & 750 points, which helped me get to the $50 rather rapidly. I recommend this site to anyone who wants to make a little money while having some fun.

  93. is definitely a legitimate paid survey and marketing research company. I have been a member for several years and can attest to the fact that they do payout what they promise, they offer regular money making survey opportunities, and are very professional in terms of customer service handlings.

    As far as other opportunities to make money from survey sites, I agree, one should never ever pay money to get information about them or to take a survey. The reason being, this info can be found free, through a careful, thorough web search. I am a member of several paid survey companies and while i dont earn a fortune each month, the extra supplemental income i get from answering surveys is definitely helpful.

    If anyone is interested in learning more about a) what companies are legitimate and worth signing up for to make some extra cash b) how to make these sites work best for you and finally, c) just some general basic insight into these companies and how they operate, from the perspective of their side as well as the consumers, i have actually written a couple of articles on the topics that may prove useful to read. If interested, read the articles via the links below:

    An Explanation of the Infamous Get Paid For Opinion Sites

    How to Legitimately Make Money with Online Surveys

    Top Paid Survey sites that really pay (with direct links)

  94. I have also been a member of for a little over a year now. I think they are legitimate and real. Not at all a scam, but the points take a little while to “rack” up and it almost makes you not want to do it because you are seeking something more lucrative. I like them, but it takes a long time to make any money. For those of us that have joined, it’s not a get rich scheme. It’s something you have to work at in hopes that you may have a few extra hundred dollars every month.

    • Hi Amanda,

      I agree with you on MYSURVEY.COM being legitimate. I have been taking surveys with them for almost two years now, and the only thing i regret is that they are not sending me enough surveys. I got money for answering surveys from them and i also give my points to SAVE THE CHILDREN AND OTHER FUND RAISERS. They are the best. And whenever you answer a survey you are sure on your points. Some companies will have you do the surveys and then tell you that you were not qualified for the survey after you finish answering all the questions. Mysurvey will never do that to anyone. I LOVE THEM THEY ARE THE BEST.

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