Is Ameriplan USA A Work At Home Scam?

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Ameriplan USA® is a nationwide company that provides discount plans on various medical services such as vision, dental and prescription care. The company is able to negotiate these savings because of its large membership base.

Unfortunately in order to receive these discounts you have to pay a membership fee. Now in the past I think this was probably a great business model. I don't think most people would mind paying a membership fee if it meant the savings you would receive during the course of a year on your health care needs would outweigh the cost of the membership. The problem is nowadays there are so many stores including pharmacies that give you their own savings cards for free when shopping. I personally love my stop and shop saving card and save boat loads of money on my grocery shopping every year. And I've seen some medical discount cards that are free of cost. So is this really a sustainable business model? I think that's why they started adding all these other services to justify the cost of the plan.

How To Make Money With Ameriplan?

In either case Ameriplan's discount plan may be appealing to those who don't have health insurance. And this is where their business opportunity comes into play. Ameripan USA recruits “brokers” to sell these health care discount memberships to others as well as recruiting other people to become brokers. I was a broker twice. But eventually decided that the opportunity was not for me and some of the following reasons may be a turn off to you as well.

Ameriplan Complaints

1. You really need to be a telephone person to do well with the Ameriplan Work At Home opportunity. For me this wasn't very feasible. I have young (loud) children and  I hate being on the phone. But I tried as much as possible to make it a totally online based business but it just wasn't feasible. If you're a telephone person then you may be able to do well with this opportunity. But if you're not and have young kids, you may be better of with my #1 Free Recommendation instead.

2. Second issue was their daily pay policy. In theory this was great to me. Most companies make you wait a month or more for you pay. The problem here is that if someone you enrolled decided to cancel after they paid you, they would deduct that money on your future earnings. This always burned me. It's also one of the reasons I decided to focus on my other work at home opportunity. Fortunately they have provided another option to address this issue. So it's no longer a major issue to be concerned with.

3. And finally their training and broker website was just too overwhelming and not user friendly. I always felt very lost with the information and maybe it's because I'm an idiot. My up-line did help me a lot but even with that I always felt overwhelmed. Furthermore I also felt Ameriplan was always trying to upsell you tools and services that were suppose to help you make more money. But shouldn't that stuff be free? Doesn't it make sense to provide these tools to me for free so I can make the company and myself more money? Maybe I'm asking for too much? Granted they do have a very impressive training support system but why offer so many up-sell options?

That's why I ended up loving my #1 Free Recommendation! It was like night and day. First of all, the tools are all free. The training is easy to follow step by step instructions, included videos and they provided live chat with other successful business owners to get help! All for free, the way it should be!


Ameriplan Alternatives

Ultimately I don't think AmeriPlan is a scam. They've definitely have some bumps in the road and quite frankly I think the whole concept of paying to save on health expenses is going to be a hard sell. So with that said I want to give you some other options that you may want to consider. First you may want to consider Finding a traditional work at home job that doesn't involve selling if that's something that gives you pause about Ameriplan. Or if you want to stick with the home business route because you like the idea of the freedom and the income it can provide then consider the following companies:

Both are legitimate opportunities that I've personally made money with and make be something that can work for you. Either way, I just want you to know you have other choices at your disposal. It's really up to you to decide which make sense for your situation.


So is AmeriPlan really a Scam?

Not in my humble opinion. But the complaints listed above were my main issues with the Ameriplan Business Opportunity.  The Ameriplan dental & health discount program really did work. So that part was not a scam. I was able to save on some of  my vision care needs. But in terms of the Ameriplan work at home opportunity, it just wasn't right for me. It was way too expensive and time consuming for my taste. Does this mean that Ameriplan USA is a scam? Hell No. But would I recommend it to others? I would, if you like being on the phone and know a lot of people that don't have health insurance or don't mind hunting these type of people down.

But for me, I prefer creating a business on something I'm really passionate about. Honestly I'm not really passionate about health care and discounts.  I don't like being on the phone so I want something that can be done totally online. I'm also a big believer in being able to test something out before fully jumping in. So I like opportunities that can be started for free! If you're like me and feel the same way, you might consider the #1 free opportunity I'm part of by clicking here.

What's The Best Way To Work At Home?

Did you know there are various ways to make money online besides what you're currently reading? Check out some of my best and FREE work at home recommendations below.

Ultimately can you make some real money with Ameriplan? Yes you can, because my up-line sure did! But she loved to be on the phone and most of her money was coming from recruiting other brokers. So keep that in mind. As I said earlier I joined Ameriplan USA twice and dropped it twice. Need I say more?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not the angry work at home cynic guy here writing a review to get back at Ameriplan USA. I personally just didn't find the opportunity all that attractive after several tries. So my recommendation is to pass on this opportunity if some of the issues I mentioned above would make you feel uneasy. But if you still want to get involved in some sort of home business then look into my #1 Free Recommendation. Good luck either way. It's important that you pursue something that is right for you and fits your comfort level and not what someone is trying to push you into. You'll do way better in any opportunity if it was something you felt good going into from the start.

Please be sure to read the comments below. There is a lot of great feedback from some current and former Ameriplan members that can help you make the best decision for you. That being said I would ask you ignore and excuse the small number of the childish and immature comments from some of the unprofessional individuals that don't know how to communicate effectively without resorting to elementary school antics. Cheers!

Until next time,

Eddy with a Y!

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Keith - July 23, 2015 Reply

As with any work at home, network marketing, independent contractor position (it doesn’t matter what business), you get out of it what you put into it. Knowledge, effort and persistence are what make any business opportunity a success. Not everyone is suited to be a business owner, so they shouldn’t BASH the company, if they didn’t do the work. (In my opinion)

    Eddy Salomon - July 23, 2015 Reply

    Hey Keith,

    I agree that any business requires a level of effort and commitment that most people don’t have which is why they tend to be employees. I also agree people shouldn’t just go around saying a company is bad because they couldn’t make it work for them. But that said people do have the right to point out short comings of a company that may make it difficult for them to succeed. Because no company is perfect and we do have to acknowledge some of those weaknesses so you can decide if you can work through them or not. So that’s my two cents on it. But I agree with your message to a certain degree.

Lori - January 10, 2015 Reply

I am a current representative with AmeriPlan and I love it. People love it! There are so many people out there that we are helping because they are not being able to spend hundreds of dollars a month on an insurance premium and have thousands of dollars on the co-pay… our as you know have no deductibles or waiting periods.

    Eddy Salomon - January 10, 2015 Reply

    Hey Lori,

    That’s great that you love it. And I agree given the high cost of health insurance Ameriplan can definitely be a useful product. As long as you feel comfortable calling people and doing face to face sales, I think it can be a great way to make money. Or at the very least you need to be good at recruiting others. Thanks for chiming in.

May - December 8, 2014 Reply

I was thinking about the work at homes and I looked several websites to find a real one in order to avoid the scam because I am so scared to lose my money.Today I got a phone call and also advertisement mail in my email and I need to search this AmeriPlan really work or not.After reading from top to bottom of your explanation,I got my final decision.I won´t participate in that Ameriplan group.I am also kind of people who really want to start with free membership or sign up or whatever.And also I have some language problems to be happy to stay on the phone line.Anyway,thank you for your website 🙂

    Eddy Salomon - December 8, 2014 Reply

    Hey May,

    I’m happy I was able to help you make a decision regarding this company. Ameriplan isn’t bad. But it’s not necessarily right for everyone. Fortunately there are other options out there to explore.

Going to get what you stole - September 9, 2014 Reply

The company is a scam and has scammed my son who was sold a good line to work there. However I will have the so called office located on Eastern in Las Vegas closed in a short few days. Watch me. You robbed my son out of his personal information and you did not pay him and he is under age.

    Eddy Salomon - September 9, 2014 Reply


    Ameriplan pays by commission so I’m not sure how your son was able to join. Are you sure this is the right company?
    And I believe you have to be 18. Maybe a rep recruited your son? But you should find out who the rep was, how your sound found them and speak to them about this. Keep us posted.

Tamara Gunter - August 8, 2014 Reply

STAY AWAY FROM AMERIPLAN !!!!! It sounds like a real good deal as a client, but as an IBO … NO GO !!! ( If it sounds too good to be true,,,,,) They do not keep their word. They will tell you one thing to get up to sign up, then the office says different. I was just SCREWED out of $40 because the Lady who convinced me to sign up LIED !!! ………..

KATHLEEN FIMOGNARI … – personal info removed by admin – You are a liar. AmeriPlan has stolen $40 of my tuition money. You swore to me a 30 day money back guarantee. You KNEW I would end up screwed in the long run. HOW DARE YOU TELL ME THAT YOU ARE DISSAPOINTED WITH ME !!!!!!!!!! At least I am true to my word. I promise you this, I will tell the world, in every way I can, what your true colors are. Disappointed in me ??? How do you look at yourself in the mirror daily knowing what you do to people???

    Eddy Salomon - August 9, 2014 Reply

    Hey Tamara,

    You sound pissed. I’m sorry to hear you were mislead by this rep. Please keep in mind that like in every situation you’ll always find some bad people. But just because you run into one bad person, it doesn’t mean the whole human race is bad now does it? The same applies for this company. Just because one rep wasn’t honest with you doesn’t necessarily mean the whole company is like that. So keep that in mind. I get you want to be vent and I’m happy to let you do so.

    I’m not a rep of Ameriplan but it always troubles me when people are quick to make blanket comments because of one bad experience. It’s like the folks that run around claiming every work at home opportunity is a scam because of their one bad experience. In any event, I hope this rep does right by you.

Karen Belter - May 21, 2014 Reply

if , legally, ameriplan is considered insurance and licensed as such, nowhere in the united states it cannot hire salespeople who are not licensed to sell insurance in that particular state. it’s illegal, and its recruiters should not be promising this.

    Eddy Salomon - May 24, 2014 Reply

    It’s not considered insurance and shouldn’t be promoted as such. Ameriplan is very clear about this. However it may not stop some/ reps from misleading people.

    Karen Belter - May 25, 2014 Reply

    thanks.also, i was wondering if ameriplan ‘shares’ linformation with low-end recruiters or companies trying to sell ‘educational’ services.

    Eddy Salomon - May 26, 2014 Reply

    Hi Karen,
    I have no idea. I don’t work with that company.

    Jayme Boyles - February 1, 2015 Reply

    Hi Karen,
    No, AmeriPlan absolutely does not sell any type of information to a third party.

Sandra Stephens - February 24, 2014 Reply

I have been with AmeriPlan for over a month now and so far I have not made one dime. And I am trying to decide if this is for me. Yes I did the scripts and put in the ads and I even purchased couple of domain names. I was thought for sure I would have made something. Eddie may I ask you why you stopped doing AmeriPlan?

    Eddy Salomon - February 24, 2014 Reply

    Hey Sandra,

    Giving a business a month is really a drop in the bucket. It can literally take months before you earn your first dime. It’s not like a job where the amount of time and effort will translate into income right away.

    So you have to keep that in mind about any business. I don’t think think what you’re experiencing is unique to Ameriplan. It’s just the way any business is when you’re first starting out.

    That’s why I’m always recommending people start business on passions they have. Because you’re less inclined to give up when you don’t see the sales because you’re working on a business you already have a love for.

    In terms of why I left Ameriplan, it’s part of the complaints I listed in the article above. The biggest was not being a phone person which seemed to be the only way people were succeeding. So that didn’t work for me. The other reason is I’m not passionate about the product or business itself. I’m all for helping people but not in the capacity that Ameriplan offers.

    That all said, I don’t think it’s a bad company. It’s just not right for me. And why I stuck with my free recommendation. Ultimately though it’s going to take time to see money with any business. A month is nothing in the grand scheme of things. But again, it’s harder to suck that up if you’re not passionate about the company or business.

    Either way, I hope this helps.

    Eddy with a Y not ie. LOL

    Jayme Boyles - February 25, 2014 Reply

    Hi Sandra,
    Just like Eddie said, with any business you start one month is really nothing to get it off the ground. While there are some people that come in and really knock the ball out of the park, not everyone will see the same success in the same amount of time. It isn’t because the opportunity doesn’t work it is just that we all bring different experiences, fears, coachability, conviction, drive, etc. to the table. The first few months in the business (and for some longer) is really a learning curve period, you are learning about the company, the plans, how to talk to prospects, how to overcome your own personal obstacles, and so on. I recommend you take a good hard look at yourself and your business and ask yourself WHY did you join in the first place? WHY do you want to build up a monthly residual, passive income? For me, I was a new mom when I joined (6 years ago) and I was driven by the reality of having to maybe put her in daycare and choose a paycheck over my child So, my point have to first have the commitment within yourself…commit to YOU and stick with yourself if you want it bad enough!!
    I have also been able to support my (now 2) children as a single mom and leave an unhealthy and unacceptable marriage…AmeriPlan truly changed my life..but trust me I worked my tail off to get where I am..but will be forever grateful!!! Jayme

    Eddy Salomon - February 25, 2014 Reply

    Well said Jayme! All great points.

    Jayme Boyles - February 25, 2014 Reply

    Hey Eddy! Thanks 🙂

    Eddy Salomon - February 25, 2014 Reply

    Always a pleasure Jayme!

Sherri Cruz (D-Ret) - January 10, 2014 Reply

I don’t think it is a scam, per se, but I will say that it was NOT a good opportunity for me. The only “support” you will get comes from recruiting and signing up other IBOs. It somewhat bothered me that I am supposed to use “sizzle scripts” to tell prospects what a “blessing” Ameriplan is and how much money can be made when I am not making any money because I am spending my time on prospect leads. And as far as those leads, emailing them poorly written canned emails is not impressive.

I personally think the health programs are good for those who are uninsured or underinsured, which is why I signed on. However, there is incessant pressure from your upline to recruit more, buy leads, get into lead co-ops, etc, and never-ending “training calls” (which are repetitive and more “rah-rah” sessions than actual training). When you do have time to market the health plans, you then have to buy brochures and marketing materials (which are not cheap and shipping is way overpriced). My area of interest was in marketing to small businesses who can’t afford traditional health care coverage for their employees and was getting a reasonably good response. I signed up one business with 18 employees and another with 9, as well as having a couple of other businesses schedule presentations, one with 30 employees. Now as to why I left. I get a call from one of the business owners and he is telling me that he received a call from corporate stating that someone else would be handling his business, as I am not “group certified”. Well, per the RSD, that policy of being group certified had been off the table for several years. However, apparently it IS still in the IBO Policy Manual, so either the RSD was wrong or corporate never updated their manual and the person processing these applications went by the manual. Either way, the business owner who notified me canceled and I immediately terminated my IBO. I am not sure if the other business continued or not.

    Eddy Salomon - January 10, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I agree it’s not the right opportunity for everyone. But clearly some folks are doing well and do make money with it.

    But some of the things you considered a con turned me off too. However I think if you can get past some of that stuff it’s good for some people.

    Thanks for sharing an objective and balanced opinion. It’s refreshing to see!

    Sherri Cruz (D-Ret) - January 10, 2014 Reply

    Thank you! Did you find some of the scripts and emails coming across as a bit, well, I guess that the word is “insincere”? I also thought there was a bit of too many and too often in the emails as well. And I do think that marketing the IBOs on job boards is borderlining on deceptive, because it isn’t really a job inasmuch a business opportunity. I especially found it a bit distasteful that emails would go out to prospects for “interviews” and the IBO would be represented as a “Corporate Recruiter” in the email campaign. To me, giving a person who may have been unemployed long-term “an interview” for something that is not a steady job is cruel, especially if the initial investment of getting a business started is not something they can afford. Now for someone looking to supplement income or doesn’t rely on AmeriPlan as sole income (at least in the beginning), I think AmeriPlan CAN work. If there had not been the confusion regarding whether or not I had to be “group-certified”, I actually feel I could have done well in the area I chose to focus on, especially being that so many people lost their coverage or found their options under the “Affordable” Care Act, unaffordable.

    Eddy Salomon - January 13, 2014 Reply

    Honestly I don’t remember the marketing material. It was a long time ago when I was with Ameriplan. But I do remember the whole job board tactic.

    It’s not good because it recruits the wrong type of people. You can’t really have the employee mindset for Ameriplan or any home based business. So I don’t think it was a good way to recruit quality folks. But it was working for some folks.

    I agree with you in that Ameriplan or any home based business is a bad idea if your goal is a immediate money or to stop some financial bleeding. It’s rare for anyone to get a business thriving quickly. So anytime people ask me about the business opportunity I recommend as a way to solve some financial crisis, I let them know that this isn’t for them at the moment.

    But some reps will say anything to sign you up. I prefer to recruit people that I know will be a good fit and don’t need the business to produce income right away.

    In any event, thanks for chiming in again!

Not impressed - August 13, 2012 Reply

I read many of the comments below and I’m disapointed and very suspsious about AmeriPlan. They charge fees based on your tier, charge for programs that wull help you improve your leads, terminate what looks like very tenure employees. This is worse that working for a company for many years and they tell you that your job has been replaced by an outsourcing company outside the US. This continues to give work at home jobs a bad name. I have not been able to find a legit work at home company yet that is not deceptive.

    Jayme Boyles - December 7, 2012 Reply

    Hi, I just wanted to clarify that we do not have ANY fees that we pay out based on “tiers”. There is alot of information online that is just not valid, so I would consider your source when reviewing information on ANY company! I personally have been with AmeriPlan for five years and do very well but I do know it isn’t for everyone and that is OK! I am sorry to hear you have such a negative view on AmeriPlan even though you never were even involved with the company or the real people in it! Good luck in finding something that fits you better!

    Ginger - June 20, 2014 Reply

    I was sent a link with a voicemail recording this morning explaining working for AmeriPlan. The voicemail indeed says individuals joining AmeriPlan as a benefits specialist pay a different fee per tier. A lower fee to receive 40% commission on plans sold and a much higher fee for 80% commissions. Although this also included benefits for oneself and family the company does tie your income opportunity to these monthly fees. I am currently reading various reviews before making a decision to join or pass this opportunity up. I also noticed they are not accredited by the BBB as indicated in the email I was sent by the person wishing to recruit me. This sounds like an awesome opportunity but the negative comments have definitely made me want to do some serious thinking and further research.

    Eddy Salomon - June 21, 2014 Reply

    Hey Ginger,

    I’m glad you’re doing your research. There are definitely people making money with Ameriplan and it can be very profitable. But like every company it has it’s cons and complaints. So you’re right to do your due diligence. Unfortunately that may very difficult because so many of the reviews out there are clearly biased. But I think being here and reading this review and the comments we have listed will give you a truer picture.

    In terms of the BBB they do have an A+ rating here and no they’re not accredited but BBB ratings should be taken with a grain of salt for the reasons I listed in this article.

    Ultimately any business you join is going to require a lot of thought on your part because there is a lot of work that needs to be done. And honestly you won’t see profits right away. So you want to make sure you’re joining or starting a business you’re really passionate about not because someone recruited and you want to make money. When you do the latter you’re more inclined to give up when the going gets tough and it will. So to set yourself up for success, I always recommend that people build businesses around their passion and it can be totally done with the proper training support and tools.

    I hope this helps.

Eddy Salomon - August 8, 2012 Reply

Cathy, you’re welcome. This like any opportunity isn’t for everyone. You just need to find the right one for you. So I wish you the best of luck.

Cathy S - August 3, 2012 Reply

Thanks everyone for your comments. I have read all of them. I think I will pass. Thanks again.

littleredridinghood - July 3, 2012 Reply

… Do you have to be enrolled in the plan and pay a minimum fee of $50 a month to be employed with Ameriiplan or is that a scam that will take the money out of your bank account and never pay you.

Teri - June 29, 2012 Reply

Ameriplan talked me into signing up as a contractor. After I received the info, I cancelled. In April, they charged me 20.00 for dental. In May, they charged me 50.00. When I complained, I was told I would not give a refund on the 50.00 since I did not cancel within the 30 days. They scammed me out of 50.00. Buyer be ware. Now I am contacting the BBB in Texas.

Eddy Salomon - June 13, 2012 Reply

Welcome to business 101. You need money to run it. How much would it be to run a McDonald’s or Subways franchise? Guess what it’s a zillion times more than what you would pay for a home based business like Ameriplan.

Investments are part of running a business. And if that makes you feel uncomfortable then you shouldn’t be looking into a business. Focus on a job. Everyone isn’t meant to deal with the risk of running a business. That’s fine. Stay in your lane and focus on what you do feel comfortable with.

Fees come with running a business, it’s normal. And you may not get that make money back. That’s normal too. That’s why it’s called business and not a job. Let it marinate.

Dascentt - June 10, 2012 Reply

Is there any additional cost to run this home-based business besides the $50.00 monthly fee. Also, how long is it before you see any income coming in, as well as is there a set limit to cash in so to speak( e.x. $500 before you can receive a paycheck). I need more details about this in a truthful sense. Not that Oh I worked  for this home-business for such amount of time. I am serious about starting my home-based business but there are so many scams out here!!!

Eddy Salomon - May 29, 2012 Reply

You already know my personality and how I like telling it like it is. Folks need to have “real talk” because they’re either getting misinformation or delusional about what to expect from this industry. So any chance I get to clear that stuff up, I’m in there. lol

I totally agree with your points. All we can do is educate people and let them make the proper decisions for themselves.

But I think a big part of the responsibility goes on the home business reps that recruit the people. They have to make it very clear upfront that if you have an employee mentality and 9-5 work ethic, you’re not going to succeed with our business. So it’s not worth joining our company. I think the problem is because so many reps get paid for recruiting people, they’re short sighted and just want that quick referral cash even if they know this person isn’t right for the business and will quit soon after. So I think that’s part of the problem as well. Not every rep for any company has the best interest of others in mind. So it’s important to find reps that keep it real with you. You’ll know if they do if they answer your hard questions and lay out the good and bad. Anytime someone just paints a sweet picture, I run for the hills. lol

Eddy Salomon - May 29, 2012 Reply

As I’ve said many times, because something requires a fee doesn’t make it a scam. People don’t seem to understand the difference between a business and a job. Any business will require an investment. After all can you start a McDonald’s without money? Obviously not, well a home business is the same deal except the costs are significantly lower than starting an offline business.

And yes busting your ass is a requirement to make any business work and yes there is a chance that you won’t see a dime for your efforts or not relatively quickly. It’s a risk of running a business.

That all being said, it’s good that you recognize that you’re not built for a business. Because not everyone is and that’s fine. Most people have employee mentalities and again that’s fine.

I agree with you in that I don’t encourage anyone to give up their day jobs when trying to start a business. You have bills to pay and your business may take quite some time before it can do that for you. So work your business part time while you still collect checks from your job. Quitting your job before any real sustained and consistent success is crazy. But some people work better under pressure or can’t manage both. To each their own.

But please let’s not perpetuate this lie that anything requiring a fee is a scam. Like any work at home opportunity do your research first before making any assumptions go or bad.

Thanks for chiming in.

    Curry611 - July 13, 2012 Reply

    A scam like this isn’t a business or a job, it’s just a scam. If you could start a business for $50 a month then everyone would be running their own business and they wouldn’t be tethered to ameriplan. Why are you so desperate to convince the masses that ameriplan is so amazing? What’s in it for you?

    Eddy Salomon - July 14, 2012 Reply

    I love how people call things scams and can’t explain why except they just feel it’s a scam. There are many HOME based businesses that don’t require a huge investment to start because they’re based at home. And no not everyone would start a business because most people aren’t cut out to be business owners because of the inherent risks and other aspects of running a business that scares most people away. So your argument is totally flawed.

    I’m not a member of Ameriplan so I have no financial gain with this company. Ameriplan like any company has flaws. And what we try to do on this blog is allow for both sides of the story to be shared about any company. We don’t just want to hear from people that are biased either way or folks that just run around calling everything a scam because they feel it’s their God given right to do so. But to each their own. If you benefit from doing so, then by all means.

Eddy Salomon - May 23, 2012 Reply

Thanks for sharing your fictitious breakdown. I’m sure some of the other brokers will chime in. How any business is promoted by reps will vary. Unfortunately some will be pushy sales people while others will take the approach of presenting you the information and allowing you to make an informed decision. The best sales people do the latter. But in any company you’ll have some greasy types that tarnish the image of a company. That’s just a fact across the board with all companies.

The whole company making money so people on top earn the most. Welcome to the corporate america structure. That’s how all companies are set up. You think Steve Jobs was earning the same as his sales people? Hell no, it doesn’t make sense given his responsibility vs theirs. Now it can be argued that without the sales people a company doesn’t make money. I agree. But no major corporation works any other way. It’s all “pyramid” but not considered a scam in corporate america because there are real products and services being involved. So the argument that the folks at the bottom are making the folks at the top rich means little because damn near every company we buy from works like this. It doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong. But that’s just how it is.

Thanks for chiming in though!

Jessicadriggers21 - May 21, 2012 Reply

 Can you share who you are working with now? I need a legit wah job without spending more then i

Eddy Salomon - May 16, 2012 Reply

You’re welcome LittleGem. I have to agree with you. People go into business as if it’s a job. It’s not. You’re not guaranteed anything in a business. You have to bust your ass to make it work and that involves a lot of unpaid hours initially. And you’re right, you have to invest money that you may not get back. It’s part of the risk.

So I agree with you. I also blame some of the people that recruit others into their given businesses. Too often they paint a one sided sweet picture of what their business will be like. So people go into it blindly. Then later they find out that rep left out all the hard stuff. This obviously jades people and they want to blame someone so they wrath is usually taken out on the company that recruited them.

If the recruiting reps are more upfront about what to expect then it would help avoid a lot of confusion and this type of backlash. So it’s definitely a multi-faceted issue.

    Jayme Boyles - May 27, 2012 Reply

    Hey Eddy!  I alwasy love your straight to the point no bs attitude 🙂  I agree with you, that most people that want to “work at home” think it will be easy.  So they go out and join an “opportunity” with a “job” in mind.  They think if they work x amount of hours they will receive x amount of dollars. And if they don’t recieve pay within a week or two they “failed”.  I always try to be upfront with people, whether they are interested in AmeriPlan or not, that when they are starting a business they need to commit to a good year, if they are just going to “try” it they might as well quit or not join!  What a home business can give an individual doesn’t even compare to job (time freedom, financial freedom, boss free, debt free, fullfillment, etc), but it has to worth it to that person to fight for it! 

    I feel there are alot of legitimate home businesses that are very low to start and that can truly bring in a significant amount of income over time.  To pay less than $100 to start a business is really nothing in comparison of what a restaurant or a Subway franchise costs!  Most home business and Network Marketing opportunities are backed by a very large company that helps cut your costs as well!

Eddy Salomon - May 14, 2012 Reply

That’s part of doing business. There are costs involved where you may not see a return on your investment right away or at all. That’s the risk you take when you decided to go into a business. If that is something that makes you uncomfortable, then running a business isn’t a good option. You should focus on a job and that’s fine too.

And look not everyone is going to make 6 figures running their business. There are always going to be a small percentage of people that do better than others. Every company is like that. At the end of the day, it’s great you found a company that works for you. That’s the key. But because you can’t make it work with a given company doesn’t imply it’s bad. It may just mean that you were bad at it. So it’s a matter of finding what you’re good at. Everyone has to take responsibility for their own success and failures in life.

    Littlegem1511 - May 16, 2012 Reply

    Thank you, Eddy!  Being in business for a long time, both brick and mortar stores and online, including some MLM types, people are just not realistic when it comes to business.  You really have to spend money to make money.  It IS the cost of business.  Sometimes its a lot, sometimes a little.  The common denominator with all of it is that you have to work consistantly, and usually ALOT upfront.  Good luck finding any business where there is no investment of money.. or time.  Everything is not for everybody, myself included.

Kellywatson 82 - May 13, 2012 Reply

I worked for Ameriplan as an IBO last year. I quit because it was overwhelming and time consuming. You have to post ads, and chase down prospects. A lot of the things that ans IBO can use to advertise was not free. There is a charge once you run out of what is given to you in the initial packet. I was spending money that I was not making trying to advertise myself. You have to get on the phone with prospects and speak with them with the help of scripts that didn’t really work. It was too much. Ameriplan has been out for a while with only a few people making 6 figures. I am with a company no that will give me the opportunity to make 6 figures within a year or two.

    Jayme Boyles - May 27, 2012 Reply

    I am sorry to hear you quit Kelly and I do truly wish you the best in your new venture!  I have been with AmeriPlan for 4.5 years and never chase down prospects. I never spent any of my own money on advertising, it was always reinvested. When I talk to people it is because they CALL ME!  I am able to generate lots of high quality leads through the marketing system we have on the freedom at home team and those that are interested CALL or EMAIL ME!  I don’t do presentations, all of my information is through overview calls and in the emails provided.

     I know people think the grass is “greener” when they are promised to make “six figures in 6 months” with another company, but there is still work involved, you still have to generate prospects. I am not saying you should stay with AmeriPlan of course, but I see so many people company and opportunity hop that they never really go anywhere, they just follow what people tell them is the “next best thing”

     AmeriPlan has alot of people making six figures and multiple six figures and I know alot of them personally. I know people talk about me from other companies… that I “only make x amount” but I feel very blessed to be making over $50,000 a year with AmeriPlan working part time as a stay at home mom and to be able to drive a brand new Cadillac paid for by AmeriPlan.

    Again best of luck to you!

    Jayme Boyles
    JBoyles@ameriplan:disqus .net

jewls - May 4, 2012 Reply

I am also reading these comments in order to get more info on this company. I’m sure that was frustrating Debbie, as I was in real estate and my brokers would hold those “get rich” meetings where everyone would stand to their feet and yell and pretty much act like idiots, but I did want to maybe try to help you understand how these plans can actually help people, as before real estate I too worked at a hospital in insurance billing. Discount plans are beneficial to those who otherwise cannot afford or do not qualify because of medical reasons for medical insurance. They can also be used as a secondary to your own private insurance for those with high deductibles (like myself and many others).  Should people replace their current insurance coverage with it? Probably not a good idea. With the number of folks who are unemployed, this sometimes is the only viable solution for them to have some type of coverage when they also do not qualify for state insurance (such as Medicaid). I’m not sure if this is something I want to do now that I have read Eddy’s review because I don’t like being on the phone either and I too am looking for more of an internet based business. Thanks for your help Eddy!

Sweetilndgrl - May 2, 2012 Reply

Well, I just received a call from Ms. Rappa today and I’m excited to start. But after reviewing comments about the company, I have my doubts. I am looking for an at home business but cannot afford to pay to do so..Any suggestions

    Eddy Salomon - May 4, 2012 Reply


    Most home business require an investment of money. By definition that’s why they are a business and not a job. So you might want to focus on a job if you don’t have funds to invest in a home based business.
    We list new ones daily here:

    Not everyone is meant to run a business and that’s okay.

    Jayme Boyles - May 11, 2012 Reply

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents…Maria is my enroller and I have been with the company for 4 1/2 years.  She is an awesome leader and you will be in good hands if you do join with her 🙂  And like Eddy said, it is a business so there is an initial investment to get started, luckily you can get started with AmeriPlan for under $70!

    Guest - June 12, 2012 Reply

    They are asking for $169.95 to start and $150.00 per month to stay in. That’s over $2000.00 for the year.

    Kitty - September 22, 2013 Reply

    And if this was a LEGITIMATE COMPANY, you would NOT be paying the company to start working for them!! This is just another scam. There are lots of listings of complaints against this company for charging when they shouldn’t and new employees being forced to put more and more money into this money pit. If it sounds too good to be true people, then IT IS!!!

    Eddy Salomon - October 8, 2013 Reply

    Sigh… I hate when people make that blanket comment about an opportunity! If you pay doesn’t make it a scam. There is a difference between a business opportunity and a job.

    You couldn’t just start a Mc Donald’s without investing tons of money. Well a home based business is the same but the cost is significantly less.

    A job you shouldn’t have to pay for.. Let’s stop with the blanket statements. Ameriplan may not be right for you for a number of reasons. But to call it a scam because you’re expected to make an investment as a business owner is totally off base.

Eddy Salomon - May 1, 2012 Reply

You’re welcome Jessie! Glad you find it so useful. Please be sure to become a subscriber if you want to read more articles:

Jessie - April 28, 2012 Reply

I would like to say thank you for this site.  It was helpful.

T.J. - April 27, 2012 Reply

Well said Robbie! These days it’s so hard to believe anything! I worked at a place for 14 years and I got that “no cause termination” as well. In so many words, they made my position exempt, and said they couldn’t afford me anymore! Been out of work three months. When you work so hard, for so many years, then something like that happens, you just don’t know who to trust. Take care. 

    Eddy Salomon - April 27, 2012 Reply

    I think that’s what the problem is. People are trusting companies to do the right thing by them. Companies are about the bottom line. They could care less about you, it’s nothing personal but more business than anything.

    So with that in mind you always have to look out for yourself. You can’t depend on a company to always do the right thing by you. But you can depend on yourself and make decisions that put you in a position of power instead of a company.

    This applies to Ameriplan or if you’re an employee at a company. Companies don’t feel like they owe you jack diddly regardless of how many good years you have given them.

    So take matters into your own hands. Start your own business! That way the buck starts and ends with you. Complaining and blaming the companies that have wrong us doesn’t help improve our situations. Taking action and focusing on what we can control does.

    That’s just my two cents.

Eddy Salomon - April 19, 2012 Reply

Thanks for sharing your experience. Unfortunately not every Rep is going to represent their company the way they are suppose to. Some will use tactics that the company may not necessarily endorse, appreciate or are even aware of.

Let’s take your own family for instance, there are probably certain family members that act a little wild or in appropriate. If someone was to meet that family member would it really be fair to judge your whole family based on that one person and experience?

So that’s something to think about it. There are always bad apples in the bunch of any group of people.

Either way I appreciate that you shared this.

ML - April 11, 2012 Reply

iIlove reading these comments from all the high powered business men and women who can not SPELL!! The word is vulture NOT vulchers, unless you habitually spell phonetically??

Jo - April 9, 2012 Reply

I have been researching AmeriPlan also.  I have not yet had my first ‘phone interview’.  Here’s the scoop.  I came across this opportunity from , read the information on AmeriPlan’s website.  I requested an interview, and the best time to contact me was early morning.  I received an email ( computer generated?) that I would be called within 1-2 days.  That was one week ago today.  Friday evening (Good Friday), as I was on my way to church for Good Friday evening services, I received a phone call, and I basically explained that it was ‘Good Friday’, to which the representative on the phone seemed confused by what I said.  Finally I said.. “Its Good Friday, you know, Sunday is Easter”, to which she said ” I know that”.  LOL  OK, now instead of apologizing for calling me at a bad time, she went on about  (7:40pm) having the interview. Again, I told her I couldn’t do it ‘right now’, I also reminded her that I had also stated in my information, that the best time to call was early mornings.  She then said “We have had a huge response to our ads, and people are jumping in to sign up, that’s why we are running behind, but you can call me back if you decide this is what you want to do.  … WHAT?  okay, I asked her what time they started taking calls, and she said 8:00am.  So, I told her I would call her Monday morning.  I then received an email from her on Saturday afternoon… didn’t confirm or deny our conversation, just basically a link to their web site, then this morning I noticed an email from her sent at approx 3am, again with a link to their website.  So, this morning at approx 8:45am I called her, left a voice mail, and then around 10:45, I hit ‘reply’ to one of her emails, confirming our conversation from Friday evening, and my voice mail at 8:45am today.  I wonder when she will call back.  Probably tomorrow afternoon, as I’m at church participating in a Grief Share Group.  

    Debbiedix49 - April 18, 2012 Reply

    Hi Jo, thanks for your comments. I feel that they are honest and sincere. I’ve read through all of the post, It appears that on this site there are comments posted of personal experiences +  1-2 people who are cheerleaders for Ameriplan.  I’ve worked as a healthcare professional for 24 years. I’ve worked with indigent clients who cannot afford insurance and sit for hours at the county hospitals and clinics to get an opportunity to see a physician.  What I absolutely cannot tolerate is a pyramid scheme that takes advantage of people of lower socioeconomic sector.  My PERSONAL experience: My sister invited me to an Ameriplan “training”.  She had asked me to attend the meeting with her which was her 3rd.  When I inquired about the company or what it was involved she was very limited on what she would tell me. This was my FIRST FLAG.  I asked of the name of the company and she gave another nameSuccession Group then Ameriplan.  SECOND FLAG.  She was extremely vague.  I had told her that I was looking to make extra income but was going in very skeptical because as our mother and father had taught us anything that appears and sounds “too good to be true” usually is too good to be true. We went to the meeting tonight 4/17 in Ft.Worth,TX. She was wisked away to her “3rd training” and I was left in a room of “first time visitors” which I soon realized we were “the new hires”.  The speaker began reading our names and what we did for a living.  Over 85% of the people in the room were unemployed and were looking “to become rich”.  The speaker focued on how rich he was which he repeated at least 20-30 times during his lecture.  He said at the onset he encouraged open dialouge however whenever someone had a question he appeared extremely agitated. One gentleman asked him about 20 minutes into his long story about coming from rags to riches and the receptionist who purchased a car last Saturday with her first check – just what was involved, “are we selling anything”.  The speaker lied stating “nothing at all”. he continued to ask the same thing over how many want to be rich and show of hands etc.  The gentleman again asked could you tell us what exactly is involved.  The speaker told him he had to be patient and suggested he leave if he could not and the man became angry and left. As he descriged this excellent insruance covering everything from dental to plastic surgery, cancer and acceptance of precondition illness’ I asked is this an “insurance” certified under the state of texas insurance commision or a beneft /discount card/plan?  His face became red and he spoke rapidly as he rushed his words saying something to the effect that it was the same benefits as your major insurance but no it’s not an insurance.  So in essence it’s a discount card that you pay monthly membership fee is what I can best understand.  Then the clipboards with the agreements were handed out and explained basically to sign this if you want to become rich.  Many people hurried and signed but I held mine and a wanted to read the service agreement on the back which NO one did nor did he offer to go over. He hurried and began to give away round trip airflights and hotel accommodation drawings which everyone in the room including myself received.  He said these were for anywhere in the USA at any time, any date or any place.  When you read the certificate it has multiple limitations and only 4 places you can visit which are Los Angeles CA, Orlando FL, New Orleans LA, Las Vegas and Reno NV. I walked way not feeling comfortable with the presentation. My sister who is sold on this “get rich quick idea” was somewhat angry that I did not jump on the bandwagon.  As we were leaving she made the statement that in her training they keep telling them that there will be people who are so “suckered into paying $3,000 deductibles that they will try and discourage you, but just keep brining in more folks and you will reap the rewards”.for her sake, I pray that is true.  This is a woman who has worked hard all her life, was laid off and lost her husband to cancer and looking toward her future.One of the things I’ve taken pride is being an advocate for others and my personal morals and ethics when it comes to helping others.  Do I really want to encourage folks who have to decide to pay their light bill or get their medications to pay $19.99 0 $150.00 month depending on their “bundle” and they are NOT getting dental and medical insurance but a discount card?

    Jayme Boyles - April 29, 2012 Reply

     Hi there,

    Sorry to hear of your experience.  I have always heard great things about the meetings but as Eddy said not everyone presents an opportunity in the same way nor are they always upfront about everything.  I know I am always upfront with my prospects about exactly what it is we do and that is basically helping people save money on their Medical or Dental needs (and yes the savings are very good) or we help others start their own home business with AmeriPlan.

    If your sister is truly wanting a positive change in her life, trust me it can happen with AmeriPlan. I have been with the company for four years and have built my business to a full time residual income in four years as a stay at home mom.  It might not be a business for you but I truly hope she succeeds! 🙂

    Lydia Crandell - May 26, 2012 Reply

    thanks, that’s just what I thought. I was recruited by someone I definitely did not know but appeared to be legit. I asked her how long she had been with the company, she stated 1 month (not long enough) Then she went on to say the costs were $50-$150/month depending on the tier. A month, are you serious? I don’t have that kind of money being on a fixed income. Then I asked her and told her it sounded like a pyramid scheme, in which she told me she had no idea what that was. I explained it to her as much as I could and the told her to research the term on Google. I implored this woman not to quit her job before she really found out what Ameriplan was all about. I have been researching other online opportunities and tell them as I told her, if it requires me to pay money up front, don’t go any further in the presentation. I am basically looking to work online legitimately, not so much as to own my own business, to supplement my SS. income. I have no intention having paying those kind of fees monthly and then busting my butt. I know every company has complaints and the ones I’ve researched including this one is no exception. I just know that this one is not for me. Good luck everybody and God bless.

Jboyles - March 14, 2012 Reply

I am not sure how you could call a 20 year old Company a scam.  I personally have a very large member base and they do keep the plans and use them and save money.  I have been with AmeriPlan for four years and have only experienced a true honest company that is always offering new incentives and ways to help their representatives grow their business.
The government doesn’t “pay you back” what you spend on your business but rather allows you to have home office tax deductions.  You are able to deduct your investment, overhead, internet, of your taxable income  (I am not a tax professional of course).  I would advise you to seek professional tax advice about your deductions.

    Sdgerbrach - April 26, 2012 Reply

     You have that right.  I’ve been with Ameriplan for several years and have experienced only good and I plan to stay right here.  I’ve also used the programs  and saved money.  Love it Love it!!!!

Eddy Salomon - March 9, 2012 Reply


My name keeps coming up because I run this site. So I try to make it a habit of responding and chiming in when possible.

I’ve been an active work at home seeker and researcher since 2000 and actually a little before that. I was merely a man looking to find a way to make money at home legitimately. I got scammed, and decided I didn’t want anyone else going through this and started my sites.

So my knowledge is based on real world experience. I don’t just write about this stuff, I actually live it. I make a full time living running this site. So that’s where my experience comes from.

If you read my other material, you’ll get a better feel of what I do and how I have helped others:

Man from McKavett - March 8, 2012 Reply

Eddy-I was researching AmeriPlan with my son that is considering joining AmeriPlan-I see your name & remarks numerous times offering advice/answering questions, etc., and I got real curious about something: Exactly what is your background or what are your qualifications to offer the advice you extend to others? I’m not questioning you or your integrity at all, just kinda of curious. I used to do pretty much the same thing (not on the internet, but face to face) in a completely different line of work altogether. I spent 27 years in that industry & had reached the talked about “glass ceiling.” I had an excellent reputation & ended up being sought after for advice by some of the largest employers in the area in my particular industry. I have always had the utmost respect for people that have gained a vast knowledge simply by working their butt off & ending up being sought after for advice/direction from their peers. It is a very rewarding feeling to know you may have offered positive influence to another individual. You know they say: “Success is to know even one life has breathed easier because you lived.” 

Man from McKavett - March 8, 2012 Reply

Cyndi – I don’t understand your complaint – Ameriplan offers you a discounted price. but you’re saying that it cost you more with the discount than it would cost if you paid the regular price ?
Please excuse me if that makes no sense to me at all !! That’s almost like saying the regular price is $6.00 but with a discount, the price is $7.00 – Duh !! By the way, what is a “tax income ?” I am familiar with an “income tax” but I’ve not heard of a “tax income.”

Cyndi29_2009 - March 3, 2012 Reply

I worked with Ameriplan USA and lost alot of money because you pay 50.00 a month and buy all supplies in order to sign people up for it.But every time someone would sign up they would drop it after the first time they used it and when i used mine i could see why my drug store even told me it was just a scam because It was going to cost more to use it then just pay out right for it.And they say you can get your money back on your tax income sorry but thats a lie they said i could get nothing back …Sorry but It is a SCAM…

    Samantha Parent - September 15, 2012 Reply

    I don’t have as much experience as most of the people here, I only used my RX card once, but I did save $22. Many pharmacists are not friendly about discount cards. I had one before Ameriplan and the pharmacist argued with me about running it. He eventually did and I got almost half off my prescriptions. Because the pharmacist is arrogant doesn’t make it a scam. I do save $30 a month on my T Mobile bill which was a nice surprise! I didn’t even know that when I joined. And my friend paid $15 for her dental plan, and saved $490 on her root canal. I think that is more than worth the $15. And my CPA told me I could expect $1500-$3000 extra on my tax return based on my income vs deductions and credits. She also told me I could deduct about 20% of my utilities and rent because I use 1 room in a 5 room house for my office. She is a certified professional so I ‘m not sure who you spoke with….sorry they misinformed you.

    Karen Belter - May 26, 2014 Reply

    in your case, you willingly paid and got what you bought. if people exercise caution, ameriplan will confine itself as to what is realistic. not a scam.

Mrhowardb - February 25, 2012 Reply

Hello Everyone,

Today I sat in on one of the “recruitment conference calls” with a (Sally) who was the presenter and spoke literally a mile a minute on the call I smartphone app recorded her saying your residuals can be willed and paid for as long as the client doesn’t cancel.. Now I am learning how the company circumvents paying the residuals from their “90% retention rate” is by firing people and having it written into a contract they can “terminate you with no cause” so all your hard earned residual money is gone. SCAM if I EVER HEARD OF ONE. As some of the former IBO have a class action lawsuit because of this clear lie and deception.

I actually thought hard about coughing up the $169.00 to start but thought better of it and glad I did my due diligence.


    Man from McKavett - March 8, 2012 Reply

    Howard – I don’t know what state you’re talking about when you say they were fired without notice. If you are talking about the state of Texas, the complaint is invalid because Texas is an “at will state.” What that means is simply this: In the state of Texas, when an employer hires an employee, the employer or the employee can terminate the employment at any time (at will) with or without reason.
    ( The reason can be a good reason for either, a bad reason for either, or, neither one requires a reason.) If you are currently employed in Texas, you could tell your employer tomorrow that you quit & you are not required to offer a reason or excuse, and the same goes for the employer. That doesn’t make you a bad risk as an employee for a future company, nor does it mean your former employer is a scam or a crook. It just happens to be a matter of “law” in the state of Texas & it has been tried many times in court and the employer has always retained the right of terminating an employee “at the will of the employer..” Nor can the former employer take you to court & require you to justify why you quit. What goes around, can also come around.

    Samantha Parent - September 15, 2012 Reply

    I can understand how these figures would scare you, terminating all of these people with no “good reason”. I learned of this way before I joined Ameriplan, and I also steered clear of it. Until I came to Eddy’s site, and read his honest opinion of it. Not for him, but not a scam. Then I did more research…..any company that has been around for 20 years and has an A rating with the BBB without being a member of it….just saying. But anyway, those people were “terminated” because of unethical practices. I am proud to say the company I work with has such a high ethical standard that they would be willing to let go thousands of dollars of their own revenue to get rid of the garbage. Think about it, you were about to pay $150…all of those people who were let go, were paying every month too. Do you think they would have willingly given up that income had they not had a good reason? And don’t say they saved in residuals because our residuals are only a percentage of what is paid, so the actual payments from these people are a lot higher. Doesn’t that make sense? Maybe not, all I know is I am a mother of 2 small kids, and I was so sick of working my behind off, barely paying the bills, struggling thru college, and never seeing my kids. Now, only 6 months later, I am a work at home mom, I never miss any of my kids events, and I have people emailing and calling me regularly thanking me for saving them so much money or changing their lives. I am not wealthy by any means, I still have to rent my home for probably another 2 years before I am out of debt. But I have replaced my income and I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Most importantly, I see my kids. I raise my kids, not someone else. I read their bedtime story, and tuck them in. Not a babysitter. I agree the opportunity is not right for everyone, I completely agreee with that! But I bet your favorite restaurant has had it’s share of complaints, and you still eat there. If you talked to those people who complained on the restaurant, they would tell you it’s the most awful place in the world LOL.

Jayme Boyles - February 11, 2012 Reply

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to share a “behind the scenes” utube click of AmeriPlan’s first Cadillac Club winners. (hope that is ok Eddy 😉  The video shows the corporate office, staff, and some freedom at home team members cruising in their caddy.  I hope it helps anyone looking at the AmeriPlan opportunity to know that we are real, the people at corporate are real, and we have a real – amazing opportunity!
Have a great weekend

    Babgrl52 - April 7, 2012 Reply

    So I am trying to become apart of Ameriplan. The young lady that I am dealing with keeps sending me emails with no link on how to get started. I sent her another email explaining this to her and she resends me the intro email and tells me to ask for an interview. So confused and frustrated to were I am not for sure I want to do this anymore….Do I have to buy a plan to get started working?

    Jayme Boyles - May 1, 2012 Reply

     I just saw this comment, I apologize for the delayed response.  If you have her phone number I would call her, it seems a bit odd that you say you are ready but she doesn’t give you her enrollment link.  Hopefully you have already gotten started by the time you read this 😉

JD22x - February 3, 2012 Reply

Okay, I recently got an offer from Amerscam (Ameriplan) sorry had to be a little sarcastic, anyways it sounded awesome because I as a stay at home dad, could not work at a “REAL” job anymore due to the hectic schedule and going back to school, my wife being a nurse makes wayyy more money than me at the moment, so me and this lady were talking about the IBO option which I felt would be right for me to be the sales consultant or whatever they called it, anywhom it was an hour on the phone and she had me hooked with all the benefits and exciting opportunity to build a business with no boss up my a hole the whole time i work lol, so i did some research, come to find out they are no longer “accredited” by the BBB which they lied in the automated call i had to listen to before the so called interview which i did most the interviewing in lol, then i accessed the list of providers and come to find out none of them take Ameriplan nor do they take any discount plans for that fact, wanna know why? because the providers do not profit off this plan, they make no money, no denero! so no wonder they dont accept it, i wouldnt and i used to be a medical professional and worked with alot of doctors and they make alot of money, wanna know how? BECAUSE THEY TAKE INSURANCE NOT “DISCOUNT PLANS” if these doctors just took discount plans then theyd go out of business, only the crappy ones would take it just to get that extra advertisement, yea they get put on a list big whoop!, so to cut it short i emailed her back and stated in a very nice way that i was not interested and good luck on her recruitment, well later on she emailed me back trying to con me or bribe me to go forward with it by offering me a lousy $25 gift card if i signed up before sunday which was a few days away lol, wow! $25 dollars! holy crap i thought i’d be rich i could go buy me a happy meal!, lol well i declined respectfully and nicely, so she emailed back a few hours later and in the title is said “Spouse wont let you work at home?” and in the email it said something about a guy who didnt want his wife working at home and blah blah blah he made it big with ameriscam, well i took that as an insult because before my wife became a successful nurse making 40k+ a year just as an LVN, i was the one who paid for who school i was the one who made the big bucks, i was a very respectful firefighter paramedic, which said earlier the hours are hectic and for any of you who were are know of that kind of profession you can back me up, so i got mad yes because even though she works while i sit at home and care for our 4 year old son, “I” still manage the bills “I” still take care of everything and not only do i cook clean and take care of our son i am still the man of the house, my wife looks to me for advice and expects me to be the man of the house even though she works, so a little insulted? yes, maybe because this so called recruiter had told me she was divorced and needed income and she was happy with ameriplan, well lady i can see why your divorced because your husband could see your bs just like i did lol and you probably drawin child support off him too so thats a big plus, my wife puts you to shame lady because shes an independent woman who not only provides for our family but still she has the respect to still call me the man of the house, shes stronger than me and i respect all women like her, so take your poor divorced ass and scam someone else! and i will definitely warn everyone else and the job posting web site i found you on, scam scam scam. On the flipside i think aflac does work at home opportunities which i will check into that because its actually a well known company, but always do research and find out the details before signing up, and dont be bribed into it with gift cards or whatever crap theyre offering, any company you gotta pay for is a scam because your paying for their top dogs to stay wealthy while your busting your tail trying to sell benefits that do not exist.

    Jayme B - February 10, 2012 Reply

    This business definitely isn’t for everyone and that is a good thing!  I personally have been with AmeriPlan for four years and make more than I ever did working outside the home at a good paying job.  I am a mother and wife and it is too bad you felt the way you did about the woman you talked to about joining.  I started as a new business owner, as all new people do and built my business to truly be successful.  I believe that anyone that starts a home business and truly goes for their goals and dreams of financial freedom and of being their own boss should be praised, not made fun of, no matter what business they are in or if you are interested or not.  There are so many people struggling to make ends meet or relying on the government….praise should go to America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners, they are the backbone of America!!!

    This business structure is about giving everyone an opportunity to be successful, to bring everyone to the top, not keep them at the bottom like corporate America.  I suggest anyone who isn’t familiar with the true leverage of residual income and network marketing check out Robert Kiyosaki’s site:

    This company is REAL, the services are REAL.  Doctors and Dentists accept discount plans because they receive clients from our network of over 2 million for one, and for two, they already give discounts to insurance companies, then they have paperwork filing overhead and a waiting period to get paid.  They also receive benefits for being in our network for themselves and their staff.  Why would someone want to pay $1500 for a crown when they can join a dental plan and pay $550 with no waiting period! 

    I have many satisfied members and use the plan myself personally.  I personally love my members and they stay with me a long time, that says alot!  So in all due respect, I think before you bash a company and their service/product you should use it personally or speak to someone that has used it and has benefited from it 😉  I just spoke with a lady 2 days ago that save $35k on her hospital bill with our plan and was left with only $2,500 to pay on her husband’s bill.  That is not chump change !  On a personal note, my own mother has had AmeriPlan dental for 14 years (way before I was in business) and because she is on a disability, she only emergency coverage (extractions).  She has saved thousands of dollars on her dental work and I know it has truly helped her.

    I wish you all of the best in your search of finding something that fits you!

    Dxs94 - May 23, 2012 Reply

    Doctors and Dentists definitely do not give discounts to insurance companies. They charge insurance companies more than they would a person because they know they can get away with it. 
    I will give a hypothetical example of a person with the plan. The plan obviously targets low income people. Now it is obvious this person cannot afford to pay for their own healthcare. Let’s put this hypothetical person on a regular dental insurance plan of $50 that covers everything. Now lets say Ameriplan offers 80% coverage at $20. Regardless of which plan this person is using they will have to pay in a fee. If they aren’t using the service then that money is just going to waste. Now say a person on Ameriplan Dental needs some sort of service that would be $1500 (to use your example) they would still have to pay quite a bit even though savings would be good. they will still end up paying $550 (your example) plus a $240 annual fee. That same person on the insurance plan would have a higher annual fee  of $600 but would pay none of the dental costs. With just one use a real insurance company sounds better. 
    On whatever type of plan you use if you don’t use the service you will be losing money. As I already said though this hypothetical person is very likely in the lower end of income distribution. Say they need some sort of procedure but can’t pay for the left over cost, then they lose the money that they have payed in for membership and do’t get their procedure. At least on an insurance plan they will get what they need. But over a long period of time if it is actually used insurance works out better. If you don’t have any plans on actually using it though then Ameriplan can be more cost efficient.

    That was all consumer side. As a “potential” seller myself I went to one of the recruiting meetings. There was a presentation where the guy went on for about an hour talking about nothing, and then finally got into what the product was. He worked harder trying to sell the product to us than trying to get us to want to sell it. It was obvious that they were going to make money for everyone who signed up. They pressed it too hard. They are so obviously concerned with their own profits and try to pretend that they were concerned with “our” profits. The only reason they would want us to be in it is so that they would be paid more.

    Now yeah this does seem to be a perfectly legitimate company. But it is nothing more than that. It is just another company concerned with getting the higher ups rich while all the rest do the work.

Eddy Salomon - January 26, 2012 Reply

No nothing is making $0.00 with your work at home efforts and that’s what a lot of people are earning with their efforts. So $120.00 is something. That’s gas money, groceries,dinner, an internet bill, etc. It’s definitely something. A business takes time to build up where it gets to the point where you can replace a job and pay all your bills. But $120 per month is nothing to sneeze at especially when it comes to this industry.

Jayme Boyles - January 16, 2012 Reply

Hello Everyone!  I just wanted to share some awesome information for those looking at the AmeriPlan opportunity.  There are some really great recent announcemtns.
We have an amazing updated website with blog, you can go to:  🙂 

Also, we now have a Cadillac Club, as well as additional bonus money available for new ibos!  The club requirements can be found here:

Have a great week everyone!

Eddy Salomon - October 31, 2011 Reply

Research the company that offered this to you following the steps in our scam video: The fact that you’re questioning should already tell you something is terribly wrong. Trust your instincts.

Ldyweld2000 - September 24, 2011 Reply

hello again. it’s Victoria Sanderson IBO 🙂 I just wanted to clear somethings up around here!! I have been w/AP for 8 weeks and have signed 8 people (not bad for a welder who has never done this line of work before!) ok let’s set the record straight..b/c I had a prospect ask me about this mess the other day and I didn’t know what to say, NOW I DO!
1. It was NOT 900 it was 200-400
2. If you had not put anything on the books in 18 months then…well..that’s just lazy. Another job wouldn’t have waited as long to fire you.. I promise!
3. If you are unethically trying to do 2 jobs at the same time….then guess what? You’re going to get fired!!!
4. Some of the people I have met have stressed to me how ashamed they are of the way you are behaving on here! Some of our NVP have even referenced you as a friend!
5. If AP is so horrible why are some of the employees that were let go…..coming back?!?!?!

God Bless you for telling what I guess you think is the truth,
Victoria Sanderson
Independent Business Owner
Ameriplan Corporate

P.S. I don’t mind anyone knowing my name up here….it’s a free country 🙂 God bless!

    Robbie - November 6, 2011 Reply

    Victoria you are caught in your leaders trap…. so were we…..  I read you # 1 -5 and that is what the leaders are saying to you…..  first of all it was approx 900   not that 200 – 400 wouldn’t be wrong too.   WE WERE TERMINATED UNDER A “NO CAUSE TERMINATION”  THAT MEANS WE DID NOTHING WRONG….  NO CAUSE….. DO YOU GET THAT…..  THEY DIDN’T HAVE A REASON TO TERMINATE US….  AGAIN “A NO CAUSE TERMINATION?”   When you make enough money and worked hard for many years like us you WILL BE TERMINATED TOO….  they don’t want to pay the residuals….  Most of us terminated wrote business up to the day we were let go…..  me and my team ONLY  worked Ameriplan….  but your leaders work several jobs under different names….  Janie has 3 businesses …..diff. names… so does Kelly Kristie ….  and your leaders are upset about this getting out cause its effecting business sign ups…….  MOST OF ALL….  THE BIGGEST LIE…… NO ONE WOULD OR HAS RETURNED TO AMERIPLAN…. WHY WOULD ANYONE RETURN AFTER WE BUILT A BUSINESS AND THEY STOLE OUR MONEY…   you would have to be a fool to believe this….      here is what you need to know….

    Anthonly Anderson won his law suit for wrongful termination


    Jayme Boyles - January 11, 2012 Reply

    @5ccd6cad3780dbd93a49c111982fcca8:disqus   I am SO glad to hear you are loving your business!!  Our commission is BETTER than ever right now, my income has literally tripled this year with the new 40% commission.  I wish you all the best in your business!  2012 will be an EPIC year!!!

    Johnstewart37 - March 23, 2012 Reply

    Very good, Victoria!

    John Stewart Jr
    Regional Sales Director
    Business Developer

Ldyweld2000 - September 20, 2011 Reply

So why didn’t you take them to court? I just became an IBO 2 months ago so please enlighten me…

    Robbie - November 6, 2011 Reply

    we are in a law suit…. to answer your question….  many people have sued and won against ameriplan.

MsEdrena - July 7, 2011 Reply

I don’t think it’s a scam but if I understood correctly the information I read (the pay grid), most people, it seemed, made less than 1,000 a year. Correct me if I’m wrong ANYBODY.

I spent time within a three day period going over everything on their website reading almost all the information and viewing the few videos that worked, was in frequent contact with a woman by name of M Rappa, who was one of the recruiters, I decided not to purchase their website (with its monthly fees), which is necessary for being able to do what is required in order to work the business. Besides, I have no desire at this point in time to go back on the phones to do anything in the sales/customer service venue.

    Robbie - July 10, 2011 Reply

    depends what you believe a scam is…..  can you make money yes….. but then they terminate you when they have to pay you a high residual …… ask 900 of us who where terminated under a NO CAUSE …I was there 5 years…  I think building a residual and building a business for a company then thaking it away from you for NO CAUSE and keeping all your customers and ibos and just cutting you out when you did the work…..   IS A DEFINITE SCAM….  A PLAN FOR THE COMPANY.  Its been going on for years at AP

    Johnstewart37 - March 23, 2012 Reply

    There is always a reason people get terminated (valid or not). Robbie, how much research have you done to truly back what you’re saying? If you were one that was let go, then you know why. Besides, the news is reporting daily of major, “legitimate” corporations trimming the fat so they can stay within their projections. Are they scams too? 

    Ldyweld2000 - September 27, 2011 Reply

    You’re wrong. Sorry but it’s true. I’ve only been with the company 8 weeks and I’m already making 120.00 a month and that’s with 2 people in on a promotion 🙂 sooo it’s a great company!! Some people just got busted moonlighting and getting greedy and they got caught!

    MsEdrena - October 6, 2011 Reply

    No need to apologize or to be sorry if I’m wrong. No loss to me that I was wrong. If you read my comments you may have seen that I asked for anybody to correct me if I were wrong. I also implied that I may not have understood the information correctly, and that I didn’t think it was a scam.

    I have no idea of people getting busted for moonlighting as that was not included in any of the information that I found at their website. 

    Thank you for correcting my error because the main reason for the article was to gather any information that may benefit anyone who may have been considering this as an opportunity for them to get involved and make some money. Congratulations on your apparent success with Ameriplan and my sincere wishes for the best of success in the future.


    Eddy Salomon - October 6, 2011 Reply

    You are the epitome of class!

    MsEdrena - October 7, 2011 Reply

    Thank you, Eddy. As you know, I, along with (at the very least), 99.99% of us who visit workathomenoscams, very highly respect you, trust your judgment, and your very sage advice, and we are also VERY grateful for all that you do to bring us valid and trustworthy information on scams and legitimate opportunities. This is what it’s all about. You’re our own personal PI (private investigator), doing all the “leg-work,” all the investigations, then bringing back and sharing with us the pros and the cons of various opportunities. This gives us a  definite edge–not only saving us tons of time, but saving us much of our hard-earned money on SCAMS that, without your investigations, we were not aware of prior to your very thorough and diligent reports displayed here on this website. Once you provide the information you’ve gathered, then share with us here, we are empowered, as a result, should we chose to do so, to make informed, intelligent decisions–no muss, no fuss.
    I visited the Ameriplans website only after you’d investigated and reported on it becaus I TRUST you totally. As I said in my initial post, I felt that it was possible that I didn’t understand some of the information that was made available at the Ameriplans website. I thought that I’d made it plain that ANYBODY with personal knowledge and/or better understanding to feel free to correct me. Ameriplans was not for me, but I still wish the very best for anyone blessed to find success there.  

    As for you, Eddy:

    Thanks for all that YOU are doing DAILY to help those of us who will listen, then heed your advice, which allows us to keep more of our money in our own pockets and away from these predatory, greedy, scammers. I’ve lost thousands of dollars to scams and I’d never wish on anyone the heartache and losses I suffered as a result of “flying blind.”

    LaBayBee787 - January 26, 2012 Reply

    120.00??? that’s nothing…was that a typo?

Littleeagleenterprises - June 30, 2011 Reply

Xpress Healthcare has been a Godsend for me (former RSD) and a terminated ESD in my upline.  Not only do they NOT terminate you without cause, but we earn more in 3 months with Xpress the 2 and 5 years put in at Ameriplan!  Look up Team Gold Rush on google to find out more about us!

Msrcozart - June 26, 2011 Reply

When and how do u get paid when working with Ameriplan???

    Robbie - June 30, 2011 Reply

    you only get paid as long as you are making less then you pay them for the membership…  once you are making a good residual they terminate you and take your residual money away.   I worked for them for 5 years…  900 of us were terminated for under a NO CAUSE termination… meaning for no reason…. they just didn’t want to pay any longer….. company is in trouble be smart..

    Jboyles - July 1, 2011 Reply

    When working with AmeriPlan, you get paid daily on commission (40-80%) for the applications you submitted the day before.  You also receive 20-40% (depending on which Level you start as a Representative) Residual Commission on a monthly basis.

    Lolo - October 30, 2011 Reply

    well, i got offer a job as a customer service rep for 22 per hour. is it true

Kelly Fulloveit - June 6, 2011 Reply

Bobbie is still around – spoke to her a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if she is still enrolling though.

Eddy Salomon - June 5, 2011 Reply

I think that’s definitely the case because I still see her on my facebook fanpage. Wish this system would have automatically kept the email subscriptions from the previous system. I really do believe that’s why we haven’t heard from the previous members that always chime in.

Stephanie - June 3, 2011 Reply

Is BobbI Prim still in Ameriplan or is she still around.  I know she has a website but I dont see Ameriplan I really like her she is a great person!

    Jayme Boyles - June 3, 2011 Reply

    Bobbi is still with AmeriPlan as far as I know, I like her alot too!  I don’t think she has subscribed to this blog since it has been updated, so she might not see your comment 🙂

Eddy Salomon - June 1, 2011 Reply

Thanks Jayme! Hope you had a great one too.

Jayme Boyles - May 30, 2011 Reply

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!! ~ Jayme

Reese - May 12, 2011 Reply

Wow…I have been with AmeriPlan for about nine months now and I absolutely love it. I have never seen so many negative comments about AmeriPlan before. It kinda makes me wonder if those comments were posted by the same person. If you are gonna criticize, be brave enough to show your face. Like others have said, AmeriPlan is not for everyone but it is definitely a legitimate opportunity to make money from home IF you don’t have a problem with being on the phone for at least 2 hours a day. This is something I really struggled with in the beginning because I was not a phone person at all but I knew that if I wanted it to work, I had to develop my phone skills so that’s what I did. The problem is that AmeriPlan is a business and MOST PEOPLE have no business being business owners. If you are not willing to commit to Personal Development, then you should never even think about building a home based business. As far as them letting 200 or 900 people go, I knew nothing about that so I can’t speak on it but all I know is that if they take my check after me busting my a** to build it…I’m taking a trip to Plano, TX…I’m just saying!! I am not a top producer yet but well on my way so I guess I’ll have to wait and see…until then…AmeriPlan is the best place to be if you would like to get paid well for HELPING OTHERS!!

    Jayme - May 21, 2011 Reply

    Glad you are loving your biz Reese!!!  I have been with AmeriPlan for almost 4 years and am busier than ever…just keep going with passion and commitment and you will be a Top Producer!!  Good Luck to you, see you at the Top!!!
    And What
    an Extraordinary Feeling it is to Truly help people!!  I wanted to share this with everyone…I got a call from one of my Dental Clients yesterday telling me
    how much she loves her Plan and her AmeriPlan Dentist and thanking me
    for all I have done to help her…it was a tear jerker I tell ya! I was
    actually blown away by her savings for her extractions and partial, she
    was quoted over $6k… her insurance capped at $1k…after her insurance and AmeriPlan she only had
    to pay $480 for everything..LOVE THAT !!!

    Eddy…I have not been receiving any emails for blog posts…that is probably why no one is chiming in?  I know we are all still here, seems since you updated I get no email notices 🙂

    And just wanted to share…We have a VERY exciting new compensation plan!!  I hope I am not too winded Eddy…but it is detailed, hope you don’t mind 😉
    Here’s how it all breaks down: When
    you enroll someone to work with the company or someone into one of our
    benefit packages, you will receive either 20%, 30% or 40% daily upfront
    and monthly residual commissions depending on which level you are. – As a Level One Rep, you will receive 20% double upfront commission
    and monthly residual income on each piece of business you put on the
    books. The upfront commission will be between $6-$60 and the monthly
    residual will be between $3-$30 for the same membership you enrolled
    once. – Level 1 (Platinum Plus) ~ $50.00/mo
    Includes Dental Plus, ID Securenet Plus, Savings on Dining Out,
    Automotive, Entertainment, Shopping and more.
    – As a Level Two Rep, you will receive 30% double upfront commission
    on each piece of business. The upfront commission will be between
    $9-$90 and the monthly residual will be between $5-$45 for the same
    membership you enrolled once.
    – Level 2 (Total Platinum) ~ $75.00/mo
    Includes Dental Plus, ID SecureNet Plus, Total Health, Savings on Dining Out,
    Automotive, Entertainment, Shopping and more.
    – As a Level Three Rep, you will receive 40% double upfront commission
    on each new piece of business. The upfront commission will be between
    $12-$120 and the monthly residual will be between $6-$60 for the same
    membership you enrolled once.
      – Level 3 (Platinum FreedomPass)~ $150/mo Includes Dental Plus, ID SecureNet Plus, Total Health, Savings on Dining Out, Automotive,
    Recreation, Shopping, Cruise, Car Rental, Condo & Resorts, Golf,
    Home & Garden, Hotel, Movies, Grocery Coupons, AmeriDoc,
    Telemedicine and so much more!

    Hope this helps anyone out there doing their research!Jayme

    Eddy Salomon - May 23, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for chiming in. I was wondering what was happening to the supporters.
    We did update our commenting system. You can subscribe using the subscribe by email link towards the top of the comment box.

    Robbie - May 25, 2011 Reply

    Well Reese we loved it too….. me for 5 years….. until they terminated 900 of us under a NO CAUSE SO THAT THEY NO LONGER HAVE TO PAY US….   once you have a high residual  YOU TOO WILL BE CANNED… they have been doing it for years….    you need to do your homework on this company….   read this:      these were all people who thought ameriplan was a great company…    NO CAUSE means you get terminated for NOTHING…..   they just don’t want to pay you…  sadly you will find out..   oh and people don’t post their names cause we are in the middle of a law suit….  we are advised not to.

    Bob - August 12, 2011 Reply

    I was with them 10 years. I had one of the biggest AmeriPlan organizations in my State. They terminated me for no cause, except that they wanted to steal my vested residual income and keep it for themselves. Dennis and Daniel Bloom are liars and crooks. Do yourself a favor and find an honest business so you won’t have to start over again like the 900 of us have to. If you don’t believe us, ask why almost all of the top 10 producers in the history of the company are gone. Ask how many full time employees they have in their home office. They used to have 240. Ask what they mean about lifetime residual income, and ask why the 900 of us who were promised lifetime residual income are not getting it any more. Then ask yourself, “How will I feel when they take it away from me?”

Monique - May 4, 2011 Reply

I’m so glad I got out of this company, while I could. I was generating a lot of leads but due to a few personal issues, I stopped following up/contacting them. I got out because I believe in promoting a product that I like (I’m paying $50/month so I better use it!) But, I couldn’t find a single place in my area that accepted Ameriplan! And I do not live out in the boonies either! I live and work out of the greater Phoenix, AZ area, but I called my top 4 dental choices for braces and NONE even heard of Ameriplan. Yea, I couldn’t in good sell that anymore.

I’m now working with Team BeachBody as a coach and I’m finding that really fun. I’ve been using the products for years and am very glad that they have a opp put together.

    Tammydoolittle - January 25, 2012 Reply

    You could’ve referred the dental and doctor offices to Ameriplan and they might have become members and you would have had somewhere to go to use your benefits. Most dentists and doctors will accept Ameriplan.

Colleen - April 29, 2011 Reply


There is a new discount health company that you should review called Xpresshealthcare.

Robbie - April 23, 2011 Reply

looks like the ameriplan recruiters ran away from this site..

    Eddy Salomon - April 23, 2011 Reply

    I have noticed the supporters are very quiet of late. I don’t know if that’s because they feel that no matter what they argue the folks that got burned will over power anything they have to say. I don’t know I do find it weird that folks still with the company aren’t speaking up and they tended to be very vocal on this article before.

    Robbie - April 28, 2011 Reply

    honestly it must be harder and harder to recruit and to promote a company that screwed so many people over and over for years… How do you stare people in the face on even on a call and defend these actions. (although many have) The active people I know arent doing much and DO NOT FEEL SAFE THERE… however they are tied into a residual check and can’t really leave.. Its only a matter of time…

    Eddy Salomon - April 23, 2011 Reply

    I have noticed the supporters are very quiet of late. I don’t know if that’s because they feel that no matter what they argue the folks that got burned will over power anything they have to say. I don’t know I do find it weird that folks still with the company aren’t speaking up and they tended to be very vocal on this article before.

    Stephanie - June 3, 2011 Reply

    They are probably busy looking for another company or just working hard until the end comes who knows.  I am not knocking them though they are good people most of them especially Bobbi Prim I wish her all of the best.

    Ms Edrena - June 21, 2011 Reply

    I’d heard about Ameriplan some time ago, but just, very recently (this month) looked into the ins and outs of the opportunity a few weeks ago — received a prompt E-mail reply from a courteous lady by the name of “M. Rappa” who immediately sent information as well as a link to the web site where there was old as well as sort of new information there. Many links and videos were out-dated and inaccessible, but I still got the gist of how the program supposedly worked; however, my income is limited so I decided not to participate because of the monthly fees associated with being an associate. Should I commit any kind of monthly fees to anyone, I must feel more confident in getting some kind of returns on my investment before I go broke trying to pay fees. Call me “Cheap” if you like, and I will not be offended. LOL!

    Eddy Salomon - June 21, 2011 Reply

    I don’t think you’re cheap. Ameriplan is a business (maybe one that isn’t in the best spot light right now.) but with any business there is an inherent risk of not making money or even losing it. That’s not something everyone feels comfortable with which is why I tell people then you should focus on a job. So it’s not a matter of being cheap, it’s a matter of being honest with yourself and situation which is what you’re doing.

    Sdgerbrach - April 26, 2012 Reply

    Not at all.  Just going to lunch with the kids, then back into my home office to help others who need to save money.

Robbie - April 23, 2011 Reply

looks like the ameriplan recruiters ran away from this site..

Robbie - April 9, 2011 Reply

The one question that you should ask when entering a home bus. is ….”how many high residuals can a company withstand without going under or having to terminate” answer is … not as many as they have after about 8 years. When a company offers really high residuals is a recipe for disaster down the road and will either start terminating high resid. people or closing or opening under another name in order to not pay the old people that worked hard or as we have seen keep raising enrollment fees. I could name many in 10 years that did this but I am interested in trashing others, just want you to think about this before getting into a bus.

So when looking into a bus…. look for more money upfront, less expense to sign up and lower withstanding residuals that won’t bankrupt a bus. or is such a hit to you if they go under….

High upfront pay and reasonable residuals along with no or low sign ups have higher volume of sign ups and stay longer due to little cost and more pay in your pocket up front… what you lose PER PERSON YOU GAIN ALOT IN VOLUME OF SIGNUPS…… making your income more and upfront and MOST IMPORTANT IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT..

When looking into business you need to remember….. there are 2 reasons you see them on the internet…
1 – people recruiting and 2 – complaints… so look long standing companies that you don’t see alot on the internet… you will find that they offer you the contacts therefor you don’t see them on the internet recruiting and there are very little complaints therefore you don’t see them on the internet…

After careful review… I do believe Procard has it right… Long standing, no fees, provide company leads, advertises for the reps, and good upfront pay and longstanding residuals that don’t bankrup the company. What does the other companies do for you….. do they advertise YOUR business ? no

Remember, if a company is offering THE HIGHEST RESIDUALS… THEY WILL CLOSE OR TERMINATE EVENTUALLY…. the simple mathmatics don’t work…. you can’t bring in what is going out as the years go forward.

Join who you want but think about all of this first….we often look for high comm. but its not withstanding… best to all of you !

    Eddy Salomon - April 9, 2011 Reply

    Robbie, that was a well stated argument. You can tell it wasn’t motivated by emotions. It does seem to make some sense. It would be nice to hear from of the folks who are still with Ameriplan to chime in. Lately all I’ve been hearing from is disgruntle former brokers which makes sense considering the latest events. But the folks that are still on seem very quiet. Hope to hear their side.

    Robbiensusan - April 9, 2011 Reply

    well in full disclosure its not totally without emotion my girl was a terminated ibo after 5 years. And I helped her review over 30 businesses in business and out and articles looking for a good home bus … I am in the financial field and what I posted above are my findings … high residuals go out, rename or raise fees often … she is now with Procard and seems to be a very good choice…. I think she had her link here but its been removed.. there is much to consider other than the “highest paid comm”.. most important…. put the money in you hands upfront…

    Eddy Salomon - April 10, 2011 Reply

    Yes her comment was removed. We don’t allow self promotion and we’ve actually already done an article on procard a long time ago here:

    Again I appreciate your comment.

    Man from McKavett - March 8, 2012 Reply

    Eddy, I live in San Antonio, Tx., & considering joining AmeriPlan-I keep reading about 900 people that were laid off for “No Cause.” Can you tell if that occurred in the state of Texas? As you may or may not know, Texas is an “At Will State.” That simply means that when an employer in Texas hires an employee, either of the two can terminate the employment arrangement at any time without any reason at all-could be a good reason, a bad reason, or for no reason at all. Any employee in Texas can go to work tomorow, tell the employer they quit & they are not required to give a reason or excuse-Same option applies to the employer also. The “at will” employment arrangement in Texas has gone to court many times & the employer has always retained the right to terminate without being required to offer the employee a reason for the termination – I can only guess that most employers have told former employees why they are being terminated, slow down in business, reduction in work force, corporate downsizing, poor performance, too many times being tardy to work, failure to pass a drug test, using alcohol on duty or coming etc. etc.

    Eddy Salomon - March 9, 2012 Reply

    I have no idea. All I heard was that a few months ago a massive number of brokers were let go. I’m assuming some of those folks were from Texas. I’m also not an expert in Texas employment law so I can’t really confirm or deny what you’re saying.

    That being said the stuff regarding the justified or unjustified laying off of their brokers seems to have died down. Well at least here it has. Just continue to dig around and do your research. Balance out the pros and cons and feedback from both points of view. Then make a decision based on that.

    Bob - April 19, 2011 Reply

    AmeriPlan has a very high profit margin on dental plans. An insurance executive told me that he can buy dental discount plans like AmeriPlan wholesale for about $1 a month from dental plan companies, and the dental plan companies make money on the sales – enough money to prosper and thrive. Therefore, it has to cost AmeriPlan, as a dental plan company much less than $1 a month for the plans they sell for $19.95.

    AmeriPlan MAKES MONEY on the prescription plans, because HealthTrans pays them a commission each time someone fills a prescription with their card. Now that I am out of AmeriPlan, HealthTrans pays me a commission when people fill their prescriptions. Really. AmeriPlan was pocketing the commissions on the prescriptions. I’m not sure if the vision plan cost AmeriPlan anything to add, but I suspect it is only pennies a month if anything.

    Bottom line… When a company has a product that costs 50 to 75 cents, that generates a side income from prescription commissions, and sells it for $19.95, they’ve got a huge profit margin, even after paying commissions and overrides.

    In addition to that, they are not paying commissions or overrides any more to many of the people who put on millions of dollars of business, and they fired all the top earning corporate employees – except Cecil Mathis their lawyer. Of course they’re going to keep him. He’ll be their most important employee for the rest of their company’s life.

Msg - April 6, 2011 Reply

yes I am one of them …. after working for 5 years they terminated hundreds that had built a good residual… doesn’t matter 200 or 900…. I would have NEVER expected this…none of us would… like the others on this site I believe in this company… over time they changed our contract… blocking us from our work sites UNTIL WE SIGNED IT…. yes unlegal of course, however they added in a NO CAUSE FOR TERMINATION… AND THATS WHAT THEY USED… obviously if they had a real reason they wouldn’t have to do it under a NO CAUSE…. the only thing we can guess is that after you build they don’t want to pay you…. to combat what the people on this site are saying. I had new business coming in monthly until the end…none of the things I have heard people say that are currently still working ameriplan has been the truth about us terminated ibo’s.. but even if that was the truth…. this company tells you that you are building a retirement WELL GUESS WHAT PEOPLE DON’T WORK ON RETIREMENT… so even if that was true and people weren’t still working therefore were terminated…. then that would be a scam… most of us thought we would retire on our residuals BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THE COMPANY TOLD US. Be smart….. do not truest what the people making money on you tell you….. sure hope you listen or you will be spending years building a bus only to have it taken…

    Unhappy! - April 19, 2011 Reply

    I am totally with you MSG! I “WAS” a National Sales Director with Ameriplan and was also terminated after 14 years! I trained that it was lifetime, residual income: assignable, willable, sellable and you can retire with lifetime income! Boy, were we sold out! Yes, I do know it was 900 and I also heard 400 more letters will be going out soon! For those that are left, they are hanging on for dear life! They have lost all their Nationals, what could their income be now? We were always running scared of even looking into anything else for fear of termination! It was like being in a Jewish concentration camp in Germany at the firing range! There was no rhyme or reason as to who was shot down. They even terminated a widow in Las Vegas. Her husband worked the business and then died of cancer. They shot her down! They were at every meeting and every National convention without fail on his retirement money! NOT FAIR! The Bloom’s should be ashamed of themselves! We were so faithful! I was dedicated to helping people have financial freedom and this is what I got for all my hard work and helping to sell the dream. I was good at it and loved Ameriplan and yes, shame on them!

Joanie254896 - April 6, 2011 Reply

I know all of you posting here well…. and let me ask you Bobbi, Jayme etc… Is 200 terminated ibos OK? Whether its 5 or 500,000 … we all built a bus.. ME for 5 years,many top producers with good residuals were terminated UNDER A NO CAUSE TERMINATION THAT THEY SLIPPED INTO OUR CONTRACTS …. WAS NOT IN ORIGINAL CONTRACT WE SIGNED…. SO IF THEY ARE TERMINATING UNDER A NO CAUSE DON’T YOU THINK THATS A PROBLEM YOU BUILD A RESIDUAL…. you are not safe…. and you will see someday…. they have done this for years…. so soak up the money now but save….. You and I know you all know people that over the years have been terminated after building a residual for NO CAUSE….. you won’t admit this becuase it is effecting ameriplan business and yours. We have law suit started and just Like Anothy Anderson who won 5.5 million for wrongful termination we will win too.. and when the money gets tight they will start elimanating the rest of you. Stop lying to people ….. we all have to meet our makers in the end…..

Jayme Boyles - March 16, 2011 Reply

Hey All!!
There really are LOTS of Rumors going around…It is unfortunate that ‘bad’ news and ‘gossip” travel so much faster than any ‘good’ news!! 90% of what you read out there about the terminations and ‘why’ they happened is not true. I can say firsthand…from my upline who was in direct contact with corporate when these events were taking place: The terminations were 200 and it was a VERY difficult decision for Ameriplan and the Bloom Brothers to make. The decisions were made based on the consistency of the RSD or above’s business for the past 18 months. Also: ALOT, (not all) of the ibos terminated were building other network marketing businesses and cross recruiting, which is cause for termination in itself. The vulchers will always be there, they are definitely all over these rumors now and creating their own it seems!!

I can understand from a ‘business’ point of view why this happened. Major companies all over the U.S. are laying off thousands and thousands of people due to the economy…AmeriPlan had to let 200 go.

I, personally, am busier than ever with AmeriPlan. People NEED affordable Dental and Medical and I am able to help people daily save money with our Programs and I am proud to offer AmeriPlan’s services!! It is a true service based opportunity than none other can compare too and AmeriPlan is definitely not going anywhere!!
I am also extremely proud of our team and the Freedom at Home Team for standing strong during these times!!


    Joanie254896 - April 6, 2011 Reply

    BS Jayme we have well over 200 hundred contacted and I was one of them after working 5 years to build my business….. it is a scam in the fact that after you make alot of money they terminate as to not to pay your residuals…… DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY…. you can ask 900 of us and many more before us … they have been doing this for years

    Visitor - April 7, 2011 Reply

    Did those major companies who laid people off promise them an income the rest of their lives?

    I believe that Ameriplan’s discount plans are still good and beneficial to those who need them. The way they treat their IBO’s, however, is shameful. It wasn’t just the fact that they terminated so many people – whether it be 100 or 1000, it was the WAY they did it that was despicable. If those terminated had some kind of notice, at least they could have prepared for the financial loss they suffered.

    I am no longer with Ameriplan, and I’m so glad I’m “out.” Nearly all my personal friends have quit. None of us wants to work with a company who treats their field staff the way they do.

    I’m glad for you Jayme, I truly am, that you are having continued success. I do hope, however, that you have Plan “B” in place. You are not safe either. Maybe not this week or this month, but it will happen again.

Bobbi Prim - February 26, 2011 Reply

Hi Jj!

Yes there are TONS of rumors going around and it’s really a shame because that’s what most of them are … rumors. The fact of the matter is that 200 IBOs’ contracts (RSD and above) were terminated – I was NOT one of them, although even THAT rumor is going around – LOL! The fact of the matter is that these IBO’s have not brought any business into the company (personally) for the past 18 months or more – my enroller was one of them. Laura and Jayme (who also frequent this blog with helpful answers) are also still with the company 🙂

Hope this helps! As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

Have a Great Weekend!


    Unhappy Guest - April 7, 2011 Reply

    That is simply NOT true. I personally know several terminated IBOs who HAD put business on the books. One was about a week prior to being terminated, a couple others the previous month or two.

    From what I’ve learned – from terminated IBOs, yes, all the terminated IBO’ businesses were down from previous years, but NOWHERE NEAR 18 months of NO business. Ameriplan was having to pay those terminated more than they were ADDING to the books each month, because they had worked hard and had good, or at least decent residual checks. That was the criteria.

    That 18 month BS is coming from those at the top to try to pacify those who remain and keep them motivated. It is a flat out lie. You didn’t start it Bobbi, but it appears you are perpetuating it.

    Jojo - April 8, 2011 Reply

    Not to mention it doesn’t matter…. we were told that we would get paid our residual money forever and that this WAS a retirement…. WELL GUESS WHAT !!! YOU DON’T WORK WHEN YOU RETIRE…. so if we truly weren’t working then we still should get our residual that we earned….. THATS WHAT THEY SOLD US…. a bunch of BS….. the people posting here that are trying to recruit will someday be saying the same thing….. all of us terminated thought we would be there forever……

    UNDER THE BUS - April 19, 2011 Reply



    I was terminated. I put on a number of pieces of business last year. I sold a health membership about a week before they terminated me. I built a team that put millions of dollars of annual business on the books for the Blooms. I was in the process of putting together an advertising campaign for selling memberships, and they knew it. I submitted my advertising material to the company a week before they terminated me. They approved my advertising on Thursday. Then on Monday they terminated me.

    It’s true that some of the people terminated were not producing business, but not all of them. They made millions off the business my team put on the books for them. Now they are making my part of the money too.


    Dennis and Daniel are 68 years old. They are proud of their rich lifestyle, and they’ll do anything – good or evil – to keep it. When their daughters worked for them a couple years ago, they took a lot of verbal abuse and quit. They don’t want to work for them any more. Now they don’t have anybody to take over the company, and it’s not worth much any more with all the lawsuits against it and the big class action lawsuit that is coming. They want to take all the money they can, exit at the most opportune time and retire rich while they are still young enough to do so.


    As a President’s Club NSD, I had been on the top producer trips, and I had gotten to know most of the NVPs and the top NSDs in the company personally. Almost all of them lost faith in the company and stopped believing Dennis and Daniel after the fateful announcement at Champion’s weekend a few years ago – I believe it was 2007.

    I used to go to all the Conventions and almost all of the other national events. I was there one night after one of the meetings when one of the corporate officers got a little drunk and began to spill the beans about some of the things the Blooms were doing. It confirmed all of my doubts and fears about my “Lifetime Residual Income” and their willingness to continue “Delivering on the Promise.”

    The AmeriPlan Titanic hit the iceberg at that meeting when Dennis and Daniel smugly announced that National Sales Directors would have to write $250 in new business every month in order to get paid the Builders Bonus overrides we had earned over the years. When they went back on the promise they were supposedly delivering on, many of us knew we were on a sinking ship.

    Just like the other Titanic, most people didn’t realize the ship was sinking after it hit the iceberg. Only a few knew the real peril. They were the people who were in a position to see and understand the actual damage that had been done. Things appeared normal on the ship for a while. Then, near the end, the ship began sinking rapidly. Watch the progression of events below (I’ve been in the company since the late ’90’s, so my downline and I saw it all happen):


    1. A few years ago, I believe it was around 2006, they created the “one piece of business rule” that we had to comply with, or they wouldn’t keep their promise of lifetime residual income.

    2. Then they upped the ante with the $250 a month personal business requirement for National Sales Directors (a little less for people with lower pin levels). We had to produce it every month or suffer their broken promise and lose our income.

    3. When they had a bona fide offer to buy the company for $80 million, they wanted $100 million.

    4. Mark Jarvis, the top income earner, left to found another company. Many of AmeriPlan’s top producers went with him.

    5. Then they fired all the Provider Service reps. It became very obvious at that point, that their goals were very short term. You can’t expand a dental plan company – or even maintain it – without people to service the providers. The owners were aging, and they had lost the opportunity to sell the company at a good price. They had no more long term goals. Only short term, so they didn’t need provider reps any more.

    6. During that period they also cut their employee base way down. The customer service department went down to a handful of people, and it became harder and harder to get anyone to answer the phone. Try it. Their customer service number is (469) 229-4501. See if anybody answers the phone or you just get voice mail. If by chance someone does answer the phone, see how long it takes to get them.

    7. Like a desperate fighter about to go down, they tried a lot of extra programs to bring in fast cash to the company. These schemes included the TOP bonus program, a second identity theft program and then the program that IBOs would pay $150 a month for. The first two programs failed. The third one will probably line their pockets with a little more cash for a while.

    8. Then last year they fired Jim Hardin, Mark Dixon, Julia Baker and Barry Friedman, their highest paid employees. They only highly paid person left is their lawyer, and they’re really going to need him now.

    9. A few months ago they found a way to terminate Dale Brooks, the remaining top income earner, and Mike McDonald, one of the top earners.

    10. After that came the “Valentine’s Day Massacre,” when they threw 900 of us under the bus. The letter was sent out on Valentine’s Day. It told us where to look in the Policies and Procedures Manual for the details:

    a. We were terminated for no cause, as the new Policies and Procedures allowed.
    b. We could not sue them, but would have to go to binding arbitration..
    c. We would have to put up $25,000 cash before we could go to arbitration with them.
    d. They could sue us if we would dare to recruit any AmeriPlan IBOs to another business.
    e. It was signed: “Cordially, Cecil Mathis,” their corporate attorney.

    Actually they gave us a lot of warning that we would be terminated. We could see by the progression of events that it would be our turn soon. And so it happened.


    IBOs pay $50 a month to $150 a month to AmeriPlan, depending on which program they want to be in. If you always make sure that your total residual income is less than the money you pay to AmeriPlan each month, you will probably be safe as long as AmeriPlan remains in business.

    The very safest position is to be paying AmeriPlan $150 per month and taking zero residual income. Of course, that’s probably not the reason you’re in the business, but it’s the safest path to take if you don’t want to get terminated like the rest of us.

    I hear that people are taking bets as to how long AmeriPlan will still be around. A number of former leaders don’t think it will go out of business before this years advertised Convention. A number of others think it might last a few months after Convention. For all we know, they could terminate everybody and try to keep it going until they die and go to Hell.

    Robbie - April 23, 2011 Reply

    really….. anyone even considering this company has to be nuts…… just asking for trouble.

    Robbie - April 23, 2011 Reply

    really….. anyone even considering this company has to be nuts…… just asking for trouble.

    Guest - April 23, 2011 Reply

    Well written! Here’s some additional news:
    I had a close friend who was with Ameriplan for 13 years. His residual was over $7,000 a month is all I will say. He didn’t personally enroll members or brokers direct to him in the last year or so, but passed the contact lead to his down line – to people who needed that one more member or one more broker. Very stand up guy. He went to all the conventions and had personal calls with the Blooms on a regular basis.
    We was terminated.

    Here’s a news flash – top producing brokers are STILL being terminated. Just wait and see.

    About a year ago I got a call from someone who worked at Ameriplan corporate warning me that once in awhile, the Bloom’s went into their computer room, flicked a switch, and all the members who enrolled through a brokers web site ( any broker) went directly to Corporate and NOT to the enrolling brokers web site. Rumor? Maybe. Easy to do though.

    When a company starts coming out with changes to an existing business model, i.e. $150 a month for a freaking “coupon store” ( or Freedom Pass as they call it) that anyone can get for free online, then you should know it’s the beginning of the end. Their fishing for ways to make more money.

    Ameriplan lost it’s roots that made their business plan viable. They started with a discount dental plan. They should have stayed in that niche market. I always thought that they should offer an ala carte choice anyway rather than package 4 “discounts” together, but what do I know?

    My dentist no longer accepts Ameriplan because he can’t afford to give the discounts on the fee schedule. The fees haven’t been revised since 2006 and they are too low according to 3 OTHER dentists I talked to. So dentists are dropping out of Ameriplan like flies right now as well.

    Ameriplan would do well to sell the Corporate head quarters and get a small building somewhere to reduce over head. And how much DOES it cost for them to MAIL out checks on a daily basis? That’s just stupid now days. Ever hear of direct deposit? Yikes. I give them maybe to the end of 2011….

Eddy Salomon - February 24, 2011 Reply

I’ve been hearing the same thing. Although I believe the number was exaggerated. Either way the reason behind the cancellations seem to be weak. But I’m trying to get more details from various sources before jumping to conclusions. However I’m going to find it very hard to swallow the justification of letting go so many people that have been with the company for years who have produced a lot of business directly or indirectly via their downline.

Hopefully Bobbi or some of the other prominent AP brokers will chime in with the real deal.

Jj - February 24, 2011 Reply

There seems like there is alot going on with ameriplan lately. I have heard a rumor that they cancelled over 900 IBO’s recently. I don’t think this is much in comparison to their broker numbers. However, does anyone know the reason why this was the case. I don’t believe this is an ameriplan scam. However, I would like to know details if any.

Karenjenkins - February 18, 2011 Reply

This company just cancled 900 reps for no reason at all. I personally am loosing hundreds per month. Others tens of thousands. Don’t sign up. They say you can will your business to your family. Well my family won’t see this in my will now.

Bobbi Prim - December 22, 2010 Reply

Have a Very Merry Christmas everyone!

Bobbi Prim

Jayme Boyles - November 27, 2010 Reply

Your very welcome Vernon! Good Luck!! Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Bobbi Prim - November 24, 2010 Reply

Hello everyone!

For those of you who have tried to reach me via email, we have changed Internet Service Providers … my new email is:

Although if you click on my name in any of these postings, you will also get my Ameriplan email … as some of you have done 🙂

Also … thank you everyone for your patience, understanding and prayers to our family for our recent loss – they were greatly appreciated!

It’s great to be back and I look forward to chatting with you all again!

Have a very Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


Bobbi Prim - November 24, 2010 Reply

Hi Lesie!

I will also be sending you an email as you requested 🙂


Bobbi Prim - November 24, 2010 Reply

Hi Jessica!

I will be sending you an email as you requested 🙂


Jayme Boyles - November 24, 2010 Reply

@dee cee:
Hi DeeCee!
That is awesome that you are a network marketing fan. I can honestly say that the opportunity with AmeriPlan is really the best out there in the network marketing world!! There are alot of great leaders on this blog…if you are wanting to get in touch with one of us, just click on our name, it will direct to our website for our contact information. If you want to email me directly, my email is: Let us know if you have any questions!!
Jayme Boyles, SESD

dee cee - November 23, 2010 Reply

I have enjoyed all the posts on this site. Thank you for the information. I am a network marketing fan and looking for a ameriplan IBO to talk to…

Leslie - November 22, 2010 Reply

@ Bobbi Prim, I was wondering if you could send me some more information on Ameriplan. I would really like to start my own business. My email address is . Thanks!

Jessica - November 17, 2010 Reply

Hi eveyone ive been reading all this great information and would like for Bobbi Prim if its possible to send me an email with more info about Ameriplan my email is hope to hear from you soon.

Vernon - November 14, 2010 Reply

@Jayme Boyles:

Hi Jayme

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.


Jayme Boyles - November 9, 2010 Reply

Hi Vernon,

Sorry to hear of your situation. Keep your head high…things ALWAYS work out for the best!!

There is an option to start with the company for just the annual $19.95 fee. However, you would still need to activate your membership ($50) in order to become commission qualified. Even though it sounds great to have your own home business, the reality is that there is an investment, no matter what business, sometimes the investment is nominal, sometimes it is thousands of dollars. There is just no such thing as having your own business for free…no matter what business you are in…there is always a startup and ‘overhead’. If you are really serious about starting, the right time will come about, just stay positive and optomistic!! Jayme Boyles

Vernon - November 6, 2010 Reply

@Bobbi Prim:

I really would like start my own business with Ameriplan but I can’t afford the fees. I have no income, no money stashed, no bank account and no one I can borrow from. Is there any way to join if you’re flat broke like me?

Colleen - October 21, 2010 Reply

To piggyback on whay Jayme said there are people who have titles and some of the ones who dont make more than some of the ones who do. There are IBO’s who make more than RSD’s! In this kind of business the more prospects you sign up your income is related to THAT not necessarily the title. You have to keep working though because until you get to a certain level where you have EARNED the right to just train and do other things you really need to have a strong foundation.
There are a lot of NSD;s who dont have to work and they just keep doing it because they like it or want to make sure they keep their strong foundation. I have found that in any sales business those who keep working and didnt forget where they came from are the true leaders. I am not saying anyone is doing this but in another direct sales company you will find people who reach a certain level and then they think they dont have to work anymore and recruits will just come to them and that is not the case. Depending on how strong someones business is (Ameriplan in this case) if they have 600 people direct to them they can make quite a chunk of change and just concentrate on finding new IBO’s but the ones who sell the memberships and get new IBO’s seem to have a good foundation. If all you do is sign up IBO’s and have no product knowledge you are in for a rude awakening. Bobby I am so sorry to hear about your loss i will be praying for you and your family.

Bobbi Prim - October 12, 2010 Reply

Hi Urvella … I sent your email earlier today which I’m sure will answer many of your questions, including about compensation.

Everyone … thank you so much for your patience – as most of you know, we had a death in the family over the weekend.

Bobbi Prim

Jayme Boyles - October 12, 2010 Reply

Hi Urvella!

Well, the answer to your question, is it varies! The pay scale for a Senior Regional Sales Director is the same as an IBO only they receive an additional 15% off of what their team is doing. This can double/triple someone’s income overnight. Some SRSD’s can make 25k a year, some make a few hundred a month. Everyone is different, just because you have a title doesn’t mean you are making the ‘big’ bucks. It does however give you the opportunity to earn a significant amount more when you hit new promotions!!

Urvella - October 12, 2010 Reply

@Bobbi Prim:
Hello Bobbie

I’ve been reading the whole blog for the past few days. 80% of me want to join in AmeriPlan however, I need to make sure this opportunity is the best fit for me. I truly believe, some people can be successful in this business……I am interested in getting more information of this opportunity. My email address is

Urvella - October 12, 2010 Reply

How much have you earn as a Senior Regional Sales Director

Jayme Boyles - October 9, 2010 Reply

Good Morning Sandy (and to everyone 🙂
I am glad to hear that you did get started with AmeriPlan!! I am sorry that you left after only working your business a month though. I want to give a little personal background on myself and where I started out and how long it took me to start making money (hope I don’t bore anyone!)
I started with AmeriPlan and the Freedom at Home Team almost three years ago, our first child was just 4 weeks old. I had a newborn and a huge learning curve when I started. I had phone fears, a skeptical husband, and ALOT on my plate! I did manage to enroll a family member into the benefit plans in my first month. However, it took me 6 weeks to enroll my first person from prospecting, and this was talking to people every single day, I got a small check my first month, as well as my second, but I didn’t care how much it was. I knew if I could make one check or $80, I could make $800 or $8,000. I hit so many obstacles and felt that I wasn’t moving forward at all in my business, then it hit me at about month 2, I hadn’t made a commitment to myself and my business. I was ‘trying’ it out and not committed to making it work. I had ‘quit’ in the back of my mind if things didn’t go as I wanted, well guess what? They weren’t going the way I truly wanted!! So, I decided to make a 1 year commitment no matter what, no matter how ‘slow’ it seemed to be going, I wasn’t going anywhere!! This changed my mentality which was reflected in my business, I made my first promotion after 3 1/2 months, then my second at 5 months in the business. I became a top recruiter and have won 2 top producer trips to date, one which I just recently got home from, and it was absolutely stunning and amazing!!

So many people truly want a home based business that pays them well 😉 The idea of being at home and earning a fabulous income is appealing to just about everyone!! And who wouldn’t want a passive monthly income coming in??!!! However, I see people all too often get started with AmeriPlan with a “job” mentality. They seem to think ‘if I put in “x” amount of hours, I will receive “y” dollars” This is just not the case when you have your own business. Everyone has to put in the effort and time in the beginning to reap the benefits in a few years, everyone!! We all want to be where the six or seven figure income earners are, but it didn’t happen overnight for them, most took years to get there, some almost 10 years! But, to me, it just makes sense to build a business that pays you passively, what job pays you six figures passively after 10 years (worst case scenerio)??
Some people can of course get started and earn thousands in their first month, some earn very little. The key is to always remember you are working for yourself and investing in your future, not someone else’s. It is sad to see so many people work so hard for an employer that will lay them off on a whim, but won’t put in the same effort for something for themselves. I see so many people come in and only work a couple of weeks and then quit when they aren’t seeing results right away… well, with ANY business you have to learn the ropes, if you open a restaurant, are there people there training you on how to make money? No! We have something so special and so easily duplicated, so much training and mentorship, but some still don’t get it and just don’t want to invest into themselves. I know the business isn’t for everyone, but it truly is a business that works if you work at it and make a commitment to yourself 🙂

I hope when you got started Sandy that you didn’t think you were coming into a job-I see by your post you say you worked ‘for’ Ameriplan, and I am not sure what appointment setting refers too, as we schedule our own interview appointments and membership lead appointments. Thanks for the post, I hope you can see a bit of the ‘longterm’ and ‘big’ picture now after my comment.

Jayme Boyles

Sandy - October 8, 2010 Reply

I worked for Ameriplan for about a month and made NO money. I was doing the appointment setting. I was kinda disappointed because I was told so much about the company so I tried it out and it ended up being a waste of time for me. But others may have better luck…

Mark Scott - September 21, 2010 Reply

k, cool, thanks

Bobbi Prim - September 20, 2010 Reply

@Mark Scott:
Hi Mark!

I agree with Eddy – don’t worry about Sharon’s comment … as you can tell by all the other postings in this blog Eddy is a fair and honest person – whereby you will notice that Sharon hasn’t been back here since her comment – lol! And it’s true – every company has pros and cons – no company is perfect, which is why we appreciate the fact that Eddy lets us post answers to questions and help people make an educated decision about joining Ameriplan.

So … you’re researching Ameriplan – GOOD! … are there any questions that we can help you with that maybe you haven’t found answers for yet?

One thing I’d like to post here for everyone is the fact that we did start a new promotion today! I am very excited about this promotion because in all the years I’ve been with Ameriplan they have never had such an AWESOME sale! All of our health plans (this applies for new IBO’s starting, too!), payments are half-price for the first 3 months with NO registration fees.

For IBO’s all you need is the annual $19.95 fee and your first month overhead fee of only $25 to start – that’s $44.95 (not $69.95) and you’re on your way! So, for your first 3 months, your fee is only $25!

Like I said, this promotion started today and will last until October 31st …

If there is anything else we can help you with, Mark, please do not hesitate to ask …

Have a Great Day!

Bobbi Prim

    Rosemary Herrera - March 12, 2012 Reply

    I guess I got scame’d because when I first started that’s what I got charged. $69.95 for the first month.The second month is going to be $50.00 hum! very disappointed to be reading that I got scamed.I’m glad GOD is alway’s on my side.With his wisdom & knowledge.

Ashleigh - September 20, 2010 Reply

@Mark Scott:
Don’t worry too much about Sharon, there will always be those who are high strung about the reputation of their company being nothing less than perfect.

Eddy’s done a fantastic job along with Bobbi, Laura, and the other contributors, in shedding non-biased light on the who, what, and how of Ameriplan. It’s a great company, but not for everyone. I could not personally use the services because I and my son qualify for state medical assistance and hardly ever have enough money to pay for a discounted service upfront, I’ve checked. It’s difficult to promote or back any service you haven’t personally used, so it was very difficult for me to make it happen. I also found it difficult and frustrating to get my work in with my son being around, since I’m a fan of having complete quiet while I’m on the phone and lose track of my thoughts easily.

All in all, Ameriplan is a very legitimate, worthy company, offering services that many need. They offer daily pay, which is something I miss since moving on to a different company, the Freedom At Home Team is like no other team I’ve ever seen before, and I really think it’s all about who you pick to mentor and guide you along the way. I’ve seen both terrific and absolutely awful leadership on this team. There’s nothing more important than being FRIENDS with your sponsor before you actually start doing business together.

Mark Scott - September 20, 2010 Reply


I’m considering AmeriPLan, thus why I’m searching the net for infor on it. I found Eddys write up very informative and did not find it slamming AmeriPlan. In fact basically he’s saying it’s good for some but just not for him. Infact it steered me more towards joinging AmeriPlan simply cause according to his comments, I felt it was more for me.

What turned me off more was you, an AmeriPlan broker, name calling & calling him a moron. There was nothing he said to call for name calling and to be effective in anything we can always use feedback from anyone.

If anything, your responce is a negative in my column for joining AmeriPlan. Eddy’s comments were actually in the plus column.


    Eddy Salomon - September 20, 2010 Reply

    Don’t worry about the negative comment directed towards me. There are always some people that will get annoyed when you don’t just praise every aspect of a company. But intelligent folks like yourself understand that just because a company has a few cons doesn’t mean it’s bad. Because let’s face it every company has cons which is what I try to point out in addition to the good. This way we all can make an informed decision based on all the facts not just the sweet stuff someone benefits from telling you. That being said, don’t let one person dissuade you. Process the body of information in my article and comments. Then just make your decision based on the weight of the total that you read. I wish you the best of luck with this opportunity. It sounds like you’re ready to take on the task at hand.

Carolyn Bittle - September 16, 2010 Reply

@Eddy Salomon:
Thank you Eddy, Bobbi and Laura for your response to my question’s
you are right that if they were a scam they wouldn’t be in business for 19 yr’s or so. I’m just a skeptical person. I have decided to take that leap of faith and join. I will let yall know my progress!

    Eddy Salomon - September 19, 2010 Reply


    You’re welcome. I’m glad you really absorbed the information presented by everyone here and have made a decision for yourself. It’s okay to be skeptical but not to the point where you become blinded to facts presented to you. Either way, just keep in mind everything we’ve all said. This is a business not a job. It’s a big difference and not easy. So expect to work harder and not see the fruits of your labor right away. The other thing I want to stress based on the years I’ve moderated this discussion, get the right enroller and team support. Aside from your own effort, having the right time will really determine your success. Like any company not every one in Ameriplan is great. So you want to find people that are good. If you’ve read the comments above, you’ll notice there a few people that are consistently here providing balanced and realistic feedback and expectations about this company. I’m sure you’ve read on other sites when someone is promoting something they just paint a rosey picture of how wonderful a company is and they’re magical, etc. But you’ll notice some real balanced feedback from people within the company. When I’m joining something I tend to join under people that are real because they don’t sell me a pipe dream which will later make you very disappointed. So choose your enroller and team wisely. I’m obviously partial to Bobbi. But there are other great people that chime in here as well. Feel them all out.

    Good luck to you and keep us posted.

Laura Paulson - September 15, 2010 Reply

Hey Janelle!

Awesome!!!! Congrats!! On both counts. Or should I say all 3 – almost to RSD – Fantastic – You Go Girl!!!!! 🙂

I would be honored to be mentioned and if there’s anything I can do to help, don’t hesitate. And most definitely, don’t even worry about coming back a third time – 3rd times a charm, right?! 🙂 And the beauty of this business is we work it AROUND our family so even if some days all you have is 10 minutes because you have other things going on, you’re still moving it forward so just focus on long term (small actions done consistently over time…) and you’ll get there!!!!

Ashleigh - September 15, 2010 Reply

@Janelle Antonio:
Congrats on the new addition, signing up again and being close to RSD again! Sometimes we have to leave and come back again -sometimes more than once or even twice- to figure out where we really fit, which is okay! You’ll do great, and I look forward to someone forwarding your RSD Promotion Announcement to me soon, I’d be honored to be part of your testimony. Someone will have to show it to me since I’m no longer with Ameriplan. Good luck and keep it rockin’ girl!

Bobbi Prim - September 15, 2010 Reply

@Janelle Antonio:
Hi Janelle!


AND … CONGRATULATIONS ON COMING BACK TO AMERIPLAN and the Freedom at Home Team. I know Pennie quite well – she’s an awesome lady!

AND … CONGRATULATIONS IN ADVANCE FOR RSD, and in less than 2 months! I can’t wait to get the announcement! I am SO proud of you! YOU GO, GIRL!

There is no reason whatsoever to be embarrassed … I’ve known many IBO’s that left to “try” something else and came back to Ameriplan. And you are so right … you just got to take that “leap of faith” and just DO IT! Well, girl, you certainly DID do it! No, I certainly don’t mind – I would be honored to be included in your testimony 🙂

Keep up the great work – this time, you’re going all the way up the ladder!


Janelle Antonio - September 15, 2010 Reply

I mean Ameriplan is very much real. Why wouldn’t it be?? My dentist is part of the network and so is my vision (before joining Ameriplan that is)… Ameriplan was featured few weeks ago on a nationally known TV. show called Good Morning American and 60mins did a big special on the company few years back… There was never a doubt in my head that Ameriplan is legit, real, fake, scam etc… Once I knew my dentist was in the network that was all the confirmation I needed…

By the way Thanks for your words of encouragements Bobbi, Jayme Boyles, Laura Paulson, and Ashleigh. I rejoined again (07/23/2010) one week before having my newborn (her birth date is 08/03/2010). So again, I jumped right in. Things were slow because I really had to focus on my newborn all through out the month of August. So now this month I have all my IBO’s on the books and I’m now 1 IBO short of reaching RSD (again) lol 3rd time. I should be RSD by this Friday (09/17/2010).. I know I said I was a little embarrassed on rejoining again for the 3rd time but because of all your kind words I said “what the heck, just DO IT!!!” So THANK YOU ALL for commenting back to me because I DID IT lol.. So I will be including you ladies in my testimony (hope you all don’t mind??)… My up line is Pennie Berk. She’s been my enroller since 2005. Again, Thank you 🙂

Laura Paulson - September 14, 2010 Reply

Oops, forgot a couple…. Hope it’s okay that I’m including links, Eddy. I just know how I was when I was doing my research back in 2008 “Queen of the Skeptics” LOL and how I appreciated all the verifiable facts I could get my hands on …

Laura Paulson - September 14, 2010 Reply

Very well said Eddy and Bobbi. Carolyn, here’s to add to what Bobbi already provided (and for whomever else is researching). Whenever I talk to someone and they are unsure, I provide them with the following so they can do their due diligence and make their own, informed decision.

And like Eddy stated, only you can decide if the company and owning your own business is right for you.

When you click on D&B (Dun & Bradstreet), you’ll see our Corporate Headquarters’ name and address in the upper right corner. You’ll also see to the left of the page it has some of the criteria that our company has to meet to be affiliated with D&B.

When you click on DSA (Direct Seller’s Association), the Code of Ethics comes up on their site. In the left margin, go to the bottom where it says Quick Links, and in that list, select Member Directory.

Ameriplan has the highest standing possible with the United States Chamber of Commerce in Dallas, Texas. You may call them to confirm. (972) 818-4130

Ameriplan is a member in good standing with the National Association of Dental Plans where our dental plan is one of their TOP RATED plans nationwide. You may call them to confirm our membership. (972) 458-6998

The American Pregnancy Association recommends Ameriplan to pregnant women needing health care right on their website. Ameriplan is the ONLY non state funded discount health care program that the American Pregnancy Association recommends. to see for yourself.

Parent Magazine stated in one of their issues in an article about the top 25 ways to save money on healthcare, that a discount health plan, like AMERIPLAN is the number 3 top way to save! see for yourself.

Read the article and watch the video from Good Morning America

One of the great ways to tell if a company is legitimate is to see how they pay you. Do they offer direct deposit? The reason is because no reputable financial institution will work with a scam nor does a scam company have the credit worthiness to partner with such an institution. Ameriplan offers direct deposit through Preston National Bank in Dallas, Texas. You can call them to confirm. (972) 716-6203.

One of our plans, NATIONAL CHILD ID, is the largest Child ID program in United States History. We offer this plan to parents to help them keep their children safe and secure. This plan was created by AFCA. AFCA stands for American Football Coaches Association. They created this program in 1997. Also partnered with us on this program is the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI became a partner in 2001. learn about these associations and to learn more about NATIONAL CHILD ID.

Bobbi Prim - September 14, 2010 Reply

@Eddy Salomon:
Thank you, Eddy! I really liked the questions you put in your response as well! Everyone – looking at any work at home business – should ask themselves those questions.

Have a great evening – what’s left of it – lol!

    Eddy Salomon - September 14, 2010 Reply

    Thanks Bobbi!
    I think these are always the type of things people need to ask themselves when starting a business. Because too often I see folks joining a home business with an employee mentality. If I put in x hours, how much will I make, etc. That type of mentality doesn’t cut it when you’re the boss. You’re only successful if you see your business through not just by the hours you put. Folks look to companies asking what can you do for me. When they should be asking themselves what can I do for myself if I do join this company and they give me the tools I need to succeed. So it’s all about the mindset.

    It’s great talking to like minded business people. lol Have a great one Bobbi!

    Miriam Lee - February 18, 2011 Reply

    Hi Bobbi: I wanted to talk to someone who actually sells Ameriplan. I have navigated through the website but still need some convincing. I have tried other programs, so ,maybe you could shed some light as to another website to look at or your own. I just want to gather more information, that’s all. Thanks for your help. I left my number on the website but no one contacted me. Thanks Miriam

Bobbi Prim - September 14, 2010 Reply

@Carolyn B:
Hi Carolyn!

GREAT Questions! First, if Ameriplan was not “legal” it would not be in business for almost 19 years AND they would not be able to get a business license either 🙂

Yes, I – as well as other commentators on this blog – am legit AND part of the Ameriplan team, but if, in fact, you did read this entire blog, you will notice that I post both pros and cons about the company when answering questions. I’m not here to sway anyone one way or another, just trying to provide facts for those doing research about the company. If you have read this entire blog and still are not sure, then maybe Ameriplan is not for you 🙂 All in all, I will point out a few more facts below, not just for you, but for all readers:

1. Just a few of Ameriplan’s provider base includes, but is not limited to, Walgreens, Target, Dominicks, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, J.C.Penney’s, Sears – I’m sure everyone knows that companies this large would not affiliate themselves with a company that was not reputable.

2. Ameriplan is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Direct Sellers’ Association (among others, but these are the most important ones) – both of which hold companies to the strictest of standards!

3. Ameriplan’s health plans were recommended by Mellody Hodgson, financial expert, on Good Morning America on August 4th … I’m sure in your research you’ve found the video of this taping. If not, email me direct and I’d be happy to send it to you.

4. Last year, there was a news special on CNN regarding internet marketing – and what to look for in a home based business – Ameriplan was among the companies recommended.

5. For the past two years, Parents’ Magazine has recommended Ameriplan’s health plans as the alternative healthcare solution – out of 3 companies, they recommended Ameriplan as #1.

6. Morley Safer, the host of “60 Minutes”, did two television specials about Ameriplan … American Business Review and American Medical Review.

7. If by chance you live near Dallas, call the corporate office – they provide tours of the facilities.

Like I mentioned above – I’m not swaying you one way or another – these are just SOME of Ameriplan’s credentials. The length of time Ameriplan has been in business as well as their credentials speak for themselves.

Finally … I agree with Eddy above – you’ve read the pros and cons here, so it’s up to you to either “take that leap of faith” or not. Joining ANY company – even in the corporate world! – is a risk. Buying a house or a car can be a risk in itself, too 🙂 There is no way anyone can – or should – convince, or even try to convince, you one way or another. YOU need to make that decision – no one is going to make it for you. Look at Eddy’s response and ask yourself those questions, and like I said earlier in this post … if you are still that “afraid”, after reading all of this, then Ameriplan is definitely not for you – nor is working at home period.

Best of luck to you in your decision making and any future endeavors you choose 🙂

Have a Great Evening!


Carolyn B - September 14, 2010 Reply

I have been trying to decide if Ameriplan is for me. and is it legal? I’ve read all of this blog and still am not sure. How do we know if the people here that are with Ameriplan are legit or just part fo the Ameriplan team. I am not a trusting person and don’t mean to insult anyone, I just need to know that’s it is for real.

    Eddy Salomon - September 14, 2010 Reply


    Ameriplan’s legitimacy isn’t really in question. They’ve been around for over a decade, have good standings with various consumer protection agencies and have consistently paid out their brokers. Are they perfect? No. Like every single company on this planet, there are always some complaints and cons. But they have a working business that has stood the test of time. For the most part scams can’t survive long because bad publicity and complaints eventually weeds them out. So as someone that has been in this industry for over a decade their legitimacy isn’t really the matter to be even questioned. Keep in mind I’m don’t work for this company nor make any money with them directly or indirectly.

    What you really need to be asking yourself is if this is something you can see yourself doing? Are you really up to the task of running a home business? Are you able to have delayed gratification and work at this even if you don’t see a dime the first couple of months? That’s really the questions you need to ask yourself about this business or any business.

    You have a right to be skeptical of work at home opportunities because let’s face it, there are so many out there that are con artist. But when you’ve done the research and faced with such a balanced representation of opinions about a given opportunity as presented by the 300+ comments above, it’s really up to you to take that information and decide for yourself. You shouldn’t need someone to convince you to make the best decision for you. Only you can do that. All people can do is present you with their experiences and the facts I think over 300 comments has already done that above.

    At the end of the day, you’re going to need to get pass your fear and jump into the pool of this industry if you want to work at home. It’s much easier to do so when you’ve done your research which obviously you’ve been doing and brought you to this article. But if you just run around being afraid and not trusting you’ll continue to get more of whatever you’ve been getting. If that’s what you want, then don’t do anything different than you have.

    I think most people are just afraid to take risk. But without risk there are no rewards. As long as you do your research your risk is always mitigated. But you can’t sit on the sidelines and expect people to make the decisions you need to make. The company is real. You just need to figure out if you’re willing to risk joining despite the good and bad things you may have read above. It’s that simple.

    Hope this makes some sense.

Bobbi Prim - September 10, 2010 Reply

@Eddy Salomon:
Hi Eddy!

Welcome back! Hope you had a fabulous vacation!

Bobbi Prim - September 10, 2010 Reply

Hi Corleone:

I have the same question Eddy does … did you read any of the other comments above. All of your questions are, in fact, answered, but I will give quick anwers here – for details, please look above so we aren’t repeating the same information, ok?

The pay is commission – Ameriplan is your own home based business, not a J-O-B. We are paid both daily and residually: for each application we put through to the corporate office we get a check immediately, then we are paid every single month for each application (not just once!) as long as they remain with the company. I am still getting paid for people I signed up when I first started 4 years ago 🙂

Yes, we train you how and where to market your business, but no you do not set up your own website – all of the websites are set up and maintained for you by the corporate office 🙂

Like Eddy, I too recommend that you read this entire blog … many, many questions have been answered above. There are also tips and advice on various things, including how important it is to research the enroller and team you are looking to sign up under as well as the company – and this applies to any company you are looking at, not just Ameriplan.

If you have any other questions we can help you with, please do not hesitate to ask – that’s what we’re here for 🙂

Have a Great Weekend!

Bobbi 🙂

Corleone - September 10, 2010 Reply

Working for AmeriPlan. The pay rate is base or commission? And do you have to be your own marketer. Would I have to then build a web site?

    Eddy Salomon - September 10, 2010 Reply

    I’m sure some folks will chime in but did you read any of the comments above? Because it addresses a lot of these questions already. Trust me it’s really of value to you to read it before considering this opportunity. A lot of people have learned a great deal. So my suggestion is to start reading the comments above, there is a wealth of information already there. Don’t miss out on it.

Bobbi Prim - September 2, 2010 Reply

Hi Doug!
LOL! Well, I was born and raised here, friends, family, etc etc. Actually, I don’t live inside the city limits of Chicago, but in the suburbs which isn’t quite as bad. If I ever do move, though, it will definitely be out of Illinois altogether – LOL!

And I’ll take my Home Based Business WITH me 🙂


DOUG - September 2, 2010 Reply

@Bobbi Prim:
You’re very welcome, Bobbi. For most of my life I have been a communicator, both personally and professionally (salesman, teacher, consultant, writer, Pastor). Therefore, unintentional communicative slips have a tendency to “jump out” at me more readily than they might to others, especially when couched in well organized and clearly articulated writings such as those you have posted here. Let me assure you, however, that I make my share of oversights, as well…as evidenced by my typo in the last line of my original message to you (“tem” instead of “term”). Inaccurate proof-reading sometimes comes as a result of staring at a computer screen too long, or, as Laura wisely indicated, our “proofing” is careless because we already “know” what it says; after all, we wrote it. (:>)
After reading all of your posts concerning Ameriplan, there is one thing that I don’t understand. That is why someone who has been extremely successful in a home based business to the extent that she has time and location freedom, would choose to live in Chicago! (:>)
Again, thanks for all of your input.

Bobbi Prim - September 2, 2010 Reply

Hi Elliott!
These are questions you really need to ask the person who contacted you … every person, every team does things differently so I really can’t answer for that person/team, but I can answer on behalf of the Freedom at Home Team and what I do.

The Freedom at Home Team provides 250 postcard leads every single month – these are typically for people requesting information about working at home, although the postcards I mail out offer the plans as well as the business opportunity. 🙂

Purchased leads that I provide to my team members – again – are typically those requesting information on the business opportunity, but I train my business partners on how to present both the business opportunity and the health plans. We HAVE enrolled some of these leads on the plans.

Now … the BEST leads are self-generated leads, so another question you need to ask the person that contacted you is if they will train you on how to generate your own leads; whether it be for the plans or people working for the company (or both), be specific with them in what YOU want to do. Leads you generate yourself – through your marketing methods – will be exclusively Ameriplan-specific leads because they will be contacting YOU about Ameriplan – either the plans or business opportunity (or both), depending on which you are focusing on with your marketing.

I hope this helps – if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask 🙂

Have a Great Day!


Elliott - September 2, 2010 Reply

I’ve read most of the comments here about Ameriplan. I was approached today about joining. My only question is what happens after I join. Are the lists that I receive just recycled or are they really from people who are interested in the plans?

Laura Paulson - September 1, 2010 Reply

Yes, good catch, Doug – “Mr. Detail-Oriented” 🙂

That is too funny! I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on that either. I guess I just knew what you were saying Bobbi that I didn’t read it close enough no matter how many times I read it LOL But that is what happens sometimes, we don’t find our typos because we know what it’s SUPPOSE to say so that’s what we see.

Bobbi Prim - September 1, 2010 Reply



“…you MUST research not only the company, but the team and enroller you are thinking of joining under. This alone is detrimental to your success – with any company.”

This sentence SHOULD read:

“…you MUST research not only the company, but the team and enroller you are thinking of joining under. This alone is CRUCIAL to your success – with any company.”

I cannot stress this enough … YOU choose your enroller/mentor … They do NOT choose you 🙂

Thanks again, Doug! 🙂


Bobbi Prim - September 1, 2010 Reply

Hi Doug!

YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT – LOL! Do you know that, not counting a very good friend of mine, you are the FIRST person to bring that to my attention … and considering how MANY times I’ve posted that sentence! KUDOS to you, Doug!

Yes, I DO mean crucial or essential … in other words, one MUST stay in touch with their enroller to succeed with Ameriplan, or any other home based business. Although an enroller is not a boss, the more they know about what you’re doing – or want to do – the more they can help! 🙂 The more help they provide guiding you down the right track the better you will be 🙂 The enroller may have already tried doing what you want to do, and may have a better way to do it which will provide better results – and save you time, too!

I’m glad the postings in this blog have helped you, Doug – I encourage everyone to read this entire thing before enrolling. In that way, you are making an educated decision to join … and have many questions answered, that people may not have even thought of 🙂

Best of luck to you! Keep us all posted on your progress – we’d love to hear from you!

Have a GREAT evening … and … thanks again!


DOUG - September 1, 2010 Reply

Last night, and for a while tonight, I have read most of the posts on this site with great interest. I expect to join Ameriplan shortly.

The purpose of this post, however, is to suggest that you may have used a term several times, in your posts, that means exactly the opposite of what you intended to say. Several times you have said, “…you MUST research not only the company, but the team and enroller you are thinking of joining under. This alone is detrimental to your success – with any company.” I believe you meant to say that this research is “BENEFICIAL”, or, perhaps, “ESSENTIAL” to one’s success. The word “DETRIMENTAL” would indicate that the research would impede one’s progress. It is a decidedly negative term.

Having said that, let me assure you that your posts, and others of the Ameriplan group, have tipped the scales toward convincing me that Ameriplan is a company worthy of my time and efforts. For that, I thank y’all. (A southern tem which means “all of you”. (:>) )

@Bobbi Prim:

Ashleigh - August 27, 2010 Reply

@Laura paulson:
I agree with your response as well as Bobbi’s and I do realize that some Reps for the company I’m with now advertise jobs to obtain leads; this does yield many leads and can be great – if you’re willing to go through the process of contacting each one and eventually break it to them that you’re not offering a j-o-b. That’s each person’s own choice, one that I chose for quite some time as well and have no problem admitting it, but am also glad I decided to walk away from that method as it can be a very time consuming process to keep up with changes these days.

For every future MLM business builder, I truly hope that “the system” changes or at least the people “abusing” it do, because it’s a crying shame that so many are turned off from MLM because of ONE bad experience. Perhaps that’s a downfall of MLM being available to anyone who wants to invest in themselves and embrace an opportunity maybe not available without it – such as the dream of owning one’s own business. If it weren’t for it, I wouldn’t have ever thought I could own my own business, let alone work at home.

Laura paulson - August 26, 2010 Reply

Hey Guys, just wanted to add my 2 cents….

First @Stephanie – A little late but my prayers are with you all the same as well and yes, take care of you first. And once you overcome this, you’ll be that much stronger and will definitely help you in your business. You’ll hit roadblocks and they’ll be a piece of cake in comparison. So, keep your spirits up, I know easier said than done but a positive mindset will get you well faster so you can get past this.

@Stewart. Yes, this is very unfortunate and I absolutely hate it when I hear things like that because it hurts all of us. I certainly don’t work that way and don’t train my team to either. In fact, I am very upfront with everyone I talk to and that is to my benefit as well because I’m not just looking for warm bodies. Especially if someone needs money now, I make sure to give them worst case scenario. The only thing I can guarantee them is that if they don’t work, they won’t make any money.

I also have absolutely no idea what they’re going to do either. However, if they are coachable/trainable and work closely with me, they will have success much quicker than someone who tries to do it all alone or re-invent the wheel. I will match the efforts of everyone I bring on board 100% BUT they have to want it. I don’t chase people to join my business so I’m certainly not going to chase someone to work their business. Besides it’s not fair to my team. That’s another reason I don’t want to fill my organization with warm bodies. I’m looking for quality and by that I mean individuals who have a strong desire to make a positive change in their life and are ready to put in the effort necessary to make it happen.

Yes, it is doable to be earning $100 or more your first week; however, it’s not guaranteed and for most it takes longer. So that’s totally not cool telling anyone this. This business is a long-term solution and takes time to build. You get out of it what you put into it. The first couple months are the hardest and once you get past that point, it gets easier and easier and eventually takes on a life of its own. This business is just so simple. Unfortunately, too many just aren’t willing to make the sacrifices and go through that learning curve in order to make it to that point. And not that there’s anything wrong with that (or them), it just means it’s not the right time or having a business isn’t right for them.

Yes, there are some IBO’s who choose just to do recruiting and that’s a personal decision. And some who do just the memberships. And others both. Personally, I work the memberships and the recruitment equally. Afterall, the memberships are the lifeblood of the company. At first I did focus solely on building a team because having an HR background with a lot of recruiting/training experience, it was like my thing. But then once I learned more about the programs, that changed. With that said, I do encourage building a team because it’s better to leverage the efforts of many rather than just your own. Not to mention that it’s so much more fun working together as a team and helping others reach their goals while you reach yours – Together Everyone Achieves More!

2 of my RSD’s reached their promotion with memberships only and one RSD with mostly members. The resources I provide my team are equal for memberships and recruitment and they can chose however they want to work their business because it’s THEIRS and because there’s no one-size-fits-all.

So, yes, it is very important to be selective in who you enroll with so it’s to your advantage to ask lots of questions BEFORE jumping in. And don’t just think of that person, ask about team resources because what happens if that person leaves? Is there a support system over and above your enroller, what tools and resources do they have in place, etc, etc. I LOVE it when people ask me lots of questions because the more informed and certain they are coming in, the faster they will have success.

And if you’re being recruited in a way that’s not comfortable for you (you can’t see yourself doing what they just did), you’re probably better off looking elsewhere because chances are that’s how you’ll be trained.

@Ashleigh, the company you just joined is the exact same way. Different company, different product but the work is basically the same and each rep is an independent contractor and chooses how they work. There is good and bad in every company. Unfortunately, it’s the bad that gets the most press.

Okay, well sorry for writing a book LOL Stewart, since you paid the $19.95 you’re still in business so it’s entirely up to you if you wish to continue and NO you don’t have to follow what your NSD does. There’s corporate training, various team training sites, etc. etc. so there’s plenty of training and support regardless. Feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to assist – you can either click on my name that takes you to my blog and fill out the contact form or send me an email

I wish you all the best! Thanks, Laura

Bobbi Prim - August 26, 2010 Reply

I agree with you, Ashleigh, to an extent … yes, $100 the first week CAN be far-fetched – for some people. Everyone has different learning curves – how fast/slow they learn something. Some do take longer than others, too, depending on how much time they can put into their business; also how coachable a person is plays a key factor as well.

I reached RSD in 17 days – enrolled 18 people in those 17 days – and never had a clue when I started about online marketing, talking to people, etc. I know a couple other people that made RSD in 11 days – enrolling 10 people to get there – all of which were both members and IBOs because at the time we had to have 6 member plans and 4 IBO’s. That has all changed now, of course, but I still have newbies starting – just this month – that are enrolling their first person in their first week.

BUT … then again, not everyone can do this and it may take a little longer for them – and they need to be told this upfront. As for Ameriplan, I tell everyone – it is NOT a “get-rich-quick” scheme and you DO have to work your business to make any money … the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it – just like anything else. I’ve known people to take 9 months to 1-1/2 years just to make RSD – some were due to family obligations, childrens’ schedules, working full or part-time jobs, etc leaving them only 1 hour/night to work their business. This happens and it’s ok – as long as you are ok with it. Some people expect to make money just because they have websites, but they don’t realize that no one knows those websites are even on the internet unless they market them, register them with search engines, web directories, etc. This does take work.

In my own personal experience – and watching that of my newbies – the hardest thing about this business is learning everything, finding things on the various sites, setting up a work schedule, implementing time management if you have children, getting your own system set up and getting organized … once all this is in place, it’s really a piece of cake – and can be fun 🙂

As for those that take a little longer … just like with anything, practice makes perfect … and training/Personal Development does play a big part in it … but continuously! I’m in the business 4 years now, going into my 5th, and I STILL work on my Personal Development because I want to be better – I want to be a good trainer for my team – a good coach so THEY will do good and be successful. Heck, even when I was a secretary in the corporate world, I was attending seminars, etc, and I was a secretary for many, many years! There is nothing wrong with training – whether it be a lot or a little, but you WILL notice that the people that DO work on their Personal Development are the ones that are successful because they are constantly working to better themselves 🙂

btw … I also get my newbies marketing their businesses and talking to people before they are fully trained – and it’s worked GREAT because they are generating checks that much quicker 🙂 I certainly haven’t had any complaints in this area – lol! And they all continue learning, listening to training calls/cd’s, practicing while they are doing this 🙂

Unfortunately – and I don’t care WHAT company it is – there are going to be those enrollers that are misleading … and this is a real shame because those few make all of us look bad – like we all work the same way, when we don’t. And THIS is why I tell everyone to be SURE to research your enroller – interview them, ask them questions on HOW they work … can you sell product or is it just recruiting? etc etc etc I can provide a whole list of questions, but I don’t want to repeat what I’ve already posted above – lol! And even with selling a product, if it’s a product and not a service, do you have to keep an inventory? How do people order it and how is it delivered? Do YOU have to purchase the product? You can ask your enroller ANY question YOU want, and if they don’t like it – move on and find someone else.

Always remember … unlike the corporate world where when you get hired, you get a boss and whether or not you like him/her you are stuck with him/her. In this business – with any company – YOU have the choice of choosing your enroller – be selective. Don’t enroll with someone just because they contacted you first – talk to 2-3 representatives of the company and THEN choose which one you’d like to work with – this is very, very important to everyone’s success in any business. I can’t stress this enough – I really can’t. I was lucky – I found a great enroller and a great team … so many people do not for various reasons.

Well, here I go rambling again … sorry everyone … hope this helps everyone and please … if you have ANY questions at all, do not hesitate to ask. That’s what we’re all here for – to help each other … and get the FACTS straight 🙂

Have a great evening everyone!


Ashleigh - August 26, 2010 Reply

Hi Stewart,
I’m sorry for your situation, unfortunately, a lot of IBOs do what your enroller does to get leads and it’s very misleading. It’s also misleading that he told you you could make “$100.00 per day or more; in the first week.” When I was an IBO, I spoke with a lot of others who were good a recruiting, but it took A LONG TIME and A LOT OF TRAINING to get to be able to enroll 1 a day or more. I think making $100 a day in the first week is pretty far fetched.

I also know that a lot of IBOs focus on JUST recruiting, which is what started to turn me off from Ameriplan. That’s how people get the thought of Ameriplan and/or any other MLM being a pyramid scheme because a lot of the reps concentrate on just recruiting (which is what Pyramiding is) rather than getting the product out there.

Ameriplan truly is a good company that offers services that can help lots of people. Hopefully you are able to see that and don’t discount the company over one ill-mannered team.

Bobbi Prim - August 26, 2010 Reply

Hi Stewart!

I’m really sorry to hear of your disappointment, but I DO have good news for you! No matter WHAT team you are on, you CAN sell the product! You don’t HAVE to recruit people to work for the company! It could be that your particular NSD and team are focusing on recruiting so that is how they are training their teams … I don’t know. I know who you are talking about, but don’t know him personally and don’t know what his “goals” are, but PLEASE be advised that you CAN sell the product if you prefer doing this. You can do one, the other, or both – it’s up to YOU – it is YOUR business and YOU make the final decisions.

If you would like help in this area, email me direct at and I’d be more than happy to help you 🙂 I’ve had 2 men on my team make their RSD promotion by enrolling people on the health plans – ONLY! Neither one of them have any IBO’s under them and they prefer to do members only.

btw … go into your backoffice and click on the gold Eagle Seal icon near the bottom … you will see a list of your points – click to see the ACE Council Top Achievers List – note the #2 person on the list – this couple has ALWAYS enrolled only members to the plans – the product. 🙂 And there are more just like them 🙂

I hope this helps 🙂


stewart - August 26, 2010 Reply

P.S. Thanks for the great site Eddy.


stewart - August 26, 2010 Reply

Hello all. Used this website to do some background on Ameriplan before signing up and the advise Bobbi gave is important. Know your sponsor! Unfortunately I failed to follow her advise. Signed up with a NSD here in Colorado Springs and after 1 week of being strung along, realized that this group isn’t selling a product. They are selling jobs/work. The only sale is to get unemployed or those looking for part time employment to sign up for the IBO program. The NSD posts “need a job, I’ve got work” ads on Craigslist and signs up as many as he can. $120.00 for people who were actually looking for job. (69.99 + the 2nd month of $50.00 before you can cancel, takes one month) I should have known better.

I only signed the IBO agreement for 19.99. I thought “make money before you spend money”, but the only customers for this group was the unemployed. I see how this works for a lot of people, a legit product and company. But placing ads for work is wrong. He also promised people looking for work, $100.00 per day or more; in the first week. Of course this was just signing up other people looking for legitimate work.

Like I said, I should have known better.


Bobbi Prim - August 20, 2010 Reply

@Stephanie Shelton:
Hi Stephanie!

OMGosh, girl! Don’t worry about Ameriplan – your health comes FIRST! Take care of yourself and keep us posted on how you’re doing, ok?

Again … take care of yourself! I, too, will be keeping you in my prayers!

God Bless!


Stephanie Shelton - August 20, 2010 Reply

Hi Ashleigh and Bobbi,
Thank yall for the infornation. I really appriciate the response. Unfortionally, my plans to join Ameriplan have been put on hold for now. After writting yall I called the doctor for my test results of the leep procedure and they asked my husband and I to come in the the doctor wanted to talk to us. I have to decide to continue to have paps every 4 months with a 40% chance it will come back and if it does it can come back at any stage or have a hystorectomy and lose my chance to have antother child. I’m 28 years old. Anyway, this and bronchitis/sinus infection has taken all of my attention. I don’t feel like I could accomplish anything right now. When I get through all of this I hope to join Ameriplan at that time. Again I appriciate your response, both of you. I wish you both the best.


Bobbi Prim - August 15, 2010 Reply

@Stephanie Shelton:
Hi Steph!

I’m so happy you wrote on this blog for additional help … I am so sorry to hear about all your health issues, on the other hand, VERY glad that you’re on the road to recovery!

Of course you can email me with any questions, Steph – my contact information can be found by clicking on my name at the top of any of my postings. Although I’m sure Jody will have all your answers, I’d be honored to help with anything at all. Feel free to email me at anytime.

Actually, to start you need the annual fee of $19.95 and your first month’s overhead fee of $50 … if finances are an issue, you CAN enroll for $19.95 and pay the first month’s fee within 30 days, but your first month’s fee must be paid before you enroll anyone. Once you reach your first promotion and your residual check is over $50, the monthly fee will be deducted from your check 🙂 Also, you indicate you don’t need the discounts, etc., but if you utilize your Access Saver card in your day-to-day activities (discounts for shopping, car maintenance, dining, theaters, etc.), you will save MORE than $50 each month 🙂

Being in a small town, or living somewhere where we don’t have many providers, is not a problem – just market your business nationwide – I market my business nationwide and I DO have a lot of providers in my area. Think about it – if you market nationwide, it increases your chances of enrollments because you have a much larger marketing area 🙂 In addition to this we also have the hospital advocacy – ALL hospitals are included – and the IDSecureNet Plus, our non-health program too, which is becoming VERY popular!

Residual pay is where you get paid every single month for every single enrollment you do. For instance, I have dental and medical members that I enrolled 3-4 years ago and I’m still getting paid for them today!

Ameriplan is not a pyramid – pyramids are illegal … you do not get paid for everyone’s business under you, but once you reach your second promotion (Senior Regional Sales Director – SRSD), you will receive a commission of your RSD’s and their sales group. After your reach SRSD, with every promotion after that, you will receive what we call a Builder’s Bonus for another level under you … it’s kind of hard to explain, but once you start, Jody will get you on the FAHT training site where there are videos, etc. that explain the entire compensation plan and how it works. I can tell you, though, that once you reach SRSD and start receiving the Builder’s Bonuses, you income literally doubles – and, of course, increases with every promotion you receive after that 🙂

I hope this helps – I am glad that Eddy’s blog here has helped you with other questions you had! That is our mission – to help people make an informed and educated decision about Ameriplan BEFORE joining!

Best of luck to you – I just KNOW you are going to do great with Ameriplan! Keep us posted here and let us know how you’re doing!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Ashleigh - August 15, 2010 Reply

Hi Stephanie,
I’m sorry to hear all you’ve been through – my mother was diagnosed with cervical dyslpasia and had to have a hysterectomy 9 months after having me and now I face a similar situation – I was unable to have a biopsy done though because at the time I was early in my pregnancy with my son. The though of the possibilities of what my mother went through frighten me enough to NOT go back and have a biopsy done, however I know that’s the only way they can tell if I have pre-cancerous cells or not. Very scary situation.

I am no longer with Ameriplan – my heart isn’t in it anymore and I found a company that truthfully hit home with me. So, with that said, I wish you the best of luck and I would recommend speaking with Bobbi – she can explain how many levels you get paid on (though don’t confuse with pyramids, those are illegal and have no product or service involved!). What I can tell you is if you pay just the $19.95, you have the choice to either buy or sell a Platinum Plus membership – if you sell it, you won’t receive commissions until you sign another membership – it’s part of the new changes and I honestly don’t understand them fully.

Generally speaking to Bobbi, Laura and Eddy – I left Ameriplan after realizing I didn’t have a true passion for it and my enroller and I were not on the same page. My true passion is working with The Wellness Company – I’m sure you know what company I’m talking about. I feel like I can help more people by showing them non-toxic and cheaper household products as my life has been touched by cancer and several other diseases that can be avoided/prevented or at least improved by detoxifying one’s household. I’ve also experienced much more success in this company. Ameriplan just wasn’t for me. I thank you ladies and Eddy for your words and encouragement to myself and other people looking into Ameriplan as a means of income.

    Dd - April 11, 2011 Reply

    Hi Ashley, I was reading your comments along with everyone else’s about AmeriPlan, I’m new to this business. I read on and noticed you mentioned dysplasia. I recently had this diagnosis and am baffled by what this means in the long term. Yes sort of scary, I would like to know if you and I could talk about it maybe exchange some info. Let me know, and I hope you are doing well, Thanks Dd

Stephanie Shelton - August 14, 2010 Reply

Hello everyone,
I have read 95% of this blog and I must say I feel like I know everyone like Bobbi, Eddy, and Laura. I found this blog researching Ameriplan. My sister in-law sent info to my mother in-law after she lost her job. My mother in-law was not interested but thought I might be since I was leasing/marketing Specialist for a larger apartment community before I lost my job March 2009.
I recently took my son to a summer daycare program so that he could be around other children his age. it was only 2 days a week and 4 hrs. He enjoyed it so much that he continues to ask to go back even though the program is over for the summer. He is 2 years old. I told him I would have to get a job for him to go back since my husband and I are not financially able to send him without me working as well as my husband.
The concern about me going back to work is that I lost my job the week I was in the hospital having brain surgery. While the surgery was a success my helth is still a concern. Since the surgery i have starting having back and leg problems for which i am constantly on pain meds. I am still a fully functioning 28 year old woman but can’t seem to move as quickly or do the same stair walking that I could without being in a lot of pain even with the meds. Also, the Doctor found precancerous cervical cells and they were removed this week and sent off to double check to make sure they haven’t become cancer. The doctor said it is sever dysphlasia and will need to be closely watched and possibly taken out again. So due to my health concerns and lack of funds I started looking at Ameriplan.
I have done a lot of research and am ready to dive in. I was slightly concerned because I have never met this sister in-law (my husband has 6 brothers) and have just recently spoken with her because of Ameriplan. I thought about enrolling with Bobbi but my sister in-law is with the freedom at home team too. I am very good with sales and prefer the educational soft approach. I was happy that this is a company where I can be honest. My last company when they were having to cut cost would ask us to steal pens from the bank ect… With them I had a 55%-60-% closing ration and feel confident that I can do the job and have my business succeed. But I feel like I’ve felt every time I accepted a new job I start to doubt myself, the job, and the company. I always push forward though.
Bobbi I was wondering if I have questions or concerns that my sister in-law Jody Smith my sister in-law cant answer would you mind me emailing you? I am also trying to decide which plan to go with the $20 plan which would help with cost or the $50 plan. I am in a extremely small town which no provider besides cvs and wal-mart. There are a few about an hour away. So i dont really need the discounts at the moment and could get them later when I start making money. I even have someone who might sign up for the discounts when I become an Ibo which will be when my husband gets paid.
I also wanted to thank everyone for posting on this blog I got the answers to questions that my sister in-law didnt provide although I’m sure would have if I’d known what to ask.
Bobbi I am curious about residuals and am not sure how to ask the question so forgive me if its not right. How far does the pyrimid go? I know that i get paid for every person I sign up but is that as far as it goes or do I make money on the people that are signed up by the people that I sign up?
Thanks again for all the help and quite classy and intelligent conversation.

Laura Paulson - August 14, 2010 Reply

Hey Judy!

So glad you found the site and it was helpful. Eddy is Awesome, isn’t he?!!! 

And that’s exactly the thing to do with your questions is to talk one-on-one because so much can get lost in just reading. It’s also important to get to know your future business partner because that relationship is key. So kudos to you on that! Like Bobbi said, let us know how it’s going and we’re all here to help.

Make it a Great Day! Laura

Bobbi Prim - August 14, 2010 Reply

Hi Judy!

Thank you – so glad we were able to help! I just love when we can help someone make an informed and educated decision. Please be sure to keep us posted on how you’re doing … and don’t forget, if you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to ask – we’re all here to help each other 🙂

Have a Great Weekend!


Judy - August 14, 2010 Reply

Have I learned a lot in the last little while or what!!!! I am looking into joining Ameriplan as my home based business and stumbled upon this blog. Wow!!! It sure answered a lot of questions and hesitations that I had. Now I can call back with some informed questions. I am getting very excited about walking down this road. Thanks!!! I believe the questions I have left are ones that are more indepth and one on one questions. Keep up the good work!

Bobbi Prim - August 9, 2010 Reply

@Eddy Salomon:
Hi Eddy!
Thank you very much! Yes, my email is listed above somewhere and people can also click on my name to get my email as well 🙂

HAVE A GREAT VACATION! We will miss you 🙂


Bobbi Prim - August 9, 2010 Reply

oops! Sorry … I hit the ‘tab’ key and it entered the comment before I was done … anyway to continue …

2. Will you get free leads?
3. Does the team have a training site and exactly what is on it? Just training? Or does the team provide materials and resources … and what type?
4. What type of support does the team provide? (this question can also be asked of the enroller as well!)
5. What does the enroller/team believe in as far as “teamwork”?

After what you’ve been through, I’m sure you get the idea 🙂

So … first, research and find an enroller … then whoever that is can help you get started 🙂 If there is anything we can help you with here – any additional questions, or if you need more information, please do not hesitate to ask! That is what we are here for!

Best of luck … keep us posted!

Bobbi Prim 🙂

Bobbi Prim - August 9, 2010 Reply

Hi Amanda!
I’m so very sorry to hear you had such a hard time when you were with Ameriplan – how long ago was this?

Your story here is exactly why I tell everyone – whether it be Ameriplan or some other company, doesn’t matter – you MUST research not only the company, but the team and enroller you are thinking of joining under. This alone is detrimental to your success – with any company. You want to make sure you find someone that you are compatible with, of course, but also that you feel comfortable knowing that your enroller/team will be there to help you! NO ONE should work this business on their own – especially the first couple of weeks because EVERYONE has TONS of questions and this is normal – this is how we learn! Later, you will “wean” yourself because you won’t have as many questions, but regardless of whether you are with the company two months or two years, your enroller should be there for you.

Again, too, you also want to research the team you will be on … and don’t be afraid to ask what team! Each team provides different things for their members and you want to know what the team will be able to do for you … for instance:
1. What type/how many training calls are available? Are they all live, or can you access recorded versions? Are these training calls corporate calls, or calls provided by the team themselves?

Bobbi Prim - August 9, 2010 Reply

@josefina Hart:
Hi Josefina!

Thank you very much – I’m SO glad we’ve helped you with the vast amount of information here … I also did receive your email and have responded 🙂 Looking forward to chatting with you!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Bobbi 🙂

Amanda - August 8, 2010 Reply

Hi Bobbie and Eddy,
I worked with Ameriplan for less than two months and had a very hard time getting started. I was very discouraged when I didnt start bringing in money right away. What do I need to do to get started and start bringing in money. My counselor was not helpful. Please help me.

    Eddy Salomon - August 8, 2010 Reply

    Hi Amanda,
    I don’t work for Ameriplan. But Bobbie would be a great person to talk to. I’m sure she will chime in when she can. I’m heading on vacation so it may take me a day or two to approve any additional comments. So keep that in mind. But I think if you look at earlier comments she provides her information.

josefina Hart - August 8, 2010 Reply

Thank you guys!!! I was looking for answers about working for Ameriplan i was not clear yet, but then this blog help me to clarified some of my concerns i had about working for Ameriplan.

Thank you so much! Eddy and Everyone!!!

josefina Hart - August 8, 2010 Reply

Hi Bobby!
It sounds like you are the right person i was looking for. I will contact you very soon.

Bobbi Prim - July 20, 2010 Reply

Hi Ashleigh! Of course – like you said, I’ve helped you in the past.

Ashleigh - July 20, 2010 Reply

Hey Janelle,
Like the other ladies said, you did it once, you can do it again, just focus on the now and the future! Congrats on your addition-to-come!

Ashleigh - July 20, 2010 Reply

@Bobbi Prim:
Hey Bobbi,
I’m definitely all for having a system in place that allows me to leverage my time so I’m not spending hours calling people back. I’d much rather have people calling me or at least have the information first before I spend time with them on the phone. My son is to the point where sitting at the computer for a couple hours at a time doing this and that and trying to be on the phone just isn’t an option – I really need to be on top of him as much as possible. I know there are people who use their overview calls to their advantage, but I haven’t been a lucky one to get the calls back and sometimes following up can take longer than it should. Would you be willing to share your boot camp (once you’ve got it finished) with a non-immediate team member? Currently I’m seeking mentoring and help from a few different people as my own up line is still doing things I’d like to move on from, and you’ve helped me in the past. I’d love your help again!

Laura Paulson - July 20, 2010 Reply

Hey Janelle, just to add my 2 cents 🙂

Don’t beat yourself up about the past. All that matters is today and forward. You have proof that you can do it!

Take it from a mom you did work outside the home while her kids were growing up, do it NOW. I can’t tell you how happy you will be that you did because the time you miss (with your kids) you will NEVER, EVER get it back. I have A LOT of regret because I missed out on A LOT because I was trading time for money working for “the man” and although I was very fortunate to have a great career with the income to boot, that came with a HUGE, HUGE price (all I did was work). I didn’t take that leap (and wake up) until my oldest was almost graduating from high school so you’re way ahead of me :).

And like Jayme said, there is a way to work the business without spending a lot of time. I don’t spend hours and hours on the phone (NO way!!!) and I show my team how to leverage their time as well and have the tools in place.

And if “life gets in the way” while you’re working your business, that’s okay – just do what you can. One gentleman on my team had a similar situation. His hours increased significantly at his job so he wasn’t able to devote much time at all to his business. Nevertheless, I helped him streamline his activities so that even though time was extremely limited, he was still able to continue moving his business forward.

Fortunately he did because just last week he got laid off from his job so luckily he had his business to fall back on and he’s “back at it”! full-force and, in time, he won’t need a job.

So just do what you can, Janelle. You’ll get there!!! It won’t happen overnight but it WILL happen. You made it that far before so you KNOW you CAN do it!!!! Once you hit a certain point, all that effort will pay off because your business will “take on a life of it’s own”.

WOOOHOOOO!!! Here’s to creating wealth WHILE having a life!!!! To Your Success! Laura

Bobbi Prim - July 19, 2010 Reply

Hi Janelle!

YES! That is exactly how I raised my children – If you want something, put your all into it – set your heart and mind to it – and you will get it. Also … where there is a will, there is a way! And you know exactly about setting your goals and reaching for them … i.e., the Vegas trip! Wasn’t that awesome – I did the same thing when Janie announced it! My husband always wanted to go to Vegas and I told myself “this is our chance!” See? We can do anything we want to do, if we set our hearts and minds to it – make it a goal – and work TOWARDS that goal – WE CAN DO ANYTHING! Janelle, I remember talking to you in Vegas, so I KNOW you are going to do (HAVE done) GREAT! You made it all the way to SRSD the second time around, just IMAGINE where you will go this time! We’ll be watching YOU cross that stage at convention as an NSD! WOO HOO!

True – “if it’s for them, it is – if it’s not, it’s not” … as Janie says, “some will, some won’t, so what” …

CONGRATULATIONS in advance on your new bundle of joy! How exciting!

Jayme is so right in there are ways to work the business now without spending so much time on the phone, which is truly awesome and will help with the little ones at home, etc. I’m in the process of implementing a boot camp for my team which is going to train them on an all new method I’m using now, so needless to say I’m quite excited too, because with this method, people don’t have to be on the phone as much 🙂

As you can see, we all look for newer, better ways to help our teams – and when you come back, you too, will do the same thing. You will have an advantage of already knowing what worked for you before, so you will have a headstart! I am SO excited for you – new baby – new beginnings ….

Keep us posted on everything, ok? We’d love to hear how/what you’re doing!


Jayme Boyles - July 19, 2010 Reply

Your welcome Janelle! Congrats on the upcoming birth!! You are going to be one BUSY Mama Now!! I can imagine you are kicking yourself a little over quitting twice..but you are being honest with yourself NOW in knowing that you can truly be successful with AmeriPlan….and that you actually did enjoy it…and third times a charm, right?! Also, winning a Top Producer’s Trip is a BIG Deal!! And while you may of not been making alot of money when you went to Vegas…you were there with the Top Producers in the Company!! You were doing what they did to get to 6 figures. And if you got to RSD and SRSD once, you can do it again, you already know that ;)!!

Childcare has never been an option for me either…I hear so many moms saying they are just ‘working to work’ which is SO true! Why spin your wheels and miss out on your kids precious moments when there IS a better way-whether it is AmeriPlan or not, there are options!!

And just a note; there are actually ways you can build your business and spend less time on the phone, since that WILL be an issue with a toddler and a newborn! Though I do not know your previous sponsor or the team you were on, there is training on how to use ‘overview methods’ by making sure prospects have the info first before you spend time on the phone with them by using overview calls and emails 🙂 This helps me from being ‘overwhelmed’ by the phone calls and ‘interviews’…because I really have no quiet phone time in my house!

Good Luck To You!!

Jayme Boyles

Janelle - July 19, 2010 Reply

@Bobbi Prim:
Hi Bobbi,

Thanks… Making SRSD was NOT easy as we all know. I’m a strong believer in “If I really want it I can put my mind to anything I want and get it”… When Janie Jones made the announcement about the contest for the Vegas trip I challenged myself. I told myself I’m going to do it and I did it LOL… The trip was great!

Right around the time making the SRSD promo I picked up a full time job, so I was not working the business on a consistent schedule like I did prior to getting the full time job. I honestly believe taking that JOB was a big mistake! I’m still working on that very same job till this day and I’m so NOT happy! Ameriplan truly delivers and not everyone can understand that. If it’s for them it is, if not it’s not… Now that I’m expecting another bundle of joy in 2weeks I’m really giving this a lot of thought to jump back in. It honestly worked for me

Janelle - July 19, 2010 Reply

@Jayme Boyles:
Jayme, thank you so much for your response. That’s exactly what my problem was in the past thinking the “grass is greener on the other side” knowing well what Ameriplan delivered. Shame on me!! I really enjoyed the business. I believed in it and it’s product which is why I was successful in it. I decided to pick up a full time job which is another reason the business became to overwhelming working full time, I also have a daugther (at the time she was one year) she’ll be 3 September 01, and I have another daughter on the way (due in 2weeks Aug 03rd). I wouldn’t beable to work full time anymore as well. Child care is extremely expensive and not worth putting 2 kids both under the age of 5 in daycare. NOT an option! I’m a little embrassed to come back for the 3rd time LOL.. starting all over again, but I know I can do it.

Bobbi Prim - July 19, 2010 Reply

Hi Janelle! It’s great to see you here! I am so proud of you for making SRSD – that IS a great accomplishment! I was surprised to see that you left Ameriplan a month after your SRSD Promotion … although I am not making six figures either (usually NSDs and above are making the six figure income), my income did double when I reached SRSD, then tripled when I became ESD due to our Builders Bonus Overrides. That alone was exciting for me 🙂 And even though I’m not making six figures, I CAN pay our bills and actually have some left over for “fun”, and that means a lot to me because any other company I tried before Ameriplan, I never even came close to paying my bills let alone having “fun” money.

You are correct in saying that this business isn’t for everyone – and, like you said … NO business – NO job – NO company – at home or in the corporate world – is for everyone. But you certainly seemed to do well if you made SRSD AND won the Vegas trip – that is so AWESOME!

Remember … Ameriplan is a lot of things, but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme so yes, you do have to have patience.

Best of luck to you, Janelle, in whatever you choose to do … if we can help with anything, let us know …


Jayme Boyles - July 19, 2010 Reply

Hi Janelle,

I think sometimes we all (no matter what occupation or business we are in) feel that the grass might be greener on the otherside. I have had team members quit and come back or take a ‘break’ to go get a job and come running back! Sometimes realizing through one’s own personal experience what they truly want is the only teacher there is! So, that isn’t a bad thing that you quit, you now know that AmeriPlan is truly a great opportunity, and like you said, the only one that actually paid you!
That is great and a BIG accomplishment that you made it to SRSD!! I just wanted to say that although I am not making 6 figures, I am making decent money after 2 1/2 years with AmeriPlan and I do work part time. I have two kids, ages 2 and 10 months, and cannot work full time, that is why I wanted a home business to begin with, so I didn’t have to work full time 🙂 I am sure it is easy to feel overwhelmed, and sometimes a home business can seem to consume you. However, I think a major key to success in any home business is sticking to some form of schedule, and not letting your personal life flow over into your business, and visa versa. Good Luck if you do decide to come back!! Jayme

Janelle - July 18, 2010 Reply

I too was with Ameriplan twice. I’m actually really thinking about joining it again. I can honestly say Ameriplan was the only company I made money with. Some little and sometimes not much. To actually see something coming in the mail box was good enough proff for me. I droped out because I wanted to find other ways of making bigger money. Guess I was impatient. I to won that very same trip to Vegas. When I returned back home from the trip, 2weeks later I made Senior Regional Sales Director (with my up line help). Then one month later after making that promotion I droped out. I figured it out. The top earners making $100k / yr because they’re working full time. I was only working part time. It became to overwhelming for me. I agree it’s not for everyone. No job is. No business is. No company is.

Bobbi Prim - July 15, 2010 Reply

Hi Colleen …
Actually, yes Craigs List is ONE of them that I use – but I use many, many sites that I advertise on (all the free ones!) and many methods of marketing my business. I train my team members the same way I work and tweak along the way. I – as well as my team members – use a MINIMUM of 5 different marketing methods each week, which could be any of the above that Ashleigh mentioned … BUT I certainly do not START a newbie on social networking, blogging, etc until they are ready for it – unless of course, they are already involved in any of these things, which a good 99% of them are not. I feel it’s senseless to start someone on attraction marketing or similar until they actually become familiar with our plans, recruiting, the company, etc. You cannot “attract” someone to you, or discuss something in a blog or on a social network, until you know at least something of what you are talking about 🙂

As you can tell, I take “baby steps” with my newbies until I know what their learning skills are – everyone learns things differently and at different paces. I don’t want to go too fast and overwhelm them, nor do I want to go too slow either.

In summary, I literally expose myself all over the internet and locally – and train my team how to do the same.

Keep in mind … to “get traffic moving with your website” you MUST market your website or no one will know it’s there 🙂 I say this (and I’m not referring to YOU when I say this – lol) because believe it or not, there are many people out there that think because they have websites they don’t have to do anything – the websites will do all the work for them. This is not true – people don’t know the websites are there unless you tell them – via marketing – and we train people how to do this. For instance, you want to sell your house – well, no one KNOWS your house is for sale unless you market it … telling people, hire a real estate agent, advertising in your local newspaper, putting a sign in your front lawn, etc. The same goes true for your websites – marketing your sites tells people “I’m open for business – here I am – check it out!”

Colleen – I could be wrong, but I get the impression that you are currently an IBO .. or currently working at home. If you need any help/advice with your marketing, email me direct ( and I would be more than happy to help you out. We all work as a team – whether you’re on my personal team or not, doesn’t matter to me.

Well, here I go rambling again about more than you even asked – I do apologize, but hopefully this helps 🙂

Have a Great Day!


Ashleigh - July 15, 2010 Reply

Hi Colleen,
I know I’m not Bobbi but I didn’t think it’d hurt to reply anyways – hope you don’t mind.

A lot of us DO use craigslist for getting our leads, however, many of us have encountered some obstacles with them, myself included. With the Freedom At Home Team you get 250 free postcard leads every month which when using them properly (as outlined in our training) yield some very good results. Other means of driving traffic to our websites include social networking, traffic exchanges, free classifieds, paid advertising of all sorts, blogging, article marketing, and my favorite – attraction marketing also known as magnetic sponsoring. We can also get free leads from several sources which make very good presentation practice and purchased leads. The list truly does not stop there and Bobbi of course would help you tremendously on choosing your desired methods.

Hope this helps!

Colleen - July 15, 2010 Reply

Do you do the craigs list thing to get leads or do you just get traffic moving with your website?

Ashleigh - July 14, 2010 Reply

@Bobbi Prim:
As usual, you’ve hit the nail on the head clarifying things for Eddy’s visitors! We’re all so lucky to have you as a friend willing to answer questions.

Bobbi Prim - July 13, 2010 Reply

Hi Sharon! I do apologize, I didn’t see your message posted earlier …

No, the healthcare reform bill will not effect our business. Ameriplan was actually started over 18 years ago with the Dental Plan because 70% of the U.S.A. had no dental coverage whatsoever. This Dental Plan also includes Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic care – none of which is covered by the healthcare reform bill 🙂

We also have IDSecureNet Plus, our non-healthcare plan which covers the #1 crime in the nation, Identity Theft, as well as Child ID (the ONLY Child ID program in the nation sponsored by the FBI), Financial Services, Legal Services, Roadside Assistance and Access Saver which provides discounts in your everyday living – shopping, movie theatres, car repair/maintenance, dining, etc. I won’t go into the details here of each and every one of these, but I’m sure you get the idea 🙂

BTW … anyone joining Ameriplan now gets ALL of the above benefits – we didn’t “several years ago” 🙂

As for the healthcare reform bill … hmmm … amazing we haven’t heard too much about this since the states started filing their lawsuits against the government. Even IF this bill was to go into effect, it certainly will not happen overnight – we’re talking a MAJOR “overhaul” here. I have an IBO on my team who joined Ameriplan because she lives in the State of Washington where they have the same thing already in effect in that state – it costs them an arm and a leg to pay for their healthcare (so many people think this is going to be FREE healthcare – sorry to disappoint those that believe this, but NOT!); in fact, it’s costing them more than their original insurance did. Canada, too, already has this in effect for their residents – I’ve heard many horror stories about it. In summary, I do not see this happening for a couple of years – IF it goes into effect.

As for the start-up fee – you are correct … when the economy took a turn and so many people were losing their jobs (not even counting their benefits!), Dennis and Daniel, the founders of Ameriplan, eliminated the $95 startup fee to help those that were out of work. By popular demand, they made the Start-up Kit an OPTION vs. a requirement 🙂 In this way, all anyone needed was the first month’s overhead fee of $50 to start. This has just recently changed AGAIN, but I don’t want this to appear as a salesy type posting, so if you decide you want to come back to Ameriplan, email me and we can go over this in private 🙂

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask – that’s what we’re here for 🙂

Have a Great Day!


Bobbi Prim - July 13, 2010 Reply

@Eddy Salomon:
Hi Eddy!

Well, thank you so very much – it’s really a pleasure being on this blog with you all too! I love the way you manage this blog/site too – not allowing arguing, politics, etc. Questions asked, questions answered – both pros and cons – and all postings very professionally written by everyone.

Knowing how I “took time to dig deeper” – and all that took only a day. IMAGINE how much research I did on Ameriplan the entire WEEK before I started – LOL!

Thank you again, Eddy for having this blog and letting us all be here 🙂

Colleen …. well, thank you so VERY much!

sharon - July 13, 2010 Reply

Hey Eddy!

I just want to say that I too was an Ameriplan IBO several years ago, and even though I didn’t do too well with it at that time, I still think it could be a very profitable and legitimate business for anyone who has the time to put into it. I came to this blog because I was thinking of trying it again ( I didn’t even know that they had dropped the sign-up fee, which makes it even more attractive), but I was wondering if the recent health care reform bill would have any effect on the business. I believe Bobbi would be perfect for answering this question for me. Thank you both in advance.

Colleen - July 13, 2010 Reply

Bobbi Prim is the bomb! What a great person!

Bobbi Prim - July 13, 2010 Reply

Hi Dennis!

What a nice posting! I love your story – only because I’ve “been there, done that” – lol! One of the keys to success in any business is you have to have a passion – or enjoy – doing what you’re doing. If you don’t enjoy talking on the phone, then don’t … we do have other methods of working Ameriplan, but in all reality it really doesn’t sound like it would be a good fit for you. I, too, recommend you talk to Eddy about Wealthy Affiliate or some of the other companies on his site here. Like Ashleigh, I think most of us do some affiliate marketing (not like Eddy does – full time) just through the resources that we use. Eddy has been very successful with WA and this site and I’m sure he will advise and guide you in the right direction.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors – be sure to keep us posted on how you’re doing, ok?


    Eddy Salomon - July 13, 2010 Reply


    I’m glad you spent the time to read this article and have come to the correct conclusion that Ameriplan isn’t a scam. Like any company it may have some flaws and may not be right for everyone but it’s definitely not a scam. So I’m happy you were able to get that from the article. As you can see there are a lot of great reps here that try to give a balanced view of the company and are willing to address allegations and the cons in a professional manor. So at the very least you can see how professional some of these folks are.

    In any event, I can only imagine what you went through as tech support rep. People are terrified of technology which makes them inept at it. Ironically many of these folks have fancy degrees and have managed to learn other more complicated things in their lives. But because of their irrational fear of the word technology their brain shuts down. I’m only speaking from experience because I have a lot of family members and friends that I am the designated tech support for. lol With that said I can see why you definitely don’t want to be involved in any more type of phone work.

    There are some folks at Ameriplan that have managed to make it work with little phone work but most people will be honest with you and readily admit you do need to be a phone person to make it work. Obviously like you working for the man has always been a habit I wanted to shake off. Fortunately for me I have and have been working full time at it for the last 3 years and doing very well.

    The path I and a lot of folks have chosen is affiliate marketing. I’ve already mentioned this at the start of the article and that’s actually my recommendation for folks willing to put in the work of running their business. At the end of the day like Ameriplan this involves a certain mindset (which you seem to already have.), work ethic and unwavering resolve to push forward even when running into obstacles. Any business owner that is honest will tell you the road to success is rough. It usually means running into a lot of failures and let downs. But if you adjust along the way and push forward you’ll one day be home like me getting paid to yammer on on a blog like this in your boxers. lol

    The biggest advice I can give you is to ensure you get the right guidance via a training program, mentor, etc. Don’t go it alone! This is where people make huge unnecessary mistakes because they’re afraid of investing in themselves or in some cases can’t afford to. There is absolutely no reason to repeat the mistakes others have made when you can learn from them. So get the proper guidance. Learn from people that have proven success and mimic them. Don’t look for advice or guidance from people that haven’t achieved what you want.

    Although affiliate marketing has worked wonderful for me and many others, it doesn’t mean it will be the right thing for you. So be sure you explore all the legitimate business options out there. Always do your research as you’ve done here. Don’t fall for anything that sounds too good to be true because it usually is. There is absolutely no such thing as fast easy money that you can totally live off. If it were that easy, we’d all do it. So always keep that in mind. In any event, I would encourage you to read the following articles that will provide you some options to consider:

    I hope this has helped you. Obviously some of the Ameriplan folks have given you some great advice as well. So take heed of it. Whatever you do, just make sure it’s right for you. Don’t let anyone pressure you just so they can make their commissions. Take Care.

    P.S. Thanks Ashleigh & Bobbi!

    That’s what I really like about you. You literally took time to dig deeper regarding the allegations and came back here to address them one by one and waited at least a day to ensure you have the right information. Gotta love it! Thanks for the additional information and always being the professional that you are. Every time you chime in, it’s a reminder to me why you’re so successful with Ameriplan and probably everything that you do in business. It’s a pleasure to have someone like you here chiming in on these discussions. So thank you!

Bobbi Prim - July 13, 2010 Reply

Hi Everyone!

Sorry it has taken me this long to post something in reference to Anonymous’ posting above, but I took the day – or most of it anyway – doing some research of my own :). Being a former Provider Rep, I am glad to see that Laura responded as well! Laura is considered one of the “experts” on our team in this area 🙂

First, I would like to say that I was flabbergasted to see an NSD (if in fact this person is an NSD) would post something of this nature – and as Eddy noted above – without any backing to verify the alleged claims.

Secondly, in response to “MEMBERS will save money by using the plan and BROKERS will definately make money by recruiting other individuals” … as a reminder, Brokers ALSO make money by enrolling MEMBERS, not just recruiting others. I know of many IBO’s who have made their RSD promotions enrolling ONLY dental and health members – 3 of which are on my team! None of them have recruited anyone – nor have they even tried because they choose not to – this is one of the choices we are allowed to make – we can do one, the other, or both. As for Anon’s residuals drastically reducing “in the past 10 years” – this could be due to various things which I won’t go into because that is really irrelevant, so let’s get on to the “problem”.

“AP let go of over 100+ Provider Relation Reps over a year ago” – yes, over a year ago … and old news! I think Laura did an excellent job of covering this so I will move on to “left our providers … dangling and at odds with what is actually going on in the company.” I took the time today – seeing as I had to call my doctor anyway – to call ALL of my doctors, dentists, chiropractor, surgeons, allergists, optomotrists … all of which are providers with Ameriplan. Now mind you, I did not call ALL the providers in the entire nation … but regardless, not a single one of them have any problems with Ameriplan. Each one of them indicated that when they call the Provider Relations Dept with questions or needing help with something, the responses they receive are very “helpful, courteous, and promptly answer questions or help”. I also personally know the former Provider Rep for this area, so I also asked everyone about him – just to see what they would say. The response was the same “gee … he used to call us every so often, but we haven’t heard from him in a long time” – no one seemed concerned seeing as they were happy with the help provided by the PR Dept. So – my question is – WHY would providers be cancelling? Because their patients give them grief?? Heck, even PAYING patients or those covered under insurance give providers grief – lol!

Moving on … I have not seen AP “steering members into other products.” Like any other company in any industry, Ameriplan came out with a new product – there is nothing wrong with this, especially since there is a NEED for it – that is the IDSecureNet Plus. Ameriplan has NOT done away with their Dental Plan “what made them big to begin with”. As a matter of fact, when all these postings were being made, I was enrolling a Dental Member! I have another one scheduled to be enrolled tomorrow! The only plan that was discontinued was the Basic Wellness – because no one enrolled in that plan, so obviously there was not a NEED for it. As for Total Health – yes, we still have that … AND I am also enrolling a member in that plan by week’s end! If any of these plans were done away with I – and others – would not be enrolling people in them 🙂

Brochures? Funny … I just received my order of brochures last week – for both the Health and Dental plans AND the new brochures for IDSecureNet …

Lawsuits … what company doesn’t have lawsuits against them? Does Ameriplan – who knows? “Too many to mention” but they’re like “finding a needle in a haystack.” They have so many lawsuits, they can’t be found? Anyone ever see the commercials on TV for attorneys? They’re a joke – they advertise bankruptcy, divorce and every disease imaginable. Like Laura said above, attorneys will do anything to make money – take any case, and if it’s not a case – find a way to make a case out of it – lol! HELLO! Look at McDonald’s – got sued because someone got burnt from their coffee! Be careful everyone – if someone looks cross-eyed at someone else, an attorney will find a way to make a good case out of it!

“some of you are looking to do something legitimate and lasting and need a REAL job, I would look elsewhere” – GO FOR IT, ANON! Personally, I will stay with Ameriplan – thank you. I’ve been in the corporate “rat race” – there’s no guarantees out there either! My son-in-law had a “REAL job” – he’s been out of work for over a year now and can’t find another job; my son lost his job – he’s training to be an OTR truck driver because that’s all there is out there. With Ameriplan, I have CONTROL over my income, my work hours, my family time – my BUSINESS. I have watched small businesses nationwide shut down, layoff, merge, etc due to lack of business in this economy. My Ameriplan is a small business – but I’m still making money because I work my business – I still have income … Personally, I do not want a JOB (Just Over Broke) – I want my Ameriplan business. I’m in my 5th year with this company right now and just as happy – no, happier – as the day I started!

Have A Great Day Everyone!


Dennis - July 12, 2010 Reply

Thanks for the nice comments Ashleigh! I am on the internet alot, so I would really like to make some money somehow. I havent had time to look at much else yet here yet. I am still trying to find a job from the man, as it has been put here. I would love ot build something like eddy has done here, but I know it takes time. Most days I am on the internet all day. I recently signed up with an online college to get a bachelors degree since most “jobs” require it. So right now I am blogging with you, and on a couple other forums I frequent, as well as skimming my school text online and filling out an online job app. I would like to adjust some of that time into doing online activities that make money.

Ashleigh - July 12, 2010 Reply

Hi Dennis, I’m sure Eddy would agree with me here when I say I’d recommend affiliate marketing. I’m an affiliate for a few programs and my advertising mediums are what send the traffic to my site and the rest is in the bag. I’m very much a phone person ONLY when it comes to talking to people I know already, I have to go through a motivation routine to get on the phone and make my Ameriplan calls but I love the company nonetheless. Prior to finding Ameriplan, I was involved in a few other MLMs but at the wrong time in my life, otherwise I could have really made something huge of myself – I still can! I’m sure Eddy will have some great recommendations for you and I wish you luck on finding what’s right for you!

Dennis - July 12, 2010 Reply

Hello Eddy!

And hello to everyone else. I just read through this entire blog .Whew! I came to this site by searching Google for “ameriplan scam” After spending the last couple hours reading this blog, I am convinced that Ameriplan is not a scam, but I am like you eddy, I prefer to not talk on the phone. I can talk on the phone and have before, but I do not enjoy it. I am a computer tech and my first computer job (for the man) was working in a large tech support call center for Sprint. It was a pretty horrible job dealing with people that barely even knew they had a computer in the house,let alone knew how to turn it on. But I am rambling here. I want to thank everyone for all the great info here, but I still dont think Ameriplan is for me. I will be checking out more of your site eddy. I would really like to start some businesses where I can support my family. I have been unemployed for way to long and my focus has been getting a job from “the man” But I really dont want that. I never have. I hate working for other people. I am not a materialistic person, I really only want enough of the pie to support my family and buy my own house someday. (Rent is such a waste of money) If you have any specific suggestions for me I would love the advise. I have tried MLM plans years ago and got burned a few times. None of the internet based programs I tried lasted long and were just all pie in the sky claims. I want to do something that has a good product that I can believe in. I worked for a telemarketing company once that had an iffy product , but I came into the office and spent all day on the phones taking peoples money for weeks and then one day showed up for work and the office was gone. That was fun! SO I have been scammed by some of the best and have learned to be wary. Actually paranoid! I would love to check out some of your recommendations and see if any of them are for me. Your site seems honest and balanced as you said of some people here. Thanks for a great site.

Laura Paulson - July 12, 2010 Reply

@Eddy Most definitely Eddy, I agree. Failing to divulge your identity isn’t proof in of itself. It just makes me suspect. While I believe it’s a good thing to get all sides, when ambiguous comments/allegations are made, it’s easy for people (without firsthand knowledge) to rely on them as fact and not see them for what they are – subjective opinions. I saw A LOT of these ‘subjective opinions” when I was first researching the company. However, when I dug deeper and got the facts surrounding what REALLY happened…

Trust me, as an IBO with Ameriplan, I do NOT look at the company with “rose-colored glasses” – to the contrary, I ALWAYS question EVERYTHING and am ALWAYS looking objectively because that’s in my best interest as well as the best interest of those I bring on board. “Blind trust” has never been a trait of mine LOL

    Eddy Salomon - July 12, 2010 Reply


    I totally hear you about people jumping to conclusions based on a few subjective opinions! It actually speaks to a larger problem in our society where folks have become mentally lazy and don’t want to do the additional reading and digging that you and I will do. So I can totally understand the need to chime in strongly when ambiguous comments and allegations are made. That’s why we give folks like you this platform. Hopefully people that visit this blog are the type to read between the lines and dig further.

    I also appreciate your perspective about Bling trust. I feel the same way. Thanks again for chiming in. This is the type of conversation I was expecting.
    It’s a beautiful thing to see when adults can use their words in a constructive way without resorting to the childish behavior we often see in politics and other forums. What a wonderful world this would be if we could practice this more often. Well let me get off my soap box and walk my dog. lol

Jayme Boyles - July 12, 2010 Reply

Hi Ashleigh, I for sure wasn’t causing trouble….lol… And I did state my opinion, probably a little too bluntly at first ;). No worries, Eddy handles everyone’s comments here with great fairness, even if they don’t identify themselves. I greatly respect him for the honest, fair, respectful and open blog(s) he has created! Jayme Boyles

    Eddy Salomon - July 12, 2010 Reply


    I really appreciate the comment and where I was coming from here. You totally understand the type of platform I’m trying to have here. Thanks again.

Ashleigh - July 12, 2010 Reply

@Laura Paulson:
Thank you much Laura for chiming in with your personal experience, I knew it was only a matter of time!

Laura Paulson - July 12, 2010 Reply

Hi ‘Anonymous’ With all due respect, in my experience, if someone has an honest motive for their comments/advice or what have you, they will have no problem identifying themselves. So not doing so, to me, is Very suspect and normally indicates an ulterior motive. Not that I’m saying this is the case here, but that’s just been my experience.

I was one of those 100+ provider reps that were “let go” so I too have an “inside track”. I did stay on as a volunteer (as have others) to help out in our respective areas. We just don’t get paid for it anymore. However, it made sense for me to ‘stay on” because my focus was always on “bigger picture” (the direct correlation to our long-term RESIDUAL income potential) and not just the “Immediate Gratification” of that immediate cash for the activities (there was A LOT of money to be made). Yes that was nice too but because it helps my business (residual pay), that LONG TERM FOCUS carried more weight TO ME.

While I do not like the fact that there are no longer reps in the field, I do understand why AND let me just say knowing what I know, if I was the owners of the company, I would have done the same or similar (or at minimum revamped everything) because A LOT of money was going out the door – much more than should have.

Yes, there are disadvantages to not having them but really it’s no different than any “insurance company” – THEY don’t have field reps that visit the offices on a regular basis either. Having the field reps was a “nice to have”, not a “need to have”. AND there is still a corporate staff that providers can go to and whenever I’ve had to get something resolved or a question from a provider…WHATEVER, Provider Relations has always responded/followed up promptly. AND whenever I send in a referral request to get a new provider added, they handle those as well. So, our providers DO continue to be serviced just not to the extent they were before.

Making difficult “business decisions” is no different than any other company especially in this economy. When I worked in “corporate america”, we were ALWAYS having to do more with less due to constant budget and staff cuts. Difficult decisions are necessary if a company wishes to stay in business. That’s just a fact of doing business so you can ‘spin’ it anyway you like.

Dental and Total Health brochures ARE still available. I just received a shipment of them and they’re available. So, contrary to your comment, the Dental and Total Health products are ALIVE and WELL.

Lawsuits? Let me just say this – ANYONE can file a lawsuit or make a claim and there are attorneys out there who will take ANYTHING regardless if it has merit or can be substantiated or not. In other words, per your reference “throwing spaghetti against the wall, in hopes that something will stick.” They do this because, oftentimes, a company will instead choose to just “pay them off” rather than fighting it because it’s cheaper in the long run (for the company) even though the company was in the right. In fact, I was just invited to participate in a class action suit. The basis for this suit is a total joke but there you go – “throwing spaghetti against the wall, in hopes that something will stick.” The ‘lure’ of the almighty buck does strange things…
Bottom line – NO company, NO job, NO business – NOTHING is guaranteed. The ONLY things that can be 100% guaranteed are change, taxes and death.

Free speech is awesome BUT the downside is anyone can ‘spin’ anything, any way they want. A person can choose to see the negative or they can choose to see the positive. It’s all about perception. Some people will find fault in EVERYTHING.

    Eddy Salomon - July 12, 2010 Reply


    Thanks for chiming in with some facts. That goes a long way in addressing concerns like this. I have to agree with you regarding folks staying anonymous when making accusations like this. You can’t help but question the credibility or motives of a person when they do this. But there are also instances when this is done to protect one’s self from consequences that may or may not be fair. Whistle blowers are often the first to get fired. And when they don’t say something you get disasters like you see with the gulf oil spill. But I digress.

    In any event you’ve made some great points here which is what I was hoping to hear. As long as we just address the alleged claims I’m all for the discussions that are being had here. Thanks again.

Ashleigh - July 12, 2010 Reply

Hi Eddy,
I can’t really say much here because like you said, Anon is making claims with no proof to back them and I certainly don’t want to say anything to offend anyone. I believe Jayme is just stating her opinion, not trying to cause trouble by any means. What I DO know is that Dennis and Daniel have created an outstanding company and given us IBOs a chance we couldn’t get anywhere else. IF Anon’s claims are in fact true, I wholeheartedly believe that the Blooms will do everything in their power to keep this company afloat.

Jayme Boyles - July 12, 2010 Reply

@Eddy Salomon:
Of course you are right Eddy, I have no intention of making assumptions of anyone on here, everyone has their own personal experience in life and business, and I am not trying to point fingers, sorry if I came across that way. I just have to say that AmeriPlan is constantly working on improving the benefits for their members and ibos….we now receive more benefits than ever being brokers with the company…and our members receive additional benefits and savings as well! The brochures for Dental/Medical are also readily available in the back office, as they always have been.

If a company is not making changes to adjust to the market/economy/needs of consumers/healthcare reform, etc, whether one person views it as good and another as bad, then they will most likely go under…no matter what type of business they are in. Change is a good thing, and if AmeriPlan were not adjusting to the changes in our country right now, I would personally be concerned, my opinion of course 😉

As for the lawsuits, I am sure lots of multi – million dollar companies have lawsuits against them, anyone can file a lawsuit, but of course I don’t have any input on those.

I could be wrong, and I don’t know much about this topic, but I didn’t think Provider Reps had anything to do with ‘regulating’ the providers. From what I know, their job was to give presentations and sign up providers and they were paid accordingly. I do know there is still a provider relations department at corporate that handles the referrals, questions, provider contracts, etc.

    Eddy Salomon - July 12, 2010 Reply


    This was more along the lines of a response I was looking for. 😉
    You addressed the concerns head on which is what I think people who visit this blog want to read about. So thanks for doing that. I totally agree with you about companies needing to adapt and change with the times. It’s when companies fail to do this or do so too late is where issues arise. I also have to agree with your point about lawsuits. Any company that makes millions or billions of dollars receives a large number of lawsuits some are frivolous and some are with merit. So with that said you and Anon are right here. Because for all we know there may be some valid lawsuits in the works. But from my 7 years of corporate experience, those lawsuits tend to go away with a private settlement and the company working behind the scenes to address the issue. Either way, you’ve made some great points to address some of the alleged claims and that’s what I think some folks wanted to read about. Thanks again for being the professional you are. =)

Jayme Boyles - July 12, 2010 Reply

Maybe anon is a little annoyed that he made money being a Provider Rep…understandable, and they let that go as they don’t need more Provider Reps and maybe he just didn’t keep working his biz for the whole 10 yrs…of course your residual will go down if you just work a few years and stop, just sayin 😉

    Eddy Salomon - July 12, 2010 Reply

    I don’t want to make assumptions about anon and he or she’s work ethic. Otherwise this becomes watered down to personal attacks which you already know this blog isn’t about. So let’s all focus on some of the alleged claims and addressing why they’re misguided if in fact that is the case. I know you and many of the reps that frequently post here are professionals and I don’t expect that will change. Thanks.

Anonymous - July 12, 2010 Reply

Hello Everyone…….I have been reading these “blogs” for hours and really don’t have that much more time but wanted to share a few things with all of you that some of you may or may not be aware of.

I have been with AmeriPlan for over 10 years now, rose to the top as an NSD, still receive residuals, which have drastically been reduced in the past 10 years, have known the owners of the company personally, have actually driven them around in my car. Having said all of this, MEMBERS will save money by using the plan and BROKERS will definately make money by recruiting other individuals by throwing spaghetti against the wall, in hopes that something will stick.

The problem is this…..AP let go of over 100+ Provider Relation Reps over a year ago, which left our providers, both Dental & Medical, along with Chiropractic dangling and at odds with what is actually going on within the company. This was done in an attempt to save money, however, without providers, you have NO product. Eventually, these providers will be cancelling, as many of them do not see patients anyway and the ones they do see, give them grief.

Ever since this has happened, AP has shifted geers a little in an effort to steer members into other products. As you can see, there are no longer medical or dental brochures available. This should be a RED flag to all of you flag-waving AP brokers. Instead of going back to the “Dental Plan”, something that put them on the map, they’ve decided to do away with what made them big to begin with. However, in order to have medical and dental providers, you have to monitor those offices to make sure they are following guidelines, for the safety and concern of their paying members…..without this, it will just be a matter of time until every state is receiving complaints against them and they become a statistic.

There are many lawsuits pending against them right now, too many to mention as it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. So just know, for all of you making good money right now, enjoy it while it lasts…..I will be doing the same thing, but as far as the company goes, they have buried themselves in many people’s estimation. The brokers did what they were told to do and followed all the rules, Corporate is who failed us!!

For many of you, what I have said in this blog appears to be hearsay……just know, I continue to have my sources which communicate with me daily, so I have a little inside track. If you don’t believe what I am telling you, just stay tuned because you will. I have tried to remain neutral in this remarks as there are both “pros and cons”, but when I hear that some of you are looking to do something legitimate and lasting and need a REAL job, I would look elsewhere!! For many of you, you are blinded by those monthly residual checks and don’t want to see them come to an end……trust me, I know how that feels but you haven’t had a taste of what’s on the other side of the fence…..I HAVE!!

    Eddy Salomon - July 12, 2010 Reply


    Thanks for chiming in. I can see there is probably some truth to what you’re saying. But the problem is there is no real way to verify your claims. So it has to be taken with a grain of salt. That being said I don’t get a maclious tone in your comment so I don’t think there is mal intent. Either way it would be great if you can back up some of your claims. I’m sure other brokers will chime in to discuss these claims. But thanks for sharing.

Laura Paulson - May 23, 2010 Reply

Excellent stuff guys/gals. It just boils down to that you have to understand the dynamics of the industry and the business model to really be able to appreciate it and much of the skeptism in the mainstream comes down to a lack of education/understanding.

Just to touch on a couple of your questions Sean…

Federal EIN:

With Ameriplan, you’re an IBO (Independent Business Owner) which basically means “Independent Contractor”. So, you operate under your social security number for tax purposes or you can choose to get an EIN.


Yes, technically, this is “Sales”. However, when we say “no selling” what we mean is how business is conducted.

Most of us are not out there trying to convince/sell people on the business or services. What we are doing is educating people on what we have to offer and if it’s a good fit for them and their families, great and if not, we move on to the next person who requested information. Yes, a person can choose the “hard sell” approach but personally I don’t operate that way and certainly don’t train my team to either. AND I believe people who do choose the “hard sell” approach, are really just wasting their time (e.g. if you have to convince someone to join, you’ll be convincing them to build their business, they usually won’t, will quit and you just wasted both your time). The person has to want it and the timing has to be right for them. Amateurs try to convince, professionals sort (sorting through people to find the ones who “get it” and are ready to get to work on reaching their goals.


This isn’t “corporate america” where you’re limited. The beauty of this industry is that ANYBODY can reach WHATEVER goals they want PROVIDED they are willing to put in the effort necessary. So, the speed of which you promote is based solely on your efforts.


This analogy is about “duplication”. Every McDonalds is operated the same and it’s this “duplication” that makes it so successful. So, in network marketing, for the masses to be successful, you have to have a system that anyone can easily duplicate. And with Ameriplan, you also already have the creditability and name recoginition of an almost 20 year Industry Leader from day one so it is like starting your own franchise.


To start and operate a traditional business, you need LOTS and LOTS of capital among other things. With Ameriplan, for $50 a month, you get everything you need – the system to run everything, legal dept, provider relations, customer service, IT, websites, hosting, training, etc. etc. etc. – it’s pretty amazing when you really think about it. What the network marketing industry does is level the playing field.

P.S. Add Warren Buffet to the names above.

Jayme Boyles - May 23, 2010 Reply

Hello Everyone!! Eddy, I really wanted to insert an article from “We Want You to Be Rich” Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump (hope that is OK ;). They actually have some valuable insight on how a GOOD Network Marketing Business is an Ideal Business Model and how Corporate America is the TRUE Pyramid.
Everyone has their own experience with trying MLM, and I do not agree with not knowing the name of the company, so I can understand how you, Sean, were left with a bad taste in your mouth with MLM in general. That however is never the case with ANY teams within AmeriPlan – everyone that becomes an IBO knows who we are, what we do, who our providers are, where our corporate office is, and what is expected from them once they start. Not to say there might be the occasional sponsor that is not so involved, but I know on the Freedom at Home Team that is the norm. The company actually has some amazing owners that are involved in the day to day operations of the company, just as they were almost 20 years ago!
Here is the insert from the book, hope it can help anyone looking at Network Marketing to understand the power of it if they find a good company that offers a great service or product that they can get passionate about!

We Recommend Network Marketing
Donald J. Trump & Robert T. Kiyosaki

Inserts from the book Why We Want You to Be Rich:; both Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki speaks candidly about achieving wealth, the different between how rich and poor people think, the shrinking of the middle class, how to make yourself rich, leadership, why they want us to be rich and why they recommend network marketing.

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are both concerned that the rich are getting richer but America is getting poorer and is becoming a two-class society. Soon you will either be rich or poor. They both blame a huge part of the problem on lack of education; but they focus on a different type of education, financial education. They are teachers with personal goals of trying to educate as many people possible.

They both state that the best way to solve the problem of bad financial results is to change our thoughts to start thinking like rich people rather than poor and middle class people. That means losing the entitlement mentality whether you are a military officer, government worker, schoolteacher, employee or just poor. If we keep expecting the government to take care of us, we will continue to have the same results a bankrupt nation filled with well-educated but financially needy people.

The book mentions three levels of financial advice: advice for the poor, advice for the middle class and advice for the rich. Poor people are counting on Social Security and Medicare, the middle class counts on getting a job, work hard, live below their means and (like the poor) are just broke on another level. They invest hoping not to lose; while the rich are investors who work and invest to win. The goal is to teach people to expand their means, thinking, attitude, improve their quality of lives.

8 Network Marketing!
By Robert T. Kiyosaki

Ask yourself where can you find a business that will invest time in your education, your personal development and building your own business? Answer: Network Marketing! Below is the question that Robert wants you to ask yourself.

Do I have what it takes? Am I willing to go beyond my comfort zones? Am I willing o be led and willing to learn to lead? Is there a very rich person inside of me, ready to come out? If the answer is �Yes�, start looking for a network-marketing business that has a great training program and get started today!

8 Why?

Network-marketing meets several criteria Robert Kiyosaki looks for in a business or investment. Those criteria are:

1)Leverage: Can I train other people to work for me?
2)Control: Do I have a protected system that belongs to me?
3)Creativity: Will the business allow me to be creative and develop my
own personal style and talents?
4)Expandability: Can my business grow indefinitely?
5)Predictability: Is my income predictable if I do what is expected of me? If I am successful, and keep expanding my business, will my income increase with my success and hard work?

8 Isn’t Network Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?
By Robert T. Kiyosaki

I am often asked if network marketing is a pyramid scheme. My reply is that corporations are really pyramid schemes. A corporation has only one person at the top, generally the CEO, and everyone else below. A true network marketing business is the exact opposite of a traditional business model. A network-marketing business is designed to bring you up to the top, not keep you down at the bottom. A true network-marketing business does not succeed unless it brings people up to the top.

8 Additional Points Worth Mentioning:

1)Tax Breaks Increase: By starting a network-marketing business in your spare time you gain the advantages of the rich. You part-time business can take more tax deductions that employees.
2)Meet Like-Minded People: Surround yourself with team members and friends who understand why you do not want a stop dreaming, keep a steady job or paycheck.
3)Give Yourself Time: Remember just like it would take time to become a doctor of lawyer, it will take time, investments and dedication to get to the top of your opportunity. The price for success in any venture is paid in full and up front.
4)Network-Marketing Companies are Patient: One of the beauties of a network marketing business is that the company will invest in you, even if you are not successful; while the corporate world will often fired you if you are not successful in the first six months.
5)Leverage the System: There are systems already tried and proven, which allows you to hit the ground running instead of trying to build the internal systems of a new company.
6)Conclusion: There are a lot of unique benefits the network-marketing industry offers people who want more out of their lives.

8 Donald J. Trump Adds:

Marketing is a powerful tool, and network marketing can increase that power, provided you are self-motivated. In a simple visual, see a product and then remove the advertising agency from it. It really is up to you! You need to be passionate enough to get it going on your own and to keep the momentum and motivation going at a high level. It requires an entrepreneurial spirit, and that means focus and perseverance.

The poor is getting poorer and the rich are getting richer;
which are you?

One of the reasons so many people feel insecure today is because school never taught them about the importance of control in their lives.
Robert T. Kiyosaki

We’ve realized the situation will not change so the answer is for us to change.
Donald Trump

An important personal skill required for any business is leadership. Are you able to overcome your own fears and have others overcome their fears in order to get the job done?
Robert T. Kiyosaki

People who are capable of thinking for themselves will rarely be part of any herd

Donald Trump

    Eddy Salomon - May 23, 2010 Reply


    It’s ironic you mentioned this book as I read it a few months ago and I thought it was genius. But I feel that about most of Robert’s insight into finances.
    I’ve always felt that corporate america was the biggest MLM and sometimes ponzi scheme (not to say they are interchangeable terms.) ever. But like so many things that have been taught to us by society from day 1, we come to accept them as a norm. I also never thought working to make someone else rich the rest of my life was normal. But I had a very different perception than most which is the case for most entrepreneurs. So it makes sense that most people think that the way corporate america is structured is normal but how an mlm isn’t. It’s about perception. Perception is a very powerful thing. The fact that people will spend 20 something years of their lives working to make someone else rich and all you just get a slap on the back, maybe a gold watch and maybe even a pension as thanks is the biggest scam ever to me. But it all boils down to perception. Fortunately there are some of us that can see the “Matrix” for what it is and work our way out of it. But sadly most of us will be doomed to the status quo. As they suffer they fate it’s only natural they’ll look at folks that don’t with a skeptical eye. After all they don’t know any better. This is what they’ve been taught from day 1 so it’s sort of hard to break someone out that mentality.

    In either case, I’m glad some Ameriplan folks are chiming in and keeping the conversation respectful. It’s always great to have different points of views this way folks can think it over for themselves without all the nonsense of name calling and the childish behavior we see on TV, in Politics, etc.

Ashleigh - May 23, 2010 Reply

Good Afternoon Sean and Eddy!

I must say Sean, you sound like the leader of the skepticals to me. I’ll say first that I understand that we ARE in sales, no matter how much you decide to sugarcoat it. The point is, we don’t want to be thought of as someone who’s going to breathe down your neck night and day until you enroll with us. There.. are some of those people with us, but most of us are not that way. You mentioned Amway and that’s a company I try to steer clear from (my in laws are into it and use every available chance they have to hand us a product sample or bring it up in hopes of us kids ‘joining the family business’).

Excuse me while I jump around here, but as far as promotions go, the only difference between receiving a promotion in Ameriplan and a j-o-b is the time it takes for the person to receive that promotion. Not everyone will receive their first promotion within 2 weeks. Although Coporate has been gracious enough to give us an easier pathway to Regional Sales Director, it does take some months to get there – and for some, it’s the pathway they needed to realize Ameriplan is not the company and opportunity for them. Either way, when you receive a promotion with us, it’s because you’ve worked hard to put business on the books and you’ve reached the threshold at which the company has set for us, as a GOAL. Our other promotions occur when our team members have reached their promotions – which makes sense… we’re being rewarded for training and leading the other Independent Business Owners that we personally brought in. You seem to be confused and actually disappointed that Ameriplan has made it a simple path to walk to promotions rather than that high and mighty corporate ladder with several co-workers climbing it with you, competing for that big promotion. I’m proud to say that Ameriplan doesn’t want that for us. They’re providing us with an opportunity to reach our dreams without the corporate rat race and headaches, and to get what we deserve.

And we don’t upsell programs and tools to make our IBOs successful. We’re upfront about the different ways to enroll, and once you enroll, you’re given a majority of the tools you need to succeed. What we don’t provide you with, is the fire within. That is something you must have for yourself.

As for the franchising, I’ll be honest – I don’t know a thing about what is involved with the term ‘franchise.’

Oh, and the FEIN, all he should have had to do was provide you with his social security number, as that is the FEIN for Independent Business Owners.

It’s sad that so many people are against MLM, because Heaven forbid they have to work for something. MLM is all around us — every company has the big wig at the top, and the tiny person at the bottom making them rich. What are people so scared of? Failure? It’s a sad thing but there’s only so much that we as enrollers/mentors/coaches can do for our team in terms of providing them with materials. It’s up to them to take steps into personal development and to take what we have given them, and use it to their advantage, just like it’s up to en employee of a company to show up on time, clock in and get to work, using the appropriate training their company has given them to handle their job duties accordingly. It’s up to them to show the company what they’re made of.

I’m sorry you had a less than ideal experience with Amway, that seems to be the going trend among the few reps I know of, but that shouldn’t shoot you down from other companies that have integrity, passion for what they do, and a goal to help America in the most sensible way they can.

Ameriplan is the door so many people need opened for them, if not for them to jump in and take control of their lives, but at the very least to show them that a better life can be lived than working a wage restricted but time consuming “9-5” just to live paycheck to paycheck and possibly be forced to slave away at a 2nd job. To some, that’s called doing what you gotta do but to me, that’s called slaving away to simply exist in the world.

Sean - May 21, 2010 Reply

By the way, legitimate companies give their employee’s the tools to succeed. They do not require them to purchase bigger, more accessible “start-ups”. And to whomever used the McDonalds analogy… When you purchase a Mickey D’s franchise, you are purchasing nation-wide advertising, over 60+ years of reputation and brand marketing. You are also required to attend training that involves actually getting into the business and doing the work for quite some time around an established current franchise. Trying to compare any of these MLM schemes to an established franchise system of operations is like comparing a first year little league team to the New York Yankees.

I am pleased that there are some people that do okay in this, but I really have issues with the fact that you are doing so at the expense of benightened souls that have bigger dreams than wallets.

Sean - May 21, 2010 Reply

Hey all!
I’m just reading this because I chose to Google the company after hearing about it from a gentleman who came into my office (I am a Business Service Consultant) and wanted me to help him recruit for his “business”. Forgive me, but I only read about halfway down the comments section due to time constraints. The gentleman explained that he was an Independant Business Owner for two separate companies, Ameriplan and Ignite. He wanted to post an advertisement for recruitment to both of these “businesses”, and needed to know what to do. I explained that to assist him, we needed his FEIN. That seemed to totally perplex him. We post jobs for businesses on a state-run job board so the FEIN is necessary to post. He didn’t like this at all, and really didn’t like it when I said we don’t post for commission only or MLM “business opportunities”. The bottom line is that I advised him to acquire the necessary information and bring it to me and I’d see what I could do. My assumption is that I probably won’t see him again, and to be honest, I’m happy about that.

I got caught up in a MLM venture about 6 or 7 years ago. “Team of Destiny” ring a bell to anyone? When my upline recruited me (heavily I might add), they talked about how they would be retired within 5 years, living off their residuals. I was told that there was no selling involved (sounds familiar, right?). I see here where folks are stating that there isn’t any selling involved, only answering questions. Well, to answer those questions involves “selling”. Call it what you want, inoculating, informing, educating, whatever… It’s still sales. A sale occurs everytime you speak to someone. You are “selling” them on your ideas, words and beliefs. Is it hard-selling? No, probably not. Is it indirect selling? Absolutely! When you try to convince someone, even if they want to, invest money in something, a sale or sales pitch has just taken place. I’m not calling anyone a liar. I’m not saying some of you don’t believe it is exactly what some of you are saying. I am merely letting you know that you cannot sit here and tell someone that inquires about this that there isn’t any selling going on.

I am also interested in the “promotions” after two weeks. In what business model can one legitimately get promoted inside of two weeks? In my work I am around some very successful and driven people that would passout if an employee asked to be promoted within two weeks. I don’t care how talented, successful or driven one is, a truly legitimate business is going to make someone earn their keep by sticking it out for a while. I dig the fancy titles, though. I have to ask, how many RSD’s are in a single region? How many NSD’s are there in the country?

One last question and I’ll be gone…

Who owns this company? Has anyone done the necessary research into that? When I tri