Is Ameriplan USA A Work At Home Scam?

Ameriplan USA® is a nationwide company that provides discount plans on various medical services such as vision, dental and prescription care. The company is able to negotiate these savings because of its large membership base.

Unfortunately in order to receive these discounts you have to pay a membership fee. Now in the past I think this was probably a great business model. I don’t think most people would mind paying a membership fee if it meant the savings you would receive during the course of a year on your health care needs would outweigh the cost of the membership. The problem is nowadays there are so many stores including pharmacies that give you their own savings cards for free when shopping. I personally love my stop and shop saving card and save boat loads of money on my grocery shopping every year. And I’ve seen some medical discount cards that are free of cost. So is this really a sustainable business model? I think that’s why they started adding all these other services to justify the cost of the plan.

How To Make Money With Ameriplan?

In either case Ameriplan’s discount plan may be appealing to those who don’t have health insurance. And this is where their business opportunity comes into play. Ameripan USA recruits “brokers” to sell these health care discount memberships to others as well as recruiting other people to become brokers. I was a broker twice. But eventually decided that the opportunity was not for me and some of the following reasons may be a turn off to you as well.

Ameriplan Complaints

1. You really need to be a telephone person to do well with the Ameriplan Work At Home opportunity. For me this wasn’t very feasible. I have young (loud) children and  I hate being on the phone. But I tried as much as possible to make it a totally online based business but it just wasn’t feasible. If you’re a telephone person then you may be able to do well with this opportunity. But if you’re not and have young kids, you may be better of with my #1 Free Recommendation instead.

2. Second issue was their daily pay policy. In theory this was great to me. Most companies make you wait a month or more for you pay. The problem here is that if someone you enrolled decided to cancel after they paid you, they would deduct that money on your future earnings. This always burned me. It’s also one of the reasons I decided to focus on my other work at home opportunity. Fortunately they have provided another option to address this issue. So it’s no longer a major issue to be concerned with.

3. And finally their training and broker website was just too overwhelming and not user friendly. I always felt very lost with the information and maybe it’s because I’m an idiot. My up-line did help me a lot but even with that I always felt overwhelmed. Furthermore I also felt Ameriplan was always trying to upsell you tools and services that were suppose to help you make more money. But shouldn’t that stuff be free? Doesn’t it make sense to provide these tools to me for free so I can make the company and myself more money? Maybe I’m asking for too much? Granted they do have a very impressive training support system but why offer so many up-sell options?

That’s why I ended up loving my #1 Free Recommendation! It was like night and day. First of all, the tools are all free. The training is easy to follow step by step instructions, included videos and they provided live chat with other successful business owners to get help! All for free, the way it should be!


Ameriplan Alternatives

Ultimately I don’t think AmeriPlan is a scam. They’ve definitely have some bumps in the road and quite frankly I think the whole concept of paying to save on health expenses is going to be a hard sell. So with that said I want to give you some other options that you may want to consider. First you may want to consider Finding a traditional work at home job that doesn’t involve selling if that’s something that gives you pause about Ameriplan. Or if you want to stick with the home business route because you like the idea of the freedom and the income it can provide then consider the following companies:

Both are legitimate opportunities that I’ve personally made money with and make be something that can work for you. Either way, I just want you to know you have other choices at your disposal. It’s really up to you to decide which make sense for your situation.


So is AmeriPlan really a Scam?

Not in my humble opinion. But the complaints listed above were my main issues with the Ameriplan Business Opportunity.  The Ameriplan dental & health discount program really did work. So that part was not a scam. I was able to save on some of  my vision care needs. But in terms of the Ameriplan work at home opportunity, it just wasn’t right for me. It was way too expensive and time consuming for my taste. Does this mean that Ameriplan USA is a scam? Hell No. But would I recommend it to others? I would, if you like being on the phone and know a lot of people that don’t have health insurance or don’t mind hunting these type of people down.

But for me, I prefer creating a business on something I’m really passionate about. Honestly I’m not really passionate about health care and discounts.  I don’t like being on the phone so I want something that can be done totally online. I’m also a big believer in being able to test something out before fully jumping in. So I like opportunities that can be started for free! If you’re like me and feel the same way, you might consider the #1 free opportunity I’m part of by clicking here.

Ultimately can you make some real money with Ameriplan? Yes you can, because my up-line sure did! But she loved to be on the phone and most of her money was coming from recruiting other brokers. So keep that in mind. As I said earlier I joined Ameriplan USA twice and dropped it twice. Need I say more?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the angry work at home cynic guy here writing a review to get back at Ameriplan USA. I personally just didn’t find the opportunity all that attractive after several tries. So my recommendation is to pass on this opportunity if some of the issues I mentioned above would make you feel uneasy. But if you still want to get involved in some sort of home business then look into my #1 Free Recommendation. Good luck either way. It’s important that you pursue something that is right for you and fits your comfort level and not what someone is trying to push you into. You’ll do way better in any opportunity if it was something you felt good going into from the start.

Please be sure to read the comments below. There is a lot of great feedback from some current and former Ameriplan members that can help you make the best decision for you. That being said I would ask you ignore and excuse the small number of the childish and immature comments from some of the unprofessional individuals that don’t know how to communicate effectively without resorting to elementary school antics. Cheers!

Until next time,

Eddy with a Y!

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  1. Going to get what you stole says

    The company is a scam and has scammed my son who was sold a good line to work there. However I will have the so called office located on Eastern in Las Vegas closed in a short few days. Watch me. You robbed my son out of his personal information and you did not pay him and he is under age.

    • says


      Ameriplan pays by commission so I’m not sure how your son was able to join. Are you sure this is the right company?
      And I believe you have to be 18. Maybe a rep recruited your son? But you should find out who the rep was, how your sound found them and speak to them about this. Keep us posted.

  2. Tamara Gunter says

    STAY AWAY FROM AMERIPLAN !!!!! It sounds like a real good deal as a client, but as an IBO … NO GO !!! ( If it sounds too good to be true,,,,,) They do not keep their word. They will tell you one thing to get up to sign up, then the office says different. I was just SCREWED out of $40 because the Lady who convinced me to sign up LIED !!! ………..

    KATHLEEN FIMOGNARI … - personal info removed by admin - You are a liar. AmeriPlan has stolen $40 of my tuition money. You swore to me a 30 day money back guarantee. You KNEW I would end up screwed in the long run. HOW DARE YOU TELL ME THAT YOU ARE DISSAPOINTED WITH ME !!!!!!!!!! At least I am true to my word. I promise you this, I will tell the world, in every way I can, what your true colors are. Disappointed in me ??? How do you look at yourself in the mirror daily knowing what you do to people???

    • says

      Hey Tamara,

      You sound pissed. I’m sorry to hear you were mislead by this rep. Please keep in mind that like in every situation you’ll always find some bad people. But just because you run into one bad person, it doesn’t mean the whole human race is bad now does it? The same applies for this company. Just because one rep wasn’t honest with you doesn’t necessarily mean the whole company is like that. So keep that in mind. I get you want to be vent and I’m happy to let you do so.

      I’m not a rep of Ameriplan but it always troubles me when people are quick to make blanket comments because of one bad experience. It’s like the folks that run around claiming every work at home opportunity is a scam because of their one bad experience. In any event, I hope this rep does right by you.

  3. Karen Belter says

    if , legally, ameriplan is considered insurance and licensed as such, nowhere in the united states it cannot hire salespeople who are not licensed to sell insurance in that particular state. it’s illegal, and its recruiters should not be promising this.

    • says

      It’s not considered insurance and shouldn’t be promoted as such. Ameriplan is very clear about this. However it may not stop some/ reps from misleading people.

    • Karen Belter says

      thanks.also, i was wondering if ameriplan ‘shares’ linformation with low-end recruiters or companies trying to sell ‘educational’ services.

  4. Sandra Stephens says

    I have been with AmeriPlan for over a month now and so far I have not made one dime. And I am trying to decide if this is for me. Yes I did the scripts and put in the ads and I even purchased couple of domain names. I was thought for sure I would have made something. Eddie may I ask you why you stopped doing AmeriPlan?

    • says

      Hey Sandra,

      Giving a business a month is really a drop in the bucket. It can literally take months before you earn your first dime. It’s not like a job where the amount of time and effort will translate into income right away.

      So you have to keep that in mind about any business. I don’t think think what you’re experiencing is unique to Ameriplan. It’s just the way any business is when you’re first starting out.

      That’s why I’m always recommending people start business on passions they have. Because you’re less inclined to give up when you don’t see the sales because you’re working on a business you already have a love for.

      In terms of why I left Ameriplan, it’s part of the complaints I listed in the article above. The biggest was not being a phone person which seemed to be the only way people were succeeding. So that didn’t work for me. The other reason is I’m not passionate about the product or business itself. I’m all for helping people but not in the capacity that Ameriplan offers.

      That all said, I don’t think it’s a bad company. It’s just not right for me. And why I stuck with my free recommendation. Ultimately though it’s going to take time to see money with any business. A month is nothing in the grand scheme of things. But again, it’s harder to suck that up if you’re not passionate about the company or business.

      Either way, I hope this helps.

      Eddy with a Y not ie. LOL

    • says

      Hi Sandra,
      Just like Eddie said, with any business you start one month is really nothing to get it off the ground. While there are some people that come in and really knock the ball out of the park, not everyone will see the same success in the same amount of time. It isn’t because the opportunity doesn’t work it is just that we all bring different experiences, fears, coachability, conviction, drive, etc. to the table. The first few months in the business (and for some longer) is really a learning curve period, you are learning about the company, the plans, how to talk to prospects, how to overcome your own personal obstacles, and so on. I recommend you take a good hard look at yourself and your business and ask yourself WHY did you join in the first place? WHY do you want to build up a monthly residual, passive income? For me, I was a new mom when I joined (6 years ago) and I was driven by the reality of having to maybe put her in daycare and choose a paycheck over my child So, my point have to first have the commitment within yourself…commit to YOU and stick with yourself if you want it bad enough!!
      I have also been able to support my (now 2) children as a single mom and leave an unhealthy and unacceptable marriage…AmeriPlan truly changed my life..but trust me I worked my tail off to get where I am..but will be forever grateful!!! Jayme

  5. Sherri Cruz (D-Ret) says

    I don’t think it is a scam, per se, but I will say that it was NOT a good opportunity for me. The only “support” you will get comes from recruiting and signing up other IBOs. It somewhat bothered me that I am supposed to use “sizzle scripts” to tell prospects what a “blessing” Ameriplan is and how much money can be made when I am not making any money because I am spending my time on prospect leads. And as far as those leads, emailing them poorly written canned emails is not impressive.

    I personally think the health programs are good for those who are uninsured or underinsured, which is why I signed on. However, there is incessant pressure from your upline to recruit more, buy leads, get into lead co-ops, etc, and never-ending “training calls” (which are repetitive and more “rah-rah” sessions than actual training). When you do have time to market the health plans, you then have to buy brochures and marketing materials (which are not cheap and shipping is way overpriced). My area of interest was in marketing to small businesses who can’t afford traditional health care coverage for their employees and was getting a reasonably good response. I signed up one business with 18 employees and another with 9, as well as having a couple of other businesses schedule presentations, one with 30 employees. Now as to why I left. I get a call from one of the business owners and he is telling me that he received a call from corporate stating that someone else would be handling his business, as I am not “group certified”. Well, per the RSD, that policy of being group certified had been off the table for several years. However, apparently it IS still in the IBO Policy Manual, so either the RSD was wrong or corporate never updated their manual and the person processing these applications went by the manual. Either way, the business owner who notified me canceled and I immediately terminated my IBO. I am not sure if the other business continued or not.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I agree it’s not the right opportunity for everyone. But clearly some folks are doing well and do make money with it.

      But some of the things you considered a con turned me off too. However I think if you can get past some of that stuff it’s good for some people.

      Thanks for sharing an objective and balanced opinion. It’s refreshing to see!

    • Sherri Cruz (D-Ret) says

      Thank you! Did you find some of the scripts and emails coming across as a bit, well, I guess that the word is “insincere”? I also thought there was a bit of too many and too often in the emails as well. And I do think that marketing the IBOs on job boards is borderlining on deceptive, because it isn’t really a job inasmuch a business opportunity. I especially found it a bit distasteful that emails would go out to prospects for “interviews” and the IBO would be represented as a “Corporate Recruiter” in the email campaign. To me, giving a person who may have been unemployed long-term “an interview” for something that is not a steady job is cruel, especially if the initial investment of getting a business started is not something they can afford. Now for someone looking to supplement income or doesn’t rely on AmeriPlan as sole income (at least in the beginning), I think AmeriPlan CAN work. If there had not been the confusion regarding whether or not I had to be “group-certified”, I actually feel I could have done well in the area I chose to focus on, especially being that so many people lost their coverage or found their options under the “Affordable” Care Act, unaffordable.

    • says

      Honestly I don’t remember the marketing material. It was a long time ago when I was with Ameriplan. But I do remember the whole job board tactic.

      It’s not good because it recruits the wrong type of people. You can’t really have the employee mindset for Ameriplan or any home based business. So I don’t think it was a good way to recruit quality folks. But it was working for some folks.

      I agree with you in that Ameriplan or any home based business is a bad idea if your goal is a immediate money or to stop some financial bleeding. It’s rare for anyone to get a business thriving quickly. So anytime people ask me about the business opportunity I recommend as a way to solve some financial crisis, I let them know that this isn’t for them at the moment.

      But some reps will say anything to sign you up. I prefer to recruit people that I know will be a good fit and don’t need the business to produce income right away.

      In any event, thanks for chiming in again!

  6. Not impressed says

    I read many of the comments below and I’m disapointed and very suspsious about AmeriPlan. They charge fees based on your tier, charge for programs that wull help you improve your leads, terminate what looks like very tenure employees. This is worse that working for a company for many years and they tell you that your job has been replaced by an outsourcing company outside the US. This continues to give work at home jobs a bad name. I have not been able to find a legit work at home company yet that is not deceptive.

    • says

      Hi, I just wanted to clarify that we do not have ANY fees that we pay out based on “tiers”. There is alot of information online that is just not valid, so I would consider your source when reviewing information on ANY company! I personally have been with AmeriPlan for five years and do very well but I do know it isn’t for everyone and that is OK! I am sorry to hear you have such a negative view on AmeriPlan even though you never were even involved with the company or the real people in it! Good luck in finding something that fits you better!

    • Ginger says

      I was sent a link with a voicemail recording this morning explaining working for AmeriPlan. The voicemail indeed says individuals joining AmeriPlan as a benefits specialist pay a different fee per tier. A lower fee to receive 40% commission on plans sold and a much higher fee for 80% commissions. Although this also included benefits for oneself and family the company does tie your income opportunity to these monthly fees. I am currently reading various reviews before making a decision to join or pass this opportunity up. I also noticed they are not accredited by the BBB as indicated in the email I was sent by the person wishing to recruit me. This sounds like an awesome opportunity but the negative comments have definitely made me want to do some serious thinking and further research.

    • says

      Hey Ginger,

      I’m glad you’re doing your research. There are definitely people making money with Ameriplan and it can be very profitable. But like every company it has it’s cons and complaints. So you’re right to do your due diligence. Unfortunately that may very difficult because so many of the reviews out there are clearly biased. But I think being here and reading this review and the comments we have listed will give you a truer picture.

      In terms of the BBB they do have an A+ rating here and no they’re not accredited but BBB ratings should be taken with a grain of salt for the reasons I listed in this article.

      Ultimately any business you join is going to require a lot of thought on your part because there is a lot of work that needs to be done. And honestly you won’t see profits right away. So you want to make sure you’re joining or starting a business you’re really passionate about not because someone recruited and you want to make money. When you do the latter you’re more inclined to give up when the going gets tough and it will. So to set yourself up for success, I always recommend that people build businesses around their passion and it can be totally done with the proper training support and tools.

      I hope this helps.

  7. littleredridinghood says

    … Do you have to be enrolled in the plan and pay a minimum fee of $50 a month to be employed with Ameriiplan or is that a scam that will take the money out of your bank account and never pay you.

  8. Teri says

    Ameriplan talked me into signing up as a contractor. After I received the info, I cancelled. In April, they charged me 20.00 for dental. In May, they charged me 50.00. When I complained, I was told I would not give a refund on the 50.00 since I did not cancel within the 30 days. They scammed me out of 50.00. Buyer be ware. Now I am contacting the BBB in Texas.

  9. says

    Welcome to business 101. You need money to run it. How much would it be to run a McDonald’s or Subways franchise? Guess what it’s a zillion times more than what you would pay for a home based business like Ameriplan.

    Investments are part of running a business. And if that makes you feel uncomfortable then you shouldn’t be looking into a business. Focus on a job. Everyone isn’t meant to deal with the risk of running a business. That’s fine. Stay in your lane and focus on what you do feel comfortable with.

    Fees come with running a business, it’s normal. And you may not get that make money back. That’s normal too. That’s why it’s called business and not a job. Let it marinate.

  10. Dascentt says

    Is there any additional cost to run this home-based business besides the $50.00 monthly fee. Also, how long is it before you see any income coming in, as well as is there a set limit to cash in so to speak( e.x. $500 before you can receive a paycheck). I need more details about this in a truthful sense. Not that Oh I worked  for this home-business for such amount of time. I am serious about starting my home-based business but there are so many scams out here!!!

  11. says

    You already know my personality and how I like telling it like it is. Folks need to have “real talk” because they’re either getting misinformation or delusional about what to expect from this industry. So any chance I get to clear that stuff up, I’m in there. lol

    I totally agree with your points. All we can do is educate people and let them make the proper decisions for themselves.

    But I think a big part of the responsibility goes on the home business reps that recruit the people. They have to make it very clear upfront that if you have an employee mentality and 9-5 work ethic, you’re not going to succeed with our business. So it’s not worth joining our company. I think the problem is because so many reps get paid for recruiting people, they’re short sighted and just want that quick referral cash even if they know this person isn’t right for the business and will quit soon after. So I think that’s part of the problem as well. Not every rep for any company has the best interest of others in mind. So it’s important to find reps that keep it real with you. You’ll know if they do if they answer your hard questions and lay out the good and bad. Anytime someone just paints a sweet picture, I run for the hills. lol

  12. says

    As I’ve said many times, because something requires a fee doesn’t make it a scam. People don’t seem to understand the difference between a business and a job. Any business will require an investment. After all can you start a McDonald’s without money? Obviously not, well a home business is the same deal except the costs are significantly lower than starting an offline business.

    And yes busting your ass is a requirement to make any business work and yes there is a chance that you won’t see a dime for your efforts or not relatively quickly. It’s a risk of running a business.

    That all being said, it’s good that you recognize that you’re not built for a business. Because not everyone is and that’s fine. Most people have employee mentalities and again that’s fine.

    I agree with you in that I don’t encourage anyone to give up their day jobs when trying to start a business. You have bills to pay and your business may take quite some time before it can do that for you. So work your business part time while you still collect checks from your job. Quitting your job before any real sustained and consistent success is crazy. But some people work better under pressure or can’t manage both. To each their own.

    But please let’s not perpetuate this lie that anything requiring a fee is a scam. Like any work at home opportunity do your research first before making any assumptions go or bad.

    Thanks for chiming in.

    • Curry611 says

      A scam like this isn’t a business or a job, it’s just a scam. If you could start a business for $50 a month then everyone would be running their own business and they wouldn’t be tethered to ameriplan. Why are you so desperate to convince the masses that ameriplan is so amazing? What’s in it for you?

    • says

      I love how people call things scams and can’t explain why except they just feel it’s a scam. There are many HOME based businesses that don’t require a huge investment to start because they’re based at home. And no not everyone would start a business because most people aren’t cut out to be business owners because of the inherent risks and other aspects of running a business that scares most people away. So your argument is totally flawed.

      I’m not a member of Ameriplan so I have no financial gain with this company. Ameriplan like any company has flaws. And what we try to do on this blog is allow for both sides of the story to be shared about any company. We don’t just want to hear from people that are biased either way or folks that just run around calling everything a scam because they feel it’s their God given right to do so. But to each their own. If you benefit from doing so, then by all means.

  13. says

    Thanks for sharing your fictitious breakdown. I’m sure some of the other brokers will chime in. How any business is promoted by reps will vary. Unfortunately some will be pushy sales people while others will take the approach of presenting you the information and allowing you to make an informed decision. The best sales people do the latter. But in any company you’ll have some greasy types that tarnish the image of a company. That’s just a fact across the board with all companies.

    The whole company making money so people on top earn the most. Welcome to the corporate america structure. That’s how all companies are set up. You think Steve Jobs was earning the same as his sales people? Hell no, it doesn’t make sense given his responsibility vs theirs. Now it can be argued that without the sales people a company doesn’t make money. I agree. But no major corporation works any other way. It’s all “pyramid” but not considered a scam in corporate america because there are real products and services being involved. So the argument that the folks at the bottom are making the folks at the top rich means little because damn near every company we buy from works like this. It doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong. But that’s just how it is.

    Thanks for chiming in though!

  14. says

    You’re welcome LittleGem. I have to agree with you. People go into business as if it’s a job. It’s not. You’re not guaranteed anything in a business. You have to bust your ass to make it work and that involves a lot of unpaid hours initially. And you’re right, you have to invest money that you may not get back. It’s part of the risk.

    So I agree with you. I also blame some of the people that recruit others into their given businesses. Too often they paint a one sided sweet picture of what their business will be like. So people go into it blindly. Then later they find out that rep left out all the hard stuff. This obviously jades people and they want to blame someone so they wrath is usually taken out on the company that recruited them.

    If the recruiting reps are more upfront about what to expect then it would help avoid a lot of confusion and this type of backlash. So it’s definitely a multi-faceted issue.

    • says

      Hey Eddy!  I alwasy love your straight to the point no bs attitude :)  I agree with you, that most people that want to “work at home” think it will be easy.  So they go out and join an “opportunity” with a “job” in mind.  They think if they work x amount of hours they will receive x amount of dollars. And if they don’t recieve pay within a week or two they “failed”.  I always try to be upfront with people, whether they are interested in AmeriPlan or not, that when they are starting a business they need to commit to a good year, if they are just going to “try” it they might as well quit or not join!  What a home business can give an individual doesn’t even compare to job (time freedom, financial freedom, boss free, debt free, fullfillment, etc), but it has to worth it to that person to fight for it! 

      I feel there are alot of legitimate home businesses that are very low to start and that can truly bring in a significant amount of income over time.  To pay less than $100 to start a business is really nothing in comparison of what a restaurant or a Subway franchise costs!  Most home business and Network Marketing opportunities are backed by a very large company that helps cut your costs as well!

  15. says

    That’s part of doing business. There are costs involved where you may not see a return on your investment right away or at all. That’s the risk you take when you decided to go into a business. If that is something that makes you uncomfortable, then running a business isn’t a good option. You should focus on a job and that’s fine too.

    And look not everyone is going to make 6 figures running their business. There are always going to be a small percentage of people that do better than others. Every company is like that. At the end of the day, it’s great you found a company that works for you. That’s the key. But because you can’t make it work with a given company doesn’t imply it’s bad. It may just mean that you were bad at it. So it’s a matter of finding what you’re good at. Everyone has to take responsibility for their own success and failures in life.

    • Littlegem1511 says

      Thank you, Eddy!  Being in business for a long time, both brick and mortar stores and online, including some MLM types, people are just not realistic when it comes to business.  You really have to spend money to make money.  It IS the cost of business.  Sometimes its a lot, sometimes a little.  The common denominator with all of it is that you have to work consistantly, and usually ALOT upfront.  Good luck finding any business where there is no investment of money.. or time.  Everything is not for everybody, myself included.

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