Is A Scam?

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Is PaidViewPoint Legit?

So if you've been in this industry long enough you may eventually hear buzz about making money with paid online surveys. Now here's the thing, depending on your experience and your mindset you either love paid surveys or think they're a total waste of time or scam!

I can totally sympathize with the latter group. Let's face it, too often many market research companies will have you spending nearly 5 or more minutes on screener questions only to discover that you didn't qualify for the survey! Now ain't that a bitch! I just lost minutes of my life that I could have used to earn guarantee money on some place like Amazon Mechanical Turk, Clixsense or Swagbucks! Of course that doesn't sit well with people and they start to resent these market research companies.

Another common beef is not getting any surveys at all. You spend all that time filling out demographic information about yourself and then you wait for those survey opportunities to come. But they never do! That sucks! You end up feeling one of two things; rejected or pissed! I understand the sentiments either way but just keep in mind that market research is based on supply and demand. Some demographics are more valuable to certain companies than others. If you don't fit that demographic then you're ass out. I know, understanding the reason doesn't make it feel better! Sigh….

Reading this you can't help but feel getting paid to take surveys isn't all that appealing. Well before you go ahead and write them off, you may want to reconsider your position. Finally there is a market research company that seems to have heard our complaints and has created a paid online survey company with us in mind!

The company I'm referring to is You may remember them from my first look on them a few weeks ago. Well I'm ready to give my full review.

Who is is basically a sister company of an already established and legitimate work at home opportunity we all love here, Like most market research companies they're in the business of gathering information from folks like you and I. They report their findings to businesses so in turn they can make better products, services, websites, advertisements, etc. All of which adds to a company's bottom line and why they are willing to pay us for our feedback.

What makes different?

I think they pretty much summed it up best in their own words:

"PaidViewpoint is the market research survey site built upon 4 principles:

– We pay cash for every completed market research survey.

– We never screen you out once you've been invited into a survey.

– We've cracked the code that takes "boring" out of the survey answering experience.

– Privacy – we never ask you to register your real name or complete physical address."

Notice how they hit some of the major complaints that we survey takers have expressed! It makes me wonder if they surveyed users at or elsewhere to create the answer to a common problem?

Either way these are the traits I love about this company! Can you imagine if every survey company worked like this?

So how does it work?

Like most survey companies you'll usually get an email when there is a survey ready for you. At the time of this review, I usually get a paid survey from them every day! This may or may not be the case for you. Another thing to note is that many times their survey invitation emails end up in my spam folder. Fortunately I'm already in the habit of checking that folder every day because so many of my WANTED emails end up there. So just keep that in mind if you don't receive any invitations for a survey.

In any event, once you get an email, you just log in and answer a series of short questions. They are very short multiple choice questions. If you've taken polls, they're exactly like that. So they're nice and short like a leprechaun. Usually after answering 10 questions you are then awarded some money, guaranteed!

How much money can you make?

Well at the time of this review I earn about $.10 per completed survey which usually consist of 10 short questions. There are times when they send higher paying surveys that can pay anywhere from .30 up to $2. Those surveys are usually limited time offers so you need to respond as quickly as you get them to qualify for the larger amounts. But it seems like $.10 per survey is the average. Again it could be different for you. What I do know for certain is you're paid for every survey which is a refreshing change!

Now you may think to yourself a measly dime is nothing! No, not making anything is nothing! That's what happens when a lot of folks are working with other survey companies. Those folks put you through non-paying screener questions or surveys! So it's all about perspective with this opportunity like many of the ones I've introduced you to in the past. You'd be surprised how fast .$10 per day can add up and considering it takes you less than 2-5 minutes to complete the surveys, why not!

You waste that amount of time on Facebook, Twitter, surfing the web, tv, etc. It's a no brainer when you consider this.

When do you get paid and how do you get paid?

Currently there is payment threshold of $15 that you must reach before you can get paid! It could be more or less by the time you read this. Hopefully the latter. But once you reach the payment threshold you can cash out by only! When I did it I was paid within a few hours which was sweet.

How to make more money!

Well like your wife or girlfriend, trust is a big deal with Let's face it, if you've joined a lot of survey companies just to earn a buck, your responses may not be of the highest quality! Keep in mind the whole reason these business are hiring companies like is so they can get an insight on how we think so they can better market to us and thus give us products we want to buy and make these companies money.

So if everyone is just putting crappy answers for these survey questions, these companies actually lose money because it won't really lead to more money for them. So understands this and has a trust factor built into their surveys. Again if you've used InstantCashSweepstakes you might be familiar with this concept. On ICS if you respond to the same question the same way, they reward you for it. Well sort of the same thing happens with PVP. Your trust score goes up as you answer the same trait questions in the same way.

But they really mix up the way the questions are asked to confirm that you are really consistent! So be honest! If you are, then your trust score goes up and allegedly once it reaches the highest level you'll earn a lot more money on the surveys. My trust score is getting up there. So we'll see if this is true or not but it takes a lot of time which I guess makes sense.

The next way you can earn more money is with referrals! What a shocker! Not. As with most of my favorite recommendations you can get paid for sharing this company with others as I am doing with you. If someone you refer takes 6 or more business surveys you earn $1. Initially it sounded pretty sweet. But read the previous sentence again. The users need to be active to get paid! I'll discuss later how that hampers the potential referral income even for a trained affiliate like me who reaches thousands of people every day that trust me!

That's it in a nutshell, if you didn't really understand some points above watch the video walk through I've created below:

Okay so this may all sound good but if you "watched this show" before, you know I have to discuss the ugly stuff! So here we go!


1. Payment experience.

I'm not found of the payment threshold being so high when you consider that most of the surveys you're taking are only worth a few cents. I think they should have followed their sister company model and kept it at something easily attainable which is $2. I think psychological people are more inclined to keep taking the surveys on the site if they continue to see they're getting paid out over and over again so easily. At $15 some folks may get discouraged and give up on this opportunity.

Another issue is that in their attempt to combat fraud and cheating they make you do some crazy phone or text verification before you can request your payment via paypal. Don't worry it's pretty easy to complete but it seems a bit excessive. But at the same time it's probably necessary because there are always some a-holes out there gaming the system and messing it up for the rest of us!

Folks may also take issue with the fact there aren't any other payment options besides paypal. If you don't have a paypal account then you're not getting paid since they don't issue checks. Furthermore paypal isn't available in every country, so if you live in one of the unsupported countries you're out of luck too.

2. Referral program.

As a trained affiliate marketer, ya'll already know I love me some companies with a referral program! Because I know how to reach several thousand people per day with my sites and you guys trust me I usually make a killing on referrals alone. Referral programs tend to be straightforward.

The parent company pays you for when someone sign ups for a free account or if a person buys something.'s referral program is different than many other survey programs I promote. Instead of just earning a flat fee for referring a new member, they require that the member actually take a certain number of surveys! I know from experience there are a lot of "Deadbeat" members to any program I recommend. These folks sign up but never actually take action! Now obviously for the company that pays me, this is a bad thing. However for me it's a great thing because I still get paid for the introduction. But again from the company's point of view, they're not getting any value from members that aren't doing anything.

With that in mind, I can understand's logic. But just because I understand it doesn't mean I have to like it! Personally I think a happier medium is to initially pay something for the sign up and then pay a bonus for the members that turn active. This way we all win! So right now I'm not a huge fan of their referral program. I have a few active members that make me some money (hopefully that will be you. lol) but for the most part many of them are just dead weight and haven't added value. So that sucks!

3. Show me more money!

Right now it seems like is still growing. I think they probably have way more survey participants than they do have paying businesses that want to tap into our opinions. As a result there aren't as many business surveys which are the ones that earn you more money and tie into the referral income one can earn! So although you're getting paid for every survey you earn, it's not as much as you could make if they had more clients.

But I've always argued that surveys aren't really a consistent source of income you depend on. They're just a nice occasional one off to add to your multiple streams of income. The exception to this is when you have a large referral base like I do which guarantees me money from many survey companies every month! Again affiliate marketing keeps paying the bills folks! 😉

4. Consistency is a must!

I don't know about you but sometimes I have a change a heart on certain topics or things change in my life. Well with this company that can hurt you on the survey questions. Your trust score can go down with inconsistent answers and thus lowering your chances of making the bigger bucks. Again I understand why the trust score is in place. I just wish it had a bit more wiggle room depending on the nature of the question. One of my facebook fans summed it well. She said it feels like you're being accused of lying when you mess up a question. lol I have to agree.

So Is Legitimate?

At the time of this review and based on my own personal experience it appears to be the real deal. I have cashed out a payment already and will be doing another one soon. So I feel confident recommending this company because the same folks that are behind are behind this company.

Hopefully this company will just get better as time goes on (not that it's bad right now). I just really want to see that payment threshold lowered or an increased number of business surveys that pay more. I would also love to see a revised referral program that still rewards us for the initial introduction. Other than that I don't really have a lot gripes with this company and it will be one of my daily activities I take online to earn me some easy money. Couple this with many of my other recommendations and it will add up. But don't expect to earn a living off this!

If this doesn't really appeal to you, that's cool. Not everyone can appreciate the philosophy a penny earned is a penny saved. A traditional work at home job may be more of your cup of tea. Well we have you covered there too. Just visit our jobs page which is updated daily. Or if you want to be emailed every week when we post new jobs or articles like this sign up to be a subscriber here.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think of this opportunity. I know many you have already plunged in before my review was completed. I'd like to hear from you early adopters and everyone else. What are your thoughts about the company?

77 thoughts on “Is A Scam?”

  1. Hi Eddy,
    Thanks for the information on Paidviewpoint (PVP) So far this is the best survey site I have come across. It is simply designed and very users friendly. I have been a member for quite some time and they never missed a payment. I have also reached 1000 points and have been getting a reasonably good amount of surveys. They have now reduced the thresh hold payout which means you can now cash out more often.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Eddy, thanks for reminding me to do my surveys today! I just made 20 cents and am on my way to earning another $15. While it’s true that I don’t receive many invites, I can always do a trust survey. I do hope that can expand to obtain more surveys on a regular basis.

    • You’re welcome Viki. PaidViewPoint is one of the few survey sites I actually spend time on because it doesn’t require a lot of effort and they always pay unlike other survey companies. Unfortunately surveys are based on supply and demand in terms of your demographics. So it’s not really they’re fault. Sometimes your demographic may not be as popular. That’s why you can never depend on surveys for any consistent income. Whereas an online business can provide that to you over time. So just keep that in mind. Either way it’s good to have multiple streams of income so I’m happy paidviewpoint is one for you.

  3. I tried to sign up for Viewpoint and after filling out just a few items IE; age, i was rejected. I guess they do not want the opinions of us older people. Age 63

    • Dave, unfortunately that’s just the way market research works. It’s about supply and demand. Fortunately there are many ways to make money online besides surveys and I cover them here. So don’t take it personal. Just move on to other options that could care less about your age.

  4. The website is a scam now. When you change your email address they freeze your account for months. Then when it’s unfrozen you have to verify your paypal account, but their site says the link does not exist or has been deleted/modified. You contact support and no one will email you back or anything.

    • Hi Kasia,

      We are sorry you are having trouble cashing out.
      We must not have received your email, and we apologize for that. You can always contact via clicking on the SUPPORT tab on the left side of the site.

      Please try logging out of Paid Viewpoint, then log back using this URL:

      Make sure it is not https://

      If that doesn’t work, please send the full screen shot of the whole page including the browser address bar.

      Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

      PV Support Team

  5. Did a survey and signed up at Pay View Point and it’s pretty easy!! Quick question though: how long do I wait for the next survey to come out?!

  6. Hi Eddy,

    My name is Michele. I thought about joining paidviewpoint. I just have one question.

    When you get texts from them, will they show up on your phone bill? Meaning they will charge you? I have an iphone, so this would be helpful to know.

    Also, if there are any other sites very similar to paidviewpoint that only reward cash, please let me know. Thanks!


    • Hey Michele,

      I’m not sure what you mean. They don’t text you for surveys all the time. They only send one text from what I remember to confirm your identity before sending a payment. And yes any text you receive will usually be charged to your phone unless you have an unlimited plan. That’s really more a question for your cell phone provider. But again it’s just one text not many.

      You can also check out, ICS,, and read my extra income page here.

      I hope this helps.

  7. Hi Eddy,

    I haven’t tried the paid viewpoint sounds like a good company. I may give it a try. Also Instant cash sweepstakes.
    Thanks for the review.

  8. I’ve tried many survey sites over the years and the only one that I’ve stuck with is Pinecone Research. I get paid $3.00 for every survey I complete and don’t have to jump through hoops to collect my money.

    • Hey Thomas,

      Pinecone Research is an oldie but goodie if you can actually find a link to join. They use to make it very difficult for people to join. But that seems to have improved.
      We’ve actually reviewed them in the past here. So I would definitely put them up there with Paid View Point but I find I get more surveys from paid view point albeit paying lower than PineConeResearch.

  9. PAID VIEW POINT IS A SCAM! Wheni got to $14.95, 5 cents away from my withdrawal limit of $15, they stopped giving me surveys! After 2 months i emailed them and they said very very rudely that i should of done research if i thought this site was a scam, which i did before hand, i asked for a early withdrawal they said no!!! over 5 cents, if so legit why not?!? I then go to log inot my account, AND IT HAS BEEN Deleted ON ME!!!

    • Hey Sherry,

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I just know from experience there are always two sides to every story. I’ve been with PVP for years and never had this issue. But I know accounts are closed with some of these money making opportunities and sometimes it’s because violate rules in the terms of conditions without even realizing it. That said the timing does seem weird. But it would be great to hear the other side of the story as well. Either way, I’m really sorry to hear your experience. It’s definitely not the norm.

      In fact, after reading your comment I decided to cash out my balance from them and it came within a few hours with no issues. Here’s my paypal proof. If they were really a scam, I wouldn’t be able to cash out either and my account would have been closed too. It hasn’t and I’ve been paid by them many time over the years. But I can understand your frustration and why you want to call them a scam. I plan to share your comment with the company to hear their side of the story. Maybe they’ll chime in.

      Thanks again for sharing your unique experience with the company. It does suck and I get your need to vent.

    • Hi Sherry and Eddy,

      Thanks for posting here and allowing us to address your concerns.

      First of all, Sherry, if you send us a quick email, we will gladly reopen your account. There must have been miscommunication. We do not close accounts unless requested by a member. Please accept our apologies for this error.

      You can reach us at Support at Paid Viewpoint dot com.

      We apologize if you feel our response was rude. We admit that we get upset when someone accuses us of being a scam! That 4-letter word is something that we are NOT. We pride ourselves on being a professional market research company. We have 3 websites and have been doing legitimate business online since 2008. A scam or unsafe site generally would not admit to it (so there is no point accusing them or asking them), nor would they respond to email, nor would they pay out cash, nor would they have the TRUSTe Privacy Seal!

      We do understand that it is frustrating to get to within 5 cents of cash out and have the surveys slow down. Please know that this is not intentional.

      Sometimes the problem is that the expectations of our members don’t match the purpose of our site.

      We launched Paid Viewpoint so that we would have the best, most honest, on-demand panel of survey takers in the world. We have thoroughly succeeded in this quest, thanks to honest members like you.

      We have a sister site which is where our clients go to build and launch surveys to our online panel (you).

      So that is our business model. Our clients pay us for the survey platform and instant responses from the best panel in the world. When they pay us to launch a survey, we pay you to take a survey.

      But many panelists come to Paid Viewpoint with the goal of cashing out in a certain amount of time.
      When they have not cashed out in that amount of time, they get upset.
      However, that time frame is arbitrary and mythical and different for every member.

      We never set any expectation for time to get to cash out.(We are unable to!)
      We never set any expectation for a specific schedule of when to get a survey. (We are unable to!)

      Here is how it works:

      When a company wants to know more about how consumers feel, they want to survey those consumers.
      Every company has a different demographic that they market to.
      Some companies target men 18-34.
      Some companies target women with small children
      Some companies target Baby Boomers 55 years and older.

      The list goes on and on.

      So when they come to our sister site to create a survey to send to their target consumer, they choose from a wide variety of demographics markers.

      Then, they decide how many respondents they want.

      Then, they create and launch their survey to our panel (you).

      If your demographic profile matches their target market, you will get an invite. If it doesn’t, you won’t.

      The high Trait Score means that you will get paid more for the Biz surveys and that you have earned a reputation on our site as someone who gives thoughtful and honest answers.

      That is important to companies.

      When companies come to our other site, they pay for our services. That is how we pay you.

      So…if there are no Biz surveys coming, that means that there are none there for you.

      Hopefully you can see now that we can not simply ‘send you Biz surveys’.

      What we can tell you is that sometimes there are Biz surveys that are simply sent out to the Paid Viewpoint dashboard without an email invitation, so be on the lookout for that.

      We cannot influence Biz surveys for anyone. You can be sure that if you match the demographics of a company that needs respondents, we will email you and everyone else on our panel who qualifies. Those invites are ‘first come, first served’. As soon as the number of respondents they asked for is reached, the survey will no longer be available.

      If the Trait questions have slowed down for you it is because that since you have been an excellent, active, long-time member, with a super high TS (congratulations!), you have gone through all of our Trait questions more than once, maybe 3 times, even. We try not to bore you (or anyone) with repeating them more than a few times. To add to our Trait question database, we’d love to have more suggestions for any Trait questions you think are worth asking.

      The Trait questions are the foundation of each profile, and once it is complete, we don’t need to keep building it. But you are still eligible for and will receive invites to all market research surveys that you qualify for!

      You will get to cash out. But there is no way for us to give you a time frame.

      Hope this helps!

  10. Hey Eddy, Chris here from WA! I just joined from your link and took my first survey. 🙂 Hoping I could review it on my blog when I get the hang of it better.

    Thanks for the recommendation! 😀

    • What up Chris! Thanks for trusting my recommendation and giving this extra money opportunity a shot. It’s pretty simple and sometimes they pay pretty well. But either way they always pay which I like.

      Feel free to use some of the information I have her for your review. But being a member will give you a better sense of the company.

      Thanks for the support!

    • My biggest hold up I think is the fact that I’m outside the US. I don’t think the companies that pay to get surveys done really want answers on a global scale.

      That’s my idea of previous work with survey sites… ;/

    • Hey Chris, you’re right that might work against you. The best way to know for sure, is either signing up or just emailing them to find out.

      Unfortunately, not all these options are available everywhere.

    • I joined this about 8 months ago and I take a survey every time they have one ( about one a day) and I am only at $6.00 I cant even get my money until its at $15 so I figure that will be another year… Don’t waste your time with this company!!!

    • Hey Felicia,
      When you do reach the payment threshold you will get your money as I have many times. PVP isn’t something you can depend on for large sums of money consistently. Most survey sites aren’t. It’s really more for extra money that can accumulate over time. If you can get referrals that’s where the real money is and where I’ve done well. It’s something I teach here. So if you’re looking for this to replace your income or act as a consistent source of supplemental income, then no it’s not for you. But if you’re just looking to make some easy money for a few minutes of your time then it’s worth it.

    • Great Ebony. Just keep in mind with any survey companies it’s based on your demographics. If you fit the profile they want, you’ll get an invitation. In the mean time keep taking action on other opportunities that aren’t dependent on your profile. Keep me posted.

  11. Hey, I can relate to everything you are saying. I worked for a marketing research company and they will not accept crappy surveys. I understand both sides of how people get tired of the long surveys and get nothing for it. I always got asked what were they going to get in the end. some continued and some didn’t. everything you said is true.

  12. hey Eddy, thanks for info. I have been looking for paid survey forever and i have tried many and most of them was complete waste of time but this one is pretty cool i just signed up and made 1.87 and better than nothing. i just discovered your website and loving it. thank you so much for giving us lots info coz i have been looking for legit home based work forever. really helped
    keep it up.

    • Hey Michelle,

      You’re quite welcome. That’s a big reason I like PVP so much. You always earn something albeit a small amount of money. In any event, I’m happy you found this site and enjoy it. I’m confident you’ll find the right path now.

  13. I’ve been working with survey company for awhile and it’s became more time invested than worth. I’ve been getting them for awhile now and it grows so slow that it’s now on my void list. It might not be a scam but I found that even though its only 5-10 min surveys to take it doesn’t ever seem to reach the first goal of $12. Don’t recommend find a better one.

    • Hey Jackie,
      Surveys aren’t really something you can depend on for consistent income because they’re based on demographics. And unfortunately some demographics are more popular than others.

      So you’re right it may not be worth your time. I’m a firm believer that every little bit counts. So if I have a few minutes to spare. I’d rather use it to make some money than wasting my time on Facebook shooting the breeze if you know what I mean.

      But to each their own. That’s why we provide many ways for people to earn online.

  14. Surveys are based on demographics. You’ll only get surveys when a company needs an opinion for someone like you that matches their needs. For instance, I wouldn’t get a survey if they’re looking for feedback about woman shoes from a woman 30+ years old. Why? Because I’m a man and they probably want the feedback of woman so they can adjust their product or marketing according to what their audience says. So be patient. Eventually you’ll get one. But this isn’t something you can depend on for consistent money.

    That’s why we provide various options like jobs and my other recommendations:

    I hope this makes sense.

  15. Hi, Eddy. I went to the sign up and it asks if I “have an activation bonus code?” Do I?  I assumed it would be something you’d provide so you get referral bonuses when I answer questions. Thanks.

    • Hi Rhonda,
      As long as you used a link in my article to sign up then I’ll get credit. I think that bonus thing is for something else. I appreciate that you want me to get credit though! Thanks

  16. There’s nothing to be iffy about. It’s legit and I’ve been doing it for months with no problems. I personally didn’t like the idea of having to provide my cell number for the text confirmation. But it was only used for that and nothing else. The text confirmation worked perfectly fine for me so I’m not sure why it’s not working for you. Try emailing them.

  17. I’m a bit iffy on this one. I texted the code to complete my registration but it isn’t letting me complete it. How long does it take to validate?

  18. I wouldn’t turn my computer on for .10….my keyboard doesn’t even waste time with the cents sign!! I can’t even believe I took the time to write this reply…10 cents lol

    • Hey different strokes for different folks. That’s why we also included a link to traditional jobs.
      But I guess you couldn’t help but spend the 2 seconds to share you sarcasm. Hopefully you feel better now that it’s out there. Thanks for sharing your 2 cents. But at paidviewpoint you would have made .10 or more for it. lol Cheers!

  19. Agreed! Viki is obviously doing something right! lol
    Glad to hear that you like PVP as well. I definitely enjoy it more than MySurvey and other survey companies as well because it’s quick and you do get paid every time.

    When I say team, I have people that help me do research for articles, or post jobs on the site or answer certain emails. That’s what I mean by team, they are work at home moms or family members I have hired & trained to help me run my sites so I can focus on other things.

    I’m glad you’re getting value out of WA! It’s definitely a great place to learn marketing.

    Thanks for chiming in and the kind words. I really appreciate it!

    • Hey Eddy!
      I just wanted to chime in again as I have hit the $15 threshold payout today.  As I mentioned before, I joined on August 26.  It took me about 4 months to hit the $15 – that would be about $45 per year for what would equate to approximately 1-2 minutes a day.  Basically, this is free money!  I expect more survey opportunities once my trust score hits the 9000 mark.  I will definitely keep with it!
      Take care,

    • Hey Kerry,
      Thanks for following up with us! Glad to hear you’ve reached the threshold! It’s definitely easy money. I’m happy you can see the value of spending 1-2 minutes out your day to do this. Some folks don’t. Keep taking action on anything else that may interest you and you’ll see it all adds up. Thanks again for sharing and congrats!

  20. Hi Eddy,


    I also registered for PVP after your initial review.   I registered on August 26 and have earned
    $11.55 to date.   My trust score is
    similar to yours (5370) – I am not sure how Viki scored so high!   I like PVP much better than Survey Savvy and
    MySurvey due to the reasons you listed in your review (always getting
    paid!).   However, I would sure like to
    see more than one offer per day.


    You commented to AK Pirvany above about “having a team of
    people” to help you with your affiliate marketing.   I just joined Wealthy Affiliate 12 days ago
    and I am LOVING IT!   However, I am
    curious as to what “team” you are using.


    Thanks as always Eddy for the great work.  


    Take care, Kerry

  21. Hi Eddy,

    I signed up under you when you first posted about this and I have a trait score of 4900 with 7.82 in the till. I had a couple of people under me but they thought the information was being used to steal their identities so they stopped using the site. It’s hard for me to get referrals for things because of reasons. People are either already signed up for the established ones or they don’t trust the new ones. Oh well.

    This site is pretty good. No complaints, really. It seemed like there were some higher paying surveys just about every day in the beginning but it has trickled down, kinda like with Beezag. I bet you’re right though and they have more members than businesses at the moment. I am just so glad you post your own experiences here so people can build trust in these new companies and not live in fear of never cashing out!

    • Thanks for chiming in! I don’t understand how folks could think their identity was being stolen when they don’t ask you for your name, address or social security number. I understand a healthy skepticism in this industry but sometimes folks just don’t use any common sense.

      Getting referrals is always hard but it is possible when you establish yourself as someone trustworthy and you do that with your content. Think about it, you joined even before I wrote my full review because you’ve read my past stuff and know I’m a straight shooter. So you already know what makes you react and you just have to apply the same stuff in your own recruiting efforts. It takes some time but it eventually pays off.

      There are literally millions of people on the web so there is always an opportunity to recruit people. Don’t buy into the nonsense that you don’t have enough of an audience or most are already signed up for other programs or the one you’re promoting. I know from experience you can always recruit people if you’re in front of enough of them and build trust.

      In any event, thanks for sharing your experience. Keep pushing forward!

  22. Damn Viki! You got a high trust score. You go! lol I’m only at 5430. I really hope that the amounts we earn bump up once we’ve reached the max. But only time will tell.

    You definitely have to be fast on those higher paying surveys. I’m always online so it’s not really an issue. I just earned $1 on one of those surveys today. I wish they sent more of them. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Eddy,
      Finally reached $15.00 for cashout and my trust score is….drum roll please…..9150!!!   Now we can find out if they will pay out more for surveys.

    • Hey Viki! Thanks for coming back and updating us!
      Great job on the trust score. Let’s see what happens! I’ve noticed I’m getting less surveys in the last couple of months. How about you?

    • I haven’t received any invitations in a while.   That better change because I lost my halo years ago and I worked really hard to get that trust score, lol.

  23. Hey Eddy,
    I signed up for this under your previous article.   My trust score is now 6980 and I am up to $11.45 so no cash out yet.   You really have to grab the “real” surveys quickly.   I have missed a couple because I wasn’t online, which isn’t too often!!   I’m really curious to see what happens when I reach their trust threshold.   Have you reached it yet?

  24. I have been using Paid Viewpoint since November 15, and I am up to $3.57 with a trait score of 2080. Even in that short amount of time, I have answered some trait questions wrong. One of them was about whether or not I have a garden. I wasn’t sure if I should say yes or no originally because all I have are rock/plant beds around the house, but no real garden. This question came up both times I answered, only I picked a different response each time. The first time, I guess I counted my rock/plant beds as gardens, but the second time they asked, I figured those didn’t count and didn’t remember answering the question before.

    Another one I got wrong was about lip gloss. The question was whether or not I wear lip gloss regularly. When I wear makeup, I do, but lately, I haven’t worn makeup very frequently, so I haven’t worn lip gloss much. In the original question, I had to check which makeup products I generally wear, and lip gloss was one that I checked – then we they asked me later if I regularly wear it, I thought about it and decided that even though I go t through phases where I do, I haven’t lately, so I should say no. Yep, that was wrong. 😛

    I do dislike that they make you feel like you are lying when something may have changed or when a question could easily be a little unclear. (do rock/plant beds count as gardens? and how should I define the word, “regularly”?)

    • I hear you Johnna. Those are great examples of what I discussed above about how things can change or be misconstrued. It’s definitely not a cool feeling. It’s almost like a child being scolded for telling a little lie. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Hi Eddy,
    Just wanted to tell you that I checked it out.   And you’re right.   Short, sweet, simple answers to everything.   I made $1.11 just for registering and doing my profile!   I also got a McAfee warning too but I went ahead on the web site and it does show that it’s a secure and trusted web site.
    I am actually looking forward to doing surveys for this company.
    Thanks for the research.   Will keep you posted

    • Hey April,
      Thanks for chiming in. Glad to hear you made a $1 already. There should be more money
      coming your way as you stay active and do these short survey. I’m glad to hear that you went ahead and checked the site instead of just depending on the software.

      Like I said they can be useful but they’re not always 100% accurate which I learned from my own experience. Anyway thanks again. I look forward to hear when you cash out too.

  26. That’s exactly why I stopped using those type of plugins in my browser. They said my site wasn’t safe at one time. That’s when I knew it wasn’t always accurate. But I totally understand if that’s you’re be and end all to determine if a site is safe. I’ve been using it for a few weeks with no issues and have gotten paid so that’s pretty much all I need to know. But to each their own.

  27. Nothing is automated. I still have to right articles like this, answer emails and comments like this, look for new companies to add to my source of income, stay on top of ranking high in google and getting traffic.

    But being affiliate marketer gives me the flexibility of doing it whenever or wherever I want. I don’t have to start at 9 am. I can do these activities whenever I want to. But no it still involves work. The good thing is once an article is out there, it can usually just work for me and be found and make me money that way. So in that respect it’s automated. But everything else still involves work. Fortunately now I have a team of people that help me.
    I hope this answers your question.

    • Hi Eddy,
      Your doing a Great job and providing a lot of valuable and useful information.
      I , too joined P VP this year at the beginning of Sept. I now have a grand total of $3.00 and 7460 points. I have religiously/daily scooped up my .03 and my points. To be honest, I am tiring of the same old “profile” type questions.
      I am told that I will not receive any actual surveys until I reach the $10.00 mark.
      It seems that some of the above people have progressed sooner. Wonder why that may be?

    • Hi Laureen,

      Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it!
      Are we talking about or instantcashsweepstakes?
      Because I have received some of the real surveys before reaching the $10 mark. Like all surveys it may have to do with demographics. I’m not really sure though. Sorry

  28. Hi Eddy,
    When I try to access this site, I get a warning from my McAfee protection. So it’s not a site I’d trust.
    Thanks. Diane

  29. hey eddy, is your affiliate marketing income automated? is that how you spend so much time with your family, because its “set and forget”?


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