Is PineCone Research ( A Scam or the real deal?

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Pine Cone Research like is one of the few legitimate paid survey companies that provides real opportunities for you to earn money for your opinion. Best of all it's free just like so no you don't need to pay $34.95 or whatever the going rate the middleman (, etc) may be charging you for this type of free opportunity! I've been with this company for a little over a year now and it's one of the most consistent in terms of delivering real paid surveys. Unlike some of these other survey companies where your payment is a chance to win cash (what a scam!) will pay you $3 per survey. Not $1, Not $2 but a whopping $5 $3 per survey. So that's one of the biggest benefits of joining

Here are some other benefits of joining

Consistent New Surveys.

Too often with many other survey companies you'll get a survey every two or three months if you're lucky. But with Pine Cone Research I tend to receive 2 surveys per month.

Fast payments.

Some of my other survey companies will have you waiting up to 4 -8 weeks to get paid. Pine Cone Research will pay you within 2-7 days after taking your survey.

Flexible Payment Arrangements.

Before Pinecone Research would only pay you by check as most survey companies do but recently they started paying via Paypal which makes payment even faster now!

Short Surveys.

A lot of times there were various companies I signed up for that had many surveys but they were an hour long for a pay of like $2. has found a sweet spot at about 10-15 minutes and sometimes less. So the surveys are pretty short and enjoyable at this length.

Free Samples!

Sometimes Pinecone Research will select you to try some of the products you're taking a survey on. So not only are you getting paid your $5 $3 you also get to sample some cool products. I've tried body sprays, gum, soup, etc. It was actually really cool and fun!

So what are the complaints about Pinecone Research?

Well I'll be honest, there aren't many I can think of. The only issue I've ever had was that only recruits a few times during the year. So when they are recruiting you need to be able to hunt down one of their elusive banners to join. I don't know any other survey company that makes it this difficult to join and I really don't understand the logic behind it. But if you do a search for Google on "Pinecone research sign up link" or something to that effect you should able to find a Pinecone Research Sign Up Link. I wish I had a direct link but is being a pain in the butt! Can you tell I'm annoyed? lol

So do I recommend Pinecone Research?

Well if you've actually read through this review you know the answer is a resounding yes! It's definitely one of my top picks! But good luck on finding a sign up link. (Come on PineConeResearch stop making this scavenger hunt already. Jeez!)

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