Is PineCone Research ( A Scam or the real deal?

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Pine Cone Research like is one of the few legitimate paid survey companies that provides real opportunities for you to earn money for your opinion. Best of all it's free just like so no you don't need to pay $34.95 or whatever the going rate the middleman (, etc) may be charging you for this type of free opportunity! I've been with this company for a little over a year now and it's one of the most consistent in terms of delivering real paid surveys. Unlike some of these other survey companies where your payment is a chance to win cash (what a scam!) will pay you $3 per survey. Not $1, Not $2 but a whopping $5 $3 per survey. So that's one of the biggest benefits of joining

Here are some other benefits of joining

Consistent New Surveys.

Too often with many other survey companies you'll get a survey every two or three months if you're lucky. But with Pine Cone Research I tend to receive 2 surveys per month.

Fast payments.

Some of my other survey companies will have you waiting up to 4 -8 weeks to get paid. Pine Cone Research will pay you within 2-7 days after taking your survey.

Flexible Payment Arrangements.

Before Pinecone Research would only pay you by check as most survey companies do but recently they started paying via Paypal which makes payment even faster now!

Short Surveys.

A lot of times there were various companies I signed up for that had many surveys but they were an hour long for a pay of like $2. has found a sweet spot at about 10-15 minutes and sometimes less. So the surveys are pretty short and enjoyable at this length.

Free Samples!

Sometimes Pinecone Research will select you to try some of the products you're taking a survey on. So not only are you getting paid your $5 $3 you also get to sample some cool products. I've tried body sprays, gum, soup, etc. It was actually really cool and fun!

So what are the complaints about Pinecone Research?

Well I'll be honest, there aren't many I can think of. The only issue I've ever had was that only recruits a few times during the year. So when they are recruiting you need to be able to hunt down one of their elusive banners to join. I don't know any other survey company that makes it this difficult to join and I really don't understand the logic behind it. But if you do a search for Google on "Pinecone research sign up link" or something to that effect you should able to find a Pinecone Research Sign Up Link. I wish I had a direct link but is being a pain in the butt! Can you tell I'm annoyed? lol

So do I recommend Pinecone Research?

Well if you've actually read through this review you know the answer is a resounding yes! It's definitely one of my top picks! But good luck on finding a sign up link. (Come on PineConeResearch stop making this scavenger hunt already. Jeez!)

64 thoughts on “Is PineCone Research ( A Scam or the real deal?”

  1. I’ve been a member for about 15 years with Pinecone Research (way back then it was known as Acorn Research) and have been satisfied all this time. For me to stick around for 15 years is a testament as to how well they do things. They do watch carefully who joins as they strive for honest and candid opinions on the products they have you rate and don’t want someone who’s just in it for the money; I believe they do weed those out. The payments used to be $5 and were made by check; they changed it awhile back to $3 (I believe with the premise that there would be more opportunities) and then introduced Paypal as a method. I’ve had a few problems over the years, but after I sent an e-mail about it they did respond and took care of it. The surveys have been interesting, and on a few occasions I have gotten to try the products and take a follow up survey which also is paid out on. And some of the products have been enjoyable…I can’t tell you about them because that would be in violation of their terms.

    I would definitely consider them but be sure you are in it to help the companies that use them to learn more about their products and what your views are…not just for the quick bucks.

    • Hey Ken,

      Thanks for sharing your feedback. I actually remember way back when they did pay $5 by check. It was definitely great trying out new products and giving feedback. I agree the reasons these companies pay us is for valuable feedback to improve their products or marketing. So it’s a balance of the money and helping the companies.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree it’s a great legitimate company if you can actually hunt down a sign up link. They would be perfect if they stopped making signing up such an adventure. lol

  3. I’ve been a member for about 2 years now and have love PineCone Research. Yes, it’s only a matter of a few bucks a month, but if you take 2 or more surveys a month that’s worth $72 or more in a year. And, i can vouch that the recurring sweepstakes is real as I was fortunate enough to win it recently! Highly, highly recommended company.

  4. wow I’m gonna give it a shot. I’m a stay at home mom. When I was a teen I belonged to Tremor a consumer group of teenagers (later finding out it was almost impossible to get into GO FIGURE) anyways i loved it i got free products, but then i heard about surveys online and such and i was like “cool!”

  5. I’ve been with Pinecone Research for quite a while. Yes, the surverys pay $3, sometimes I get paid $12 for the big ones that involve my kids and I taking a survey together. Sometimes I get full size samples to try out. Are you gonna get rich? Of course not. But you can get free products and a little spending money for coffee or whatever.

  6. This is a scam, just like PR’s other site””at That site is set up with a script in the HTML to tell you that the company’s headquarters are but a mere 25 miles away from wherever the user’s IP address is. Also, the company’s clients include Coke-a-cola (if that isn’t a deal-killer, you deserve what you get).

  7. hey man, hi eddy. I am searching for a company that will earn money as a tangible. Can you share with me their ideas on the subject and experience in this?

  8. hey man, hi eddy. I am searching for a company that will earn money as a tangible. Can you share with me their ideas on the subject and experience in this?

  9. so basically you only get 1 survey a month and will only be paid no more than $5??? what a crock! isn’t there any survey sites that are legit where you can do as many as you want a day?

    • Val,

      How much are you currently getting paid for your opinions? My bet is it’s about $0. So anything higher than that should be appreciated. You can’t make a living with surveys. They’re just a nice means to some extra income here and there. But if you feel this is a waste of time, this isn’t the site for you. But good luck to you.

  10. Hi Eddy, just want to say your website has been real helpful to me so far.
    The only thing that\’s been hard is to sign up for pinecone, trying to hunt them down and get accepted is not easy. I wonder what criteria do I have to fit to join.

    Some of the other survey sites I was accepted quickly and after their profiling survey I haven\’t received any paid survey πŸ™
    I keep trying though but so far I get a million soliciting phone calls at 2 am…. No $ though.

    I really liked amazon Turk, but even at survey I get rejected a lot which is weird cause they are based on personal opinions. I thought that was weird… I did about 11 tasks and got accepted for 1
    The funny thing is that they were all opinion based… Not something that you can mess up and be rejected for.
    On the good note I have 2$ more then yesterday.

    • Hi Kitti,

      I find the hunting down the sign up link for pinecone research very annoying as well. But it’s their company and they make up these stupid rules. lol

      In terms of qualifiung surveys it really just boils down to demographics. If companies hirining these market research folks aren’t interested in your profile they can’t very well
      offer you surveys. So it has little to do with the marketing research firms. It’s based on supply and demand. You shouldn’t be getting solicition calls after signing up for legitimate companies
      like pinecone. A lot of time what happens is that after someone reads my articles they go off on their own and just sign up for any survey company out there. But like anything not every company
      is created the same. That’s why it’s always good to research these companies before signing up for them. We have our own trusted list but if you venture outside that, do your research otherwise that’s when
      you may experience spamming or telemarketing calls.

      Mturk can be hit or miss depending on the requester. But for the most part people tend to do well with the company.The fact you earned an additional $2 is testament to that and it’s a start. I applaud you for being able to see that. In any event, keep taking action. There are so many ways to make money at home so keep your options broad and you’ll continue to succeed. If survey companies don’t really care for your demographic, screw them. Move on to another opportunity. That’s why we give you a lot of options. Hope this helps. Thanks for sharing.

  11. @Eddy: Thanks for the feedback and voicing concerns about signing up at any ol’ site. I stumbled across your site and it’s been VERY helpful! I signed up at a good handful of sites that you recommended and have collectively made over $10…for basically doing nothing. I know I can’t collect (yet) but it is a step in the right direction. I figure what I would do is at the end of the year…take all of my income from doing surveys and other things, and put them in some sort of CD or IRA to gain interest. Hey, it was free money, might as well make the money work for me. But anyways, thanks for the reviews, blogs, etc and might I mention…the timely responses.

    • Jason,
      You’re welcome man! I’m really happy that my little site has proven useful to you. But more importantly, I’m happy to hear you’re taking action and already making money! Isn’t wonderful making money for things you’ve probably been doing for free for years? lol I really like your idea of taking the money you make from all these opportunities and re-investing them in a cd or ira. That’s a great way to leverage your efforts and re-investing the money you’ve made. I might have to write a post about that and give you a shout out!
      In any event, thanks again for the kind words. I really appreciate your support.

  12. I had no problems on signing up for pincone research. They said that I’d get an email in a few days if I was qualified to join. So I’m crossing my fingers. But hey, 2 surveys a month at $3 a piece is still $6 more dollars than I had before. I’m going to sign up for all the paid survey sites and see how much I can supplement my income.

  13. HELLO..Eddy..

    This maybe a dumb question but i cannot sign up to! Or like the home page says members log in and im a new member i through you and it says error..Please help.Thank you.

  14. Hi Eddy. I’ve been a pinecone research participant for about a year. I was just wondering if you happened to know why the dropped the payment rates from $5 to $3 ?

  15. Eddy, thanks for the encouraging words. I defintely plan to keep it up. I have also gotten paid from You Data for about $5.00 directly to my Paypal account and I just requested a check from Opinion Outpost for $30.00 which I’m waiting on. So, yes, it definitely works! I try to take as many surveys as I can and am now starting to sign up with focus groups. I’m serious about working at home and I totally agree with you..every little bit helps and adds up quickly! I also plan to purchase the Virtual Assistant ebook from Lisa Taliga tomorrow. Thanks so much..I’m so glad I found your site!

    • You’re welcome Tarri! You should serve as a model to the work at home seekers that complain you can’t make legitimate money online. You’re living proof that you can. I applaud you for exploring all the opportunities available to you. Ultimately I know you will be very successful because of it!

  16. Hey Eddy,
    Just wanted to let you know know that, after searching on Google, I found a link to sign up with Pinecone Research and took a survey a few weeks ago. Last week, I went to my mailbox and guess what was there? A check from Pinecone Research! I was totally shocked..I completely forgot about taking the survey. The check was only for $3.00 but it was $3.00 more than what I started with. So thank you for this info and for all the valuable info you provide on your sites!

    • Congrats Tarri!
      I love hearing about people making money online. You have a great attitude about your $3. Too often I hear people complaining about the amounts paid on these opportunities. I always find that amusing because its not like they’ve been getting paid for searching for a work at home job either. So I’m with you some money is better than no money any day. So keep up the good work. Pineconeresearch is but one of the many non-traditional work at home opportunities you can make money with. This is where multiple streams of income is important. Now imagine if you’re getting these little payments from various companies like the ones we’ve recommended on the following page: Next thing you know those little checks become bigger checks. And then imagine sharing these websites with other people you know or meet online via forums, blogs. Guess what most of these companies pay you for referrals too. So then it becomes a snowball effect.

      Trust me that $3 could lead to other things. That’s how I got in this industry. So keep it up.

      Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience. I wish more people would do that. I’m sure it’s very encouraging to others.

  17. OK, thanks, I’ll try. The only problems is it seems 10000 are scams and only 3 are real. Can’t you make a list of all the real ones ?

  18. I have used this great calculator to check out how much I REALLY get. It is a whoopping $ 2.58 per survey πŸ™‚
    If they sent 10 surveys a day, maybe I could feed my cats. But 1 survey per month ???

    • Hi Seb, I hear what you’re saying but no one claimed that you can make a living with surveys alone especially not from one company. It’s just one of many multiple streams of income, a job seeker may want to consider while searching for a traditional job. After all how much money are you making searching for a job? Why not earn some income with multiple smaller opportunities such as paid surveys and bring some money in while waiting to land that dream work at home job.

      From my own experience it can add up very quickly if not from your own efforts but those of others you can refer which is the way I make most of my money. At the end of the day in this industry people need as many legitimate options as possible.

  19. Hi Eddy: When I clicked on the link listed about, it took me to Is this part of Pinecone Research or have they bought Pincone out? Thanks!

  20. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for chiming in and your kind words.
    I’m very happy that you have found our website useful.
    But I am happier to hear that you’ve already taken action and started joining the available opportunities we’ve discussed on this site.

    That puts you ahead of the curve. So give yourself a pat on the back. I’m sure as you explore the site further you’ll find even more ways to make money at home.

    By the way, I’m not sure if you’re aware of the following article:
    It may be of some use to you.

    Hope to continue to see you on the site. If you haven’t subscribed already, please do so you don’t miss out on any opportunities or scams we may discuss.

    Take care.


  21. Hi Eddy
    I’m new to all this work at home stuff. I am disabled with severe arthritis and am fed up with trying to make a living with Social Security alone. I came across your site while searching the internet for ways to supplement my income. I have found it very helpful and enlightening. I have already signed up with a couple of survey sites to start. I was interested in signing up with PineCone Research only to find that the link I clicked on ( me to another survey site. After typing in the full address in the address bar I was able to find it. Thank You so much for all your effort to make looking for work at home businesses a pleasant experience


  22. Hey Eddy, I have known about paid online surveys, GPT, etc for a while now, but wow I, cannot believe I have not heard of this one yet. 5 bucks per survey? That is awesome. I searched online and it seems legit. I found a join link on someone’s site and just submitted my application. Hope I get selected to join their panel!

    Thanks and keep up the good content on your blog man.

  23. Hi Angela,

    I hear ya, It’s not a lot of money. But for some people it’s better than making no money searching for a work at home job. And when you combine it with the other opportunities we recommend at: it does add up.

    But with that said, if you want a more direct way of making a larger income to support your family, consider the following two careers:

    Medical Transcription(Typing):

    Affiliate Marketing (Ad Typing & Posting):

    Any one of those two work at home careers will make you great money if you’re willing to invest the time and effort in yourself to get trained.

    Good luck.


  24. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks so much for sharing. Yet another person that can attest that paid surveys can make you money. I’m happy you share my philosophy of it all adds up. I have to commend you though on re-investing your money so it makes you even more money! That’s smart.
    Thanks for sharing that tip!


  25. I have been doing Pinecone surveys for probably 8 years or more. $5.00 here – $5.00 there. It adds up! I keep all my survey money in a separate account and at the end of the year put it on a CD. Nice little nest egg!

    Absolutely ZERO complaints from me! 100% LEGIT!

  26. Hi Shannon,

    Thanks for chiming in. Yet another happy work at home seeker that has proven that paid surveys can make you money and that you can work at home if you’re willing to venture outside your comfort zone.

    Thanks again.


  27. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for sharing. It’s good to know others are also experiencing great things with Pinecone research and surveys.

    There is too much a bad reputation about paid surveys because of all those companies selling those list. But the fact of the matter is there are real companies that pay you for your views and you don’t have to pay to find them and you’re proof of that.

    Thanks again.


  28. I have been a member of Pinecone since 2000..they have always been a great one to work with…yes I only make a few $ a month ..but have enjoyed trying out some nice products and it pays my internet …good thing! I have enjoyed the surveys.No complaints at all.

  29. Since pinecone revamped their site, the signup link supposedly magically appears wherever and whenever. I just found a site (via Google search) that seems to keep their sign up link up-to-date:
    Also found out in the search that they don’t always accept just anyone. Good luck! I still don’t know if I’ve been “accepted” yet.

  30. I’ve recently joined Pinecone Research and have been paid for 2 surveys ($5 each). The payment is quick and efficient through Paypal. I’ve also been able to try a sample product. I’ve enjoyed it so far, and if you get the chance, you should try it out.

  31. I’ve been with Pinecone since the 90’s and I get 2 or 3 checks a month. Not a lot I know but hey 5 bucks is 5 bucks, it’s my mad money.


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