WAHM.com, the best free work at home resource?

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Wahm.com is known in the work from home world and community as one of the best if not the only legitimate work at home resource on the web. It's been around for nearly 8 years which is huge for any website. But is Wahm.com really all that? Well it depends on your point of view. Wahm.com is probably the best in terms of it's community which is focused within their work at home forums.

Hands down wahm.com has the best forum for all matters related to working at home or legitimate home based businesses. You can post a comment
or topic and you'll have tons of people chiming in with opinions about a given opportunity good or bad. But the comments aren't hateful or malicious for the most part. They tend to be people's real life experiences on a given company.

That's one thing I really do love about the Wahm.com forums. You'll usually get a full picture of a given opportunity. This way you the work at home seeker can make an informed decision about whether a work at home job is a scam or not. It's not just the two cents of a hateful blogger or website owner. So in terms of community, Wahm.com was about community way before this whole web 2.0 stuff. So they were way ahead of their time in that respect.

Now what about jobs?
Because they have a great community, everyone chips in information about job leads, home based businesses, affiliate programs, etc. They'll post in the forums job leads they have found or companies they're working for that are currently hiring.
So you can get a lot great job leads here. Best of all they are free! Aside from the user provided jobs, the owner of wahm.com also provides her own jobs leads. So you'll always have fresh leads there.

Are there any negatives about wahm.com?
Not really. Their moderation of the forums can be annoying sometimes. There are other work at home website owners that attempt to post leads that are listed
on their website in the forums and they will be removed because they want the information to be reprinted on the actual forum post. I feel this is totally unfair. If another website has the lead on their website and it's going to help people then it only seems fair to allow a link back to the original resource. After all they've done the work in finding the lead so they should get the fruits of the possible traffic and income this may bring for them. Wahm seems a bit monoloptisic in this way.

Another minor issue is their advertising policy which seems to be very fluid depending on the whim of the owner. One website which basically has the same type of set up as another website may not be allowed to advertise on wahm.com solely on the discretion of the owner who fails to provide any real reason for the discrepancy.

Now does this affect you the work at home seeker? Not necessarily. But if you're a work at home seeker that wants to advertise an affiliate or home based business program your part of you may find the previously mentioned annoying. Considering that wahm.com is known for being such a community based website, that doesn't necessarily seem to come across in their advertising and forum moderation policies.

But that being said, I would still recommend Wahm.com for most work at home seekers. Although recently Wahm.com was sold to a major real estate corporation so that whole community atmosphere may disappear in the next year or so. Only time will tell. But even if wahm.com fades away now there are many other options that work at home seekers can turn to for job leads. But they may be an empty place in terms of the community atmosphere though. =(

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