Weekly Work At Home Recap 09-28-2012

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Hey All,

Time for your weekly job leads.

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In any event, enjoy this week's job leads below and good luck.

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Monday 09/24/2012

Business Writer

Excellent Article ReWriter Needed

Typist Needed

Virtual Assistant Needed

Transcriber Needed

Tuesday 09/25/2012

Content Provider Needed

Transcriber Wanted

Social Media Assistant

Experienced Virtual Assistant Needed

Communications Assistant Wanted

SEO Tech Support Needed

Customer Service and Support Representative Needed

ZenDesk Customer Warranty and Support Agent

Wednesday 09/26/2012

Live Chat Customer Service Rep Wanted

Customer Service Representative Needed

Customer Care Specialist Wanted

Effective Telemarketer Wanted

Customer Service / Administrative Support Needed

Outreach Professional Needed

Thursday 09/27/2012

Technical Community Services Manager

Social Media Sales / Account Executive

Telephone Sales Pro Needed

Tax Content Auditor

Web Content Writer Wanted

Paid Intern Writer Needed

Video Producer Wanted

Seeking Telecom Reporter

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Work At Home Recap 09-28-2012”

  1. My MyBrowserCash project has been going pretty well recently. They’ve recently improved the cashout processing by adding optional cellphone verification for your account which speeds up your cashouts. As for payment… well, it at least covers the cost plus a bit of extra (I’ve been a bit too lazy with record keeping).

    Anyway, that’s not what I came to say, just thought a small update would be nice to add. I came to say that I really like the new layout for the site. It’s much cleaner and sleeker than your old layout. It may take a bit of getting used to, since the old layout grew on me, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

    So yeah, like the new layout! It looks like it’s mobile friendly too. Do you think it would work alright on a mobile browser? I’m not a big user of mobile devices, but it’d be interesting to know if that was one of the ideas behind the change.

    • Hey Shollum,

      That’s cool about My Browser Cash. Be sure to post your feedback on that article so people reading it will benefit from it: https://www.workathomenoscams.com/2011/09/06/is-mybrowsercash-com-a-scam/ Thanks for sharing the update though.

      In terms of the new layout. It wasn’t by choice. Apparently my other theme wasn’t working properly because of whatever some hacker recently did to my site. So this theme is temporary. But I’ll be sure to keep it simple. I do like the clean look. I just don’t like the color scheme. =) But thanks for chiming in about it!

    • lol I don’t really like the color scheme either, but I have to practice my southern politeness abilities, so no negative comments when pointing out a (big) change. Find the positive!

      And yeah, I’ll update on the MyBrowserCash review page too, just thought a quick update could be included here.

  2. Hi Eddy,

    I’m still not having any luck with this work from home thing. Ready to give up! I just got scammed last week by some weird company, claiming that all I needed to do was post some links to make money. I immediately asked for a refund. Now I’m being inundated with spam emails and they’re constantly blowing up my cell phone from all these different area codes. My phone company would like to charge me $5.99 a month just to block the numbers…go figure. I’m in NJ and I’m starting to think that maybe the best work @ home opportunities are more in the southern states…idk. Trying to stay positive though, because I really want to stay on the path that leads to entrepreneurship. So sick of putting all my blood, sweat and tears into other people’s vision and companies and getting nothing back in return.
    Thanks for letting me vent. 🙂


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