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When I was in high-school I always dreamt of working at home typing. So like many of you I searched the Internet in the hopes of finding that elusive work at home typist job. Little did I know that it was virtually impossible. Consequently in my desperation I fell into one of the many work at home typing scams and lost $50! Back in the days that was a lot of money to me. Actually, that's still a hefty amount to me! lol The one major thing that came of that experience is that it lead me to eventually create my own work at home websites . It's why you're reading this now. But prior to doing that, I figured out how I could create my own typing work at home job and it was purely by accident. Here's how it all came about. Be patient it may help you as well.

My mom worked in a hospital. As her job began to transition more into using computers , she would often take additional time out to study the programs she was required to learn. The hospital she worked in had it's own medical library. I was bribed by mom into going to the medical library with her because she said I could use their computers which were very fast and had high speed Internet connection. Most young adults need money or video games as a motivation but I was a geek at heart so computers were just as a good to me.

In any event, like most mothers with their children, I am my mother's pride and joy. So she would make it a point to introduce me to everyone she knew in the library. And if that wasn't embarrassing enough I would also be introduced to innocent bystanders that happen to be around as my mother introduced me to folks she knew. But God bless her heart because she helped me stumble upon how a work from home typing job was possible. As I was played in the library's computer room, I noticed a lot of the people were medical students using the computers to type their papers. I watched as they struggled to type 1-5 words a minute using two fingers. As I sat there I was suddenly smacked in the head, kind of like when pigeon droppings hit you, but this was an unexpected idea that was hitting me. I thought to myself, "Duh, why not offer to type the papers for these students?" After all, as medical students it meant they had some disposal income, they were going to be in school for a while and judging by their typing skills, it was more painful for them to continue to do it on their own.

So I asked my mom to tell some of her library buddies that I would be willing to type their papers for about $3-5 per page or some figure around that range. Forgive my memory, It was a very long time ago and my mad cow syndrome tends to act up these days. In either case I was able to secure 2 clients from my mom with consistent weekly work. It was pretty decent money considering how fast I typed and that I could do it in the comfort of my home.
What made it great was that my clients even came to my house to pick up or drop off work. On some occasions my mom served as my go to person. (I kept the work in the family.) Business was great for some time. Eventually I gave up this business to take on running my sites. But in all my years of trying to work at home, It was the only way that I was ever able to make money at home typing in a legitimate way.

So what does this mean for you?
Well if you're smart you're already thinking I need to check out some hospitals in my area and hang out in their medical libraries. If you didn't think to do that, you may want to give it a try. Medical students are often tired because of their long hours and all the studying they have to do. So they're definitely more inclined to pass down their typing needs to you because it's totally worth it to them. College and high-school students may not be ideal because of their limited budgets and in this day and age they've been typing since they were out the womb. So chances are, they ain't paying you to do it for them! But I know medical students are a good target based on my own experience and considering their lifestyles. There may be other opportunities like this that are eluding me. So try to think it through and see if you can find an opportunity like this if you're hell bent on finding a no fee work at home typing job.

I hope this gives you an idea how to get paid working at home typing in a legitimate way. I know it worked well for me when I first started trying to work at home. It takes a little footwork and luck. But you're far more likely to secure something than what you're already doing now. What do you have to lose?

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  1. Eddy, You have been a God-send to me! Your advice has kept me out of a lot of bad situations.
    Thank you for your kindness and for all that you do to help workers (or aspiring workers) in need!

  2. Hey Mav. Glad you like my articles and my style. Thanks for the kind words. I don’t know what country you’re in but you might want to try our international page:

    You’re best bet at work at home will be internet based. So you’ll have to adjust accordingly. You also shouldn’t limit your self to typing. You should try anything legitimate that will earn you some money which is always better than earning none.

    So keep that in mind!

  3. “this is Mav”, I love the style of your words, it is interesting to read and makes good humor part of the picture and keeps the hopes up….. Wish the typing thing could work for me because I could type for hours but unfortunatly I live in the country and no one is close enough to want me to type for them around here…. I have five boys, been working for almost 20yrs, have a bad back and need to be able to work from home but keep coming up empty…Don’t want to do internet stuff just basic office type work for a company from home….

  4. This is a clever idea, Eddy, and a great example of how if you just think outside the box a little, you can turn your idea into cash. If you see someone struggling with something you happen to be good at, let them hire you for it!

  5. I am a college graduate, married, grandmother looking for a legitimate way to earn income. I have worked for several people, some wonderful, others s full of themselves that they were unable to get their job done. I am smart, capable and all I want to do is work so my husband and I can have some years together that we greatly deserve.

  6. Hey Eddy, just an FYI for anyone that is interested there is a site that offers free education. They’ve got a LOT to offer, so look around. You may just find what you are looking for. OK the website address is:


  7. @Jorge:

    Jorge, you’re a real sweetie! I’ve lost thousands of dollars on scams so I’m a hard-core skeptic now. Thank the Lord that this is a trustworthy site and that Eddy has the patience to research and critique various opportunities then bring them to us in one place on his site, giving both the pros and the cons. He also gives us links to others who are providing similar services because he wants all of us to have all the chances we possibly can have. He doesn’t have a “stinkin’ thinkin’ ” attitude or any of that “professional jealousy” which would prevent his sharing those links with us. He really wants to see success. Well, let me push my soapbox back under the table before I get a citation for preaching without a license. Have a blessed day, Jorge, and keep on keeping on.

  8. Lol, you guys are too much. “Repent! And the truth shall set you freeeee!” lol It’s absolutely true what Edrena saying, though. You ARE giving us everything we’ve been searching for online. I mean, sure, you gotta have mutliple things goin to make a decent income. But, that’s the point, we’ve been F’ed so many times with scams that had us sending them money. You open our eyes and show us there’s no such thing as making $500 a day with simple work from home, lol. You show us the realistic side and literally take us by the hand and GIVE us these opportunities. Means alot to me, man! So Edrena you’re absolutely right! Bless! =)

    • Well thanks again Jorge! I’m just about giving people legitimate options because there are a lot of them out there. So I’m very happy to be in a position to do that. But more importantly I get really excited hearing people take action and their success stories. It inspires me and I know it inspires others. So it’s a win win for all.

  9. @Jorge:

    Hear! Hear! Yes, Jorge, Eddy is a very amazing person. He\’ll help those who really are serious but he knows how to cut through the BS as well. This is one of the reasons this site is so awesome, because we get all of the the meat and none of the bones. He filters out the BS so that we who enjoy this site can continue to come here and not have to weed through a bunch of nonsense, belly-aching, and negativity.

    • @Jorge you have to take my big sis’s feedback with a grain of salt, she’s a bit biased towards her adopted internet little brother. lol Right sis? 😉

  10. @Eddy Salomon:
    Well, thanks for the info, Eddy. You’re a pretty amazing person. The fact that you respond to all our comments with full detail is awesome! You should win a Nobel Peace Prize! lol =P Once again, man, I truly appreciate everything you’re doing! God bless!

    • LMAO, Thanks Jorge.
      Trust me I don’t respond to all comments. Some comments don’t even make it on here. lol But I do try to respond to the ones that do. I appreciate that folks actually come here and participate so I think it’s only right to chime in when possible. But thanks for the kind words and support. I really do appreciate it!

  11. @Eddy Salomon:

    Time does have a way of flying when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? Is it fair for you to have so much fun and get paid for it too? This is a wonderful site and is such a god-send to so many. Have a blessed day my ‘lil brother.

    • Yes it does Edrena! I don’t know if it’s fair but I know that’s the way it should be. If you’re going to spend most of your hours working, it should be at something that you love if you have the choice. So my goal is to try to help folks get that. Hopefully in the years to come I’ll help many folks achieve this. Thanks for the love and support Big Sis.

  12. Hey Eddy,
    First and foremost, I’d like to say this website has been THE most helpful thing I’ve ever come across on the internet. It’s amazing how you made this a one-stop shop for everything one can possibly look for when it comes to working at home. I’m only 22 and I’ve already been scammed thousands of times on the internet. One scam was buying an ebook and my Bank of America account kept getting overdrafted because the $50 dollar payment kept getting taken out from Paypal and refunded. So, the overdraft fees stacked up to $500 which I unfortunately still owe. So, I just wanted to thank you for being the reason that I will be able to pay that off soon and finally get an actual bank account established again.
    *Phew* sorry for the novel, lol. Well, the real reason I’m writing today is because I just had a question about the medical library idea. Simple question. Those papers that the medical students type up, is everything basically already pre-written? I’m just somewhat confused because I had an ex-girlfriend that had to usually type up essays when she was studying Health Administration. So, she would have to type as she goes. Sorry, it’s a rather odd question, lol. I was just curious. Thanks in advance, and God bless you for heart and effort to help people like me, man. Be safe!

    • Hi Jorge,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been a serial victim of these work at home scams. Don’t fret. It’s a battle scar that many of us who successful work at home have. So you’re in good company. It’s just a matter of learning from that mistake and always doing your research which we’ve made very easy with our scam video:

      In terms of when I worked with these Medical Students, they already had the material written out. All I was doing was just typing it out for them so it was legible and can be presented to their instructors. It wasn’t like I was actually writing the work for them otherwise that business would have been short lived since I knew nothing of their world. lol Hope this helps. But honestly I don’t even know how viable this is anymore. Seems to me everyone is on computers today and knows how to type although probably not all that fast. But I guess at the end of the day it’s worth a shot. Just keep in mind, I’ve found other options since writing this article and have listed it on my recommendations page:

      Good luck either way.

  13. Hi

    I’m so sick and tired of scams. I’m realy strugling to make an honest living, only to be scammed by these low lifes. Hope they rot. Good luck guys and thanks for the rality-check.

  14. Hello Eddy,
    Thank you for sharing this article. After reading the article that you write,
    I want to deepen become more about how to do business online.
    It seems to work at home is one of the alternative business I want a commitment.

  15. Saw the post from Sharon and I knew there had to be a catch with medical transcription. I know, Eddy, that you feel this is an excellent idea for anyone wanting to work at home, provided they were “willing” to get the training.

    The key word is not “willing” but “able.” Most people these days, and definitely most of the people writing here, are in no position to pay for traditional medical transcription training. I’m certainly not. And, just as important, Sharon brought up the necessity for post-training experience. So you really do have to have worked in a hospital for a few years before going the at-home route.

    I knew there had to be more to it. I think the only thing left for most of us is having your own web business. Jobs that actually support you just don’t exist.

    • Hey Ana,
      As always, its great to have these little discussions with you.

      So let me just chime in with my two cents as if you didn’t know it was coming. lol Anything where you’ll be making a decent income will have some downside or “catch” as you put it. If it were easy to become a doctor or lawyer, then we’d all do it. But we don’t because it’s a tougher path. Unfortunately that’s just the way life is. Anything that’s worth something will probably mean some sacrifices. Folks that go to Medical School or Law school aren’t often able to do so. But they are willing to put themselves into massive amounts of debt to achieve their goals. Furthermore there is no guarantee that they will become Doctors or Lawyers. But it’s a risk they take to succeed. Medical transcription is no different. If folks want to type, then the option is there but yes sacrifices will need to be made.

      The other thing to keep in mind which I think you missed as your read the article, is the training company I mentioned above is one that provides job placement assistance with companies that hire first time MTs which eliminates that huge obstacle that most new MTs face. It’s the biggest reason I recommended that company because my research had already identified the experience thing as being an issue.

      That being said, times were significantly different when I wrote this article. The economy wasn’t in the dumps. (Thanks Bush). Now people are just trying to keep a roof over their head and food on the table. If that’s the case then no it doesn’t really make “Cents” to invest in career training for this or any of the other careers that people can actually make a living with. The focus should be survival. That means do whatever you need to. If that means hitting up Mc Donald’s and flipping burgers than that’s what I would be doing. So I totally agree with you. But eventually if you want to become successful at working at home full time and being able to support your family, a sacrifice will need to be made. I made tons of sacrifices to become a successful affiliate/blogger. But it was a risk that I knew I had to take to work at home because experience had already told me that trying to land a work at home job out here is damn near impossible. So I had to get skills that were actually in demand.

      As you guessed it, running your own business was definitely the way to go. But that still involved investing in my business, my training, time, etc. So the point is you will be dealing with some sort of “catch” with any opportunity or career that pays you substantial income. You just have to figure out which one of those “downsides” you’re willing to deal with and can deal with given your circumstances. It’s either keep doing what you’re doing now and getting more of what you’re getting. Or try something different to see if you can get the desired effect.

      Hope you see where I’m coming from?

  16. @MsJaxxee:
    I am curious how the course was going? I am interested in medical transcription field also.
    Can you tell me where you got the cd’s & also what you do to actually get a “degree” in the field?

  17. Eddy, could you share with us that have been burned by trying to work from home and was scammed what companies you work from now or in the past? I have read and understand that this is a very broad question, but I also know that real people like to relate with other real people. I really would like to find a good data entry company to work with in the beginning and then move on to another company later on when I get comfortable with what I am doing so I could change up and not do the same thing every minute.

    • Hi Sherry,

      It was a very long time ago and I doubt most of these companies even exist. And if they do, they may have been taken over by new owners. But with that said, I was scammed by, and I was also hoodwinked by those work at home directory booklets that were huge in the 90s. In essence the booklet I paid for was a bunch of home business not jobs that I was already aware of. Needless to say, I was very peeved. I also feel for a cash gifting pyramid scheme via a “friend” so I don’t know the name of the company. I’m sure there are a few others I’m missing. But at my age the “mad cow” acts up and I can barely remember what I said 10 minutes ago. 🙂

      In terms of the whole idea of landing a data entry job, I would encourage you to read the article I wrote about this career:

      I think it will give you the truth about the likelihood of getting a data entry or typing job. Good luck either way.

  18. Saw where a couple people wanted to learn transcription for free, or work at home doing transcription because they have kids or “love to type”.

    Don’t go to any schools that are not accredited. Transcription is not an easy job. You need schooling and must learn all the parts of the body, all the drugs, do English as a second language docs, get paid by line, not hourly and MUST do so many lines a pay period. There is also a set schedule of work hours, too, just like if you were working at a regular job.

    There are so many so-called MT’s out there that the pay as dropped from $.12 a line to as low as $.03 a line, plus a lot of records are being offshored to India, Pakistan, etc. and that cuts out a lot of USA MTs.

    Another down side is that even after you graduate from a school, you’re considered a “newbie” and most companies only want people with 2 or more years experience. The only way to get the experience is to work in a hospital. Even now, they are starting to ask for 5 years experience. Voice recognition is starting to take over the field, too.

    I want out of the rat race but can’t type much anymore because of a broken hand with serious pain if I “straight type”, so I went to VR. My pay is okay but… anyone wanting to get into
    transcription to go to and see how the rest of the MTs feel about their jobs. It’s eye-opening.

  19. I have been looking for work from home jobs. I tried my survey. I must say that it is legit but I don’t make that much doing it. Do u know oh any work from home jobs that are full time that I can make a decent living from? I have 4 children that I am raising and there are no jobs in economy for right now so I need something to pay my bills. Please help me! I also want to know do I have to pay anything for the work from home sites and what about the rebate processor jobs?

    • Hi Nicole,

      Glad to hear you’ve made some money with MySurvey. I know it’s not much but you’re in a rare club of people that have actually made money from home.
      So some money is better than none. What you’ve proven is that you can make money with non-traditional work at home opportunities. So what you might want to do is get involved in more of them so you have multiple streams of income from them that will eventually equal as much as you would get for a traditional job. It’s an easier path. With that said you could still apply for traditional jobs but you might as well make some money with non-traditional opportunities during the search process.

      We’ve recommended some other opportunities you may want to consider on the following page:

      And I don’t know if you missed the link right at the top of the page that reads work at home jobs, but you can click on that and find traditional work at home jobs there as well:

      So take a wide net approach to making money at home. Don’t just depend on traditional jobs because honestly you’ll be waiting for a while. Be proactive and make money with other non-traditional opportunities while searching for those other jobs.

      Just don’t let desperation cause your judgment to be impaired. I would encourage you to read our scams page: so you don’t fall victim to some of the scams out there because they’re on the rise and targetting good people like yourself who are dying to pay their bills and support their families.

      Good luck, if you follow my advice you’ll find success.

      I hope this helps.

  20. Hi there.
    Thanks for this article. I might want to check out other hospitals in my area (Seattle, WA resident here) and check out their medical libraries and see if any of the Med workers need my service as well. I would like to do typing at home kind of work.

    • Sarah,

      If you follow the steps in our scam video: you would avoid a lot scams and wasting money.
      I am sure if you use it with the website you mentioned above you’ll have your answer in seconds.

      At the end of the day, you should never pay for any of these data entry, typing, survey products.
      Most of the time they’re misleading you and you can get this information for free on sites like
      the very one you’re on.

      Do yourself a favor and stop the cycle of getting scammed by educating yourself on this industry.
      You can do this within a few hours by visiting the following pages:

      You’ll also learn of legitimate ways of working at home.
      So get to reading if you’re serious about avoiding scams and working at home.
      I guarantee it will help you like it’s done for so many others.

  21. Hi Laurie,

    Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it.
    In terms of the lack of a response, trust me when I say that’s just part of this industry. It’s not necessarily a reflection of you or the leads. Read the following articles and you’ll have a better understanding as to why this is rampant in the work at home industry:

    I also want you to understand that you have a great set of skills but success in working at home is having the skills that are in demand. Although typing and data entry skills are good for medical transcription that is not the only requirement. You need additional medical terminology training. So that may be working against you in terms of those jobs.

    In terms of getting paid to read emails, its just a matter of signing up:

    receiving emails, reading them, visiting the sites in them and getting paid. It’s really that simple.
    Visit the following page for more details:

    In any event, I hope this helps. Just continue to plug away at contacting employers but at the same time make money doing non traditional work at home opportunities like the ones we have listed in the following page:

    There is no reason you can’t be earning money right now while waiting for traditional jobs. So take advantage of these opportunities.


  22. Hi Eddy!

    I would like to thank you for all the information you provided in helping people choose legit companies. I do have a few questions I would like to address: I have went on the workathome website that you provided and applied to about 15 jobs a wk. ago, but I still haven’t heard from anyone?? I did hear from a company looking for Medical Trancriptionists and I took their required tests but I am still waiting to hear from them. I have many yrs. of experience in outbound/inbound calling, sales, data entry, and customer service skills. Also, how do you get paid for reading e-mails? I have seen that listed on some web sites.
    Thank you!

  23. Eddy, I believe what Sharlene meant by wireless internet is actually WISP. A wireless carrier like Verizon, Sprint or Clearwire. Wireless broadband. These companies may be frowning on it because those forms of internet access can be unreliable and have very strict usage caps. Just guessing. Cyuz!

  24. Hi Sharlene. I sent you a reply to your e-mail address a few minutes ago. Thanks for asking me.

    This is one of the best sites of any kind that I’ve been privileged to “stumble upon.”

    Eddy, congratulations on the new baby! High Five to you!

  25. Hello Eddy,

    Sharlene here with questions for MsJaxee.
    Could you please tell me how it is going with
    your training for Medical Transcription CD?
    When it arrives and you start training, I would
    greatly appreciate the update because I too
    would like to find this type of work at home job.
    I have searched for many training courses, but
    can not afford them right now. Please keep us
    informed or if you wouldn’t mind send me an e-mail
    and communicate with me personally. I would so
    very much appreciate your information. My e-mail is One of my neighbors in my community
    spent $3,000 for a home study course On Medical Transcription and I can’t afford that.
    Sorry Eddy, I wasn’t leaving you out on purpose, but
    it is good to actually hear of someone starting from
    scratch like I will have to do, and learning the
    whole process without spending lots of money to get
    this info. and training.
    Hope all is well with the wife and new born.
    I’ll say it again. You are a God sent to all of us
    on this site.
    Take Care.

  26. Well, Eddy and Andrea. I have ordered the medical transcription couse CD and am patiently (NOT) waiting for the CD to arrive so that I can begin. The entire CD set up was 34.00 (28.00 plus 6.00 shipping and handling) The practice cassettes that come with the program are standard sized but I can work around that very easily. I’ll play them from one machine while recording them onto my micro cassettes so that I can use them for practice using my micro-sized cassettes that fit into my dictation/transcriber unit. Thanks Andrea. You’ve saved me over $400.00 for the same information I see advertised all over the internet. My niece and I are going to study together. Thank You Lord for leading me to this site, Eddy, and all these wonderful people who don’t mind sharing knowledge.

  27. Hey MsJaxxee,

    Trust me I hear you sister! My experience with customer service has been limited to answering emails from people accusing me of being a scam because they confused ads with what they thought I was personally recommending.

    It always amazes me how people treat others that are serving them whether at a Restaurant, Store, Telephone Rep, etc. I always tell myself the person that is serving me is a person like me. They don’t make the rules, their company does so it’s not fair for me to treat them like crap.

    But people don’t think like that. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I’ve run into reps or service people that had a “stank” attitude. In which case I still try to be civil but then sometimes you gotta check people. lol

    But I hear you sister. I’m just happy that you’re willing to invest in training to acquire a work at home career that can free you from the rat race. Most people won’t and chase after this pipe dream of just typing and data entry jobs. In fact, I created a new video about this that you might find useful:

    In any event you’re welcome. I’m happy to own a site where we all share together. It’s like being part of a big family.


  28. To Andrea:

    I went to the ebay site and found the seller, training_alternatives, and the information. The CD offered by this seller is an extensive training course with all the modules needed for the training. There also is the same course as 20.00 CD that can be purchased for 28.00 plus 6.00 S/H. The difference is, that it has additional media in the form of 4 practice cassettes. These training CDs offered by this seller are all complete professional training CDs with all sorts of training applications included. I needed to know the size of the cassettes before I ordered and spent an extra 8.00 for tapes I may not be able to use as my machine handles the micro cassettes only, and not the standard size cassettes. Based upon the reply I receive will determine which of the training CDs I will purchase. For all that’s offered on the CDs, 20.00 or 28.00 is a small price to pay for what is available on the CDs. Kudos to Andrea for that very valuable tip.

    Thanks (again) Eddy for providing a platform for this kind of shared information and in such a safe environment as well.

  29. Eddy, I’m just about at the end of my rope right now. If I had just TWO NICKELS in the bank this morning, I’d open my desk drawer, remove my purse from the desk and walk out of this craziness TODAY, right now, and never look back! Customer service sucks the very life out of a person, and this is why I’m ready to PAY for training in anything that doesn’t require talking with PEOPLE!

    I’ve been very greatly encouraged by this website and the links posted by the owner of the website and I now feel I’ll be able to do just what I feel like doing and that is to be able to find legitimate work that I can do at home. Thanks Eddy. This is a God-send, having found your website, Eddy and the other links and articles and the other people who so willingly share with others who come here. When we’re in the same boat, we need to do what we can to help each other. Thanks to everyone who contributes here.

  30. Hi MsJaxxee,

    Thanks for your comments. You made me smile! lol
    Glad you enjoy my sick sense of humor. Gotta keep you guys amused. I know how frustrating searching for work at home can be. So I like to have some fun with it otherwise we’ll all go crazy and be cynical, non-productive work at home seekers instead of actual workers!


  31. Also, in regards to medical transcription, I found a GREAT training cd at a bargain of $20 on ebay. The seller listed has a store, her ID is training_alternatives.
    A note though, you will have to print the material to put into a binder for easier studying, so there will be costs for ink and paper. Hope this helps anyone out there!

    The above paragraph was cut and pasted from Andrea’s post. My question to you, Andrea (please) is, does the CD to which you referred have complete course work or is it just an introduction. All the sites I’ve visited showed bunches of books, cassette tapes and or CD’s as the complete course. I’m interested in almost any legal work at home opportunity and since I already work in healthcare, I would feel very comfortable extending my knowledge through additional training.

    Andrea, dear, I don’t have a lot of time as I’m nearing retirement age and would need to learn anything new before I develop Alzheimers (LOL). See? Just visiting and reading information on this site brings out craziness, thanks to Eddy and his sense of humor.

    Eddy, I’m still enjoying this wonderful site and the beautiful people who share so freely, their knowledge with others. Way to go, folks! Keep up the good work Eddy!

  32. Hi Eddy,

    It’s Gill again. Thanks for your advise on contacting those US companies about possible UK work, I haven’t heard back yet, but I am still hoping!! I had a look at the sites you suggested about “bidding” for work and must admit, was scared by it all as I have no idea how long it would take me or how much to charge (mainly due to my illness).

    I noticed quite a few blogs about medical transcription….what exactly is it? is there any possibility of me doing it? and can it be done in the UK? i’m glad to see that you were honest enough to tell people about how you made money from medical students in the early days…so refreshing to get FREE info! lol
    anyways…I’ll stop bugging you now :o)

    Hope you can help. I’m still in dire desperate need of earning money as now everything has gone up in the UK (tax!!) its now even harder to live on benefits!!
    anyways, all the best to you and your family, hows your new baby coming along? they’re so gorgeous even when they can be a handful!
    Gill xx :o)

  33. Hi Jacqueline,

    Thanks for commenting. I’m glad I could keep you amused while being informative. lol

    You’re absolutely right about thinking outside the box. A lot of those work at home related products are doing just that. But their presentation borders mis-representative advertising in many ways. If you can get pass that and follow through with what is taught you can earn money.

    But with that said, it’s good to hear from another person that is involved in medical transcription. Once again it’s proof that I’m not blowing smoke when I say it’s one of the best “typing” related work at home jobs you’ll ever find.

    How long have you been doing it? Have any pointers for the nay sayers who are scared off by the training requirements?


  34. I have to say, I found myself chuckling as I read your post. I had just been doing some “surfing” and I found myself comparing your experience to all those ads on the Intenet that sound so appealing. Who wouldn’t want to make $200 an hour at home typing ads! LOL. Reality. Check. Your post, while sobering, did validate that there are certainly real opportunities that exist to type at home – think outside the box! I do medical transcription full-time and I have to say I am totally spoiled. I will never, by the grace of God, work in an office again. Love your blog!

  35. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for chiming in. I think a lot of people think my story above was just a fluke but I know there are many more people doing this and I believe you’re a testament to it.


  36. As a Virtual Assistant, I can vouch for what Eddy’s saying. YOU CAN get typing work from home. Not only can you do typing, you can do document formatting, editing, proofreading, research, data entry, transcription, copywriting, Powerpoint presentations and loads more from home.

    If you’re prepared to be a little resourceful and get your own clients, you can definitely do all this and more, full-time from home. There is plenty of work to go around. Most of my clients hadn’t even heard of a Virtual Assistant before they met me. So just think of all the potential clients just in your own hometown who are crying out for help with these kinds of tasks.

  37. Hi Umashankardas,

    Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them and am also glad you found my site. I can totally relate to your experiences. I get the impression you might be outside the U.S. If so, we have a great section just for you listed at:

    You might also want to check out our recent video on how to search for work at home properly at:

    In terms of receiving our emails, it’s very easy to do. Just visit: and enter your email address.

    Be sure to click on the confirmation link that will be emailed to you after signing up,
    otherwise YOU WON’T receive our emails.

    I hope this helps.


  38. Thank you very much for your kindness for all the information provided, because just like all those friends above I too came across many problems in finding typing job on the net but thank God i ended up with you. Please mail me more information because i have many around me who are struggling for survival. They will be greatfull to you.

  39. Hi Sharlene,

    I’m confused. A wireless network is usually connected to a wired broadband connection like your cable tv or dsl. So you do have wired broadband connection. You just happpen to be using wirless for some of your other computers or laptop. For instance the desktop I’m using to write this is connected to my modem directly but my laptop is getting its signal from my wirless router.
    So I have both. I’m pretty sure you do too so you can work for these companies.


  40. Hi Eddy,

    I have applied to several work at home jobs, but, I am having problems because I have wireless internet and all the call center jobs I’ve seen so far do not accept wireless. I am using Broadband. Can you recommend anything that doesn’t care if I’m using wireless internet to work for them? I will also need training. It doesn’t matter if it is contract or hire.
    You have been so helpful, I thought you might have a suggestion for me.

  41. Hi Avonne,

    Thanks for your comments. But I’m not sure if you actually read the article above. But it was very clear how I made money typing didn’t involve any fees. I’m not sure if you clicked on an ad or something and are getting confused?


  42. Hi Sharlene,

    I’m glad you’ve actually taken the time out to read the articles. But better still I’m happy you’re going to take action. Too often people just read stuff and just sit there and do nothing with the information. But you are and I’m sure in time you’ll be able to secure a work at home position.

    If you need us, we’ll be here.


  43. Hi Eddy,

    i saw lot of your advice but all those websites are only for US people but am from INDIA could you tell me why that people like to give the job only for US people could you send me whose are all accept people from Other countries send me those website address.


  44. Thanks again for all the help and
    I have been reading your articles and
    information on your site for several
    hours now and I am so excited to get
    started checking into these work at home
    opportunities. I hope I can land a job
    from your site soon. I was getting very
    frustrated. I was not going to give up and
    I’m still not because I know if others can
    do this, so can I. I have spent so many countless
    hours for 14 months now and I have waisted money
    on scams. Money I was trying to earn, not give
    to someone else with no return on my investment.
    Anyway thanks again for filling me in on the rebate
    processing, I was tempted because they make it
    sound so convincing.
    You have lifted my spirits, I really needed that.
    Thanks again.

  45. Hi again Sharlene,

    Good to have you back. =)
    And thank you for appreciating the work we’re doing here. It makes us feel like we’re really accomplishing something when we get that type of feedback.

    As for this company, again I would pass. I did some research and the findings weren’t good. There was nothing on the BBB but using the techniques and advice listed here:

    and here:

    We were able to find some other sites and their experiences with this company:

    In short, you should pass on this one. Again, you never have to pay for a regular work at home job. Most of these sites are re-packaging free information and then selling it to un-educated work at home seekers. The folks reading this blog have an advantage because you have the tools here to to keep yourself ahead of the pack.

    Save your money and look through some of the legitimate companies hiring work at home seekers and trust me they won’t be asking you for a dime.

    Some other great websites are listed here:

    I hope this helps Sharlene.

    Hope to hear from you again very soon.


  46. Hello Eddy,
    Sharlene here again with another question.
    First I’d like to say thank you soooo much.
    I have gotten more info. from this blog than
    I have in a year of searching.
    I have been receiving a lot of advertising
    e-mails for this one particular site for
    processing rebates from home. It is; They offer
    a 90 day guarantee and full training for
    a price of $197. The pay is $15. per rebate
    processed. And of course you get access to
    members area so you can do as many as you like.
    Do you or any one out there know anything about
    this site?

  47. Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for your question. My suggestion is to pass on this site like it was a hot potato. There is no reason to pay anyone for a work at home job. If it were a home based business then yes it’s expected you need to pay to get that started.

    My suggestion is to try some of the free data entry companies listed at:

    or at:

    Don’t pay for this type of information. Sites like ours are dedicated to providing this information for free. So save your money. Thanks for actually asking before you went ahead and “donated” $50. Hopefully this will help other people out as well.


  48. I stumbled on a web site ( that outsourced typing jobs from companies in India and the U.K. The requirement was to type at least 50 reports in 15 days to receive payment from the company. The catch was that in order to work for them, you had to pay $50. Once you completed the jobs, you had the option of receiving payment via a money gram, money order, submitting your banking information so that payment could be put into your account after each job was finished. What can you tell me about

  49. Hi R,

    Thanks for your comments. I think they really reflect what so many work at home seekers feel. But the fact of the matter is that you can’t let a few bad apples turn you off to the idea of working at home. I’m telling you from experience it can happen

    Like many of you I was scammed several times. I became bitter and even hopeless about working at home.

    But then I realized that it’s something that I want bad enough and I wasn’t going to allow anything or anyone stop me from that dream. So what I did was educate myself on scams so that I couldn’t become a victim of them anymore.

    Next I stop limiting myself to traditional work at home jobs. I realized that securing a typing or data entry job was like winning the lotto and I don’t like the odds of that. So I started looking into getting paid for various things like reading emails, taking surveys, etc. And this was before scam artists would sell you this information. I found all these opportunities for free and gave them a try. They didn’t pay a lot but at least I was able to see that they did pay.

    Obviously I expanded and started creating my own sites helping people work at home and avoiding scams which is how I earn my living today.

    But the point I’m trying to make is that I didn’t let the scam artist win. And I was willing to try legitimate things that were outside the confines of a regular work at home job.

    So don’t give up on your dream because otherwise you’re giving up on yourself. If I and others can do it then you can too.
    On this blog, I’ve provided you with a wealth of information and strategies to apply.

    You have two choices, you can continue to do what you’re currently doing and getting what you get now. Or you can try something different and see what happens. You can’t get scammed again if you follow some basic principles. So you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Don’t give up R! By the way you may want to visit to find traditional work at home jobs.

    I hope this helps.


  50. my trust level is very low and for many reasons, one being as you we’re or are about work at home projects. I’ve truly lost faith knowing there are such people as scam artist out there. I’m very insecure when it come to giving my name even over the internet, so where do I go from here.

  51. This is nagarajan here from INDIA, I saw your some web site addresses for survey but mostly for US poeple i am looking real data entry jobs i wasted my life in searching data entry jobs and i saw the lot of web sites every body asking money also i had paid $50 and i lost it. Could you help me to get real data entry projects please?

  52. Hi Vishnu,

    Thanks for your comments. But let me make it clear that “you” is not us. We don’t charge you for anything. All our information is free. What you and many other work at home seekers are running into are ads on various work at home websites like this one. That’s how we all get paid and can keep our sites free. But we make it a point to provide you with various free resources of work at home jobs like the ones found:

    So you have to really be sure that you’re looking around the sites you’re visiting carefully because I’m pretty certain they have free resources like this that you’re missing.

    If you click on something and it request a fee then you know it’s an ad in most cases. If it’s not something you’re interested in then just use the free resources like the ones above.

    Trust me when I say we’re not out to get your money. We want to see everyone work at home.

    I hope that clears that up.


  53. I would like to get legitimate work from any site but why you all are charging that I dont understand. You all get commissions from the sponser companies then why you are charging us. This is not fair. People like me would honestly likes to work from home and make some extra money. But your charges stops us to earn honestly. Because you are not the actual payers then why We have to pay you ?

  54. Andrea,

    This is some great information and can be on its own post! That’s a great idea. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to add that to the post so others are aware of this option as well.

    Thanks again for the great info!

  55. Just wanted to share some great information. Hope this is OK.
    I posted a job wanted on for typing…hey, enough people are on there all day long, why not?! You may also want to post in local college papers/websites if they will accomodate. City papers, etc. Depends on how much you want to market and get yourself out there I’d imagine. I came up with a contract and set myself up to receive payment via PayPal. If you have a fax machine and can email…that is my choice… I personally do not feel comfortable meeting strangers.

    Also, in regards to medical transcription, I found a GREAT training cd at a bargain of $20 on ebay. The seller listed has a store, her ID is training_alternatives.
    A note though, you will have to print the material to put into a binder for easier studying, so there will be costs for ink and paper. Hope this helps anyone out there!

  56. I’ve been searching for over a year now for a work at home typing job. I really enjoy typing and would like to type reports, resumes, reports, etc. Maybe someone out there can help.

  57. Hi Sharlene,

    Thanks for your comments. You definitely have to be wary of some programs claiming they will guarantee you work after taking their training program because that’s usually a lot of crap. This seems to happen a lot with medical billing scams. But with that said, you can find tons of transcription jobs on your own after you’ve been trained at Just do a search for medical transcription. We list those jobs nearly every day because there are so many of them unlike regular typing and data entry jobs.

    In terms of training you can find some free information at:

    But in most cases like any type of job training you may have to pay for it. But you can always write it off at the end of the year and possibly get the money back in the form of a tax refund. But consult your cpa on that to be certain.

  58. Hi Eddy,
    Could you please tell me where I can go to learn transcription,
    hopefully free training if possible.
    I was told by someone who tried medical transcription training and paid lots of money for the course, and never got a work from home job as promised.
    I have received e-mails for this training but I am skeptical.
    hoping you or someone might be able to help.
    I’ve been searching for over a year now for a work at home typing job.
    Maybe someone out there can help.

  59. Thanks for your comments Geri. It’s really not about your experience. There are tons of work at home seekers that have great experience. There is just a lack of available jobs for everyone.

    But I applaud you for going the transcription route because that’s where there are tons of available typing jobs! But most work at home seekers won’t get the training to do that job.

  60. I don’t believe there are any at-home typing jobs. I have registered with and other places, and Elance and have not gotten hired yet. I have a lot of experience and my references prove it. The only jobs I’ve been able to get are with the transcription companies, but wants to spend 8 hours a day pounding the keyboard.


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