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Hey, it's your fearless work at home leader again with some great news. Yep, it's about none other than another non-traditional work at home opportunity. So read up.

Whether you know it or not, you're an expert at something. Being an expert doesn't mean that someone has to labeled you an expert or you have some fancy degree. Your years of experience automatically makes you an expert at nearly anything. For instance, some of you have been stay at home moms for several years. I'm a rookie Stay At Home Dad. You probably have a bag of tricks that would probably help me and my lovely wife tremendously as new stay at home parents.

That in itself makes you more of an expert at parenting than it does me. Some of you who read many of my articles may consider me a work at home expert. I could "front" and be modest, but who am I to argue with the public. LOL. But again, I didn't study about this industry in school. My knowledge is based on years of searching for work at home opportunities, avoiding scams and getting involved with as many opportunities as possible.

So regardless of what you think, you're an expert at something and apparently you can get paid for sharing your experiences with the world. is currently looking for online guides to work at home. You're basically getting paid about $725 per month to type up 4 articles a month (2 every 14 days.) that you have written.

Don't worry, you don't have to be a professional writer or have some freaking English degree. You just need to have basic grammar and spelling skills. (Obviously that leaves me out! LOL) Furthermore you need to have a passion or expertise in something. We've already established that you do, so that's already done. is a well known company and is not a scam. So that's another thing you won't have to worry about it. And did I mention that there are no fees or money involved in this opportunity? No need for thanks.

So if you're interested in working at home with a legitimate website like click here to apply for several guide positions. There is also a question section listed there if you have any concerns.

Good luck!

In any event, this is yet another example of the non-traditional work at home opportunities I'm always preaching about. You couple this with some of the other available work at home opportunities (Focus Groups, Surveys, Message Board Typist, Product Testers, Affiliates, etc) I've mentioned and we're actually talking about some serious money here. Isn't that a change, making money, instead of searching for unavailable traditional work at home jobs. Go figure!

Until next time, Love, Peace and Hair Grease.

13 thoughts on “Online Guide Wanted –”

  1. Ha me again,
    Just wanted to ad, Hey Cheryl being mentally slow is natures handicap. We could’nt have people like you winning ALL THE TIME could we? Not having control over losses sucks tho. My last loss was a joke, this loss I’m in the middle of is a nightmare. Hang in there!

  2. Hey Eddy,
    It’s me again, roomate managed to borrow on future work to get rent. (whooooooohooooooo) we have a roof for Xmas. Sorry about the dr. moniker but if all those scammers can claim to be dr’s, well what the hey?
    just wanted to say thank sooooo much for the bailout (the page is still blank past post #73). I may not be able to do much but I can be a guide. I have always looked deeper into things than normal “programing”. I have an above average understanding that helps define reason. If I could just get the lotto to adapt your bailout selection process, well that and buy a ticket.
    I don’t know if this is out of line for this post but I have been trying to sell my stuff (rather than lose it) on craigslist. All I am getting is SCAMS in response to my ads.
    Thanks to info on this site, it is much easier to spot scams.

  3. Hi Eireen,

    No I haven’t. But I don know how you can figure out if any of these websites are scams. Visit our scam video on the following page: and follow the easy steps listed in there.

    I was able to find information about both both websites you mentioned within seconds of using the steps in the video and you will too.

    You should also read our ask page:

    We make it very clear you should never buy typing or data entry products and you can read why there. You should also read all the other questions there as well. It will help you avoid a lot of mistakes.

    Hope this helps.


  4. Hey Eddy,
    have you heard about web colleagues,
    Is at legit site? i was reading review from there and i saw web colleagues review.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks more power.

  5. Hi Jim,

    Thank for chiming in.

    You’re taking the right steps in doing your research. All people should do so when dealing with work at home. By the way you should probably check it our our scam video: It will add to your arsenal of doing scam research.

    Our BBB article will probably be helpful to you as well:

    By the way, I’m glad I came up clean. lol But I’ve been doing this for many years and fortunately I’ve had a lot of big names (AOL, Businessweek, The BostonGlobe) that have backed my efforts:

    But I’m sure in time there will be a few “haters” that will claim that I’m a scam despite all the people I have helped avoid and fight scams:

    So as long as people take what they read on the internet with a grain of salt, I think the truth will always prevail.


  6. OK!
    I’m holding my breath, I found a guide position on involving computers. Had to apply. I made up an article to apply with and can only hope it gets attention.
    As for how long? Today, Tomorrow, who knows if or when.
    But at least I found one to apply for. That’s 100% more than yesterday (ok last week).
    As for all the scams or “are they legit”, I have learned to use the “bbb” and “whois” search among others. Good news Eddy, you aren’t in them ;).

  7. Eleanor,

    Do a search in for becoming an expert or guide and you should find some more sites that offer similar opportunities.

    In terms of the lack of a response from that just comes with the territory when applying for traditional work at home jobs.

    I’m sure they get tons of applications all the time and can’t possibly reply back to everyone. Don’t let it discourage you or take it personal. Just keep plugging away and in the mean time, work with companies that have readily available opportunities like the ones we personally recommend on our articles page:

    Many people are making money exploring those options while still searching for that all elusive traditional work at home job.

    I hope this helps either way.


  8. Hey Wendy,

    Don’t fret! If you love writing so much why not get into blogging like yours truly?

    Even if you know nothing about blogging like I did, with the right training you can eventually do very well:

    The other route you can take is visit freelance websites like the one found in the following article and offer your writing services to website owners:

    Or you can visit sites like the ones listed on the following pages and write for them:

    So if you’re a person that loves writing you actually have a lot of options. So don’t sell yourself short. As long as you’re welling to explore all your options you can make money writing.

    If my my dumb ass can make money writing as eloquently and properly as I do (insert sarcasm here.) , then anyone can! lol

    Good luck either way and don’t give up.
    There are so many ways of making money at home and many of which we list on the following page:

    You may even want to consider a career as an affiliate which would also make great use of your writing skills:


  9. Well, when I saw this in the job notices that come in my mail, I thought to myself “Way cool! I can do one of the things I really love to do”
    That is writing. I write alot in several journals that I keep.
    I went through the list and didn’t find anything on the list that I had alot of experience with.
    When you need someone who knows about art or beadwork, let me know.
    I’ve been creating art for over 40 years now, and bead work for over 20.

    I’ve had three one woman shows. All without the benefit of going to a university. Immagine that.

    Anyway, it was a nice thought while it lasted.

  10. Hi,
    Here is a question for you.
    I’m mentally slow and in need of finances ASAP.
    I know, who isn’t,but, I need to know if these jobs (of work at home)work for people like me on SSI, I get $600.00 amonth.
    Please give me you honest thoughts.
    Thanks for your time, I’ll be happy to take any
    question or test you want, almost.


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