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Hey, it's your fearless work at home leader again with some great news. Yep, it's about none other than another non-traditional work at home opportunity. So read up.

Whether you know it or not, you're an expert at something. Being an expert doesn't mean that someone has to labeled you an expert or you have some fancy degree. Your years of experience automatically makes you an expert at nearly anything. For instance, some of you have been stay at home moms for several years. I'm a rookie Stay At Home Dad. You probably have a bag of tricks that would probably help me and my lovely wife tremendously as new stay at home parents.

That in itself makes you more of an expert at parenting than it does me. Some of you who read many of my articles may consider me a work at home expert. I could "front" and be modest, but who am I to argue with the public. LOL. But again, I didn't study about this industry in school. My knowledge is based on years of searching for work at home opportunities, avoiding scams and getting involved with as many opportunities as possible.

So regardless of what you think, you're an expert at something and apparently you can get paid for sharing your experiences with the world. is currently looking for online guides to work at home. You're basically getting paid about $725 per month to type up 4 articles a month (2 every 14 days.) that you have written.

Don't worry, you don't have to be a professional writer or have some freaking English degree. You just need to have basic grammar and spelling skills. (Obviously that leaves me out! LOL) Furthermore you need to have a passion or expertise in something. We've already established that you do, so that's already done. is a well known company and is not a scam. So that's another thing you won't have to worry about it. And did I mention that there are no fees or money involved in this opportunity? No need for thanks.

So if you're interested in working at home with a legitimate website like click here to apply for several guide positions. There is also a question section listed there if you have any concerns.

Good luck!

In any event, this is yet another example of the non-traditional work at home opportunities I'm always preaching about. You couple this with some of the other available work at home opportunities (Focus Groups, Surveys, Message Board Typist, Product Testers, Affiliates, etc) I've mentioned and we're actually talking about some serious money here. Isn't that a change, making money, instead of searching for unavailable traditional work at home jobs. Go figure!

Until next time, Love, Peace and Hair Grease.

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