Is A Scam?

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Is Zeek Rewards A Scam or Legitimate?

Update: Guess my advice and suspicions listed in the review below were right. SEC has called this “opportunity” a ponzi scam & shut it down. Click here for more details.

The Zeek Rewards program is getting a lot of buzz among work at home seekers lately. So my team and I decided to do some digging around to find out what Zeek Rewards is all about and how does it work. Hopefully we won't step in some crap as we sift through it. Too often we do when investigating these opportunities. But it's better we get into the mess than you do. So with that in mind let's get into it.

What Exactly is Zeek Rewards?

Primarily ZeekRewards operates and is based around a penny auction site. Their penny auction site is

Just in case you don't know what a penny auction is, let me try to explain it to you here but you can also read my past article about this here. It's very similar to the Ebay model where you bid for stuff. The owner of a Penny Action site puts up merchandise and/or gift cards up for sale but at a very low price. Picture an iPad for like $25. But each time someone bids, the price goes up by a penny. It also adds more time to the auction.

Here's why penny auctions are so attractive to their owners. In order to have the chance to place a bid, you must first join the website and put $10-20 in the penny auction account. Each time you place a bid, not only does the price of the item you bid on go up a penny, but you pay the Penny Auction website a fee for the “privilege and opportunity” to bid. This will be anywhere from 5 cents to a buck fifty per bid. Now imagine there are hundreds or thousands of bidders all doing this. So with the iPad example. Let's say the auction ends an a lucky bidder wins the iPad for $100 plus whatever fees they incurred for their bids. The winner walks away with an iPad at a ridiculously low price. But the other bidders don't but the money they spent bidding goes to the auction site and the owner walks away with enough to pay for the iPad at full price and a hefty profit if it had enough people bidding. Can you see how the penny auction owner is “Sheening” aka winning? Wouldn't you want to be the owner rather than just a bidder or both? Well that's sort of what Zeek Rewards is about.

It flips the penny auction model on it's head by actually sharing a portionof it's profits from the Zeekler sites to Zeek Rewards members. The amount it shares is based on your membership level. This is a smart business model because it probably helps pay for the merchandise they auction which means less money coming out the pocket of the penny auction site owner. Their opportunity is based on a MLM model which I'm not really fond of because it often means the compensation break down is usually convoluted and hard to understand. (Well it is for my simple simon mind.) In any event, the company is owned by Rex Venture Group. Supposedly, Rex Venture Group has been in business for 14 years. That's cool but my motto is, let's delve deeper into the program and find out if all the Internet chatter rings true.

How Do You Get Started With Zeek Rewards and Make Money?

The way I understand it, you can't access the sign up form without an invite. You must join under a current Zeek Reward's affiliate. After joining, you choose your affiliate level. As an affiliate, you supposedly earn VIP points every time you refer someone to the program. Those points are converted into cash. This MLM company relies on its 2×5 matrix to pay its affiliates. You can read about it here because I always have problems understanding and explaining MLMs complicated commission structures. I guess that's why I gravitate towards traditional affiliate marketing.

In any event they pay via check or Solid Trust Pay every two weeks. I wonder why PayPal isn't an option since most of us have that type of account.

Are There Any Start Up Fees?

Since this is an MLM/ business opportunity there is an investment required in order to make money. You can join as a free member, however you won't become a paid member unless you join and pay a fee to be a silver, gold or diamond member. Silver investment $10 per month, Gold investment $50 per month, Diamond Investment $99 per month.

How Much Money Can You Make?

How much you will make is determined by your affiliate level, how many you refer to the program and how much your customers and your downline spends on bids. In short like any business it's all about your effort and how successful you are with your recruiting efforts to get new members.


– In general I have a problem with MLMs because of their overly complicated and various commission structures. Some would argue it gives you more ways to earn money with a company. But to me it creates more confusion and questions which may be a barrier in recruiting other people. If I don't really understand how much I can earn with your company within a few seconds of reading your commission section, I'm out. Because I know I'll have problems explaining it to others.

– No matter what you feel about Paypal they have tons of users. So I always find it suspect or weird when a company doesn't offer that as an option. It's a no brainer since so many of us have accounts because of personal use or because so many other work at home companies use it to pay folks. Sure they offer that Solid Trust Pay option which is an online payment option. But I've never heard of this company. So why not go with one that is already pretty well known and use by many. Just seems weird to me.

– You know the saying it takes money to make money. Well some people haven't heard this or just don't want to believe it. So there are going to be some of these folks that complain about the fee. But as I've argued many times, a business is different than a job where requiring a fee is suspect. That being said the monthly fee may be money down the drain if you can't turn a profit. But that's the risk you take with ANY business and why the government allows you to write off some of your losses and expenses. Either way this has to be approached like investing or gambling. Never gamble or invest more than you can afford to lose.

– I've read that regardless of how many bids you have or their values, they expire in 90 days and you have to then reinvest. I hate when companies do that. It's like when you get a gift card and they slowly eat away the amount of the card if you haven't used it in a while or it totally expires. WTF? I'm sure from a business point of view it works well for the company but it screws over the consumer which is never cool.

– I've seen 2 different company that claim to own both Zeekler and Zeek Rewards. They are Rex Venture Group and Rex Endeavor Team, LLC. That seems a bit curious to me. Sometimes companies switch names around after one name has a bad reputation or maybe there is another legitimate business reason like a partnership or something else. Well when I did a BBB search for one of the company names, I came up with a BBB rating of F which doesn't stand for FUN people! It's for failure! If you've read my blog long enough, you already know I don't really SOLELY rely on the BBB to determine a company's legitimacy. After all I'm not listed with the BBB and there are a lot of legit companies that aren't. To me the BBB is ONE of many resources I sift through to do my research which is why I created that scam video that many of you use to research a company. And there are other great sites like But for some of you the BBB is the be and end all of research, so this rating would definitely be a major red flag and enough to make folks run away.

– I haven't really read much about training and their marketing techniques. They seem to encourage posting classified ads which worked very well many moons ago when I first got started in affiliate marketing. But it's not as effective as it use to be especially since most recruits will just copy and paste exactly what the company provides them. This may lead to spam complaints on various online resources and thus have your ads blocked or deleted. So I'm curious if they teach you other marketing techniques like SEO, PPC, Social Media which a company WA teaches. They should because it will give their affiliates various ways of promoting their program and thus increasing your chances of success. So I'm in the dark about that.

– Penny Auctions are very saturated on the web. So you're facing a lot of stiff competition. It may not be bad as the herbal supplements or the health industry. But it's still pretty competitive which is why training and marketing is very important. If that isn't up to par their affiliates are going to have a hard time getting visibility for their penny auction.

You can read more complaints or whinning about Zeek Rewards here. Just keep in mind you're reading people's observations or opinions. So try to read between the lines because sometimes folks just have vendettas or agendas. You want to look pass the emotional stuff and find patterns being affirmed by many others to determine the real red flags. I never just listen to people that yell X is a scam. My next question is why? Explain in detail where you came up with this conclusion. Where's your proof? Are others making the same complaints? So just keep that in mind when you do your research. The internet makes it easy for people to spit out anything.

So Is Zeek Rewards Really Legitimate?

Honestly it seems to be a brand new company so it's hard for me to draw a definitive conclusion. The F BBB rating is enough for a lot of people to steer away from this company. But keep in mind it was only 2 complaints at the time of this review and we don't really know if it was in particular for Zeek Rewards since this corporation owns other sites and companies under this corporation name. So you might have to take that BBB report with a grain of salt. I personally want to hear and more importantly see proof of payments from affiliates of the company. That always speaks volumes to me. Unlike some shady MLMs they do seem to have a real product in terms of the penny auction business which we know is very profitable so that's good. That is assuming it's actually a profitable penny auction and not a front of a product so that this isn't viewed as a ponzi scheme. I just don't know.

So for now I would basically take a wait and see attitude with this company. I'm sure there will be a rep chiming in about the company's growth or years in business. But unless I'm seeing consistence proof of payments from various affiliates working this program then all that stuff means nothing to me.

As always I want to hear what you have to say about this company. Have you considered it, are you a member? Feel free to chime in with your own experience or correct me on anything I may have gotten wrong. Your professional and courteous feedback are always welcomed. By the way if you like what you've read be sure to become a subscriber here. If this business opportunity didn't really do anything for you you might want to check out our work at home jobs page which is updated daily or our personal recommendations page. Thanks for reading this and your continued support! I hope to see more of you here or my Facebook fan page.

84 thoughts on “Is A Scam?”

  1. I am new to this site and notice this section with Zeekrewards. It seem it was a scam and it has been recently shut down and under investigation.

  2. Thanks for the update Alex. Am I surprised? NOT AT ALL. So hopefully some of these folks had cashed out their money in time. It should be interesting to see what the feds do. This reminds of 12Dailypro all over again. Next will be JustBeenPaid & JSS Tripler. It never made sense that return on investment was so fast and easy.

    • Eddy, i also found some info that will be useful for people who have been affected by this. The Attorney’s General office has opened a hotline for concerned Zeek
      Rewards affiliates or retail customers, which can be reached
      by calling (919) 716-6046. good luck to all the victims getting their funds back.

  3. LMAO! Thanks for chiming in Nick! But I bet no one actually responds with the information you’re requesting. All you’ll get is that I’ve put in x dollars, now I’ve earned x and I’m putting in another x dollars. This is legit. Email me to sign up, blah blah. Enter no proof here. lol

    Either way thanks for chiming in Nick. You’ve summed up my sentiments very well!

  4. Great
    informative post…i think it is reaally need today for me and
    youngsters ….if you have more information please share me …thanks
    for share me…

  5. on Cashiers checks it generally takes 2 or 3 weeks before funds hit. I also sent in a cashiers check for a considerable sum. It hit 2 weeks later and in a week I have already cleared a thousand. Just hang tough. THis company is growing so fast they are having a time keeping up. Their # of employees has more than doubled in a very short time to keep up with the demand.

  6. Now once did Eddy call them a scam, he just showed the facts. Also to the ones that keep coming back and bad mouthing Eddy. Show your proof. I have one guy trying to sell me on zeek, He did a screen shot of his account or screen capture through skype. I asked him if he cashed out at all he said no. Show me a check or a transfer on a consistent basis then I will know its not a scam.

    In my opinion already I do believe it to be just like the old mlm companies who use there new members to pay there old members while waiting for even more new members, till they get in trouble then change names and do it all over again till the Feds finally catch up with them.

    Now if you post to this reply with something smart since I’m not as nice as Eddy, I’m going to tell you to shut up and put up. Show me the actual checks your received and show me the balance ledger to match your account up with money in and money out then I will believe you.

    Why would a company that claims to make people money, make it against there TOS to show there paystub. UMMMMMM. Makes me wonder.

  7. Don’t stress it. Reps get like this if you allude to any possible cons about a company as if every company is perfect and doesn’t have some bad points as it does good. Go figure. lol

  8. I have been member of Zeek Rewards for over a year- They are not a scam and are legitimate company.  People who make claims that they are scam are not involved with the company and just don’t understand how the compensation plan works.  Before making scam claims please become educated and informed.  I am proud member of Zeek Rewards and very Thankful that I was introduced to this company, it has been life changing for me and my family.

  9. ZeekRewards is spreading to my community rapidly.   Most of us are very naive to internet scam
    and have signed up and made large deposit to become a member.   I, however, did not join because I look them
    up on they are not BBB accredited and has rating of an F.   I know that doesn’t mean that it is a
    scam.   So I would like to know
    if this business is a scam to make money from new members to pay existing
    members.   Please, any inputs would be

  10. MLM or multi-level marketing.   MLM should really mean most lose money.   A very few people make money in multi-level,   the rest LOSE……………..

    • Any business involves a higher risk than a traditional job. It comes with the territory. More people will fail at a business than at a job. So you have to know that going in. It doesn’t mean business is bad, it just means not everyone has what it takes to succeed.

  11. My entire family is in Zeek Rewards. Currently,  we receive  $300+ weekly checks. My father, who is now semi-retired thanks to Zeek Rewards,  gets more as he started before me. This company has been a real life saver for us and has helped us get through some rough financial patches. I would highly recommend.

    • How long have you guys been in Zeek and do you make money by recruiting affiliates or bids? Which way is the fast way to make it in this business?

    • I was skeptical when I got in but after seeing a good friends points chart and seeing that he was drawing checks I got in with 100 bucks. I saw the daily amounts so I jumped in at diamond and maxed out the bids. The return on just the bids is excellent and if you want to recruit it also helps. There are several ways to make a good business out of Zeek. I was a major skeptic but I’m sold!

  12. Has anyone actually got cash in hand. I put in 3,000 on april 11th. I have signed up a fe people and have doubled my money already. I investigated this opportunity but not the payment options was supposed to see a check I requested by now. I requested $100 just to see that it works. I checked I wanted a check on payment options. But everytime I go back to same page the box is unchecked.

  13. Hi,

    I joined Zeek last week.    I’ve tried to pay my  diamond membership on line but  for some reason, it didn’t  go thru when I try to pay by visa/credit card.   So then I  mailed them 2 cashier checks last week; 1 for my bid and the other one is for the dimond membership.    The company did receive my checks but  they’re still hasn’t  cash out  the fund.    Therefore; my account is still active but I can’t do any business as of yet. My questions are; why wouldn’t they  cash out the  fund? how long is the process take?  how much longer  do I need to wait for this?   I’ve contacted my recruiter but she’s so new and doesn’t know much.    Can I cancel this transaction/account and open a different account under someone else?

  14. Agreed. But the argument is that in business there is an element of risk. I can start a new business tomorrow and invest a lot of money getting started. Then it can fail and I lose all that money. That comes with doing business. The only guarantees in terms of pay checks is with a job. And even in that scenario you’re not safe if they decide to lay you off.

    From what I understand the money you put in ZeekRewards isn’t allowed to be called an investment but I see a lot of people misusing that word with this opportunity.

    That all being said I question the sustainability. This reminds me a lot of HYIPs but there is actually a product here which is the bid sites. Folks get paid with HYIP sites too but ultimately it isn’t sustainable long term. But we’ll see how this plays out. Obviously folks are making money, but I want to see for how long. If it’s as good as some folks are saying it is. It should be around many years to come. But time will tell.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and not self promoting. It’s nice to actually read a comment from a member that is being more objective then pushing hype. It’s very refreshing. So thanks!

  15. I joined Zeek 2 months ago.   The first month I made my $99 fee back.   Then I put in $500.   The second month I made a profit of $600, after fees.   It seems too good to be true, but I made $.   I am going to put $1,000 in next.   My friend has made a profit of $9,000 in 3 months.  

  16. glad i came to your page …zeekler sounds very promising at first   clicking copying and pasting is very easy to do and learn   but heres the catch   they dont pay you until you invest at least $10 a month in a silver plan and you have to invest within 15 minutes of joining   i need something to put money in my pocket and then if i like i can invest from my profits … please let me know if you know of anything     stay blessed

  17. Thanks Tina! I appreciate it. Sometimes people get annoyed when you don’t just say their company is the greatest thing. If you question anything about the company they want to name call and forget to use their big words. But it’s okay. As long as I cause people to think and discuss an opportunity, I’ve done my job.

    At the very least folks will dig deeper to find out the pros and cons. Some reps dislike this because they think it will affect their recruiting. But little do they know that telling people the good and ugly makes them respect you more. And as result some folks will join under you because you kept it real instead of just trying to paint a one dimensional picture.

    Oh well. Thanks again Tina. You have obviously read my body of work and know what I’m about.

    • I’m not here to call anyone names or tell anyone they don’t know what they are talking about. But if anyone does have a question about zeek rewards feel free to ask and I will respond as quickly as I can with an accurate and honest answer. I too was skeptical about joining into this program but someone showed me the possibilities so I gave it a try and it is working out even better than I hoped. Not everyone will have the same experience. As with any business, (and that is what this is to me) it takes time and effort to see big results. But it is possible. A little effort creates a little gain (but still a gain!) and those who put in a lot of effort may see bigger results! Keep the questions coming!

    • I agree Dan

      Same here. I am very pleased with Zeek!! I even quit my secon job because what I was making in a two week period working part time I’m making in two days working 4 minutes (posting ads)

      #laughing all the way to the bank

      BTW, did you know “Ewallet” is coming soon so that when you request a check it goes str8 into your bank account?

    • Hi Dan,
      I signed up for $5000, Zeekrewards,in February, 2012.   I see great growth, but haven’t tried to cash in anything.   How long have you been in Zeekrewards and do you get regular checks? When did you start getting your checks?

  18. I am sorry but I have to say something here.. Eddy saved me from getting involved in a scam today. I have been on his site for months now and have found what he says is very, very, trustworthy. He wants to see some proof as I would before I got myself involved in something. Keep up the GREAT work Eddy. 🙂

    • I must say I am curious about it as well. But I must say my boyfriends parents started with zeek rewards and have made more than $10,000 in three months. I don’t know if that is typical but it was enough proof for me to seriously consider hopping on the band  wagon  myself.

    • I’ll send you a picture of my zeek rewards account balance if you need proof! I’ve been in zeek for less than 2 months and made $175 today alone! Email me and I’ll send you a picture of my account and checks I have received from zeek!

  19. I checked out your reveiw out concerning zeek and I later joined and glad I did. But I appreciated your reveiw just the same.    I hope you will update this now as that Zeek Rewards has a year under it’s belt and people are making excellent income and Network Marketing Mag has voted them MLM Company of the month. Please let people know they can actually make a great income with Zeek. Even newbies. Thanks so much.   Pastor Linda Shepard

  20. Hi Steve,
    I’m new to Zeek. I just started on 02/28/2012 and I paid $99 and another $9.99 for help with referals.
    Today, 03/01/2012 I gave my sponsor (also my friend) $1000 to invest.
    The problem with both of us is that we don’t speak/understand english very well, and he has hard time explaining it to me.
    For example, he promised me that if I become the $99 Dimond member I’ll get 100 start up bonus points besides my 100 points. Well, I did not get the 100 start up bonus points at that time. When I called him and I asked why I did not get those points, he replyed “Well, this is it. You don’t get them” But I told him: “No, this is NOT. You promised me 100 start up bonus points, and Zeek also promisses those points in writing on their website” Then, he called his sponsor, then his sponsor called his sponsor, and so on. It took 2 days, but I got my points. I do have 200 points (and few dollars)  now.
    I’m not good with this business (in fact with any business)
    but like I said I invested $1000. What do you think will be my profit after 90 days if I only post my ad daily, and I can’t bring any new members?


  21. Thanks Steve for the clarifications. We definitely depend on our visitors to update us on anything we get wrong or may have changed. So we appreciate you coming here and sharing this information.

    Glad to hear folks are doing well with the program. I just wish I could see some proof of it online from various people.

    Paypal definitely has flaws but I wouldn’t say they’re behind the times. After all they’re one of the leading payment options used by many other work at home based opportunities. They just don’t seem to play nice with MLM type of businesses for whatever reason.

    In any event, thanks for chiming in. I appreciate the kind word and your support.

  22. I hear what you’re saying. But we live in a digital world where social proof is huge. And you have to factor in all the scams that is pervasive in this industry so I don’t think asking for proof of concept is all that crazy.

    Too often companies claim they are the next best thing since slice bed. Next thing you know, they’re gone. With that in mind my time and energy are valuable. I don’t want to waste my time investing energy in a company that may not end up paying me. So asking and seeing proof of consistent proof of payments would make me more inclined to try a company out.

    In business there are no guarantees and I agree with you. Even if everyone in the organization is making a gazillion bucks it doesn’t mean when you join you’ll experience the same thing. But at the very least I want to know that people in the company are being paid.

    Then it’s just a matter of putting in the effort for me to earn some money too. So that’s how I feel about social proof. There are plenty of other companies that even have forums allowing their members to post proof of their payments and encourage it.

    I do agree there should be some type of disclosure which I always provide when showing my income with a given company. I always make it clear that folks aren’t going to necessarily make the same amount of money if at all that I have. As long as you state that then you’re setting up proper expectations.

    But I understand what you’re saying.

    •  Thank you Eddy for your honesty.   Zeek has a free program.   I recommend you try it and seek how it goes.   I sponsor non profit groups and have them run their ad daily.   After two months if they are consistent, I fund to get them started so they never have any out of pocket.   No cost – no risk but time and my money.

    • No problem. Thanks for adding value to the discussion. I really do appreciate it and that’s what we welcome on this blog. For now I’ll take a wait and see attitude. I have other projects that I’m already working on that have proven records of payments so I’d prefer to focus my energy there even if there is a free version of ZeekRewards. If the company proves to be whatever is claiming I can always join later on and still be successful as I’ve done with other companies which I’ve joined when all the buzz has died down.

      I wish you continued success and I look forward to when the company can figure out a way to illustrate they are actually paying people consistently as other companies have been able to do on the web. Thanks again for the insight!

  23. I always find it amusing when people tell me they want to
    see proof of MY income before they will join the MLM.   First, the attorney generals are very aggressive
    against companies that have individuals that “entice” people into a program by
    showing pay.   Ask Amway how that
    went.     Now Amway (or distributor shills)
    use it to go after other companies.   Just
    tell the AG you have proof of people flashing checks that are not
    representative of others.   (That is why
    the company does not allow showing checks.  
    You already misrepresent the program by saying it is an investment.)   Most companies are ignorant about enticement with
    checks and just because others show their checks does not mean it could not
    lead to trouble such as shutting down the company.


    MY income has nothing to do with what YOU will make in this
    program or ANY program for that matter.  
    I have made millions in MLM.   I have made a LOT of
    money in zeek so far. In fact after five months I am well on the way to SIX
    figures.   By summer I will have TAKEN OUT
    six figures.


    I will bet you that if I spent two weeks teaching most
    anyone everything I know of zeek that THEY would not make that kind of money
    with this program.   I also have over
    200,000 distributors in another MLM in seven
    countries in 18 months.   I bet THEY
    cannot do that either.   Now if you can or
    have done it then great, but you would not be telling the truth or be enticing
    others to say anyone could do it or even a fraction could do it.


    PS I teach people how to be successful in business not just MLM.   It is simple to make money in virtually any
    good MLM in six months or less if people do the
    simple things I teach.   The problem is, if
    they say show me your check and I will think about it, I do not go any further.   What a sad thing to limit your vision of what
    YOU can do based on ME.   Everyone is born
    to do far better than I and I hope I can help them do so.


    I bet when you went to work at the last JOB
    you took you did not ask the boss to show you their check before you would
    start to work.

  24. Okay. I’ll wait until I start seeing proof that people are actually getting paid. If this company is the real thing eventually people will get paid and they will post about it on the web. That’s usually what happens with any legitimate company. People can’t help but share the love and experience. So I’ll wait and see what happens with this.

    • Eddy, I have a friend that is a member,he has a ton of people under him and some of his people invested $10,000 which I think is absolutely insane. His VIP points are pretty high and I know for a fact he has gotten checks. BUT heres the kicker… this company can fold like a house of cards any time they want. No one signs any kind of binding contract that states zeekler is gauranteed to pay out to these members at all.  So all those people that invested $10,000 will be out. I am a member but I have only invested $20 each month I change my 100% rebidding VIP points to like 50% and it accumulates actual cash. I let that pay for my monthly dues. Get this today I went to post my ad as I do everyday. The site is down…makes me wonder…. is it just down or did this company fold like a house of cards.

      Food for thought people there is NO GAURANTEES or contracts they are obligated to pay you a dime!!!!

  25. Do you know anything why they don’t pay from 6th February? They told that it will be a delay for a couple of days.. but it is 10th February and nothing yet.. I’m worry a lot about this.. Do you have any new info please?

  26. Thanks for chiming in. It’s nice to hear that people are actually making money with this but why isn’t anyone posting any proof of this? When I make money with a program I’ll throw up a video or screenshot of my earnings because I know money talks. And if I want to get people to join under me I better be able to prove that I have made money with my recommendation. But I don’t see a lot of people doing this when they’re singing praises of a company. Just saying is all.

    • Believe it or not I wouldn’t actually know how to provide a screen shot, it’s not something I’ve ever done before. previous mlm’s I have been involved in have been with physical products retailed to customers, now those screen shots would have been scary lol! Perhaps one reason could be that a lot of people joining are actually leaving funds in to build up at the fastest possible rate, so effectively not taking any physical cash out of their accounts until it builds to a level they are happy with. Either that or perhaps I have joined something that isn’t what it says (really hope not). I have just invested a little more so give me a while to let it build a little and I will be more than happy to provide the evidence (if you tell me how). Love your site by the way, nice to see a forum where people aren’t just plugging themselves and where honest individuals aren’t being slated for trying opportunities. lots of advice here,   I intend to have a look at all of it. Thankyou.

    • It’s funny, I thought that might be the reason. But taking a screenshot is simple. Just google how to take a screenshot.

      Well I guess we’ll see how this thing plays out. I appreciate you coming here and sharing your experience.

      Thanks for the kind words. Trust me, people try to self promote all the time. I just don’t let the comments go live. I want this to be a real discussion area for folks and not a place where people are just slapping their referral links and aren’t really adding value to the conversation. There are enough places for them to do that stuff. So I’m happy you appreciate it. Thanks again.

    • Zeek Rewards expressly prohibits its Affiliates from posting screenshots, and threatens expulsion to those who do so. The company is currently developing a mandatory compliance training course for all Affiliates to insure that no laws are being broken (and to cover the company in case an individual does so.)

    • I understand of not showing screenshots of certain elements. But why would they prohibit their affiliates showing screenshots of the income they have actually earned with the company. A lot of sites have forums that encourage and reward this of their reps because everyone knows that real proof that people are doing well with a company is better than the fluff we’re often subjected to by reps that just want us to sign up.

      The marketing message with proof that the rep that is recruiting me is actually making money goes a long way in my book.

      I’ve never had a company I work with complain about this because they’ve seen it really does help their company get more sign ups.

      So that seems very weird to me. I’m all for a company trying to stop their reps from misrepresenting the company. That type of activity makes sense. But forbidding their reps from actually showing prospects proof they are actually successful with their company literally doesn’t make “Cents”.

    • Good job I read this post!! I have read a lot of info in the back office of Zeek but hadn’t actually seen that. They are putting together a compliance course so I am sure these things will become crystal clear once that is with us. All I can say is that it really is working very well and the more   I look into how the company operates the more i like it. I do totally understand that you would like to see some sort of proof of earnings but i can’t help you with that at the moment. Kind Regards.

    • I just want to clear up some things you have in your article
      about ZeekRewards. You said “The way
      I understand it, you can’t access the sign up form without an invite.”
      If you google or zeekrewards you will find many affiliates pages and
      you can sign up on it. You don’t really need an invite.   You said “You must join under a current Zeek
      Reward’s affiliate.  ” That is


      You said “As an affiliate, you supposedly earn VIP points every time
      you refer someone to the program.” You can Purchase the VIP points
      in your back office. You can also earn from a personally sponsored affiliate when
      they purchase VIP points (10%). If you truly do not want to talk too one sole you can still make a lot of money with ZeekRewards. Just take 5 minuets and post one add per day.  


      You said “This MLM company relies on
      its 2í—5 matrix to pay its affiliates.” It’s a 2×20 matrix and very easy
      to qualify and understand. I would be happy to explain if you want. There are 6
      different ways to earn from this company. You have talked about 2 of the ways,
      the matrix and the VIP points.


      You said “In any event they pay via
      check or Solid Trust Pay every two weeks” They pay weekly.


      You said “How much you will make is determined
      by your affiliate level, how many you refer to the program and how much your
      customers and your downline spends on bids.” . Of course like any
      company when others participate under you the potential for earning more is
      greater. But like someone said earlier, you do not need to promote anyone and
      you will still earn on your VIP points. Here is an example. One person signed
      up for free and has 100 VIP points and another signed up as a Diamond and he
      has 10,000 VIP points. At the end of every day they will both make the same
      percentage as long as they both posted their ads. I have been with Zeek for 6
      months and the average you earn per day is 1.5% compounded daily on the points you


      I am also earning with this company.
      I get paid every week like clockwork. It would be nice if they use Pay Pal but
      I believe Pay Pal is a little behind the times. I can clear up many things
      about Zeek for you. Just ask and I will be happy to explain. I noticed on you
      posts not one negative posting. That has to say a lot.  

      Thank you for the kind way you do your discussions here. I enjoy reading you posts. Keep up the good work.  

  27. PayPal is also not Company friendly . It required Mr. Paul Burk ,Own to hire a staff just to run it . But this IS the greatest thing to ever come along . In less then 3 months I made over 8 times my money back .

    • It’s not friendly to certain type of businesses like MLMs. But I’ve used it for years with my own sites with no issues. So I wouldn’t argue it isn’t company friendly. In terms of this being the best thing that has ever come along, it’s comments like that which always raise any eye brow for me. Every company has good and bad points. So any time a rep tries to pain a picture contrary to that, I know they’re just trying to recruit me and not really give me balanced information so I can make an informed decision. If you’re doing as well with this company, feel free to post proof of your payments. That always goes a longer way then comments like this is the greatest ever. Just my two cents.

  28. HI EDDY!   Read your posting here and I would LOVE to comment … but you know me … I have to gather all my facts!   Give me a day or so (I have a class now) and maybe I can help you with some facts, figures and examples.   I joined Zeekler a few weeks ago and, like Chrissy, have already made more than my investment back and have reached the level of Manager already!

    One question I can answer for you is about SolidTrust Pay vs. PayPal – I, too, was surprised at this because PayPal IS so popular and used by practically everyone – and it also raised a red flag with me! Zeekler also uses AlertPay … I started with AlertPay, and very QUICKLY switched to SolidTrust Pay when that became available. I won’t go into any details here, but I was not comfortable with AlertPay at ALL.   Now, mind you, I have had – and still do – a PayPal account for YEARS and continue to use them, BUT the difference here is SECURITY believe it or not. I did not believe it myself until I opened my STP account.   STP is MUCH more Identity Theft secure than PayPal … for instance, I had to provide proof that I am who I am; to get “verified” PayPal takes just a few days … with STP I am STILL not verified after two weeks. Again, I had to provide proof that my credit cards were mine, I had to fill out and sign a form that they have sent to my credit card banks for them to authorize usage, that I am who I am and the card belongs to me, etc.   I didn’t even want to verify my bank account right now … lol … they want certain particular documentation sent to them proving various things. The ease of use with STP is the same as PayPal, but I believe they are more Identity Theft cautious/secure.

    Hope that answers that question … now, I have to get to class … tomorrow I will start pulling my facts together for you on Zeekler     🙂

    Have a Great Evening!


    • Bobbi, That’s what I love about you! So you take your time. I’m all for solid facts rather than the hype you get from members trying to paint a sweet picture to get you to join under them.

      It’s great to hear another one I actually trust and know has made their investment back and doing well with the company. So that’s definitely a good sign.

      In terms of the Solid Trust Pay account, as annoying as it may be, it’s good that they are so anal about security. So I can’t really hate on that. That being said I still think they should offer one of the most popular payment options in addition to what they already have. I know I would feel more comfortable using something I have been using for years with no issues. Just my two cents.

      I look forward to your follow up comment and more of the facts. It would be nice to get some solid facts and feedback rather than “this is the greatest opportunity since slice bread, so join under me stuff” I’m seeing all around the web.

      Thanks for chiming in Bobbi! It’s good to hear from you. Are you stil involved with Ameriplan too?

  29. Eddy, whether it’s legitimate or not, I’m now retired with one third of the income I had while working so cannot afford to lose any amount of money. I don’t just count my dollars, I also count my PENNIES!

    A shout out to all the workathomenoscams family:   “Hey” or is it “hay”? Anyway, “Hey” everybody! Happy New Year, Happy MLK Day, and a general “God bless you” to everyone.

    I visited the penny website you’re reporting on, and I really do not, at this time, trust it. I’ll pass on this one for now. Thanks for your information. I may not say so as often as I should, but I am thankful for your excellent expertise in investigating and reporting your findings to all of us here at this MOST trusted site. Thanks for your hard work and your integrity. As I said in the past, when I first discovered your site, I WISH I’d had sense enough to dig into some of the offers I’ve lost money as a result of not knowing at the time how to investigate. Your web site has served to save so many people not only time, research, and frustrations, but MONEY as well. If a penny saved is a penny “earned,” then we all have “earned” lots of pennies.


    • Hey Sis,
      Great to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words! It always good to be appreciated!

      When money is already tight you can’t really afford to take risk or lose money. So I totally understand your apprehension about this company. I guess we’ll see what happens with it as more people try it and chime in.

      In any event it’s always good to hear from you especially when you’re throwing so much love my way. lol

  30. I thought your write up was very detailed, newbie at the game and appreciate the explanation of different avenues for online business.

    Thank you

  31. Eddy I should know by now to always wait for you to post something before I sign up lol. I was just introduced to zeekler last week by a friend of mine who has been in it for a while and apparently is making lots of money with it. I just started and only paid the $10 membership. I will keep you posted on my progress. I do know it does take some time  to see the actual income. I am still learning how that all works. Im over $10   in one week so I have made back my inital investment. Just yesterday I received an email regarding compliance issues.They have an attorney to make sure they cross their Ts and dot their Is to make sure we do everything by the book, every affiliate must take this  compliance  course (believe its $9.95) so that everyone is on the same page and not scamming people or making false claims! I have to read that email but so far everythign they do seems legit and legal. Will keep you posted. 🙂

    • LOL, Well it doesn’t look like you made a bad move yet. If you made your investment back already in a week, then it seems pretty good so far. Please definitely keep me posted.
      I would like some more insight on their training procedures and if someone can actually explain the various ways you can earn money in plain english and not matrix and pool talks. lol

      Thanks Chrissy for chiming in! I look forward to see how you’re doing with this.

    • Hi, i am new to this site and found it looking for info about Zeek as I am already in the rewards program and am now looking to invest more money to get bigger returns. What i can tell you is that I have been involved in MLM before but really struggled to make any profit at all. This opportunity allowed me to earn back my initial investment very quickly with very litte effort, which is great as I am a stay at home Mum. the thing I like most though is that you are not actually required to do any recruiting or team building at all to earn an income, a very welcome breath of fresh air from things I have been involved in before. In your blog you mentioned that you were required to re-invest once the ponts from your initial investment “fell off”, this isn’t actually how it works. You put in your initial investment and leave it to build each day, when the ivestment you originally bought drop off you are left with what your invest has earned you, this then goes on to earn you further income without the requirement for further investment. So, i can take cash out of my account whilst still leaving some in there working for me and once my investment is paid back to me I am effectively playing with their money. So, I hear you ask, why am I looking to invest more? the reason for that is simply because it has worked so well so far and I have seen the opportunity to get some more of my money working for me instead of leaving it in the bank where it is earning nothing. I came looking for info merely to research the background a little further before I took the plunge. There is always a risk in business, I have lost money in both bricks and mortar businesses and MLM in the past but this does seem to be doing what it says on the tin.

    • Ms Miller, I’m also interested in your updates so please do keep us all posted on your experiences and anything that may shed additional light on this particular endeavor. I sure do wish you the best.

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