What’s The Best Free Typing or Data Entry Company?

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Please for goodness sake, stop badgering me with that question already, Jeez! Just kidding folks. You know I love your questions. But seriously, despite my best effort to introduce you to the 'finer things" in life via other non-typing and data entry work at home opportunities. You guys are still persistently asking for the least available work at home jobs on the planet, data entry and typing!

Many of my loyal subscribers know how I feel about these jobs. I don't like them because so many of you have been scammed because you've limited yourself to them. Furthermore scam artist prey on work at home seekers that look for these jobs because they know people are so desperate to find them and aren't willing to act on other opportunities that can make them more money. Finally, I hate to sound like a "Negative Nancy", but there isn't a lot of availability of these jobs unless you're willing to make them for yourself like I did or to explore another version of them which I will cover below.

With that said I've done my best to provide you with the few available typing and data entry jobs by listing them at our work at home companies page. And recently I posted a great in depth interview from a successful work at home professional who is a Virtual Assistant that makes money at home typing and doing other things. But alas, I still don't think that's enough information. You know I like to over-deliver. So I tore myself away from playing the Nintendo Wii with my lovely, waddling wife (Sorry babe for beating you in bowling in your condition. lol.) and have taken the time to create a video just for you. The video provides you with my best typing work at home opportunity. Some of you may have already heard me talk about this work at home career in my comments on the articles of this blog. Either way I think you'll find this video very helpful in finding legitimate, free and more importantly AVAILABLE typing jobs!

Now that you watched the video, what are you going to do? Are you going to continue to do what you've been doing which has lead to nothing or scams and job at home? Or are you going to take action?

Are Medical Transcription (Typing) Jobs Actually Available & Where Can I Find Them?

Yes they are in great numbers as I demonstrated in the video above. But take a look yourself by clicking on the following link: Medical transcription (typing) jobs

Can You Really Make Money At Home As A Medical Transcriptionist (Typist)?

I understand your skepticism but you don't need to take my word for it. Click on the links below to read from your follow loyal subscribers who took action on my advice and work at home as medical transcriptionist. They knew that chasing after generic typing and data entry jobs was a waste of time and went with a sure thing. Brenda Lynn Jacqueline

So How Do I Get Started With Medical Transcription?

Step 1: Get Training! I know that you think your current typing and data entry skills are the bomb! But trust me when I say medical transcription companies will not hire you without some form of training. So don't even waste their time or yours applying without exploring one or more of the training options. I searched high and low to find some that were affordable for you or offered financial aid. So take advantage of them. Visit one or more of the following websites for affordable training options.

Step 2: After you've been trained, visit our Medical transcription (typing) jobs section at WorkAtHomeCareers.com and start applying. For those of you that train with the Virtual Learning Center they will also provide you with job placement assistance.

Questions About Medical Transcriptionist (Typist)?

1. Yes there are many available Medical Transcription work at home careers available but most want at least a year or more experience. So how can I get a job if no one will hire me without experience?

That's a great question and valid concern. I was able to find a training company that provides you all the necessary Medical Transcription training you need and provides job placement services to successful graduates. Apparently the Virtual Learning Center has relationships with certain Medical Transcription companies that are willing to hire their successful graduates without experience! So there you have it, you will have access to companies that will hire you just for being a successful graduate of the Virtual Learning Center. Their job placement center also provides assistance in terms of your resume and revealing to you how to start your own business if that's something of interest to you. So they really go beyond what many of the distance learning companies provide.

2. I just don't have the money it takes to invest in myself and medical transcription training. What can I do?

This question really hits home because I've been in the same situation. Unlike college where I was able to get financial aid, many of these home based training programs don't provide this. But to my surprise the Virtual Learning Center addresses this and provides its students financial aid & flexible payment arrangements so that whatever your budget is, they will help you get the training you need to start your work at home career as a medical transcriptionist. It's obvious that they understand the plight of the work at home seeker and are not just some company that's about making money. You can also go to your local community colleges to see if they offer any medical transcription courses and financial aid. Chances are if you can't afford to buy the training on your own, you'll qualify for financial aid.

3. I have years of experience with typing and data entry, why do i need to invest in medical transcription training?

Well with all due respect, your years of generic typing and data entry skills aren't a commodity in this job market anymore. Why? Please consider the fact that everyone uses a computer now, this means that they can probably type just as well as you. 10-30 years ago typist were an asset because it was just the opposite. Most people didn't have computers nor the need to type. So when typing needed to be done, companies scrambled to get a highly skilled typist like yourself because it was such a specialized skill. So that's the reality of your skill set. But with that said medical transcription is still a specialized skill so there is still a great demand for those professionals. I may know how to type well but I definitely don't have the skills involved in medical typing. So that's why we encourage people like yourself to get specialized in Medical Transcription. Your years of generic typing skills coupled with your newly acquired Medical transcription skills will truly make you an asset to a company.

What Are You Going To Do Now?

In any event, I hope this addresses the questions, objections and concerns that many of you have expressed or were quietly thinking. I really hope that I have brought home the point that chasing after fantasy generic typing and data entry jobs is illogical when you understand the reality of our computerized world and the fact that now nearly everyone can type pretty well. So with that said, if you're dead set on doing nothing more than typing, then now you know how to achieve this. But don't make the mistake of continuing to spend hours and hours searching job boards for generic typing jobs. This will lead to a number of things; frustration, desperation and possibly being scammed or mislead by info products. So save yourself the trouble and go after something that is actually available. One of my loyal subscribers has realized this and had great success with transcription on Amazon. You may want to read her article: How To Make Money Typing On Amazon!

Now if for some reason despite all the options I've provided to you, you've decided that you're not going to pursue a career in medical transcription, than you may want to look in to a non traditional way of typing at home. Please note that this work at home opportunity isn't a traditional typing at home job. Furthermore, it won't make you anywhere near the salary that Medical Transcription can provide. But it will make you some money and can be started now and with no specialized training. But don't expect to support your family with it. So you've been forewarned. Check out a non traditional way to make money typing at home by clicking here. Good luck either way!

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