New Leads & $100 Contest Winners Announced!

What's "hood" guys? It's great to be back from Turks & Caicos. I missed you all. As you can tell by this pic, me and my better half had a great time! I feel extremely blessed that I am able to take such wonderful trips with my family, as long as I want, without having to beg for vacation days from a boss. Aside from the great money, being an affiliate marketer has afforded me more quality time with my daughter that I would have missed working for the man. I pray many of you will be as fortunate in time with your work at home endeavors.

In any event, it's time for me to get back on my "grizzle". This post will be a two birds with one stone type of deal.

Contest Winners For July!

First, I would like to announce this month's winner of my Work At Home For contest! Drum roll please…… Please help me in congratulating with your comments below: iVibeblk, CrazieSexyKool, Lina B. Show these folks some love! They really ran with the contest! As I said in the contest rules, you can enter as many times as possible using the various ways I suggested. Fortunately for our winners, they all did.

It's easy money folks. There is no reason you guys can't win next month because this contest is on going! So take advantage of this by ENTERING NOW! Lord knows how long my mad cow will last and I come to my senses!

And now for the reasons you're all reading this, I've found some new work at home jobs. But before we get to them, let's get some housekeeping items out the way to prevent any confusion, hateful comments, threats, demands, etc… You know who you are. 😉

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