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Is A Scam? is a transcription company that has been around since 2008. If you don't know what transcription is, it's basically involves listening to some type of audio recording such as a Doctor's medical notes, a voicemail message, lecture, etc and then having someone type them out into text.    When folks want those audio messages […]

Is A Scam?

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for on one of my favorite make money opportunities Clixsense. I’ll be honest I usually ignore most ads because they tend to be less than promising to put it lightly and that’s across the board whether it’s on a website, TV commercial, etc. But I’m just […]

Is A Scam?

One of my loyal subscribers Jennifer Truppa has been asking me to review this home based business, Scentsy, and I have to be honest  I am like  a bull in a china shop talking about this kind of thing. I tend to leave all of that feel good, smell good side of my life to […]

Is That Free Thing A Scam?

When did the idea of giving things away for free turn into a such a suspicious thing? Sadly, in this world we live in today, the idea of people giving something away for free makes the jaded people like yours truly think, what is the catch? Because let’s face it there usually is one. But […]

Is A Scam?

I know many of my long time readers may shake their heads and wonder if I left my memory in one of the moving boxes when they see this review of a typing data entry job, as you all know my feelings on data entry work at home opportunities in general. But if you look […]

Are Penny Auction Sites A Scam?

I thought it was time for me to spend some time being Eddy the teacher and explain to you what the heck penny auctions are. You’ve probably noticed them all over the web especially on PTC sites like Hits4Pay, Clixsense that many of you look at each day. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably thought […]

Is Alpine Access A Scam?

If you’ve been in this industry long enough or read a number of my reviews you’ll start noticing that when a company is successful others will “bite off” them. In non-urban terms that means copying someone else. My daughter is in that annoying phase right now and it’s driving me crazy but I digress. In […]

Is a Scam?

No, we are not heading off to the land of Dancing With the Stars to earn fame and fortune doing the Cha Cha. Although I suspect there would be a few of you who would like to see me make a fool of myself on the dance floor. Fortunately there will be none of that. […]