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Is Ver-A-Fast A Work From Home Scam?

Is Ver-a-Fast a scam or legitimate.

Have you ever had a poor telephone customer service experience? I don’t even need to wait for an answer. I’m sure you have. You know how it is, you’re trying to get help with a problem and a company makes you jump through hoops via their automated “customer service” options first. Then you finally get […]

Is Legit or A Scam?

Is a scam or legitimate?

Remember back in the days when you use to actually meet people to talk face to face with them. For you younger folks, yes people did actually socialize without the need for websites or gadgets. Being that I’m anti-social I’m so happy those days are gone. LOL I enjoy being able to sit at my […]

Is Screenwise Trends Panel A Scam?

Screenwise Trends Panel Review on how this works.

The Screenwise Trends Panel is Google Market Research company that recruits people to be part of their internet research. It is now known Cross Media Panel now. Read the latest review here. The goal of the research is to discover more about how everyday people like you and I use the internet and mobile devices. […]

Instagc Review: Is It A Scam or The Real Deal?

Instagc Review

InstaGC is GPT to website found at It’s a mixture of the following sites:,, Fusion Cash, and the defunct You’re basically getting paid to do stuff online. And a lot of that stuff is what you already do. So let’s dive into it. How do you earn money with […]