My Wife Just Got A $20 Per Hour Raise! You can too!

Now that I'm working at home full time and getting ready to be a stay at home dad, I have a lot more time to myself writing to you good folks. But apparently my wife has other plans for my free time and assigns extra chores. Secretly I think she gives me chores to punish me because at the moment she still works for "THE MAN" full-time. To add insult to injury she lovingly refers to me as her "House Husband". I can't tell you how I much loathe that title. It just doesn't sit right with me. I feel like I should be walking around with an apron and baking cookies. In addition to being forced to do extra house chores, I've apparently also become my wife's personal secretary. Every time the phone rings, it's for her. Go figure.

I guess I could complain but I prefer doing this than commuting to work and dealing with employers that don't understand that my family comes before work and everything else. In any event, this past week as I was doing my "House Husband" duties and I got a phone call. I don't know why I bother picking up the phone because it's always for my wife. So I answered the call and it's one of my favorite type of calls. It's a money call! But alas it was for my wife. Damn it!

A money call is when

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Discover How I Work At Home Typing & You Can Too!

When I was in high-school I always dreamt of working at home typing. So like many of you I searched the Internet in the hopes of finding that elusive work at home typist job. Little did I know that it was virtually impossible. Consequently in my desperation I fell into one of the many work at home typing scams and lost $50! Back in the days that was a lot of money to me. Actually, that's still a hefty amount to me! lol The one major thing that came of that experience is that it lead me to eventually create my own work at home websites . It's why you're reading this now. But prior to doing that, I figured out how I could create my own typing work at home job and it was purely by accident. Here's how it all came about. Be patient it may help you as well.

My mom worked in a hospital. As her job began to transition more into using computers , she would often take additional time out to study the programs she was required to learn. The hospital she worked in had it's own medical library. I was bribed by mom into going to the medical library with her because she said I could use their computers which were very fast and had high speed Internet connection. Most young adults need money or video games as a motivation but I was a geek at heart so computers were just as a good to me.

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