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Is (My Lot) A Scam?

We all have various passions and interest. I personally have a passion for gadgets. I love my iPhone 3gs and all it's all-in-one functionality. I couldn't imagine watching TV without my Tivo and my Ipod might as well be surgically attached to my hip. You get the picture. Most of discuss our passions or interest […]

Is (Helium) a scam? is a website that pays you to type up short articles about anything of interest to you. You can type up articles about sports, politics, cooking, parenting or whatever your heart desires. It’s one of the few places where you can actually get paid for discussing topics you have an interest in. Personally I […]

Is Procard International A Scam?

No sir! Procard International has been one of the best companies I’ve worked with for years. It’s listed with the BBB in good standing, they actually have telephone number that you can call and they’re extremely responsive to email. Futhermore they’ve been around over 10+ years. Scams don’t last that long people. Bad news spreads […]

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