Better Business Bureau Listed Work From Home & Scams!

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Because there are so many work at home scams out there people have become very wary of all work from home opportunities, as they should be. There is a lot of crap out there! So good folks like you don't know who to believe or trust.

Most websites tend to recommend that “The Better Business Bureau” is a the only place to use for your research.

I'm here to tell you this is very bad and limited advice. Hear me out before you make any assumptions because you may change your mind as I was forced to after learning the truth. Many people are under the misguided assumption that if a company isn't listed with the BBB it must mean they're a scam! That's a bunch of bull.

The BBB isn't A Government Agency!

The Better Business Bureau is a for profit company that is in the business of making money first! They don't work for the government or just for the good of consumers. Do you know how they make their money? It's by charging small and large businesses hundreds if not thousands of dollars just to become a member. Strangely enough the price will vary depending on the size of your business or who you happen to speak that day. Isn't that convenient ?

BBB Complaints

1. There have been many reports where businesses have been victims of intentional slander by their competition or jaded customers. So many legitimate companies will call the BBB to combat this and complain. You would naturally assume the BBB would be willing to help. After all, they're about the truth and helping people avoid scams, right? But instead some have reported that the BBB won't assist the business in clearing their name unless the business is willing to pay the ridiculous hundreds if not thousands of dollars membership fee. Doesn't that sound a bit like extortion to you? Why would a company need to pay for the truth? My #1 Legitimate & Free Recommendation went through this! Fortunately I knew better and didn't make any assumptions.

2. People have also argued that there are many companies that are members of the BBB that are actually very shady organizations or flat out scams. But because the companies are willing to “pay to play”, aka the membership fee, they get a passing grade from the BBB. Does this sound like an agency that is really about helping consumers or is it more about making money?

3. Look, we all know in the work at home world there are more shady people than there are honest. But contrary to popular belief, having a few complaints in a BBB report doesn't equate to a guilty verdict. Any company that has been around for a long time will have some complaints. Do a BBB search on some major companies such as PEPSI, DELL, Microsoft, etc and I guarantee you'll find dirt on all of them. Sometimes people whine for the sake of whining. If you just gauge a company's legitimacy on a BBB report you're not getting the complete story, especially when you consider the other things I mentioned above.

So if I were you I would take the BBB ratings with a huge grain of salt!

Cross Reference Your Sources

In my humble opinion its a better idea to search outside the BBB as well to get a full picture. Personally when it comes to research, I don't look to ONE source for my information. It's like putting all your eggs in one basket and we all know how that can work out. So with that in mind, I like reading what others have said about a company by doing a simple Google search with the name of the company + the keyword scam.

For example: + Scams.

You can watch this video on how to do this effectively. This is very effective because I can read what various other people and websites are saying. I then compare that feedback with what I find at the BBB if there is a report available. Basically I'm looking for a pattern of positive or negative reports on a company for a given period of time. If most people are raving about a company on various websites than I'm more inclined to believe a BBB report that gives them a high grade as well. But if most people and websites are posting negative feedback but the BBB rating is positive. Then I'm sorry, majority rules for me over the BBB.

So my final thoughts are that the BBB is an OK resource for a small portion of your research. But I would keep the points I made in this article in mind. The BBB should only be a STARTING point and NOT the be and end all of determining whether a company or website is legitimate.

If you gather data from various resources, you'll have a far more educated and accurate view of a company.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Listed Work At Home Opportunities

Now that we got all that out the way. I've compiled a list of some recommended work at home companies that have either a good standing or very few overall complaints within the BBB. That is if you insist on using them as your only proof of legitimacy. (Stubborn, aren't we? LOL).

Okay here is the rest of my BBB approved list of work at home companies.[sociallocker]

  • (Via parent company: Day Online Solutions, LLC )

Update: Initially the companies listed above is all I could find. But I have managed to muster up some more.

  • (BBB Rating Via Parent Company: Multiple Stream)

What Do You Think About The BBB?

What are your thoughts about all this? Do you swear by the BBB reports? Or do you have other resources that you use?

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154 thoughts on “Better Business Bureau Listed Work From Home & Scams!”

  1. I apologize. I mistakenly cited Wealthy Affiliate as being a scam. I didn’t realize I typed their name. Wealthy Affiliate is not the company I was referring to. You know how you are typing something and a song comes on the radio or someone starts talking to you and you accidentally type out words from the song or conversation without realizing it? Yeah that just happened. Wealthy Affiliate is not a work from home company, it’s basically just a training module or educational program. Whatever you want to call it. The pyramid scheme I meant to cite was “Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income System” aka “Maximum Response Marketing” I still have all of their “training materials” which consists of a cheap binder full of photocopied articles and book pages. I apologize for the mistake. I am actually a member of Wealthy Affiliate so I’m not sure why I didn’t catch the mistake until it was already posted

    • Hey Dawn,
      I was very confused with your initial comment because it definitely didn’t reflect the WA I’ve known for over a decade. So I’m glad you caught that. I haven’t approved that comment because I knew it was inaccurate. So it’s all good.

  2. I would like to know if Daily Web Biz System is legitimate? And if anyone know what work from home jobs are legitimate. I am looking for work from home jobs for extra income?

    • What if this work at home company only wants you to buy there system materials to get started with the program. Is it to risky?

    • Tedie,

      In my experiences craft companies that want you to buy their materials and then they’ll pay you if you successful create the craft or product usually end up bad. Because they’ll always find something wrong with the product even if you followed the directions. Then you’ll need to buy more material to improve on what you allegedly messed up.

      So crafting type of companies should be avoided in my mind. It’s fine to invest in a legitimate business opportunity, training or courses that will educate you on ways to increase your income or improve yourself so you make more income. But I wouldn’t invest in any craft opportunities. I hope this helps.

  3. I’ve actually seen this before and I’m very interested but can you explain how the taxes would work (sales taxes & etc).

    • Hi Laureen,

      99.9% of work at home opportunities work as follows. You’re usually considered an independent contractor not an employee. When you reach about a certain amount ($600 I believe) for a given company, you may be required to fill out a w-9 tax form. Sometimes you’re required to fill it out before you start. At the end of the year you’ll receive a 1099 that is filed with the Feds and a copy is sent to you. You then take that to your accountant. They will ask you what expenses or deductions you have such as internet fees, computer, etc, etc. That will be subtracted from what you earned. If there is anything left, you’ll be taxed on that when you send in your return. When you start making some larger sums of money, I would suggest getting incorporated. It definitely helps your tax burden.

      So that’s pretty much how the taxes work. Keep in mind some companies aren’t based in the U.S. so they may not require this. But as a rule of thumb, you’re suppose to report the income regardless. Please keep in mind I’m not a tax advisor or professional. You should always seek the advice of a professional tax advisor for questions regarding taxes as the information I provided here may not be accurate.

      I hope this helps.

  4. I was scammed decades ago by a business that proudly had the BBB plaque displayed on its wall!

    So, I knew the truth about the BBB way back then when I got taken for my money by one of their “approved” businesses.

    The BBB exist to make money – period.

    Whatever I see on the BBB, I take it with a grain of salt.

    When you’re researching businesses or home based jobs, you should NOT solely rely on the info on the BBB. First use common sense and second do a full research of the company and really look at people’s complaints – are they valid? Are they specific as to what the problem/issue was?

    That’s where I suggest people start.

    Another great post Eddy! Too many people think the BBB is the Holy Grail – and nothing could be further from the truth!

    • No argument here Corrisa! But in our industry there are folks that keep pumping this nonsense of the BBB being the be and end all of research. But your experience validates my argument against it. So thanks for chiming in!

  5. I have been with a job now for 2 years and they have recently started cutting hours like crazy.i have some health issues that is making this hard as trying to find a legit work from home job so that I can still help my husband pay the you have any ideas as to what companys are real and not scams

  6. I’ve been looking for work for about three weeks now. Currently unemployed, and it sounds nice to be able to find a way to make money thru a wah service. But here’s my thing I don’t believe in spending money for a needed job. If i was out in the real world they wouldn’t ask me for money before hiring me. Granted, some places may ask for a uniform reimbursement or a non-refundable fee for certain supplies, however its nothing too expensive. So i guess my question is, Is there really a wah business without membership fees??

    • Hey Carolyn, Sorry to hear you’ve lost your job. Unfortunately that story is too common. Here’s the thing if you’re looking for a job, you shouldn’t have to pay to work for the company. But one way or another you are paying. If you used your internet connection to find the job, you paid for the job. If you drove to a job interview, you paid for gas to get there. Therefore you paid for the job. There are many ways you are already doing that. That said, no I shouldn’t have to pay an employer to work for them. My work pays them.

      But if you’re looking for a business where you’re the boss you’re sorely mistaken if you don’t expect to invest in the business and yourself. Can you start a McDonald’s without money? How do you pay for the store, rent, supplies, employees, etc?
      You can’t approach a business with an employee mentality. If it didn’t require money to start a business than everyone can have a McDonald’s making them billions of dollars every year. But they don’t because it takes money to make big business money.

      So if you have no interest in being a business owner than stick to hunting for a job where you don’t have to directly outlay money. But if you want to start a business and be successful at it, you’re going to need to invest money in some shape or form eventually. One of the reason why I like recommending WA is because they do offer a free starter membership for folks like you who may not really understand what it takes to run a business. It gives you an opportunity to see what it’s about, provides you with some training and some support. Then you can determine if a business is really right for you or not. Because a lot of people think a business isn’t right for them because it requires an investment. I had the same misguided notion and it took me a while to get over it.

      Fortunately I did and eventually I started my own business that lead to a salary and lifestyle that no job would have given me. But to each their own.

      Hope this all makes sense. Either way, I wish you the best in your job search. It really does suck being unemployed. So here’s to you getting something soon.

      Good luck.

      Eddy with a Y. LOL

    • Thanks Eddy, that makes sense. guess i really didnt know what wah was all about, nor what all i was really looking for. But i do appreciate the clarification. Thank you

    • Thanks Eddy. I was concerned about giving anyone financial information to start my own business but you are right. Thx

  7. This is the first site I’ve seen where the information is honest and intelligent. I like the Tell It Like It Is approach. No beating around the bush, just straight talk. THANK YOU! I became unemployed five months ago and am having difficulty finding work because I don’t have a car to get around. I just found out that my apartment complex changed management and rents will be going up when my lease is up in May.

    I need to start now because my money runs out at the end of January. (No benefits of any kind!) All I need to get by is $1400/mo. to get by. $1500 for a little cushion. Is it possible to make this amount of money with WAH businesses? I’m diligent in keeping on top of things and can give very quick turn-around. Like a waiter does, get ’em out to get more in! Thanks SO MUCH for this, Eddy!

    • Thanks Jack. That means a lot. I don’t like people fluffing me so I don’t do it to others. So I’m happy you can appreciate it.

      I’m sorry to hear about your job and car situation. Not having a car really limits you in the job market unless you live in a city where public transportation can get you where you need to go.

      I wish you started sooner. Because I don’t know anything that will give you that type of money in less than a month. Any real business will take months if not longer to build into something successful. So to answer your question yes it’s totally possible to make that type of money and way more running an online business. But it won’t happen as quickly as you need it.

      For your immediate needs, you really need an outside job asap. Do you have customer service experience? Because there are a lot of opportunities for that. Amazon Mechanical turk is also a favorite for many work at home seekers. It can add up to some decent money if you’re willing to put in the time:

      I would suggest visiting this page as well:

      I wish I had a quick fix for you but I don’t. Anything that will make you some decent money is going to require some time and patience. Sorry I don’t have better news.

    • Thanks for the quick response, Eddy. Yeah, I wish I’d found this site earlier. I’m not under any delusions of a quick fix so, no worries there. How about this… If I got started with WA now, are there enough viable replacement income opportunities to help me out enough until my WA business becomes lucrative?

      I’m a good writer but I haven’t done it for a very long time and would like to get back into it. I know I can check out the freelancing links you offered on another page, but, as far as WA goes, how lucrative is that? And, if I may ask, do you have a business or service that YOU offer on WA or is your’s simply a service of recommending WA? I imagine you have your hands in several ventures.

    • You’re welcome Jack!
      Glad to hear you understand there aren’t any quick fixes. I can’t tell you how many people do come to me with such delusions!

      I think the fact you’re a writer (even a rusty one. LOL) gives you a ton of options. There are plenty of content mills that pay writers. And there are always folks looking for writers online. So if you pursue that you’re fine. There are some options here:

      You could probably make some great money just writing alone. But initially it may not be a lot so then you want to mix in some of the other opportunities I’ve covered.

      And as you’re making money with all that other stuff you can definitely work on your business at WA. The things you learn at WA can actually help you start an online writing business if that’s the niche you want to pursue.

      WA is an internet community that teaches you about how to create an online business. So it’s not necessarily a business per se. It teaches you how to create any type of online business although you do have the option of promoting WA to earn income too. But I always suggest people use WA to build a business about something they are passionate about or have tons of experience in. Either way, it’s worth signing up at the starter membership since it’s free and so you can determine if it’s right for you.

      I’ll welcome you when you get there. And I’m also available there if you need help or have questions. But more importantly you have the help of thousands there not just me which is a far better situation because even if I’m not available at the time, there are other great people who are as knowledgeable as me there. Like I said, it’s better to see for yourself and make your own judgement call. I’m not really big on trying to convince folks. I just try to present the info and let you guys decide for yourselves.

      Hope this helps and answers your question. I think your writing skills is going to be your money maker my friend. It’s a skill that is always in demand online and that won’t change anytime soon. Now you just need to apply it with some of these websites and to use it to build your own business. I’m by no means a writer. But I’ve managed to do pretty well despite my limitations with proper spelling and grammar usage. LOL

  8. Thank you for your time and research on online job. I know the rest is up to myself ,just needed to tell you , your appreciated.

  9. I have received an opportunity to become a mystery shopper. this person asked for my name address, phone number. I waited two days and the person stated they checkin my background. I was informed to choose two money grams business and I did walmart and acs now, I am suppose to agree to a contract and they will send me 200 after completion of assignment, someone emailed to agree ans an email.. what are your thoughts…. MS evaluator is the name I hav received ,also benson Hopewell shopper.onlineus2013@gmail.comwas on of the references also MS evaluator

  10. I do not live in the USA. I was wondering if any of these companies use people outside of the US. I have a US bank account since I lived a few years there, if that helps with payment….

  11. Hi Eddy, Inbox dollars is legit, I have been with them for over two years now. You can cash out at thirty, and get a check mailed out to you. That’s how I have been doing it, and I have had no complaints so far. I do know people who complain about not getting enough surveys, but you have to do the profiles and keep your information updated.

    • Yep. That’s why I listed and recommended them. I agree about surveys, that’s just across the board with that industry. Your demographics will play a huge role in if you get surveys or are accepted. Unfortunately most people don’t understand this and take it personal or label a company a scam because of this lack of understanding. Thanks for chiming in.

  12. I’m not sure if you’ve actually read anything on this site but all the answers you seek are already here if you take the time to READ and take action. We even have a section above every page including this one: “NEW TO THIS SITE? START HERE:” that provides you with everything you just asked for.

    With that said, you should probably start here:

    Good luck. We’ve done all the hard work. All you have to do is actually READ the material and take action.

  13. Hi,
    I have been out of work for over a year and despite sending out numerous resumes no luck. I willing to work from home but I don’t know how to find the legit at home business. I dont’ have money to give for kits(I think this is a scam). I know there are some large corportations that have at home opportunties but I don’t know how to find them. Can someone help me out and lead me to a company in the U.S. that is legit and sends a actual debit card or paycheck to you.

  14. Eddy, I have also been scammed alot. I am trying to find a home based business to not work with the public sot that I can get my bills caught up & paid on time. I would like to replace my current income. I have done some research & came up with some that I don’t know if they are legit or not. I have been looking for quite a while & am just tired of waiting for my dreams to come true. I want to get something going so I don’t have to go to work at a certain time & work on weekends when I want to be doing other things.

  15. Sendearnings is also completely legit. It is the exact same thing as inboxdollars. They take effort in order to get your money faster. For the paid emails you only get 2 cents for every one you read. You have to participate in the other venues on the website in order to earn your thirty dollars faster. But you do get a 5$ signup bonus, so you only have to earn $25.

  16. Hey Jayme! You’re welcome. It just drives me crazy when people solely rely on the BBB as the be and end all indicator of a company’s legitimacy especially when you consider their business model.

    They definitely serve a purpose and for the most part are useful. But people should just use them as one of MANY reference points before coming to conclusions about a company.

    • The BBB is just a company. Most people think that they are set up by the government, as if that’s a plus. They are not set up by cities or states or Federal. They charge large fees to even be listed. The BBB is a company trying to make profits like any other company. I was interviewed by the BBB to go to work for them and it was not what I thought it was. They should not be used as the “last word” when checking out another company. Take their rating with a tablespoon of salt!

    • LOL, Amen! You try telling people that and they look at you like you’re speaking blasphemy or another language. Obviously I totally agree with you. They’re only one of many data points and resources people should use to make an informed decision about a company.

  17. I wanted to thank you for this article Eddy!!   Most people have no idea that BBB is a paid membership, and even if a company has an “A”, then they wonder why there are complaints, or why they are not accredited.