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I already know what you're thinking when you read that title, ‘Here comes another one of those get rich quick scams.' I don't blame you. Most titles that begin the way tend to lead to some ebook or sales page. But what I'm about to reveal to you is totally legitimate and involves nothing more than speaking your mind. No I haven't lost mine! Just be patient.

As consumers we're inundated with products. Some are more useful than others. The ones that are useful come about because the business did something smart and actually asked its customers what they wanted! Wow what a freaking novel idea? But I digress.

As much as I like helping people I'm not all that motivated to help big companies. After-all they have zillions of dollars that they ain't sharing with me. Or are they? I recently made $150 by talking to a nice woman about a survey she was preparing for a huge financial company. I was sworn to secrecy so I can't provide the company's name. But I'll say this, it's one of those fortune 100 companies that have more money than you and I can ever imagine in this lifetime. This huge company was planning to survey its customers about various topics related to its service. But before sending out that survey, they wanted to ensure that it would be easy to complete. I guess they figured, ” if we're going to spend all this money creating and sending this survey, we better make sure that people will be inclined to fill it out.” I don't know about you, but this makes total sense to me.

So how did they go about getting feedback about the survey from their customers before actually sending it out? Naturally they decided that they would only ask a small number of them first which luckily for me lead to $150 in my pocket. And I promise if you keep reading, it may lead to the same for you.

So let's examine how a small business gets feedback about its services verses a big business that has money to burn for fun.

With a small mom and pop shop, the owners may approach the situation like this:

Small Business Store Owner:
“Hey Jim, Would you like a cup of coffee with your donut today?

Jim: “Sure Tom, I could use a quick bite.”

Small Business Store Owner: “Here you go Jim. Hey do you have 5 minutes? I wanted to ask your quick opinion about a new item we're adding to the menu?”

Jim: “Come on Tom, you know I always have some free time for ya!”

Now here's how a big business with a zillion dollars approaches a similar situation:

Big Business With A “Zillion” Dollars: “Hey research department, I need the feedback of 100 of my customers on a survey we've just created. I needed this information yesterday so make it snappy!”

Research Department: “Do you need a specific group of people?”

Big Business With A “Zillion” Dollars: “Yes, I need men and women, age 30-50 that have purchased from us in the last month.”

Research Department: “No problem. “How much should we pay them?”

Big Business With A “Zillion” Dollars: “Just give them our loose pocket change. $150 per person is fine. But I need them to stay for at least an hour or so.”

Research Department: “No problem boss!”

Big Business With A “Zillion” Dollars: “Report your findings to me as soon as you can. I'll be in my pool of $100 dollar bills practicing my breast stroke.”

Research Department:
“Will do!”

Okay, I know I oversimplified the process and hopefully made it entertaining for you. But this scenario I laid out happens with many big companies. Good companies want to make great products and services that their customers will buy. They don't do this by looking into a crystal ball or calling Ms Cleo's psychic line to figure this out. They go straight to the source, you the customer.
Fortunately for us, they are willing to pay for this feedback because it is extremely valuable to them in the long run. If a company conducts a focus group and learns that most of its customers like red phones. Guess what's going to happen in a few weeks or months? They're going to start selling red phones. If their research proves to be correct, then many others should want to buy red phones. Thus the company should make a “zillion” more dollars on a research investment that cost them a mere few hundred thousand. Sweet deal for them but more importantly for you that gets paid to tell them what they should be doing! How empowering is that?

This whole process basically sums up market research or better known as focus groups. It's similar to paid online surveys but you get paid way more with focus groups. Focus groups also tend to be in person and usually involve sharing your views with other people. However I've done a few from the comfort of my home or in a one and one basis like the focus group I did today. Although the money is great, these things are tons of fun. I've done some really cool focus groups where where I got paid to eat cake, drink beer and watch TV. But again money has always been a factor for me. The best I've done is when I got paid close to $1000 just to monitor how I used my credit card and keeping a journal for a week. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it right now.

So How Do I Find Focus Groups & Get Paid?

Well as usual, I've done all the work for you and we list them for FREE at our parent site, we also provide you with some tips on how to make some consistent money with them. So if you have an opinion and I know you do! Or if you're tired of paid online surveys that ONLY pay you pennies for your thoughts. Then move up to the big boys and get in a focus group! They're totally free and they pay in hard cash, my favorite currency!

Speaking of opinions, what did you think of this article? Please leave your feedback below. I ain't rich so I'm not paying you for it. But I'll send you a thank you note and continue to deliver more tips on making money at home!

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  1. Thank You so much for the article! Very helpful, and the humor makes it great to read. Thanks for helping the little people make some money! Back on Line, GREAT!

  2. Man you ARE the berries, you do all that work, point us in the right direction and I still have tears in my eyes from the laugh about the pool filled with 100’s & doin the back stroke. Thanx!!

    • LOL, You’re welcome Ali! Glad you appreciate the website and all the work that goes into it. It’s nice that you appreciate the corny humor too. lol

  3. You’re very welcome. As long as you’re dealing with legitimate focus group companies you should be fine. Keep in mind they ask for your numbers so you can get called when they have no focus groups. Just do your research and you should be fine which is easy following the steps in my scam video here:

    I hope this helps.

  4. I want to thank you for bringing all this info! I’m a young adult with who has a lot of time on her hands for now   and this is a great way to get money, I’ve only tried online surveys got me at least 50 bucks in one month depending on how many surveys I get that month. Focus groups- I’ve been thinking if it would be safe and could just give my cell phone number or will it charge the calls at home or not?

  5. Do you know that your focus group links are broken? I would love to participate in focus groups and studies, however, I only seem to find scams. Please help.  

  6. You’re very welcome. I’m glad you can see the value in multiple streams of income! Congrats on taking the plunge to start your own business.

    But as you have quickly learned just having a blog isn’t enough to see results. You might want to read the following article to help you avoid making some common mistakes:

    You have the right attitude. You just need to gain the skill set to succeed now.

  7. Hello Eddy,

    Thank you for all the information you provide. I believe in the idea of multiple streams of income, and I have signed up for a couple of the programs you have promoted. You have inspired me so much that I have even began creating my own blog hoping to get referrals and duplicate your success. So far the blog has not brought me any referrals, but it is still a work in progress and I am determined to make it work. Thank you again for providing all this information on making money from home.

  8. Eddy, this is a great and hugely helpful article!   All your articles are the best!   I am SO thankful to have such a dedicated and honest go-to person, in these days of uncertainty!   All the best to you and your family!   Kristina

  9. i really enjoy reading the feedback that you give to everyone. you keep it real and positive. this article was very helpful and informative. once again thanks

    • You’re welcome! I’m really happy you enjoy the article and my style. Sometimes people view my realness as being negative. But I’m just trying to help people grow. So thanks for the kind words!

  10. Hi Karen,

    First and foremost I’m sorry to hear about your husband. I can only imagine what you must have went through and then to have your employer let you go like that is just cold. Although I’m not surprised and part of the reason I’ve always leaned towards running my own business than working for someone else. As you know first hand it’s sucks not being in control of your financial destiny.

    In any event, thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the information. Be sure you become a subscriber here: and check out some of my personal recommendations here:

    Obviously there are tons of things that are actually legitimate which is why this site was created. If you read the recommendations page and more of the articles this will become crystal clear. Legitimate work at home isn’t a myth despite all the scams you may see out there. It’s just a matter of doing your research and finding the resource to guide you.

    There are some customer service opportunities I’ve listed on the recommendations page that may be an option for you.

    We also list new jobs daily here: Many of which are customer service.

    Since you are disabled be sure to check out the following page:

    And finally take the time to go through our work at home guide:

    If you’re truly serious about working at home, it’s priceless if you’re willing to take the time to read through the information. So everything you need is at your disposal. Just put aside the time to read it and take action on whatever make sense. But you do have many legitimate options aside from the opportunity described in this article. This is just a drop in the bucket.

  11. Good afternoon, first I want to say I really enjoy your blog and emails that I receive, they’er very informative also I was curious if Is this something that can be done from your home and where can we find something like that, that isn’t a scam? I am a 44 year old disabled woman who deals with multiple afflictions so I have to have something that can be done from home. I have worked out of my home for the past 12 years doing mostly Customer Service but I lost my husband to suicide four years ago and wasn’t really in any shape to even think much less work so the company I was working for let me go a week after his passed and I’ve not had luck with finding a job since. But this does sound interesting and I’d like to find out more about it.

    • I don’t understand your question. A focus group will call you, ask you a series of questions to determine if you’re the type of person they want to COME in for the focus group. If you do, then they’ll tell you to come in and participate. You’re paid whatever was promised after that. So a phone call is only used to screen you. You’re not paid for that.

  12. Well thank you for saying that Jacob! I really appreciate it. It’s always nice to get a thank you and more importantly hearing people take action! I’m confident you’ll continue to find success! Please keep me posted and thanks again.

  13. I really appreciate all you do for us! I’ve just started getting into this cause I’ve been wanting to be self-sufficient and knowing that someone has already checked these sites out for us so we don’t have to worry so much about scams is a huge relief. I’ve been using a lot of the sites you recommended and I’m going to start using referrals soon! Thanks again Eddy!

  14. Thanks PK. I don’t like reading boring articles. There are enough boring articles on this subject matter out there. So when I write I try to inject my personal sense of humor so you don’t fall asleep or get annoyed with my babbling. I guess it worked with you. So thanks for taking the time to express it! Your comment is a great compliment. I hope you take the time to read some of my other ramblings. Take care.

  15. This was not your average, everyday article! Love it. Tounge in cheek style kept my attention long enough to get through the article without falling asleep. Been doing plenty of research online and I have to say, this is certainly a nice break. Good job.

  16. Glad you like what you’re reading. Here’s the thing about this industry if you want to succeed you have to be open to all options that are legitimate and have the right attitude.
    You can’t make dollars without pennies. So the fact you are earning money for something you never did is a start in the right direction. It’s all about compounding your efforts so you make more money. For instance with those surveys, I make most of my money referring other people to them. Combined with the money I make with actually taking the surveys it adds up to some decent money.

    So it’s all about compounding your efforts and having multiple streams of income. Obviously you can’t make a living with surveys. But when you couple it with various other easy ways of making money like the ones we describe in our recommendations page:

    It adds up. So keep in mind my multiple streams of income approach and follow through with it. Because if you do then you make a lot more money that way. And in the mean time keep searching for traditional work at home jobs that pay more like the ones we list daily here:

    There is a lot of great options out there, you just have to be willing to maximize on all of them to see better money! Hope this makes “Cents”. 😉 It does for me and many other people that follow this philosophy.

  17. I like that you provide real honest feedback and you do make it entertaining to read for sure!!!  I have learned quite a bit from reading your postings about home jobs that appear to be real but fake.. if you know what I am saying…  I get skeptical of these get rich schemes and I also am not liking the penny surveys… I swear it has taken me a month to earn $6 (not cool), but of course would love to stay home as I am a single parent to a beautiful daughter and am taking online classes.  I, however, need money to pay the bills and I am so sick of working for others!!!  Anything you can provide is greatly appreciated!!!  Keep it up Eddy!!!

  18. You’re welcome. But just remember every penny counts and you can’t make dollars without penny. Most people dont get paid jack for their opinions so the fact you’re earning something means you’re doing great. Keep the right perspective and you’ll go far in this industry. 😉

  19. “Brought tears to your eyes”, hey???? LOL!! Good article, Eddy, and clarified what focus groups are about. That brought tears to my eyes, too!!

  20. Kay, that’s great to hear. That is definitely the goal of this site. Help to learn and fend for themselves. So I’m happy that’s happening with you. I don’t really consider myself a leader. I’m just a medicore guy that happens to be blessed to make a living helping people the way I would want to be helped in this industry. That being said I know the work I’m doing isn’t average. It’s making a very big impact and I’m very happy to be blessed in that position. Having folks like you that appreciate and acknowledge that is just an added benefit and pleasure. I don’t have any aspirations to be great. I just want to leave this place a bit better than I came into it. Hopefully my little blog does that to a certain degree.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement! I really appreciate it, you made my day. God bless you as well!

  21. Wow!  I am really learning a lot from your site.   In Leadership class last night, my Pastor   told us that,  good leaders  become great by taking what they do to the next level. I  believer you are doing that.  Don’t think by any means what you do is mediocre, but you are on you way to greatness! God bless you!

  22. I am really thankful for individuals ilke   is a never ending process for me. The paid surveys, only pay you a small amount, therefore, you get very inpatience when you are needing money right away.

  23. Made me laugh out loud. I really enjoy your honesty and your sense of humor. Thanks for this great website and thanks for your suggestions and even for other websites like I tried…I guess you probably get paid for me clicking on it from your site, but that’s cool with me.
    I’m going to check out focus groups! Thanks

    • Glad you appreciate my sense of humor! But more importantly I’m happy you’ve discovered another way to make money legitimately. In terms of getting paid, I’m very clear through out most of my articles that I’m an affiliate marketer that gets paid when I recommend certain things and you folks take action. It’s nothing I’m ashamed of and most people like yourself are happy I do get paid because they find the information and recommendations I provide are helpful. In this particular case I’m not getting paid for any of the focus group links. It’s just pure information. But if you do want to hook a brother up, check out some of my other recommendations here: and sign up to whatever calls out to you. Some will benefit me and some won’t. 😉 Either way choose the opportunities that seem like the best fit for you.

      Thanks again for your comment!

  24. Wow, Conrad! Talk about having some great success!
    Thanks for sharing! I know a lot of people experience the same thing but they don’t take the time to come back and share. So thank you for doing that.

    In terms of the jobs we list, we don’t really have control of what type of companies are doing hiring for what. We just list what happens to be available at a given time frame. So if it’s writing jobs then that’s what we list. If it’s customer service, then that’s what we list. So it’s purely random like any job site.

    But if you’re looking for more customer service options, consider some of these companies:

    Hope this helps.

  25. Excellent article as always, I read everyone of them and I’ve been very successful folowing your advice. The first job I applied to (And I do know that there was some degree of luck and timing envolved) I got it. It was a work from home customer service job that pays $10/hr. I’ve since applied for several more highter paying jobs and one I had to turn down because they require you to commute in to the office once a month and I live acroos the country. But just recently I’ve been contacted for another job opprotunity that starts at $13-$14/hr. Wish me luck! Your the man, I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am with your site.

    I have one suggestion…since this is now my primary job search site…could you update or add to the customer service section more frequently?

  26. Thank you so much for your help…I’ll check out the site you’ve recommend and see how it goes…your article was great thumbs up!!!! I started to wonder where all the good hearted people have gone.. 🙂 god bless you… Marlen

  27. I totally understand your concern. The focus groups tend to contact you via both methods. Some prefer email over the phone. But if you really want to maximize your chances be sure you give them all the information to make it easier for them to contact you. I don’t usually pick up the phone either but when money is calling, I do. lol

    • Another issue I am having is that most of the companies limit applications to people of certain areas, which I understand. I was wondering if there was an easy way to find the ones that would accept residents from a specific state..some kinda of a filter setting..or a site which shows panels for a given area?

    • Sorry, that’s just the way it is. But no I don’t really know of a filtering system these companies have. If you don’t want to risk the time of filling out the information, just pass on this opportunity.

  28. I have been working from home for over 10 years now and not once had I ever thought of doing focus groups.   Seems like we all box ourselves in and can’t think outside the box!   I just wanted to thank you for all the information you provide to the rest of us.   You even do most the background work, too.   It is greatly appreciated and I just wanted you to know that.

    • You’re welcome! I use to box myself in as well when I first got in this industry. All I wanted to do was typing from home. But that soon led to a lot of scams. So I adjusted to what was actually available in greater numbers out there and it’s been the best move I’ve ever made. It’s also what allowed me to eventually be able to support my whole family from home now. If I kept myself in that box, I probably would still be working for the man, frustrated or given up. So you’re right about that limited thinking.

  29. Thank you so much for your help…I’ll check out the site you’ve recommend and see how it goes…your article was great thumbs up!!!! I started to wonder where all the good hearted people have gone.. 🙂 god bless you…

  30. First time I’m reading your article. But even something more appealing than all this information you are giving us. I have to tell you something. and this is not any type of publicity for the book or dvd, because they have obviously made enough money for their next life. I watched the movie The Secret a few days ago, where is talks about the Law of Attraction (if you have not seen this, please do) And you know what is the absolute true, I have attract things into my life in the past two weeks, that I have not attract in my entire life, and all things are what I wanted including and starting with my wife, and kids. And now I’m jumping into my finance, and is like without much effort, all this information is coming to me from folks I meet on the street. Like someone told me yesterday about this site, and all I want to attract now is money, wealth, and health. Is working….

    • Frank,
      You’re preaching to the choir. I’m living proof that the stuff in the Secret works. However it only works when you actively put it into practice and take advantage of the opportunities that suddenly become available. I think a lot of people hate on the secret and law of attraction because they think it has to do with thinking positive then magically everything happens. But people that have actually taken the time to watch or read the book know that’s not what they’re preaching.

      But applying what they taught and a lot of hard work, I was able to leave my job and work at this full time. And I’ve achieved a lot of other amazing things that in the natural i shouldn’t have been able to but have. So i totally understand your excitement and realization. However make sure you’re also taking action on any visualizations and opportunities. Because that’s ultimately how it works. By the way you didn’t find this site by chance. Let it marinate in your mind. lol

  31. Eddy,
    I always find your articles very helpful.   Thanks for all of the hard work that you do looking out for us “little guys.”   It sure makes it easier to find the hones work and surveys out there with you doing all of the work!
    Thanks again,

  32. Eddy:   Great article.   This is my first visit and am using ICS.   As I am new to this type of thing, It’s a great confidence builder.   Thanks for Opportunity.     Frank

  33. Great Article! Can’t wait to try out these groups. I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you do finding all these legitimate home jobs. And sharing the information with all of us. Your Awesome!!!!

  34. I found this article to be very informative and helpful. This article appears to have been put together by someone who truly would like to help people in less than perfect financial situations, rather than pad their own pocket.

  35. You’re welcome. Glad you found us. I’m confident if you continue to read the content on this site and take action you’ll be well on your way to making money online legitimately.

  36. Av been wondering around for 6 months just trying to find something legit until I landed on this page, thanks a bunch!!

  37. LOL, I’m sure your old man appreciates he’s called the old man.
    That being said he may definitely appreciate a focus group. Just keep in mind this isn’t a job. It’s a one off opportunity that is purely based on supply and demand. Some weeks you get a focus group and sometimes you don’t. Like online surveys this isn’t consistent money. For a job he should focus on our work at home jobs page:

    Hope this helps.

  38. Hey Jane,

    Glad you have found our site and have a new found hope. There are definitely various legitimate ways to make money at home. So hopefully the resources listed on the site will help. Keep in mind focus groups aren’t something you can depend on or live off. It’s just a nice to have when you qualify.

    You should still try to get a traditional work at home job which we list daily here:

    or my personal recommendations:

  39. Hi Eddy!
    Your article helped me greatly and gave me some confidence again. I’ve been on line looking for a job to do from home in the evenings. See…I work full time but my job was downsized and I took a huge cut in my pay. Our family has been struggling trying to pay the bills. Paychecks are not enough! I definately will check out the sites you listed. You gave me some hope tonight.I shared this article on my page on Facebook tonight. Thank you!

    • It’s true & why we recommended it. That being said it all depends on how many focus group facilities are close by you and if your demographic is in demand. Good luck either way though.

    • It’s true & why we recommended it. That being said it all depends on how many focus group facilities are close by you and if your demographic is in demand. Good luck either way though.

  40. Agreed. It’s pretty fast and enjoyable money if you live in a city where there are a lot of focus group facilities. There was a time I was averaging nearly $500 – $1000 a month in focus groups. It’s some great money for just giving your “two cents”. lol

  41. Focus groups are definitely worth it without a doubt. I’ve done a few here and there and made around $100 to $200 for roughly an hour of my time (they were all done locally in my city). Definitely a great way to earn some extra cash quick though!

  42. Yeah, I really liked your article. It was fun and informative to read. You made a lot of good pointers without overdoing it. Keep up the good work.

  43. Hi Eddie! Thank you for the work you are doing. It’s very helpful!!! There are a lot of focus groups on that list. Which ones did you personally joined? Which ones do you recommend? Thank you for you time

    • Hey Robert,
      Sorry I don’t have a top list of focus groups. That being said it’s just best to sign up with as many legitimate ones we have listed so that you have a better chance of getting called. It’s time consuming but it’s worth it. As always when you want to research a company just follow the steps in my scam video:

      P.S. It’s Eddy not Eddie. 😉

  44. Rorocausly,
    Glad you liked the article and can appreciate my corny style of presenting information. LOL
    I don’t think this stuff needs to be so serious. Good luck to you. Keep us posted. Happy Holidays to you!

  45. I loved this article Eddy & you have a way of making your examples entertaining. I will be checking out these ‘focus groups’ and add them to the other little streams of dough I’m collecting, thanks to you!! 😀 Hope your December is ‘jolly!’

  46. Super information. Will follow you lead and check out the focus groups. Also going to check out the “Ticket to Work” program. Thanks a million.

  47. @Lenny:

    Hi Lenny,

    In addition to further checking into the links Eddy provided, because of your disability My Employment Options may be of help to you as well. They are a certified Social Security Administration employment network specializing in the Ticket To Work program. They have over 20 years of providing successful job placement for SSDI / SSI clients.

    Currently they have several work from home positions available. You can review the site for more details here:

    Wishing you all the best in finding ways to increase income for you and that precious baby boy. 🙂

  48. Thank you so much for your time and effort with these great info sites.Its helping me get a better grasp on @ home earnings.Ive been doing online surveys for years and am always looking for higher paying ones and focus groops to boot.Though i have yet to find any.I know youve herd it all before lol but im 35 disabled with a broken back n kneck thank god im still able to walk and such though with dificulty and on top of that my son was born in febuary (loving every moment with him).Anyway i get a small check from ssi $700.00 a month WOW more then enough to suport my son and i lol.NOT!!!! I hope i can navigate though your sites and find paying focus groups or higher paying survey sites i even have been checking out your other ways of making money.If you can could you please email me some of the ways ide be able to earn $ for my son and I? TY again for all your hard work helping the labor forse of the internet.

  49. Otis,

    For once, I actually read the entire article. It caught and kept my attention. I am going to check out what you’re talking about, and pray that what you’re saying comes to light. I am always looking for some extra funds; I do have things like bills that I find very rewarding when being able to pay them.



    • Denise,

      Congrats on actually reading an entire article. Trust me when I say you’ll gain a lot of knowledge and avoid a lot of scams if you do more of that. I hope mysurvey adds a little pocket change for you. Just keep in mind surveys aren’t a consistent means of income. You should still try looking for a job: and getting involved in other multiple streams of income: this way if one thing is slow, you always have other things coming in. So keep that in mind. Good luck to you.

      By the way, who is Otis? LOL

  50. Good Evening Eddy,

    I just came across your website today & I have to say that I feel safe on your page. I’ve taken some surveys today but there are so many different things to explore on your page. I’m lovin’ it so far & I appreciate your honest information. I’m going to continue to work @ this & you continue to stay blessed. Thank you so much!! Just to inform others…This website was advertised in “The Green Millionaire” Book that I purchased for free online! Thanks again!!

    • LaVerdia,
      Thanks for the kind words. I’m happy that you finally found a place where you feel safe in. I know how crazy it is looking for work at home. But at the end of the day, it’s not really all that scary when you’re equipped with the knowledge and know how to do your research. To that end, I would suggest that you visit my scam page: , watch the video listed there, read all the other scams on that page and comments. After spending a few hours doing that you’l be better equipped to spot these scams from a mile away because they come in different sizes and shapes. Contrary to popular belief they don’t all ask you for money either and they can be just as dangerous. So study that scam page. Then you’ll feel very confident maneuvering the web looking for legit opportunities. As long as you never assume anything and always do your research, you’ll be in a better place.

      So continue to explore the site. Once you’ve really studied the scam page, I would encourage you to visit the following pages:

      Everything you need to succeed is here if you’re willing to read. Trust me it will be a great use of your time in the long run. Thanks again for the kind words and welcome to our little community. Good luck.

  51. I’d be willing to take the “focus group” challenge. It sounds exciting, fun and a great way to learn about new products and ideas!!

  52. Hey all you paid focus group buffs!

    Check out the free Paid Focus Group Network –

    They are really doin’ their thang when it comes to paid focus groups and clinical research updates. An ongoing list of nationwide and select US city focus groups, etc is what you’ll find on the well maintained site. From my experience with following them for quite a while on Twitter (and actually qualifying for one of the online studies, heehee), predominantly I see online focus group studies. Now there may be some in person ones as well, but you’ll just have to check them out on a regular basis to see if that holds true.

    As always, I just wanted to swing by with a bit of helpful info to help you make even more money from home, legitimately. If it ain’t legit, I’ll have nothing to do with it! Damn, that’s good for having just instantly rolled off my tongue. lol

    Enjoy! 😉

  53. Hey eddy, I jus got off work and the whole business is spiraling down, fast! And so I wanted to find a way to make money from home and not worry about when I’m gonna lose my job or when someone else is going to replace me…so I was wondering if there’s anyway for me to do so…hopefully you can help me out!! 🙂

  54. I have just found your site today. Looking around, and read this article , plus others, actually came here for ,you data, which I seen while searching how to make money on people string. But your review made me side step what I was doing.
    I just had to tell ya,how impressed I am with your sight. Your not so clinical and it is like you are really talking to me. Also the way you explain certain details, not assuming I should already now it, like so many others do. I intend to find more about getting referres , I’m kind of a loner and don’t have many friends, or family for that matter but I’m hope to find out how to get referres without spending money, I was homeless for three months this passed year and there just is no hope of finding a job here I live in the poorest county in Gerogia, Atkinson County. So I’m trying the internet, to try to make some money. So far I haven’t got a dime, but I’ve got to keep trying right ,and your site has actually gave me hope , I actually believe in your advice. So, I’m going to try the companies you give a thumbs up. Also, have you tried Make Money there was a video on youtube about it, I thought I might check it out, and thanks to your advice I now Know how to do that. Just wanted to say thanks, and chat, I guess, lol . Take Care, Sheila

    • Hey Sheila,

      Thanks so much for the thoughtful words. You really do get me. lol It’s good to hear that you appreciate my informal style of writing and my care not to assume anything about my readers. It was a tough lesson learned. But you’re right I’m very mindful of the fact that people may not know what the hell I’m talking about. So I’d rather air on the side of being long winded than to assume just to make my articles shorter.

      In terms of finding referrals, read this article:

      In regards to not making a dime online, I guarantee that is about to change by this week if you follow through with some of my recommendations: There are a lot of opportunities out there to make money. They may not be traditional ways or make you a lot of money but they’re a start until you can land a traditional job:

      So definitely take advantage of the information. You can make money online like so many that have taken action on this site have. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t just because they weren’t able to figure it out. They’re not you. So stay positive but most important take action. That’s the key. A lot of folks jibber jabber about wanting to make money at home but when given choices they sit on the fence and cry there is nothing out there. But now you know better. I hope this sites helps get you closer to your dreams. The information is at your finger tips, so just run with it.

      Good luck and keep me posted.

  55. @Iris:
    Hi Iris,

    I would love the name of your current work at home job. I am disabled and need something to do online to make a few bucks but more importantly, make me feel like a contributing member of society. I would appreciate any help you can giveme. Good luck in your search! 🙂
    Thank You

  56. I really liked the article. I’m trying to find a way to make some money and soon since im having a baby in may and i have no job. I have wonderful typing skills.

  57. Dear Eddy,

    Thank you for what you do for so many of us who are serious about making an income from home.
    The information about the Paid Focus Group was like a light suddenly turned on in a dark room. Thank you
    again, truly awesome information.

  58. I’ve read many articles on avoiding scams, but they merely confirmed suspicions I’ve had before.
    Trouble is, I still have not found ONE legit work from home job.

    I’m a student in South Africa, desperately looking for a job,$5 per hr would make me a rich student, even $2 per/hour would be more than other students. Tell me, what is the best I can hope for? And WHERE can I find it?

  59. hey eddy thanks for the reply just how long does it take to make $ online? I did tell you that I have an open mind and I know that it will take work and Im more than willing to put in the work, time, and effort I no nothing will magically start making me money right away.I also do know I will not get rich quick I guess what I ment was I want to get into it quickly and dont want to put it off anymore Im willing to struggle a little becuase I think that working onling will benefit my future so what would you say i should do as far as starting to make $ online and whats the best way to make the most money after your hard work?

  60. Hey eddy I love your site its very helpful I’ve been on it for days I just have one question for you,I am pretty new to the work at home world I dont wana realy sob but Im having a baby in june, about to get evicted, car is about to get repo’d, my uncle has cancer, and I just lost my job I worked at for 6 years selling vacuums. They realy screwed me out of $ and I just worked so so hard for them.Anyway I wanted to know what is the best, quickest, free, and most profitable way to make $ at home? I have an open mind and I know that it will take work and Im more than willing to put in the work. Unfortunatly im broke so if something dont happen soon im gonna have to get a job laboring or something and Im afraid I will forget about thework at home/online biz and I think Im real close to understanding it and am excited about getting into it.Last everytime I think I found a legit online job it either dont pay but pennies or I google it and it ends up to be a scam and leads me to another work at home oppertunity. sorry this comment is so long please help, and thank you so much.

    • Hi Mikie,

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. But unfortunately I don’t have a answer that would magically start making you money right away. Everything will take time effort, patience and a little luck to make any decent money that would help you. In the mean time you’re probably better off trying to find a job offline until you can land a work at home job or home business that you can live off. I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you.

  61. HI Eddy!! I have been lost in your site for TWO DAYS!! You have done such an amazing job!! Thank you for all your help and wonderful information!! you are a blessing!!

    • Oh, that should work very well for you. lol Just keep in mind just like surveys certain profiles are more desirable to companies. So that will affect how many focus groups you may qualify for. It may also take a few weeks to a few months before getting your first focus group. So this is something you can’T consistently live off. But it does come in handy when you do qualify for one. Good luck.

    • James,

      Now you know and knowing is half the battle. It’s a great way to make money if you’re in or near a big city. I get several calls a week worth hundreds of dollars.
      So it’s a no brainer if you they’re available in your area.

  62. Hi. I recently lost my job and I’m having a very difficult time finding a new one. One problem I keep running into is that companies don’t like to hire convicted felons (reguardless of what the felony(s) is/are for). Do work-at-home companies have the same issues? Also, I’m completely new to the whole work-at-home concept and I would really appreciate any additional feedback you can provide. Sincerely, Saundra Schroeter

  63. What’s the deal with fusion cash? Is it a legit job? I need something now. My husband lost his job and anything I can find would help out alot. Just in one of those spots, and dont want to get taken for a fool. Please HELP!!!

  64. Hi Eddy. Just found your site a couple days ago and I’ve been searching it a lot. To be honest I’ve seen sites like yours many times and of course was leery. Like you said in a different article,most of the other sites like this one are focused on making a “quick buck” by posting tons of websites which they’re affiliates of and don’t know a thing about how or if they work. One thing that got me by surprise is how honest you are. I quote from above “Honestly my passion was work at home and making money from home so I started two websites about that. And as you can see all I’m doing is sharing my points of view, giving tips and providing resources I feel can help folks out.I monetize my site with advertisers and that’s how I earn a living”. Most sites are like “I don’t make a dime if you click on one of the million ads on my site,I PROMISE” lol bs. Anyway now that I’m done ranting on the differences of your site,I’m looking for a free way to make some fast extra money at home while I work on getting my own E-Bay business running. I quit my job to go full time in the E-Bay world and don’t want to have to go back to work now that i took the plunge lol. I’m only 22,by the time I was 20 I had spent over 5k on work at home schemes,well I shouldn’t say they were all schemes,I did make some money back on some especially drop shipping until I pretty much woke up one day and and everything I had on was undercut by other auctions with the exact same picture,you can only play the undercut game so long until the profit isn’t worth it anymore. So anyway sorry this post was so long,any info you can give is greatly appreciated. (Off to lol)

    • Hey Dustin,

      Thanks for sharing your comments with me. You’re totally right to be leery of sites like mine. Most of them are garbage and provide little in the way of value to people like you. That being said, I’m happy your skepticism didn’t blind you and you gave me a chance. I would understand if you didn’t but I’m glad that you did. It makes no sense for these guys to hide that they’re making money from their visitors. Everyone can understand the need to feed your family so why hide it. I have found the more honest I’ve been with my visitors, the more money I’ve actually made. So go figure.

      In any event, the ebay business can definitely be profitable as you know. But you’re right in a heart beat it can all fall apart with people that can offer your products at dirt cheap rates. However it sounds like you have a lot of experience in it, why not try targeting a different niche or offering some type of other bonuses or services that your competitors aren’t. For instance let’s say you’re selling iphones. Obviously you offer the lowest price that you can afford, but through in something like
      a time one on one online training for new iphone customers. Or offer freebie accessories, etc. The 1 time one on one training will only cost you time but you may make it up in sales and it would differentiate you from the bozos undercutting you. So you have to think outside of the box sometimes. I wouldn’t just give up on a business like that considering your experience and past success. Running a business is about constantly evolving. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made adjustments to my business to stay ahead of my competition and by God’s grace it’s helped me stay job free for about 3 years now. Even now as “successful” as I am I still have the same hunger as when I first started in this industry. I’m still “pounding the virtual pavement”, watching what my competition is doing, seeing what’s hot on the streets, looking for ways to re-invest back into the business. Running a business is like being in a relationship you constantly have to work at it.
      So that’s my two cents in terms of that. Hope it made some sense to you.

      You might want to read the following pages for some other options and ideas to help you make some money:

      But honestly I think you already have a great skill set that you need to focus on. Get back on that horse man. Good luck.

      Thanks again for giving a brother a chance. lol Hopefully more skeptical people think like you when they visit my sites.

  65. Hey there! I have been dedicating my day today to doing research on Work-At-Home businesses/scams. I have come across so many sites that require you to pay money to get lists of companies offering work and so forth, but to me, why should someone pay to get a job? In other websites that discuss scams, they tell you to avoid websites like that, because 9 out of 10 are scams and don’t really get you any money. Currently I am a full time legal assistant. I make good money, but looking for something on the side, that would hopefully help me branch out and eventually stop working for someone else. I would appreciate your insight and some recommendations that would be great leads. Thank you.

  66. @eddysalomon:
    Good sir,i am still new to this world of how to work at home and get paid.I am Cameroonian living in Yaounde,Cameroon.Please help me out to get into this new world so as to start earning money to.thanks

  67. Hey all!

    ONLINE Focus Group Panelists Wanted – US Nationwide!

    20/20 Research is looking for Focus Group Panelists (US Nationwide) to participate in 2 upcoming ONLINE beverage studies! 20/20 Research is very legitimate and has been around for sometime.

    20/20 Research has given me permission to forward the study invitation email to those who request it.

    I just received it today (10/5), and the studies are scheduled for October 9-14, and the other is October 14-15 … so anyone interested will have to ACT QUICKLY!

    To Request Invitation: Simply email me at to request the focus group invitation. .

    I definitely agree with Eddy when he says of focus groups, “It’s easy and pays well”. Personally speaking, they are even better when they are completed ONLINE!

    Looking forward to hearing from some of you! 🙂

  68. Hi,
    m a stay home mum living in nairobi Kenya, is it possible to get free home jobs? all sites i have visited seem to want some kind of payment. thank you for all the feed back and info you keep posting.

  69. I want to know which specific companies with focus groups to sign up for. I have been doing surveys for years, and haven’t made much, but have 3 kids now, and 2 jobs just barely surviving. I want to know how many companies i should sign up for, and which ones. Please advise me, I live in the Raleigh area of NC. Thanks


    • Hi David,

      There aren’t any specific ones. As you may have read in my article, the best thing to do is sign up for as many of the legitimate ones as possible. (The real ones will never charge you money.) The more databases you’re in, the better your chances of being called for multiple companies. I get called nearly every week for a focus group. It also helps if you live near a big city or urban area. Ultimately you can’t earn a living with this consistently. So I wouldn’t be looking to do this or surveys for that purpose. It’s just an option to make extra money on occasion. At the end of the day, you need to acquire the skills for careers that are in demand like the ones mentioned in this article:

      Then you can land a job or career with consistent pay. The non-traditional opportunities I recommend are just a good starting point to get some minor income in. But you can’t live on most of them. Hope this clarifies this.

  70. Hello, I am looking to make some extra money at home. I am interested in medical transcription. I am a CNA so I do have some medical experience. I also love to do crafts. Any ideas? Thank you so much, you really seem to help a lot of people!!

  71. I’m looking for a work at home program. I’ve been scammed already and now i am scared to death. I’m presently trying to get a refund. Please advise of someone i can TRUST and a home program i can work and trust!


  72. Hi Eddy,

    Great article, and I want to you help me…, I need some extra money about US$10 a day, I have been PayPal account, and want to some home job with internet access and if possible no fees registration? BTW, I’m from Indonesia, sorry if my English, no good. Thankyou.-

  73. Hi Eddy,
    Great article! And Congratulations on the new baby! Children are a true miracle, I know mine are the air I breathe.
    I have been a subscriber for some time now and have been struggling to stay a work at home mom. I’m single and to make it worse I’ve been becoming more and more disabled over the last 7 years so that I can no longer work in a traditional setting. Unfortunately My kids and I have some habits we just can’t break, (like eating?) so even while I fight the good fight with good old uncle sam I still have to provide for my family somehow.
    I’ve been a bookkeeper and tax preparer for about 10 years, even have a website but marketing is my problem.
    I have another website with products to sell but I’m not getting anywhere with it. Auctions or other sales.
    I have my fingers in several affiliate marketing pies, but none of them are panning out either.
    I even have signed up as a distributor of a great business to business product but again MARKETING!
    I had a nice contract with a telemarketing company for a few months, but I couldn’t fit it into MY schedule well enough to make it work. I had a nice contract with an online store as a CSR that I really liked but the economic downturn ran me out of their pocket.
    I can’t seem to find my niche. So I’ve got a little money coming soon and I’m thinking about using some to invest in my future. But I’m really scared to get scammed again, I’ve really been scammed too many times already. This could be my last shot to get it right and I need real ADVICE!

    All that being said… I love your website, your newsletter keeps my head above water when I thought I’d drown. Can you help me?
    And hey, anybody with great advice is welcome to comment, but please keep your SCAMMS to yourself!

    • Thanks Victoria,

      My daughter has truly been the best thing that’s happened in my life. I can’t imagine my life without her. In fact she’s rubbing here little feet on me now as I type away to you. She’s kicking back watching Sesame Street as I work. lol

      In any event, I feel your paid. Are you officially disabled? If so there are companies that hire disabled folks like yourself that want to work at home. You may want to read the following article:

      In terms of your website, getting people to visit the site is always the problem. Contrary to popular belief, building the site is the easy part. Well here’s my advice. Narrow down your energy to one site. This site has to be something you’re passionate about and not something you just built because you read it can make you money. Most people fail at sites like that because there is no real passion on your end. You can’t really add much value to the site because you probably don’t know much about the subject matter of the site. The reason people like you may like my site is that you can tell I really live this stuff. You can sense my passion so you’re more inclined to trust my recommendations. All of you know I get paid for many of my referrals but I’ve made it a habit of trying to provide useful and balanced information for things I recommend so you can make an informed decision. Furthermore I also write a lot of articles that have no agenda but to keep you informed. So just think about the sites you like and visit often. Ask yourself what do i like about these sites. And then can I apply the same type of stuff to my own niche and site. Sometimes the answer is right under your nose.

      Now that advice is was more geared towards what you should be doing on your site. Getting people to the site involves more technical marketing skills like the stuff that Wealthy affiliate teaches you: So you may want to check that out. At the end of the day making money with a site or internet marketing isn’t easy. You need a certain type of mindset and work ethic to make it work. That’s why I wrote the following article:

      And finally don’t let past experiences freeze you into inaction. Scams are easy to avoid, it’s just a matter of doing your research. Most scam artists repeat themselves. They may change their names and websites but their claims are always outrageous and your gut always tells you something is wrong. If you follow that, you avoid a lot of crap. I would encourage you to read my scam page from top to bottom including the video and comments and you’ll probably never get scammed again:

      This recent article is also very useful to avoid scams:

      So scams are the least of your concerns when you’re educated on how they operate.

      At the end of the day you have options. It’s just a matter of picking what’s best for you.
      You may also want to visit the following pages: for even more options.

      I hope this helps either way.

  74. @eddysalomon:
    Thank you, Eddy. I have just found your website and can’t believe how much time has elapsed. I can’t stop reading all of the material (and getting inspired not to mention hopeful). After relocating and in the job market for a couple of months I’m about to pull my hair out. I am definitely looking into the focus groups while continuing to look for work (and not using any of the sites I’ve been wasting my time on!) Hell, I just might find I won’t need to pound the pavement anymore. Thanks again. And please keep researching…we need you.

    With that new little Salomon knocking at the door, You may find yourself in need of a VA.
    Just wanted to offer my services! LOL
    Thanks again.

    • Hey Shelly,

      Glad you’re getting a lot out of the site. It’s easy to lose track of time as I tend to babble on in my articles. lol But I’m happy you’re enjoying it. I understand your frustration with the job market. It’s always been tough but nowadays it’s damn near impossible. But it’s good to explore different options as you continue to search for work. Might as well bring in some money where you can.

      By the way, my princess has long since arrived since the time of the article:

      Ironically I have a few VA’s working for me. Each doing different tasks. So I know their importance well. I’ll give you a little tip. Some of my top VAs were folks that knew of my site very well. They sort of figured out what I would I might need help with. Then they emailed me with a proposal as to what they could offer me. Needless to say I was very impressed with them and they’ve been working with me ever since. Every website owner can use help with something. You just need to know enough about them to position yourself to offer your services. 😉

      Take care & good luck.


  75. Hey Eddy, Love you sites. My question is, my daughter needs to make some money, a bunch. She has 4 kids at home, and she can’t work outside the home. She has a really bad back. She isn’t married, so she’s the only one there that can make any money. What is out there that could make her a decent living and not cost an arm and a leg to get started. I could also use a bit of extra money a month. I have COPD and it’s getting harder and harder to go to work. Thanks, Janet

    • Hey Janet,

      Thanks for the support. I’m sorry to hear what you and your daughter are going through. You should head over to my work at home guide: there is a work at home companies link there that can help you. It’s totally free. I also list some work at home
      recommendations on the following page: most of which are free. So you have options. It’s just a matter of reading through those pages
      and selecting the companies that are best for you and your daughter. At the end of the day its all free so you can run with it. Good luck.

  76. I have been looking for a work-at-home opportunity for a while now. I will be looking into your suggestions and I hope it works. I have to admit I am very curious. Finding work from home without making an initial investment is almost unheard of. Thanks alot.


  77. Hello again Eddy
    Sorry for pestering, but I read the article in full, and when I go to one of the recommended sites they ask me to sign up for multiple things that cost money to enroll and are unrelated to what you were educating us about in the article. Needless to say, I am confused! lol
    Please Help!!

    • Hi Dannielle,

      No worries.
      You’re clicking on ads. Just avoid clicking on them and only click on the links where I actually direct you to click on something. I usually make it very clear in the article.
      You can also just visit and do a search for focus groups. Ignore sponsored listings or other ads which are clearly labeled and you should be fine.

      Hope this helps.

  78. hey,
    I am a 22 yr old with custody of my niece and nephew, and I am looking for a way to work from home so that I can have flexibility for them, and for school. However, I have to make acertain amount in order to provide, so I guess what I am asking, is
    1) is this legit?
    2) is it lucrative?
    3) how do you get started?

    any response would be great, I appreciate your time

  79. @Eddy Salomon:@Iris:
    Hello I just read your post and I want to know if you could give me the name of the company. I worked in customer service for many years and it sounds like somthing I would be intrested in. Thank you

  80. Yes I’m searching all the time for company’s that pay well .

    I look forward to more of your articles.
    Thanks for sharing its always cool to have friends like you around. 🙂

  81. Hello Eddy
    I love your web site? I like to thank you for all the information you provide it’s very helpful. I’m looking for a work at home job as well and it hard to find one. I have sined up for alot of surveys but have not received anything from them yet, but I’m going to try out focus groups to see how it will turn out. Thank you again and keep up the good work.

    • You’re welcome Christina. Keep in mind surveys really depend on the companies that hire the survey folks. These companies look for different demographics depending on their new products, services, etc. So one month you may fit a profile and several months after that you don’t. That’s why its important to sign up for multiple legit companies to ensure a larger range of possibilities.

  82. WOOOOWWWWW!!!! This site awsome . So much to say I cant put int words . I Will pass it on and on and on . Thanks.

  83. I really appreciate your great assistance in getting a lot of folks out of the quagmire of ‘Work from Home’ and its concomittant frustration in times past. Thanks a lot. However, I am currently resident in Nigeria and the same problem of limitation affects us but, nonetheless, I would be glad to be getting updates on international jobs from you. Cheers!

  84. Hey Eddy, I like the site question though when you work with fusioncash you filling out offers are they like project payday and you sign up with these company’s for free trials and then have to try to cancel the free trials?

  85. Sounds like a great way to earn some extra money!! One question I have is this: I live in a small town so what happens if there are no locations near my town?


    • Hi Lori,

      Ultimately this opportunity only works for areas that are in demand. So if you’re not in those areas it’s not going to be much of an option for you. But sometimes it may be worth driving half an hour or so if the pay is good enough.
      And the only way you’ll know is if you actually just try registering for some focus group facilities and wait for the phone calls. But in the mean time, try some of the online paid surveys:

      They don’t pay as well but it’s a start.

  86. Thank you so much for your post. You gave a lot of useful information. I am looking for a legitimate data entry job. I have an extensive customer service background. I am looking to get away from that though. I have landed a couple of home positions in this field but I have a 1 year old daughter that stays at home with me and they equire no background noise. I need something where I do not have to be on the phones and can still work full time. I have looked into transcripton but I only type about 35 words per minute and they require at least 60. Can you recommend anything for me?

    • You’re welcome.
      Transcription is definitely the way to go if you want to stay in the clerical field. Just practice to get your typing speed up and get whatever other training you need.
      Trust me when I say it’s worth it because the demand is great for that field. The same can’t be said for generic data entry or typing.

      My personal recommendations for other ways to make money can be found on the following page:

      Hope this helps.

  87. I’ve done focus groups before and they do pay well. However, I find that with some companies, you can only participate in one focus group every so many months. You would have to sign up with a lot of market research companies to get a steady offer of focus group opportunities. Even though, you still may not get chosen for a particular study.

  88. Hi Eija,

    I’m sorry to hear about your problems finding paid surveys and focus groups in your area. Unfortunately many non-traditional work at home opportunities are limited to the States.

    I don’t think its fair but surveys are based on the research that a given company wants done. Since many of them are based here in the states that’s why they limit the pool of people they want.

    You may want to try our international page for other work at home options in your area:

    or consider a career in affiliate marketing:

    Hope this helps somewhat.


  89. I joined PaidSurveys a couple of weeks ago and feel very discouraged – I am working from New Zealand and there are only very few survey companies who accept other than Americans and Canadians. COuld you help me?

  90. I just completed a survey and now awaiting to see if I am chosen for a study. Thank you for sharing; great thing you got going here. I wish you well.

  91. Hi Peter,

    You’re quite welcome. I can totally relate to your sense of relief. There are a lot of sites out there making recommendations on opportunities they have never tried or succeeded just to get you to join so they can earn their commissions.

    I’m no angel, I know I was guilty of that in the past as well. But I have since changed my ways. I think it’s very important that when you make a personal recommendation you better be able to stand by it.

    That’s why now when I make an personal recommendations I will try to back it up with videos so people can see that I have earned money with it.

    I’m also forth right about the negatives about programs even if I like them and are affiliated with a given company. This way folks like yourself can make your own educated decision about if you’re willing to give it a try.

    There is nothing wrong with making money referring people to products, services or websites that will help them. But I think when personal recommendations are being made, the least sites can do is actually try what they’re recommending and provide real feedback about it.

    So that’s what I try to do here. I am sure that some of my recommendations people will not agree with or the company may change for the worst. But at least I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that I was upfront about my feedback and not just shoving stuff down people’s throats to collect a check.

    In any event, I hope to hear more from you on this blog Peter. We obviously have a lot of good information to share about other opportunities and scams to avoid. So if you’re not a subscriber already you may want to join:

    You may also want to check out our articles section:

    I hope this helps.


  92. Thank you so much for the information that you shared with us today. It feels so good to be able to read about a program from some one that has done it and is not getting paid by the company to make other people join. the inofmation was very refreshing and useful as well as entertaining to say the least.
    Thank you and I hope to hear more from you!!

  93. Great work Eddy…Another very informative article…Recently retired bodily injury claims examiner and have extensive experience reviewing medical records. Think a medical transcription job could be right for me? …. Rick

  94. Thanks! I will check these out! I am visually impaired and have been looking for a fun and easy way to make some extra cash from home. I appreciate it!

  95. Hi Rafael,

    Thanks for your comments. I’ve never heard my blog referred to as useless but to each their own.

    Looking at your comment, it seems like you’re a pretty decent writer. Unfortunately that isn’t the case for many of the international work at home seekers that visit our blog looking for work at home. So with that said you would probably do better than most of them since you seem to be able to write English very well. (Probably better than me. lol)

    You may or may not know this. But article writing is one of the most available work at home opportunities on the freelance websites I suggested on my international page:

    So it would be in your best interest to give this shot and not make any assumptions about the possibilities that may be available to you.

    Folks that limit themselves or make assumptions about working at home are the ones that tend never to succeed at it. They have a negative attitude which leads to missing out on various opportunities or ignoring them all together because of assumptions.

    Now with that said, I don’t know you from a hole in the wall. And I don’t know the situations that would make freelance websites a weak option for you.

    But for many others that are open to it, it is a very good possibility for them. International work at home seekers will fair better there than elsewhere.

    And finally this is a U.S. based site so the opportunities listed will tend to be geared towards these folks. I have nothing against folks outside the U.S. but the opportunities that I run into just happen to be limited to this geography.

    My ultimate goal is to help everyone work at home. I don’t care if you’re purple, yellow, American, Indian, a Rebublican, a Democrat, etc. But I can only provide information on what I have access to. So keep that in mind.

    In either case, I hope this helps.

    Good luck either way.


  96. Interesting, as is your whole site and yet practically useless since I don’t live in the US; what’s that about other options?

    Granted, I don’t know enough about the Internet for my 5-6 years’ consistent experience with it, but it does seem like no matter what honest people and frauds alike say, making money from it is hard. I’ve yet to make a single eurocent off the Internet, but I have gotten proficient (I think) at discovering scams without ever losing any money.

    Freelance work is a weak option for me, though I will certainly go there and see what I can do. I can certainly accept far smaller payments here, I’m a better writer than most Average Joes, my typing’s good and I daresay my English is excellent, but there are a number of disadvantages clung to my person of which I will not cry about here.

  97. Hi Stanley,

    Thanks for the kind words.
    The time frame of when you hear back from companies will vary for a number of reasons. Your demographic information may not be needed by any companies hiring the focus groups at this juncture.

    They may have called in other people before you that have the same profile as you. Your area may not have many facilities close by. Or you haven’t been put in their system yet.

    On average, I find people are called about 2-4 months after signing up. But once they do start getting calls. more come. Just be sure to follow the advice I provide in the focus group article and you should do well:

    Hope this helps.

    In the mean time, try online surveys since they tend to look for people right away:


  98. Hello Eddy,

    Exactly how did it take before your wife started to hear from the focus group folks after she initially signed up? I’d signed up with several companies almost a month ago, and I have yet to be contacted AT ALL. Please advise.


    Keep up the good work!

  99. Hi Eddy, Thanks very much for your informative articles, I really appreciate them.. However, I have no luck making money on the net yet.. I am a stayhome mom from Malaysia..was trying to make money on the net since May.. Hope u could guide me a little bit more..Thank you again..

  100. Hi Deborah,

    Thanks for the link and kinds words.
    I’m actually very familiar with Alipine Access and we actually already have it listed in our work at home companies page:

    But we appreciate you sharing another legitimate resource. We love seeing that here.

    Hope to hear from you again.
    If you want to be updated of new opportunities or scams, please be sure to subscribe:

    Take care.


  101. Hi Taha,

    Thanks for your kind words. You’re making me blush over here. lol

    I’m not sure if you’ve had a chance to read our articles page: But
    we have several articles there about typing at home and your options. Hopefully you’ll be open minded about the options we’ve provided.

    You may also want to read our question page:

    And finally you should also visit the following pages:

    Take the time to read through all that material and you’ll be rewarded with various work at home options and more importantly avoid getting scammed.

    Hope this helps.

    By the way if you haven’t done so already, feel free to subscribe: so
    you don’t miss out on opportunities or scams we may cover.


    Take care.


  102. Hi Eddy,

    I just read through the comments you replied to the people, they were totally amazing and so are your blogs and the site. I am quite good at typing, so i was wondering that can you help me find something. I am a student and i dont want something to do in the morning lol.

    Ill wait for your comment, and thank you.

  103. Hi Eddy:
    I also work as a home based indep. contractor for a virtual Operators company. I am just looking for something different to add to my reg. job with them. This site has some wonderful links and I would like to send you one more link if someone is interested. I dont know if you can put this on your site… but here goes.

  104. As always your articles are very informative and helpful in my search for work @ home. Keep up the good work!

  105. Hi Johnnie,

    Welcome to our little hole in the wall. I’m happy you’re enjoying our site. We’re just trying to do our part to help people make money and avoid scams. So I’m happy you appreciate the effort being put forth.

    In any event I hope you become a member of our family:

    By the way if you really want to get a good feel of our blog, be sure to check out the articles section:

    You’ll learn a lot there.

    Don’t be stranger! =)

    (Fellow NY’er, Former Manhattan Commuter)

  106. Hello Eddy, This is my second day at your site/blog. And, I just wanted to say: Thank You Very Much for having such a useful site/blog that people can use to make money. This is something that is really needed and I’m glad that you provided it with no scams. THANKS AGAIN. Johnnie

  107. Thanks again. Wonderful. I’m going to delve into this more extensively as soon as I get home. I’d like to do some of the in-person type focus groups. Wonderful article and great information/leads.

  108. Hey Ginny,

    Great to hear from you again! I knew you were not a big fan of surveys when I read your comment about my video on mysurvey. lol

    Focus groups are way better than surveys since they pay a lot more. But you’ll have to leave the comfort of your home for an hour or two. But it will be worth it when you have that cold hard cash in your hand after an hour of just giving your two cents.

    I am curios what survey companies have you joined? Mysurvey and pineconeresearch have always made me cash. Stay away from sites like erewards and crap like that. They don’t pay cash. So it may be the companies you’re using.

    But honestly paid online surveys don’t make you huge amounts of money unless you do what I’ve suggested in my survey video:

    In any event, thanks for the acknowledgment about my efforts to help you guys work at home. I really am trying to give you all your options. There are plenty of sites like ours that offer work at home jobs. But I think it’s really important that you all are aware that there are other options that are less traveled and discussed.

    So thanks for being open to them.


  109. Hi Eddy:

    I just finished your blog about focus groups. I’m signing up.

    My experience with surveys hasn’t worked out too well. I have registered with a lot of them and answered tons of the surveys and so far not a single red cent. Grrrr! I think I will give up on them.

    On a lighter note, your are giving many people ideas to check out that we can get closer to a home job.
    Keep up the good work.


  110. Hi Josh,

    I would say 1. try the opportunity you just read about which is focus groups. No brainer there. It’s easy money and usually takes place in the evening.

    2. Visit our articles page we list a lot of opportunities there that you should go and do if you’re serious about working at home part time.

    In terms of your actual skill set. There isn’t anything I can think of which could be applied to working at home. However I would probably suggest freelancing on and offering your services there on the weekends or evenings. I’m sure you would get a lot of calls. Lord knows I’ve been looking for an electrician to add a light fixture to two of my bedrooms here in White Plains, NY and have yet to find one. Home Depot and Lowes were useless in that regard.

    Freelancing is not exactly working at home but you could make some extra money on the side using your skills.

    I hope that helps somewhat.


  111. Just thought I would ask you for your advice on this one. I’m a full time electrician and wondering what might fit me for part-time evening job on-line? I look forward to your suggestion. Thanks…

  112. Hi Kamini.

    Thanks for your comments. I think what’s happening is when you visit the pages I send you’re clicking on the ads and not reading the articles fully. In the articles I write I make it very clear what I personally recommend and it’s usually free. So I encourage you to visit the links I sent you again without clicking on any links until reading the whole article completely which will then make it clear where I’m sending you.

    Since you live in India, here are some places you should visit first:

    I hope this clarifies everything for you.


  113. Hi, I am from India and go thru all your mails. When u direct me to other links, they r either selling their book or ask for fees and most often I see the message that the offer or work is not offered to my location.
    I really want to work from home, but free, as earlier I had paid the fees, I get a CD which is not very simple to understand and then they ask for more fees.
    So, if you can still help and guide me and I am really able to work from home and earn real money,
    it will be really great. GOD BLESS U!

  114. Hi Misty,

    Thanks for your wonderful comments. I’m glad you’re actually saving the information and are going to apply it. Taking action is the best thing in trying to secure work at home.

    Free training is tough. It depends on what you what training on?

    But training is like college and most of the time you have to pay for it. But it may be a tax write off at the end of the year for you in which case it’s like getting the money back. But you should talk to your cpa about that.

    Hope to see you on the site again.


  115. WOW!! this is an Awesome site! I think I have about 4 differant parts of your site saved in my favorites right now and about 7 tabs on this one page plus a whole other page opened with tabs as well LOL. Thank you so much for all your tips!! I am going to put a lot of them to good use!!

    I am a sahm hoping to find a typing only type WAH job.. I have a 2 year old and talking on the phone does not work… unless they would allow HIM to talk… I might make quiet a few sales that way LOL.

    Anyways. Thank you so much again!! While I have you… do you know of any Free or basically free training sites? I dont have a degree in anything and would love to have something positive to put on my resume…. Any info would be appreciated!!

    Ty again!

  116. Charlene,

    Always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks again for the kind words! I can’t wait to hear back from you on your first focus group. You’re going to love it!

    Actually my wife is at one right now. But it’s only paying $120.
    Boo hooo for her. lol


  117. Hi Eddy,

    Just want to say how wonderful your blogs are. I enjoy them very much. Keep them coming. I love all of the focus groups that you have listed and I have signed up already. A big thank you for your hard work.


  118. Hi Roy,

    Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you found the article amusing but more importantly it got you thinking of some alternate ways of making money.

    I’m also in the business of helping people get traffic via Search engine optimization and providing website monetization strategies. But as you can tell I also make it a point to find other fun ways to make money on the side. Focus groups has definitely been one of them!

    So hopefully you’ll experience them as well.

    Hope to see you back on the site real soon.


  119. HI Eddy…

    Thanks for sharing this information with us. Very helpful indeed, and I was particularly amused at the way you presented the big business scenario, of getting a survey done.

    Though I have never really participated in surveys and have not tried it yet, I work at home as well.. by providing services online like traffic generation, optimization, etc. But I have not yet made $150 in less than an hour though and that got me thinking, maybe I’m in the wrong gig.

  120. Hi JR,

    Thanks for your kind words and comments. It means a lot to me coming from a minister. My efforts are truly inspired by my faith as cheesy as that may sound. I think it’s very important for everyone to help each other out whatever your faith or creed may be. And that’s what we try to do here on this blog and my other sites.

    Now in terms of your question. First and foremost let me applaud you on the fact you’re open to a work at home business. Too often people are limiting themselves to work at home jobs which are so competitive. So applaud your direction.

    Honestly I think the best business is to run your own website. I’ve tried so many different ways to make money at home and running my sites has proven to be the best and fullfilling.

    You need to find something you’re very passionate about and start a website around it. It’s easy to do using, or

    Honestly my passion was work at home and making money from home so I started two websites about that. And as you can see all I’m doing is sharing my points of view, giving tips and providing resources I feel can help folks out.

    I monetize my site with advertisers and that’s how I earn a living. For some it may be a matter of selling something. So that’s my suggestion start a site on something you love and write like crazy.

    Then include links to your site in your emails, blog comments like this one, forums, message boards, etc. As you make some money then invest in some advertising.

    So that’s my high level suggestion. I know this can work because I’ve consulted friends, co-workers and clients to do the same. All of them have earned money doing what I’m suggesting. Not everyone has been fortunate enough to earn a full living with it yet! But they’re all making some income.
    And they all have no marketing background. So trust me it can be done.

    I hope this provides you with some ideas.


  121. Hi Eddy,
    In a world containing a lot of people trying to make a quick buck, it is so appreciating to see a handful of people trying to help others with no personal gain, I pray that God will bless and increase you for this.

    I am also in the process of looking for a business I can settle at home, I am a Christian minister, recent business graduate, love computers, love to talk about Jesus, good at customer relations, fairly good at typing, love food, cars, spend a lot of time online…

    I looking into doing something on my own, so I can spend more time doing outreaches and helping others.

    Please feel free to advice and comment.


  122. What an awesome site. Just saw it for the first time. Would love to find a legit co. to make extra money and cut hours of employment for someone else!! As a nurse, would medical transcription be a good fit? Thanks for any advice. Keep up the good work, now your in my favorites to check out when I’m online.

  123. Hi Iris,

    Thanks for your comments. First and foremost congratulations on actually landing a work at home job. That should be an inspiration to many others on this website.

    Have you considered medical transcription instead of regular typing? There are tons of medical transcription jobs available. You just need to get some training though.

    We commented about this in another post. But here’s the info again: “you can find tons of transcription jobs on your own after you’ve been trained at Just do a search for medical transcription. We list those jobs nearly every day because there are so many of them unlike regular typing and data entry jobs.

    In terms of training you can find some free information at:

    In terms of filling out forms I did fusion cash for a while. I made some good money with it I did a mixture of free and paid forms.

    I hope this helps.


  124. Hi, i currently work for a legitimate work at home company. the thing is that you have to fight to get hours. the work i do is customer service and I’m trying to get away from customer service. i would really like to fill out forms, rebates, etc. or just type. if you or anyone have any suggestions please let me know. and if anyone wants the name of the company i work for, just let me know. thanks.

  125. Hi Jen,

    I emailed you some information. However in terms of your comments about surveys, I think you’ve probably run into companies that have charged you to get a survey list. We list them for free here: They do work and I have been paid many times by the ones listed there.

    They may not pay a lot but they do work. Focus groups on the other hand pay way more. So I wouldn’t jump into any conclusions quite yet.


  126. Hi my name is Jen and I need a work at home job in ontario, canada cause i have a 15month old baby girl and I dont wasnt to leave here, also I do not and will not pay for a work at home job so can u find me 1 that is FREE and no surveys cause they don’t work.

    • Thanks for the link to this Big E.

      I started out signing up to 5 of the panels recommended on the the job boards via your links. Upon filling out the profile information I see that a majority of these companies want to contact panelists via email and telephone. I was just wondering do you get a majority of your invites from phone, email, or somewhat balanced?

      I usually ignore numbers I don’t know that is why I ask.

      Thanks as always for the insight.


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