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Is A Scam?

When I first started in the work at home industry one of the jobs I assumed was available in great numbers was, stuffing envelopes assembly and craft work at home. However I quickly discovered most of these so called "jobs" were scams. The few times I could find a legitimate company, it was almost impossible […]

Is The Blastoff Network A Scam?

Lately I've been hearing a lot of talk on the "streets" about the Blastoff Network. Truth be told, I visited the page and was immediately turned off by the whole personalized portal concept. I thought to myself why do I need to join this company to create a personalized page of my favorite sites? Isn't […]

Is A Scam?

If you've read my review regarding Mechanical Turk work at home program the following review will seem like deja vu. What is   It's very much like a freelance site except without the bidding. An employer or company hires to complete a project. breaks this project down into smaller easier tasks. […]

Is A Scam? claims to offer a data entry job in the comfort of your own home. “Enter data online and earn $200 – $500 every day working from your home computer. Data entry workers needed immediately!” goes on to state that “This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a legitimate way to earn money from […]

Is A Scam?

So unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about Twitter. I know to most people tweeting seems like a big waste of time. I can't front, it can be. But some of my loyal subscribers might remember my article Get Paid To Tweet a few weeks ago. In that article I demonstrated […]

DocCash – Get Paid To Upload Documents

Getting paid to upload documents may sound familiar if you’re a long time subscriber of this blog.  It should be, because we did cover a similar company called: a while ago. So if you’ve read that, then this opportunity is pretty much the same deal.  What is DocCash? In nutshell, DocCash pays you for […]

Get Paid To View Ads (

I know what you’re thinking isn’t that so 2000 and “played out”. Yes it was really big back in the days. Sites like were the originators of getting paid to view ads. It was great while it lasted and I made some good money with it. But eventually like the dinosaurs that business model […]