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Review of products and opportunities to make money from home.

Is A Scam?

Update: Guess my advice and suspicions listed in the review below were right. SEC has called this “opportunity” a ponzi scam & shut it down. Click here for more details. The Zeek Rewards program is getting a lot of buzz among work at home seekers lately. So my team and I decided to do some […]

Is Organo Gold A Scam?

There has been lot of talk about Organo Gold online as one of the great opportunities to build a legitimate home based business. Organo Gold is mainly coffee made with some ingredient called Ganoderma that come from some special mushrooms. They also produce hot chocolate and herbal supplement products. But the coffee is what is […]

Is A Scam?

If you are one of my loyal subscribers who is currently getting paid to click on ads at, you will know why I am writing about this company. It’s because we’ve all seen the ads for this Skinny fiber stuff. As a marketer I know if someone keeps advertising the same thing over and […]

Is A Scam?

About a year ago I did a review on a Pay Pal wanna be site called which was a company dealing in paying you ‘virtual money’ and building referrals so that ‘one day’ they could be big enough to join the online payment business with real products and real money. You can read all […]

Is US A Scam?

As you know companies spend a ton of money on marketing. A lot of it is now done on the Internet which is more cost effective. But many still market via the postal mail. Most of us refer to the mail advertisements we receive as ‘junk mail’. But on occasion you may find some useful […]

Is a Scam? is a site like others we’ve discussed here (Peer Gomez, Cash Gopher). In a nutshell you download software as an add on to your browser that lets them show relevant ads on the pages you normally visit while surfing the net. In return you get paid a percentage of whatever the advertiser paid […]

Is A Scam?

No not food, we’re talking about getting paid to listen to music. Getting a slice of the pie, make sense? In my roaming for different kinds of ways to bring in extra spending money that can contribute to your multiple streams of income, I have to admit I almost skipped by this one thinking yeah, […]